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19th May 15 09:50:24Headscratchers.The Flash 2014
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22nd Nov 12 08:23:12Monster Sob Story
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15th Nov 12 08:53:11WMG.The Picture Of Dorian Gray
15th Nov 12 08:08:21WMG.The Picture Of Dorian Gray
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8th Nov 12 08:01:39WMG.Red Vs Blue
8th Nov 12 07:59:35WMG.Red Vs Blue
8th Nov 12 05:52:35WMG.Arrow
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14th Oct 12 09:45:33Trivia.Dishonored
20th Sep 12 06:59:59No One Should Survive That
13th Sep 12 11:43:32Stalker With A Test Tube
14th Aug 12 11:07:03Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
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19th Jul 12 07:04:25WMG.Injustice Gods Among Us
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6th Jun 12 05:49:32Lodged Blade Recycling
6th Jun 12 05:49:13Lodged Blade Recycling
18th Apr 12 09:18:59Video Game.Half-Life
30th Mar 12 08:53:50Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
11th Jan 12 07:10:16Death By Falling Over
4th Jan 12 03:54:31Get Him To The Greek
4th Jan 12 02:02:01Get Him To The Greek
23rd Nov 11 10:59:29Featureless Protagonist