Reiko Kazama's Recent Edits

23rd Apr 18 07:45:12Spiteful AI
22nd Apr 18 12:08:12Visual Novel.Zero Time Dilemma
21st Apr 18 11:27:04Nightmare Fuel.Zero Time Dilemma
21st Apr 18 11:21:29Visual Novel.Virtues Last Reward
21st Apr 18 10:44:20Visual Novel.Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
14th Apr 18 07:13:44Ho Yay.The Lord Of The Rings
13th Apr 18 05:53:03That One Level.Adventure
8th Dec 17 08:05:15I Banged Your Mom
1st Dec 17 02:18:39One Letter Name
24th Nov 17 07:44:54Webcomic.Dragon Mail
19th Nov 17 06:23:53Video Game.Tenchu
14th Nov 17 05:27:42Fan Community Nicknames
12th Nov 17 05:25:17Big Beautiful Woman
10th Nov 17 08:31:30Murder Suicide
6th Nov 17 07:58:49Have A Gay Old Time
5th Nov 17 01:06:43I Am Not Pretty
5th Nov 17 12:05:23Funny.Cave Story
25th Oct 17 05:54:53Radar.Fire Emblem
24th Oct 17 10:26:38Shrug Of God
15th Oct 17 01:07:17Painful Rhyme
12th Oct 17 04:03:22My Hero Zero
12th Oct 17 03:51:46My Hero Zero
10th Oct 17 09:36:04Epic Fail.Chopped
10th Oct 17 10:29:09Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion
10th Oct 17 08:18:39Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion
8th Oct 17 08:08:13Fountain Of Memes
8th Oct 17 08:07:26Fountain Of Memes
7th Oct 17 09:46:59Blog.Worst Muse
7th Oct 17 12:31:31Video Game.Tenchu
5th Oct 17 04:03:38Dragon In Chief
5th Oct 17 04:02:39Dragon In Chief
5th Oct 17 03:11:54Characters.Naruto Obito Uchiha
4th Oct 17 09:33:00Nightmare Fuel.Transformers Dark Of The Moon
29th Sep 17 11:28:50Lean And Mean
29th Sep 17 11:28:20Lean And Mean
28th Sep 17 11:06:37Funny.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
25th Sep 17 11:30:28Video Game.Princess Maker
22nd Sep 17 10:06:19YMMV.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
22nd Sep 17 10:00:21Video Game.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
22nd Sep 17 09:48:47Funny.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
17th Sep 17 01:16:18Series.Little Lunch
16th Sep 17 03:31:59Stepford Snarker
14th Sep 17 04:00:17Nightmare Fuel.Transformers Prime
14th Sep 17 03:02:46Nightmare Fuel.Transformers Prime
10th Sep 17 09:21:13Self Demonstrating.Yandere
10th Sep 17 09:19:40Self Demonstrating.Yandere
7th Sep 17 11:05:44I Am Great Song
7th Sep 17 11:01:31I Am Great Song
7th Sep 17 10:46:52I Am Great Song
18th Aug 17 11:39:36Nightmare Fuel.Corpse Party
18th Aug 17 11:23:44Nightmare Fuel.Corpse Party
10th Aug 17 03:15:08Visual Novel.Man Enough
10th Aug 17 01:43:40Shaping Your Attacks
9th Aug 17 08:48:46It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
3rd Aug 17 06:48:16Earn Your Fun
3rd Aug 17 03:51:18What The Hell Player
29th Jul 17 01:55:08Sympathetic Murderer
29th Jul 17 01:49:45Sympathetic Murderer
28th Jul 17 03:56:26Funny.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
19th Jul 17 10:58:22Narm.Web Animation
19th Jul 17 10:06:16Narm.Kingdom Hearts
19th Jul 17 09:59:57Narm.The King Of Fighters
19th Jul 17 09:21:22Narm.Mass Effect
19th Jul 17 09:20:16Narm.Mass Effect
19th Jul 17 05:13:34Visual Novel.Time Hollow
19th Jul 17 05:12:18Visual Novel.Time Hollow
14th Jul 17 06:45:36Characters.School Days
13th Jul 17 10:43:19Early Installment Weirdness.Film
13th Jul 17 06:10:41Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi
13th Jul 17 06:09:39Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi Paper Jam
13th Jul 17 06:09:10Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi
13th Jul 17 06:06:23Nightmare Fuel.Super Mario Bros
13th Jul 17 06:04:23Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi
13th Jul 17 06:03:18Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi Partners In Time
13th Jul 17 06:02:34Nightmare Fuel.Mario And Luigi
13th Jul 17 06:00:41Nightmare Fuel.Video Games
27th Jun 17 07:21:22Funny.Brain Scratch Commentaries
12th Jun 17 10:36:36Funny.Proton Jon
10th Jun 17 05:16:03Film.Kill Bill
9th Jun 17 01:28:17Funny.Chuggaaconroy Earthbound
4th Jun 17 05:54:23Near Villain Victory
3rd Jun 17 07:00:05One Note Cook
28th May 17 08:43:57Tear Jerker.Klonoa
27th May 17 02:15:03Heartwarming.Digimon Adventure 02
21st May 17 06:22:49Funny.Mortal Kombat X
21st May 17 06:15:43Funny.Mortal Kombat X
19th May 17 09:56:18Shout Out.Street Fighter
9th May 17 02:31:51Skill Gate Characters
9th May 17 02:30:30Skill Gate Characters
7th May 17 12:40:30Dork Age.Anime And Manga
6th May 17 10:46:14I Do Not Own
6th May 17 05:13:59Rump Roast
6th May 17 04:48:30Magic Feather
1st May 17 08:55:43Duck
27th Apr 17 05:56:08Early Installment Weirdness.Anime And Manga
27th Apr 17 05:54:47Early Installment Weirdness.Anime And Manga
25th Apr 17 10:21:29Fan Fic.The Legend Of Spyro A New Dawn
25th Apr 17 10:19:08Fan Fic.The Legend Of Spyro A New Dawn
25th Apr 17 10:18:05Fan Fic.The Legend Of Spyro A New Dawn
25th Apr 17 10:17:23Fan Fic.The Legend Of Spyro A New Dawn
25th Apr 17 04:46:08Nom De Mom
25th Apr 17 04:38:28Nom De Mom
22nd Apr 17 08:35:02Memes.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
22nd Apr 17 08:31:43Memes.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
18th Apr 17 03:10:46Left Stuck After Attack
12th Apr 17 08:36:44Monster Of The Week
11th Apr 17 02:45:16Eternal Engine
10th Apr 17 09:30:11We Didnt Start The Billy Joel Parodies
4th Apr 17 10:44:23Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
3rd Apr 17 02:06:31Camera Abuse.Video Games
30th Mar 17 06:07:45Just For Fun.Pokedex Of Tropes
25th Mar 17 01:02:35Walking Techbane
25th Mar 17 12:54:07Walking Techbane
23rd Mar 17 07:31:33Shout Out.Sonic World Adventure Rush
23rd Mar 17 07:31:32Shout Out.Sonic World Adventure Rush
23rd Mar 17 07:30:51Shout Out.Sonic World Adventure Rush
23rd Mar 17 06:11:04Everything Trying To Kill You
21st Mar 17 09:03:37Violation Of Common Sense
20th Mar 17 07:27:52Good Bad Bugs.Fighting Game
20th Mar 17 03:26:26Good Bad Bugs.Action Adventure
17th Mar 17 04:33:13Artificial Stupidity.Action Games
16th Mar 17 09:25:13Pandaing To The Audience
14th Mar 17 08:58:29Stock Yuck
12th Mar 17 12:06:51Green Boy Color
11th Mar 17 07:37:37Guide Dang It.Strategy
10th Mar 17 03:52:04Visual Novel.Corpse Party D 2 Zero Hope
10th Mar 17 03:50:55Visual Novel.Corpse Party D 2 Zero Hope
8th Mar 17 05:36:41Rouge Angles Of Satin
8th Mar 17 04:23:59Technical Pacifist
8th Mar 17 04:03:32Technical Pacifist
8th Mar 17 12:14:50Yet Another Stupid Death
6th Mar 17 08:28:44Fanfic.What Chapter 372 Of Fairy Tail Should Have Been
6th Mar 17 08:27:46Fanfic.What Chapter 372 Of Fairy Tail Should Have Been
12th Feb 17 10:38:31Funny.Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series
12th Feb 17 12:23:04Totally Radical.Literature
11th Feb 17 09:51:04Sailor Earth
11th Feb 17 04:27:47Eye Pop
9th Feb 17 10:52:40Lets Play.Clement J 642
9th Feb 17 10:50:04Lets Play.Clement J 642
30th Jan 17 10:53:12Green Rocks
29th Jan 17 02:07:51Hundred Percent Completion
29th Jan 17 02:06:00Hundred Percent Completion
24th Jan 17 08:54:00Muck Monster
24th Jan 17 08:52:58Muck Monster
23rd Jan 17 06:42:43SNK Boss.SNK Playmore
19th Jan 17 07:18:41Anime.Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
3rd Jan 17 08:47:19Heterosexual Life Partners.Western Animation
3rd Jan 17 08:35:47Heterosexual Life Partners.Video Games
3rd Jan 17 08:17:29Heterosexual Life Partners.Literature
3rd Jan 17 08:11:28Heterosexual Life Partners.Comic Books
3rd Jan 17 08:03:53Heterosexual Life Partners
26th Nov 16 10:37:09That One Boss.Sonic The Hedgehog
10th Nov 16 09:40:19Funny.Doctor Strange 2016
10th Nov 16 06:33:11Funny.Doctor Strange 2016
10th Nov 16 06:24:35Funny.Doctor Strange 2016
7th Nov 16 02:51:22That One Attack.Pokemon
28th Oct 16 05:11:48Video Game.Duck Game
23rd Oct 16 10:20:32Creator.The Quarter Guy
23rd Oct 16 01:31:39Video Game.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
23rd Oct 16 01:30:20Video Game.Spyro Year Of The Dragon
21st Oct 16 06:11:56Creator.The Quarter Guy
21st Oct 16 06:11:11Creator.The Quarter Guy
13th Aug 16 11:07:49Ho Yay.Digimon Adventure 02
13th Aug 16 02:31:01Reality Is Out To Lunch
28th Jul 16 08:23:21Eyes Do Not Belong There
11th Jul 16 06:26:05Totally Radical.Advertising
14th Jun 16 09:56:49Translation Yes
7th Jan 16 10:54:02Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
7th Dec 15 02:06:14Music.CN Blue
4th Oct 15 09:58:13Doppelganger Spin
4th Oct 15 09:54:05Doppelganger Spin
29th Jul 15 11:30:25One Letter Name
7th Jun 15 12:24:40Song Of Courage
4th Jun 15 06:16:59Tear Jerker.Breath Of Fire IV
23rd Feb 15 06:27:38Funny.Guardians Of The Galaxy
10th Jan 15 05:00:31Funny.Guardians Of The Galaxy
7th Jan 15 01:50:19WTH Costuming Department
6th Jan 15 11:51:24Creator.The Quarter Guy
6th Jan 15 11:47:06WTH Costuming Department
6th Jan 15 11:46:11WTH Costuming Department
6th Jan 15 11:38:49WTH Costuming Department
6th Jan 15 11:38:18WTH Costuming Department
11th Dec 14 12:30:58Recycled Soundtrack
11th Dec 14 12:28:53Recycled Soundtrack
9th Dec 14 06:52:25Villain Song.Music
12th Nov 14 08:38:07WMG.Digimon Adventure 2015
9th Nov 14 08:23:04Awesome Music.Devil May Cry
6th Nov 14 06:21:05Is It Just Me
6th Nov 14 06:20:21Is It Just Me
30th Oct 14 06:59:05Relationship Voice Actor
29th Oct 14 02:37:54Funny.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
6th Sep 14 06:28:12Ear Worm.Music JKL
6th Sep 14 06:22:13Ear Worm.Music DEF
6th Sep 14 06:20:49Ear Worm.Music DEF
24th Jul 14 04:38:54Just For Fun.Sum This Up In One Trope
24th Jul 14 04:26:09Just For Fun.Sum This Up In One Trope
19th Jul 14 08:40:33Names To Run Away From.Nouns
16th Jul 14 12:54:36Ear Worm.Music ST
16th Jul 14 12:54:34Ear Worm.Music ST
27th Jun 14 08:12:34Ho Yay.Sengoku Basara
19th Jun 14 11:29:44WMG.Persona 4 Dancing All Night
19th Jun 14 05:48:16Hey Its That Voice.I To R
19th Jun 14 05:48:06Hey Its That Voice.I To R
19th Jun 14 05:47:56Hey Its That Voice.I To R
6th Jun 14 03:11:18Awesome Music.Digimon Adventure 02
3rd Jun 14 04:54:21The Man Behind The Man
16th May 14 07:52:32Music.VIXX
18th Apr 14 01:21:03WMG.Persona 4 Dancing All Night
7th Apr 14 01:43:47Narm.Sonic The Hedgehog
29th Mar 14 09:09:26WMG.Mega Man X
29th Mar 14 09:09:20WMG.Mega Man X
19th Feb 14 02:45:27The Cover Changes The Meaning
19th Feb 14 02:45:21The Cover Changes The Meaning
31st Jan 14 03:04:17When I Was Your Age
29th Jan 14 04:54:45Just For Fun.Made Of Win
27th Jan 14 07:16:20One Letter Name
27th Jan 14 07:16:15One Letter Name
27th Jan 14 07:16:07One Letter Name
22nd Jan 14 11:20:18Ear Worm.Theater
22nd Jan 14 11:15:27Ear Worm.Theater
22nd Jan 14 10:19:12Ear Worm.Music0- 9
22nd Jan 14 10:19:02Ear Worm.Music0- 9
22nd Jan 14 10:18:30Ear Worm.Music0- 9
20th Jan 14 02:26:48WMG.Mega Man X
20th Jan 14 02:25:28WMG.Mega Man X
20th Jan 14 02:25:21WMG.Mega Man X
20th Jan 14 02:25:17WMG.Mega Man X
1st Jan 14 05:48:05WMG.Rival Schools
18th Nov 13 07:07:08Funny.Somecallmejohnny
29th Oct 13 12:56:29Cast Full Of Pretty Boys
3rd Oct 13 02:38:44WMG.Mortal Kombat
3rd Oct 13 02:38:24WMG.Mortal Kombat
29th Sep 13 06:38:27Trivia.Cats
18th Sep 13 04:10:58Ear Worm.Music ST
18th Sep 13 03:15:39Ear Worm.Music PQR
18th Sep 13 03:07:20Ear Worm.Music GHI
18th Sep 13 02:58:34Ear Worm.Music ABC
18th Sep 13 02:48:38Ear Worm.Music0- 9
18th Sep 13 02:45:20Ear Worm.Music0- 9
28th Aug 13 03:20:33Stock Quotes
27th Aug 13 02:28:26Five Second Foreshadowing
23rd Aug 13 04:14:38Five Second Foreshadowing
5th Jul 13 09:00:02Awesome.Mortal Kombat 9
5th Jul 13 08:59:45Awesome.Mortal Kombat 9
27th Jun 13 07:53:32The Cover Changes The Meaning
19th Jun 13 01:30:06Gratuitous English.Video Games
19th Jun 13 01:23:38Most Annoying Sound
8th Jun 13 06:45:47Names The Same.Music
1st Jun 13 10:21:47Lyrical Dissonance.Hip Hop
1st Jun 13 10:21:45Lyrical Dissonance.Hip Hop
11th May 13 08:23:16Funny.Rooster Teeth
11th May 13 08:23:08Funny.Rooster Teeth
10th May 13 03:23:58Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
7th May 13 07:53:41WMG.Mega Man X
8th Mar 13 01:32:59Trivia.Sonic Generations
4th Mar 13 01:32:21Childhood Marriage Promise
27th Feb 13 04:52:50The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
18th Feb 13 10:54:24Progressively Prettier
18th Feb 13 10:52:11Progressively Prettier
3rd Feb 13 01:23:32Funny.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
3rd Feb 13 01:23:27Funny.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
21st Jan 13 07:11:15Just For Fun.Troper Dating Service
21st Jan 13 07:11:13Just For Fun.Troper Dating Service
17th Jan 13 07:54:27Nightmare Fuel.Sonic The Hedgehog
12th Jan 13 09:58:05Funny.Fire Emblem Tellius
8th Jan 13 02:12:24Toilet Humour
8th Jan 13 02:12:19Toilet Humour
1st Jan 13 07:49:46Nightmare Fuel.Persona 3
21st Dec 12 04:46:58Name Change.Pokemon
21st Dec 12 04:45:29Name Change.Pokemon
21st Dec 12 01:49:03Lets Play.Pew Die Pie
19th Dec 12 05:15:46Boss Arena Idiocy
19th Dec 12 05:15:35Boss Arena Idiocy
19th Dec 12 05:14:12Boss Arena Idiocy
19th Dec 12 05:13:55Boss Arena Idiocy
8th Dec 12 05:38:52Just For Pun
8th Dec 12 05:38:47Just For Pun
8th Dec 12 05:38:44Just For Pun
8th Dec 12 05:37:28Just For Pun
8th Dec 12 05:37:24Just For Pun
4th Dec 12 08:37:47Awesome Music.Vocaloid
4th Dec 12 08:35:14Awesome Music.Vocaloid
30th Nov 12 05:15:31Yet Another Stupid Death
2nd Nov 12 06:43:35Foe Yay.Anime
24th Oct 12 06:30:22Funny.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
23rd Oct 12 11:03:15Sweet Tooth
11th Oct 12 04:50:01Video Game.Tekken
18th Sep 12 10:36:49Inherently Funny Words
6th Aug 12 05:46:19Funny.Persona 4 Arena
19th Jul 12 01:13:54Most Annoying Sound
1st Jul 12 03:59:48Funny.Mario Party
23rd Jun 12 09:57:08Funny.Soul Series
23rd Jun 12 09:57:07Funny.Soul Series
16th Jun 12 03:10:36Evil Laugh
13th Jun 12 02:53:39Toilet Humour
11th Jun 12 01:22:35Barrier Change Boss
8th Jun 12 02:19:37Memes.Advertising
8th Jun 12 02:19:29Memes.Advertising
8th Jun 12 02:19:24Memes.Advertising
26th May 12 07:16:16Music.Telephone
26th May 12 07:15:50Music.Telephone
7th May 12 07:09:35High Octane Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
5th May 12 10:28:16Boss Only Level
27th Apr 12 08:17:00Pigeonholed Voice Actor
25th Apr 12 07:40:01Gush.Capcom
23rd Apr 12 04:25:04Pig Latin
17th Apr 12 07:05:38Quotes.Angrish
17th Apr 12 07:05:09Quotes.Angrish
10th Apr 12 08:17:19Funny.Crash Bandicoot
10th Apr 12 08:14:16Funny.Crash Bandicoot
8th Apr 12 01:55:13Stalker With A Crush
7th Apr 12 02:02:36Music.Delta Goodrem
27th Mar 12 04:05:44Roger Craig Smith
27th Mar 12 04:04:55Stephanie Beard
25th Mar 12 01:19:40Inherently Funny Words
18th Mar 12 02:18:22Names The Same.Video Games
18th Mar 12 02:11:09Names The Same.Video Games
17th Mar 12 01:54:51Show Within A Show
12th Mar 12 10:18:38Funny.The Runaway Guys
11th Mar 12 05:27:44Nightmare Retardant
9th Mar 12 09:43:26Misattributed Song
7th Mar 12 09:14:35Tear Jerker.Peter Gabriel
7th Mar 12 09:13:43Tear Jerker.Peter Gabriel
5th Mar 12 08:28:44Funny.Proton Jon
5th Mar 12 08:26:27Funny.Proton Jon
5th Mar 12 02:35:31Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
5th Mar 12 02:35:06Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
5th Mar 12 02:29:07Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
5th Mar 12 02:29:01Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
3rd Mar 12 06:33:48Disney Death
3rd Mar 12 06:33:43Disney Death
3rd Mar 12 06:33:34Disney Death
3rd Mar 12 06:33:26Disney Death
3rd Mar 12 06:33:19Disney Death
1st Mar 12 03:16:48The Fighting Narcissist
28th Feb 12 03:42:13YMMV.Telefang
28th Feb 12 03:41:55Telefang
24th Feb 12 05:32:00Ear Worm.Video Games
23rd Feb 12 03:11:24Throw It In
22nd Feb 12 06:01:29Quotes.Game Over
22nd Feb 12 05:30:18Atomic F Bomb
22nd Feb 12 04:26:24Ear Worm.Music GHI
19th Feb 12 03:31:38Angrish
19th Feb 12 03:30:42Angrish
18th Feb 12 08:29:50Confusing Multiple Negatives
17th Feb 12 03:54:34Inherently Funny Words
17th Feb 12 03:54:28Inherently Funny Words
13th Feb 12 02:39:27Alliterative Name
12th Feb 12 01:15:04The Scream
11th Feb 12 06:58:42Player Punch
11th Feb 12 12:44:18Funny.Nintendo Capri Sun
8th Feb 12 09:22:50That Man Is Dead
6th Feb 12 05:31:09Quotes.Troll
6th Feb 12 05:30:47Quotes.Troll
5th Feb 12 02:18:26Narm.Video Games
5th Feb 12 12:13:38Funny.Lucahjin
3rd Feb 12 10:43:07With Lyrics
3rd Feb 12 10:42:48With Lyrics
3rd Feb 12 10:42:09With Lyrics
1st Feb 12 06:17:28Inherently Funny Words
1st Feb 12 06:38:10Inherently Funny Words
1st Feb 12 05:06:06Senseless Sacrifice
1st Feb 12 05:06:03Senseless Sacrifice
1st Feb 12 05:04:31Senseless Sacrifice
30th Jan 12 06:41:42Drinking Game.Politics
30th Jan 12 06:41:20Drinking Game.Politics
25th Jan 12 12:13:38Awesome.Jim Cummings
19th Jan 12 08:19:51Funny.The Runaway Guys
19th Jan 12 08:03:17X On A Stick
19th Jan 12 02:58:27Inherently Funny Words
19th Jan 12 02:58:22Inherently Funny Words
17th Jan 12 08:20:09WMG.The Princess And The Frog
14th Jan 12 12:49:35Aside Glance
9th Jan 12 07:11:13No Export For You.Video Games
9th Jan 12 07:11:10No Export For You.Video Games
9th Jan 12 07:11:04No Export For You.Video Games
9th Jan 12 07:11:01No Export For You.Video Games
6th Jan 12 08:34:14YMMV.The Ships Closet
6th Jan 12 08:33:50The Ships Closet
6th Jan 12 06:22:22Rouge Angles Of Satin
4th Jan 12 02:53:33Baleful Polymorph
4th Jan 12 02:51:39Sympathy For The Devil
29th Dec 11 06:21:30Spelling Song
29th Dec 11 06:20:52Spelling Song
29th Dec 11 02:41:01One Of Us
25th Dec 11 09:33:38Narm.Music
24th Dec 11 12:30:30Funny.Tekken
21st Dec 11 05:23:10Funny.Deal Or No Deal
20th Dec 11 06:50:03Laser Guided Karma
20th Dec 11 06:49:04Laser Guided Karma
20th Dec 11 06:48:26Laser Guided Karma
20th Dec 11 06:47:43Laser Guided Karma
20th Dec 11 02:48:28Awesome.Bosses Sonic The Hedgehog Series
16th Dec 11 06:16:28The Voiceless
16th Dec 11 01:20:39Characters.Vocaloid
15th Dec 11 11:34:05Tear Jerker.Prominent Deaths
14th Dec 11 03:41:27Dark Is Not Evil.Anime And Manga
14th Dec 11 03:37:06I Thought That Was
14th Dec 11 03:23:12Funny.Chuggaaconroy
14th Dec 11 04:42:39Say My Name