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16th Apr 18 05:54:57Beef Gate
13th Apr 18 12:21:57Fan Fic.Batman Revisited
11th Apr 18 06:24:02Taking You With Me.Video Games
11th Apr 18 02:30:18Comic Book.Ras Al Ghul
9th Apr 18 06:18:03YMMV.Red Hood And The Outlaws
8th Apr 18 04:49:01YMMV.Wall E
8th Apr 18 04:25:47YMMV.Ratatouille
4th Apr 18 05:58:28Team Dad
4th Apr 18 02:30:09Percussive Prevention
3rd Apr 18 10:59:50Tear Jerker.A Death In The Family
27th Mar 18 08:04:20From Nobody To Nightmare.Live Action TV
27th Mar 18 05:56:19Remake Cameo
22nd Mar 18 06:11:49Creator.Neil Patrick Harris
13th Mar 18 07:11:59Characters.Titans 2018
10th Mar 18 05:03:45Characters.Young Justice Comics
10th Mar 18 05:01:57Characters.Young Justice Comics
4th Mar 18 12:29:36Screw The Rules I Have Connections
4th Mar 18 12:23:25Fourth Date Marriage
3rd Mar 18 05:55:59Pet The Dog.Video Games
3rd Mar 18 05:09:46You All Meet In A Cell
3rd Mar 18 01:26:21Funny.I Hate Everything
28th Feb 18 09:03:28Tear Jerker.Paper Mario
28th Feb 18 08:59:19Tear Jerker.Super Mario Bros
28th Feb 18 07:51:02Characters.Fallout 3 Megaton
26th Jan 18 03:32:22Adaptation Distillation
8th Jan 18 07:56:25YMMV.Poison Ivy Comics
8th Jan 18 01:11:14Trivia.Newer Super Mario Bros Wii
8th Jan 18 01:06:08Door To Before
2nd Jan 18 08:40:11Hypercompetent Sidekick.Video Games
28th Nov 17 02:55:05Recap.Supernatural S 06 E 01 Exile On Main St
26th Nov 17 03:31:50Badass Decay
26th Nov 17 11:12:28Playing With.Parenting The Husband
10th Nov 17 06:07:43Cosmic Retcon
3rd Nov 17 01:43:50Memetic Loser
2nd Nov 17 06:15:40YMMV.Grayson
26th Oct 17 01:05:26Mad God
11th Oct 17 04:22:21Really Seven Hundred Years Old.Comic Books
10th Oct 17 02:29:14Comic Book.Robin War
30th Sep 17 09:16:04Shout Out.Teen Titans Go
30th Sep 17 12:02:52Take A Third Option.Video Games
30th Sep 17 02:50:19Awesome.Fallout 3
30th Sep 17 02:35:36YMMV.Fallout 3
12th Sep 17 06:53:49Comic Book.Nightwing
4th Sep 17 02:49:45The Un Favourite
25th Jul 17 06:11:58Memes.Tumblr
23rd Jul 17 11:47:49Fan Fic.Arc Of Sacrifices
23rd Jul 17 10:54:21Monster Clown
2nd Jul 17 08:54:09Series.Star Trek Discovery
29th Jun 17 05:34:13Characters.Skyrim Factions
22nd Jun 17 03:56:56The Spook
12th Jun 17 01:22:14Fan Fic.The Best Revenge
24th May 17 11:38:17Recap.Doctor Who S 21 E 6 The Caves Of Androzani
18th May 17 03:41:46Mister Seahorse
14th Oct 16 05:04:03Comic Book.Captain America Winter Soldier
14th Sep 16 04:40:07Funny.The Phantom Of The Opera 2004
14th Sep 16 04:05:11Film.The Phantom Of The Opera 2004
10th Sep 16 09:08:51Artificial Limbs
2nd Sep 16 07:05:45Heartwarming.Christine
23rd May 16 02:46:12Nightmare Fuel.Team Fortress 2
6th May 16 05:24:03Characters.Alex Rider
1st May 16 01:13:42Film.Captain America Civil War
1st May 16 12:44:45Characters.MCUHYDRA Leadership
23rd Apr 16 05:48:38Awesome.Bruce Almighty
20th Apr 16 02:48:27Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 17 Its A Terrible Life
9th Apr 16 03:48:03Funny.Hot Fuzz
23rd Mar 16 04:55:43Fanfic Recs.Big Hero 6
24th Feb 16 03:47:41Cast As A Mask
24th Feb 16 03:44:50YMMV.The Usual Suspects
24th Feb 16 03:43:21Trivia.The Usual Suspects
24th Feb 16 03:40:40Fridge.The Usual Suspects
24th Feb 16 03:21:07Trivia.Unknown 2011
20th Feb 16 07:18:13Awesome.Bucky Barnes
20th Feb 16 07:08:20Comic Book.Avengers Invaders
20th Feb 16 02:55:43Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 15 Death Takes A Holiday
17th Feb 16 03:40:41Film.Chicago
16th Feb 16 05:04:11Player Exclusive Mechanic
14th Feb 16 03:45:06Unexpected Gameplay Change
14th Feb 16 03:16:27Videogame.Super Mario 64
7th Feb 16 04:31:56Recap.Quantum Leap S 1 E 01 E 02 Genesis
7th Feb 16 04:28:40Heartwarming.Quantum Leap
7th Feb 16 04:11:04Film.Unknown 2011
30th Jan 16 11:20:40Trivia.Groundhog Day
5th Jan 16 06:12:24Tearjerker.Genesis
5th Jan 16 05:02:23Awesome.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
2nd Jan 16 06:28:00Forgettable Character
2nd Jan 16 05:32:38Memes.Tumblr
26th Nov 15 07:48:27Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 22 All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two
26th Nov 15 07:19:46Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 21 All Hell Breaks Loose Part One
26th Nov 15 05:31:28Characters.Supernatural Sam Winchester
18th Nov 15 03:03:48YMMV.Return To Oz
18th Nov 15 02:36:57Webcomic.XY Adventures
10th Nov 15 03:26:59Funny.Young Justice
10th Nov 15 02:48:37Characters.Batman Under The Red Hood
10th Nov 15 02:27:16Fan Fic.Deserted Distractions
10th Nov 15 02:24:28Funny.Deserted Distractions
10th Nov 15 02:24:08Nightmare Fuel.Deserted Distractions
10th Nov 15 02:22:53YMMV.Deserted Distractions
10th Nov 15 12:06:08YMMV.Spectre
5th Nov 15 07:34:05Fun With Subtitles
29th Oct 15 07:40:16Fan Fic.Insontis
29th Oct 15 12:41:35Overnight Age Up
24th Oct 15 10:37:00Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
21st Oct 15 01:33:45Fanfic.Ipseity
19th Oct 15 01:46:57Characters.I Robot
2nd Oct 15 06:37:47Raygun Gothic
30th Sep 15 03:27:41Barrier Warrior
30th Sep 15 03:26:53Badass Grandpa.Video Games
30th Sep 15 02:47:22YMMV.Doctor Who S 35 E 2 The Witchs Familiar
30th Sep 15 02:46:32Headscratchers.Doctor Who S 35 E 2 The Witchs Familiar
29th Sep 15 09:00:46Characters.Until Dawn
27th Sep 15 03:56:12Tear Jerker.Eight Mercenaries And A Toddler
26th Sep 15 05:43:13Unwitting Pawn
26th Sep 15 03:23:25Awesome.Quantum Leap
26th Sep 15 03:17:57YMMV.Source Code
26th Sep 15 03:17:24Tear Jerker.Source Code
26th Sep 15 03:13:48Film.Source Code
26th Sep 15 02:41:26Characters.Final Fantasy VII Soldier
26th Sep 15 02:22:28The Not Love Interest
26th Sep 15 01:10:21Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 14 Born Under A Bad Sign
25th Sep 15 05:16:57Funny.Genesis
22nd Sep 15 05:50:14The Scream
22nd Sep 15 02:51:18Characters.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
20th Sep 15 07:37:33Trivia.Team Fortress 2
20th Sep 15 05:47:27Power Walk
17th Sep 15 07:57:50Chronic Pet Killer
17th Sep 15 04:15:48Fake Nationality
10th Sep 15 08:14:01Characters.Facade
9th Sep 15 07:03:24YMMV.Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
6th Sep 15 07:24:56Special Effect Failure
6th Sep 15 06:21:13Web Video.Diamonds Cut
6th Sep 15 05:28:42Trivia.Victor Frankenstein
6th Sep 15 04:37:10Characters.The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Other Superheroes
6th Sep 15 12:20:40YMMV.Black Adventures
2nd Sep 15 06:34:49Covered Up
1st Sep 15 09:17:18Psycho For Hire
30th Aug 15 08:17:38Characters.Young Dracula
30th Aug 15 04:12:34Characters.Supernatural Dean Winchester
30th Aug 15 04:11:35Trivia.Supernatural
30th Aug 15 04:11:13Trivia.Supernatural
30th Aug 15 04:00:54Trivia.Wingin It
30th Aug 15 03:58:01Series.Wingin It
28th Aug 15 06:53:01Heartwarming.Little Kuriboh
28th Aug 15 01:22:27Recap.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series S 3 E 17 Yu Gi Oh Kai
27th Aug 15 11:16:20Characters.Uglies
27th Aug 15 11:13:13Literature.Archangel Protocol
24th Aug 15 03:27:57Film.Paddington
24th Aug 15 03:04:17Film.Before I Go To Sleep
23rd Aug 15 09:27:08Trivia.Newer Super Mario Bros Wii
14th Aug 15 01:26:15Video Game.Spelunky
13th Aug 15 03:25:25Film.Focus
8th Aug 15 12:13:03Trivia.The Riddler
8th Aug 15 10:13:06YMMV.Twilight
6th Aug 15 04:33:19Wall Bangers.Star Trek Films
5th Aug 15 05:20:08Film.Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
5th Aug 15 02:58:34Comic Book.Ultimate Fantastic Four
5th Aug 15 09:35:50Funny.Fantastic Four 2015
4th Aug 15 05:37:53YMMV.The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
1st Aug 15 09:13:50YMMV.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
24th Jul 15 07:15:21Nightmare Fuel.Super Smash Bros
24th Jul 15 07:05:15Man Child.Video Games
23rd Jul 15 02:45:36Dummied Out.Sonic The Hedgehog
23rd Jul 15 10:45:34Apocalypse Maiden
18th Jul 15 03:12:38Characters.Middle Earth Film Other Characters
17th Jul 15 04:19:18YMMV.Super Mario Adventures
17th Jul 15 04:10:53Comic Book.Super Mario Adventures
17th Jul 15 10:29:22Fridge.Super Mario Galaxy 2
17th Jul 15 10:28:35Fridge.Super Mario Galaxy 2
12th Jul 15 04:01:34Establishing Character Moment.Live Action TV
12th Jul 15 09:50:22Trapped By Mountain Lions
12th Jul 15 09:40:46YMMV.Once Upon A Time
12th Jul 15 08:32:00YMMV.Once Upon A Time
11th Jul 15 11:22:15YMMV.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
11th Jul 15 09:55:55Gang Up On The Human
11th Jul 15 07:59:16Characters.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
7th Jul 15 03:47:08Film.Mr Holmes
7th Jul 15 03:44:58YMMV.Mr Holmes
4th Jul 15 04:23:43Video Game.Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
1st Jul 15 05:56:16Awesome.Source Code
23rd Jun 15 04:22:01Funny.The Wolverine
9th Jun 15 09:55:03Fridge.Perfume
8th Jun 15 03:52:44Awesome.Ratatouille
8th Jun 15 03:51:23Western Animation.Ratatouille
8th Jun 15 02:39:15Emergency Weapon
8th Jun 15 02:25:05Characters.Resident Evil 6
7th Jun 15 03:31:46YMMV.Yahoo
6th Jun 15 01:39:00Woolseyism.Video Games
1st Jun 15 03:53:53YMMV.Super Mario 3 D World
29th May 15 12:08:10Video Game.Super Mario Galaxy
27th May 15 12:24:13Video Game.Cookie Clicker
27th May 15 10:33:13Trivia.Spelunky
26th May 15 12:14:15Video Game.Test Drive
24th May 15 10:55:54Glass Cannon.Video Games
24th May 15 10:49:57Same Language Dub
24th May 15 08:51:11Video Game.Mario Kart
24th May 15 08:38:49Video Game.Super Paper Mario
24th May 15 07:54:41Theme Song Reveal
24th May 15 07:43:52Girls With Moustaches
19th May 15 09:45:25Characters.Left 4 Dead
18th May 15 03:17:21Film.The Theory Of Everything
18th May 15 03:12:27YMMV.The Theory Of Everything
17th May 15 06:50:43Video Game.Mario Kart DS
17th May 15 06:38:15YMMV.Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels
17th May 15 06:26:46Videogame.Super Mario 64
15th May 15 09:15:54Heartwarming.The Imitation Game
15th May 15 08:56:07Headscratchers.The Imitation Game
15th May 15 07:54:19YMMV.Before I Go To Sleep
15th May 15 07:53:36Film.Before I Go To Sleep
15th May 15 07:52:27Creator.Mark Strong
14th May 15 03:55:49Video Game.Metroid II Return Of Samus
13th May 15 08:56:06YMMV.Tomb Raider
13th May 15 08:43:17Film.Lara Croft Tomb Raider
13th May 15 05:00:37Headscratchers.Pokemon Rumble
13th May 15 04:52:47Video Game.Pokemon Rumble
5th May 15 02:34:30Webcomic.Roommates
5th May 15 10:51:55Webcomic.Roommates
5th May 15 10:49:04Meta Fic
5th May 15 10:44:21Western Animation.Barbie Of Swan Lake
3rd May 15 04:09:16Lightning Fire Juxtaposition
27th Apr 15 11:14:35Creator.Embeth Davidtz
25th Apr 15 04:21:30Big Brother Instinct.Video Games
18th Apr 15 10:31:47Gang Up On The Human
17th Apr 15 03:18:28Nintendo Hard.Racing Games
8th Apr 15 02:31:08Gentle Giant
8th Apr 15 09:35:56Memes.Tumblr
31st Mar 15 09:01:57Post Script Season
23rd Mar 15 02:12:54Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
9th Mar 15 12:19:56Heartwarming.Five Nights At Freddys 3
4th Mar 15 01:14:17Tearjerker.Donnie Darko
4th Mar 15 12:49:48Awesome.Donnie Darko
3rd Mar 15 02:18:16Funny.Five Nights At Freddys
24th Feb 15 06:00:49Characters.Supernatural Dean Winchester
24th Feb 15 05:50:19Characters.Supernatural Dean Winchester
24th Feb 15 03:07:02Film.Men In Black
24th Feb 15 03:00:52YMMV.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
21st Feb 15 05:06:45Recap.Supernatural S 10 E 14 The Executioners Song
21st Feb 15 08:44:15Memes.Tumblr
20th Feb 15 08:00:17Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 07 Its The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester
20th Feb 15 07:56:16Characters.Supernatural Other Humans
19th Feb 15 03:57:23Fragile Speedster
14th Feb 15 02:32:03Funny.Metroid
14th Feb 15 02:30:20Heartwarming.Metroid Fusion
8th Feb 15 05:53:36YMMV.Mario Kart 8
8th Feb 15 05:33:55Fridge.Mario Kart
8th Feb 15 05:28:15And The Fandom Rejoiced.Mario Kart
8th Feb 15 05:27:04YMMV.Mario Kart
8th Feb 15 02:55:28Death Throws
8th Feb 15 12:25:29Funny.Super Mario Sunshine
8th Feb 15 12:24:12YMMV.Super Mario Sunshine
7th Feb 15 05:41:00Fan Fic.Fallen King
7th Feb 15 05:39:44Awesome.Fallen King
7th Feb 15 05:39:05YMMV.Fallen King
7th Feb 15 05:38:42Tear Jerker.Fallen King
7th Feb 15 05:37:44Nightmare Fuel.Fallen King
7th Feb 15 05:26:12Trademark Favorite Food.Video Games
7th Feb 15 01:48:05Characters.Ghost Trick
23rd Jan 15 05:22:11We Can Rebuild Him
22nd Jan 15 01:12:40Series.Death In Paradise
15th Jan 15 12:09:17Nightmare Fuel.Metroid
15th Jan 15 06:52:54Funny.Super Mario World
7th Jan 15 02:06:14Creator.Emily Browning
6th Jan 15 02:00:20Film.Breakfast On Pluto
3rd Jan 15 03:00:47Trivia.Blue Exorcist
1st Jan 15 02:06:17Western Animation.Extreme Ghostbusters
1st Jan 15 10:58:17Worse Than It Sounds.Real Life
30th Dec 14 02:33:54Three Chords And The Truth
21st Dec 14 04:43:36Film.Fallen
21st Dec 14 12:20:02Memes.Tumblr
8th Dec 14 04:09:47Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
1st Dec 14 05:15:00YMMV.Supernatural
1st Dec 14 04:48:02Awesome Music.Supernatural
30th Nov 14 05:34:17Darth Wiki.Wiki Tech Wish List
8th Nov 14 12:48:04WMG.Doctor Who S 34 E 11 Dark Water
30th Oct 14 07:28:28Anti Anti Christ
26th Oct 14 06:42:29WMG.Metroid Other M
25th Oct 14 05:30:55Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
23rd Oct 14 06:17:05Nightmare Fuel.Metroid
18th Oct 14 06:21:10Fanfic.Blue Sky
13th Oct 14 12:51:50Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
10th Oct 14 06:03:37Laconic.Super Mario Bros Crossover
29th Sep 14 12:31:41Flanderization.Live Action TV
28th Sep 14 03:50:18Awesome.Mario And Luigi Partners In Time
28th Sep 14 02:59:18Characters.Mario And Luigi
26th Sep 14 01:55:11Creator.Michael Rosen
22nd Sep 14 04:20:29Heroic Bastard
22nd Sep 14 09:23:09Series.Identity
24th Aug 14 02:55:42Awesome Music.Metroid
7th Aug 14 04:04:57Nightmare Fuel.Pokemon
7th Aug 14 02:06:13Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 04 Metamorphosis
7th Aug 14 02:04:31Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 04 Metamorphosis
2nd Aug 14 05:30:16WMG.Sonic Boom
2nd Aug 14 05:18:59Fridge.Sonic Boom
22nd Jul 14 11:31:26YMMV.Doctor Who
21st Jul 14 04:29:35Trickster Mentor
21st Jul 14 04:10:48Arch Enemy.Live Action TV
21st Jul 14 04:07:57Characters.Supernatural Demons
21st Jul 14 02:54:16Fan Fic.Sonic X Dark Chaos
21st Jul 14 02:19:00Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 03 In The Beginning
21st Jul 14 01:34:07Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 03 In The Beginning
21st Jul 14 11:25:54Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 02 Are You There God Its Me Dean Winchester
17th Jul 14 05:05:48Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
8th Jul 14 04:56:03They Changed It Now It Sucks.Comic Books
8th Jul 14 04:26:49They Changed It Now It Sucks.Anime And Manga
5th Jul 14 04:23:43Trapped In TV Land
5th Jul 14 04:17:58YMMV.Supernatural
5th Jul 14 04:10:28Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
5th Jul 14 04:09:04YMMV.Sherlock
5th Jul 14 04:04:39YMMV.Sherlock
5th Jul 14 03:58:15Ho Yay.Supernatural
5th Jul 14 03:58:05Ho Yay.Supernatural
24th Jun 14 12:52:39Anime.Pokemon Origins
24th Jun 14 12:37:52Wake Up Call Boss
11th Jun 14 04:34:48Anime.Supernatural
8th Jun 14 04:49:01Laconic.The Sarah Jane Adventures S 1 E 9 E 10 The Lost Boy
3rd Jun 14 04:26:50Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
22nd May 14 09:09:27Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
10th May 14 04:18:39Trivia.The Phantom Of The Opera
10th May 14 02:58:37Psychopathic Manchild
10th May 14 02:40:36Grief Song
10th May 14 07:36:50YMMV.The Phantom Of The Opera
6th May 14 03:58:26Foe Yay.Live Action TV
30th Apr 14 10:34:47Laconic.Not Wearing Tights
30th Apr 14 10:29:56Deep Cover Agent
28th Apr 14 04:00:08Your Favorite
21st Apr 14 04:09:51Blood From The Mouth
19th Apr 14 03:36:30Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
19th Apr 14 03:33:19Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
19th Apr 14 03:23:22Funny.Supernatural
14th Apr 14 08:40:30Music.Tony Banks
5th Apr 14 04:07:04Terrible Artist
1st Apr 14 02:39:07Characters.How I Met Your Mother
1st Apr 14 02:10:44Characters.Supernatural Demons
17th Mar 14 03:13:14Wringing Hands Of Nervousness
17th Mar 14 02:45:37Characters.Harry Potter Hogwarts Teachers
17th Mar 14 02:42:23Truly Madly Deeply
17th Mar 14 12:44:57Trivia.George Weasley And The Computational Error
17th Mar 14 12:43:38Fan Fic.George Weasley And The Computational Error
17th Mar 14 09:36:07Webcomic.Supernormal Step
17th Mar 14 09:35:06Costume Test Montage
16th Mar 14 10:42:39Memes.Tumblr
7th Mar 14 04:37:58Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
6th Mar 14 03:55:37Hidden Depths
5th Mar 14 01:51:36Recap.Supernatural S 09 E 14 Captives
4th Mar 14 02:26:45Recap.Supernatural S 03 E 02 The Kids Are Alright
2nd Mar 14 03:05:13Manipulative Bastard
2nd Mar 14 10:15:58Darth Wiki.Crowning Moment Of Indifference
2nd Mar 14 08:09:33Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
1st Mar 14 02:55:01Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
1st Mar 14 06:28:38Funny.JK Rowling
1st Mar 14 06:26:37New Old Flame
1st Mar 14 06:25:16Characters.Harry Potter Other Characters
25th Feb 14 08:50:45Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 22 All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two
24th Feb 14 02:58:33Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 21 All Hell Breaks Loose Part One
24th Feb 14 02:21:14Talking To The Dead
24th Feb 14 01:55:02Sting
22nd Feb 14 02:11:58Characters.Pokemon Origins
22nd Feb 14 09:02:40Running Gag.Live Action TV
22nd Feb 14 09:01:56Running Gag.Live Action TV
21st Feb 14 04:22:33Recap.Supernatural S 05 E 01 Sympathy For The Devil
21st Feb 14 03:48:23Homoerotic Subtext
21st Feb 14 03:46:26Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 16 On The Head Of A Pin
21st Feb 14 01:29:20Uncanny Village
21st Feb 14 12:21:11One True Threesome
21st Feb 14 12:06:27Recap.Supernatural S 04 E 02 Are You There God Its Me Dean Winchester
21st Feb 14 12:02:57Recap.Supernatural S 05 E 21 Two Minutes To Midnight
21st Feb 14 11:52:22Recap.Supernatural S 05 E 21 Two Minutes To Midnight
19th Feb 14 02:44:42Even The Guys Want Him
19th Feb 14 02:41:45Recap.Supernatural S 06 E 04 Weekend At Bobbys
19th Feb 14 01:39:14Sting
12th Feb 14 05:26:29Characters.Black Adventures
12th Feb 14 05:17:36Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
11th Feb 14 03:58:14Memes.Tumblr
3rd Feb 14 07:38:03Memes.Tumblr
2nd Feb 14 03:51:25Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
2nd Feb 14 03:05:26Crazy Jealous Guy
2nd Feb 14 02:55:10Cool Old Guy
2nd Feb 14 01:53:36Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
2nd Feb 14 01:50:50Blessed With Suck.Live Action TV
2nd Feb 14 11:14:58Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
2nd Feb 14 10:57:18Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
1st Feb 14 04:43:47Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
31st Jan 14 04:42:09Super Smoke
31st Jan 14 01:43:38Cuddle Bug
29th Jan 14 04:37:24Boisterous Bruiser.Live-Action TV
29th Jan 14 04:14:10Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
29th Jan 14 04:05:53Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
29th Jan 14 03:07:44True Sight
28th Jan 14 11:22:46Dry Docking
28th Jan 14 09:33:08Tropers.Sonikkuruzu
26th Jan 14 12:55:11Characters.The Sarah Jane Adventures
26th Jan 14 11:59:30Bratty Half Pint.Video Games
25th Jan 14 07:19:35Recap.Supernatural S 09 E 11 First Born
24th Jan 14 04:19:39Fan Fic.Shadow The Hedgehog 2 The Revenge Of Maria
24th Jan 14 04:19:27Fan Fic.Shadow The Hedgehog 2 The Revenge Of Maria
22nd Jan 14 07:45:15Broken Base.Live Action TV
22nd Jan 14 07:40:49Recap.Supernatural S 06 E 19 Mommy Dearest
22nd Jan 14 07:29:25Recap.Supernatural S 06 E 11 Appointment In Samarra
22nd Jan 14 07:00:41Characters.Touched By An Angel
22nd Jan 14 06:59:57Characters.Touched By An Angel
22nd Jan 14 06:59:44Characters.Touched By An Angel
22nd Jan 14 06:22:17Memetic Badass.Live Action TV