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14th Sep 13 08:43:27Headscratchers.Breaking Bad
20th Jun 13 03:47:18Slice Of Life
12th Jun 13 09:19:02Music.The Beatles
31st May 13 09:25:50You Must Be This Tall To Ride
28th Apr 13 03:37:47Offscreen Inertia
27th Apr 13 02:11:45Awesome Dear Boy
24th Apr 13 05:32:05Exposition Intuition
28th Mar 13 09:56:34Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
28th Mar 13 04:28:11Music.Tim Minchin
28th Mar 13 12:21:29Music.Tim Minchin
9th Jan 13 04:45:06WMG.No More Heroes
25th Dec 12 03:35:36Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
4th Dec 12 08:23:29Tropers.Randomfanboy
1st Dec 12 08:53:38Triumphant Reprise
1st Dec 12 08:41:04Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
1st Dec 12 08:15:52Anti Advice
1st Dec 12 07:33:52Wham Episode.Western Animation
1st Dec 12 05:42:16Gag Censor
28th Nov 12 04:55:41Music.Tim Minchin
27th Nov 12 03:20:48Fetch Quest
27th Nov 12 12:45:36Smarmy Host
27th Nov 12 12:45:04Smarmy Host
27th Nov 12 12:39:20Smarmy Host
27th Nov 12 12:33:18Reality Show Genre Blindness
27th Nov 12 12:20:52YMMV.Sex House
26th Nov 12 11:56:56Web Video.Sex House
26th Nov 12 11:53:08Web Video.Sex House
26th Nov 12 07:50:38Foil
26th Nov 12 04:58:32Webcomic.Dumbing Of Age
25th Nov 12 10:46:40But Thou Must
25th Nov 12 06:13:53Smashing Survival
24th Nov 12 11:45:13Manipulative Bastard
24th Nov 12 11:12:40Laborious Laziness
24th Nov 12 09:11:19Video Game.Left 4 Dead
24th Nov 12 09:10:11Video Game.Left 4 Dead 2
24th Nov 12 01:35:47Hazmat Suit
23rd Nov 12 08:31:09Too Happy To Live
21st Nov 12 04:30:30Victory Is Boring
21st Nov 12 03:39:33Vigilante Execution
21st Nov 12 03:32:27Loser Son Of Loser Dad
21st Nov 12 02:59:56Punch Clock Villain
20th Nov 12 06:43:10Never A Self Made Woman
19th Nov 12 03:38:41Inelegant Blubbering
17th Nov 12 05:35:56Halfway Plot Switch
16th Nov 12 04:29:16Comic Book.Kingdom Come
16th Nov 12 03:17:03Selling The Show
16th Nov 12 03:16:25Selling The Show
16th Nov 12 01:39:32We Dont Suck Anymore
14th Nov 12 09:02:22Unbuilt Trope
14th Nov 12 06:25:15Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
14th Nov 12 05:29:16That Poor Cat
14th Nov 12 03:20:03All Work Vs All Play
14th Nov 12 02:52:17Tactical Door Use
14th Nov 12 01:33:14Audience Murmurs
13th Nov 12 03:32:18Webcomic.Dumbing Of Age
12th Nov 12 11:21:53Quotes.Yes Minister
12th Nov 12 03:09:52Adaptation Inspiration
12th Nov 12 12:22:04Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
11th Nov 12 02:49:12Film.Good Morning Vietnam
11th Nov 12 01:32:54WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
11th Nov 12 01:21:39Legendary In The Sequel
10th Nov 12 07:17:21Tom The Dark Lord
9th Nov 12 11:28:09Reference Overdosed
9th Nov 12 03:54:24Will Not Tell A Lie
8th Nov 12 03:04:24Comic Book Fantasy Casting
7th Nov 12 09:41:59Webcomic.Dumbing Of Age
6th Nov 12 11:57:26Face Palm
6th Nov 12 11:10:26Face Framed In Shadow
6th Nov 12 10:26:11Creator.Quentin Tarantino
6th Nov 12 08:44:41Plot Driving Secret
6th Nov 12 08:43:23Plot Driving Secret
6th Nov 12 08:38:10The Confidant
6th Nov 12 02:22:37Younger Than They Look
6th Nov 12 02:14:00Younger Than They Look
6th Nov 12 03:03:06Ironic Name
5th Nov 12 07:48:43Worthy Opponent
5th Nov 12 07:30:45Awesome Ego
4th Nov 12 11:33:20Hot Chick In A Badass Suit
4th Nov 12 11:31:27Hot Chick In A Badass Suit
4th Nov 12 09:45:50Morphic Resonance
4th Nov 12 03:18:47Music.Queen
4th Nov 12 03:16:59Music.Frank Sinatra
4th Nov 12 01:22:51Black Comedy
3rd Nov 12 11:46:19Photo Op With The Dog
3rd Nov 12 10:42:04The Fettered
3rd Nov 12 10:35:59The Unfettered
3rd Nov 12 06:59:40Webcomic.Shortpacked
3rd Nov 12 06:11:01Dull Surprise
3rd Nov 12 04:17:49Ham To Ham Combat
3rd Nov 12 03:39:54Film.Home Movie
2nd Nov 12 08:51:51Western Animation.Johnny Test
2nd Nov 12 04:26:45Midword Rhyme
2nd Nov 12 04:09:29Laughably Evil
1st Nov 12 04:14:14Signature Style
1st Nov 12 04:06:49Signature Style
1st Nov 12 04:24:57Funny.Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots
1st Nov 12 03:20:38Collective Identity
1st Nov 12 03:15:06Multilayer Facade
31st Oct 12 03:50:29Audience Murmurs
30th Oct 12 05:41:42Funny.Lilo And Stitch
30th Oct 12 07:40:33Loyal To The Position
30th Oct 12 03:27:59Genre Relaunch
30th Oct 12 03:14:24Genre Relaunch
29th Oct 12 12:17:43Author Filibuster
29th Oct 12 12:12:24Deliberate Values Dissonance
28th Oct 12 08:51:58Good News Week
28th Oct 12 07:58:41Took A Level In Jerkass
28th Oct 12 06:53:28The Ending Changes Everything
28th Oct 12 03:50:50Out Of Genre Experience
27th Oct 12 10:00:42Minimalism
27th Oct 12 06:12:56Toxic Friend Influence
26th Oct 12 01:27:24Deconstruction Fic
26th Oct 12 01:05:18No Sense Of Humor
25th Oct 12 01:00:18Narm Charm
24th Oct 12 12:40:38Series.The Goodies
23rd Oct 12 03:27:24The Bermuda Triangle
23rd Oct 12 03:10:53Discredited Trope
22nd Oct 12 06:57:28Post Victory Collapse
22nd Oct 12 04:08:38Space Opera
20th Oct 12 10:34:12Overly Narrow Superlative
20th Oct 12 05:12:31Mini Series
20th Oct 12 01:04:25Occult Detective
20th Oct 12 12:41:40Seeker Archetype
19th Oct 12 07:00:41Dark And Troubled Past
19th Oct 12 12:59:20Jigsaw Puzzle Plot
18th Oct 12 11:33:21Melodrama
18th Oct 12 11:27:14Fully Automatic Clip Show
18th Oct 12 11:10:08Work Hard Play Hard
18th Oct 12 07:49:42Comic Strip.The Phantom
18th Oct 12 06:50:15Scarecrow Solution
18th Oct 12 06:44:56Scooby Doo Hoax
18th Oct 12 01:01:13Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
16th Oct 12 09:24:22Spiritual Licensee
14th Oct 12 02:34:00When She Smiles
13th Oct 12 08:13:36Secret Invasion
13th Oct 12 01:08:35Franchise Original Sin
13th Oct 12 01:03:58Franchise Original Sin
12th Oct 12 06:55:18Dynamic Character
11th Oct 12 05:56:29Fridge.Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots
10th Oct 12 04:58:54Phil Coulson
10th Oct 12 05:56:37Lonely At The Top
10th Oct 12 05:47:28Lonely At The Top
10th Oct 12 05:47:15Lonely At The Top
10th Oct 12 02:39:08Real World Episode
9th Oct 12 04:27:03Manga.Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
9th Oct 12 03:24:47Funny.Stargate SG 1
8th Oct 12 10:26:58Long Runner Tech Marches On
8th Oct 12 02:37:34Headscratchers.Left 4 Dead
5th Oct 12 10:14:19Wrong Genre Savvy
5th Oct 12 02:54:11Characters.Stargate SG 1
4th Oct 12 11:31:59Genre Shift
3rd Oct 12 11:38:49Action Film Quiet Drama Scene
3rd Oct 12 08:05:37Showdown At High Noon
3rd Oct 12 03:45:22Music.Tim Minchin
1st Oct 12 11:34:37Narm Charm
1st Oct 12 10:23:41Awesome.Elite Beat Agents
1st Oct 12 10:11:46Narm Charm
1st Oct 12 07:52:08Retroactive Precognition
30th Sep 12 11:51:36Old Save Bonus
29th Sep 12 07:01:47Narm Charm
29th Sep 12 06:51:20Narm Charm
29th Sep 12 01:44:47YMMV.Dumbing Of Age
27th Sep 12 08:57:03YMMV.American Psycho
27th Sep 12 06:52:43Wham Episode.Live Action TV
27th Sep 12 03:03:30Music.The Beatles
27th Sep 12 05:51:20Cataclysm Backstory
27th Sep 12 03:14:34Internal Reveal
27th Sep 12 02:16:03The Moral Substitute
21st Sep 12 02:57:13Music.The Beatles
21st Sep 12 12:50:11Thematic Series
18th Sep 12 06:53:36Riddle For The Ages
18th Sep 12 01:34:07Walkyverse
18th Sep 12 01:32:51Walkyverse
18th Sep 12 01:30:43Walkyverse
17th Sep 12 09:47:12Schmuck Bait
16th Sep 12 01:30:31Villain Protagonist
15th Sep 12 01:50:47Funny.The Beatles
10th Sep 12 08:28:09Controllable Helplessness
8th Sep 12 03:17:44Funny.Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
8th Aug 12 02:03:31Big Entrance
8th Aug 12 01:25:24Music.The Beatles
1st Aug 12 09:12:26Tear Jerker.The Beatles
1st Aug 12 09:03:54Music.The Beatles
23rd Jul 12 09:14:02Hustle
5th Jun 12 09:12:05No Sense Of Humor
27th Apr 12 01:53:05Ironic Echo Cut
27th Apr 12 01:27:30Strange Minds Think Alike
24th Apr 12 05:47:15I Dont Like You And You Dont Like Me
22nd Apr 12 07:12:23Time Stands Still
22nd Apr 12 04:47:15Gambit Roulette
22nd Apr 12 04:42:00Effective Immediately
20th Apr 12 06:11:10Lyric Swap
17th Apr 12 12:50:32Beam Me Up Scotty
16th Apr 12 09:22:16Newer Than They Think
16th Apr 12 12:38:34Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
16th Apr 12 12:24:49Friendless Background
15th Apr 12 08:36:28Jennifer Hale
10th Apr 12 11:36:22Bad Lieutenant
10th Apr 12 10:12:48Dumbing Of Age
6th Apr 12 03:38:27Stealth Pun
5th Apr 12 09:46:05Webcomic.Shortpacked
3rd Apr 12 04:28:22Music.The Beatles
3rd Apr 12 02:42:23No Poverty
2nd Apr 12 10:06:36Girl Show Ghetto
2nd Apr 12 09:02:37Music.Tenacious D
31st Mar 12 08:38:34Video Game.Left 4 Dead 2
30th Mar 12 06:56:56Gravity Is Only A Theory
30th Mar 12 06:49:25For Your People By Your People
30th Mar 12 06:44:28Big Stupid Doodoo Head
30th Mar 12 05:30:02Film.Drive Angry
29th Mar 12 04:33:57All Women Are Prudes
29th Mar 12 04:31:39Headscratchers.You Tube
24th Mar 12 06:04:38Rescued From The Scrappy Heap
21st Mar 12 11:31:39Human Shield
21st Mar 12 04:11:14That Didnt Happen
19th Mar 12 04:50:26Film.Rebuild Of Evangelion
17th Mar 12 10:08:42Guile Hero
16th Mar 12 09:24:32You Are Better Than You Think You Are
16th Mar 12 03:12:40The Slacker
16th Mar 12 03:05:38Dumbing Of Age
10th Mar 12 11:17:47Big Entrance
9th Mar 12 09:03:09YMMV.The Beatles
9th Mar 12 08:59:41Boring But Practical
8th Mar 12 03:52:22Funny.The Simpsons
7th Mar 12 04:03:07Cavemen Vs Astronauts Debate
7th Mar 12 03:44:12Situational Sexuality
4th Mar 12 11:21:32Headscratchers.Death Note Rules Of The Death Note
3rd Mar 12 11:29:59Webcomic.Shortpacked
3rd Mar 12 06:24:01Sudden Principled Stand
3rd Mar 12 06:18:03My Girl Is Not A Slut
2nd Mar 12 12:51:38Prequel
2nd Mar 12 12:45:57In The Name Of The Moon
1st Mar 12 03:33:44The Epic
29th Feb 12 01:55:02YMMV.Tim Minchin
27th Feb 12 07:55:23Screw You Elves
26th Feb 12 11:38:26In Medias Res
26th Feb 12 11:34:37And All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt
26th Feb 12 11:17:37Dumbing Of Age
26th Feb 12 04:31:40Milking The Giant Cow
25th Feb 12 12:57:37Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
25th Feb 12 12:45:11They Wasted A Perfectly Good Line Art
25th Feb 12 12:38:30They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
23rd Feb 12 08:11:03Took The Bad Film Seriously
23rd Feb 12 05:15:03Dumbing Of Age
21st Feb 12 11:40:42Visual Novel.Dont Take It Personally Babe It Just Aint Your Story
15th Feb 12 04:52:22Teasing Creator
15th Feb 12 04:56:21Film Noir
7th Feb 12 07:14:29Immortality Bisexuality
5th Feb 12 03:20:22Headscratchers.Soap Opera
4th Feb 12 11:19:14Meaningless Meaningful Words
4th Feb 12 03:18:19Good News Week
3rd Feb 12 11:40:20Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder
2nd Feb 12 08:27:25Straight Man And Wise Guy
2nd Feb 12 08:25:16Straight Man And Wise Guy
1st Feb 12 05:08:44Sense Loss Sadness
1st Feb 12 01:08:36Squats In A Name
28th Jan 12 03:15:13Central Theme
27th Jan 12 12:44:09Trivially Obvious
25th Jan 12 08:03:29Headscratchers.Cowboy Bebop
23rd Jan 12 12:55:54YMMV.Tim Minchin
22nd Jan 12 06:55:56Crazy People Play Chess
22nd Jan 12 12:49:03Sickening Crunch
21st Jan 12 03:23:38YMMV.Cowboy Bebop
20th Jan 12 05:15:26Reality Is Unrealistic
18th Jan 12 05:11:20Soap Wheel
18th Jan 12 03:46:16Placebo Eureka Moment
17th Jan 12 10:34:19Animation Lead Time
17th Jan 12 10:10:08Limited Animation
15th Jan 12 10:43:39Escape Pod
14th Jan 12 10:00:11Gerald Ford
14th Jan 12 09:40:23Headscratchers.Left 4 Dead
14th Jan 12 05:45:51Headscratchers.Firefly
14th Jan 12 04:09:54Public Domain Artifact
13th Jan 12 10:54:56Narm Charm
13th Jan 12 03:43:38No Budget
12th Jan 12 08:47:32Hiding Behind Religion
11th Jan 12 11:36:00Loads And Loads Of Writers
11th Jan 12 11:34:32Interpretative Character
11th Jan 12 02:11:41Of Course Im Not A Virgin
11th Jan 12 03:22:16Live Album
11th Jan 12 12:44:50Central Theme
10th Jan 12 06:18:13Watch It For The Meme
10th Jan 12 04:19:56Fair For Its Day
10th Jan 12 04:08:39Dirty Business
8th Jan 12 07:46:24Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome
6th Jan 12 05:02:12Tear Jerker.Stargate SG- 1
6th Jan 12 05:00:50Tear Jerker.Live Action TVQ-S
2nd Jan 12 06:44:36Divergent Character Evolution
2nd Jan 12 06:43:32Ending Fatigue
2nd Jan 12 03:38:54Milking The Giant Cow
2nd Jan 12 01:18:12This Is Going To Be Huge
2nd Jan 12 01:03:48Take That Audience
1st Jan 12 01:05:35Being Good Sucks
1st Jan 12 12:19:56Snark To Snark Combat
31st Dec 11 11:46:23Dirty Business
31st Dec 11 11:31:38Fridge.Mass Effect
31st Dec 11 11:16:55Headscratchers.Shortpacked
31st Dec 11 10:00:43All Issues Are Political Issues
29th Dec 11 09:17:41All First Person Narrators Write Like Novelists
29th Dec 11 05:42:23Aliens Never Invented The Wheel
29th Dec 11 04:42:18The Simpsons M-Z
29th Dec 11 03:12:19The Needs Of The Many
29th Dec 11 02:04:38Unconfessed Unemployment
29th Dec 11 01:52:19Fair For Its Day
28th Dec 11 06:54:20Self Stitching
28th Dec 11 03:59:52Movie Superheroes Wear Black
28th Dec 11 03:49:35My God What Have I Done
27th Dec 11 08:22:15Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
27th Dec 11 07:08:34Silence Is Golden
27th Dec 11 07:07:59Stop And Go
27th Dec 11 07:04:36Silence Is Golden
27th Dec 11 06:20:41Snatch
26th Dec 11 02:45:19Jules Verne
24th Dec 11 04:37:20Music.Tim Minchin
24th Dec 11 02:54:36Headscratchers.Hot Fuzz
24th Dec 11 12:37:43Merchandise Driven
21st Dec 11 03:54:20The Ending Changes Everything
20th Dec 11 02:28:24Headscratchers.American Dad
19th Dec 11 11:59:42Saved For The Sequel
19th Dec 11 11:54:12Already Met Everyone
19th Dec 11 11:48:01Already Met Everyone
19th Dec 11 05:52:38Music.Tim Minchin
18th Dec 11 11:35:57Huddle Shot
18th Dec 11 02:40:25Genre Shift
17th Dec 11 08:40:10First Law Of Tragicomedies
17th Dec 11 08:40:06First Law Of Tragicomedies
17th Dec 11 07:14:27Author Tract
17th Dec 11 06:15:22The Bronze Age Of Comic Books
17th Dec 11 04:52:36Central Theme
16th Dec 11 07:18:02Secretly Dying
16th Dec 11 05:03:58Character Gush.Video Games
16th Dec 11 04:54:22Defeat Equals Explosion
16th Dec 11 03:59:26Oddly Named Sequel 2 Electric Boogaloo
13th Dec 11 10:31:53Funny.Dragonball Abridged
13th Dec 11 04:18:37Stock Footage
13th Dec 11 03:23:18Dumbing Of Age
13th Dec 11 03:22:05Odd Friendship
13th Dec 11 01:29:12What Would X Do
13th Dec 11 01:21:46What Would X Do
12th Dec 11 10:14:41Series.The Goodies
12th Dec 11 02:55:25Catch Your Death Of Cold
12th Dec 11 02:06:04Magical Negro
10th Dec 11 10:31:12Dumbing Of Age
10th Dec 11 05:52:48Walking The Earth
10th Dec 11 02:56:57Villain Protagonist
10th Dec 11 02:23:19Remember The Alamo
10th Dec 11 02:14:15Grey And Gray Morality
9th Dec 11 08:27:15Fastest Gun In The West
9th Dec 11 08:18:27Walking The Earth
8th Dec 11 01:15:16Padding
8th Dec 11 12:45:05Labouring The Point
7th Dec 11 08:42:34Cerebus Retcon
7th Dec 11 02:29:57Earn Your Happy Ending
5th Dec 11 04:06:14Workaholic
4th Dec 11 03:39:06Sacrificial Lion
4th Dec 11 03:23:41Gut Punch
4th Dec 11 02:53:28Multiple Demographic Appeal
3rd Dec 11 01:25:16Sir Not Appearing In This Trailer
2nd Dec 11 05:35:22Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
2nd Dec 11 05:17:47High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Neon Genesis Evangelion
2nd Dec 11 03:52:19Leslie Nielsen
30th Nov 11 03:20:32Music.Tim Minchin
30th Nov 11 04:27:23Rapid Fire No
29th Nov 11 09:36:30Funny.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
29th Nov 11 07:10:01Funny.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
29th Nov 11 03:56:57Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
29th Nov 11 03:40:08Establishing Character Moment
29th Nov 11 04:37:49Doug Anthony All Stars
29th Nov 11 03:50:19Inner Monologue Conversation
28th Nov 11 11:54:43Wham Line
28th Nov 11 09:12:12Funny.The Matrix
27th Nov 11 07:11:24Reimagining The Artifact
27th Nov 11 02:27:06Funny.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
26th Nov 11 04:30:45Establishing Character Moment
26th Nov 11 04:25:57Establishing Series Moment
25th Nov 11 08:35:45Guy On Guy Is Hot
25th Nov 11 04:37:44Headscratchers.Grand Theft Auto
23rd Nov 11 09:53:15Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
23rd Nov 11 08:54:44From Nobody To Nightmare
23rd Nov 11 08:20:14Endurance Duel
22nd Nov 11 05:08:26Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
21st Nov 11 02:54:21Nothing Is Scarier
21st Nov 11 02:53:03Wrong Genre Savvy
20th Nov 11 09:08:13It Is Dehumanizing
20th Nov 11 07:44:44No Budget
20th Nov 11 07:40:19Novelization First
19th Nov 11 09:38:46Nice Guy
19th Nov 11 09:26:45Ed Wood
19th Nov 11 09:24:00They Just Didnt Care
18th Nov 11 08:13:19Film.Stardust
18th Nov 11 06:58:13Deconstructed Trope
17th Nov 11 04:59:08Forgiveness
15th Nov 11 10:30:54To Create A Playground For Evil
15th Nov 11 06:54:42Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
13th Nov 11 01:59:05Headscratchers.Metal Gear
12th Nov 11 03:04:34Jerkass Woobie
11th Nov 11 11:56:48Horrible.Live Action TV
11th Nov 11 11:06:25World Of Badass
11th Nov 11 07:02:16Gameplay And Story Segregation
11th Nov 11 06:47:20Video Game.Starcraft

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