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4th Dec 16 08:00:24Funny.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
3rd Dec 16 03:57:22Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
3rd Dec 16 08:48:24Fridge.The Force Awakens
3rd Dec 16 08:26:00Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 06 Swear
2nd Dec 16 04:55:45Film.A Knights Tale
2nd Dec 16 01:11:43Film.A Knights Tale
2nd Dec 16 09:28:42Film.A Knights Tale
2nd Dec 16 08:22:54Villain Respect
2nd Dec 16 08:22:26Villain Respect
2nd Dec 16 08:19:13Film.A Knights Tale
2nd Dec 16 07:53:00Awesome.Cold Days
30th Nov 16 03:17:19Funny.Unseen Academicals
30th Nov 16 12:45:20YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
30th Nov 16 07:52:37Headscratchers.X Men First Class
30th Nov 16 07:51:50Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
29th Nov 16 01:15:42Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 06 Swear
29th Nov 16 01:12:55Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 06 Swear
28th Nov 16 07:32:53YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
28th Nov 16 07:32:45Funny.Stargate Verse
28th Nov 16 07:32:02Funny.Stargate Verse
28th Nov 16 07:31:43Funny.Stargate Verse
28th Nov 16 07:30:09Funny.Stargate Verse
27th Nov 16 05:34:53Back To Back Badasses
27th Nov 16 05:27:26Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 05 Go Getters
27th Nov 16 02:40:48YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
27th Nov 16 02:37:02YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
26th Nov 16 09:13:43Powerful And Helpless
26th Nov 16 08:49:14YMMV.Serenity
26th Nov 16 08:02:55Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:56:06Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:51:00Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:49:44Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:38:21Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:18:00Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:10:03Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 07:09:31Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 06:51:57Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 06:49:21Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 06:40:57Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Nov 16 06:30:37Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
22nd Nov 16 02:14:23God
21st Nov 16 02:10:00Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
21st Nov 16 12:09:52Fridge.The Walking Dead TV Show
21st Nov 16 12:07:06Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 05 Go Getters
21st Nov 16 11:07:57Headscratchers.Doctor Strange 2016
21st Nov 16 08:38:49Accidental Misnaming
21st Nov 16 08:13:19Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 05 Go Getters
21st Nov 16 08:10:57Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 05 Go Getters
21st Nov 16 08:06:02Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
21st Nov 16 08:05:40Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
20th Nov 16 07:05:58Awesome.Doctor Strange 2016
16th Nov 16 08:25:42Fridge.Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
14th Nov 16 11:19:42Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 04 Service
8th Nov 16 12:37:03Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 03 The Cell
8th Nov 16 10:43:03Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
8th Nov 16 10:02:22Funny.The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
7th Nov 16 12:03:19Headscratchers.Attack Of The Clones
7th Nov 16 11:33:32Headscratchers.Attack Of The Clones
7th Nov 16 10:10:14Shout Out.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
7th Nov 16 08:51:19Headscratchers.Attack Of The Clones
6th Nov 16 08:13:11Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 03 The Cell
6th Nov 16 05:29:15Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
4th Nov 16 12:41:59Fridge.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
4th Nov 16 12:40:07Fridge.Captain America The Winter Soldier
4th Nov 16 12:33:57Headscratchers.The Last Airbender
4th Nov 16 12:33:24Headscratchers.Liar Liar
3rd Nov 16 02:22:10YMMV.The Last Airbender
3rd Nov 16 02:20:10Headscratchers.Hercules
3rd Nov 16 02:18:56Headscratchers.Hercules
3rd Nov 16 11:51:49Western Animation.Toy Story 2
3rd Nov 16 10:52:22Cast From Calories
2nd Nov 16 02:38:49Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
2nd Nov 16 02:35:44Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 02 The Well
2nd Nov 16 08:38:35Headscratchers.Batman
31st Oct 16 11:56:01YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
31st Oct 16 10:23:29Funny.Agents Of SHIELD
30th Oct 16 09:26:14Funny.The Walking Dead TV Show
30th Oct 16 07:53:42Recap.The Walking Dead S 07 E 02 The Well
30th Oct 16 09:17:41Developers Foresight
28th Oct 16 04:20:32Fridge.The Force Awakens
28th Oct 16 04:17:44Headscratchers.The Force Awakens
28th Oct 16 12:05:07Headscratchers.Final Fantasy IX
28th Oct 16 11:45:59YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
28th Oct 16 08:39:29YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
27th Oct 16 11:31:28Headscratchers.Inside Out
27th Oct 16 10:06:27Film.Super Mario Bros
27th Oct 16 09:44:41Headscratchers.Inside Out
26th Oct 16 10:03:39YMMV.Logan
26th Oct 16 09:56:24Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra Misc
25th Oct 16 02:21:12Headscratchers.The Walking Dead TV Show
25th Oct 16 09:16:09Headscratchers.Back To The Future Part III
24th Oct 16 01:53:23Fridge.Suicide Squad 2016
24th Oct 16 10:30:10YMMV.Jurassic Park III
24th Oct 16 10:24:12Fridge.Star Wars
24th Oct 16 10:12:36Headscratchers.Deadpool 2016
21st Oct 16 10:28:45YMMV.Revenge Of The Sith
21st Oct 16 10:25:36YMMV.Hercules
21st Oct 16 09:34:44Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
21st Oct 16 07:40:55Fridge.The Force Awakens
21st Oct 16 07:31:50Headscratchers.Van Helsing
19th Oct 16 08:16:35Fridge.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
19th Oct 16 08:03:46Headscratchers.Gargoyles
19th Oct 16 07:56:15YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
19th Oct 16 07:48:20Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
18th Oct 16 01:31:46YMMV.Revenge Of The Sith
18th Oct 16 11:04:47Headscratchers.Batman
18th Oct 16 09:29:55Headscratchers.Batman
17th Oct 16 02:24:39Headscratchers.Marvel Cinematic Universe
17th Oct 16 09:08:49Fridge.Firefly
17th Oct 16 09:02:52Headscratchers.The Terminator
17th Oct 16 09:01:51Headscratchers.Agents Of SHIELD
15th Oct 16 03:05:05Fridge.The Force Awakens
14th Oct 16 11:52:39Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
13th Oct 16 09:41:24Funny.Frozen
13th Oct 16 08:06:22Fridge.The Force Awakens
13th Oct 16 07:58:48Headscratchers.Revenge Of The Sith
12th Oct 16 12:40:30Headscratchers.Battleship
12th Oct 16 07:32:47Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
11th Oct 16 01:26:47Headscratchers.Justice League
10th Oct 16 12:02:18Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
10th Oct 16 11:54:36Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
10th Oct 16 11:48:49Trivia.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
9th Oct 16 08:55:20Funny.Agents Of SHIELD
9th Oct 16 08:52:52Funny.Head Of State
9th Oct 16 07:48:55Canon Character All Along
9th Oct 16 10:10:13Funny.Shanghai Noon
9th Oct 16 10:01:35Fridge.Shanghai Noon
7th Oct 16 12:47:54Series Fauxnale
7th Oct 16 12:41:01Series Fauxnale
7th Oct 16 12:32:33Fridge.Three Hundred
7th Oct 16 11:29:43YMMV.Super Smash Bros
7th Oct 16 11:13:51Headscratchers.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
6th Oct 16 09:17:23YMMV.The Most Dangerous Game
5th Oct 16 02:17:29You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me
5th Oct 16 01:55:35This Is What The Building Will Look Like
5th Oct 16 01:48:38What Is This X
4th Oct 16 09:41:58Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
4th Oct 16 07:43:35Shout Out.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
3rd Oct 16 01:41:54Token Heroic Orc
3rd Oct 16 01:26:02Super Persistent Predator
3rd Oct 16 01:12:17YMMV.My Super Ex Girlfriend
3rd Oct 16 01:11:16YMMV.My Super Ex Girlfriend
3rd Oct 16 10:13:56Radar.Tiny Toon Adventures
3rd Oct 16 09:14:20Fridge.Frozen
1st Oct 16 07:40:08YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
1st Oct 16 06:49:19Crazy Prepared.Batman
1st Oct 16 06:31:00Recap.Gotham S 3 E 1 Better To Reign In Hell
1st Oct 16 09:54:14Funny.Agents Of SHIELD
1st Oct 16 08:06:24Film.True Lies
30th Sep 16 02:10:03YMMV.Not Always Working
30th Sep 16 02:06:35Fridge.Mega Man
30th Sep 16 02:04:57Fridge.Toy Story 3
30th Sep 16 07:50:03YMMV.The Dresden Files
30th Sep 16 07:39:56Headscratchers.Back To The Future
29th Sep 16 08:54:37YMMV.Real Steel
29th Sep 16 08:47:56Headscratchers.Deadpool 2016
28th Sep 16 08:01:26Headscratchers.Shrek Forever After
27th Sep 16 10:02:23Headscratchers.Stardust
27th Sep 16 09:56:38Headscratchers.Stardust
27th Sep 16 08:17:36YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
27th Sep 16 08:17:00YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
26th Sep 16 02:05:50YMMV.South Park S 10 E 1 The Return Of Chef
26th Sep 16 10:28:02Funny.The Last Hero
26th Sep 16 07:54:03Fridge.A New Hope
26th Sep 16 07:53:20Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
26th Sep 16 07:49:36Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
23rd Sep 16 07:31:55Headscratchers.The Dark Knight
22nd Sep 16 12:14:04Fridge.The Truman Show
22nd Sep 16 12:12:23Fridge.The Truman Show
22nd Sep 16 11:59:03YMMV.The Truman Show
22nd Sep 16 08:39:24YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda
21st Sep 16 12:53:08Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
20th Sep 16 12:00:16Ambiguous Gender Identity
19th Sep 16 01:12:49YMMV.Final Fantasy V
19th Sep 16 09:06:26YMMV.Rush Hour
19th Sep 16 08:56:29Headscratchers.The Rock
16th Sep 16 12:22:17YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
16th Sep 16 12:19:57Fridge.Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker
16th Sep 16 12:16:38Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
15th Sep 16 10:55:54Trivia.Captain America Civil War
15th Sep 16 09:32:06Fridge.Batman The Animated Series
14th Sep 16 08:16:44Literature.Le Morte Darthur
14th Sep 16 08:05:26YMMV.Alien Isolation
14th Sep 16 07:58:01Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
13th Sep 16 01:49:15Nothing Left To Do But Die
13th Sep 16 12:35:42Planning For The Future Before The End
13th Sep 16 12:09:38YMMV.Team Four Star
13th Sep 16 11:21:37Headscratchers.Shrek 2
13th Sep 16 08:04:23Headscratchers.Beauty And The Beast
13th Sep 16 08:02:15Headscratchers.X Men Apocalypse
12th Sep 16 03:41:42YMMV.DCAU
12th Sep 16 03:31:39Headscratchers.A New Hope
12th Sep 16 02:13:18YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
12th Sep 16 09:52:52Film.Spider Man 1
12th Sep 16 08:29:32Fridge.The Dresden Files
12th Sep 16 08:17:18Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
12th Sep 16 08:15:35Headscratchers.A New Hope
10th Sep 16 03:46:37Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
9th Sep 16 02:23:11YMMV.Captain America Civil War
9th Sep 16 01:58:26YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
9th Sep 16 01:30:11Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
9th Sep 16 01:21:51My God What Have I Done.Literature
9th Sep 16 12:52:16Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
9th Sep 16 12:37:46YMMV.Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
9th Sep 16 11:15:57Funny.Iron Man 3
9th Sep 16 09:47:13Funny.The Mummy Returns
9th Sep 16 09:46:03Heartwarming.The Mummy Returns
9th Sep 16 09:43:33YMMV.The Mummy Returns
9th Sep 16 09:14:27Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
9th Sep 16 07:24:11Headscratchers.Captain America Civil War
9th Sep 16 07:22:18Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
8th Sep 16 10:52:10YMMV.Nick Arcade
8th Sep 16 10:47:46Fridge.The Incredibles
7th Sep 16 01:37:46YMMV.Xenoblade
7th Sep 16 08:05:13Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
7th Sep 16 07:44:41Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
7th Sep 16 07:36:26YMMV.The Lion King
6th Sep 16 09:47:25Funny.Tremors 2 Aftershocks
6th Sep 16 09:08:19YMMV.The Truman Show
6th Sep 16 08:06:07Fridge.Batman Arkham Origins
6th Sep 16 08:03:38Fridge.Ant Man
6th Sep 16 07:55:44Headscratchers.The Dresden Files
6th Sep 16 07:51:48Headscratchers.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
1st Sep 16 08:07:27Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
25th Aug 16 01:45:47Literature.Sword Of Truth
25th Aug 16 01:08:21Literature.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
25th Aug 16 11:52:56Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
25th Aug 16 11:41:47YMMV.Die Another Day
25th Aug 16 11:38:38Headscratchers.Disc World
25th Aug 16 07:51:04Fridge.Avatar The Last Airbender
25th Aug 16 07:43:51Headscratchers.Batman
24th Aug 16 04:12:40YMMV.Wild Wild West
24th Aug 16 12:42:13Marked Change
24th Aug 16 12:33:29Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
24th Aug 16 12:30:36Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
24th Aug 16 08:21:12Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
24th Aug 16 08:18:42Headscratchers.Superman The Animated Series
24th Aug 16 08:15:27Headscratchers.Dragonball Z Android And Cell Saga
23rd Aug 16 12:40:43YMMV.Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped
22nd Aug 16 02:38:49Dark Horse Victory
22nd Aug 16 01:23:12Senior Sleep Cycle
22nd Aug 16 12:25:51YMMV.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
22nd Aug 16 09:44:25Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
22nd Aug 16 08:46:49Fridge.Final Fantasy VII
22nd Aug 16 08:43:39Headscratchers.Pleasantville
22nd Aug 16 08:39:50Headscratchers.Return Of The Jedi
21st Aug 16 08:42:02Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
20th Aug 16 06:53:17Literature.Seveneves
20th Aug 16 05:18:04Funny.The Fifth Element
19th Aug 16 02:43:44Trivia.Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
19th Aug 16 02:43:07Trivia.Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
19th Aug 16 02:41:02YMMV.Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
19th Aug 16 02:38:13YMMV.Top Gun
19th Aug 16 11:41:13YMMV.The Simpsons Movie
19th Aug 16 11:38:08YMMV.The Simpsons Movie
19th Aug 16 11:36:22Fridge.Monsters Inc
19th Aug 16 07:53:09YMMV.Twitch Plays Pokemon
19th Aug 16 07:51:11YMMV.Bon Jovi
19th Aug 16 07:45:34Headscratchers.A New Hope
18th Aug 16 12:54:15YMMV.Star Wars Rebels
18th Aug 16 08:44:56Funny.The Worlds End
18th Aug 16 08:35:07Funny.Conan The Barbarian 1982
18th Aug 16 07:37:13Fridge.Yu Yu Hakusho
18th Aug 16 07:25:14Headscratchers.A New Hope
17th Aug 16 01:32:50YMMV.Live Free Or Die Hard
17th Aug 16 11:17:32Film.Legally Blonde
17th Aug 16 11:12:27Film.Suicide Squad 2016
17th Aug 16 09:51:55Discworld.The Truth
17th Aug 16 08:50:26Funny.Mass Effect 3
17th Aug 16 08:23:27YMMV.Metal Gear
17th Aug 16 08:22:22YMMV.X Men
17th Aug 16 08:14:49Fridge.The Avengers 2012
17th Aug 16 08:08:57Headscratchers.Toy Story 3
17th Aug 16 08:07:23Headscratchers.Alien Isolation
16th Aug 16 02:25:11Video Game.Pokemon Red And Blue
16th Aug 16 12:09:29Premature Empowerment
16th Aug 16 12:09:13Literature.The Hobbit
15th Aug 16 02:57:10Film.Back To The Future Part II
15th Aug 16 12:45:10Headscratchers.The Princess Bride
15th Aug 16 07:53:30YMMV.Blood Rites
15th Aug 16 07:50:57Fridge.Kingsman The Secret Service
15th Aug 16 07:43:27Headscratchers.Captain America Civil War
14th Aug 16 03:05:55Film.Suicide Squad 2016
14th Aug 16 03:05:01Film.Suicide Squad 2016
14th Aug 16 03:04:26Film.Suicide Squad 2016
12th Aug 16 09:17:57Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:15:30Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:14:36Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:08:12Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:04:28YMMV.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:03:10YMMV.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 09:00:31Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 08:57:33Literature.Seveneves
12th Aug 16 08:16:01Headscratchers.Batman
12th Aug 16 08:12:30Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
11th Aug 16 07:09:23Film.Demolition Man
11th Aug 16 08:37:14Headscratchers.Avengers Age Of Ultron
11th Aug 16 07:31:23YMMV.Superman Returns
11th Aug 16 07:29:36YMMV.Alien
11th Aug 16 07:27:59Fridge.Avatar The Last Airbender
9th Aug 16 01:15:23Fridge.Mega Man X
9th Aug 16 01:14:52Fridge.Batman The Killing Joke
9th Aug 16 10:38:53YMMV.From Dusk Till Dawn
8th Aug 16 04:06:44Headscratchers.Starship Troopers
8th Aug 16 03:55:09Headscratchers.Starship Troopers
8th Aug 16 02:56:11Funny.True Lies
8th Aug 16 02:53:53Funny.True Lies
8th Aug 16 02:48:41YMMV.True Lies
8th Aug 16 02:30:17Fridge.Grease
8th Aug 16 01:24:05Film.My Blue Heaven
8th Aug 16 01:20:48Film.My Blue Heaven
8th Aug 16 01:15:29Film.Batman
8th Aug 16 01:14:43Film.Batman
8th Aug 16 09:09:06Headscratchers.Seveneves
6th Aug 16 04:26:29Funny.Inside Out
5th Aug 16 02:16:47YMMV.Starship Troopers
5th Aug 16 09:02:49Radar.Avatar The Last Airbender
5th Aug 16 08:59:39Radar.Avatar The Last Airbender
4th Aug 16 12:56:05Funny.All New Wolverine
4th Aug 16 11:25:45YMMV.Man Of Steel
4th Aug 16 09:36:47Literature.Sword Of Truth
4th Aug 16 07:57:01Literature.Seveneves
4th Aug 16 07:42:04YMMV.Superman II
3rd Aug 16 03:22:54Major Injury Underreaction
3rd Aug 16 02:43:44Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 02:24:59Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 12:34:11What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
3rd Aug 16 11:47:49Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:39:06Fridge.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:37:03Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:34:35YMMV.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:32:22Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:29:00Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:25:37Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:21:46Literature.Seveneves
3rd Aug 16 11:14:08Literature.Seveneves
2nd Aug 16 01:43:18Western Animation.Batman The Killing Joke
2nd Aug 16 01:38:57Western Animation.Batman The Killing Joke
2nd Aug 16 11:34:31The Dresden Files.Tropes N To Z
2nd Aug 16 10:30:55Radar.A Bugs Life
2nd Aug 16 10:22:32YMMV.Death Battle
2nd Aug 16 09:18:00Headscratchers.Super Smash Bros
2nd Aug 16 07:54:12Fridge.Cast Away
2nd Aug 16 07:43:48Headscratchers.Super Smash Bros
1st Aug 16 02:34:48Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
1st Aug 16 12:01:02Recap.The Simpsons S 7 E 11 Marge Be Not Proud
1st Aug 16 11:56:49YMMV.The Simpsons S 7 E 11 Marge Be Not Proud
1st Aug 16 11:50:39Headscratchers.Captain America Civil War
1st Aug 16 08:00:34Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
29th Jul 16 01:19:49Film.Jurassic World
29th Jul 16 11:23:37YMMV.Maximum Carnage
29th Jul 16 08:26:20YMMV.Rurouni Kenshin
29th Jul 16 08:25:55YMMV.Rush Hour
29th Jul 16 08:23:24Fridge.Back To The Future Part II
28th Jul 16 12:55:42Headscratchers.Back To The Future Part III
28th Jul 16 12:52:07Headscratchers.Back To The Future Part III
28th Jul 16 05:56:54Headscratchers.Dragonball Z Android And Cell Saga
28th Jul 16 05:52:10Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
27th Jul 16 10:26:29Headscratchers.Back To The Future
27th Jul 16 08:13:14Fridge.Hook
26th Jul 16 11:51:08YMMV.Bloody Roar
26th Jul 16 07:52:40Tropers.Mr Death
25th Jul 16 04:07:04Sophisticated As Hell
25th Jul 16 03:47:33YMMV.The Truman Show
25th Jul 16 01:25:54YMMV.Deadpool 2016
25th Jul 16 12:46:39Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
25th Jul 16 08:09:55Fridge.Spider Man 2
25th Jul 16 08:03:52Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
22nd Jul 16 01:56:50Developing Doomed Characters
22nd Jul 16 12:30:44Literature.Cold Days
22nd Jul 16 08:14:05Headscratchers.Monsters Inc
21st Jul 16 11:56:33Bat Deduction
21st Jul 16 11:16:42YMMV.The Killing Joke
20th Jul 16 11:56:49YMMV.X Men
20th Jul 16 10:19:37YMMV.Doug
20th Jul 16 10:19:04YMMV.X Men Apocalypse
20th Jul 16 07:42:16YMMV.DC Extended Universe
20th Jul 16 07:38:45Fridge.Shrek
20th Jul 16 07:35:24Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
19th Jul 16 03:23:48Headscratchers.Avengers Age Of Ultron
19th Jul 16 01:37:08Funny.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
19th Jul 16 12:23:19Headscratchers.The Matrix Revolutions
19th Jul 16 08:53:03Film.The Mummy Returns
19th Jul 16 08:00:09YMMV.The Walking Dead TV Show
19th Jul 16 07:44:05Headscratchers.X Men Daysof Future Past
18th Jul 16 03:43:18YMMV.Avatar The Last Airbender Bato Of The Water Tribe
18th Jul 16 02:25:36Film.Starship Troopers
18th Jul 16 01:53:33Film.Alien
18th Jul 16 08:42:11Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
15th Jul 16 11:18:12YMMV.Man Of Steel
15th Jul 16 10:07:08YMMV.Man Of Steel
15th Jul 16 10:04:54Fridge.Beauty And The Beast
15th Jul 16 07:43:51Headscratchers.Kung Fu Panda
15th Jul 16 07:38:34Headscratchers.Inglourious Basterds
14th Jul 16 12:34:54YMMV.Super Mario Bros
14th Jul 16 10:02:20Video Game.Mega Man 7
13th Jul 16 09:57:22Film.Pacific Rim
13th Jul 16 09:51:40Film.Forrest Gump
13th Jul 16 08:15:49Radar.Garfield
12th Jul 16 04:14:56Post Apocalyptic Dog