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25th Oct 15 04:31:14Fridge.Whiplash
13th Oct 15 04:43:16Tear Jerker.Hamilton
7th Oct 15 03:27:26Theatre.Hamilton
3rd Oct 15 04:18:21Theatre.Hamilton
27th Sep 15 05:57:52Theatre.Hamilton
26th Sep 15 06:37:37Fridge.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
26th Sep 15 08:50:36YMMV.Hamilton
26th Sep 15 07:27:44YMMV.Hamilton
24th Sep 15 03:47:43YMMV.Hamilton
23rd Sep 15 08:02:11YMMV.Hamilton
22nd Sep 15 06:20:53YMMV.Hamilton
7th Sep 15 04:57:24Headscratchers.Hamlet
16th Aug 15 08:10:08YMMV.The Man From UNCLE 2015
11th Aug 15 08:17:16WMG.There Will Be Blood
7th Aug 15 01:30:04Headscratchers.Gangs Of New York
3rd Aug 15 07:01:30WMG.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
3rd Aug 15 06:50:57Funny.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
29th Jul 15 11:14:02YMMV.Thirty Minutes Or Less
22nd Jul 15 11:53:21Nightmare Fuel.Mad Max Fury Road
18th Jul 15 12:09:04YMMV.Whiplash
11th Jul 15 07:47:40Fridge.Zombie Land
9th Jul 15 01:16:53Headscratchers.Whiplash
6th Jul 15 04:56:15Heartwarming.Daredevil 2015
1st Jul 15 12:22:05Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:21:34Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:16:23Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:13:34Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:11:29Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:10:58Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:09:49Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:08:30Films Of The2010s
1st Jul 15 12:08:17Films Of The2010s
1st Jul 15 12:07:44Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 12:06:20Film.A Most Violent Year
1st Jul 15 11:37:57The Eighties
1st Jul 15 11:34:34Films Of The2010s
26th Jun 15 03:08:04Film.Whiplash
22nd Jun 15 09:59:49Film.Whiplash
22nd Jun 15 09:55:33Film.Whiplash
16th Jun 15 08:21:56Awesome.Spy
14th Jun 15 05:22:26Trivia.Inside Llewyn Davis
12th Jun 15 10:58:30Series.From Dusk Till Dawn
2nd Jun 15 06:49:00Film.Whiplash
2nd Jun 15 06:45:44Film.Whiplash
30th May 15 08:55:03Fridge.Ex Machina
30th May 15 08:54:49Fridge.Ex Machina
30th May 15 08:54:22Fridge.Ex Machina
30th May 15 08:49:37Fridge.Ex Machina
30th May 15 08:48:32Fridge.Ex Machina
16th May 15 08:34:36Drill Sergeant Nasty
16th May 15 08:32:49Awesome.Whiplash
15th May 15 11:03:05Trivia.All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
29th Apr 15 02:31:07YMMV.Whiplash
18th Apr 15 06:14:36Drill Sergeant Nasty
18th Apr 15 06:14:06Drill Sergeant Nasty
17th Apr 15 09:43:43Heartwarming.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
9th Apr 15 08:18:50Pants Positive Safety
9th Apr 15 07:42:35Characters.From Dusk Till Dawn The Series
29th Mar 15 08:57:14Fridge.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
27th Mar 15 02:41:05Headscratchers.Whiplash
25th Mar 15 10:48:44Fridge.Whiplash
23rd Mar 15 01:18:01Headscratchers.Whiplash
23rd Mar 15 07:59:32Funny.Divergent
21st Mar 15 12:48:04Fridge.Whiplash
21st Mar 15 10:39:35Film.Whiplash
20th Mar 15 01:08:56Headscratchers.Whiplash
18th Mar 15 02:39:57Film.Whiplash
14th Mar 15 11:34:21Heartwarming.Paddington
2nd Mar 15 07:32:41YMMV.Jupiter Ascending
24th Jan 15 02:11:01Traumatic Haircut
18th Jan 15 09:07:30Funny.Penny Dreadful
1st Jan 15 06:54:02WMG.Gotham
30th Dec 14 12:39:26YMMV.Henry V
30th Dec 14 12:39:09YMMV.Henry V
30th Dec 14 12:35:38Tear Jerker.Henry V
30th Dec 14 12:21:42Tear Jerker.Richard II
30th Dec 14 12:21:24Tear Jerker.Richard II
30th Dec 14 11:59:36Tear Jerker.Annie 2014
23rd Dec 14 01:25:41WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
23rd Dec 14 01:25:23WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire Part II
16th Dec 14 08:24:23Eternal Love
30th Nov 14 09:50:40Fridge.Over The Garden Wall
26th Nov 14 11:37:02WMG.Over The Garden Wall
25th Nov 14 08:15:49Fridge.Over The Garden Wall
25th Nov 14 02:58:47Fridge.Over The Garden Wall
25th Nov 14 02:49:23Fridge.Over The Garden Wall
30th Sep 14 07:29:28WMG.The Grand Budapest Hotel
6th Aug 14 06:45:04Heartwarming.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
4th Aug 14 06:49:30WMG.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
4th Aug 14 06:49:06WMG.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
28th Jul 14 11:37:10The Marvelous Deer
25th Jul 14 08:29:38King On His Deathbed
1st Jul 14 09:31:35Dad The Veteran
26th Jun 14 09:25:57WMG.The Grand Budapest Hotel
14th Jun 14 08:56:35WMG.Far Cry 4
14th Jun 14 08:54:14YMMV.Far Cry 4
12th Jun 14 01:07:02YMMV.Far Cry 4
11th Jun 14 12:54:07WMG.Far Cry 4
11th Jun 14 06:34:34WMG.Far Cry 4
10th Jun 14 07:51:25WMG.Maleficent
9th Jun 14 12:50:59WMG.Maleficent
9th Jun 14 12:44:37Fridge.Maleficent
3rd Jun 14 12:55:57YMMV.Penny Dreadful
26th May 14 12:30:21Fridge.Prometheus
22nd Apr 14 05:57:34Just For Fun.What Are The Contributors Real Names
22nd Mar 14 10:01:42Decapitation Presentation
15th Mar 14 12:58:38Western Animation.Mr Peabody And Sherman
14th Mar 14 07:30:57Incest Yay Shipping
14th Mar 14 07:27:55Theatre.Richard II
14th Mar 14 07:27:07Theatre.Richard II
12th Mar 14 02:02:38Heartwarming.Richard II
6th Mar 14 02:23:11Duet Bonding
1st Feb 14 04:41:38Literature.The Sparrow
30th Jan 14 10:16:31Fridge.Prometheus
26th Jan 14 01:42:06Affably Evil.Film
21st Jan 14 07:55:33Fridge.Sherlock
21st Jan 14 07:51:56Fridge.Sherlock
16th Jan 14 09:11:36WMG.Sherlock
4th Jan 14 09:10:00Tear Jerker.Ripper Street
2nd Jan 14 10:50:08WMG.Sherlock
30th Dec 13 01:07:47YMMV.Skyfall
30th Dec 13 12:55:16Trivia.The Hollow Crown
30th Dec 13 12:54:44Series.The Hollow Crown
30th Dec 13 12:53:14Series.The Hollow Crown
29th Dec 13 12:06:36YMMV.Henry IV Part 1
28th Dec 13 08:40:20Love Ruins The Realm
27th Dec 13 09:44:57Interactive Fiction
27th Dec 13 09:44:41Interactive Fiction
27th Dec 13 09:33:59Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 09:22:50Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 09:21:01Shout Out.To Shakespeare
27th Dec 13 09:17:09Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 09:15:46Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 11:44:40Secret Circle Of Secrets
27th Dec 13 11:33:54Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 11:26:37Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 11:25:11Cosmic Horror Story
27th Dec 13 11:19:26Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 11:17:57Video Game.The King Of Shreds And Patches
27th Dec 13 11:11:50Interactive Fiction
23rd Dec 13 07:33:04Heartwarming.Richard II
21st Dec 13 11:10:49Headscratchers.Frozen
21st Dec 13 02:56:27Comic Book.Demon Knights
14th Dec 13 11:05:25WMG.Frozen
14th Dec 13 11:04:53WMG.Frozen
14th Dec 13 11:04:27WMG.Frozen
14th Dec 13 11:02:57Fridge.Frozen
13th Dec 13 06:41:06Series.Ripper Street
13th Dec 13 08:15:15Series.Ripper Street
11th Dec 13 10:16:50WMG.Ripper Street
11th Dec 13 10:16:38WMG.Ripper Street
10th Dec 13 09:00:43Trans Equals Gay
10th Dec 13 07:46:25Characters.Ripper Street
10th Dec 13 07:39:21Characters.Ripper Street
9th Dec 13 11:52:08Series.Ripper Street
8th Dec 13 04:26:50WMG.Frozen
8th Dec 13 04:26:27WMG.Frozen
1st Dec 13 09:09:09WMG.Frozen
1st Dec 13 08:51:29Fridge.Frozen
1st Dec 13 08:51:09Fridge.Frozen
1st Dec 13 08:48:18Headscratchers.Frozen
1st Dec 13 08:40:41WMG.Frozen
29th Nov 13 03:19:13Series.The Hollow Crown
29th Nov 13 03:11:02Literature.Katherine
28th Nov 13 08:40:15YMMV.Katherine
28th Nov 13 08:39:27Literature.Katherine
24th Nov 13 01:52:07Badass Creed.Literature
24th Nov 13 10:54:33Alien Lunch
20th Nov 13 11:38:15Mother Makes You King
17th Nov 13 09:51:09YMMV.Thor The Dark World
15th Nov 13 10:12:30Fridge.Pans Labyrinth
12th Nov 13 10:55:21Headscratchers.Thor The Dark World
11th Nov 13 09:02:56Fridge.Thor The Dark World
11th Nov 13 08:57:55Heartwarming.Thor The Dark World
11th Nov 13 01:28:49Fridge.Thor The Dark World
5th Nov 13 09:57:54Music.Heather Dale
26th Oct 13 11:10:21Tear Jerker.Inglourious Basterds
26th Oct 13 10:58:28Literature.The Queens Thief
25th Oct 13 08:02:18WMG.American Horror Story Coven
22nd Oct 13 10:28:29Headscratchers.Gankutsuou
19th Oct 13 10:23:38Rapunzel Hair
18th Oct 13 10:34:14WMG.Kingdom Of Heaven
13th Oct 13 04:27:50Nightmare Fuel.American Horror Story Coven
13th Oct 13 04:23:13Headscratchers.American Horror Story Coven
11th Oct 13 12:14:10Characters.American Horror Story Coven
11th Oct 13 12:11:02WMG.American Horror Story Coven
8th Oct 13 08:15:56The Sociopath
3rd Oct 13 10:28:54Headscratchers.Gankutsuou
28th Sep 13 07:36:39WMG.Sleepy Hollow
24th Sep 13 07:06:23WMG.Sleepy Hollow
24th Sep 13 07:06:12WMG.Sleepy Hollow
24th Sep 13 07:03:46Series.Sleepy Hollow
23rd Sep 13 08:22:47Literature.Anno Dracula
16th Sep 13 07:33:34Radar.Theatre
13th Sep 13 11:06:02WMG.Skyfall
19th Aug 13 08:55:52Fanfic Recs.Skyfall
17th Aug 13 08:34:31Characters.Pacific Rim
16th Aug 13 10:41:08Fridge.Friends
16th Aug 13 10:37:46Fridge.Friends
16th Aug 13 09:00:20Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:58:43Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:55:39Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:52:24Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:45:29YMMV.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:44:49Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 08:42:59Comic Book.Demon Knights
16th Aug 13 07:57:48Music.Steeleye Span
8th Aug 13 08:02:44Incest Yay Shipping
8th Aug 13 08:00:33Incest Yay Shipping
8th Aug 13 07:58:00Incest Yay Shipping
2nd Aug 13 09:24:59Fridge.The Venture Brothers
26th Jul 13 06:50:53Characters.Pacific Rim Humans
25th Jul 13 08:59:14Fridge.Hamlet
25th Jul 13 08:21:31Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
24th Jul 13 01:47:23So Beautiful Its A Curse
24th Jul 13 01:41:32Nightmare Fuel.Music
24th Jul 13 11:52:11Headscratchers.The Amazing Spider Man
24th Jul 13 09:36:54WMG.The Sandman
24th Jul 13 08:54:49WMG.Pacific Rim
24th Jul 13 08:30:07WMG.The Sandman
24th Jul 13 08:28:03WMG.The Sandman
23rd Jul 13 12:01:22Diseased Name
22nd Jul 13 01:00:19Decapitation Required
21st Jul 13 05:56:05Characters.Inglourious Basterds
20th Jul 13 08:26:16Tear Jerker.Pacific Rim
19th Jul 13 09:49:53Useful Notes.Wales
18th Jul 13 11:51:55Characters.Pacific Rim
18th Jul 13 09:06:23Characters.Pacific Rim
18th Jul 13 07:09:06Characters.Pacific Rim
17th Jul 13 07:25:52Just For Fun.Examples Of Myers Briggs Personalities In Stories
17th Jul 13 07:19:11Shown Their Work.Film
17th Jul 13 07:12:08Playing Against Type.Film Acting
14th Jul 13 08:27:15Tear Jerker.Pacific Rim
14th Jul 13 08:13:07Tear Jerker.Pacific Rim
14th Jul 13 11:32:31Fridge.Pacific Rim
13th Jul 13 11:36:56Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
13th Jul 13 11:34:53WMG.Pacific Rim
6th Jul 13 09:55:36Headscratchers.Skyfall
3rd Jul 13 08:49:27Welcome To Night Vale
2nd Jul 13 10:59:12Film.Stoker
1st Jul 13 11:09:52Face Of An Angel Mind Of A Demon
1st Jul 13 08:44:07Wouldnt Hurt A Child
28th Jun 13 09:02:38Welcome To Night Vale
26th Jun 13 01:55:57Film.Mary Reilly
26th Jun 13 12:55:35Welcome To Night Vale
26th Jun 13 09:18:41Film.Mary Reilly
26th Jun 13 09:15:08Film.Mary Reilly
26th Jun 13 09:13:20YMMV.Mary Reilly
26th Jun 13 09:06:00Fridge.Man Of Steel
23rd Jun 13 04:15:03WMG.Man Of Steel
23rd Jun 13 04:04:41Nightmare Fuel.Man Of Steel
23rd Jun 13 02:49:39Fridge.Man Of Steel
23rd Jun 13 02:44:59WMG.Stoker
23rd Jun 13 02:44:38WMG.Stoker
23rd Jun 13 02:41:13WMG.Man Of Steel
19th Jun 13 08:59:32WMG.Man Of Steel
18th Jun 13 09:38:50Bread Eggs Milk Squick
18th Jun 13 08:27:22No Periods Period
18th Jun 13 08:26:52No Periods Period
17th Jun 13 10:08:20WMG.James Bond
17th Jun 13 09:37:32Fridge.Hannibal
17th Jun 13 09:21:45Hot Scoop
15th Jun 13 06:03:41Tear Jerker.Inglourious Basterds
10th Jun 13 09:43:59Film.Stoker
10th Jun 13 09:29:01Southern Gothic
10th Jun 13 08:57:40Fridge.Hannibal
10th Jun 13 08:49:38Fridge.Hannibal
10th Jun 13 08:48:46Tear Jerker.Hannibal
10th Jun 13 08:47:22Heartwarming.Hannibal
10th Jun 13 08:42:15Headscratchers.Hannibal
10th Jun 13 07:22:49Working For A Body Upgrade
8th Jun 13 07:16:02Headscratchers.The Dark Knight Saga
8th Jun 13 05:04:27Nightmare Fuel.The Dark Knight Saga
8th Jun 13 05:02:38Nightmare Fuel.The Dark Knight Saga
8th Jun 13 04:51:07Tear Jerker.Titanic
8th Jun 13 04:39:54Heartwarming.The Dark Knight Saga
7th Jun 13 01:51:12Please Keep Your Hat On
6th Jun 13 08:50:04Badass Gay
6th Jun 13 08:07:46Heartwarming.Watchmen
3rd Jun 13 07:46:20Headscratchers.Bio Shock 1
3rd Jun 13 07:41:48Headscratchers.Bio Shock 1
3rd Jun 13 07:22:19WMG.Bio Shock
31st May 13 12:36:31Names To Trust Immediately
31st May 13 08:19:11Tear Jerker.Skyfall
31st May 13 08:15:41WMG.Skyfall
31st May 13 08:14:12WMG.Skyfall
28th May 13 08:44:44What The Hell Is That Accent
24th May 13 08:01:48Film.Lawrence Of Arabia
22nd May 13 08:48:38Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
22nd May 13 08:48:36Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
22nd May 13 08:45:59Funny.Iron Man 3
20th May 13 12:17:48Adult Fear
20th May 13 11:51:58Nightmare Fuel.New World Of Darkness
13th May 13 11:42:44Tear Jerker.Iron Man 3
10th May 13 04:36:12Cast Full Of Gay
8th May 13 04:39:23Characters.Inglourious Basterds
8th May 13 03:28:39Fridge.Iron Man 3
6th May 13 09:46:55Funny.Iron Man 3
6th May 13 09:42:18Fridge.Iron Man 3
6th May 13 01:34:33Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
6th May 13 10:58:53Fridge.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 09:44:34WMG.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 08:19:15Tear Jerker.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 08:12:35Funny.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 08:02:35Fridge.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 08:02:08Fridge.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 08:01:34Fridge.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 07:39:25Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 07:37:41Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
5th May 13 07:33:32WMG.Iron Man 3
4th May 13 02:16:26Headscratchers.Skyfall
30th Apr 13 09:42:40Characters.Hannibal
24th Apr 13 05:22:32Tropers.Skazka
24th Apr 13 05:21:49Tropers.Skazka
24th Apr 13 05:21:23Tropers.Skazka
24th Apr 13 04:01:23WMG.Inglourious Basterds
24th Apr 13 04:01:00WMG.Inglourious Basterds
23rd Apr 13 06:41:17Violence Is Disturbing
22nd Apr 13 01:21:16YMMV.Hannibal
19th Apr 13 10:01:05Series.Hannibal
10th Apr 13 03:37:13Perverted Sniffing
25th Mar 13 09:12:08YMMV.Party Monster
18th Mar 13 01:59:12Film.Stoker
18th Mar 13 01:37:19Film.Stoker
17th Mar 13 10:10:14Film.Stoker
17th Mar 13 08:57:17Film.Stoker
17th Mar 13 07:45:06Film.Stoker
17th Mar 13 07:44:40Film.Stoker
17th Mar 13 07:32:43Adult Fear
17th Mar 13 07:02:31Adult Fear
16th Mar 13 10:22:49Film.Stoker
15th Mar 13 11:27:25Hates Being Touched
15th Mar 13 09:06:56Film.Stoker
15th Mar 13 08:58:52Film.Stoker
15th Mar 13 08:56:40Film.Stoker
15th Mar 13 08:56:35Film.Stoker
15th Mar 13 08:13:21Film.Stoker
13th Mar 13 12:09:30Film.Stoker
13th Mar 13 12:07:41Film.Stoker
13th Mar 13 09:42:00Good Is Not Soft
13th Mar 13 09:36:16Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
13th Mar 13 08:32:54Spring Awakening
13th Mar 13 08:26:37WMG.Spring Awakening
13th Mar 13 07:21:52Tear Jerker.Spring Awakening
13th Mar 13 07:03:49Tear Jerker.Theater
12th Mar 13 11:40:43Film.Stoker
12th Mar 13 09:28:43Hates Being Touched
11th Mar 13 01:54:48Dark Fic
9th Mar 13 04:45:48Literature.Count And Countess
8th Mar 13 11:29:00Tear Jerker.Film C-G
8th Mar 13 07:16:07Film.Stoker
8th Mar 13 07:12:54Film.Stoker
8th Mar 13 06:43:19Film.Stoker
7th Mar 13 02:10:31Film.Stoker
7th Mar 13 01:43:31Scar Survey
7th Mar 13 07:46:29Film.Stoker
5th Mar 13 12:24:37Film.Stoker
5th Mar 13 12:12:52YMMV.Stoker
4th Mar 13 08:47:25WMG.Stoker
4th Mar 13 08:37:07WMG.Stoker
4th Mar 13 08:29:06WMG.Film
3rd Mar 13 01:42:09Film.Stoker
3rd Mar 13 09:54:15Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 03:38:40Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 03:31:34Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 03:21:51Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 03:20:43Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 10:36:25Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 10:30:22Film.Stoker
2nd Mar 13 10:22:01Film.Stoker
1st Mar 13 09:46:49Creepy Uncle
1st Mar 13 09:46:34Creepy Uncle
1st Mar 13 09:44:03Film.Stoker
1st Mar 13 09:27:34Film.Stoker
8th Feb 13 02:57:07Prison Rape
10th Jan 13 09:37:29WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
9th Jan 13 09:01:02WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
5th Jan 13 04:50:12WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
5th Jan 13 10:41:07WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
5th Jan 13 10:36:47WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
5th Jan 13 10:20:55First Time In The Sun
5th Jan 13 09:20:53WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
5th Jan 13 09:17:41WMG.The Dark Knight Rises
4th Jan 13 12:23:38Perilous Old Fool
4th Jan 13 09:39:21Evil Is Sexy
3rd Jan 13 06:38:22Background Halo
1st Jan 13 02:06:21Comic Book.Before Watchmen
28th Dec 12 11:47:42Fridge.The Venture Brothers
28th Dec 12 10:07:10Historical Fiction Literature
28th Dec 12 10:06:30As Meat Loves Salt
20th Dec 12 10:07:13YMMV.Party Monster
20th Dec 12 10:07:10Film.Party Monster
20th Dec 12 10:05:57Film.Party Monster
20th Dec 12 09:33:53Film.Party Monster
19th Dec 12 08:53:47Film.Party Monster
19th Dec 12 04:47:37Hair Flip
19th Dec 12 04:46:58Hair Flip
19th Dec 12 03:28:04Role Association.Film P
19th Dec 12 03:26:45Films Of2000- 2004
19th Dec 12 03:25:43Film.Party Monster