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9th Mar 18 03:54:54Music.Weird Al Yankovic
25th Dec 17 10:46:18Recap.Doctor Who 2017 CS Twice Upon A Time
16th Dec 17 12:52:14Oh Crap.Live Action Films
16th Dec 17 11:44:06WMG.The Last Jedi
14th Dec 17 02:12:35Heroic Sacrifice.Film
25th Nov 17 11:48:25Music.Elton John
18th Nov 17 02:39:49Awesome.Family Guy
31st Oct 17 09:03:02Screw The Rules I Have Connections
31st Oct 17 08:58:19Hidden In Plain Sight
23rd Sep 17 12:48:28And The Fandom Rejoiced.Sonic The Hedgehog
23rd Sep 17 11:12:57Webvideo.Citation Needed
15th Sep 17 12:09:39Downer Ending.Western Animation
14th Sep 17 02:45:06Western Animation.Bojack Horseman
14th Sep 17 02:41:35Tear Jerker.Bojack Horseman Season 4
14th Sep 17 02:41:04Tear Jerker.Bojack Horseman Season 4
14th Sep 17 09:32:59Western Animation.Bojack Horseman
29th Aug 17 07:30:31Marathon Level
28th Aug 17 09:07:39Marathon Level
25th Aug 17 07:26:41Recap.Welcome To Night Vale
24th Aug 17 11:37:29Music.Suppers Ready
17th Jul 17 11:11:45Creator.Jim Broadbent
17th Jul 17 11:11:24Creator.Jim Broadbent
17th Jul 17 11:11:02Creator.Jim Broadbent
17th Jul 17 11:07:00Everyone Is Bi
17th Jul 17 06:04:36Creator.Jodie Whittaker
11th Jul 17 12:59:13Series.Extras
11th Jul 17 12:56:16Series.Extras
11th Jul 17 12:12:36Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Companions
11th Jul 17 12:09:51Ruined FOREVER.Live Action TV
10th Jul 17 02:16:20Tear Jerker.Hamilton
8th Jul 17 09:17:29Off On A Technicality
27th Jun 17 06:55:08Master Of Disguise
10th Jun 17 12:35:16Fan Nickname.Film
28th May 17 07:47:13Headscratchers.Doctor Who Series 10
18th May 17 03:26:45Series.Sense 8
17th May 17 12:55:39Apocalypse How.Class 3 B
17th May 17 12:55:14Apocalypse How.Class 3 B
17th May 17 12:49:56Apocalypse How.Class 3 B
17th May 17 12:18:14Fridge.Sense 8
14th May 17 07:41:50Series.Eurovision Song Contest
7th May 17 09:00:43Characters.Sense 8
7th May 17 08:47:41Heartwarming.Sense 8
27th Apr 17 01:26:32Original Cast Precedent
21st Apr 17 04:24:17Fridge.Hamilton
21st Apr 17 02:43:40Heartwarming.Private Eye
21st Apr 17 02:18:25Suspiciously Specific Denial.Real Life
21st Apr 17 02:14:26Useful Notes.British Newspapers
19th Apr 17 01:43:21Together In Death
9th Apr 17 02:33:11Theatre.Hamilton
4th Feb 17 07:18:18Wrestling.Royal Rumble
16th Dec 16 01:51:36Diplomatic Impunity
16th Dec 16 01:49:28Metaphorically True
28th Jul 16 08:10:15Heartwarming.Sasha Banks
28th Jul 16 08:10:03Heartwarming.Sasha Banks
27th Jul 16 07:41:40Awesome.WWE
26th Jul 16 09:09:53Heartwarming.Sasha Banks
19th Jul 16 08:07:25Wrestling.Heath Slater
19th Jul 16 10:58:20One Of Us.Wrestling Weenies
19th Jul 16 06:31:38Wrestling.Bryan Danielson
4th Jun 16 03:13:01Wrestling.Royal Rumble
21st Mar 16 07:47:36Quotes.Oop North
12th Jan 16 04:27:53Wrestling.Fergal Devitt
28th Nov 15 05:41:51X Pac Heat
10th Nov 15 06:58:39This Aint Rocket Surgery
29th Sep 15 01:22:27Special Effect Failure.Doctor Who
12th Aug 15 08:08:50WMG.Steven Universe
10th Aug 15 06:14:19Ho Yay.Steven Universe
14th Jun 15 02:27:51Series.Sense 8
8th Mar 15 03:30:46Funny.Hate Plus
8th Mar 15 03:30:25Funny.Hate Plus
4th Mar 15 08:57:49Insistent Terminology.Real Life
27th Feb 15 08:19:17Series.Cucumber Banana Tofu
21st Sep 14 06:16:29Hashtag Rap
20th Sep 14 07:37:00Music.Amateur Transplants
14th Sep 14 03:29:14Stable Time Loop
14th Sep 14 07:37:44The Last Man Heard A Knock
8th Sep 14 02:14:43Prophecy Twist
29th Aug 14 06:39:40Artistic License Law
29th Aug 14 04:05:16Stable Time Loop
21st Oct 13 05:07:12Tropers.Sceptre
2nd Oct 13 09:51:56Video Game.Europa Universalis
16th Sep 13 12:42:17Eight Point Eight
14th Sep 13 09:50:23Loads And Loads Of Loading
17th Jul 13 06:10:03Film.Skyfall
15th Jun 13 08:58:00British Newspapers
1st Feb 13 07:06:08Four More Measures
1st Feb 13 06:55:36Music.Paul And Storm
26th Jan 13 06:05:30Series.Fringe
29th Dec 12 03:09:16Series.Friday Night Dinner
15th Sep 12 06:03:49Jimmy Carr
26th Aug 12 08:19:18A Trailer For Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever
26th Aug 12 08:13:51A Trailer For Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever
28th Jul 12 08:01:13Loophole Abuse
18th Apr 12 05:49:43Big Stupid Doodoo Head
15th Apr 12 06:30:03Worst News Judgment Ever
9th Apr 12 10:16:58The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10th Mar 12 05:14:38Joker Immunity
2nd Mar 12 07:16:37The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1st Mar 12 08:41:35Video Game.Assassins Creed
1st Mar 12 08:41:08Video Game.Assassins Creed
1st Mar 12 07:42:58Video Game.Assassins Creed
15th Feb 12 07:44:56Blatant Lies
12th Feb 12 05:24:16Commercial Break Cliffhanger
24th Jan 12 07:24:46Gary Oldman
14th Jan 12 07:56:01The Reader
14th Jan 12 07:35:55Oscar Bait
13th Jan 12 08:15:30British Political System
12th Jan 12 03:19:06Eurovision Song Contest
5th Jan 12 04:34:36Woolseyism.Anime
29th Dec 11 05:30:49Oscar Bait
23rd Dec 11 06:27:13Awesome Music.Metal Gear
23rd Dec 11 04:09:07Ronald Reagan
22nd Dec 11 12:35:55Internet Backdraft.New Media
21st Dec 11 04:41:17Blatant Lies
21st Dec 11 12:43:09Film.Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
18th Dec 11 04:38:22Painful Rhyme
10th Dec 11 06:07:00Triumphant Reprise
7th Dec 11 04:32:52Jib Jab
4th Dec 11 04:04:20Bob And Rose
2nd Dec 11 10:53:54Music.Lady Gaga
2nd Dec 11 10:53:44Music.Lady Gaga
1st Dec 11 01:39:21V For Vendetta
1st Dec 11 11:27:38Quote Mine
24th Nov 11 12:43:25Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Animal Companions
20th Nov 11 03:58:46Oop North
19th Nov 11 03:05:48Last Episode Theme Reprise
11th Nov 11 05:44:21Awesome.Call Of Duty
11th Nov 11 05:44:04Awesome.Call Of Duty
19th Oct 11 07:19:43The Password Is Always Swordfish
12th Oct 11 06:41:42Musical Spoiler
30th Sep 11 04:00:50Arc Words
24th Sep 11 07:11:44British Newspapers