15th Apr 14 11:29:01Exiled To The Couch
9th Apr 14 01:55:50Trivia.Barenaked Ladies
6th Apr 14 10:18:39Webcomic.Freefall
6th Apr 14 10:16:08Confusing Multiple Negatives
6th Apr 14 10:00:53Confusing Multiple Negatives
6th Apr 14 08:34:14Webcomic.Freefall
5th Apr 14 11:04:28Ditzy Genius
5th Apr 14 11:03:56Ditzy Genius
5th Apr 14 03:46:19Webcomic.Jack David Hopkins
5th Apr 14 01:22:12Disastrous Demonstration
1st Apr 14 02:09:37Spare To The Throne
31st Mar 14 12:16:36Zillion Dollar Bill
31st Mar 14 11:55:55Criminals
31st Mar 14 11:53:44The Plan
31st Mar 14 11:52:19The Plan
31st Mar 14 05:16:32Webcomic.Clockwork Game
31st Mar 14 05:15:54Film.The Producers
31st Mar 14 05:14:58Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:14:28Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:13:53Frauds And Foolies
31st Mar 14 05:13:10The Forgery
31st Mar 14 05:12:20Counterfeit Cash
31st Mar 14 05:11:41The Forgery
30th Mar 14 09:16:42Hereditary Republic
29th Mar 14 05:26:57Too Good For This Sinful Earth
29th Mar 14 04:59:48Functional Addict
29th Mar 14 04:50:18The Alcoholic
29th Mar 14 04:49:22Comic Book.Cruelty
29th Mar 14 04:48:42Comic Book.Cruelty
29th Mar 14 04:48:01Addled Addict
28th Mar 14 08:27:47Hereditary Republic
28th Mar 14 08:26:44Hereditary Republic
28th Mar 14 01:01:58Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 01:01:39Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 01:00:46Gender Inverted Trope
28th Mar 14 12:59:58She Is The King
28th Mar 14 12:58:34She Is The King
28th Mar 14 12:49:52My Hair Came Out Green
28th Mar 14 12:44:47Addled Addict
28th Mar 14 12:36:53Webcomic.Clockwork Game
28th Mar 14 12:35:44Bad Black Barf
25th Mar 14 11:15:49Peoples Republic Of Tyranny
24th Mar 14 12:01:45Polka Dork
22nd Mar 14 11:47:30Video Game.Pharaohs Tomb
17th Mar 14 12:15:22Rule Abiding Rebel
12th Mar 14 11:05:31Creator.Buster Keaton
11th Mar 14 12:03:25The Sanguine Chronicles
7th Mar 14 07:31:13Western Animation.Gertie The Dinosaur
7th Mar 14 02:35:57Film.Nosferatu
27th Feb 14 12:24:19Counterfeit Cash
26th Feb 14 03:06:22Literal Metaphor
18th Feb 14 10:31:12Be Careful What You Wish For
13th Feb 14 12:35:11Genius Loci
30th Jan 14 10:29:42Right For The Wrong Reasons
30th Jan 14 01:27:40Right For The Wrong Reasons
28th Jan 14 11:56:59Ambiguously Gay.Webcomics
27th Jan 14 09:30:05Tyop On The Cover
27th Jan 14 06:13:10Music.Styx
24th Jan 14 12:24:08Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:22:26Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:15:40Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 12:09:21Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 11:54:46Film.Problem Child
24th Jan 14 11:52:30Film.Problem Child
22nd Jan 14 04:25:07Gretzky Has The Ball
21st Jan 14 08:45:38Basso Profundo
21st Jan 14 08:38:18Webcomic.Wurr
21st Jan 14 06:36:30Webcomic.Wurr
21st Jan 14 06:30:58Characters.Wurr
19th Jan 14 07:30:01Long Title
19th Jan 14 05:51:56Literature.The Belgariad
19th Jan 14 01:01:04Ambiguously Gay
16th Jan 14 12:16:53Missing Episode.Live Action TV
15th Jan 14 12:59:45Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right
15th Jan 14 12:32:29YMMV.Freefall
12th Jan 14 07:47:31Music.Def Leppard
9th Jan 14 01:24:40Wrestling.The Iron Sheik
9th Jan 14 01:24:09Wrestling.The Iron Sheik
9th Jan 14 01:17:11Becoming The Mask
9th Jan 14 01:17:10Lost In Character
9th Jan 14 03:02:51Series.Canadas Worst Driver
9th Jan 14 01:57:43Black Widow
9th Jan 14 01:56:03Fridge Horror.Music
7th Jan 14 12:31:19Accidental Truth
7th Jan 14 12:30:40Accidentally Accurate
5th Jan 14 09:48:51Dancing Pants
5th Jan 14 09:47:34Dancing Pants
5th Jan 14 09:41:26Giving Them The Strip
1st Jan 14 09:32:16Literature.Heralds Of Valdemar
1st Jan 14 07:02:55Literature.Heralds Of Valdemar
1st Jan 14 12:19:51Webcomic.Freefall
31st Dec 13 02:42:57Never Grew Up
31st Dec 13 02:38:35Never Grew Up
28th Dec 13 08:43:55Broke The Rating Scale
27th Dec 13 01:19:42Lets Play.Kikoskia
27th Dec 13 01:19:13Lets Play.Kikoskia
24th Dec 13 08:04:43Series.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Dec 13 07:37:20Broke The Rating Scale
18th Dec 13 03:41:16Bigger Bad
18th Dec 13 01:16:24Series.Canadas Worst Driver
15th Dec 13 05:21:28Ironic Echo
15th Dec 13 04:41:17If I Had A Nickel
10th Dec 13 10:57:23Video Game.Furcadia
6th Dec 13 01:29:23Series.Canadas Worst Driver
4th Dec 13 07:14:26Creator.Victor Borge
4th Dec 13 07:06:20Creator.Victor Borge
4th Dec 13 03:34:25Millard Fillmore
3rd Dec 13 08:48:40Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 08:45:48Empty Chair Memorial
3rd Dec 13 03:58:04Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 03:50:24Creator.Victor Borge
3rd Dec 13 03:13:30Obvious Beta
1st Dec 13 05:18:38Music.Weird Al Yankovic
1st Dec 13 05:06:55Music.Weird Al Yankovic
29th Nov 13 10:55:51Bewildering Punishment
28th Nov 13 02:12:48Video Game.Furcadia
28th Nov 13 02:11:46Video Game.Furcadia
28th Nov 13 02:06:18Video Game.Furcadia
27th Nov 13 06:51:47Series.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:14:52YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:13:39YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:11:27YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Nov 13 05:06:59Series.Canadas Worst Driver
25th Nov 13 01:10:03Sheltered Aristocrat
25th Nov 13 12:57:50Headscratchers.Canadas Worst Driver
25th Nov 13 12:49:39Tear Jerker.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Nov 13 09:24:38Literal Metaphor
24th Nov 13 09:18:13Literal Metaphor
24th Nov 13 08:27:53Series.Canadas Worst Driver
24th Nov 13 06:10:13Take That.Other
21st Nov 13 07:13:16Trivia.Jackie Chan
21st Nov 13 02:47:37Fake Out Opening
21st Nov 13 04:26:49Series.Canadas Worst Driver
21st Nov 13 03:37:01Series.Canadas Worst Driver
20th Nov 13 09:33:38Unsuspectingly Soused
18th Nov 13 10:45:32Literature.Watership Down
18th Nov 13 09:13:38Webcomic.Tales Of The Questor
18th Nov 13 08:42:21Series.Canadas Worst Driver
18th Nov 13 05:21:00Series.Canadas Worst Driver
18th Nov 13 05:01:18Funny.Jonathan Coulton
18th Nov 13 03:41:23Quotes.Dont Fear The Reaper
18th Nov 13 01:22:16Tear Jerker.Music
17th Nov 13 08:10:02Series.Canadas Worst Driver
17th Nov 13 07:32:29Assassin Outclassin
17th Nov 13 07:27:36Useful Notes.Andrew Jackson
17th Nov 13 07:04:20Eskimos Arent Real
17th Nov 13 07:03:19Eskimos Arent Real
17th Nov 13 06:31:27Useful Notes.Andrew Jackson
17th Nov 13 05:17:25Series.Canadas Worst Driver
17th Nov 13 05:15:43Series.Canadas Worst Driver
17th Nov 13 12:18:06Series.Canadas Worst Driver
14th Nov 13 10:19:47Series.Canadas Worst Driver
14th Nov 13 08:34:48Series.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 05:57:05Series.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 05:47:27Headscratchers.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 05:20:59Series.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 05:12:31Dumbass No More
10th Nov 13 05:07:06Fashion Hurts
10th Nov 13 05:00:54Series.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 04:56:24Series.Canadas Worst Driver
10th Nov 13 04:51:19Series.Canadas Worst Driver
8th Nov 13 07:09:55Series.Canadas Worst Driver
7th Nov 13 02:58:59Bilingual Backfire
5th Nov 13 05:34:19Broke The Rating Scale
4th Nov 13 02:16:03Film.This Is Spinal Tap
4th Nov 13 01:17:31She Is The King
4th Nov 13 01:10:27She Is The King
4th Nov 13 01:09:59She Is The King
4th Nov 13 03:29:22Playing With.She Is The King
3rd Nov 13 04:06:34Playing With.She Is The King
3rd Nov 13 12:31:29Requisite Royal Regalia
3rd Nov 13 12:22:04Requisite Royal Regalia
3rd Nov 13 12:15:39Requisite Royal Regalia
3rd Nov 13 12:07:49She Is The King
2nd Nov 13 08:06:36Hoist By His Own Petard.Real Life
2nd Nov 13 03:23:53Bilingual Backfire
1st Nov 13 02:29:48Bilingual Backfire
1st Nov 13 02:15:01Second Verse Curse
1st Nov 13 02:11:42Second Verse Curse
1st Nov 13 01:09:00Music.The Moody Blues
31st Oct 13 02:35:07Band Of Relatives
29th Oct 13 09:25:44Series.Canadas Worst Driver
29th Oct 13 04:20:13Series.Canadas Worst Driver
29th Oct 13 04:12:48Series.Canadas Worst Driver
29th Oct 13 04:04:20Series.Canadas Worst Driver
26th Oct 13 05:41:31YMMV.Bar Rescue
26th Oct 13 04:22:36Music.Pearl Jam
25th Oct 13 02:46:17Pop Goes The Human
25th Oct 13 12:19:14More Dakka
24th Oct 13 09:37:00Millennium Bug
23rd Oct 13 03:58:16Andrew Johnson
23rd Oct 13 03:27:45Mass Oh Crap
23rd Oct 13 03:21:38John Tyler
23rd Oct 13 03:19:36John Tyler
21st Oct 13 05:01:45Too Dumb To Live
21st Oct 13 01:24:02Artifact Title.Web Comics
21st Oct 13 01:23:18Artifact Title.Web Comics
21st Oct 13 01:20:08Artifact Title.Web Comics
21st Oct 13 12:35:07Webcomic.The Whiteboard
13th Oct 13 02:55:52Days Of The Week Song
13th Oct 13 12:08:54Web Video.Todd In The Shadows
13th Oct 13 12:00:16Accidentally Accurate
13th Oct 13 11:59:01Accidentally Accurate
13th Oct 13 11:54:06Web Video.Todd In The Shadows
13th Oct 13 12:37:20Landslide Election
11th Oct 13 12:46:51Revolving Door Band
11th Oct 13 12:23:07Revolving Door Band
11th Oct 13 12:06:15Music.Iron Butterfly
10th Oct 13 01:03:30Lantern Jawof Justice
8th Oct 13 01:28:01Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
7th Oct 13 01:35:48Only Serves For Life
7th Oct 13 01:33:43Only Serves For Life
7th Oct 13 02:12:02John Tyler
7th Oct 13 02:08:46John Tyler
7th Oct 13 02:03:00John Tyler
7th Oct 13 02:00:38John Tyler
7th Oct 13 01:58:19William Henry Harrison
7th Oct 13 01:49:51Unexpected Successor
7th Oct 13 12:57:35Cool Crown
7th Oct 13 12:57:10Cool Crown
7th Oct 13 12:55:27Cool Crown
5th Oct 13 08:04:41Obvious Rule Patch
5th Oct 13 01:24:10Loophole Abuse
5th Oct 13 01:28:29Trivia.Barenaked Ladies
5th Oct 13 01:26:16Trivia.Barenaked Ladies
3rd Oct 13 11:24:39Lead Bassist
30th Sep 13 12:34:24Logical Extreme
30th Sep 13 12:32:16Logical Extreme
30th Sep 13 12:27:43Logical Extreme
30th Sep 13 12:07:20Webcomic.Grant
29th Sep 13 11:31:07Webcomic.Grant
29th Sep 13 11:23:08Webcomic.Grant
29th Sep 13 11:19:20Creator.Captain Ger Bear
29th Sep 13 02:52:37King Bob The Nth
29th Sep 13 02:42:53The Pope
28th Sep 13 11:14:30Webcomic.Clockwork Game
28th Sep 13 10:53:07Critical Research Failure
28th Sep 13 10:32:16Webcomic.Clockwork Game
28th Sep 13 10:27:07Webcomic.Clockwork Game
28th Sep 13 10:26:53Webcomic.Clockwork Game
27th Sep 13 03:11:59King Bob The Nth
27th Sep 13 03:09:38King Bob The Nth
27th Sep 13 02:40:30The Pope
27th Sep 13 02:38:40The Pope
27th Sep 13 02:00:06The Character Died With Him
27th Sep 13 01:53:30The Character Died With Him
17th Sep 13 12:04:39Women Drivers
14th Sep 13 04:53:05Film.The Pacifier
13th Sep 13 02:06:45I Am Not Shazam.Webcomics
12th Sep 13 04:30:59Webcomic.Clockwork Game
12th Sep 13 01:36:10Describe Topic Here
12th Sep 13 01:35:27The Scrappy.Other Media
10th Sep 13 01:29:31Perilous Old Fool
10th Sep 13 12:52:35Music.Led Zeppelin
10th Sep 13 02:16:17Western Animation.Animalympics
9th Sep 13 03:57:41The Magnificent
9th Sep 13 03:56:55The Magnificent
8th Sep 13 11:28:56Playing With.Trope Name
8th Sep 13 11:28:42Playing With.Trope Name
8th Sep 13 11:21:52Finally Found The Body
8th Sep 13 03:29:12Logical Extreme
8th Sep 13 03:28:24No Fourth Wall
8th Sep 13 03:11:38Is This Thing Still On
7th Sep 13 02:37:06Last Disrespects
5th Sep 13 12:59:18Webcomic.Clockwork Game
4th Sep 13 04:45:28London England Syndrome
4th Sep 13 04:44:53London England Syndrome
4th Sep 13 04:44:24London England Syndrome
4th Sep 13 02:08:05Series.Canadas Worst Driver
4th Sep 13 02:03:27YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
4th Sep 13 02:00:08Series.Canadas Worst Driver
3rd Sep 13 01:18:36The Magnificent
29th Aug 13 02:15:32Long Runner Line Up
29th Aug 13 02:08:58Legally Dead
29th Aug 13 01:47:23Revolving Door Band
29th Aug 13 01:42:20Music.A-ha
28th Aug 13 11:54:34Music.Johnny Cash
28th Aug 13 11:32:44Music.Beastie Boys
26th Aug 13 03:19:02The Pope
26th Aug 13 12:07:08Logical Extreme
26th Aug 13 12:05:05Post Victory Collapse
25th Aug 13 10:36:46Micro Monarchy
25th Aug 13 10:25:32Playing With.She Is The King
25th Aug 13 09:01:22Dont Fear The Reaper
21st Aug 13 12:14:50Franchise.Archie Comics
17th Aug 13 12:25:19Dantes Cove
16th Aug 13 07:12:37Chest Of Medals
16th Aug 13 01:29:12Western Animation.Biker Mice From Mars
12th Aug 13 03:08:32Webcomic.Clockwork Game
11th Aug 13 11:32:24Vodka Drunkenski
10th Aug 13 02:54:23Music.Rammstein
9th Aug 13 06:34:52Literature.The Pilgrims Progress
8th Aug 13 12:37:19The Unfavourite
4th Aug 13 02:07:26Creator.David Eddings
1st Aug 13 04:32:30The Moral Substitute
30th Jul 13 01:28:13Safety Worst
28th Jul 13 05:52:01Unfortunate Implications
28th Jul 13 02:17:04Series.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
28th Jul 13 02:16:10Series.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
28th Jul 13 01:16:31Furniture Tropes
28th Jul 13 01:10:42Human Furniture Is A Pain In The Tail
25th Jul 13 04:39:27Too Dumb To Live
19th Jul 13 01:42:59The Sanguine Chronicles
13th Jul 13 12:32:31Murphys Bed
13th Jul 13 12:12:20Webcomic.Wuffle
11th Jul 13 01:08:05Creator.Andre Norton
11th Jul 13 12:55:36Webcomic.Clockwork Game
7th Jul 13 02:30:52Snowy Screen Of Death
7th Jul 13 12:31:55Trivia.Delgo
7th Jul 13 12:31:15Trivia.Delgo
6th Jul 13 11:19:54Trivia.Street Fighter II
1st Jul 13 12:09:22Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
1st Jul 13 12:21:24Webcomic.Freefall
28th Jun 13 05:24:33Non Indicative Name.Literature
28th Jun 13 12:56:59Webcomic.Clockwork Game
21st Jun 13 03:53:15Webcomic.Clockwork Game
21st Jun 13 03:47:03Webcomic.Clockwork Game
15th Jun 13 02:18:48Moving The Goalposts
15th Jun 13 03:59:00Webcomic.Freefall
15th Jun 13 03:56:18Webcomic.Freefall
8th Jun 13 09:16:22Dead Hat Shot
8th Jun 13 01:12:19You Killed My Father
5th Jun 13 07:56:43Wrestling.Edge
5th Jun 13 07:53:40Wrestling.Edge
5th Jun 13 06:34:27Wrestling.Christian
5th Jun 13 10:57:56It Will Never Catch On
4th Jun 13 01:47:46MC Escher
4th Jun 13 01:37:09Music.Weird Al Yankovic
2nd Jun 13 09:56:26Wrestling.The Big Show
2nd Jun 13 06:42:22It Will Never Catch On
2nd Jun 13 06:38:56Video Game.Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe
2nd Jun 13 06:34:34It Will Never Catch On
2nd Jun 13 06:04:09I Liked It Better When It Sucked
2nd Jun 13 05:54:47It Will Never Catch On
2nd Jun 13 05:34:17Wrestling.The Big Show
2nd Jun 13 04:47:00Revival By Commercialization
29th May 13 02:24:23Revolving Door Band
29th May 13 02:13:11Dented Iron
29th May 13 01:44:13She Is The King
29th May 13 01:43:50She Is The King
29th May 13 01:41:55She Is The King
22nd May 13 12:28:23Real Trailer Fake Movie
22nd May 13 11:47:50Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
22nd May 13 11:41:54Logical Extreme
22nd May 13 11:39:34Real Trailer Fake Movie
22nd May 13 03:42:04Improbably Cool Car
22nd May 13 03:40:06Improbably Cool Car
22nd May 13 03:34:05Improbably Cool Car
21st May 13 02:26:38Western Animation.Animalympics
21st May 13 02:26:12Western Animation.Animalympics
20th May 13 06:51:08Broke The Rating Scale
19th May 13 06:39:36Power Of The Void
16th May 13 01:15:38Fashion Hurts
16th May 13 02:17:06You Meddling Kids
16th May 13 02:08:51Open Says Me
16th May 13 02:03:03Blood From The Mouth
16th May 13 01:55:16Webcomic.Clockwork Game
16th May 13 01:46:05Webcomic.Clockwork Game
16th May 13 01:44:56Webcomic.Clockwork Game
16th May 13 01:42:06Webcomic.Clockwork Game
14th May 13 02:04:02Reading Is Cool Aesop
12th May 13 09:46:46Webcomic.DM Of The Rings
12th May 13 09:46:23Webcomic.DM Of The Rings
11th May 13 03:24:14Dude Not Funny
11th May 13 03:23:08Dude Not Funny
11th May 13 03:18:25Series.Canadas Worst Driver
11th May 13 12:53:32Artistic License
11th May 13 12:00:57Webcomic.Clockwork Game
10th May 13 11:01:47Webcomic.Clockwork Game
10th May 13 11:00:35Webcomic.Clockwork Game
10th May 13 10:59:07Webcomic.Clockwork Game
10th May 13 02:52:49Series.Canadas Worst Driver
8th May 13 01:33:37Trivia.Canadas Worst Driver
8th May 13 02:28:20Backseat Driver
8th May 13 02:26:52Series.Canadas Worst Driver
8th May 13 02:26:17Series.Canadas Worst Driver
6th May 13 01:24:59Literature.The Silmarillion
28th Apr 13 03:06:18Accidentally Accurate
28th Apr 13 03:06:01Accidentally Accurate
28th Apr 13 02:03:12Series.Canadas Worst Driver
28th Apr 13 02:00:09Series.Canadas Worst Driver
28th Apr 13 01:51:40Series.Canadas Worst Driver
27th Apr 13 02:45:32Playing With.The Alleged Car
27th Apr 13 01:47:27Music.George Jones
25th Apr 13 12:43:58Literature.Anne Of Green Gables
25th Apr 13 12:38:59My Hair Came Out Green
25th Apr 13 12:30:41Western Animation.Animalympics
25th Apr 13 11:14:37Lets Play.Kikoskia
22nd Apr 13 11:11:55Literature.Ramona Quimby
22nd Apr 13 10:50:31Fashion Hurts
20th Apr 13 08:19:45Egopolis
18th Apr 13 10:44:30Broke The Rating Scale
18th Apr 13 10:40:22Broke The Rating Scale
18th Apr 13 04:32:21Elective Monarchy
18th Apr 13 04:31:37Elective Monarchy
15th Apr 13 11:11:26No Plans No Prototype No Backup
13th Apr 13 02:03:32Webcomic.Clockwork Game
13th Apr 13 01:42:58Shockingly Expensive Bill
12th Apr 13 02:48:15Literature.Belgariad
11th Apr 13 11:28:30Series.Canadas Worst Driver

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