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23rd Nov 17 06:45:51Tropers.Ozbourne
11th Aug 17 10:42:22My Biological Clock Is Ticking
11th Aug 17 10:12:51Tropers.Ozbourne
17th Jul 17 06:21:05Taken For Granite
14th Jul 17 06:25:23Troper Wall.Bacon Zorp
14th Jul 17 06:21:04Troper Wall.Anza sb
11th Jul 17 05:36:09Troper Wall.Demetrios
9th Jul 17 11:29:43Troper Wall.Cyber Controller
11th May 17 04:33:50Significant Monogram
2nd Mar 17 10:19:19The Tooth Hurts
14th Jan 17 05:01:40Asian Buck Teeth
7th Jan 17 02:32:14Troper Wall.Dr No Puma
26th Nov 16 10:59:06Tropers.Ozbourne
26th Sep 16 04:43:06Sexy Stewardess
18th Sep 16 03:47:33Troper Wall.Clown Toy
18th Sep 16 03:46:23Troper Wall.Ultimatum
18th Sep 16 03:44:12Troper Wall.Sedmikrasky
9th Sep 16 03:09:11Troper Wall.Dr No Puma
5th Sep 16 05:09:33Ask A Stupid Question
24th Jun 16 04:58:00Too Many Mouths
24th Jun 16 04:57:10Too Many Mouths
22nd Jun 16 03:39:19Kindhearted Cat Lover
13th Jun 16 07:21:42Troper Wall.Ozbourne
13th Jun 16 03:42:07Troper Wall.Ozbourne
15th May 16 06:46:43Tropers.Ozbourne
8th Mar 16 06:29:25Dark Skinned Blond
19th Feb 16 03:36:26Redhead In Green
27th Jan 16 05:05:13Troper Wall.Trashconverters
18th Dec 15 04:59:02Air Vent Passageway
13th Nov 15 05:28:02Tropers.Ozbourne
2nd Nov 15 05:22:55Tropers.Ozbourne
21st Oct 15 05:53:43Foot Popping
20th Oct 15 02:45:15Seinfeld.Tropes O To Z
25th Aug 15 06:13:39Western Animation.Bobs Burgers
25th Aug 15 06:11:54Speed Dating
11th Aug 15 11:20:19American Dad.Tropes A To E
11th Aug 15 11:17:23Redundancy.Western Animation
6th Aug 15 06:47:19Troper Wall.lee4hmz
11th Jul 15 05:56:05Troper Wall.Boxen
11th Jul 15 05:43:18Troper Wall.Death Vlk
11th Jul 15 07:24:24Troper Wall.Bolded 1
17th Jun 15 04:29:27Troper Wall.Engie
17th Jun 15 04:09:24Troper Wall.Br Ah Ia N 1
27th May 15 09:19:28Troper Wall.Inhopelessguy
19th Mar 15 12:12:30Characters.Gaia Online
10th Mar 15 06:41:50Troper Wall.Miscellaneous Soup
9th Mar 15 08:58:29Rock Me Amadeus
26th Feb 15 11:26:38Dark Skinned Blond
15th Dec 14 02:47:49Characters.Friendship Is Magic Applejack
24th Nov 14 02:35:43Tropers.Ozbourne
17th Nov 14 08:55:09South Park.Tropes A To D
17th Nov 14 08:51:52Allegedly Free Game
16th Nov 14 05:28:05YMMV.We Are Our Avatars
23rd Oct 14 03:39:28South Park.Tropes R To V
12th Aug 14 05:15:41Taken For Granite
23rd May 14 05:55:22Fingore
30th Apr 14 12:24:19YMMV.A Merican Dad
30th Apr 14 09:49:15YMMV.A Merican Dad
4th Apr 14 03:57:13Tropers.Ozbourne
4th Apr 14 03:56:55Tropers.Ozbourne
19th Nov 13 11:37:59Ear Trumpet
19th Nov 13 11:37:09Ear Trumpet
8th Nov 13 05:15:49Wrench Wench
6th Nov 13 03:48:00Ear Trumpet
27th Oct 13 06:57:12Cute Kitten
20th Oct 13 03:41:49Tropers.Ozbourne
14th Oct 13 09:31:56Staircase Tumble
6th Oct 13 07:20:09Ear Trumpet
5th Oct 13 06:29:49The Television Talks Back
19th Aug 13 11:07:16Troper Wall.Ozbourne
8th Aug 13 07:53:04Kind Restraints
7th Aug 13 01:39:41Staircase Tumble
28th May 13 07:00:23Playing Gertrude
18th Jan 13 06:02:28Series.Friends
19th Dec 12 07:30:49Roleplay.We Are Our Avatars
22nd Nov 12 07:42:13Tropers.Ozbourne
22nd Nov 12 07:42:12Tropers.Ozbourne
29th Sep 12 06:11:50Project Runway
29th Sep 12 06:05:24Giant Poofy Sleeves
25th Jan 12 06:19:20Darkness Von Gothickname
24th Jan 12 09:17:37Supernatural Is Purple
22nd Jan 12 05:06:36Characters.We Are Our Avatars Six
22nd Jan 12 08:44:56High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Homestuck
12th Jan 12 06:32:53Tropers.Loid
9th Jan 12 06:01:50Homestuck.Tropes S-U
9th Jan 12 05:58:34Seahorse Steed
28th Dec 11 04:03:57Tropers.Orange Spider
29th Nov 11 01:19:11Tropers.Le Chuck 4
12th Nov 11 08:54:47Tropers.Ozbourne
31st Oct 11 07:38:36Tropers.Haldo
31st Oct 11 03:32:19Tropers.Dhana Ragnarok
31st Oct 11 02:50:21Tropers.Lemurian
31st Oct 11 02:40:47Quotes.Ozbourne
31st Oct 11 11:44:15Tropers.Lemurian
31st Oct 11 11:42:53Tropers.Boolean Earth
31st Oct 11 11:39:21Tropers.Blackmoon
31st Oct 11 07:42:09Tropers.Whaleofyournightmare
31st Oct 11 07:40:08Tropers.Karl Kadaver
31st Oct 11 06:03:34Tropers.Yarrunmace
31st Oct 11 05:57:42Tropers.Lolipod Distortion
31st Oct 11 05:56:46Tropers.Lolipod Distortion
30th Oct 11 09:10:19Tropers.Squiddle Tron
30th Oct 11 08:34:13Tropers.Squiddle Tron
30th Oct 11 08:32:55Tropers.ATC
30th Oct 11 08:31:59Tropers.Haldo
30th Oct 11 08:30:44Tropers.Milos Stefanovic
3rd Oct 11 08:45:26Ear Ache
29th Sep 11 03:13:07Characters.We Are Our Avatars Six