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11th Jan 18 08:42:08Wrong Genre Savvy.Literature
11th Jan 18 08:36:55Wrong Genre Savvy.Literature
11th Jan 18 08:35:55Wrong Genre Savvy.Literature
10th Jan 18 12:23:35Recap.SF Debris
5th Jan 18 09:18:14Wrong Genre Savvy.Live Action TV
5th Jan 18 07:12:51Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat
2nd Jan 18 12:01:29Wrong Genre Savvy.Live Action TV
2nd Jan 18 11:51:31Wrong Genre Savvy.Live Action TV
2nd Jan 18 11:49:15Wrong Genre Savvy.Live Action TV
2nd Jan 18 10:47:01Wrong Genre Savvy.Literature
15th Dec 17 12:39:39Funny.Critical Role One Shots
8th Dec 17 12:49:38Funny.Critical Role One Shots
8th Dec 17 12:48:59Funny.Critical Role One Shots
8th Dec 17 12:48:28Funny.Critical Role One Shots
15th Nov 17 08:15:15Evil Gloating
11th Nov 17 09:07:34Funny.Critical Role
7th Nov 17 10:19:27Funny.Critical Role
7th Nov 17 10:18:30Funny.Critical Role
2nd Nov 17 10:50:38Discontinuity.Live Action TV
26th Oct 17 07:43:39Quotes.Critical Role
20th Oct 17 10:33:22Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion
17th Sep 17 11:03:45Funny.Critical Role
29th Aug 17 05:49:17Funny.Critical Role
28th Aug 17 02:16:15Funny.Critical Role
9th Aug 17 01:44:01There Was A Door
19th Jul 17 03:42:44Going Native
8th May 17 02:16:35Something Only They Would Say
26th Apr 17 04:11:44Creepy Twins
26th Apr 17 04:11:19Creepy Twins
10th Apr 17 10:51:56Rule Of Pool
7th Apr 17 12:34:47Bunny Ears Lawyer
16th Mar 17 12:28:18Uncanny Valley.Live Action TV
16th Mar 17 10:22:40Trivia.Critical Role
8th Mar 17 11:33:37Funny.Critical Role
6th Mar 17 01:58:32Community Threatening Construction
3rd Mar 17 11:36:06Palette Swap
6th Feb 17 01:01:48Trivia.Critical Role
6th Feb 17 12:58:25Trivia.Critical Role
6th Feb 17 12:21:55Tear Jerker.Critical Role
23rd Nov 16 07:19:23Funny.Critical Role
16th Nov 16 08:32:18Awesome.Critical Role
18th Oct 16 11:35:29Plot Relevant Age Up
27th Sep 16 01:46:55Fridge.SF Debris
9th Sep 16 02:00:17Funny.Critical Role
8th Sep 16 05:42:42Heartwarming.Critical Role
24th Mar 16 07:39:44Scifi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale
13th Jan 16 10:55:33Secret Test Of Character
13th Jan 16 10:53:26Secret Test Of Character
21st Oct 15 06:31:16Chekhovs Armoury
4th Aug 15 06:36:24Bilingual Bonus
4th Aug 15 06:35:25Bilingual Bonus
4th May 15 01:46:56Readings Are Off The Scale
4th May 15 01:06:34Readings Are Off The Scale
12th Feb 15 06:01:05Tearjerker.SF Debris
12th Feb 15 05:56:57Tearjerker.SF Debris
2nd Feb 15 06:21:50Blog.Mark Does Stuff
26th Jan 15 10:37:30Poisonous Friend
23rd Jan 15 11:59:57Catch Phrase.Western Animation
22nd Jan 15 08:19:06Trivia.Acquisitions Incorporated
22nd Jan 15 08:18:23Shout Out.Acquisitions Incorporated
22nd Jan 15 08:14:00Awesome.Acquisitions Incorporated
22nd Jan 15 08:13:49Awesome.Acquisitions Incorporated
22nd Jan 15 08:01:21Funny.Acquisitions Incorporated
19th Dec 14 12:35:34All Men Are Perverts
10th Nov 14 10:36:38Cringe Comedy
10th Nov 14 10:36:05Cringe Comedy
6th Jul 14 09:47:04Voodoo Shark
6th Jul 14 09:46:34Voodoo Shark
6th Jul 14 09:46:04Voodoo Shark
27th Mar 14 03:53:19Villain With Good Publicity
30th Sep 13 11:24:05Blog.Mark Does Stuff
24th Sep 13 12:14:49Web Original.Acquisitions Incorporated
24th Sep 13 12:08:50Fan Fic.You Awaken In Razor Hill
24th Sep 13 11:56:26Fan Fic.You Awaken In Razor Hill
20th Sep 13 06:37:19Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
20th Sep 13 06:36:17Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
6th Sep 13 07:23:29Awesome.SF Debris
4th Sep 13 10:24:01Precision F Strike.Web Comics
4th Sep 13 10:23:40Precision F Strike.Web Comics
8th Aug 13 12:50:40Running Gag.SF Debris
11th Jul 13 06:12:58Eloquent In My Native Tongue
11th Jul 13 06:10:47Eloquent In My Native Tongue
25th Jun 13 06:25:20Weirdness Censor
26th Feb 13 03:04:51Noble Demon
15th Feb 13 07:12:55Cut Lex Luthor A Check
15th Feb 13 07:04:09Cut Lex Luthor A Check
13th Feb 13 01:19:10Quotes.Four Point Scale
17th Jan 13 01:23:13You Cannot Grasp The True Form
11th Jan 13 02:20:50Long Game
20th Dec 12 06:15:31Ho Yay.Live Action TV
17th Dec 12 12:09:08Plot Triggering Death
10th Dec 12 06:14:03Even The Guys Want Him
18th Nov 12 08:01:18Documentary Episode
12th Aug 12 11:18:47Protagonist Centered Morality
5th Aug 12 11:11:28Headscratchers.House
29th Jun 12 06:00:58The Glasses Come Off
14th Jun 12 10:09:12Just Between You And Me
14th Jun 12 09:51:18Especially Zoidberg
14th May 12 04:35:34Fanfic.Ultimate Video Rumble
14th May 12 04:17:20Fanfic.Ultimate Video Rumble
9th May 12 11:18:17One Hit Polykill
30th Apr 12 11:07:22Right On The Tick
28th Apr 12 03:55:29Godzilla Threshold
28th Apr 12 03:36:56Critical Failure
28th Apr 12 03:27:23Podcast.Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
28th Apr 12 03:13:55Podcast.Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
28th Apr 12 09:13:31Quotes.To Hell And Back
28th Apr 12 09:13:19Quotes.To Hell And Back
15th Apr 12 04:10:51Fanfic.Ultimate Video Rumble
7th Apr 12 02:15:37The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
5th Apr 12 11:38:55When All You Have Is A Hammer
5th Apr 12 11:29:39Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
5th Apr 12 11:29:11Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
5th Apr 12 11:28:38Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
3rd Apr 12 01:10:48Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
3rd Apr 12 01:09:41Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
31st Mar 12 07:10:39Web Original
31st Mar 12 05:27:46Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
31st Mar 12 05:11:27Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
31st Mar 12 04:52:14Penny Arcade Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
23rd Mar 12 07:44:54Villain With Good Publicity
27th Feb 12 07:47:52Con Lang
24th Feb 12 08:25:32Suicide Not Murder
21st Feb 12 01:04:30Big Name Fan
16th Feb 12 01:58:42Get Medieval
16th Feb 12 01:55:24Precision F Strike
26th Jan 12 06:19:17Kleptomaniac Hero