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8th Jan 15 12:25:13Artistic License Biology
19th Dec 14 04:15:40Last Of His Kind
1st Dec 14 08:41:57Funny.World Of Warcraft
18th Nov 14 03:18:18Creator.Jim Cummings
8th Nov 14 02:14:44Characters.Overwatch
8th Nov 14 01:55:23Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 07:34:53Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 07:26:44Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 07:25:51Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 07:17:32Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 06:51:51Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 06:31:46Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 06:31:32Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 05:21:10Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 05:04:27Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 05:03:44Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 04:25:44Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 04:12:11Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 03:56:48Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
7th Nov 14 03:55:31Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
9th Oct 14 05:35:29Characters.RWBY Beacon Academy
9th Oct 14 05:34:52Characters.RWBY Beacon Academy
23rd Sep 14 10:52:21Creator.Blizzard Entertainment
23rd Sep 14 10:50:47Creator.Blizzard Entertainment
23rd Sep 14 10:43:13Creator.Blizzard Entertainment
21st Sep 14 07:11:02Funny.World Of Warcraft
18th Sep 14 03:29:54Light Novel.Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo
18th Sep 14 03:29:34Light Novel.Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo
18th Sep 14 02:35:40Headscratchers.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 02:27:16Tear Jerker.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 02:19:47Funny.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 05:35:12Light Novel.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 05:33:34Light Novel.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 05:32:09Light Novel.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
18th Sep 14 05:30:28Light Novel.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
16th Sep 14 11:15:03Combat Sadomasochist
15th Sep 14 01:41:12Blood Sport
15th Sep 14 03:24:43YMMV.Cucumber Quest
15th Sep 14 03:24:09YMMV.Cucumber Quest
14th Sep 14 10:27:32Unreliable Expositor
11th Sep 14 08:22:25Artifact Collection Agency
8th Sep 14 01:30:57Player Punch.Real Time Strategy
7th Sep 14 09:15:41Wind From Beneath My Wings
5th Sep 14 02:08:32Webanimation.RWBY
4th Sep 14 07:01:32YMMV.RWBY
4th Sep 14 06:57:11WMG.RWBY
4th Sep 14 06:08:44Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
29th Aug 14 05:09:47Our Zombies Are Different
28th Aug 14 05:01:21Fridge.Kim P Ossible
23rd Aug 14 08:05:05Webanimation.RWBY
23rd Aug 14 08:04:23Webanimation.RWBY
23rd Aug 14 08:03:36Webanimation.RWBY
23rd Aug 14 05:26:29All Animals Are Dogs
23rd Aug 14 05:26:09All Animals Are Dogs
23rd Aug 14 05:22:13Aerith And Bob
23rd Aug 14 05:21:40Aerith And Bob
23rd Aug 14 05:14:40Webanimation.RWBY
23rd Aug 14 05:06:43Webanimation.RWBY
21st Aug 14 03:11:26Characters.Bento
15th Aug 14 03:44:19High Class Glass
1st Aug 14 11:06:02Love Before First Sight
14th Jul 14 02:31:02Headscratchers.RWBY
12th Jul 14 09:57:28Awesome Music.RWBY
12th Jul 14 06:20:34Funny.Oceans Eleven
10th Jul 14 04:23:11Funny.What If
5th Jul 14 06:23:57Shout Out.World Of Warcraft
4th Jul 14 07:08:16Headscratchers.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
4th Jul 14 05:23:56The Paralyzer
1st Jul 14 02:40:50Bilingual Bonus
1st Jul 14 02:40:01Bilingual Bonus
12th Jun 14 06:23:51Noticing The Fourth Wall
11th Jun 14 05:25:18Funny.How I Met Your Mother
11th Jun 14 05:24:43Funny.How I Met Your Mother
10th Jun 14 05:46:18No Guy Wants An Amazon
10th Jun 14 05:45:53No Guy Wants An Amazon
6th Jun 14 06:13:41Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
6th Jun 14 06:11:53Headscratchers.Sword Art Online
3rd Jun 14 05:57:11Naked First Impression
3rd Jun 14 05:56:12Naked First Impression
3rd Jun 14 05:55:23Naked First Impression
1st Jun 14 02:38:57Skepticism Failure
31st May 14 10:47:54YMMV.The Dresden Files
27th May 14 09:31:16Organic Technology
27th May 14 02:52:09Doppelganger Spin
23rd May 14 04:07:22Light Novel.Toradora
20th May 14 11:57:07Second Law My Ass
12th May 14 07:51:14Family Friendly Firearms
10th May 14 03:46:55Cavalry Betrayal
5th May 14 03:58:22Unpronounceable Alias
28th Apr 14 11:59:26Weirdness Censor
28th Apr 14 11:58:49Weirdness Censor
28th Apr 14 11:51:11Invisible To Normals
23rd Apr 14 05:15:32Red Baron
21st Apr 14 10:20:08Wham Episode
15th Apr 14 10:37:33Signature Move
10th Apr 14 06:39:24Ghost Shipping
10th Apr 14 04:32:31One Hit Polykill
10th Apr 14 04:30:56One Hit Polykill
8th Apr 14 03:09:58Funny.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
8th Apr 14 06:11:50Quotes.Rule Of Cool
8th Apr 14 06:09:13Visual Novel Shot
6th Apr 14 10:17:05Creator.Christopher Lee
3rd Apr 14 12:59:00Blocking Stops All Damage
29th Mar 14 11:56:30Manga.Bakuman
10th Apr 13 08:57:12Strawman Has A Point
30th Nov 12 06:31:29Trivia.Dragons Riders Of Berk
25th Nov 12 03:45:26Revenge Before Reason
21st Nov 12 11:47:29Overlord
18th Nov 12 06:04:42Character Derailment.Fanfic
18th Nov 12 06:04:03Character Derailment.Fanfic
18th Nov 12 06:03:47Character Derailment.Fanfic
10th Nov 12 10:09:23Anime.Samurai Seven
21st Oct 12 04:30:54Western Animation.Beware The Batman
21st Oct 12 04:29:35Western Animation.Beware The Batman
21st Oct 12 04:29:25Western Animation.Beware The Batman
7th Oct 12 03:51:41Fanfic Recs.How To Train Your Dragon
7th Oct 12 03:51:08Fanfic Recs.How To Train Your Dragon
7th Oct 12 03:50:13Fanfic Recs.How To Train Your Dragon
7th Oct 12 06:13:31Revenge Fic
29th Sep 12 09:22:01Fan Fic.Vanity Fair Is A Magazine Not A Book
27th Sep 12 03:42:47Tropers.Lu 127
25th Sep 12 09:00:51Poorly Disguised Pilot
22nd Sep 12 09:48:46Just For Fun.Where Are You From
16th Sep 12 09:51:05YMMV.Soul Eater
5th Sep 12 07:17:00Master Apprentice Chain
5th Sep 12 07:15:37Master Apprentice Chain
1st Sep 12 02:58:06Removing The Earpiece
29th Aug 12 01:38:07Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
29th Aug 12 01:37:52Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
28th Aug 12 06:07:48Quotes.The Newsroom
28th Aug 12 06:07:25Quotes.The Newsroom
28th Aug 12 06:07:06Quotes.The Newsroom
23rd Aug 12 11:30:51YMMV.Deadman Wonderland
21st Aug 12 05:03:13Wham Line.Real Life
18th Aug 12 08:38:44Not Staying For Breakfast
18th Aug 12 08:21:13Novel
8th Aug 12 12:23:22Put Me In Coach
25th Jul 12 10:55:29The Night Circus
17th Jul 12 01:40:47Bloody Bowels Of Hell
12th Jul 12 01:43:26Drinking Game.Ouran High School Host Club
12th Jul 12 01:41:56Tear Jerker.Ouran High School Host Club
12th Jul 12 01:41:02Tear Jerker.Ouran High School Host Club
12th Jul 12 12:40:17Funny.Ouran High School Host Club
3rd Jul 12 07:47:22Tropers.Lone Wolf
8th May 12 01:40:46Characters.Naruto-Team 7
8th May 12 01:27:31Characters.Naruto-Team 7
8th May 12 12:54:21Characters.Naruto-Team 7
8th May 12 12:30:42Characters.Naruto-Team 7
8th May 12 12:12:39Characters.Naruto-Team 7
8th May 12 12:10:53Characters.Naruto-Team 7
7th May 12 06:25:20Tear Jerker.The Dresden Files
1st Apr 12 06:39:52Fanfic Recs.Naruto Peggy Sue Fics
1st Apr 12 06:21:03Fanfic Recs.Naruto For Want Of A Nail Fics
30th Mar 12 11:49:15Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
30th Mar 12 11:47:30Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
21st Mar 12 06:56:56They Do
12th Mar 12 01:41:45Tropers.Wanderlustwarrior
6th Mar 12 06:28:02Bandaged Face
21st Feb 12 04:17:04Tropers.Viktorious
21st Feb 12 04:16:44Tropers.Viktorious
6th Feb 12 07:30:25Tear Jerker.Chronicle
6th Feb 12 07:26:09Funny.Chronicle
1st Feb 12 08:58:30Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
1st Feb 12 08:58:02Tropers.Ohnoa Bear
23rd Jan 12 05:07:34Tropers.Ironypus
23rd Jan 12 04:57:13Tropers.Ironypus
23rd Jan 12 04:35:25Tropers.Oufour
22nd Jan 12 01:36:19Western Animation.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
22nd Jan 12 01:34:25Western Animation.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
22nd Jan 12 01:33:56Western Animation.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
22nd Jan 12 01:07:26Western Animation.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
14th Jan 12 01:18:11Tropers.Kay4today
12th Jan 12 10:08:25Tropers.Vyctorian
28th Dec 11 02:39:29Naruto.Tropes Two
4th Oct 11 01:03:57WMG.Young Justice
19th Sep 11 02:14:51Dresses.Naruto
14th Sep 11 11:52:06Headscratchers.Young Justice
14th Sep 11 11:51:38Headscratchers.Young Justice
14th Sep 11 11:46:38Headscratchers.Young Justice