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26th Jan 13 04:23:20Caustic Critic
26th Jan 13 04:15:27Genre Savvy.Video Games
26th Jan 13 04:00:55One Bullet Clips
26th Jan 13 03:59:38One Bullet Clips
26th Jan 13 11:53:27YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog
24th Jan 13 09:00:37Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog Other Protagonists
24th Jan 13 08:49:35Damsel Scrappy
21st Jan 13 04:32:33Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
19th Jan 13 04:05:01Short Range Shotgun
13th Jan 13 10:47:21Characters.Nazi Zombies
13th Jan 13 10:40:19Characters.Nazi Zombies
13th Jan 13 10:39:29Characters.Nazi Zombies
13th Jan 13 09:11:39Characters.Nazi Zombies
13th Jan 13 09:09:22Characters.Nazi Zombies
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13th Jan 13 08:09:24Characters.Nazi Zombies
13th Jan 13 07:51:41Characters.Nazi Zombies
11th Jan 13 04:45:50Win Back The Crowd
11th Jan 13 08:38:44YMMV.Nazi Zombies
5th Jan 13 03:37:30Nazi Zombies
5th Jan 13 03:36:43Nazi Zombies
5th Jan 13 03:31:24YMMV.Nazi Zombies
4th Jan 13 04:18:47WMG.Nazi Zombies
28th Dec 12 05:27:40WMG.Nazi Zombies
16th Dec 12 05:23:03YMMV.Far Cry 3
15th Dec 12 10:32:24YMMV.Resident Evil 6
25th Nov 12 07:59:33The Southpaw
25th Nov 12 07:58:52The Southpaw
25th Nov 12 07:57:39The Southpaw
25th Nov 12 07:20:22YMMV.Dead Space 3
18th Nov 12 10:11:10Nazi Zombies
18th Nov 12 10:09:10Nazi Zombies
28th Oct 12 06:32:46WMG.Nazi Zombies
21st Oct 12 10:51:58Series.Red Dwarf
20th Oct 12 11:09:03Featureless Protagonist
13th Oct 12 10:02:11BFG
27th Sep 12 10:11:15Nazi Zombies
23rd Sep 12 01:30:06Western Animation.A Matter Of Loaf And Death
22nd Sep 12 11:51:10Defeating The Undefeatable
16th Sep 12 02:07:10Fan Works.Sonic The Hedgehog
5th Sep 12 01:16:51Rubber Band AI
2nd Sep 12 10:09:15Nazi Zombies
2nd Sep 12 10:08:28Nazi Zombies
2nd Sep 12 10:07:40Nazi Zombies
14th Aug 12 02:47:24Robot Me
28th Jul 12 11:39:20Dude Not Funny
27th Jul 12 07:40:12Its Easy So It Sucks
22nd Jul 12 05:46:12Tear Jerker.Call Of Duty
21st Jul 12 12:02:01Most Annoying Sound
21st Jul 12 11:59:43Most Annoying Sound
3rd Jul 12 12:50:48Gone Horribly Right
24th Jun 12 12:39:09Video Game.Assassins Creed III
20th Jun 12 11:07:29Achilles Heel
18th Jun 12 03:35:49Fanfic.Blood Bullets
18th Jun 12 03:25:08Fanfic.Blood Bullets
14th Jun 12 10:24:33Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
13th Jun 12 05:07:28Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
13th Jun 12 04:59:46Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
13th Jun 12 04:47:02Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
10th Jun 12 11:40:01Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
10th Jun 12 11:06:07Fan Fic.Blood Bullets
5th May 12 09:07:28Bastard Boyfriend
5th May 12 08:52:18Kill Screen
5th May 12 08:39:57Characters.Call Of Duty Black Ops