Stinkoman 87's Recent Edits

24th Mar 17 07:59:58WMG.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS
23rd Mar 17 08:10:01We Will Spend Credits In The Future
19th Mar 17 04:42:02Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
10th Mar 17 11:45:50WMG.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS
8th Mar 17 05:30:31WMG.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS
26th Feb 17 05:43:45WMG.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS
25th Feb 17 07:54:39Fission Mailed
23rd Feb 17 07:52:56Master Of None
13th Feb 17 08:38:06Most Writers Are Adults
1st Feb 17 06:57:44WMG.One Punch Man
23rd Jan 17 06:24:57Fridge.Force Of Will
23rd Jan 17 06:23:16Fridge.Force Of Will
21st Jan 17 04:50:00Mecha Expansion Pack
11th Jan 17 06:41:51Wrong Context Magic
10th Jan 17 06:09:07Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
9th Jan 17 05:42:04Required Spinoff Crossover
8th Jan 17 07:09:35Henshin Hero
28th Dec 16 11:42:18Literal Maneater
22nd Dec 16 09:11:25Fridge.Game Of Thrones
22nd Dec 16 08:45:51WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
19th Dec 16 10:51:00Unfinished Dub
13th Dec 16 08:02:23Heroism Wont Pay The Bills
17th Nov 16 11:00:57Headscratchers.The Pacifier
13th Nov 16 05:34:59Fridge.Sky High 2005
12th Nov 16 06:13:25YMMV.Gravity Falls S 2 E 18 Weirdmageddon
11th Nov 16 11:53:13Fridge.Gravity Falls
11th Nov 16 06:02:01Recap.Gravity Falls S 2 E 13 Dungeons Dungeons And More Dungeons
5th Nov 16 08:34:12Fridge.Doctor Strange 2016
5th Nov 16 07:33:42Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
5th Nov 16 07:17:54Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
4th Nov 16 08:49:58You Were Trying Too Hard
4th Nov 16 06:51:12Unique Enemy
2nd Nov 16 08:01:11Not So Harmless Villain
30th Oct 16 07:00:22Continuity Cameo
27th Oct 16 07:30:33Continuity Cavalcade
27th Oct 16 06:04:11Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
23rd Oct 16 05:09:17Shout Out.Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
15th Oct 16 05:03:37Dark Reprise
13th Oct 16 07:08:19WMG.The Nightmare Before Christmas
12th Oct 16 08:43:53Bootstrapped Theme
11th Oct 16 06:00:13Might As Well Not Be In Prison At All
7th Oct 16 04:52:29Good Cannot Comprehend Evil
5th Oct 16 04:58:04Monstrous Cannibalism
4th Oct 16 06:20:02Fridge.Steven Universe
27th Sep 16 06:07:39Ice Magic Is Water
22nd Sep 16 05:16:18One Super One Powerset
19th Sep 16 04:58:50Empowered Badass Normal
17th Sep 16 07:35:18Fridge.The Lord Of The Rings
13th Sep 16 05:29:41WMG.Homestuck Unified
11th Sep 16 07:54:11Comm Links
11th Sep 16 07:35:59Fridge.Back To The Future Part II
9th Sep 16 08:26:27Characters.Ready Player One
9th Sep 16 07:16:59Sealed Room In The Middle Of Nowhere
6th Sep 16 10:57:22WMG.Magic The Gathering
3rd Sep 16 07:05:55Fake Ultimate Mook
1st Sep 16 07:11:52Script Wank
27th Aug 16 08:56:01Film.Ghostbusters 2016
26th Aug 16 02:13:31Fridge.Steven Universe
23rd Aug 16 07:07:59Recap.Community S 3 E 18 Course Listing Unavailable
20th Aug 16 07:27:37WMG.Magic The Gathering
20th Aug 16 07:09:26Fridge.Magic The Gathering
18th Aug 16 09:27:23Fridge.Cardfight Vanguard
18th Aug 16 08:44:45Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
18th Aug 16 06:47:21Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
18th Aug 16 05:58:12Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
18th Aug 16 05:27:52WMG.Sword Art Online
15th Aug 16 08:04:25WMG.Sword Art Online
14th Aug 16 07:13:53Audience Alienating Premise
13th Aug 16 12:29:48Dub Induced Plot Hole
3rd Aug 16 07:35:35WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part III
3rd Aug 16 07:27:37WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part III
2nd Aug 16 12:41:16Legend Fades To Myth
29th Jul 16 08:23:35Game Breaker.Cardfight Vanguard
29th Jul 16 10:59:16Fridge.Shrek
27th Jul 16 05:56:45Artifact Alias
24th Jul 16 09:40:16WMG.Yugioh Arc V Unconfirmed III
23rd Jul 16 05:45:18Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
21st Jul 16 11:41:09Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
18th Jul 16 01:06:10Reimagining The Artifact
13th Jul 16 08:18:22My Name Is Question Marks
13th Jul 16 08:08:11My Name Is Question Marks
12th Jul 16 12:43:09Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Tabletop Games
11th Jul 16 07:45:22Date My Avatar
10th Jul 16 07:13:54Fridge.Steven Universe
6th Jul 16 07:32:01Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
3rd Jul 16 08:19:21Fridge.Sword Art Online
2nd Jul 16 09:13:26Augmented Reality
3rd May 16 12:30:29WMG.Yugioh Arc V Unconfirmed III
2nd May 16 08:11:30Webcomic.Paradox Space
2nd May 16 07:46:31Not Actually Cosmetic Award
28th Apr 16 07:53:04Fridge.Homestuck Other
21st Apr 16 08:18:29Headscratchers.Future Card Buddyfight
21st Apr 16 07:53:11Evil Is Bigger
15th Apr 16 06:48:41Point And Click Map
12th Apr 16 07:39:43WMG.Yugioh Arc V Unconfirmed III
8th Apr 16 07:15:10The Ferryman
7th Apr 16 09:51:57Fridge.Homestuck Trolls
7th Apr 16 08:58:46Fridge.Homestuck B 2 Universe
29th Mar 16 10:02:42Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
29th Mar 16 09:47:43Fridge.Yu Gi Oh
14th Mar 16 06:24:56Chained By Fashion
13th Mar 16 07:48:06Cyber Ninja
28th Feb 16 03:27:59Wake Up Call Boss
27th Feb 16 08:56:00Press Start To Game Over
27th Feb 16 05:14:12Rule Of Symbolism
23rd Feb 16 08:23:04Early Bird Cameo
23rd Feb 16 06:22:37Referenced By.Ars Goetia
14th Feb 16 06:10:53Headscratchers.Yu Gi Oh
12th Feb 16 08:18:10Trivia.Yu Gi Oh Card Game
7th Feb 16 08:11:45The Four Gods
1st Feb 16 06:11:29Cross Referenced Titles
27th Jan 16 02:36:11Dismantled Mac Guffin
26th Jan 16 07:16:33Theme Music Withholding
22nd Jan 16 12:24:38Tarot Troubles
20th Jan 16 01:00:45Bizarro Episode
20th Jan 16 08:38:44Named Weapons
16th Jan 16 01:51:57Fridge.The Force Awakens
15th Jan 16 08:30:43Mythology Gag.Video Games
15th Jan 16 07:55:30Mythology Gag.Music
15th Jan 16 03:11:57Mythology Gag.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
13th Jan 16 09:18:51Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
11th Jan 16 10:39:57Fridge.Yu Gi Oh
11th Jan 16 06:58:58WMG.Magic The Gathering
6th Jan 16 06:59:33Fridge.Homestuck
5th Jan 16 10:59:52Headscratchers.Angry Birds
4th Jan 16 12:33:28Fridge.Homestuck Trolls
31st Dec 15 12:11:46Tier System
31st Dec 15 07:22:28Music.Star Bomb
30th Dec 15 12:53:26Occult Blue Eyes
29th Dec 15 01:49:10Tabletop Game.Legend System
10th Dec 15 08:22:26Couch Gag.Anime And Manga
27th Nov 15 08:03:00WMG.Yugioh Arcv
3rd Nov 15 01:23:08Fridge.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
2nd Oct 15 10:05:28Literature.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
2nd Oct 15 09:55:52Fridge.Harry Potter
26th Sep 15 03:58:47Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
26th Sep 15 12:33:12Headscratchers.Hotel Transylvania
25th Sep 15 06:33:23WMG.Yugioh Arcv
16th Sep 15 06:22:26WMG.Yugioh Arcv
8th Sep 15 07:46:56Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
2nd Sep 15 07:57:42WMG.Yugioh Arcv
1st Sep 15 08:00:05WMG.Yu Gi Oh
31st Aug 15 07:26:03WMG.Yugioh Arcv
30th Aug 15 12:38:36WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Aug 15 06:46:45WMG.Loonatics Unleashed
23rd Aug 15 11:27:24Fridge.Lilo And Stitch
22nd Aug 15 10:47:00WMG.Yugioh Arcv
19th Aug 15 07:57:04Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
13th Aug 15 02:11:40Expendable Alternate Universe
8th Aug 15 05:07:35Dragon Knight
4th Aug 15 02:28:16Painting The Medium
4th Aug 15 05:57:32Quotes Fit For A Trailer
1st Aug 15 06:41:41WMG.Steven Universe
23rd Jul 15 04:35:19WMG.Yugioh Arcv
20th Jul 15 11:04:42WMG.Yugioh Arcv
17th Jul 15 02:52:24WMG.Yugioh Arcv
17th Jul 15 12:48:30Wrong Context Magic
15th Jul 15 04:12:15Greater Scope Villain
10th Jul 15 12:03:22WMG.Yugioh Arcv
9th Jul 15 02:58:46Fridge.Xiaolin Showdown
29th Jun 15 03:55:13Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
26th Jun 15 02:38:01Nostalgia Heaven
26th Jun 15 03:24:19Fridge.Inside Out
21st Jun 15 03:12:09WMG.Yugioh Arcv
20th Jun 15 04:37:54Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
14th Jun 15 03:42:05WMG.Yugioh Arcv
14th Jun 15 08:56:48Bread And Circuses
14th Jun 15 07:18:26WMG.Yugioh Arcv
12th Jun 15 12:28:22Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
12th Jun 15 09:20:06Simple Yet Awesome
10th Jun 15 08:33:01Fridge.Divergent
10th Jun 15 04:12:15Signed Up For The Dental
5th Jun 15 02:55:54WMG.Yugioh Arcv
1st Jun 15 07:09:22Wrong Genre Savvy.Video Games
1st Jun 15 06:52:02Wrong Genre Savvy.Anime And Manga
1st Jun 15 06:30:25Fridge.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
29th May 15 03:10:12Clarkes Third Law
29th May 15 11:05:04Anime.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
28th May 15 04:56:44WMG.Steven Universe
27th May 15 02:15:36Future Badass
27th May 15 11:09:09WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th May 15 07:20:58Unfinished Untested Used Anyway
17th May 15 01:09:11Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
14th May 15 10:33:34WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
13th May 15 07:48:38Outside Context Villain
13th May 15 04:28:38Internal Homage
13th May 15 04:08:14Ignored Expert
9th May 15 07:37:37WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
9th May 15 06:38:34Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
8th May 15 06:01:15Single Target Sexuality
8th May 15 02:06:55Single Woman Seeks Good Man
7th May 15 08:15:42Fridge.Twilight
4th May 15 08:19:07Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
4th May 15 06:42:00WMG.Yu Gi Oh Card Game
3rd May 15 08:30:27WMG.Marvel Cinematic Universe
3rd May 15 11:54:49Fridge.Avengers Age Of Ultron
2nd May 15 05:19:47Token Heroic Orc
1st May 15 12:21:45Wizards From Outer Space
29th Apr 15 06:57:19Archnemesis Dad
28th Apr 15 05:57:52Defensive Feint Trap
26th Apr 15 07:04:38No Blood Ties
26th Apr 15 06:30:40Headscratchers.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds
25th Apr 15 11:04:13Fridge.Steven Universe
10th Apr 15 05:41:06Fridge.Runaways
8th Apr 15 10:56:15Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
28th Mar 15 07:02:18Rocket Powered Weapon
27th Mar 15 12:37:42Ascended Fanon
23rd Mar 15 06:04:28Splash Damage
22nd Mar 15 06:16:19Internal Deconstruction
21st Mar 15 06:59:48Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
21st Mar 15 06:55:06Paddleball Shot
19th Mar 15 01:36:58Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
19th Mar 15 01:12:00Continuity Nod.Anime And Manga
19th Mar 15 12:56:28The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
19th Mar 15 11:35:16Multiversal Conqueror
19th Mar 15 04:54:45The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
18th Mar 15 04:28:46Mindlink Mates
16th Mar 15 10:23:46WMG.Future Card Buddyfight
16th Mar 15 08:33:44Characters.Magic The Gathering Factions
15th Mar 15 08:52:42Public Domain Artifact
14th Mar 15 07:58:13Anime.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
14th Mar 15 04:37:36Posthumous Collaboration
12th Mar 15 01:27:42Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
12th Mar 15 01:13:44Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
8th Mar 15 11:19:31Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
7th Mar 15 07:45:52Up Through The Ranks
5th Mar 15 09:30:48Headscratchers.Yu Gi Oh
1st Mar 15 08:51:44WMG.Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL
23rd Feb 15 06:03:45WMG.Cardfight Vanguard
22nd Feb 15 05:10:29Uneven Hybrid
22nd Feb 15 03:47:06Uncle Sam Wants You
22nd Feb 15 06:27:31Fridge.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
16th Feb 15 05:06:15Vendor Trash
14th Feb 15 07:10:08Villain Has A Point
14th Feb 15 04:14:39Angel Devil Shipping
7th Feb 15 10:11:48Human Pet
7th Feb 15 07:05:50WMG.Yugioh Arcv
6th Feb 15 08:05:52Headscratchers.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds
1st Feb 15 09:49:22Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arc V
30th Jan 15 10:44:52Foster Kid
22nd Jan 15 02:04:44Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
22nd Jan 15 12:23:38Gang Up On The Human
12th Jan 15 04:24:17Early Installment Weirdness.Tabletop Games
6th Jan 15 04:24:55WMG.Yugioh Arcv
6th Jan 15 01:19:39WMG.Magic The Gathering
4th Jan 15 05:32:17Red Armband Of Leadership
4th Jan 15 03:28:25WMG.Yugioh Arcv
4th Jan 15 08:13:16WMG.Yugioh Arcv
1st Jan 15 08:41:05Minmaxers Delight
31st Dec 14 09:32:36Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
27th Dec 14 09:18:13Fridge.Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL
27th Dec 14 09:44:58WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Dec 14 04:11:58Fridge.Pokemon
25th Dec 14 08:23:19Fridge.Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire
23rd Dec 14 07:25:14WMG.Yu Gi Oh
21st Dec 14 09:17:17WMG.Yugioh Arcv
18th Dec 14 10:33:33Allegedly Free Game
17th Dec 14 08:26:18WMG.Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL
16th Dec 14 05:37:10Sapient All Along
15th Dec 14 10:25:59The Anti Nihilist
12th Dec 14 06:46:59Fridge.Magic The Gathering
12th Dec 14 06:41:42WMG.Yugioh Arcv
10th Dec 14 07:55:12WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Nov 14 03:05:31Fridge.Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
23rd Nov 14 07:20:57Heroic Rematch
23rd Nov 14 07:15:44Gang Of Hats
22nd Nov 14 11:12:41Translation Correction
19th Nov 14 06:47:24Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
19th Nov 14 06:37:01WMG.Yugioh Arcv
17th Nov 14 07:07:35Anime.Future Card Buddyfight
16th Nov 14 03:47:05Nightmare Fuel.Too Many Cooks
16th Nov 14 02:10:08WMG.Magic The Gathering
16th Nov 14 02:06:29WMG.Magic The Gathering
14th Nov 14 02:30:25WMG.Too Many Cooks
8th Nov 14 01:56:12WMG.Steven Universe
8th Nov 14 01:10:06Disney.Big Hero 6
8th Nov 14 09:27:56WMG.Cardfight Vanguard
7th Nov 14 08:31:52Disney.Big Hero 6
4th Nov 14 02:50:14WMG.Green Lantern
2nd Nov 14 09:52:17What Did You Expect When You Named It
1st Nov 14 08:17:55Sommelier Speak
1st Nov 14 08:16:59Sommelier Speak
28th Oct 14 04:16:06Standard Fantasy Setting
27th Oct 14 05:09:28The Worf Effect.Anime And Manga
25th Oct 14 07:11:28WMG.Yugioh Arcv
24th Oct 14 05:44:44Loyal To The Position
21st Oct 14 07:36:14Mechanically Unusual Class
16th Oct 14 07:03:11Recycled Title
14th Oct 14 01:14:05Headscratchers.Green Lantern The Animated Series
14th Oct 14 01:04:33Recycled Title
13th Oct 14 04:03:54Writing Around Trademarks
7th Oct 14 01:51:54Creator.Four Kids Entertainment
4th Oct 14 11:46:33WMG.Cardfight Vanguard
3rd Oct 14 04:48:36WMG.Yugioh Arcv
30th Sep 14 02:04:15WMG.Yugioh Arcv
28th Sep 14 10:59:57WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Sep 14 10:46:59WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Aug 14 07:26:03WMG.Yugioh Arcv
26th Aug 14 07:21:41WMG.Yugioh Arcv
24th Aug 14 06:44:06Tiny Headed Behemoth
23rd Aug 14 11:10:52Wetware CPU
23rd Aug 14 07:31:04Tontine
23rd Aug 14 06:15:25Robot Religion
23rd Aug 14 06:06:39Remote Body
23rd Aug 14 06:03:22Remote Yet Vulnerable
22nd Aug 14 09:20:22Respawn Point
22nd Aug 14 07:22:14Casual Interplanetary Travel
21st Aug 14 04:00:19Combat Pragmatist.Western Animation
21st Aug 14 03:55:11Combat Pragmatist.Other
20th Aug 14 08:10:11A Mythology Is True
19th Aug 14 01:29:25WMG.Yugioh Arcv
19th Aug 14 01:21:01WMG.Yugioh Arcv
19th Aug 14 01:19:32WMG.Yugioh Arcv
19th Aug 14 01:10:07Fridge.Yugioh Arcv
19th Aug 14 11:19:05Dragon Hoard
19th Aug 14 07:26:16Alchemy Is Magic
17th Aug 14 05:08:25Fridge.Yugioh Arcv
15th Aug 14 03:46:28Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arcv
15th Aug 14 01:06:50Bad Cop Incompetent Cop
15th Aug 14 10:53:37Mob War
15th Aug 14 10:23:26Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
14th Aug 14 04:16:36Voice Of The Resistance
13th Aug 14 10:31:43Absurdly High Stakes Game
12th Aug 14 09:29:21As Long As It Sounds Foreign
11th Aug 14 08:40:56WMG.Yugioh Arcv
10th Aug 14 07:56:48This Is My Name On Foreign
9th Aug 14 08:14:09WMG.Yugioh Arcv
4th Aug 14 05:30:51WMG.Yu Gi Oh Card Game
3rd Aug 14 06:45:25Nail Em
3rd Aug 14 05:48:33Bruiser With A Soft Center
3rd Aug 14 05:48:17Set Bonus
2nd Aug 14 08:37:07In The Future We Still Have Roombas
2nd Aug 14 07:26:03Fridge.Epic Rap Battles OF History
31st Jul 14 07:43:18Your Magics No Good Here
30th Jul 14 06:21:46Devour The Dragon
26th Jul 14 07:23:13Decon Recon Switch
25th Jul 14 11:37:41WMG.Ready Player One
25th Jul 14 10:40:56New Season New Name
25th Jul 14 07:59:15So Last Season
25th Jul 14 06:10:51So Last Season
24th Jul 14 09:04:28Fully Automatic Clip Show
24th Jul 14 09:00:26Fully Automatic Clip Show
24th Jul 14 08:50:23Descriptively Named Species
24th Jul 14 08:25:19Recap.Steven Universe S 1 E 17 Lion 2 The Movie
24th Jul 14 03:20:38Fumbling The Gauntlet
24th Jul 14 01:19:30WMG.Yugioh Arcv
24th Jul 14 01:14:04Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arcv
22nd Jul 14 09:12:25Wrong Genre Savvy.Film
22nd Jul 14 08:32:46Wrong Genre Savvy.Real Life
20th Jul 14 06:22:50WMG.Yu Gi Oh
20th Jul 14 05:59:48Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arcv
20th Jul 14 04:57:28WMG.Yugioh Arcv
20th Jul 14 04:52:24WMG.Yu Gi Oh
16th Jul 14 05:57:57Empty Piles Of Clothing
15th Jul 14 04:25:04Effortless Achievement
15th Jul 14 10:33:25WMG.Yugioh Arcv
14th Jul 14 08:14:36Effortless Achievement
14th Jul 14 05:44:07Death Activated Superpower
12th Jul 14 09:27:40Living Battery
12th Jul 14 06:29:20Big Red Devil
12th Jul 14 05:42:38Big Red Devil
12th Jul 14 05:41:51Big Red Devil
12th Jul 14 05:41:05Big Red Devil
11th Jul 14 08:36:52The Rat
11th Jul 14 08:50:51Curb Stomp Cushion
9th Jul 14 07:01:50Cosplay
7th Jul 14 09:43:45Disc One Nuke
7th Jul 14 09:40:11Disc One Nuke.Roleplaying Games
7th Jul 14 07:43:45Implied Love Interest
4th Jul 14 08:44:49Retro Upgrade
4th Jul 14 08:19:47Heroes Prefer Swords
4th Jul 14 08:19:19Heroes Prefer Swords
4th Jul 14 08:05:16WMG.Squirrel Girl
1st Jul 14 05:58:55Development Gag
29th Jun 14 04:31:55Artificial Stupidity.Other Games
29th Jun 14 02:57:56Fridge.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds
29th Jun 14 02:52:52Fridge.Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds
26th Jun 14 04:02:20Power Up Letdown
26th Jun 14 03:32:24Fridge.Yugioh Arcv
26th Jun 14 06:41:54Regenerating Mana
25th Jun 14 07:41:56Defensive Feint Trap
25th Jun 14 06:47:17On The Next Episode Of Catch Phrase.Anime And Manga
25th Jun 14 05:41:15WMG.Busou Renkin
25th Jun 14 10:56:37Exploited Immunity
21st Jun 14 06:49:00Post Peak Oil
21st Jun 14 06:39:32Post Peak Oil
20th Jun 14 09:55:40Arbitrary Headcount Limit
20th Jun 14 09:54:14Legacy Launch
20th Jun 14 09:50:30Arbitrary Headcount Limit
20th Jun 14 08:10:03Head Scratchers.Yugioh Arcv
19th Jun 14 02:01:33WMG.Captain Earth
19th Jun 14 01:52:51Anime.Captain Earth
19th Jun 14 01:43:10Discard And Draw
19th Jun 14 01:33:08Discard And Draw
13th Jun 14 07:36:20Western Animation.Free Birds
12th Jun 14 06:33:28Barrier Change Boss
12th Jun 14 04:10:39WMG.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
11th Jun 14 09:55:03Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
10th Jun 14 03:34:36WMG.Yugioh Arcv
5th Jun 14 07:53:58WMG.Yu Gi Oh Arc V