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20th Oct 14 03:47:13The Man Behind The Man
18th Oct 14 06:17:44The Reason You Suck Speech.Fanfic
18th Oct 14 02:23:06Webcomic.Evon
17th Oct 14 03:20:10Literal Metaphor
17th Oct 14 03:19:14Literal Metaphor
17th Oct 14 02:46:18Webcomic.Evon
17th Oct 14 02:36:56Webcomic.Evon
17th Oct 14 02:26:36Webcomic.Evon
17th Oct 14 02:25:18Webcomic.Evon
16th Oct 14 10:48:59Oh Crap
15th Oct 14 10:55:34Literal Metaphor
14th Oct 14 11:31:57Literal Metaphor
14th Oct 14 11:30:14Logical Extreme
14th Oct 14 11:29:29Backseat Driver
14th Oct 14 11:27:55Backseat Driver
14th Oct 14 11:25:56Logical Extreme
14th Oct 14 01:33:51Playing With A Trope
14th Oct 14 01:23:40Playing With A Trope
13th Oct 14 04:01:08Literal Metaphor
13th Oct 14 03:59:16Bring My Brown Pants
12th Oct 14 02:32:13Lets You And Him Fight
10th Oct 14 09:01:59Show Within A Show
10th Oct 14 08:57:10Show Within A Show
7th Oct 14 03:14:01Webcomic.Grant
7th Oct 14 03:10:32Webcomic.Grant
7th Oct 14 03:10:16Webcomic.Grant
7th Oct 14 03:09:44Trivia.Grant
7th Oct 14 02:25:44Circumcision Angst
5th Oct 14 09:37:52I Was Just Joking
5th Oct 14 09:35:36I Was Just Joking
5th Oct 14 09:28:00Music.Milli Vanilli
5th Oct 14 09:22:23Music.Milli Vanilli
5th Oct 14 09:19:32That Syncing Feeling
5th Oct 14 09:17:45That Syncing Feeling
5th Oct 14 07:51:17Role Ending Misdemeanor
5th Oct 14 04:05:08Literature.The Pilgrims Progress
5th Oct 14 04:00:29All Just A Dream
4th Oct 14 01:00:29Unexpectedly Abandoned
4th Oct 14 12:55:55Gentle Giant
3rd Oct 14 03:52:57Laconic.Unexpectedly Abandoned
3rd Oct 14 03:52:00Laconic.Unexpectedly Abandoned
3rd Oct 14 03:49:49Unexpectedly Abandoned
2nd Oct 14 04:36:05I Will Punish Your Friend For Your Failure
2nd Oct 14 04:35:11I Will Punish Your Friend For Your Failure
2nd Oct 14 04:10:56Example As A Thesis
28th Sep 14 08:33:04Trivia.Five Nights At Freddys
28th Sep 14 05:22:59Take That.Other
27th Sep 14 02:11:38Long Runner Line Up
27th Sep 14 02:10:51Long Runner Line Up
27th Sep 14 02:08:35Long Runner Line Up
27th Sep 14 02:02:10Long Runner Line Up
27th Sep 14 01:59:00Bandof Relatives
26th Sep 14 10:27:29Oh Crap.Music
26th Sep 14 01:35:46Music.Milli Vanilli
26th Sep 14 01:56:41Music.Milli Vanilli
24th Sep 14 01:16:42Long Runner Line Up
24th Sep 14 01:14:41Long Runner Line Up
24th Sep 14 01:13:59Long Runner Line Up
24th Sep 14 01:02:04Finally Found The Body
23rd Sep 14 04:08:46Legally Dead
23rd Sep 14 04:08:18Legally Dead
23rd Sep 14 04:01:50Legally Dead
23rd Sep 14 03:53:42Logical Extreme
23rd Sep 14 03:52:46Logical Extreme
23rd Sep 14 03:37:03Minimalist Cast
23rd Sep 14 03:33:35Logical Extreme
23rd Sep 14 03:29:35Music.The Statler Brothers
17th Sep 14 02:46:44Literal Metaphor
17th Sep 14 01:48:17Fun With Subtitles
16th Sep 14 01:13:27Nightmare Fuel.Canadas Worst Driver
16th Sep 14 02:30:47Nightmare Fuel.Canadas Worst Driver
16th Sep 14 02:17:15Literal Metaphor
16th Sep 14 12:51:02Bouncer
15th Sep 14 01:18:50All Abusers Are Male
14th Sep 14 05:38:49Literature.A Pickle For The Knowing Ones
12th Sep 14 03:16:54Peaceful In Death
12th Sep 14 03:03:51Music.Lynyrd Skynyrd
11th Sep 14 01:16:22Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
11th Sep 14 02:25:15Blackmail Backfire
8th Sep 14 01:29:48Trivia.Five Nights At Freddys
8th Sep 14 05:08:22Trivia.Five Nights At Freddys
1st Sep 14 09:35:02World Of No Grandparents
1st Sep 14 04:35:01Web Comic.Tales Of The Questor
1st Sep 14 04:33:52Web Comic.Tales Of The Questor
31st Aug 14 01:57:18Involuntary Battle To The Death
30th Aug 14 03:08:20Blackmail Backfire
29th Aug 14 02:46:47Take That.Other
27th Aug 14 01:21:18Captain Oblivious
26th Aug 14 09:43:27Series.Canadas Worst Driver
26th Aug 14 12:25:43Leet Lingo
26th Aug 14 12:21:53Leet Lingo
26th Aug 14 12:20:06Leet Lingo
26th Aug 14 12:11:54Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
26th Aug 14 12:11:24Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
26th Aug 14 12:10:12Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
26th Aug 14 12:09:18Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
25th Aug 14 11:36:51Trivia.The Day The Clown Cried
25th Aug 14 11:35:55Film.The Day The Clown Cried
24th Aug 14 11:34:35Series.Canadas Worst Driver
21st Aug 14 02:03:15Logical Extreme
21st Aug 14 01:23:53Revolving Door Band
21st Aug 14 01:23:13Revolving Door Band
18th Aug 14 03:19:11Dethroning Moment.Comic Books
17th Aug 14 11:19:53Blackmail Backfire
17th Aug 14 11:13:18I Was Just Joking
17th Aug 14 11:12:25I Was Just Joking
15th Aug 14 10:18:17Comic Book.Understanding Comics
15th Aug 14 10:17:00Comic Book.Understanding Comics
15th Aug 14 10:02:59Comic Book.Understanding Comics
15th Aug 14 10:00:47Comic Book.Understanding Comics
15th Aug 14 12:42:32Chronic Villainy
13th Aug 14 02:04:57A Lesson Learned Too Well
11th Aug 14 01:39:14Broke The Rating Scale
11th Aug 14 01:37:54Broke The Rating Scale
10th Aug 14 09:19:14Uneven Hybrid
10th Aug 14 09:01:42Wrote The Book
10th Aug 14 12:34:30Film.The Beautician And The Beast
9th Aug 14 02:00:23Music.Twisted Sister
8th Aug 14 01:18:24Bilingual Backfire
6th Aug 14 04:36:05Characters.Freefall
6th Aug 14 04:24:56Characters.Freefall
5th Aug 14 12:50:33Honey Trap
5th Aug 14 12:48:54Index Backfire
5th Aug 14 11:54:45Blackmail Backfire
5th Aug 14 12:27:15Ashes To Crashes
4th Aug 14 03:27:11Dying Race
4th Aug 14 03:02:01Revolving Door Band
4th Aug 14 02:58:53Revolving Door Casting
4th Aug 14 02:03:39Nobody Loves The Bassist
4th Aug 14 01:57:56Lead Drummer
4th Aug 14 01:50:56Lead Bassist
2nd Aug 14 12:38:42He Didnt Make It
1st Aug 14 11:17:42Webcomic.Freefall
1st Aug 14 10:56:01Webcomic.Freefall
1st Aug 14 10:16:42Popcultural Osmosis Failure
1st Aug 14 01:00:31Webcomic.Freefall
29th Jul 14 01:34:10What The Fu Are You Doing
29th Jul 14 01:10:52Didnt Think This Through
29th Jul 14 02:54:44Long Runner Line Up
27th Jul 14 09:52:31Bilingual Backfire
27th Jul 14 08:04:52Counterfeit Cash
27th Jul 14 07:55:32Comically Small Bribe
27th Jul 14 05:56:39Cat Scare
27th Jul 14 05:54:30Cat Scare
27th Jul 14 12:28:00Memetic Sex God
26th Jul 14 11:41:41He Didnt Make It
26th Jul 14 06:39:47Gimmick Matches
26th Jul 14 03:05:44Long Runner Line Up
26th Jul 14 03:01:58Trivia.Poison
25th Jul 14 02:59:09Music.Alice Cooper
21st Jul 14 04:43:07Got The Whole World In My Hand
20th Jul 14 02:44:40Bad Powers Good People
19th Jul 14 07:48:50Music.Weird Al Yankovic
19th Jul 14 06:14:34Music.Weird Al Yankovic
19th Jul 14 06:00:15Logical Extreme
19th Jul 14 05:58:59Long Runner Line Up
19th Jul 14 05:56:15Long Runner Line Up
19th Jul 14 05:52:01Long Runner Line Up
19th Jul 14 05:50:54Long Runner Line Up
19th Jul 14 05:31:08Music.The Statler Brothers
19th Jul 14 05:26:25Long Runner Line Up
19th Jul 14 03:13:53Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
19th Jul 14 03:06:32Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
19th Jul 14 03:06:15Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
18th Jul 14 11:02:42Wrench Wench
13th Jul 14 08:44:59Due To The Dead
11th Jul 14 09:06:43Wrestling.Andre The Giant
11th Jul 14 08:48:58Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
11th Jul 14 03:12:39Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
6th Jul 14 05:58:52Backseat Driver
6th Jul 14 05:58:39Backseat Driver
6th Jul 14 05:53:13Logical Extreme
6th Jul 14 05:47:15Film.All Is Lost
6th Jul 14 01:22:06Film.Cliffhanger
5th Jul 14 07:36:58Parts Unknown
5th Jul 14 07:34:41Parts Unknown
5th Jul 14 05:54:40Parts Unknown
5th Jul 14 04:39:21Your Tomcat Is Pregnant
4th Jul 14 02:40:26Comic Book.Cruelty
4th Jul 14 02:35:28Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
25th Jun 14 03:01:49Dartboard Of Hate
23rd Jun 14 11:51:10Series.Canadas Worst Driver
23rd Jun 14 03:22:49Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
23rd Jun 14 03:22:22Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
22nd Jun 14 03:08:25Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
22nd Jun 14 02:32:54Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
21st Jun 14 04:01:38Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
21st Jun 14 03:44:55Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
21st Jun 14 03:44:40Useful Notes.Robert Wadlow
21st Jun 14 01:59:39Non Indicative Name.Theatre
21st Jun 14 01:55:11Non Indicative Name.Theatre
21st Jun 14 01:54:49Non Indicative Name.Theatre
20th Jun 14 01:45:01Peek A Boo Corpse
14th Jun 14 04:02:12Middle Child Syndrome
12th Jun 14 12:48:01Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
12th Jun 14 12:47:23Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
10th Jun 14 03:56:56Literal Metaphor
9th Jun 14 03:55:41Literal Metaphor
8th Jun 14 03:59:30Loads And Loads Of Characters
8th Jun 14 03:02:58Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
8th Jun 14 02:14:13Useful Notes.John Tyler
6th Jun 14 10:10:29Broke The Rating Scale
6th Jun 14 10:09:22Broke The Rating Scale
6th Jun 14 10:06:44Readings Are Off The Scale
6th Jun 14 09:56:42Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
6th Jun 14 09:56:26Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
6th Jun 14 09:54:49Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
6th Jun 14 09:04:23Ear Notch
6th Jun 14 06:21:31Take That.Other
6th Jun 14 06:16:04Take That.Other
4th Jun 14 01:06:43Revolving Door Band
1st Jun 14 11:42:49Series.Canadas Worst Driver
1st Jun 14 09:48:36Series.Canadas Worst Driver
1st Jun 14 05:14:54Logical Extreme
30th May 14 03:42:43Circular Reasoning
30th May 14 03:41:54Circular Reasoning
29th May 14 12:58:01Manly Tears
27th May 14 11:31:31Series.Canadas Worst Driver
27th May 14 11:27:32Series.Canadas Worst Driver
25th May 14 06:11:06Blowing A Raspberry
25th May 14 05:40:33Literal Metaphor
25th May 14 05:36:24Literal Metaphor
25th May 14 05:34:13Playing A Tree
25th May 14 01:42:07Critical Research Failure
22nd May 14 07:37:38Invisible Wall
22nd May 14 02:45:09No Fourth Wall
22nd May 14 02:41:00Logical Extreme
21st May 14 12:42:13Series.Canadas Worst Driver
21st May 14 12:41:49Series.Canadas Worst Driver
21st May 14 12:35:05Series.Canadas Worst Driver
20th May 14 01:14:04Series.Canadas Worst Driver
20th May 14 12:11:37London England Syndrome
20th May 14 12:10:26London England Syndrome
13th May 14 01:23:54Long Runner Line Up
12th May 14 11:40:30Killed Off For Real.Live Action TV
12th May 14 03:02:57Web Original.Furry Basketball Association
12th May 14 02:58:16Trivia.Nickelback
12th May 14 01:06:10Blowing A Raspberry
12th May 14 01:01:26Blowing A Raspberry
10th May 14 06:32:59Lets You And Him Fight
10th May 14 06:32:41Lets You And Him Fight
10th May 14 06:19:22Lets You And Him Fight
10th May 14 05:01:27Adam Westing
10th May 14 12:19:24Bothering By The Book
27th Apr 14 08:28:02Literature.Elemental Masters
27th Apr 14 07:28:13The Magnificent
23rd Apr 14 01:28:46The Magnificent
23rd Apr 14 12:41:09Screw The Rules Its The Apocalypse
23rd Apr 14 02:44:23War Of The Triple Alliance
23rd Apr 14 02:40:05War Of The Triple Alliance
21st Apr 14 05:36:35The Forgery
21st Apr 14 05:15:18Take That Critics
21st Apr 14 04:59:18The Forgery
15th Apr 14 11:29:01Exiled To The Couch
9th Apr 14 01:55:50Trivia.Barenaked Ladies
6th Apr 14 10:18:39Webcomic.Freefall
6th Apr 14 10:16:08Confusing Multiple Negatives
6th Apr 14 10:00:53Confusing Multiple Negatives
6th Apr 14 08:34:14Webcomic.Freefall
5th Apr 14 11:04:28Ditzy Genius
5th Apr 14 11:03:56Ditzy Genius
5th Apr 14 03:46:19Webcomic.Jack David Hopkins
5th Apr 14 01:22:12Disastrous Demonstration
1st Apr 14 02:09:37Spare To The Throne
31st Mar 14 12:16:36Zillion Dollar Bill
31st Mar 14 11:55:55Criminals
31st Mar 14 11:53:44The Plan
31st Mar 14 11:52:19The Plan
31st Mar 14 05:16:32Webcomic.Clockwork Game
31st Mar 14 05:15:54Film.The Producers
31st Mar 14 05:14:58Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:14:28Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:13:53Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:13:10The Forgery
31st Mar 14 05:12:20Counterfeit Cash
31st Mar 14 05:11:41The Forgery
30th Mar 14 09:16:42Hereditary Republic
29th Mar 14 05:26:57Too Good For This Sinful Earth
29th Mar 14 04:59:48Functional Addict
29th Mar 14 04:50:18The Alcoholic
29th Mar 14 04:49:22Comic Book.Cruelty
29th Mar 14 04:48:42Comic Book.Cruelty
29th Mar 14 04:48:01Addled Addict
28th Mar 14 08:27:47Hereditary Republic
28th Mar 14 08:26:44Hereditary Republic
28th Mar 14 01:01:58Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 01:01:39Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 01:00:46Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 12:59:58She Is The King
28th Mar 14 12:58:34She Is The King
28th Mar 14 12:49:52My Hair Came Out Green
28th Mar 14 12:44:47Addled Addict
28th Mar 14 12:36:53Webcomic.Clockwork Game
28th Mar 14 12:35:44Bad Black Barf
25th Mar 14 11:15:49Peoples Republic Of Tyranny
24th Mar 14 12:01:45Polka Dork
22nd Mar 14 11:47:30Video Game.Pharaohs Tomb
17th Mar 14 12:15:22Rule Abiding Rebel
12th Mar 14 11:05:31Creator.Buster Keaton
11th Mar 14 12:03:25The Sanguine Chronicles
7th Mar 14 07:31:13Western Animation.Gertie The Dinosaur
7th Mar 14 02:35:57Film.Nosferatu
27th Feb 14 12:24:19Counterfeit Cash
26th Feb 14 03:06:22Literal Metaphor
18th Feb 14 10:31:12Be Careful What You Wish For
13th Feb 14 12:35:11Genius Loci
30th Jan 14 10:29:42Right For The Wrong Reasons
30th Jan 14 01:27:40Right For The Wrong Reasons
28th Jan 14 11:56:59Ambiguously Gay.Webcomics
27th Jan 14 09:30:05Tyop On The Cover
27th Jan 14 06:13:10Music.Styx
24th Jan 14 12:24:08Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:22:26Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:15:40Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:09:21Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 11:54:46Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 11:52:30Film.Problem Child
22nd Jan 14 04:25:07Gretzky Has The Ball
21st Jan 14 08:45:38Basso Profundo
21st Jan 14 08:38:18Webcomic.Wurr
21st Jan 14 06:36:30Webcomic.Wurr
21st Jan 14 06:30:58Characters.Wurr
19th Jan 14 07:30:01Long Title
19th Jan 14 05:51:56Literature.The Belgariad
19th Jan 14 01:01:04Ambiguously Gay
16th Jan 14 12:16:53Missing Episode.Live Action TV
15th Jan 14 12:59:45Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right
15th Jan 14 12:32:29YMMV.Freefall
12th Jan 14 07:47:31Music.Def Leppard
9th Jan 14 01:24:40Wrestling.The Iron Sheik
9th Jan 14 01:24:09Wrestling.The Iron Sheik
9th Jan 14 01:17:11Becoming The Mask
9th Jan 14 01:17:10Lost In Character
9th Jan 14 03:02:51Series.Canadas Worst Driver
9th Jan 14 01:57:43Black Widow
9th Jan 14 01:56:03Fridge Horror.Music
7th Jan 14 12:31:19Accidental Truth
7th Jan 14 12:30:40Accidentally Accurate
5th Jan 14 09:48:51Dancing Pants
5th Jan 14 09:47:34Dancing Pants
5th Jan 14 09:41:26Giving Them The Strip
1st Jan 14 09:32:16Literature.Heralds Of Valdemar
1st Jan 14 07:02:55Literature.Heralds Of Valdemar
1st Jan 14 12:19:51Webcomic.Freefall
31st Dec 13 02:42:57Never Grew Up
31st Dec 13 02:38:35Never Grew Up
28th Dec 13 08:43:55Broke The Rating Scale
27th Dec 13 01:19:42Lets Play.Kikoskia
27th Dec 13 01:19:13Lets Play.Kikoskia
24th Dec 13 08:04:43Series.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Dec 13 07:37:20Broke The Rating Scale
18th Dec 13 03:41:16Bigger Bad
18th Dec 13 01:16:24Series.Canadas Worst Driver
15th Dec 13 05:21:28Ironic Echo
15th Dec 13 04:41:17If I Had A Nickel
10th Dec 13 10:57:23Video Game.Furcadia
6th Dec 13 01:29:23Series.Canadas Worst Driver
4th Dec 13 07:14:26Creator.Victor Borge
4th Dec 13 07:06:20Creator.Victor Borge
4th Dec 13 03:34:25Millard Fillmore
3rd Dec 13 08:48:40Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 08:45:48Empty Chair Memorial
3rd Dec 13 03:58:04Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 03:50:24Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 03:13:30Obvious Beta
1st Dec 13 05:18:38Music.Weird Al Yankovic
1st Dec 13 05:06:55Music.Weird Al Yankovic
29th Nov 13 10:55:51Bewildering Punishment
28th Nov 13 02:12:48Video Game.Furcadia
28th Nov 13 02:11:46Video Game.Furcadia
28th Nov 13 02:06:18Video Game.Furcadia
27th Nov 13 06:51:47Series.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:14:52YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:13:39YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:11:27YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:06:59Series.Canadas Worst Driver
25th Nov 13 01:10:03Sheltered Aristocrat
25th Nov 13 12:57:50Headscratchers.Canadas Worst Driver
25th Nov 13 12:49:39Tear Jerker.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Nov 13 09:24:38Literal Metaphor
24th Nov 13 09:18:13Literal Metaphor
24th Nov 13 08:27:53Series.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Nov 13 06:10:13Take That.Other
21st Nov 13 07:13:16Trivia.Jackie Chan
21st Nov 13 02:47:37Fake Out Opening
21st Nov 13 04:26:49Series.Canadas Worst Driver
21st Nov 13 03:37:01Series.Canadas Worst Driver
20th Nov 13 09:33:38Unsuspectingly Soused
18th Nov 13 10:45:32Literature.Watership Down
18th Nov 13 09:13:38Webcomic.Tales Of The Questor
18th Nov 13 08:42:21Series.Canadas Worst Driver
18th Nov 13 05:21:00Series.Canadas Worst Driver
18th Nov 13 05:01:18Funny.Jonathan Coulton
18th Nov 13 03:41:23Quotes.Dont Fear The Reaper
18th Nov 13 01:22:16Tear Jerker.Music
17th Nov 13 08:10:02Series.Canadas Worst Driver
17th Nov 13 07:32:29Assassin Outclassin
17th Nov 13 07:27:36Useful Notes.Andrew Jackson
17th Nov 13 07:04:20Eskimos Arent Real
17th Nov 13 07:03:19Eskimos Arent Real

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