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28th May 16 10:48:35Fridge.The Trials Of Apollo
21st May 16 11:23:12Characters.The Trials Of Apollo
17th May 16 03:34:27Funny Moments.The Trials Of Apollo
11th May 16 12:28:31Characters.The Trials Of Apollo
7th May 16 09:19:39Funny Moments.The Trials Of Apollo
13th Dec 15 04:55:23Tear Jerker.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Dec 15 06:12:42Tropers.Murky Muse
6th Jun 15 07:41:45Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
5th Jun 15 05:25:50Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Jun 15 06:26:21Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
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8th May 15 08:07:03YMMV.Yona Of The Dawn
8th May 15 07:23:21YMMV.Yona Of The Dawn
3rd May 15 10:05:00Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
22nd Apr 15 07:08:55Heartwarming.Yona Of The Dawn
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4th Apr 15 12:22:32Tear Jerker.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Apr 15 12:22:31Tear Jerker.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Apr 15 06:09:17Funny.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Apr 15 06:00:13Tear Jerker.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Apr 15 05:43:28Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
4th Apr 15 05:42:33Characters.Yona Of The Dawn
19th Mar 15 02:27:51Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
17th Mar 15 05:36:00Manga.Akatsuki No Yona
5th Mar 15 05:47:00Funny.Akatsuki No Yona
5th Mar 15 05:46:47Funny.Akatsuki No Yona
5th Mar 15 05:46:28Funny.Akatsuki No Yona
5th Mar 15 05:13:43Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
4th Mar 15 05:28:48Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
4th Mar 15 05:26:24Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
4th Mar 15 05:17:32Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
28th Feb 15 01:06:17Manga.Akatsuki No Yona
28th Feb 15 09:33:01Heartwarming.Akatsuki No Yona
28th Feb 15 09:32:39Heartwarming.Akatsuki No Yona
27th Feb 15 03:29:21Tear Jerker.Akatsuki No Yona
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15th Feb 15 07:10:05Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Feb 15 02:25:36YMMV.Akatsuki No Yona
9th Feb 15 02:25:10YMMV.Akatsuki No Yona
6th Feb 15 09:06:24Manga.Akatsuki No Yona
5th Feb 15 04:57:48Fridge.Akatsuki No Yona
20th Jan 15 04:08:37Manga.Akatsuki No Yona
14th Jan 15 10:51:06Tropers.Murky Muse
21st Nov 14 12:04:43Funny.The Legend Of Korra
15th Oct 14 01:57:26Tropers.Murky Muse
1st Jul 14 10:58:52Fridge.OKAMI
30th Apr 14 09:14:10WMG.The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
21st Apr 14 04:36:40Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
3rd Apr 14 02:16:26Funny.Magi Labyrinth Of Magic
13th Feb 14 09:13:58Fridge.Fairy Tail
5th Nov 13 06:46:47Tropers.Murky Muse
19th Oct 13 10:58:16Memes.The Legend Of Korra
19th Oct 13 10:57:47Memes.The Legend Of Korra
8th Oct 13 10:42:56Troper Wall.Murky Muse
28th Sep 13 07:36:51Troper Wall.Terlwyth
3rd Sep 13 12:23:08Tropers.Murky Muse
29th Aug 13 09:47:42Troper Wall.TAPETRVE
25th Aug 13 06:55:20Tropers.Murky Muse
24th Aug 13 05:47:38Troper Wall.Ramuf
23rd Jul 13 08:04:13Tropers.Murky Muse
11th Jul 13 02:21:19Tropers.Murky Muse
4th Jul 13 10:03:04Troper Wall.Landorkus
3rd Jul 13 05:33:54Tropers.Murky Muse
1st Jul 13 03:36:04Troper Wall.Explosivo 25
30th Jun 13 04:38:28Tropers.Murky Muse
29th Jun 13 02:45:28Tropers.Murky Muse
28th Jun 13 01:31:00Just For Fun.Troper Shipping And Troper Dating Service
21st Jun 13 08:18:40Troper Wall.Explosivo 25
19th Jun 13 06:33:04Tropers.Murky Muse
14th Jun 13 12:47:30Troper Wall.Terlwyth
14th Jun 13 11:35:56Just For Fun.Troper Shipping And Troper Dating Service
14th Jun 13 11:14:57Troper Wall.Earl Of Sandvich
6th Jun 13 03:00:23Tropers.Murky Muse
6th Jun 13 02:59:40Tropers.Murky Muse
6th Jun 13 02:28:47Tropers.Murky Muse
6th Jun 13 02:26:37Troper Wall.Murky Muse
6th Jun 13 02:25:38Tropers.Murky Muse
6th Jun 13 02:24:49Tropers.Murky Muse
4th Jun 13 08:18:00Tropers.Murky Muse
4th Jun 13 08:17:29Tropers.Murky Muse
4th Jun 13 07:35:14Tropers.Murky Muse
31st May 13 10:22:21Tropers.Murky Muse
28th May 13 06:35:20Tropers.Starfy 64
27th May 13 12:43:56Tropers.Xiphos Orochi 666
25th May 13 08:11:46Tropers.Olivetree
25th May 13 06:43:47Tropers.Murky Muse
25th May 13 06:37:02Tropers.Murky Muse
24th May 13 06:24:18Tropers.Miss Kitten
24th May 13 03:26:37Tropers.Murky Muse
24th May 13 03:22:15Tropers.Murky Muse
24th May 13 03:05:55Tropers.Murky Muse
24th May 13 02:36:07Tropers.Murky Muse
24th May 13 09:56:01Tropers.Murky Muse
23rd May 13 09:40:25Tropers.Earl Of Sandvich
23rd May 13 10:57:06Tropers.Murky Muse
21st May 13 04:08:40Tropers.Murky Muse
21st May 13 11:27:00Tropers.Murky Muse
21st May 13 10:38:42Tropers.Murky Muse
20th May 13 08:00:47Tropers.El Rigo
17th May 13 07:47:40Tropers.Murky Muse
17th May 13 07:12:04Tropers.Murky Muse
17th May 13 06:47:16Tropers.Boxen
8th May 13 10:03:58Tropers.Murky Muse
6th May 13 08:59:42Tropers.Murky Muse
6th May 13 06:19:47Tropers.Terlwyth
5th May 13 11:37:53Tropers.Murky Muse
5th May 13 09:00:29Tropers.Murky Muse
4th May 13 07:45:20Tropers.JR Pictures
4th May 13 06:22:55Tropers.Boxen
28th Apr 13 10:47:25Tropers.Eternal Noob
19th Apr 13 12:20:24Tropers.Xiphos Orochi 666
18th Apr 13 08:50:00Tropers.Alma
15th Apr 13 08:54:29Tropers.Murky Muse
13th Apr 13 01:41:17Tropers.Boxen
9th Apr 13 06:12:11Tropers.Boxen
6th Apr 13 04:36:21Tropers.Boxen
1st Apr 13 08:02:35Tropers.S Bane N
30th Mar 13 01:15:16Tropers.Dhana Ragnarok
25th Mar 13 06:13:18Tropers.Murky Muse
25th Mar 13 09:17:05Tropers.Earl Of Sandvich
25th Mar 13 09:09:59Tropers.S Bane N
24th Mar 13 03:03:49Heartwarming.Animals
19th Mar 13 04:28:20Tropers.Dhana Ragnarok
19th Mar 13 01:27:47Tropers.Quag 15
19th Mar 13 12:59:17Tropers.Xiphos Orochi 666
18th Mar 13 06:47:28Tropers.Murky Muse
18th Mar 13 06:41:12Tropers.Maxwell Daring
13th Mar 13 04:19:29Tropers.Murky Muse
13th Mar 13 03:56:12Tropers.Murky Muse
13th Mar 13 03:48:06Tropers.Terlwyth
13th Mar 13 10:10:56It Was With You All Along
10th Mar 13 10:02:41Tropers.Murky Muse
10th Mar 13 04:55:30Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 04:07:44Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:54:59Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:37:39Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:35:56Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:34:43Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:19:56Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:14:29Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 03:12:59Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 02:44:06Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 02:34:29Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 02:32:32Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 02:27:20Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 09:08:16Tropers.Murky Muse
9th Mar 13 09:06:53Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Mar 13 10:50:31Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Mar 13 10:41:36Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Mar 13 09:40:06Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Mar 13 08:38:25Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Mar 13 01:50:48Tropers.Mokona Zero
2nd Mar 13 11:18:13Tropers.Murky Muse
2nd Mar 13 11:10:29Tropers.Murky Muse
1st Mar 13 08:29:14Tropers.Murky Muse
23rd Feb 13 01:31:19Tropers.Murky Muse
23rd Feb 13 01:00:21Tropers.Murky Muse
23rd Feb 13 12:57:38Tropers.Murky Muse
12th Feb 13 06:17:24Heartwarming.Mark Does Stuff
11th Feb 13 02:53:08Fanfic Recs.Rise Of The Guardians
28th Jan 13 12:23:23Fridge.Rise Of The Guardians
27th Jan 13 01:08:56Tropers.Murky Muse
27th Jan 13 01:07:07Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Jan 13 02:56:42Friend To All Living Things
10th Jan 13 11:14:12Awesome.Mark Does Stuff
9th Jan 13 09:28:09Awesome.Mark Does Stuff
29th Dec 12 08:09:52Fridge Brilliance.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 3
15th Nov 12 11:53:45Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 11:53:06Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 09:18:25Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 08:51:05Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 08:49:18Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 08:33:51Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 08:25:46Tropers.Murky Muse
15th Nov 12 08:24:46Tropers.Murky Muse
8th Nov 12 08:42:37Tropers.Murky Muse
7th Nov 12 06:10:48Fridge.Sky High
19th Oct 12 12:23:21WMG.Avatar The Last Airbender Avatars
2nd Oct 12 03:59:46WMG.Accel World
26th Sep 12 01:15:04WMG.Harvest Moon
29th Aug 12 08:07:18Tropers.Murky Muse
29th Aug 12 08:03:14Tropers.Murky Muse
29th Aug 12 08:00:50Tropers.Murky Muse
29th Aug 12 07:58:10Tropers.Murky Muse
10th Jul 12 05:47:15Funny.Princess Tutu Abridged
19th Jun 12 08:01:28Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 08:24:42Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra
6th Jun 12 03:08:02WMG.Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise
5th Jun 12 01:23:12WMG.Korra Plot General
3rd Jun 12 11:18:35Awesome.Snow White And The Huntsman
3rd Jun 12 11:18:12Awesome.Snow White And The Huntsman
28th May 12 08:57:10Manga.Shonen Onmyouji
2nd May 12 12:14:36Funny.Elemental Chess Trilogy
30th Apr 12 10:30:55The Glomp
23rd Apr 12 12:41:14Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
10th Apr 12 05:43:21YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
10th Apr 12 05:42:47YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
15th Mar 12 12:52:10YMMV.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
11th Mar 12 03:50:28Funny.Young Justice
17th Jan 12 03:11:36WMG.Princess Tutu
1st Dec 11 08:40:10Headscratchers.Avatar The Last Airbender Bending
29th Nov 11 06:02:06WMG.Digimon Xros Wars The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time
18th Nov 11 09:06:48Awesome.Young Justice
18th Nov 11 11:42:54Funny.Princess Tutu
12th Nov 11 10:06:05Funny.Young Justice
9th Nov 11 09:52:43Fridge.Young Justice
8th Nov 11 02:50:55Heartwarming.Young Justice
5th Nov 11 07:28:21Funny.Young Justice
31st Oct 11 08:40:30Fridge.Young Justice
22nd Oct 11 01:11:55Heartwarming.Young Justice
21st Oct 11 07:43:35Awesome.Young Justice
21st Oct 11 04:33:17Funny.Young Justice
2nd Oct 11 08:41:01WMG.Digimon Xros Wars The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time
26th Sep 11 05:51:20Tear Jerker.Avatar The Last Airbender