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16th Jan 18 12:32:19Almighty Idiot
13th Dec 17 04:46:39Video Game.Okami
8th Dec 17 11:34:35Characters.Super Powereds
6th Dec 17 08:36:49Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
3rd Dec 17 02:48:57YMMV.Asterix
13th Nov 17 07:46:02YMMV.Epica Album Series
13th Nov 17 07:40:47You Are Already Dead
4th Nov 17 10:58:06Characters.Legend Quest
3rd Nov 17 12:04:59Characters.Legend Quest
27th Oct 17 11:23:39Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
27th Oct 17 11:22:47Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
27th Oct 17 11:15:19Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
20th Oct 17 03:03:23Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
3rd Oct 17 10:02:04The Gambling Addict
3rd Oct 17 09:59:45The Gambling Addict
3rd Oct 17 09:59:27The Gambling Addict
3rd Oct 17 09:59:15The Gambling Addict
28th Aug 17 04:45:02Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
23rd Aug 17 09:30:25Wine Is Classy
18th Aug 17 04:54:45Alien Catnip
16th Aug 17 02:48:29Western Animation.Nine
16th Aug 17 02:47:27Adventure Time.Tropes A To C
16th Aug 17 02:45:33Futurama.Tropes A To D
16th Aug 17 02:44:27Questionable Content.Tropes A To D
16th Aug 17 02:43:33Video Game.Stellaris
16th Aug 17 02:42:28Videogame.Portal 2
16th Aug 17 02:41:42Videogame.Portal
16th Aug 17 02:41:09Creator.Edmond Hamilton
16th Aug 17 02:40:23Literature.The Stainless Steel Rat
16th Aug 17 02:39:11Creator.Henry Kuttner
16th Aug 17 02:38:27Literature.Aeon 14
16th Aug 17 02:36:37Series.Mystery Science Theater 3000
16th Aug 17 02:06:31Comic Book.Transmetropolitan
16th Aug 17 02:04:42This Is Your Index On Drugs
16th Aug 17 02:02:30AI Getting High
8th Aug 17 02:54:45Manga.Iris Zero
4th Jun 17 10:33:41Video Game.World Of Tanks
15th May 17 02:43:22Manga.The Royal Tutor
8th May 17 09:28:41Manga.Horimiya
19th Apr 17 08:53:42Characters.Kubera
13th Apr 17 11:52:25Characters.Discworld City Watch
13th Apr 17 11:51:27Characters.Discworld City Watch
10th Apr 17 09:53:17Quotes.Ratatouille
10th Apr 17 09:52:07Quotes.Ratatouille
10th Apr 17 03:13:25Manga.Iris Zero
5th Apr 17 11:21:11Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 18 Tiger Philanthropist
31st Mar 17 03:38:33Characters.Scandinavia And The World
30th Mar 17 12:54:33Amazonian Beauty
28th Mar 17 12:33:28Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
28th Mar 17 12:29:45Laconic.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
28th Mar 17 12:29:30Laconic.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
28th Mar 17 12:28:51Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
28th Mar 17 12:26:39Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
11th Mar 17 04:03:30Characters.Voltron Legendary Defender
7th Mar 17 03:49:58Comically Invincible Hero
26th Feb 17 06:20:36Characters.Lovely Complex
26th Feb 17 01:12:08Characters.Lovely Complex
26th Feb 17 01:04:10Manga.Lovely Complex
26th Feb 17 12:54:21Manga.Lovely Complex
26th Feb 17 12:51:57Manga.Lovely Complex
26th Feb 17 12:31:08Manga.Lovely Complex
17th Feb 17 04:13:42Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 16 Storm In The Room
17th Feb 17 04:10:47Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 16 Storm In The Room
17th Feb 17 04:10:35Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 16 Storm In The Room
10th Feb 17 09:22:31Characters.Voltron Legendary Defender
29th Nov 16 11:35:35Disney.Zootopia
23rd Nov 16 12:44:25Mythology Gag.Arrow
22nd Nov 16 11:52:15Arrow.Tropes Ato D
17th Nov 16 01:58:01Characters.Freefall
17th Nov 16 01:57:28Characters.Freefall
16th Nov 16 12:19:30Video Game.Okami
13th Nov 16 05:15:58Video Game.World Of Tanks
11th Nov 16 01:12:22Manga.Iris Zero
11th Nov 16 12:43:31Manga.Iris Zero
2nd Nov 16 02:27:55Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
31st Oct 16 09:52:14Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
22nd Oct 16 10:41:46Video Game.Call Of Duty
11th Oct 16 12:23:52Video Game.Disgaea Hour Of Darkness
27th Sep 16 08:43:21Pantheon.Babylon Five
27th Sep 16 08:32:15Characters.The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
26th Sep 16 03:05:36Characters.The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
26th Sep 16 03:04:14Characters.The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
26th Sep 16 02:59:19Characters.The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
26th Sep 16 02:52:08Characters.The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
29th Aug 16 01:58:58Theatre.La Cage Aux Folles
1st Aug 16 12:49:14Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
1st Aug 16 12:48:16Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
21st Jul 16 12:33:17Recap.Steven Universe S 3 E 9 Too Short To Ride
18th Jul 16 07:16:04Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
18th Jul 16 06:43:42Recap.Steven Universe S 3 E 7 Drop Beat Dad
20th Jun 16 05:59:25Characters.Stardew Valley
20th Jun 16 05:23:00Videogame.Stardew Valley
2nd Jun 16 09:34:13Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
1st Jun 16 11:32:07Analysis.Steven Universe
29th May 16 03:40:04Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
20th May 16 11:07:13Characters.Kubera
18th May 16 12:20:58Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
13th May 16 01:30:06Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
4th May 16 02:47:18Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
2nd May 16 04:27:37Stock Superhero Day Jobs
2nd May 16 04:27:20Stock Superhero Day Jobs
30th Apr 16 01:14:41Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
24th Apr 16 02:32:42Manga
24th Apr 16 02:30:06Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
24th Apr 16 02:29:28Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
24th Apr 16 02:28:51Manga.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
24th Apr 16 01:57:42Characters.Kubera
13th Apr 16 03:10:48WMG.Steven Universe Gemkind
26th Mar 16 09:16:46WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
26th Mar 16 09:15:37WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
25th Mar 16 07:15:47Disney.Zootopia
3rd Mar 16 10:27:11You Are Already Dead
28th Feb 16 10:07:14Recap.Steven Universe S 1 E 7 Bubble Buddies
19th Feb 16 03:56:35Western Animation.Steven Universe
19th Feb 16 03:37:29Video Game.Dreamfall Chapters
12th Feb 16 10:28:02Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
7th Feb 16 10:26:58Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
7th Feb 16 10:19:15Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
6th Feb 16 11:33:24Analysis.Steven Universe
24th Jan 16 12:07:30Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 25 The Answer
8th Jan 16 11:07:17Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
6th Jan 16 05:32:14Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
5th Jan 16 04:37:57Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 25 The Answer
5th Jan 16 04:37:26Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 25 The Answer
31st Dec 15 01:28:16YMMV.Transistor
29th Dec 15 02:48:31Visual Novel.Fault Milestone One
29th Dec 15 02:47:03Visual Novel.Fault Milestone One
29th Dec 15 02:45:28Visual Novel.Fault Milestone One
26th Dec 15 12:19:20Characters.Kubera
23rd Dec 15 12:51:54Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
19th Dec 15 12:20:50Western Animation.Steven Universe
19th Dec 15 12:08:13Western Animation.Steven Universe
16th Dec 15 09:47:32Butlerspace
14th Dec 15 10:05:51Video Game.World Of Tanks
11th Dec 15 10:16:31Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
9th Dec 15 09:45:47Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
5th Dec 15 11:11:26Video Game.World Of Tanks
5th Dec 15 08:17:20Video Game.World Of Tanks
5th Dec 15 08:13:42Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
19th Nov 15 09:11:09The Dresden Files.Tropes A To M
19th Nov 15 03:04:55Video Game.World Of Tanks
9th Nov 15 03:35:44Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
8th Nov 15 07:22:37Characters.Steven Universe Crystal Gems
2nd Nov 15 09:01:21Manga.Spirit Circle
2nd Nov 15 08:59:44YMMV.Spirit Circle
28th Oct 15 06:42:23Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 9 Sworn To The Sword
28th Oct 15 02:14:04Wine Is Classy
25th Oct 15 07:05:53Western Animation.Steven Universe
22nd Oct 15 05:33:20Trivia.World Of Tanks
22nd Oct 15 05:33:02Trivia.World Of Tanks
22nd Oct 15 05:32:46Trivia.World Of Tanks
20th Oct 15 04:24:27Trivia.Scandinavia And The World
20th Oct 15 04:23:16Enemy Mine
15th Oct 15 08:17:23Enemy Mine
15th Oct 15 08:16:55Enemy Mine
12th Oct 15 10:50:15Trivia.World Of Tanks
17th Sep 15 09:15:17Discworld.Going Postal
8th Sep 15 11:50:04YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
7th Sep 15 03:19:55Servant Tropes
7th Sep 15 03:19:22This Index Happened Offscreen
7th Sep 15 03:19:01Teleportation Tropes
7th Sep 15 03:15:41Video Game.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
7th Sep 15 03:14:45Videogame.Trauma Center
7th Sep 15 03:14:12Video Game.Disgaea 3 Absence Of Justice
7th Sep 15 03:12:27SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
7th Sep 15 03:10:53Series.Blackadder
7th Sep 15 03:09:50Honor Harrington.Tropes A To F
7th Sep 15 03:07:49Literature.Jeeves And Wooster
7th Sep 15 03:07:12Literature.Discworld
7th Sep 15 03:05:58Western Animation.Cats Dont Dance
7th Sep 15 03:05:18Light Novel.Scrapped Princess
7th Sep 15 03:04:41Manga.The Devil King Is Bored
7th Sep 15 03:03:34Butlerspace
21st Aug 15 04:18:20Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
20th Aug 15 09:21:11Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
17th Aug 15 10:39:30Characters.Last Window
16th Aug 15 05:09:48Western Animation.Inside Out
16th Aug 15 05:05:18Characters.Inside Out
16th Aug 15 03:36:21Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
13th Aug 15 05:13:30Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
13th Aug 15 05:12:28Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
1st Aug 15 12:36:40YMMV.Avengers Assemble
1st Aug 15 12:16:15Characters.Captain America Films
1st Aug 15 12:15:24Characters.Captain America Films
27th Jul 15 05:15:26Top Gear.Tropes R To Z
15th Jun 15 10:06:06Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 9 Slice Of Life
15th Jun 15 05:59:21Anime.Haibane Renmei
14th Jun 15 08:46:29Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 9 Slice Of Life
9th Jun 15 06:57:41YMMV.Seiken Densetsu 3
30th May 15 05:54:48Sickeningly Sweethearts
30th May 15 05:45:32Manga.My Love Story
29th May 15 06:57:11Characters.Mass Effect 2 Party Members
29th May 15 05:36:56Manga.My Love Story
27th May 15 04:59:03Characters.The Dresden Files Chicago PD And FBI
24th May 15 09:50:56Music.Kamelot
24th May 15 09:45:33Music.Kamelot
23rd May 15 07:33:56Characters.Kubera
20th May 15 11:20:49Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th May 15 10:06:35Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th May 15 09:09:12Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th May 15 07:30:24Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th May 15 07:29:17Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th May 15 07:28:47Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
19th May 15 03:02:08Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
12th May 15 05:46:09Characters.Kubera
9th May 15 07:37:00Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
9th May 15 07:06:39Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
9th May 15 06:01:57Characters.Wolverine
9th May 15 06:00:30Characters.Wolverine
23rd Apr 15 06:38:22Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
23rd Apr 15 06:27:39Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
22nd Apr 15 07:16:11Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
22nd Apr 15 07:06:42Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
22nd Apr 15 04:59:01Comicbook.Ms Marvel
22nd Apr 15 04:58:11Comicbook.Ms Marvel
22nd Apr 15 04:49:33Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
22nd Apr 15 04:43:29Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
22nd Apr 15 04:37:14YMMV.Ms Marvel 2014
21st Apr 15 07:00:12Comicbook.Ms Marvel 2014
20th Apr 15 08:38:30Characters.Grim Fandango
20th Apr 15 06:35:05Hyperventilation Bag
13th Apr 15 08:31:30Western Animation.Gravity Falls
9th Apr 15 01:38:52Characters.Girl Genius Protagonists
9th Apr 15 01:38:26Characters.Girl Genius Protagonists
9th Apr 15 01:37:56Characters.Girl Genius Protagonists
9th Apr 15 11:56:30Enemy Mine
2nd Apr 15 05:38:33Roleplay.Winter Voices
1st Apr 15 03:53:23Trivia.Dr Strangelove
1st Apr 15 05:29:48Characters.Katawa Shoujo
23rd Mar 15 05:50:30Characters.Kubera
13th Mar 15 04:49:21Pantheon.Heroes Lesser Gods
13th Mar 15 03:45:37Pantheon.War Lesser Gods
12th Mar 15 07:27:44Pantheon.War Lesser Gods
11th Mar 15 07:51:18Trivia.La Cage Aux Folles
11th Mar 15 07:47:39I Am What I Am
5th Mar 15 07:29:11Trivia.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
5th Mar 15 07:20:39Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
5th Mar 15 07:18:24Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
5th Mar 15 07:17:16Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
3rd Mar 15 08:10:48Music.Kamelot
27th Feb 15 07:31:17Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
27th Feb 15 07:25:15Crazy Jealous Guy
27th Feb 15 07:09:16Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
27th Feb 15 07:03:50Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
27th Feb 15 07:00:20Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
25th Feb 15 04:50:30Manga.Ratman
24th Feb 15 08:01:21Recap.Babylon Five S 04 E 13 Rumors Bargains And Lies
24th Feb 15 07:29:28Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
22nd Feb 15 08:26:15Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
22nd Feb 15 08:16:09Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
20th Feb 15 07:47:27Canned Orders Over Loudspeaker
20th Feb 15 07:46:10Propaganda Machine
17th Feb 15 09:29:38Characters.Okami
12th Feb 15 08:15:16Eternal Love
12th Feb 15 08:14:59Eternal Love
9th Feb 15 04:24:14Trivia.World Of Tanks
9th Feb 15 04:08:06Video Game.World Of Tanks
9th Feb 15 03:46:06Video Game.World Of Tanks
1st Feb 15 05:19:46Film.Amelie
1st Feb 15 05:11:07Recap.Babylon Five S 03 E 04 Passing Through Gethsemane
19th Jan 15 08:39:45Gender Bender
19th Jan 15 08:36:38Manga.Shishunki Bitter Change
19th Jan 15 08:34:50Manga.Shishunki Bitter Change
19th Jan 15 08:34:31Manga.Shishunki Bitter Change
19th Jan 15 08:33:28Manga.Shishunki Bitter Change
19th Jan 15 08:33:02Manga.Shinshunki Bitter Change
19th Jan 15 08:32:31Manga
19th Jan 15 08:30:47Manga.Shinshunki Bitter Change
17th Jan 15 05:28:11Series.Babylon Five
9th Jan 15 10:40:53Characters.Bastion
8th Jan 15 09:35:09Characters.Freefall
8th Jan 15 09:28:36Characters.Freefall
6th Jan 15 09:11:36YMMV.Kamelot
6th Jan 15 03:30:35Sacrificial Planet
5th Jan 15 08:46:59Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
26th Dec 14 09:19:28Trivia.World Of Tanks
26th Dec 14 09:13:07Trivia.World Of Tanks
26th Dec 14 09:09:13Trivia.World Of Tanks
14th Dec 14 07:13:28Fire Emblem Tellius.The Greil Mercenaries And Crimean Liberation Force
7th Dec 14 08:41:42No True Scotsman
6th Dec 14 12:54:20Trivia.World Of Tanks
5th Dec 14 05:25:24Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
2nd Dec 14 04:01:07Murder Suicide
25th Nov 14 11:55:35Characters.Castle
25th Nov 14 11:34:51Characters.Hairspray
22nd Nov 14 05:45:23Creator.Craig Mc Cracken
22nd Nov 14 05:44:53Creator.Craig Mc Cracken
17th Nov 14 06:33:36Video Game.Firefall
16th Nov 14 03:22:05Characters.Freefall
14th Nov 14 06:09:14Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
14th Nov 14 06:01:06Webcomic.Scandinavia And The World
11th Nov 14 03:34:58Trivia.World Of Tanks
11th Nov 14 10:30:07Characters.Scandinavia And The World
11th Nov 14 10:09:35Characters.Scandinavia And The World
11th Nov 14 10:07:45Characters.Scandinavia And The World
11th Nov 14 10:06:15Characters.Scandinavia And The World
10th Nov 14 05:37:19Video Game.Firefall
10th Nov 14 05:28:50Video Game.Firefall
2nd Nov 14 11:57:37Trivia.World Of Tanks
2nd Nov 14 11:53:48Trivia.World Of Tanks
28th Oct 14 09:39:59The Dresden Files.Tropes N To Z
28th Oct 14 09:19:00Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
20th Oct 14 06:28:33Film.My Cousin Vinny
20th Oct 14 06:07:58Film.My Cousin Vinny
17th Oct 14 11:28:08Characters.Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches
17th Oct 14 11:11:17Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Oct 14 09:19:15Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
14th Oct 14 08:52:39The Noun Who Verbed
26th Sep 14 06:27:13Face Of An Angel Mind Of A Demon
26th Sep 14 06:26:47Face Of An Angel Mind Of A Demon
26th Sep 14 06:26:15Face Of An Angel Mind Of A Demon
24th Sep 14 08:31:26YMMV.Scandinavia And The World
22nd Sep 14 07:34:05Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
22nd Sep 14 07:24:13Americans Hate Tingle
21st Sep 14 08:27:51Muscle Angst
14th Sep 14 08:20:06Video Game.Seiken Densetsu 3
11th Sep 14 10:10:50YMMV.Breaking Bad
10th Sep 14 07:49:07Characters.Scandinaviaandthe World
9th Sep 14 04:51:51Webcomic.Spinnerette
7th Sep 14 08:41:32Characters.Scandinavia And The World
5th Sep 14 03:58:12Manga.Saint Young Men
29th Aug 14 05:54:09Manga.Ore Monogatari
29th Aug 14 05:52:16Manga.Ore Monogatari
29th Aug 14 05:47:39Manga.Ore Monogatari
29th Aug 14 05:44:30Manga.Ore Monogatari
29th Aug 14 05:38:45Manga.Ore Monogatari
16th Aug 14 04:32:59Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
16th Aug 14 12:24:44Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
16th Aug 14 12:21:50Manga.Koi Dano Ai Dano
16th Aug 14 12:20:58Koi Dano Ai Dano
14th Aug 14 08:52:43You Are Already Dead
10th Aug 14 09:05:48Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
9th Aug 14 10:34:52Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
9th Aug 14 09:59:52Manga.The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko
9th Aug 14 04:25:40Useful Notes.Sigmund Freud
9th Aug 14 04:05:12Useful Notes.A Ustralia
8th Aug 14 12:45:26Characters.Scandinavia And The World
7th Aug 14 11:36:03Earth Bound.Tropes T To Z
7th Aug 14 11:34:29You Are Already Dead
6th Aug 14 11:02:22Shield Bash
5th Aug 14 11:09:12Video Game.Seiken Densetsu 3
5th Aug 14 11:33:53The Eeyore
2nd Aug 14 09:37:59YMMV.Spinnerette
31st Jul 14 10:20:45Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
29th Jul 14 08:10:06Asian Buck Teeth
29th Jul 14 07:59:18Franchise.Tintin
28th Jul 14 10:09:48Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
28th Jul 14 10:03:15Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
28th Jul 14 09:50:38Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
28th Jul 14 09:20:47Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
26th Jul 14 10:06:29Characters.The Legend Of Sun Knight
26th Jul 14 03:59:54Characters.The Legend Of Sun Knight
26th Jul 14 03:59:00Characters.The Legend Of Sun Knight
25th Jul 14 08:47:26Asian Speekee Engrish
25th Jul 14 08:45:08Franchise.Tintin
25th Jul 14 08:38:09Franchise.Tintin
23rd Jul 14 08:33:18Trivia.Worldof Tanks
23rd Jul 14 09:57:12Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
23rd Jul 14 09:50:42Mc Ninja
22nd Jul 14 11:15:12Characters.Scandinavia And The World
22nd Jul 14 11:04:44Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Jul 14 10:53:40Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Jul 14 10:40:44Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Jul 14 10:33:04Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Jul 14 10:13:38Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Jul 14 09:36:42Video Game.BROFORCE
22nd Jul 14 09:36:23Video Game.BROFORCE
20th Jul 14 04:52:33Characters.Freefall
19th Jul 14 03:01:36Manga.Iriszero
19th Jul 14 12:43:41Headphones Equal Isolation
19th Jul 14 12:40:48Headphones Equal Isolation
19th Jul 14 12:34:13Bully Brutality
19th Jul 14 12:32:33Headphones Equal Isolation
19th Jul 14 12:06:06Bully Brutality
18th Jul 14 06:29:18Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
17th Jul 14 07:04:40Radar.Avatar The Last Airbender
17th Jul 14 07:01:55Radar.Avatar The Last Airbender
16th Jul 14 03:49:40Artificial Intelligence
16th Jul 14 03:48:42Artificial Intelligence
14th Jul 14 11:16:56Manga.Nodame Cantabile
14th Jul 14 11:06:57Beauty Is Never Tarnished
14th Jul 14 11:06:14Beauty Is Never Tarnished
14th Jul 14 10:53:11Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Jul 14 10:23:34Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Jul 14 10:19:08Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Jul 14 10:16:14Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Jul 14 10:13:57Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Jul 14 10:13:03Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
13th Jul 14 09:10:32Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
13th Jul 14 08:55:54Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
13th Jul 14 08:37:21YMMV.Scandinavia And The World
12th Jul 14 12:44:39YMMV.Kingdom Hearts Birthbysleep
10th Jul 14 11:10:20Characters.Kubera
10th Jul 14 11:06:39Characters.Kubera
10th Jul 14 07:04:26Characters.Scandinaviaandthe World
9th Jul 14 02:56:37Trivia.Scandinavia And The World
8th Jul 14 09:15:17Video Game.Worldof Tanks
7th Jul 14 11:03:24Characters.Phineas And Ferb Main Characters
6th Jul 14 09:17:29Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
6th Jul 14 02:04:17Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV