Purple Alert's Recent Edits

21st Oct 16 01:53:51Broken Aesop.Live Action TV
21st Oct 16 01:35:46Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
15th Oct 16 08:31:14Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
14th Oct 16 04:04:08Nightmare Fuel.Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location
9th Oct 16 09:54:39YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location
8th Oct 16 09:13:19WMG.Steven Universe Gemkind
6th Oct 16 02:08:21Broken Aesop.Live Action TV
6th Oct 16 12:31:37Headscratchers.Home Improvement
27th Sep 16 06:47:11Fridge.Let The Right One In
15th Sep 16 04:37:05Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
15th Sep 16 04:22:46Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
12th Sep 16 04:10:23Fridge.Steven Universe
10th Sep 16 02:35:44Broken Aesop.Western Animation
9th Sep 16 09:51:38Esoteric Happy Ending
7th Sep 16 11:20:23Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Sep 16 08:49:23Fridge.Steven Universe
2nd Sep 16 02:47:38Fridge.Steven Universe
1st Sep 16 01:25:53Headscratchers.Hardcore Henry
25th Aug 16 06:56:16Fridge.Steven Universe
25th Aug 16 01:38:53Berserk.Tropes Q To T
25th Aug 16 01:10:35Characters.Silent Hill 1
25th Aug 16 03:37:57Why Did You Make Me Hit You
25th Aug 16 02:15:40Money For Nothing
22nd Aug 16 07:05:50Fridge.Final Fantasy VII
21st Aug 16 11:10:35Fridge.Twisted The Untold Story Of A Royal Vizier
20th Aug 16 05:01:27Tear Jerker.Berserk
20th Aug 16 04:02:13WMG.Berserk
20th Aug 16 02:39:14Film.Drop Dead Fred
19th Aug 16 10:38:59Fridge.Undertale
19th Aug 16 01:36:57Broken Aesop.Western Animation
18th Aug 16 06:42:44Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
17th Aug 16 04:21:06Headscratchers.Fate Zero
16th Aug 16 06:00:52Fridge.Berserk
16th Aug 16 04:02:50Fridge.Berserk
15th Aug 16 07:45:20Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
15th Aug 16 01:08:10Manic Pixie Dream Girl
13th Aug 16 02:13:20WMG.Steven Universe Future Episodes And Plots
12th Aug 16 03:04:55Fridge.Steven Universe
12th Aug 16 12:50:08WMG.Steven Universe Other
12th Aug 16 05:10:01Too Dumb To Live.Video Games
12th Aug 16 04:59:46Fridge.Life Is Strange
11th Aug 16 12:55:57Informed Ability.Video Games
11th Aug 16 08:51:27Video Game.Vagrant Story
11th Aug 16 07:39:27Instant Expert
10th Aug 16 11:25:29Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
10th Aug 16 12:40:57Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
10th Aug 16 11:01:20Headscratchers.Zero Time Dilemma
10th Aug 16 04:08:30Headscratchers.Zero Time Dilemma
9th Aug 16 08:27:48Fridge.Bates Motel
8th Aug 16 07:06:38Fridge.Steven Universe
8th Aug 16 08:00:57WMG.Steven Universe Other
6th Aug 16 04:38:45Fridge.Zero Time Dilemma
6th Aug 16 12:56:14YMMV.Zero Time Dilemma
6th Aug 16 11:17:25Headscratchers.Zero Time Dilemma
6th Aug 16 02:36:25Nightmare Fuel.Zero Time Dilemma
6th Aug 16 02:10:40Headscratchers.Zero Time Dilemma
6th Aug 16 01:47:31Headscratchers.Zero Time Dilemma
4th Aug 16 03:57:45Broken Aesop.Western Animation
2nd Aug 16 05:50:27Headscratchers.Fate Zero
2nd Aug 16 01:05:15Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
31st Jul 16 11:33:25Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
31st Jul 16 01:09:39Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
29th Jul 16 07:31:46Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
29th Jul 16 07:29:23Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
29th Jul 16 06:37:36Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
29th Jul 16 12:17:30Fridge.Undertale
29th Jul 16 03:29:54Idiot Plot.Video Games
29th Jul 16 01:45:38Fridge.Steven Universe
28th Jul 16 06:51:52Headscratchers.Fate Zero
27th Jul 16 03:46:37WMG.Steven Universe Other
27th Jul 16 11:57:41Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
27th Jul 16 03:04:31Broken Aesop.Video Games
26th Jul 16 02:34:07Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
25th Jul 16 08:01:35Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
25th Jul 16 06:32:33Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
25th Jul 16 06:19:55Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
25th Jul 16 08:51:23Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
24th Jul 16 05:41:40Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
24th Jul 16 03:42:24Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
24th Jul 16 04:13:59Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
23rd Jul 16 03:58:59Fridge.Life Is Strange
23rd Jul 16 03:02:08Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
21st Jul 16 10:06:55Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
21st Jul 16 07:32:34Fridge.Long Live The Queen
21st Jul 16 07:32:05Fridge.Long Live The Queen
19th Jul 16 03:56:12Fridge.Lisa
18th Jul 16 06:56:02WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
14th Jul 16 03:55:43Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
14th Jul 16 09:05:35Broken Aesop.Animated Films
13th Jul 16 11:36:31Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
12th Jul 16 01:45:00Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
10th Jul 16 05:40:04Broken Aesop.Video Games
10th Jul 16 05:21:07YMMV.Life Is Strange
8th Jul 16 07:41:14YMMV.Beyond Two Souls
8th Jul 16 03:56:55Fridge.Long Live The Queen
8th Jul 16 04:52:52WMG.Steven Universe Gemkind
8th Jul 16 04:40:29Headscratchers.Steven Universe
6th Jul 16 09:46:04Fridge.Steven Universe
6th Jul 16 05:46:26Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
6th Jul 16 03:40:15WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
6th Jul 16 02:36:24YMMV.Steven Universe
5th Jul 16 12:15:31Heartwarming.Steven Universe
4th Jul 16 02:30:09WMG.Steven Universe Gemkind
4th Jul 16 05:31:36WMG.Steven Universe Gemkind
1st Jul 16 11:33:43Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
29th Jun 16 09:47:33Fridge.Steven Universe
29th Jun 16 09:24:40Fridge.Steven Universe
29th Jun 16 03:24:11Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
28th Jun 16 12:52:12WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
27th Jun 16 08:09:43Fridge.Steven Universe
26th Jun 16 10:37:03Headscratchers.Phantasy Star IV
25th Jun 16 06:11:38Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
25th Jun 16 05:02:46Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
25th Jun 16 12:23:50Headscratchers.Phantasy Star IV
24th Jun 16 10:13:09WMG.Life Is Strange
24th Jun 16 09:35:34Nightmare Fuel.Life Is Strange
24th Jun 16 09:06:37Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
24th Jun 16 04:29:03Characters.Life Is Strange
24th Jun 16 02:23:06Headscratchers.Life Is Strange
23rd Jun 16 12:04:26Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
23rd Jun 16 12:03:06Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
23rd Jun 16 02:03:14Video Game.Always Sometimes Monsters
22nd Jun 16 09:40:01Fridge.Long Live The Queen
21st Jun 16 06:27:29Fridge.Long Live The Queen
21st Jun 16 12:15:54Fridge.Undertale
21st Jun 16 07:21:57Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
20th Jun 16 01:08:50Adult Fear.Literature
20th Jun 16 08:52:54Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
19th Jun 16 07:01:31Tear Jerker.Long Live The Queen
18th Jun 16 11:44:45Fridge.Long Live The Queen
18th Jun 16 10:42:03WMG.Long Live The Queen
18th Jun 16 10:20:55Alternative Character Interpretation.Long Live The Queen
18th Jun 16 08:06:08Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
18th Jun 16 04:23:02Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
17th Jun 16 06:21:58Alternative Character Interpretation.Long Live The Queen
16th Jun 16 01:32:29Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
14th Jun 16 07:37:39Alternative Character Interpretation.Long Live The Queen
13th Jun 16 11:48:21Unintentionally Unsympathetic
13th Jun 16 11:46:48Unintentionally Unsympathetic
13th Jun 16 04:25:34YMMV.Long Live The Queen
13th Jun 16 01:16:26Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
10th Jun 16 02:10:26YMMV.Long Live The Queen
8th Jun 16 01:37:07Headscratchers.Phantasy Star IV
4th Jun 16 12:03:34Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
3rd Jun 16 11:57:12Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
1st Jun 16 08:29:29Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
1st Jun 16 01:31:51Alternative Character Interpretation.Long Live The Queen
30th May 16 08:44:17Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
28th May 16 08:43:19Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
27th May 16 04:49:25Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
25th May 16 09:35:34Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
18th May 16 07:31:26Fridge.Undertale
15th May 16 03:48:23Characters.Bates Motel Bates Family
15th May 16 04:02:59Broken Aesop.Western Animation
13th May 16 12:31:00Headscratchers.My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games
12th May 16 03:47:17Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VIII
12th May 16 03:32:01Manga.Sorcerer Hunters
11th May 16 04:40:32WMG.Undertale
11th May 16 03:19:35Fridge.Berserk
10th May 16 01:25:53Fridge.PAYDAY 2
10th May 16 03:26:52Fridge.PAYDAY 2
10th May 16 12:09:44Series.Bates Motel
10th May 16 12:03:40YMMV.Bates Motel
9th May 16 11:55:31Characters.Bates Motel Bates Family
8th May 16 06:44:22Film.The Woodsman
8th May 16 04:34:08Broken Aesop
8th May 16 04:34:07Broken Aesop
7th May 16 08:44:18Fridge.Bates Motel
7th May 16 05:14:20Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
7th May 16 05:02:54Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
7th May 16 05:00:20Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
7th May 16 04:25:09YMMV.Bates Motel
6th May 16 05:51:43Video Game.Odin Sphere
5th May 16 12:33:33Tear Jerker.Undertale
5th May 16 03:46:49Headscratchers.Chzo Mythos
4th May 16 07:20:10Headscratchers.Undertale
1st May 16 06:09:01Film.Hardcore Henry
1st May 16 06:03:08Film.Hardcore Henry
1st May 16 05:42:16YMMV.Hardcore Henry
30th Apr 16 12:34:21Characters.PAYDAY 2
29th Apr 16 08:48:11Headscratchers.Fate Zero
27th Apr 16 05:46:28Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
26th Apr 16 05:08:44Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
26th Apr 16 05:04:04Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
25th Apr 16 07:30:24Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
23rd Apr 16 04:28:02Characters.PAYDAY 2
21st Apr 16 12:20:03Characters.PAYDAY 2
21st Apr 16 02:23:59Broken Aesop
17th Apr 16 03:04:58Headscratchers.Fate Zero
16th Apr 16 04:46:52Headscratchers.Hardcore Henry
16th Apr 16 04:43:38Headscratchers.Hardcore Henry
15th Apr 16 07:01:20Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
15th Apr 16 04:34:32Headscratchers.Hardcore Henry
14th Apr 16 04:29:57Headscratchers.Hardcore Henry
14th Apr 16 08:50:12Headscratchers.Fate Zero
14th Apr 16 08:49:46Headscratchers.Fate Zero
14th Apr 16 03:35:15Film.Hardcore Henry
14th Apr 16 03:34:15Film.Hardcore Henry
12th Apr 16 09:25:08Never A Self Made Woman
11th Apr 16 02:57:52WMG.Undertale
11th Apr 16 02:24:19Creator.Zap Dramatic
10th Apr 16 11:55:47Characters.PAYDAY 2
10th Apr 16 01:48:02Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
10th Apr 16 12:12:28Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
9th Apr 16 10:12:19Headscratchers.Long Live The Queen
7th Apr 16 09:58:44Video Game.The Deed
7th Apr 16 09:49:10Western RPG
7th Apr 16 09:46:56Video Game.RPG Maker
7th Apr 16 07:20:48Video Game.The Deed
7th Apr 16 06:41:45Characters.PAYDAY 2
7th Apr 16 05:46:36WMG.Attack On Titan
7th Apr 16 05:31:01Headscratchers.Attack On Titan
7th Apr 16 01:28:08Video Game.The Deed
6th Apr 16 03:58:33Video Game.The Deed
6th Apr 16 08:17:56Video Game.The Deed
6th Apr 16 07:34:00Video Game.The Deed
3rd Apr 16 07:33:00Family Unfriendly Aesop
1st Apr 16 01:52:50WMG.Undertale
31st Mar 16 05:00:47Headscratchers.Undertale
30th Mar 16 03:36:35Broken Aesop.Live Action TV
29th Mar 16 08:19:40Fridge.Undertale
28th Mar 16 01:04:10WMG.Undertale
27th Mar 16 12:56:25Unfortunate Implications
20th Mar 16 02:13:16Too Dumb To Live.Video Games
19th Mar 16 09:49:09Headscratchers.Fate Zero
19th Mar 16 02:19:09Headscratchers.Fate Zero
18th Mar 16 07:35:57Headscratchers.Fate Zero
17th Mar 16 02:58:50Headscratchers.Fate Zero
17th Mar 16 12:49:52Headscratchers.Undertale
17th Mar 16 01:49:02Headscratchers.Undertale
16th Mar 16 01:20:00Broken Aesop
14th Mar 16 04:45:44Disproportionate Retribution.Video Games
14th Mar 16 12:53:44Broken Aesop
13th Mar 16 09:37:06Headscratchers.Undertale
13th Mar 16 03:05:32Fridge.Undertale
13th Mar 16 10:06:12Characters.Undertale Main Characters
13th Mar 16 06:25:42WMG.Undertale
12th Mar 16 10:15:09Tear Jerker.Undertale
12th Mar 16 09:00:45WMG.Undertale
10th Mar 16 06:30:53WMG.Undertale
10th Mar 16 03:14:15Fridge.Undertale
10th Mar 16 02:11:09YMMV.Undertale
10th Mar 16 02:05:26Fridge.Undertale
9th Mar 16 03:15:06Fridge.Undertale
9th Mar 16 03:18:10WMG.Undertale
8th Mar 16 07:01:27Fridge.Undertale
8th Mar 16 05:05:46Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Tropes A To F
7th Mar 16 04:08:48WMG.Undertale
6th Mar 16 09:18:35WMG.Undertale
6th Mar 16 04:33:16WMG.Undertale
6th Mar 16 09:20:50Undertale.Tropes H To P
6th Mar 16 06:05:30WMG.Undertale
4th Mar 16 11:28:28Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
4th Mar 16 04:22:09YMMV.After Hours
3rd Mar 16 04:00:07WMG.Earthbound
1st Mar 16 11:40:20Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
29th Feb 16 11:42:21Broken Aesop.Western Animation
29th Feb 16 07:57:32Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
28th Feb 16 03:13:35Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
28th Feb 16 02:10:12Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
25th Feb 16 04:40:48Film.Little Monsters
24th Feb 16 03:56:30YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
24th Feb 16 09:46:11Fridge.Five Nights At Freddys 2
22nd Feb 16 06:44:52Draco In Leather Pants.Video Games
22nd Feb 16 02:02:06Fridge.The Cell
19th Feb 16 02:49:03Fridge.The Little Mermaid
19th Feb 16 02:42:21Fridge.The Little Mermaid
19th Feb 16 07:52:31Hard Work Hardly Works
17th Feb 16 11:33:42YMMV.Phantasy Star III
17th Feb 16 11:01:11YMMV.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
16th Feb 16 11:01:46WMG.Gravity Falls Paranormal Beings
16th Feb 16 09:00:30Headscratchers.Sinfest
16th Feb 16 05:37:08Characters.Phantasy Star IV
13th Feb 16 06:03:40WMG.Remember Me
12th Feb 16 08:10:09Characters.Frasier
11th Feb 16 02:52:03WMG.Final Fantasy VIII
11th Feb 16 11:43:16WMG.Final Fantasy VIII
11th Feb 16 12:16:41Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
5th Feb 16 11:40:22Unintentionally Unsympathetic
5th Feb 16 10:10:04Game Breaker.Role Playing
5th Feb 16 05:06:18Broken Aesop.Video Games
5th Feb 16 06:35:14Video Game.Armello
3rd Feb 16 10:26:32WMG.Attack On Titan
3rd Feb 16 03:25:33Broken Aesop
2nd Feb 16 12:08:08Fridge.Rule Of Rose
2nd Feb 16 09:45:27YMMV.Legend Of The Blue Wolves
2nd Feb 16 01:36:05Headscratchers.MOTHER
1st Feb 16 04:45:01YMMV.Jack David Hopkins
1st Feb 16 02:10:12Men Act Women Are
1st Feb 16 08:45:10Fridge.Rule Of Rose
1st Feb 16 01:23:24Videogame.Beyond Two Souls
31st Jan 16 01:36:56Video Game.Affairs Of The Court
31st Jan 16 01:45:51Idiot Plot.Video Games
30th Jan 16 08:11:56Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
30th Jan 16 05:09:16YMMV.Push
30th Jan 16 11:12:54Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
30th Jan 16 08:32:08Video Game.Phantasy Star IV
29th Jan 16 04:34:16WMG.Silent Hill 2
28th Jan 16 02:18:35Headscratchers.Silent Hill 2
28th Jan 16 01:07:41Headscratchers.Silent Hill 2
28th Jan 16 12:05:42Fridge.Silent Hill 2
27th Jan 16 10:24:36Fridge.Silent Hill 2
27th Jan 16 12:12:48Broken Aesop.Video Games
26th Jan 16 04:39:08Headscratchers.Drag Me To Hell
25th Jan 16 10:00:28WMG.Virtues Last Reward
25th Jan 16 12:50:39Headscratchers.Sinfest
25th Jan 16 12:45:54Headscratchers.Sinfest
25th Jan 16 12:01:12Headscratchers.Sinfest
24th Jan 16 11:51:21Headscratchers.Sinfest
24th Jan 16 11:18:37Headscratchers.Silent Hill 1
24th Jan 16 09:48:09Headscratchers.Sinfest
24th Jan 16 07:07:45Fridge.Silent Hill 3
23rd Jan 16 12:19:37WMG.Gravity Falls Paranormal Beings
22nd Jan 16 02:44:36Headscratchers.Saya No Uta
22nd Jan 16 12:58:22Too Dumb To Live.Video Games
22nd Jan 16 12:49:05Headscratchers.Heavy Rain
21st Jan 16 09:38:33Fridge.Heavy Rain
21st Jan 16 09:34:33Headscratchers.Heavy Rain
21st Jan 16 03:32:07Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
21st Jan 16 07:48:05Fridge.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
21st Jan 16 07:25:11YMMV.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 03:14:33WMG.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 01:50:09Esoteric Happy Ending
20th Jan 16 08:22:01YMMV.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 07:35:21Video Game.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 07:22:29Video Game.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 07:21:19Video Game.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
20th Jan 16 01:49:15Headscratchers.Sinfest
19th Jan 16 06:15:44Creator.Zap Dramatic
19th Jan 16 04:57:20Headscratchers.Silent Hill 2
19th Jan 16 12:03:51Headscratchers.Silent Hill 2
17th Jan 16 03:40:12Fridge.Moral Orel
16th Jan 16 02:56:51Creator.Zap Dramatic
15th Jan 16 04:20:58YMMV.Sinfest
14th Jan 16 11:06:46Creator.Zap Dramatic
14th Jan 16 10:53:47Creator.Zap Dramatic
14th Jan 16 06:29:00Impossibly Cool Clothes
14th Jan 16 01:24:22Unfortunate Implications
13th Jan 16 09:58:26Fridge.Sailor Moon
13th Jan 16 09:39:21Fanon.Sailor Moon
13th Jan 16 03:32:39Fridge.It
13th Jan 16 03:20:48Nightmare Fuel.It
11th Jan 16 07:11:05Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
11th Jan 16 06:04:30Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
9th Jan 16 01:30:23Informed Ability.Video Games
5th Jan 16 02:03:44Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Live Action TV
5th Jan 16 12:52:24YMMV.The Hateful Eight
5th Jan 16 12:42:39Film.The Hateful Eight
2nd Jan 16 05:53:42Fridge.Final Fantasy X
1st Jan 16 03:59:12Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
31st Dec 15 01:45:34Headscratchers.Fushigi Yuugi
29th Dec 15 02:48:50Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
28th Dec 15 11:29:54Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
27th Dec 15 08:25:28Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
26th Dec 15 12:05:39Broken Aesop
25th Dec 15 08:47:45Headscratchers.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
25th Dec 15 07:43:11Headscratchers.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
25th Dec 15 02:43:36Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
24th Dec 15 11:18:43WMG.Kung Fu Panda 2
24th Dec 15 05:55:00Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
23rd Dec 15 08:30:40Fridge.PAYDAY 2
22nd Dec 15 08:47:30WMG.PAYDAY 2
21st Dec 15 07:08:00WMG.Dreaming Mary
19th Dec 15 10:38:13Nightmare Fuel.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19th Dec 15 01:00:39Tearjerker.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
18th Dec 15 10:24:13Headscratchers.Saya No Uta
18th Dec 15 02:02:16YMMV.Saya No Uta
18th Dec 15 02:01:49YMMV.Saya No Uta
18th Dec 15 02:00:34YMMV.Saya No Uta
18th Dec 15 12:03:41Idiot Plot.Video Games
17th Dec 15 02:05:53Plotline Death
16th Dec 15 01:57:56Headscratchers.Saya No Uta
16th Dec 15 01:51:56Headscratchers.Saya No Uta
16th Dec 15 09:04:41Headscratchers.Saya No Uta
16th Dec 15 12:44:43YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
14th Dec 15 02:45:08Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
14th Dec 15 02:29:48Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
14th Dec 15 01:14:34WMG.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
13th Dec 15 09:54:54Fridge.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
12th Dec 15 11:03:15Too Good For This Sinful Earth
12th Dec 15 10:40:55Playing The Player
12th Dec 15 09:18:09Fate Worse Than Death
12th Dec 15 05:33:59Nightmare Fuel.Requiem For A Dream
12th Dec 15 02:40:38Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
12th Dec 15 10:52:01YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
12th Dec 15 08:31:44Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
11th Dec 15 09:12:31Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
11th Dec 15 07:09:02Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
11th Dec 15 12:02:29Headscratchers.Valkyria Chronicles
11th Dec 15 11:52:16Fridge.Valkyria Chronicles
11th Dec 15 10:37:22Idiot Plot.Video Games
11th Dec 15 09:38:07Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
11th Dec 15 07:50:09Butterfly Of Transformation
10th Dec 15 11:45:10Idiot Plot.Anime And Manga
10th Dec 15 11:03:11WMG.The Big Bang Theory
10th Dec 15 10:02:02Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
10th Dec 15 06:35:10Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
10th Dec 15 04:28:42Headscratchers.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
9th Dec 15 11:15:13Headscratchers.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
9th Dec 15 04:26:19Obfuscating Stupidity