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5th Oct 12 05:23:36Trivia.True Grit
29th Sep 12 06:34:43Laconic.After Hours
26th Sep 12 02:43:35Playing With.Old Shame
24th Sep 12 04:10:48Sensory Abuse
24th Sep 12 02:55:15WMG.Boardwalk Empire
20th Sep 12 05:44:10YMMV.Michael J Fox
12th Sep 12 04:03:29YMMV.South Park
12th Sep 12 03:16:28Pothole Magnet
11th Sep 12 04:52:37Self Demostrating.Memento
10th Sep 12 02:19:40Self Demonstrating Article
10th Sep 12 02:14:27Self Demostrating.Memento
8th Sep 12 01:20:49Ramen As Dehydrated Noodles
7th Sep 12 06:05:31YMMV.South Park
7th Sep 12 05:33:39YMMV.The Dark Knight Rises
2nd Sep 12 06:07:39YMMV.Rocky
30th Aug 12 01:18:33Sarcasm Mode
29th Aug 12 12:42:25World Of Snark
28th Aug 12 06:26:52Website.Cracked
27th Aug 12 02:49:24Cult Classic
24th Aug 12 07:17:58Creator.Christopher Nolan
19th Aug 12 12:47:49YMMV.Cracked
17th Aug 12 09:59:29Cycle Of Revenge
13th Aug 12 12:54:10Trivia.Donnie Darko
10th Aug 12 08:53:08Trivia.Brokeback Mountain
10th Aug 12 08:52:48Trivia.Brokeback Mountain
7th Aug 12 08:24:15Laconic.Character Alignment
7th Aug 12 08:24:15Laconic.Character Alignment
5th Aug 12 09:19:50Funny.Regular Show
1st Aug 12 08:39:01YMMV.The Dark Knight Rises
1st Aug 12 08:32:34YMMV.The Dark Knight Rises
25th Jul 12 03:35:13Network Decay.Unique Situations
25th Jul 12 12:40:11Video Game.Iji
22nd Jul 12 08:54:34Darker And Edgier
22nd Jul 12 08:53:48Darker And Edgier
12th Jul 12 09:51:06YMMV.Super Castlevania IV
12th Jul 12 09:45:07YMMV.Super Castlevania IV
12th Jul 12 08:30:52Western Animation.Regular Show
11th Jul 12 04:44:41Headscratchers.Man V Food
18th Jun 12 10:22:03Dethroning Moment.Dragon Ball
22nd May 12 12:09:41Secret Organization Craving Intelligent Enigmatic Tropers Yonder
22nd May 12 11:58:07Secret Organization Craving Intelligent Enigmatic Tropers Yonder
22nd May 12 10:54:17YMMV.Deadmau 5
9th May 12 12:39:36Fandom Rivalry
29th Apr 12 01:22:10Trivia.The Amazing World Of Gumball
29th Apr 12 01:22:01Trivia.The Amazing World Of Gumball
29th Apr 12 01:20:08Trivia.The Amazing World Of Gumball
22nd Apr 12 08:04:37Ruined FOREVER.Video Games-General
22nd Apr 12 07:54:31They Changed It Now It Sucks.Websites And Software Designs
27th Mar 12 07:13:10Music.Skrillex
25th Mar 12 03:09:45YMMV.Commando
22nd Mar 12 04:13:32Playing With.Friendly Enemy
21st Mar 12 05:53:02You Tube
16th Mar 12 11:52:23YMMV.Twilight
15th Mar 12 04:41:05YMMV.Skrillex
15th Mar 12 04:33:30Music.Skrillex
8th Mar 12 10:53:46YMMV.Wikipedia
6th Mar 12 04:15:23Music.Skrillex
6th Mar 12 04:13:16Music.Skrillex
4th Mar 12 04:44:29Spanish Language
3rd Mar 12 01:49:53YMMV.I Carly
3rd Mar 12 12:53:44YMMV.Skrillex
3rd Mar 12 12:53:29YMMV.Skrillex
3rd Mar 12 09:50:25Playing With.Pizza Boy Special Delivery
2nd Mar 12 01:58:29Web Original.Cracked
1st Mar 12 01:20:53YMMV.Skrillex
1st Mar 12 01:18:26YMMV.Deadmau 5
25th Feb 12 10:45:24Amen Break
25th Feb 12 10:36:39Music.Autechre
23rd Feb 12 12:39:46High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Music
20th Feb 12 04:01:47Music.Throbbing Gristle
20th Feb 12 10:17:53Music.Skrillex
19th Feb 12 02:34:00YMMV.Wikipedia
18th Feb 12 09:29:04Ishkurs Guide To Electronic Music
7th Feb 12 11:33:24Music.Skrillex
5th Feb 12 10:42:03Laconic.Amen Break
29th Jan 12 01:41:17YMMV.Firebreather
28th Jan 12 02:54:40Badass Army
26th Jan 12 11:21:56YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
20th Jan 12 01:42:37YMMV.J Edgar
12th Jan 12 12:56:25Laconic.Dubstep
28th Dec 11 01:18:32Video Game.Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
28th Dec 11 12:13:15Cool Unearthed Pictures Society
24th Dec 11 12:59:25Useful Notes.Atheism
24th Dec 11 12:58:18Useful Notes.Atheism
24th Dec 11 12:40:01Headscratchers.The World
24th Dec 11 09:51:45Playing With.Punch Clock Villain
21st Dec 11 07:37:54Heartwarming.Subnormality
10th Dec 11 11:12:21Playing With.AI Is A Crapshoot
8th Dec 11 02:21:30Playing With.Captain Obvious
6th Dec 11 03:15:52Playing With.Spontaneous Human Combustion
1st Dec 11 04:01:07Gratuitous Spanish
26th Nov 11 02:47:48Playing With.Colon Cancer
26th Nov 11 02:45:08Playing With.Colon Cancer
26th Nov 11 02:44:52Playing With.Colon Cancer
23rd Nov 11 10:50:38Playing With.Word Salad Title
23rd Nov 11 10:39:45YMMV.Baseketball
21st Nov 11 09:50:49Bigger Is Better In Bed
20th Nov 11 01:44:32Darth Wiki.This Exists
6th Nov 11 09:34:57Rasputinian Death
29th Oct 11 11:47:24Growing The Beard
29th Oct 11 11:46:18Growing The Beard
13th Oct 11 01:06:32Refuge In Cool
4th Oct 11 03:02:43Playing With.Villains Out Shopping
3rd Oct 11 12:32:18Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Other
30th Sep 11 12:45:27Humongous Mecha
29th Sep 11 02:43:20Playing With.Gainax Ending
29th Sep 11 02:40:14Playing With.Mind Screw
28th Sep 11 11:17:27Banana Republic
27th Sep 11 05:29:25Atop The Fourth Wall
27th Sep 11 03:58:27Amazons Attack
27th Sep 11 03:58:13Amazons Attack
26th Sep 11 04:55:30
26th Sep 11 03:29:44Heartwarming.Cracked
24th Sep 11 12:49:36Phil Collins
24th Sep 11 09:10:14Radar.Anime And Manga
24th Sep 11 09:08:41Radar.Anime And Manga
24th Sep 11 09:06:45Radar.Anime And Manga
24th Sep 11 06:30:51Darth Wiki.Horrible
24th Sep 11 06:30:37Darth Wiki.Horrible
24th Sep 11 06:29:49Darth Wiki.Horrible
23rd Sep 11 02:44:49Three Rules Of Three
21st Sep 11 03:03:39Playing With.And Thats Terrible
19th Sep 11 05:14:29WMG.Big Rigs Over The Road Racing
17th Sep 11 07:46:39Quotes.Half Life Full Life Consequences
16th Sep 11 01:33:44Half-Life