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14th Sep 14 12:53:08Better Than It Sounds.Video Games D To F
19th Nov 12 03:00:24Memes.Homestuck
22nd Sep 12 10:53:23Radar.Live Action TV
17th Sep 12 07:39:36Funny.Fan Fic
30th Aug 12 06:35:26Triumphant Example.A
21st Jun 12 10:26:21Fan Preferred Couple
3rd May 12 01:09:36Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
3rd May 12 01:08:58Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
21st Apr 12 04:41:32Tropers Do It.On Live Action TV
21st Apr 12 02:37:13Portmanteau Couple Name
19th Apr 12 12:34:34Crack Pairing
9th Apr 12 05:36:03Electrified Bathtub
7th Apr 12 05:53:41Memes.Film
6th Apr 12 02:07:37Stealth Pun
6th Apr 12 01:42:31Gainaxing
6th Apr 12 01:41:39Gainaxing
6th Apr 12 08:38:52Image Links.Yandere
2nd Apr 12 04:19:47Tear Jerker.Yume Nikki
2nd Apr 12 04:12:15High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Yume Nikki
30th Mar 12 07:45:23Accidental Pun
26th Mar 12 04:31:34Narm.Anime
21st Mar 12 04:05:44Fan Service.Live Action TV
18th Mar 12 03:13:55Memes.Live Action TV
18th Mar 12 03:13:27Memes.Live Action TV
16th Mar 12 08:16:42Common Crossover
11th Mar 12 09:31:23Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
10th Mar 12 06:56:36Wham Episode.Homestuck
9th Mar 12 03:14:44Crossover Ship
8th Mar 12 04:34:29Crossover Ship
7th Mar 12 12:58:41High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
7th Mar 12 12:57:48High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
29th Feb 12 04:18:37Art Evolution
29th Feb 12 02:31:40Major Injury Underreaction
26th Feb 12 08:03:41Triumphant Example.E
24th Feb 12 02:16:06Little Black Dress
24th Feb 12 02:15:53Little Black Dress
19th Feb 12 04:51:02Memes.Anime
19th Feb 12 12:26:38WMG.Homestuck Alpha
18th Feb 12 05:03:19Triumphant Example.M To O
17th Feb 12 02:07:53Better Than It Sounds.Anime And Manga L-O
17th Feb 12 06:35:29Badass Boast.Web Comics
16th Feb 12 01:03:47High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
16th Feb 12 12:50:35High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
12th Feb 12 11:22:06YMMV.Gyo
12th Feb 12 09:33:29Memes.Anime
12th Feb 12 09:33:29Memes.Anime
12th Feb 12 09:20:46YMMV.My Immortal
11th Feb 12 07:41:59Haiku.Ho Yay
11th Feb 12 07:40:09Haiku.Ho Yay
11th Feb 12 07:39:50Haiku.Ho Yay
11th Feb 12 01:44:26Better Than It Sounds.Fan Fic
11th Feb 12 01:38:42Better Than It Sounds.Fan Fic
11th Feb 12 07:17:13Jerkass Woobie.Anime And Manga
9th Feb 12 06:42:24Paint Hero Black.Tropers P To R
9th Feb 12 04:21:30Nightmare Fuel.The Sims
5th Feb 12 12:52:59Triumphant Example.B
5th Feb 12 07:48:31Image Links.Yandere
3rd Feb 12 10:21:59Elegant Gothic Lolita
3rd Feb 12 10:08:44Establishing Character Moment
3rd Feb 12 09:55:32Improbable Weapon User
3rd Feb 12 08:56:52Radar.Anime And Manga
3rd Feb 12 07:01:42Improbable Weapon User
3rd Feb 12 06:12:02Enfant Terrible
3rd Feb 12 05:41:24Meganekko
3rd Feb 12 05:20:34Meganekko
3rd Feb 12 05:12:43Ho Yay.Anime
2nd Feb 12 05:22:10Cleavage Window
2nd Feb 12 05:17:12Zettai Ryouiki
2nd Feb 12 03:56:06Blush Sticker
2nd Feb 12 03:29:47Cleavage Window
2nd Feb 12 03:21:20Sexy Back
2nd Feb 12 03:11:44Boobs Of Steel
1st Feb 12 05:33:44Scare The Dog
1st Feb 12 05:31:19Scare The Dog
1st Feb 12 05:31:01Scare The Dog
1st Feb 12 04:31:17Hair Antennae
1st Feb 12 02:12:36Bait The Dog
29th Jan 12 10:06:50Better Than It Sounds.Film R
29th Jan 12 09:09:10Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series
28th Jan 12 09:40:05Triumphant Example.A
21st Jan 12 03:45:03Triumphant Example.P To R
21st Jan 12 08:13:37Narm.Anime
21st Jan 12 08:11:32Narm.Anime
18th Jan 12 03:54:46Triumphant Example.G To I
14th Jan 12 03:25:07Triumphant Example.G To I
14th Jan 12 03:24:44Triumphant Example.G To I
14th Jan 12 03:21:00Triumphant Example.F
14th Jan 12 10:30:22Fan Preferred Couple
13th Jan 12 01:42:26Triumphant Example.C
13th Jan 12 01:08:34Triumphant Example.B
13th Jan 12 12:54:32Triumphant Example.A
13th Jan 12 12:53:55Triumphant Example.A
7th Jan 12 05:57:06Triumphant Example.B
25th Dec 11 05:01:03Unwanted Harem
12th Dec 11 12:33:54Funny.Homestuck
11th Dec 11 07:01:32Better Than It Sounds.Anime And Manga L-O
10th Dec 11 09:03:29Awesome Music.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
10th Dec 11 06:29:37Dude Looks Like A Lady
8th Dec 11 06:27:34Tropers.Person Of Note
7th Dec 11 04:17:48Tropers.Person Of Note
7th Dec 11 01:09:36Music.Mothy
3rd Dec 11 01:22:20Music.Mothy
1st Dec 11 05:32:59Narm.Bleach
28th Nov 11 04:38:29Ho Yay.Angel Beats
20th Nov 11 11:41:55Bishie Sparkle
20th Nov 11 09:18:09Quotes.Mind Rape
19th Nov 11 04:11:41High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
19th Nov 11 09:58:56Triumphant Example.D
18th Nov 11 07:14:25Funny.Fan Fic
18th Nov 11 01:28:13Shout Out.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 11 03:34:25What Do You Mean Its Not Heinous
15th Nov 11 01:29:43Launcher Of A Thousand Ships
13th Nov 11 07:52:26Funny.Homestuck
13th Nov 11 06:28:30Triumphant Example.E
13th Nov 11 06:22:33Triumphant Example.C
12th Nov 11 07:06:31Triumphant Example.J To L
12th Nov 11 11:47:00Triumphant Example.A
12th Nov 11 06:30:46Rule Sixty Three
11th Nov 11 10:11:14Surreal Theme Tune
11th Nov 11 06:33:47Pre Ass Kicking One Liner
6th Nov 11 04:06:04Narm.Music
6th Nov 11 01:34:01Stealth Pun
2nd Nov 11 06:39:25Tropers.Person Of Note
29th Oct 11 03:08:45Better Than It Sounds.Anime And Manga A-C
29th Oct 11 03:07:24Better Than It Sounds.Anime And Manga A-C
29th Oct 11 07:41:25Inaction Sequence
29th Oct 11 06:11:14Crowning Music.Vocaloid
25th Oct 11 01:45:13High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
25th Oct 11 12:45:15Quotes.Foe Yay
23rd Oct 11 12:36:36Character Gush.Western Animation
22nd Oct 11 08:16:15Funny.Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show
18th Oct 11 02:27:38Crowning Music.Vocaloid
15th Oct 11 10:07:00Funny.Vocaloid
15th Oct 11 05:58:15Triumphant Example.D
13th Oct 11 06:16:48Narm.Anime
10th Oct 11 02:02:09High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
10th Oct 11 01:53:48WMG.VOCALOID
10th Oct 11 07:21:40Rule Sixty Three
8th Oct 11 07:52:20Crowning Music.Vocaloid
8th Oct 11 05:58:23Bokurano
8th Oct 11 05:57:06Bokurano
7th Oct 11 01:45:20Character Gush.Anime And Manga
2nd Oct 11 09:14:38Crowning Music.Vocaloid
1st Oct 11 07:49:38WMG.Vocaloid
30th Sep 11 10:50:34Marik Plays Bloodlines
30th Sep 11 10:09:48YMMV.Vocaloid
30th Sep 11 09:58:47High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
30th Sep 11 07:54:43High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Vocaloid
27th Sep 11 02:59:46Vocaloid
27th Sep 11 12:41:07Marik Plays Bloodlines
26th Sep 11 05:34:55Quotes.Rape As Comedy
26th Sep 11 02:04:07Marik Plays Bloodlines
26th Sep 11 01:22:48Awesome.Marik Plays Bloodlines
24th Sep 11 06:03:43YMMV.Marik Plays Bloodlines
24th Sep 11 06:01:05Marik Plays Bloodlines
21st Sep 11 06:13:36Crowning Music.Vocaloid
17th Sep 11 05:53:33Crowning Music.Vocaloid