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22nd Sep 13 08:01:19Film.Enemy At The Gates
20th May 13 12:07:36Awesome.Star Trek Into Darkness
18th May 13 05:51:19Awesome.Star Trek Into Darkness
7th May 13 10:16:12Recap.The X Files S 03 E 06 Two Shy
4th Apr 13 06:21:53Funny.Sherlock
4th Apr 13 06:17:18Funny.Sherlock
4th Apr 13 06:14:17Funny.Sherlock
4th Apr 13 06:13:37Funny.Sherlock
25th Feb 13 08:51:53Creator.Jennifer Lawrence
18th Jan 13 05:20:40Funny.Les Miserables
17th Jan 13 02:56:39Characters.Les Miserables
4th Jan 13 10:35:28Heartwarming.The Avengers
12th Dec 12 03:17:50Launcher Of A Thousand Ships.Film
10th Dec 12 03:50:30Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 6 The Cannibalists
10th Dec 12 02:20:00Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
10th Dec 12 10:55:39Interspecies Romance.Live Action TV
10th Dec 12 10:02:46Funny.The Gods Must Be Crazy
1st Dec 12 08:07:45WTH Costuming Department
25th Nov 12 03:40:51Characters.Thor
18th Nov 12 11:21:27Headscratchers.The Avengers
12th Nov 12 11:02:41Headscratchers.The Avengers
11th Nov 12 01:03:19Portmanteau Couple Name
11th Nov 12 12:44:04YMMV.Thor
11th Nov 12 12:10:52Heartwarming.Thor
11th Nov 12 11:43:51Film.X Men 1
8th Nov 12 09:47:32Characters.Thor
6th Nov 12 04:49:06YMMV.Thor The Dark World
5th Nov 12 08:00:57Headscratchers.The Avengers
1st Nov 12 11:05:20Heartwarming.Mary Russell
1st Nov 12 11:03:19Awesome.Mary Russell
1st Nov 12 11:00:26Mary Russell
1st Nov 12 10:56:01Funny.Mary Russell
1st Nov 12 10:54:50Mary Russell
29th Oct 12 10:59:27Headscratchers.The Avengers
8th Oct 12 11:54:23Nightmare Fuel.The Avengers
8th Oct 12 11:50:42Fridge.The Avengers
6th Oct 12 11:02:13Film.The Avengers
5th Oct 12 05:34:03YMMV.The Avengers
28th Sep 12 01:41:21Renaissance Man
28th Sep 12 01:35:49Viggo Mortensen
28th Sep 12 01:27:55Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 4 Wirrn Dawn
28th Sep 12 01:27:34Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 4 Wirrn Dawn
16th Sep 12 11:00:11Hayden Panettiere
13th Sep 12 03:09:21YMMV.Eighth Doctor Adventures
13th Sep 12 01:09:22Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 4 SR An Earthly Child
13th Sep 12 12:56:00Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 1 E 3 Horror Of Glam Rock
13th Sep 12 10:52:07Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 4 E 10 To The Death
12th Sep 12 01:47:11Viggo Mortensen
7th Sep 12 11:21:07Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 5 Scapegoat
7th Sep 12 11:14:57Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 3 The Beast Of Orlok
6th Sep 12 04:11:25Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
6th Sep 12 02:22:55Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 2 E 3 Brave New Town
6th Sep 12 11:58:45Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
6th Sep 12 11:55:07Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
6th Sep 12 09:47:07Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
5th Sep 12 07:49:00Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
5th Sep 12 07:38:22Paul Mc Gann
5th Sep 12 07:34:07Characters.Doctor Who Doctors
2nd Sep 12 07:04:12Literature.Little House On The Prairie
29th Aug 12 01:28:20Fridge.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
28th Aug 12 12:31:41Well Done Son Guy
27th Aug 12 08:19:40Picnic At Hanging Rock
25th Aug 12 05:22:41Bastard Boyfriend
20th Aug 12 04:26:42A Man Is Not A Virgin
19th Aug 12 05:21:29Bloodier And Gorier
19th Aug 12 05:14:45Characters.Mash
15th Aug 12 10:24:01Catherine Called Birdy
15th Aug 12 10:17:16Heartwarming.Catherine Called Birdy
15th Aug 12 10:10:44Blind Without Em
13th Aug 12 10:51:48Funny.Mash
4th Aug 12 11:59:55Characters.Mash
2nd Aug 12 09:02:21Funny.The Stupidest Angel
2nd Aug 12 06:12:25Trivia.Apollo 13
2nd Aug 12 04:14:31YMMV.Twenty Eight Days Later
27th Jul 12 11:51:13Funny.The Right Stuff
26th Jul 12 10:03:14Nightmare Fuel.The X-Files
26th Jul 12 01:30:52Headscratchers.Mortal Instruments
26th Jul 12 01:22:51YMMV.Mortal Instruments
24th Jul 12 12:08:34Headscratchers.Les Miserables
21st Jul 12 02:06:56Static Character
21st Jul 12 02:05:10Static Character
21st Jul 12 02:02:14YMMV.The Sheik
18th Jul 12 05:31:54Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
14th Jul 12 07:56:46Hollywood Homely
11th Jul 12 10:42:02WTH Costuming Department
5th Jul 12 08:52:41No Yay
5th Jul 12 02:30:36Crack Pairing
5th Jul 12 02:23:31Ship Mates
4th Jul 12 04:43:48Series.The X-Files
4th Jul 12 01:55:19Portmanteau Couple Name
4th Jul 12 01:30:49One Head Taller
4th Jul 12 01:26:07Huge Guy Tiny Girl
3rd Jul 12 04:15:31Nightmare Fuel.The Lord Of The Rings
3rd Jul 12 04:13:13Dies Wide Open
3rd Jul 12 03:35:23Film.The Hunger Games
3rd Jul 12 10:41:25Tear Jerker.The Hunger Games
2nd Jul 12 01:34:44WMG.The Hunger Games
2nd Jul 12 01:19:45Headscratchers.The Hunger Games
2nd Jul 12 10:36:24YMMV.The Hunger Games
1st Jul 12 11:56:07Fridge.The Hunger Games
1st Jul 12 11:46:59Catchphrase.Literature
1st Jul 12 11:43:18The Alcoholic
1st Jul 12 11:42:01Characters.The Hunger Games
1st Jul 12 11:39:54Characters.The Hunger Games
27th Jun 12 11:08:26YMMV.Labyrinth
27th Jun 12 08:45:18Please Wake Up
27th Jun 12 10:14:09Education Mama
27th Jun 12 10:09:20Stage Mom
27th Jun 12 09:35:39Abusive Parents.Literature
14th Jun 12 05:33:58Character Tics
12th Jun 12 09:35:30Funny.Apollo 13
11th Jun 12 03:32:32Awesome.The Abyss
11th Jun 12 03:31:25Film.The Abyss
27th May 12 01:21:29Funny.The X-Files
27th May 12 01:18:12Tear Jerker.The X-Files
27th May 12 01:06:35First Name Basis.Live Action TV
26th May 12 11:04:19YMMV.Newsflesh
25th May 12 01:16:52Newsflesh
22nd May 12 10:18:43Mama Bear
18th May 12 12:25:57Corpsing
17th May 12 11:40:20Real Life.Mean Character Nice Actor
17th May 12 10:49:31Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
17th May 12 10:41:25Draco In Leather Pants.Film
17th May 12 10:36:27Executive Meddling.Film
16th May 12 01:20:39Mr Fanservice.Film
16th May 12 12:21:39Mr Fanservice.Live Action TV
16th May 12 10:49:17Theodore Roosevelt
16th May 12 10:41:08The Alienist
16th May 12 10:07:40High Octane Nightmare Fuel.The Faculty
16th May 12 10:05:49Funny.The Faculty
16th May 12 10:02:18Film.The Faculty
15th May 12 09:57:11Innocent Fanservice Girl
15th May 12 09:41:51YMMV.Terminator
15th May 12 09:41:24YMMV.Terminator
14th May 12 01:53:19Hilarious Outtakes
14th May 12 01:13:27What Could Have Been.Literature
13th May 12 12:36:00Fridge.Terminator
13th May 12 12:30:37Headscratchers.Terminator
13th May 12 12:09:03Uncanny Valley.Film
13th May 12 10:34:05Phantoms
12th May 12 07:07:30Naked On Arrival
12th May 12 06:14:36Nightmare Fuel.Terminator
12th May 12 11:23:39Monster.Film
12th May 12 12:08:15Nightmare Fuel.Terminator
12th May 12 12:07:24Nightmare Fuel.Terminator
10th May 12 08:55:33Hilarious Outtakes
8th May 12 01:29:19Recap.The X Files S 01 E 06 Shadows
7th May 12 11:33:38Broken Base.Live Action TV
7th May 12 10:40:51Funny.Little House On The Prairie
7th May 12 10:01:54Literature.Little House On The Prairie
1st May 12 08:30:05Nightmare Fuel.The X-Files
1st May 12 06:06:20Launcher Of A Thousand Ships
27th Apr 12 03:44:44Useful Notes.Discordia
27th Apr 12 03:43:47Useful Notes.Discordia
27th Apr 12 03:30:00Heartwarming.Real Life Other
26th Apr 12 11:28:19Character Tics
26th Apr 12 07:52:50Catherine Called Birdy
26th Apr 12 07:50:00Funny.Catherine Called Birdy
26th Apr 12 07:48:08Catherine Called Birdy
26th Apr 12 07:25:40Infallible Narrator
26th Apr 12 07:10:38Funny.Aubrey-Maturin
26th Apr 12 07:03:19Awesome.Aubrey-Maturin
26th Apr 12 06:43:27Asexuality
26th Apr 12 04:36:48Funny.My Immortal
26th Apr 12 10:59:48Useful Notes.American Churches
26th Apr 12 10:51:15Stock American Phrases
26th Apr 12 10:41:05American English
26th Apr 12 12:36:09American Climate
25th Apr 12 10:26:35Trivia.Love Actually
19th Feb 12 05:35:14Heartwarming.X Men 1
19th Feb 12 04:02:11Funny.X Men 1
20th Jan 12 09:58:53Apollo 13