14th Dec 13 11:37:21Wants A Prize For Basic Decency
7th Nov 13 02:44:53Everything Is Racist
27th Feb 13 09:11:02Butt Monkey.Live Action TV
2nd Aug 12 08:27:41Hannibal Lecture
30th Jul 12 04:28:59Posthumous Collaboration
28th Jul 12 03:09:31Southern Belle
19th Jun 12 03:23:46Reluctant Ruler
19th Jun 12 03:22:01Reluctant Ruler
19th Jun 12 03:21:20Reluctant Ruler
30th May 12 04:19:04Trauma Conga Line
22nd May 12 11:21:30Standard Snippet
17th May 12 09:52:31Glass Eye
19th Apr 12 01:38:16Little Professor Dialog
19th Apr 12 08:38:05Groin Attack.Real Life
12th Apr 12 08:37:42Serious Business.Literature
12th Apr 12 08:36:48Serious Business.Literature
10th Apr 12 02:56:16Wife Basher Basher
7th Apr 12 04:20:19Force Feeding
24th Mar 12 10:15:08Scary Shiny Glasses
20th Mar 12 05:28:42Cymbal Banging Monkey
29th Dec 11 08:51:07Mister Seahorse
29th Dec 11 07:14:32Evil Laugh

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