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7th Sep 14 11:36:18Heartwarming.Detective Conan
28th Dec 12 10:08:40Ho Yay.Supernatural
23rd Dec 12 12:22:57Supernatural.Tropes A To D
29th Nov 12 10:20:16Ho Yay.Supernatural
29th Nov 12 09:34:28Ho Yay.Supernatural
26th Nov 12 05:44:19Ho Yay.Supernatural
20th Nov 12 10:57:40Ho Yay.Supernatural
20th Nov 12 10:54:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
20th Nov 12 10:46:57Ho Yay.Supernatural
16th Nov 12 12:21:12WMG.Supernatural
3rd Nov 12 05:51:39Ho Yay.Supernatural
3rd Nov 12 01:31:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
3rd Nov 12 01:26:08Ho Yay.Supernatural
3rd Nov 12 01:08:33Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:08:17Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:07:24Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:05:11Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:03:26Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:01:21Tropers.Ran Mouri
3rd Nov 12 01:01:03Tropers.Ran Mouri
2nd Nov 12 03:45:29Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:58:11Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:56:51Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:46:43Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:46:05Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:38:59Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:31:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:20:11Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 11:39:22Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:42:40Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:39:59Ho Yay.Supernatural
2nd Nov 12 12:26:11Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:49:54Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:36:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:28:51Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:19:20Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 10:58:48Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 10:26:08WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 10:24:37WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 06:57:37WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 06:15:20WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 05:26:13WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 05:08:50WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:31:39WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:24:48WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:09:07WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:05:26WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:04:20WMG.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:50:44Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:14:37Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 11:00:33Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 02:13:28Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 01:10:23Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:57:14Ho Yay.Supernatural
1st Nov 12 12:54:45Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 11:51:45Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 04:26:44Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 04:08:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 03:53:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 01:17:12Ho Yay.Supernatural
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31st Oct 12 12:23:36Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 12:00:35Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 10:52:12Ho Yay.Supernatural
31st Oct 12 10:13:41Ho Yay.Supernatural
30th Oct 12 08:58:58Ho Yay.Supernatural
30th Oct 12 08:58:40Ho Yay.Supernatural
30th Oct 12 08:29:23Ho Yay.Supernatural
30th Oct 12 07:53:25Ho Yay.Supernatural
30th Oct 12 05:41:40Radar.Doctor Who
28th Oct 12 11:01:54Music.Taylor Swift
28th Oct 12 12:41:21Fridge.Doctor Who S 33 E 05 The Angels Take Manhattan
25th Sep 12 11:46:28Idiosyncratic Ship Naming
21st Sep 12 10:45:39Arc Symbol
11th Sep 12 09:36:06Heartwarming.Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated
5th Sep 12 02:18:43Fan Nickname.Live Action TV
5th Sep 12 01:41:36Fan Community Nicknames
5th Sep 12 01:38:43Fan Community Nicknames
5th Sep 12 01:25:10Funny.Dangerverse
29th Aug 12 09:47:32Literature.The Martha Years
28th Aug 12 03:05:31Fridge.Star Trek
28th Aug 12 09:00:05Funny.Darths And Droids
15th Aug 12 05:28:16And The Fandom Rejoiced.Film
28th Jul 12 12:42:05Translator Microbes
23rd Jul 12 06:20:07Fridge.Doctor Who
23rd Jul 12 05:11:31Fridge.Doctor Who
9th Jul 12 06:44:16Fanfic.Alternatively
9th Jul 12 05:39:47Tropers.Ran Mouri
7th Jul 12 04:31:53Recap.Doctor Who NSS 3 E 10 Blink
17th Jun 12 02:12:45Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
17th Jun 12 01:05:19Western Animation.The Legend Of Korra
17th Jun 12 01:02:02Western Animation.The Legend Of Korra
10th Jun 12 08:16:18WMG.Detective Conan
10th Jun 12 08:08:41WMG.Detective Conan
5th Jun 12 02:38:54Fridge.The Avengers
5th Jun 12 02:37:52Fridge.The Avengers
1st Jun 12 08:54:19Tear Jerker.Xkcd
1st Jun 12 12:29:53Better Than It Sounds.Fan Fic
31st May 12 08:54:21Waxing Lyrical
30th May 12 10:05:01Radar.Phineas And Ferb
29th May 12 10:41:17Characters.Green Lantern The Animated Series
27th May 12 02:56:14Fridge.Sherlock
27th May 12 02:54:43Fridge.Sherlock
27th May 12 02:21:51Headscratchers.Sherlock
27th May 12 02:19:45WMG.Sherlock
27th May 12 11:28:33Headscratchers.Sherlock
25th May 12 01:37:15WMG.Dangerverse
24th May 12 05:22:35Fan Fic Recs.Sherlock
21st May 12 07:42:24Funny.Sherlock
21st May 12 04:33:31Heartwarming.Sherlock
21st May 12 04:31:17Heartwarming.Sherlock
21st May 12 03:58:45WMG.Sherlock
19th May 12 09:14:30YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
19th May 12 08:19:49Unusual Euphemism
12th May 12 07:38:49Western Animation.Young Justice
12th May 12 07:37:47Western Animation.Young Justice
11th May 12 02:56:58Fanfic Recs.Thor
9th May 12 12:54:47Fan Fic.Dangerverse
30th Apr 12 09:54:00Mac Guffin
22nd Apr 12 07:55:55Tear Jerker.Sherlock
22nd Apr 12 07:53:57Tear Jerker.Sherlock
22nd Apr 12 01:53:11WMG.Taylor Swift
21st Apr 12 09:15:27The Gump
21st Apr 12 08:04:42Memes.The Legend Of Korra
2nd Apr 12 11:02:32Portmanteau Couple Name
1st Apr 12 07:43:10Fanfic Recs.Young Justice
1st Apr 12 06:36:45Tear Jerker.The Hunger Games
1st Apr 12 06:34:02Tear Jerker.The Hunger Games
22nd Mar 12 07:06:42WMG.Detective Conan
21st Mar 12 09:28:57Western Animation.Green Lantern The Animated Series
10th Mar 12 11:03:36Musashi Number Nine
10th Mar 12 09:01:44Narm.Literature
9th Mar 12 05:31:47Never Live It Down.Real Life
9th Mar 12 05:26:31Never Live It Down.Real Life
9th Mar 12 03:50:03Funny.Young Wizards
9th Mar 12 03:49:19Funny.Young Wizards
9th Mar 12 03:48:47Funny.Young Wizards
1st Mar 12 09:22:22PS 238
1st Mar 12 09:17:02Muggle Born Of Mages
20th Feb 12 02:42:58Webcomic.The Wotch
17th Feb 12 04:21:23Manga.Detective Conan
16th Feb 12 07:21:57Characters.Animaniacs
16th Feb 12 11:21:43Webcomic.The Wotch
15th Feb 12 01:30:43Names The Same.Real Life
15th Feb 12 01:09:53Funny.The Batman Adventures
3rd Feb 12 03:52:54When Pandoras Box Is Opened
23rd Jan 12 12:39:30Nightmare Fuel.Dr Seuss
23rd Jan 12 12:36:13Nightmare Fuel.Matilda
23rd Jan 12 12:29:01Nightmare Fuel.Harry Potter
18th Jan 12 09:04:56Pride And Prejudice
17th Jan 12 06:54:44Shout Out.Dangerverse
17th Jan 12 06:54:08Shout Out.Dangerverse
16th Jan 12 06:22:37Funny.Young Wizards
14th Jan 12 02:25:10Tropers.Janewiley
14th Jan 12 02:24:46Tropers.Ran Mouri
14th Jan 12 12:46:29Exactly What It Says On The Tin
8th Jan 12 03:54:11YMMV.Young Justice
7th Jan 12 06:43:48Wacky Marriage Proposal
5th Jan 12 07:09:07WMG.Avatar The Last Airbender
5th Jan 12 10:12:46WMG.Dangerverse
1st Jan 12 11:46:02One Mario Limit
1st Jan 12 11:45:33One Mario Limit
30th Dec 11 12:55:49Headscratchers.Death Notes In Other Fiction
23rd Dec 11 11:58:53WMG.Detective Conan
19th Dec 11 09:21:40Pardon My Klingon
19th Dec 11 09:20:20Pardon My Klingon
19th Dec 11 07:21:25Book Ends.Music
16th Dec 11 07:47:25Western Animation.Young Justice
13th Dec 11 10:19:33Manga.Detective Conan
13th Dec 11 09:58:30Archive Panic
13th Dec 11 09:10:51Funny.Girl Genius
11th Dec 11 08:24:52Official Couple
11th Dec 11 02:36:46Webcomic.Questionable Content
7th Dec 11 10:15:27Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome
7th Dec 11 09:04:12High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Detective Conan
7th Dec 11 07:57:51WMG.Danger Verse
7th Dec 11 07:43:10Wild Mass Guessing.Web Original
7th Dec 11 06:22:21Inherently Funny Words
6th Dec 11 02:19:45Anguished Declaration Of Love
5th Dec 11 06:52:59Magic Pants
3rd Dec 11 10:53:22Perfectly Arranged Marriage
2nd Dec 11 05:40:40Anyone Can Die
1st Dec 11 11:45:08YMMV.Detective Conan
30th Nov 11 07:42:25Young Wizards
24th Nov 11 12:16:02Characters.Young Wizards
24th Nov 11 11:41:11Characters.Young Wizards
23rd Nov 11 06:59:18Tear Jerker.Dangerverse
22nd Nov 11 03:47:13Manga.Detective Conan
22nd Nov 11 01:09:57Character Gush.Film
22nd Nov 11 01:00:31Character Gush.Anime And Manga
20th Nov 11 01:38:47Tear Jerker.Literature
20th Nov 11 01:33:26Tear Jerker.The Hunger Games
20th Nov 11 01:23:25Tear Jerker.Anne Of Green Gables
20th Nov 11 12:38:36Tear Jerker.Harry Potter
20th Nov 11 10:36:44Tear Jerker.Dangerverse
20th Nov 11 09:28:07Funny.Young Justice
19th Nov 11 06:34:31Characters.Young Justice
19th Nov 11 06:34:30Characters.Young Justice
18th Nov 11 08:27:40YMMV.Dangerverse
18th Nov 11 01:45:07Webcomic.Xkcd
13th Nov 11 11:26:51Awesome Mc Coolname
13th Nov 11 12:28:37Characters.El Goonish Shive
10th Nov 11 11:13:28Idiosyncratic Ship Naming
5th Nov 11 03:41:55Fanfic Recs.The Chronicles Of Narnia
3rd Nov 11 01:42:03Character Gush.Live Action TV
3rd Nov 11 10:29:56Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
2nd Nov 11 03:31:40Headscratchers.Girl Genius
2nd Nov 11 01:27:13Nodwick
2nd Nov 11 01:20:12Shapeshifter Baggage
1st Nov 11 07:55:44Webcomic.Girl Genius
31st Oct 11 10:35:20The Dog Shot First
31st Oct 11 02:33:26Mind Screw.Theatre
29th Oct 11 11:12:28WMG.Iron Man
29th Oct 11 07:26:24Precision F Strike
28th Oct 11 11:46:39Captain America The First Avenger
28th Oct 11 11:38:19Captain America The First Avenger
28th Oct 11 07:08:18Breathless Non Sequitur
28th Oct 11 07:01:49YMMV.Iron Man Armored Adventures
28th Oct 11 07:00:16Iron Man Armored Adventures
28th Oct 11 06:49:18Iron Man Armored Adventures
28th Oct 11 12:00:55Funny.Dangerverse
26th Oct 11 08:39:27High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Teen Titans
26th Oct 11 02:31:30Heartwarming.Teen Titans
25th Oct 11 07:42:53Betsy Tacy
25th Oct 11 12:27:41Internet Backdraft.Western Animation
25th Oct 11 09:54:25Recap.Hello Megan
24th Oct 11 10:13:19Heartwarming.Redwall
24th Oct 11 09:21:39Tear Jerker.Western Animation
24th Oct 11 09:09:53Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
22nd Oct 11 09:37:01Tear Jerker.Girl Genius
22nd Oct 11 08:30:08YMMV.Harry Potter And The Mysterious Curse Of The Girl Who Lived
22nd Oct 11 01:04:20WMG.Dr Seuss
21st Oct 11 07:48:38Heartwarming.Anne Of Green Gables
21st Oct 11 07:05:13Heartwarming.My Neighbor Totoro
21st Oct 11 07:05:01Heartwarming.My Neighbor Totoro
21st Oct 11 01:54:09Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes Q-Z
21st Oct 11 01:34:15Heartwarming.The Heroes Of Olympus
21st Oct 11 12:26:51The Dulcinea Effect
21st Oct 11 12:02:48WMG.The Heroes Of Olympus
21st Oct 11 11:55:31Funny.The Heroes Of Olympus
21st Oct 11 11:36:09The Heroes Of Olympus
20th Oct 11 09:55:13Headscratchers.Girl Genius
20th Oct 11 08:22:25Oddly Visible Eyebrows
20th Oct 11 08:21:52Oddly Visible Eyebrows
20th Oct 11 03:54:53Funny.Misfile
20th Oct 11 03:54:24Funny.Misfile
20th Oct 11 03:25:36Funny.Literature
19th Oct 11 09:39:57When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:35:58Fan Fic Recs.Detective Conan
19th Oct 11 09:35:12Fan Fic Recs.Detective Conan
19th Oct 11 09:34:56Fan Fic Recs.Detective Conan
19th Oct 11 09:19:40When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:17:48When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:16:56When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:16:49When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:16:40When Pandoras Box Is Opened
19th Oct 11 09:16:06Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Oct 11 09:10:07Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Oct 11 09:09:11Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Oct 11 07:50:16Funny.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 07:38:33Funny.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 07:32:54Funny.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 07:14:34Funny.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 07:03:42Characters.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 07:02:51Characters.Young Wizards
19th Oct 11 02:22:10
17th Oct 11 09:47:15Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
17th Oct 11 09:35:39Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
17th Oct 11 09:34:58Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
17th Oct 11 09:34:39Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
17th Oct 11 09:33:20Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
17th Oct 11 08:46:57Funny.TV Tropes
17th Oct 11 08:46:33Funny.TV Tropes
16th Oct 11 11:06:36Funny.The Lord Of The Rings
16th Oct 11 11:04:45Funny.The Lord Of The Rings
16th Oct 11 10:39:28Funny.Harry Potter
16th Oct 11 10:37:55Funny.Harry Potter
16th Oct 11 10:35:23Funny.Harry Potter
16th Oct 11 10:34:56Funny.Harry Potter
16th Oct 11 10:34:23Funny.Harry Potter
15th Oct 11 04:16:01Ear Worm.Music MNO
15th Oct 11 04:15:37Ear Worm.Music MNO
15th Oct 11 04:10:19Ear Worm.Music MNO
15th Oct 11 04:05:00Ear Worm.Music GHI
15th Oct 11 04:04:17Ear Worm.Music GHI
14th Oct 11 05:12:55Ear Worm.Music ABC
14th Oct 11 04:54:20Ear Worm.Western Animation
14th Oct 11 04:02:23Ear Worm.Live Action TV
14th Oct 11 02:24:12Trivia.The Princess Bride
14th Oct 11 02:23:27Trivia.The Princess Bride
12th Oct 11 01:56:15Music.Friday
11th Oct 11 08:44:15Head Trip
11th Oct 11 12:16:22WMG.Megamind
10th Oct 11 10:19:14Funny.The Nostalgia Chick
9th Oct 11 10:05:38The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
9th Oct 11 08:31:16WMG.The Heroes Of Olympus
8th Oct 11 09:09:45Webcomic.Girl Genius
8th Oct 11 02:43:43A Very Potter Musical
8th Oct 11 02:39:55A Very Potter Musical
7th Oct 11 11:05:23Characters.The Hunger Games
7th Oct 11 11:02:27Characters.The Hunger Games
6th Oct 11 09:25:32Full Frontal Nerdity
6th Oct 11 09:24:48Full Frontal Nerdity
6th Oct 11 07:13:38PS 238
6th Oct 11 07:02:53Full Frontal Nerdity
6th Oct 11 01:19:04Just For Fun.The Problem With Pen Island
5th Oct 11 04:15:53Fanfic Recs.Percy Jackson And The Olympians
5th Oct 11 01:10:13Characters.The Heroes Of Olympus
5th Oct 11 12:56:10The Heroes Of Olympus
4th Oct 11 12:19:41Tall Dark And Snarky
4th Oct 11 12:10:20Characters.Detective Conan
4th Oct 11 12:05:55Characters.Detective Conan
30th Sep 11 08:02:39Fan Fic.Dangerverse
29th Sep 11 07:18:50School Saved My Life
29th Sep 11 07:18:39School Saved My Life
29th Sep 11 04:42:24The Fanfiction Critic
28th Sep 11 10:31:59WMG.Phineas And Ferb The Movie Across The2nd Dimension
28th Sep 11 09:33:35Radar.Phineas And Ferb
28th Sep 11 09:20:53Awesome Music.Phineas And Ferb
25th Sep 11 10:42:15Tropers.Ran Mouri
25th Sep 11 10:26:07Tropers.Ran Mouri
25th Sep 11 10:01:07Fan Fic.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 10:00:45Fan Fic.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 10:00:14Fan Fic.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 09:59:47Fan Fic.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 09:57:19Fan Fic.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 09:56:55Shout Out.Dangerverse
25th Sep 11 09:56:28Shout Out.Dangerverse
22nd Sep 11 06:15:14Heartwarming.Avatar The Legend Of Korra
19th Sep 11 02:12:15Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Sep 11 02:12:03Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Sep 11 02:11:49Tropers.Ran Mouri
19th Sep 11 02:11:36Tropers.Ran Mouri
18th Sep 11 03:33:55Tropers.Ran Mouri
18th Sep 11 12:53:19YMMV.Batman The Animated Series
17th Sep 11 10:01:49Phineas And Ferb The Movie Across The2nd Dimension
17th Sep 11 08:00:20Awesome.Sherlock Holmes
17th Sep 11 07:27:48Awesome.The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
16th Sep 11 04:40:36Headscratchers.Avatar The Last Airbender Bending
16th Sep 11 10:24:57Gratuitous Japanese
15th Sep 11 11:01:52Detective Conan