Mr Initial Man's Recent Edits

1st May 16 12:58:35Marital Rape License
30th Apr 16 09:57:31Bowties Are Cool
30th Apr 16 05:46:31Film.Trading Places
30th Apr 16 01:52:50YMMV.SSDD
29th Apr 16 03:09:59Literature.The Joy Luck Club
29th Apr 16 03:04:53Trivia.The Joy Luck Club
28th Apr 16 11:00:34Wicked Cultured
23rd Apr 16 12:04:59The Stateless
19th Apr 16 03:40:32Music.The Statler Brothers
13th Apr 16 01:19:17Useful Notes.The Pope
11th Apr 16 04:35:22Useful Notes.Vatican City
11th Apr 16 04:34:55Useful Notes.Vatican City
9th Apr 16 10:45:02Viral Marketing
8th Apr 16 03:37:14Video Game.Creeper World
3rd Apr 16 06:57:24Cosmetic Horror
3rd Apr 16 06:54:34Webcomic.SSDD
3rd Apr 16 06:01:21Webcomic.SSDD
2nd Apr 16 03:44:52Moment Killer
31st Mar 16 04:53:33Webcomic.Coach Random
28th Mar 16 11:45:22Moment Killer
28th Mar 16 11:43:03Moment Killer
28th Mar 16 01:30:00Webcomic.SSDD
12th Mar 16 04:14:28Useful Notes.James Monroe
12th Mar 16 04:08:32Elective Monarchy
10th Mar 16 11:12:30Disney.Zootopia
8th Mar 16 01:04:12Then Let Me Be Evil
8th Mar 16 12:55:33Disney.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 09:15:58Disney.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 09:12:32Disney.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 09:05:13Disney.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 05:10:15Broke The Rating Scale
1st Mar 16 02:03:56Embarrassing Initials
1st Mar 16 02:03:38Naming Conventions
1st Mar 16 02:02:26Added Alliterative Appeal
1st Mar 16 01:59:26Embarrassing Initials
28th Feb 16 11:50:15Comic Book.Blacksad
28th Feb 16 10:55:30The Pig Pen
27th Feb 16 11:42:37Making A Spectacle Of Yourself
26th Feb 16 11:34:16Music.To Keep My Love Alive
25th Feb 16 11:56:59Black Speech
13th Feb 16 12:54:57Webcomic.The Whiteboard
12th Feb 16 03:20:07WMG.The Whiteboard
11th Feb 16 12:39:41Horrible.Advertising
11th Feb 16 12:38:46Horrible.Advertising
10th Feb 16 12:34:02Deconstructed Trope.Web Comics
10th Feb 16 04:51:41Webcomic.SSDD
10th Feb 16 04:43:39Webcomic.SSDD
3rd Feb 16 11:48:35Women Drivers
3rd Feb 16 11:36:03Women Drivers
3rd Feb 16 11:30:48Women Drivers
2nd Feb 16 10:43:30Webcomic.SSDD
2nd Feb 16 01:11:46YMMV.SSDD
2nd Feb 16 01:10:15YMMV.SSDD
31st Jan 16 06:09:10It Seemed Trivial
31st Jan 16 06:05:15It Seemed Trivial
31st Jan 16 05:50:29Webcomic.SSDD
30th Jan 16 05:35:48WMG.SSDD
30th Jan 16 05:29:57WMG.SSDD
30th Jan 16 05:24:57Webcomic.SSDD
30th Jan 16 05:24:27Webcomic.SSDD
26th Jan 16 12:50:47WMG.SSDD
26th Jan 16 12:49:27Webcomic.SSDD
25th Jan 16 01:24:51It Seemed Trivial
25th Jan 16 12:38:03It Seemed Trivial
25th Jan 16 05:19:47It Seemed Trivial
25th Jan 16 05:19:28It Seemed Trivial
22nd Jan 16 01:10:45Succession Crisis
20th Jan 16 12:25:52My New Gift Is Lame
17th Jan 16 07:44:02Take That.Other
14th Jan 16 10:41:07Webcomic.The Whiteboard
14th Jan 16 10:39:54Webcomic.The Whiteboard
14th Jan 16 01:57:51Music.To Keep My Love Alive
12th Jan 16 01:13:22Shutting Up Now
11th Jan 16 11:06:05Webcomic.The Whiteboard
11th Jan 16 01:31:34Nutty Squirrel
11th Jan 16 01:28:20Characters.The Whiteboard
11th Jan 16 01:27:30Those Two Guys.Web Comics
11th Jan 16 04:58:20Quotes.Author Existence Failure
9th Jan 16 03:52:40Music.To Keep My Love Alive
9th Jan 16 12:45:37Wedding Ring Removal
8th Jan 16 11:04:46Deadpan Snarker.Religion And Mythology
8th Jan 16 01:13:45Always Male
8th Jan 16 06:03:10Title Drop Chapter
8th Jan 16 06:01:45Sapient Eat Sapient
6th Jan 16 01:03:48Music.To Keep My Love Alive
6th Jan 16 03:38:31Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
6th Jan 16 01:20:24Accidentally Accurate
5th Jan 16 11:07:30Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 11:02:16Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:18:38Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:17:53Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:10:48Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:10:05Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:09:08Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 05:04:43Evil Sounds Deep
5th Jan 16 05:03:39Evil Sounds Deep
5th Jan 16 04:44:54Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 04:34:29Tampering With Food And Drink
5th Jan 16 04:32:32Sir Swearsalot
5th Jan 16 04:30:19Patricide
5th Jan 16 04:28:26Really Gets Around
5th Jan 16 04:25:38One Head Taller
5th Jan 16 04:23:47Off With His Head
5th Jan 16 04:20:12Murder Ballad
5th Jan 16 04:14:21Hunting Accident
5th Jan 16 04:10:04Deadly Doctor
5th Jan 16 04:08:15Black Widow
5th Jan 16 04:04:11Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 04:03:33Music.To Keep My Love Alive
5th Jan 16 03:35:41Music Of The1940s
5th Jan 16 03:28:43Never Found The Body
4th Jan 16 11:26:37Badass Decay
4th Jan 16 01:09:52Those Two Guys.Web Comics
4th Jan 16 01:07:38Characters.The Whiteboard
4th Jan 16 01:01:58Awesome.Webcomics
2nd Jan 16 04:37:11Webcomic.Freefall
2nd Jan 16 04:35:16Webcomic.Freefall
2nd Jan 16 04:08:56Awesome.The Whiteboard
2nd Jan 16 04:04:32YMMV.The Whiteboard
2nd Jan 16 04:00:29Webcomic.The Whiteboard
23rd Dec 15 02:45:16Webcomic.The Whiteboard
23rd Dec 15 02:39:48Webcomic.The Whiteboard
20th Dec 15 04:46:27Music.Milli Vanilli
20th Dec 15 04:43:22Repetitive Audio Glitch
20th Dec 15 04:41:52Repetitive Audio Glitch
16th Dec 15 12:36:27My Instincts Are Showing
14th Dec 15 03:01:40Franchise.Archie Comics
14th Dec 15 01:54:05Wrestling Family
5th Dec 15 01:25:52Playing With.Modest Royalty
3rd Dec 15 12:41:47Lets Play.Kikoskia
3rd Dec 15 12:04:02Franchise.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
3rd Dec 15 12:01:13Literature.Heralds Of Valdemar
3rd Dec 15 02:42:15Video Game.The Stanley Parable
3rd Dec 15 01:46:49Press Start To Game Over
2nd Dec 15 06:38:08Dont Try This At Home
2nd Dec 15 02:54:18Literal Metaphor
2nd Dec 15 02:53:26Literal Metaphor
2nd Dec 15 02:38:26Currency Tropes
2nd Dec 15 02:38:02Money Tropes
2nd Dec 15 02:37:07Rare Money
1st Dec 15 02:33:54Spooky Seance
30th Nov 15 12:50:28Lets Play.Kikoskia
30th Nov 15 12:47:07Lets Play.Kikoskia
29th Nov 15 11:28:09Western Animation.The Nutshack
27th Nov 15 07:38:58Webcomic.The Whiteboard
27th Nov 15 12:04:45Speech Bubbles
26th Nov 15 10:40:11Webcomic.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 10:32:34Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 10:29:53Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 12:48:33Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 06:21:09Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 06:03:24Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 06:01:27Characters.The Whiteboard
26th Nov 15 03:22:09Logical Extreme
25th Nov 15 01:22:19Characters.The Whiteboard
24th Nov 15 04:36:26Characters.The Whiteboard
22nd Nov 15 11:07:02Webcomic.The Whiteboard
22nd Nov 15 09:46:19Artifact Title.Webcomics
22nd Nov 15 09:28:49Webcomic.The Whiteboard
22nd Nov 15 09:27:45Webcomic.The Whiteboard
22nd Nov 15 09:26:25Webcomic.The Whiteboard
22nd Nov 15 03:29:13Agitated Item Stomping
22nd Nov 15 02:19:29Literature.Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
20th Nov 15 11:42:15Literature.The Pilgrims Progress
20th Nov 15 03:52:50The Oath Breaker
19th Nov 15 04:53:42Rescue Romance
19th Nov 15 03:10:34Long Runner Line Up
19th Nov 15 02:31:39Roger Rabbit Effect
18th Nov 15 10:57:52Suddenly Significant Rule
18th Nov 15 09:55:35Suddenly Significant Rule
18th Nov 15 02:27:19Logical Extreme
17th Nov 15 02:28:33Logical Extreme
16th Nov 15 02:27:10Talking To Himself.Music
16th Nov 15 02:19:12Trivia.Tiny Tim
15th Nov 15 10:05:48YMMV.Tiny Tim
14th Nov 15 01:20:04Unexpectedly Abandoned
11th Nov 15 06:01:54Lets Play.Kikoskia
11th Nov 15 05:59:43Lets Play.Kikoskia
11th Nov 15 05:12:44Lets Play.Kikoskia
10th Nov 15 04:55:45Lets Play.Kikoskia
10th Nov 15 12:06:56Out Gambitted
9th Nov 15 01:12:43Long Runner Line Up
8th Nov 15 01:30:17Villain Respect
8th Nov 15 01:27:40Villain Respect
6th Nov 15 12:48:10Literature.The Joy Luck Club
6th Nov 15 12:45:43Literature.The Joy Luck Club
6th Nov 15 12:41:34Literature.The Joy Luck Club
5th Nov 15 01:34:29A Lesson Learned Too Well
1st Nov 15 09:45:57What Could Possibly Go Wrong
30th Oct 15 10:49:57Accidentally Accurate
28th Oct 15 01:47:49Shout Out.Music
26th Oct 15 01:35:16Blackmail Backfire
26th Oct 15 01:32:14Blackmail Backfire
22nd Oct 15 12:50:23Comic Book.Cruelty
21st Oct 15 05:01:25Those Two Guys.Web Comics
21st Oct 15 05:01:03Those Two Guys.Web Comics
18th Oct 15 09:52:20Unintentional Period Piece.The Nineties
18th Oct 15 08:00:50Comic Book.Cruelty
18th Oct 15 07:54:14Comic Book.Cruelty
17th Oct 15 02:32:32Logical Extreme
17th Oct 15 02:26:16Logical Extreme
17th Oct 15 01:52:20Useful Notes.John F Kennedy
7th Oct 15 03:50:15Literature.Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
7th Oct 15 03:13:08Literature.Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
5th Oct 15 02:56:43Moving The Goalposts
5th Oct 15 02:51:13Webcomic.Terinu
4th Oct 15 06:31:21Stood Up
4th Oct 15 06:24:12Unexpectedly Abandoned
4th Oct 15 06:19:48Unexpectedly Abandoned
20th Sep 15 02:51:53Funny.The Boondock Saints
5th Sep 15 04:06:08Succession Crisis
30th Aug 15 04:27:19Only Serves For Life
17th Aug 15 01:15:48Locked Out Of The Loop
15th Aug 15 04:34:54YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
11th Aug 15 01:08:42Trivia.Sons Of Anarchy
11th Aug 15 01:08:10Series.Sons Of Anarchy
28th Jul 15 04:29:28Webcomic.Freefall
27th Jul 15 12:29:23NOT
27th Jul 15 01:09:13Only Serves For Life
26th Jul 15 10:54:06Bad With The Bone
11th Jul 15 07:24:44Awesome.Static Shock
11th Jul 15 02:01:50Mall Santa
9th Jul 15 05:04:38Not Enough To Bury
8th Jul 15 04:49:59Clothing Damage
30th Jun 15 10:42:58Interrogated For Nothing
30th Jun 15 10:41:58Interrogated For Nothing
29th Jun 15 04:25:05Interspecies Romance.Webcomics
29th Jun 15 04:23:13Interspecies Romance.Webcomics
21st Jun 15 09:40:22TV Never Lies
20th Jun 15 02:59:02Blackmail Backfire
16th May 15 12:21:57Webcomic.Clockwork Game
4th May 15 01:13:38Literature.Reynard The Fox
30th Apr 15 12:26:11Palette Swap
26th Apr 15 11:34:06Palette Swap
26th Apr 15 04:04:47Evil Cripple
26th Apr 15 03:52:49Phrase Salad Lyrics
26th Apr 15 03:51:49Phrase Salad Lyrics
26th Apr 15 12:28:29Phrase Salad Lyrics
25th Apr 15 01:38:16Eskimos Arent Real
25th Apr 15 03:22:11Artifact Title.Webcomics
25th Apr 15 03:17:47Artifact Title.Webcomics
19th Apr 15 07:57:54Fanfic.The Writing On The Wall
18th Apr 15 04:36:06Webcomic.The Whiteboard
17th Apr 15 04:02:22Unwinnable By Design
16th Apr 15 03:44:53Freeze Frame Bonus.Western Animation
14th Apr 15 03:49:27Roger Rabbit Effect
13th Apr 15 02:04:37Dark Horse Victory
12th Apr 15 11:21:00Logical Extreme
12th Apr 15 11:19:38Logical Extreme
12th Apr 15 08:53:58Logical Extreme
12th Apr 15 08:38:02Silent Movie
12th Apr 15 08:36:53Silent Movie
6th Apr 15 04:12:46Every Man Has His Price
6th Apr 15 04:11:34Webcomic.The Whiteboard
6th Apr 15 04:10:57Webcomic.The Whiteboard
6th Apr 15 03:12:18Webcomic.The Whiteboard
6th Apr 15 02:49:12Webcomic.The Whiteboard
6th Apr 15 02:22:38Webcomic.The Whiteboard
5th Apr 15 09:28:36Logical Extreme
5th Apr 15 09:21:53Band Of Relatives
5th Apr 15 09:09:03Long Runner Line Up
5th Apr 15 09:06:22Long Runner Line Up
5th Apr 15 04:07:21Webcomic.The Whiteboard
5th Apr 15 03:31:03Tabletop Game.Cards Against Humanity
5th Apr 15 03:15:55Schmuck Bait.Video Games
5th Apr 15 12:39:15Innocent Innuendo
4th Apr 15 11:25:12Webcomic.The Whiteboard
4th Apr 15 08:18:33Fetus Terrible
4th Apr 15 07:01:33Logical Extreme
4th Apr 15 06:58:01Logical Extreme
4th Apr 15 06:44:24A Child Shall Lead Them
4th Apr 15 05:57:57Film.Nosferatu
4th Apr 15 05:28:01Unwanted False Faith
4th Apr 15 12:35:19Characters.The Whiteboard
4th Apr 15 12:32:16Sandbox.TWB Characters
3rd Apr 15 11:00:33Literal Metaphor
3rd Apr 15 10:59:58Literal Metaphor
3rd Apr 15 10:47:56Logical Extreme
3rd Apr 15 10:47:05Logical Extreme
3rd Apr 15 10:44:24Succession Crisis
3rd Apr 15 10:39:28Unexpected Successor
3rd Apr 15 10:38:25Unexpected Successor
3rd Apr 15 10:27:47Useful Notes.John Tyler
3rd Apr 15 10:26:16Useful Notes.John Tyler
3rd Apr 15 09:46:04Driving A Desk
3rd Apr 15 09:09:50Film.Tabu
3rd Apr 15 08:25:04Silent Film
3rd Apr 15 08:22:07Trivia.A Trip To The Moon
3rd Apr 15 08:17:12Film.Silent Movie
3rd Apr 15 08:13:43Film.Silent Movie
3rd Apr 15 12:00:35Bavarian Fire Drill
1st Apr 15 10:04:49Chest Of Medals
1st Apr 15 05:02:35President For Life
28th Mar 15 06:51:27Suicide As Comedy
28th Mar 15 06:41:33Real Vehicle Reveal
28th Mar 15 06:31:31Real Vehicle Reveal
28th Mar 15 06:25:31Real Vehicle Reveal
28th Mar 15 06:19:58Reveal Shot
28th Mar 15 06:14:22Suicide As Comedy
28th Mar 15 06:13:48Suicide As Comedy
28th Mar 15 06:11:35Suicide As Comedy
28th Mar 15 12:44:02Clueless Aesop
27th Mar 15 10:56:46Bothering By The Book
27th Mar 15 10:51:51Dirty Social Tricks
27th Mar 15 10:31:22Literature.The Belgariad
27th Mar 15 01:29:05Literature.The Belgariad
27th Mar 15 01:07:17Literature.The Belgariad
27th Mar 15 03:27:40Literature.The Belgariad
27th Mar 15 03:16:49Literature.The Elenium
27th Mar 15 01:11:59Long Runner Line Up
26th Mar 15 01:38:42Series.Canadas Worst Driver
26th Mar 15 01:30:22Loophole Abuse
26th Mar 15 01:28:22Suddenly Significant Rule
25th Mar 15 01:36:24Fanservice
25th Mar 15 01:35:43Instant Index Just Add Water
25th Mar 15 01:34:55Sexy Soaked Shirt
25th Mar 15 01:33:47Wet T Shirt Contest
23rd Mar 15 01:10:31Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
20th Mar 15 11:27:36Lead Bassist
20th Mar 15 11:25:56Lead Bassist
19th Mar 15 04:30:14Not So Different.Real Life
19th Mar 15 02:41:54Not So Different.Real Life
14th Mar 15 09:09:54Break Out The Museum Piece
12th Mar 15 01:26:07Rolling Pin Of Doom
12th Mar 15 09:57:07Useful Notes.The Pope
12th Mar 15 09:44:03Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
9th Mar 15 08:58:51Asian Speekee Engrish
9th Mar 15 06:46:38Elective Monarchy
2nd Mar 15 06:13:56Prematurely Marked Grave
1st Mar 15 08:41:06Accidentally Accurate
1st Mar 15 08:38:17Trivia.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
28th Feb 15 05:45:24Designated Villain
28th Feb 15 03:55:26Special Effect Failure
26th Feb 15 04:42:24Logical Extreme
26th Feb 15 03:04:14Laconic.Revolving Door Band
16th Feb 15 01:28:55Older Than They Think.Video Games
16th Feb 15 01:10:54Video Games
16th Feb 15 12:47:28Older Than The NES
16th Feb 15 12:41:10Older Than The NES
15th Feb 15 10:09:21Creator.Victor Borge
11th Feb 15 01:05:39Succession Crisis
9th Feb 15 10:59:21Blowing A Raspberry
9th Feb 15 10:52:44Blowing A Raspberry
11th Jan 15 02:24:32Demand Overload
10th Jan 15 03:39:31Quotes.Skeptic No Longer
10th Jan 15 03:37:40Skeptic No Longer
6th Jan 15 10:27:44Your Costume Needs Work
2nd Jan 15 12:52:14Popcultural Osmosis Failure
2nd Jan 15 12:51:00Popcultural Osmosis Failure
2nd Jan 15 12:49:20Manly Tears
1st Jan 15 03:45:47Manly Tears
1st Jan 15 01:27:18President For Life
1st Jan 15 03:48:59Webcomic.Free Fall
1st Jan 15 03:40:18Food Tropes
1st Jan 15 03:39:46This Is Your Index On Drugs
1st Jan 15 03:38:30Must Have Caffeine
1st Jan 15 03:38:01Must Have Caffeine
1st Jan 15 03:36:32Caffeine Failure
30th Dec 14 01:33:50Webcomic.The Whiteboard
29th Dec 14 09:25:00Webcomic.The Whiteboard
28th Dec 14 04:42:23Webcomic.Freefall
28th Dec 14 02:11:06Zig Zagging Trope
24th Dec 14 07:23:36Series.Mythbusters
24th Dec 14 06:54:23Series.Mythbusters
24th Dec 14 06:34:49Series.Mythbusters
24th Dec 14 03:41:24Music.No Doubt
24th Dec 14 03:41:22Trivia.No Doubt
24th Dec 14 03:39:43Trivia.No Doubt
24th Dec 14 03:38:01Music.No Doubt
21st Dec 14 08:54:40Literature.Anne Of Green Gables
21st Dec 14 05:38:43Remembered Too Late
19th Dec 14 10:34:51Accidentally Accurate
19th Dec 14 01:29:32Perfectly Cromulent Word
15th Dec 14 02:29:17Perfectly Cromulent Word
15th Dec 14 02:20:06Invincible Hero
15th Dec 14 02:17:47Invincible Hero
10th Dec 14 01:16:21Sequence Breaking
10th Dec 14 01:01:32Sequence Breaking
10th Dec 14 12:53:22Video Game.Creeper World
10th Dec 14 12:27:58Video Game.Creeper World
10th Dec 14 12:27:29Obvious Rule Patch
7th Dec 14 08:18:11All Therapists Are Muggles
6th Dec 14 04:40:20Older Than They Think.Comic Books
6th Dec 14 02:16:08Adjacent To This Complete Breakfast
1st Dec 14 12:38:00Oh Crap.Music
1st Dec 14 12:36:59Oh Crap.Music
27th Nov 14 06:13:17She Is The King
24th Nov 14 04:31:29Unexpectedly Abandoned
23rd Nov 14 03:09:38Chocolate Baby
23rd Nov 14 02:56:28Chocolate Baby
23rd Nov 14 01:38:35Trivia.Canadas Worst Driver
23rd Nov 14 01:37:44Trivia.Canadas Worst Driver
21st Nov 14 03:24:14Loophole Abuse
8th Nov 14 02:03:08Badly Battered Babysitter
8th Nov 14 01:30:07Funny.Canadas Worst Driver
8th Nov 14 01:29:42Funny.Canadas Worst Driver
8th Nov 14 12:37:11Stunned Silence
8th Nov 14 12:35:54Stunned Silence
8th Nov 14 12:31:48Fridge.Canadas Worst Driver
8th Nov 14 12:30:52Fridge.Canadas Worst Driver