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10th Aug 14 04:35:40When Elders Attack
1st Jun 14 01:42:59Recap.Adventure Time S 4 E 14 Card Wars
1st Jun 14 01:39:46Call A Hit Point A Smeerp
31st Jan 14 12:26:45Heartwarming.Magi Nation
12th Dec 13 09:45:01Evil Old Folks
10th Oct 13 11:16:32Once A Season
17th Jun 13 11:58:58Dethroning Moment.Newspaper Comics
10th Jun 13 11:06:13Bad News In A Good Way
5th Mar 13 12:38:30Comically Invincible Hero
2nd Jan 13 06:39:41WMG.Once Upon A Time
10th Dec 12 10:49:17Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 9 The Time Travelers Pig
15th Oct 12 12:18:12Kendo Team Captain
2nd Oct 12 11:58:15Special Guest
23rd Sep 12 08:45:47Emphasize Everything
11th Sep 12 12:34:44Light Novel.Nyarko San
14th Aug 12 06:04:47Two Men One Dress
28th Jun 12 11:59:40Evil Old Folks
1st May 12 09:30:06All Just A Dream
1st May 12 09:25:11Ranma Abridged
1st Apr 12 09:15:03Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
9th Feb 12 01:44:44Lucky Charms Title
9th Feb 12 01:43:26Lucky Charms Title
30th Jan 12 10:11:52Recap.Doctor Who S 31 E 09 Cold Blood
12th Jan 12 10:13:41Trail Of Bread Crumbs
7th Jan 12 07:24:54Major Injury Underreaction
25th Dec 11 05:10:30Anime.Mawaru Penguindrum
5th Nov 11 12:56:11Its A Wonderful Plot
3rd Nov 11 02:16:00Non Sequitur Thud
1st Nov 11 12:18:46Ironic Echo
9th Oct 11 12:01:47Game Of Nim
21st Sep 11 10:42:00Scoring Points

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