4th Jul 12 06:09:52Tropers.Rai Gen Jin Hai
3rd Jul 12 09:38:22Monster.DC And Vertigo
2nd Jul 12 05:45:45Monster.Gundam
2nd Jul 12 05:32:16Monster.Gundam
30th Jun 12 04:26:10Monster.Film
30th Jun 12 04:05:26Monster.Anime And Manga
29th Jun 12 02:11:17Monster.Berserk
29th Jun 12 01:51:37Monster.Berserk
29th Jun 12 10:00:48Tropers.Jeffrey
29th Jun 12 10:00:12Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
28th Jun 12 12:17:46Monster.Film
27th Jun 12 02:22:56Monster.Final Fantasy
27th Jun 12 01:11:35Monster.Film
27th Jun 12 12:47:43Monster.Literature
25th Jun 12 04:17:11Monster.Film
25th Jun 12 03:57:28Monster.Film
21st Jun 12 08:05:10Monster.Final Fantasy
21st Jun 12 07:54:09Monster.Final Fantasy
18th Jun 12 03:36:39Monster.Literature
18th Jun 12 10:52:58Monster.Film
17th Jun 12 06:53:57Monster.Anime And Manga
16th Jun 12 04:47:30Fan Fic.Shinji And Warhammer 40 K
16th Jun 12 04:39:21Monster.Film
15th Jun 12 01:04:53Monster.Film
15th Jun 12 12:44:51Monster.Film
14th Jun 12 04:59:33Monster.Anime And Manga
13th Jun 12 10:49:46Monster.Final Fantasy
13th Jun 12 10:28:12Monster.Final Fantasy
13th Jun 12 10:15:26Monster.Final Fantasy
13th Jun 12 10:05:20Monster.School Days
13th Jun 12 09:56:14Monster.Ichi The Killer
13th Jun 12 09:53:18Monster.Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest
13th Jun 12 09:22:51Monster.Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
30th May 12 02:06:21Monster.Literature
28th May 12 09:11:12Playing With.Complete Monster
28th May 12 08:48:25Playing With.Jerk Sue
28th May 12 08:39:45Playing With.Jerk Sue
28th May 12 02:56:54Monster.Film
28th May 12 02:55:22Monster.Film
28th May 12 02:35:15Monster.Film
28th May 12 02:15:35Monster.Film
15th May 12 04:59:04Monster.Literature
3rd May 12 10:13:36Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
3rd May 12 10:12:26Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
3rd May 12 10:07:46Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
3rd May 12 09:40:35Monster.Literature
3rd May 12 09:29:55Monster.Literature
30th Apr 12 08:46:15Fi.Bizarro-fiktio
24th Apr 12 03:09:22Playing With.Karma Houdini
24th Apr 12 02:39:11Monster.Literature
24th Apr 12 02:35:27Playing With.Complete Monster
22nd Apr 12 04:27:45Playing With.For The Evulz
16th Apr 12 09:47:13For The Evulz
16th Apr 12 09:40:23For The Evulz
16th Apr 12 09:19:35For The Evulz
13th Apr 12 09:07:17Even Evil Has Standards.Anime And Manga
13th Apr 12 05:54:45Mr Blankety Blank
11th Apr 12 09:54:22Monster.Stephen King
8th Apr 12 09:04:52High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Warhammer 40000
7th Apr 12 10:52:47Monster.Film
7th Apr 12 10:36:11Monster.Film
6th Apr 12 01:15:14Monster.Berserk
6th Apr 12 01:02:43Monster.Literature
6th Apr 12 12:49:34Monster.Literature
6th Apr 12 03:19:24Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
1st Apr 12 11:34:24Monster.Comic Books
1st Apr 12 11:10:46Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
30th Mar 12 11:30:57Monster.Literature
26th Mar 12 06:10:58Playing With.Freudian Excuse
24th Mar 12 11:39:27Playing With.In The Blood
24th Mar 12 11:37:26Playing With.In The Blood
17th Mar 12 03:52:02Monster.Literature
15th Mar 12 09:14:56Protagonist Without A Past
12th Mar 12 07:40:21Playing With.Machiavelli Was Wrong
11th Mar 12 11:53:00Playing With.For Happiness
11th Mar 12 09:07:50Playing With.In The Blood
11th Mar 12 09:06:59Playing With.In The Blood
11th Mar 12 08:49:32Laconic.In The Blood
11th Mar 12 08:48:59Playing With.In The Blood
9th Mar 12 09:30:19Playing With.Idiot Plot
9th Mar 12 09:23:10Playing With.Seemingly Profound Fool
8th Mar 12 02:21:13Conan The Barbarian
6th Mar 12 03:33:06Playing With.Too Cool To Live
6th Mar 12 03:24:30Playing With.Too Cool To Live
6th Mar 12 02:53:36Playing With.Too Cool To Live
6th Mar 12 02:33:25Playing With.Too Cool To Live
6th Mar 12 05:47:40Playing With.Freudian Excuse
5th Mar 12 05:09:52Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
5th Mar 12 05:06:16Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
4th Mar 12 10:37:06Playing With.Freudian Excuse
29th Feb 12 11:23:25Quotes.Nathaniel The Seeker
26th Feb 12 08:30:29Playing With.Moral Event Horizon
26th Feb 12 08:15:01Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
21st Feb 12 09:21:26Monster.Film
17th Feb 12 02:36:09Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
17th Feb 12 02:35:01Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
16th Feb 12 08:22:59Monster.Film
16th Feb 12 08:22:16Monster.Film
15th Feb 12 10:57:43Monster.Film
15th Feb 12 10:48:04Monster.Film
15th Feb 12 10:28:49Monster.Film
13th Feb 12 01:50:13Playing With.For The Evulz
10th Feb 12 11:32:15Monster.Webcomics
10th Feb 12 11:08:28Monster.Film
10th Feb 12 07:56:05Monster.Film
8th Feb 12 12:50:28Playing With.Freudian Excuse
8th Feb 12 12:36:04For The Evulz
8th Feb 12 11:58:00For The Evulz
7th Feb 12 10:34:45Monster.Bleach
7th Feb 12 09:42:36Freudian Excuse
3rd Feb 12 11:22:52Monster.Film
2nd Feb 12 07:18:06Freudian Excuse
1st Feb 12 12:47:50Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
31st Jan 12 11:35:38Monster.Comic Books
30th Jan 12 01:38:11Monster.Film
30th Jan 12 12:48:49Monster.Film
30th Jan 12 12:41:15Monster.Film
30th Jan 12 12:18:21I Saw The Devil
30th Jan 12 12:17:36I Saw The Devil
29th Jan 12 08:12:27Laconic.Softspoken Sadist
29th Jan 12 08:12:16Laconic.Softspoken Sadist
29th Jan 12 08:03:14Monster.DC And Vertigo
29th Jan 12 07:42:01Monster.Marvel
29th Jan 12 07:16:50Monster.Literature
29th Jan 12 07:06:44Monster.Literature
29th Jan 12 06:08:02Monster.Literature
29th Jan 12 05:45:16Monster.Literature
29th Jan 12 05:40:34Monster.Literature
28th Jan 12 05:49:53Monster.Literature
26th Jan 12 01:02:47Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 12:57:16Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 12:41:06Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 06:22:12Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 06:16:47Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 05:58:31Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 05:53:01Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
26th Jan 12 05:52:23Playing With.High Octane Nightmare Fuel
21st Jan 12 05:49:02For The Evulz
20th Jan 12 03:43:35Playing With.Freudian Excuse
19th Jan 12 06:39:49Monster.DC And Vertigo
19th Jan 12 04:07:17Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
14th Jan 12 04:18:13Playing With.Freudian Excuse
7th Jan 12 10:35:29Quotes.Nathaniel The Seeker
6th Jan 12 05:02:40Monster.The Elder Scrolls
6th Jan 12 05:01:00Monster.The Elder Scrolls
30th Dec 11 05:49:41Monster.The Elder Scrolls
28th Dec 11 04:53:50Face Of A Thug
11th Dec 11 05:56:10Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
11th Dec 11 05:03:56Tropers.Jeffrey
4th Dec 11 08:07:21Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
2nd Dec 11 11:34:37Playing With.Complete Monster
25th Nov 11 08:48:41Quotes.Nathaniel The Seeker
7th Nov 11 08:23:25Quotes.Nathaniel The Seeker
7th Nov 11 08:22:57Quotes.Nathaniel The Seeker
6th Nov 11 09:40:21Tropers.Juan Carlos 11
17th Oct 11 06:13:23Tropers.Theindefiniteone
16th Oct 11 11:49:18Tropers.Nathaniel The Seeker
16th Oct 11 11:32:57Tropers.Raigakuren
16th Oct 11 05:26:26Playing With.Complete Monster
15th Oct 11 07:13:01Tropers.Ozbourne
15th Oct 11 06:56:06Tropers.Raigakuren

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