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4th Mar 18 04:17:49Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
4th Mar 18 03:56:08Recap.RWBYV 5 E 13 Downfall
24th Feb 18 06:31:40Characters.Baldurs Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Party Members
24th Feb 18 06:31:23Characters.Baldurs Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Party Members
19th Feb 18 07:47:03Characters.Warcraft The Alliance Stormwind
3rd Feb 18 07:41:26Funny.SCP Foundation Joke SCP Entries
27th Jan 18 07:24:03Tear Jerker.Persona 5
27th Jan 18 06:57:13Awesome.RWBY
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31st Dec 17 06:01:55WMG.RWBY Characters Team RWBY And JNPR
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28th Nov 17 07:11:34Funny.Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
28th Nov 17 07:11:25Funny.Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
24th Nov 17 07:33:22Trivia.The Joy Of Painting
24th Nov 17 07:33:04Trivia.The Joy Of Painting
6th Nov 17 06:37:43Tear Jerker.RWBY
6th Nov 17 06:37:32Tear Jerker.RWBY
4th Nov 17 07:57:43Heartwarming.RWBY
15th Oct 17 08:57:36Tear Jerker.Bojack Horseman Season 1
23rd Sep 17 09:32:08Nightmare Fuel.Warcraft
19th Sep 17 02:32:28Characters.Injustice 2 Batman And Allies
19th Sep 17 02:31:34Characters.Injustice 2 Batman And Allies
23rd Aug 17 06:56:52Tear Jerker.Overwatch
23rd Aug 17 06:56:12Tear Jerker.Overwatch
23rd Aug 17 06:55:29Tear Jerker.Overwatch
14th Aug 17 04:44:19Funny.Injustice 2
14th Aug 17 04:37:42Funny.Injustice 2
3rd Aug 17 12:42:40Tearjerker.The Last Jedi
23rd Jul 17 06:57:14Characters.Marvel Heroes
23rd Jul 17 01:34:01Trivia.Marvel Heroes
21st Jul 17 06:16:08Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
20th Jul 17 08:28:11Previous Player Character Cameo
11th Jul 17 01:12:34Heartwarming.Overwatch
11th Jun 17 08:43:00Awesome.Red Vs Blue
11th Jun 17 08:42:38Awesome.Red Vs Blue
10th Jun 17 12:40:13YMMV.Sword Art Online Abridged
9th Jun 17 06:57:14Funny.Wonder Woman 2017
8th Jun 17 11:21:48Awesome.World Of Warcraft
8th Jun 17 11:21:05Awesome.World Of Warcraft
3rd Jun 17 06:26:28Video Game.Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
2nd Jun 17 09:23:34Video Game.Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
29th May 17 12:25:20Deliberate Values Dissonance
5th May 17 09:21:34Heartwarming.Drowtales
29th Apr 17 05:49:00Funny.Drowtales
27th Apr 17 06:26:01Characters.Drowtales Val Sarghress Clan
24th Apr 17 07:40:33Heartwarming.Drowtales
19th Apr 17 09:04:30Trivia.Sword Art Online Abridged
14th Apr 17 05:26:06Last Stand
13th Apr 17 03:01:35Awesome.Nier Automata
9th Apr 17 03:40:47Anime.Yuki Yuna Is A Hero
6th Apr 17 03:08:28Heartwarming.Nier Automata
6th Apr 17 03:03:54Heartwarming.Nier Automata
3rd Apr 17 07:36:32Triumphant Reprise
1st Apr 17 05:38:31Tear Jerker.Drakengard
29th Mar 17 03:51:23Awesome.World Of Warcraft
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28th Mar 17 10:24:26Heartwarming.Final Fantasy XIV
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6th Mar 17 05:29:08WMG.RWBY Characters Beacon And Villains
27th Feb 17 10:21:26Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters
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30th Nov 16 08:13:30Awesome.Chrono Trigger
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20th Sep 16 11:54:48Tear Jerker.World Of Warcraft
19th Sep 16 09:59:28WMG.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
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24th Aug 16 01:25:10Characters.Warcraft Player Charcters
17th Aug 16 04:54:08Heartwarming.World Of Warcraft
4th Jun 16 07:40:13Awesome.Halo
4th Jun 16 07:39:36Awesome.Halo
3rd Jun 16 07:31:56YMMV.Yuki Yuna Is A Hero
26th May 16 05:15:53Awesome.Mc Jugger Nuggets
3rd Apr 16 01:41:40Nightmare Fuel.Sword Art Online
17th Feb 16 05:03:40YMMV.RWBY
16th Feb 16 07:35:39Recap.RWBYV 3 E 12 End Of The Beginning
13th Feb 16 04:48:37Awesome.RWBY
13th Feb 16 04:38:20Awesome.RWBY
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17th Jan 16 07:40:23Nightmare Fuel.RWBY
16th Jan 16 03:46:23Recap.RWBYV 3 E 9 Pv P
16th Jan 16 03:39:28Tear Jerker.RWBY
15th Jan 16 06:47:11Characters.Mc Jugger Nuggets
10th Jan 16 06:43:37Awesome.RWBY
29th Nov 15 10:50:05YMMV.Mc Jugger Nuggets
29th Nov 15 10:35:19Tearjerker.Dot Hack Sign
26th Nov 15 05:55:46Web Video.Mc Jugger Nuggets
25th Nov 15 04:02:30Characters.Mc Jugger Nuggets
25th Nov 15 03:58:53Web Video.Mc Jugger Nuggets
25th Nov 15 03:50:03Web Video.Mc Jugger Nuggets
17th Nov 15 01:51:02Characters.Mc Jugger Nuggets
17th Nov 15 01:48:50WMG.Mc Jugger Nuggets
2nd Nov 15 03:36:08The Reason You Suck Speech.Video Games
25th Oct 15 10:25:34Film.Beverly Hills Cop II
25th Oct 15 10:24:49Film.Beverly Hills Cop II
21st Oct 15 02:01:55YMMV.World Of Warcraft
16th Oct 15 10:24:18Tear Jerker.Kitchen Nightmares
7th Oct 15 06:37:39Awesome.Final Fantasy VI
30th Sep 15 06:42:48Dethroning Moment.Warcraft
23rd Sep 15 10:30:55YMMV.Marvel Heroes
26th Aug 15 10:31:49Awesome.Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
29th Jul 15 12:09:13Heartwarming.Convergence
28th Jul 15 03:04:48Characters.Saya No Uta
27th Jul 15 10:05:21WMG.Five Nights At Freddys 4
2nd Jun 15 02:04:33Funny.World Of Warcraft
1st Jun 15 11:05:00Tear Jerker.Questionable Content
20th May 15 12:58:20YMMV.Wowcrendor
19th May 15 05:47:06Awesome Music.Over Clocked Remix
5th Apr 15 04:12:31Headscratchers.Kingdom Come
10th Mar 15 10:30:51WMG.RWBY
10th Mar 15 10:22:54WMG.RWBY
5th Mar 15 11:00:31Out Damned Spot
5th Mar 15 10:15:05Tear Jerker.Injustice Gods Among Us
26th Feb 15 11:03:30Tear Jerker.RWBY
18th Feb 15 08:57:59We Used To Be Friends
17th Feb 15 05:15:33Heartwarming.World Of Warcraft
17th Feb 15 05:09:59Awesome.World Of Warcraft
17th Feb 15 05:09:07Awesome.World Of Warcraft
17th Feb 15 04:59:54Awesome.World Of Warcraft
5th Feb 15 06:37:34Awesome.Dead Fantasy
30th Jan 15 03:47:09Funny.Team Four Star
26th Jan 15 06:31:54Tear Jerker.Questionable Content
18th Jan 15 03:57:15Characters.Halo Spartan III Program
15th Jan 15 05:51:49Tear Jerker.Red Vs Blue
7th Dec 14 05:35:25Fridge.Tales From The Borderlands
7th Dec 14 05:30:01Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
7th Dec 14 04:37:13Video Game.Tales From The Borderlands
30th Sep 14 08:08:29Characters.Warcraft
20th Sep 14 08:37:27World Of Warcraft.Tropes F To L
20th Sep 14 08:36:10World Of Warcraft.Tropes F To L
5th Sep 14 08:54:29Video Game.Marvel Heroes
5th Aug 14 02:40:53Overrated And Underleveled
15th Jun 14 09:39:41Film.W Orld War Z
23rd May 14 06:59:12Fridge.Mass Effect Fridge Logic
4th Apr 14 08:21:13True Neutral
27th Mar 14 02:07:19Awesome.Green Lantern Emerald Knights
5th Mar 14 11:07:47Headscratchers.Battle Royale
31st Aug 13 08:46:40Non Action Guy
13th Aug 13 07:05:31Characters.Warcraft The Horde
13th Aug 13 07:04:24Characters.Warcraft The Horde
24th Jul 13 04:32:16Villainous Friendship
24th Jul 13 04:28:26Villainous Friendship
5th Jul 13 11:55:24Film.World War Z
27th Jun 13 05:57:03Pride
10th Jun 13 06:21:38Climbing Climax
10th Jun 13 06:19:31Climbing Climax
6th Jun 13 09:44:00Evolving Weapon
3rd Jun 13 11:42:40Heartwarming.Mass Effect
19th May 13 07:10:04Big Badass Battle Sequence
17th Apr 13 03:53:25Designated Evil
28th Mar 13 08:45:53Celibate Hero
28th Feb 13 07:07:50She Will Come For Me
28th Nov 12 11:29:57Utopia Justifies The Means
17th Oct 12 10:00:35Funny.Ace Ventura
17th Oct 12 09:58:40Funny.Ace Ventura
5th Oct 12 02:04:28Awakening The Sleeping Giant
29th Sep 12 10:07:06Sociopathic Hero
22nd Jun 12 05:09:59Sociopathic Hero
26th Apr 12 09:10:49Bonus Feature Failure
25th Apr 12 08:18:40Cool Old Guy
18th Jan 12 03:12:34Video Game.Persona 4