Starfire's Recent Edits

23rd May 18 01:22:50Messianic Archetype
18th May 18 05:59:14Took The Bad Film Seriously
18th May 18 05:40:02Concept Album
5th Apr 18 10:43:30Roger Rabbit Effect
27th Mar 18 07:43:16Bored With Insanity
27th Mar 18 07:28:20Fourth Wall Observer
27th Mar 18 07:23:57Fourth Wall Observer
27th Mar 18 07:22:00Fourth Wall Observer
27th Mar 18 07:18:30Fourth Wall Observer
27th Mar 18 06:51:14Painting The Medium.Anime And Manga
27th Mar 18 06:37:31Accidentally Correct Writing
14th Mar 18 09:41:24Previews Pulse
14th Mar 18 05:57:27Cassandra Gambit
8th Mar 18 06:21:29Nightmare Fuel.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
8th Mar 18 05:40:39Assimilation Plot
8th Mar 18 05:34:46Assimilation Plot
7th Mar 18 08:34:31Love Potion.Literature
24th Jan 18 03:56:57You Are Worth Hell
3rd Jan 18 07:40:21Lies To Children
11th Dec 17 06:35:50You Have To Believe Me
10th Dec 17 10:30:44Good Smoking Evil Smoking
5th Dec 17 05:04:27Hellfire
5th Dec 17 05:03:42Hellfire
5th Dec 17 03:52:54I Am What I Am
5th Dec 17 03:51:44I Am What I Am
5th Dec 17 03:50:56I Am What I Am
5th Dec 17 03:50:06I Am What I Am
28th Nov 17 12:10:25Museum Of The Strange And Unusual
20th Nov 17 05:56:53Literature.The Dark Hunters
20th Nov 17 05:21:11Mr Fanservice.Literature
20th Nov 17 05:06:13Fantastic Drug
20th Nov 17 04:30:19Drunk On Milk
8th Nov 17 08:23:02The Madness Place
7th Nov 17 09:03:53Hair Color Dissonance
27th Oct 17 06:36:57Starfish Language
27th Oct 17 06:27:30Starfish Language
27th Oct 17 06:18:33Starfish Language
19th Oct 17 06:35:09Literature.In Death
19th Oct 17 05:54:43Literature.In Death
19th Oct 17 04:50:29Satisfied Street Rat
19th Oct 17 04:41:31Just For Fun.Hello
22nd Sep 17 06:01:56No Biochemical Barriers
22nd Sep 17 06:00:35No Biochemical Barriers
22nd Sep 17 04:55:13Super Senses
10th May 17 03:09:02Long Song Short Scene
10th May 17 02:25:59Damsel Scrappy
29th Apr 17 09:32:31Theatre.Sera Myu
29th Apr 17 09:15:20Theatre.Sera Myu
29th Apr 17 06:02:49Awesome.Weird Al Yankovic
4th Feb 17 05:38:47Barrier Maiden
20th Jan 17 10:36:51High Concept
13th Jan 17 12:39:23Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
13th Dec 16 02:54:26Event Flag
13th Dec 16 02:53:35Event Flag
27th Nov 16 12:26:42Product Placement.Live Action Films
11th Nov 16 06:18:58Im Thinking It Over
11th Nov 16 06:18:32Im Thinking It Over
11th Nov 16 03:12:36Nighthawks Shot
9th Nov 16 07:43:28Video Game.Elevator Source
1st Nov 16 11:16:06Time Passes Montage
1st Nov 16 11:15:38Film.Notting Hill
1st Nov 16 11:15:17Film.Notting Hill
1st Nov 16 11:13:51Time Passes Montage
24th Oct 16 05:22:10Radar.Justice League
24th Oct 16 04:44:03Speak Of The Devil
16th Sep 16 04:40:49Demoted To Extra.Anime And Manga
16th Sep 16 03:53:25They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character.Anime And Manga
13th Aug 16 08:31:42Translate The Loanwords Too
11th Jul 16 03:08:02Waking Up At The Morgue
11th Jul 16 02:01:14Terms Of Endangerment
11th Jul 16 01:47:04First Name Basis.Real Life
11th Jul 16 10:43:27Comic Book.The Killing Joke
12th Jun 16 11:21:21Lucky Charms Title
23rd Mar 16 06:50:07Freeze Frame Bonus.Video Games
12th Feb 16 11:04:38The Oner
1st Jan 16 06:26:55Make Me Wanna Shout.Real Life
1st Jan 16 06:22:01Make Me Wanna Shout.Real Life
27th Dec 15 04:05:37Faustian Rebellion
21st Dec 15 06:09:42Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
21st Dec 15 04:58:01Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
21st Dec 15 04:21:37Gilded Cage
21st Dec 15 02:26:12Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
21st Dec 15 02:20:41Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
21st Dec 15 02:19:51Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
21st Dec 15 02:01:47Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
21st Dec 15 12:20:58Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
16th Dec 15 05:46:23Rewatch Bonus
15th Dec 15 04:37:20Unholy Holy Sword
15th Dec 15 04:17:46Grail In The Garbage
14th Dec 15 03:10:31Violation Of Common Sense
14th Dec 15 02:48:49Violation Of Common Sense
14th Dec 15 02:48:21Violation Of Common Sense
11th Dec 15 11:03:28Not Allowed To Grow Up
11th Dec 15 04:21:27Crazy Awesome.Literature
11th Dec 15 03:52:26Radish Cure
6th Dec 15 08:31:22Heart Beat Down
6th Dec 15 05:32:15Priceless Paperweight
3rd Dec 15 05:12:09The Not Love Interest
1st Dec 15 04:26:34Long Running Book Series
13th Nov 15 04:30:54Bowdlerise.Anime And Manga
1st Nov 15 10:01:01Planimal
19th Aug 15 02:36:57I Am The Band
2nd Jul 15 07:00:08Divergent Character Evolution
30th Jun 15 03:31:25Super Drowning Skills.Video Games
3rd Jun 15 12:45:25Harder Than Hard
12th May 15 05:22:02Splash Of Color
19th Mar 15 09:12:54Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
22nd Dec 14 05:32:15Black And White Insanity
10th Nov 14 03:21:42Right Through His Pants
1st Oct 14 03:34:35Developing Doomed Characters
26th Sep 14 02:03:37Adaptation Induced Plot Hole
17th Jul 14 03:27:16That Poor Cat
11th Mar 14 04:07:49Game Breaking Injury
15th Jan 14 11:45:00All Natural Gem Polish
4th Jan 14 09:03:50Post Script Season
4th Jan 14 08:51:27The Artifact
4th Jan 14 08:37:26The Artifact
3rd Jan 14 02:08:03Dog Walks You
1st Jan 14 06:09:44Present Absence
31st Dec 13 08:29:44Wall Bangers.Film
30th Dec 13 03:48:40Vampires Are Sex Gods
27th Dec 13 05:24:07Golden Ending
18th Dec 13 02:44:02Useful Notes.American English
18th Dec 13 02:28:10Useful Notes.American English
25th Nov 13 10:47:57Parental Bonus
24th Oct 13 05:54:14What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Anime And Manga
24th Oct 13 05:40:25Same Content Different Rating
24th Oct 13 01:27:01Ultra Super Happy Cute Baby Fest Farmer 3000
24th Oct 13 01:26:38Ultra Super Happy Cute Baby Fest Farmer 3000
1st Oct 13 02:36:16Political Correctness Gone Mad
1st Oct 13 01:57:38Of The People
19th Aug 13 05:03:52Cool Scars
30th Jul 13 09:14:06Disappointing Last Level
24th Jul 13 09:17:23Awesome Music.Revolutionary Girl Utena
8th Jul 13 08:31:37Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
8th Jul 13 08:31:05Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
8th Jul 13 08:09:28Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
8th Jul 13 08:03:44Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
8th Jul 13 04:48:31Arkhams Razor
7th Jul 13 09:01:35Challenge Gamer
7th Jul 13 06:04:13Facial Dialogue
7th Jul 13 05:40:57You Cannot Kill An Idea
5th Jul 13 04:48:39Do You Want To Haggle
25th Jun 13 02:30:24Country Matters
23rd Jun 13 08:36:03This Loser Is You
13th Jun 13 01:02:22Abusive Alien Parents
13th Jun 13 12:30:14Double Standard Rape Sci Fi
13th Jun 13 12:24:52Double Standard Rape Sci Fi
13th Jun 13 09:16:32Ability Over Appearance
12th Jun 13 04:21:35Hollywood Spelling
31st May 13 05:48:30Keigo
27th May 13 08:01:08Two Decades Behind
27th May 13 01:43:26Dyeing For Your Art
17th May 13 02:11:57No Biochemical Barriers
17th May 13 02:08:21No Biochemical Barriers
16th May 13 02:13:13Barbie Doll Anatomy
14th May 13 08:02:19Unbuilt Trope
14th May 13 06:28:25Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Anime And Manga
25th Apr 13 04:43:00The Knights Who Say Squee
22nd Apr 13 03:32:43Leave The Camera Running
11th Apr 13 01:00:25The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
13th Feb 13 11:53:04Headscratchers.Batman The Animated Series
12th Feb 13 09:17:45Flashback Nightmare
12th Feb 13 07:40:58The Scrappy.Anime
31st Jan 13 01:03:43Mook Horror Show
30th Jan 13 01:51:02Delivery Stork
30th Jan 13 01:49:53Parental Bonus
30th Jan 13 01:46:08Parental Bonus
9th Jan 13 02:45:17The Coconut Effect
9th Jan 13 02:42:24The Coconut Effect
27th Dec 12 02:55:07Color Coded Elements
9th Jul 12 04:44:31Apocalyptic Log
9th Jul 12 01:24:54Person As Verb
13th Apr 12 03:34:49Fridge.Sailor Moon
13th Apr 12 03:09:49Derailing Love Interests
10th Apr 12 04:49:34Heart Is An Awesome Power
10th Apr 12 12:29:54Power Makes Your Hair Grow
1st Apr 12 08:28:29Plot Sensitive Items
31st Mar 12 02:50:23Expy.Literature
31st Mar 12 02:49:41Expy.Literature
30th Mar 12 06:42:35Missing Secret
28th Mar 12 01:26:07Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
20th Mar 12 03:38:13Shipping Bed Death
19th Mar 12 06:47:18The Artifact
19th Mar 12 03:42:04All Swords Are The Same
19th Mar 12 02:54:57Sexy Man Instant Harem
16th Mar 12 06:28:16Widget Series
10th Jan 12 11:40:19Orwellian Retcon
15th Dec 11 07:08:14Interchangeable Antimatter Keys
29th Nov 11 09:07:28Rape Discretion Shot