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11th Mar 12 08:43:10YMMV.Persona 4
6th Mar 12 07:12:07Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2011 Episodes
1st Mar 12 09:10:16Funny.Brows Held High
27th Feb 12 06:54:36Funny.Video Games Awesome
27th Feb 12 06:36:01Funny.Video Games Awesome
20th Feb 12 07:23:14Freeze Frame Bonus
18th Feb 12 09:17:52Funny.Video Games Awesome
14th Feb 12 04:09:06Awesome Music.Phineas And Ferb
14th Feb 12 04:06:25Awesome Music.Phineas And Ferb
14th Feb 12 04:04:48Awesome Music.Phineas And Ferb
13th Feb 12 06:19:02Funny.Brows Held High
8th Feb 12 10:17:02Funny.Video Games Awesome
30th Jan 12 04:23:52Funny.Video Games Awesome
2nd Jan 12 05:22:22Fanfic Recs.Kingdom Hearts
31st Dec 11 06:37:31Drowning My Sorrows
31st Dec 11 04:53:05Fanfic Recs.Durarara
16th Dec 11 05:00:27Funny.Spill
14th Dec 11 06:04:48Nightmare Fuel.Persona 4
14th Dec 11 06:01:17Awesome.Persona 4
4th Dec 11 01:20:17Funny.Persona 4 Endurance Run
19th Oct 11 12:17:20Mind Game Ship
29th Sep 11 05:24:30Heartwarming.Persona 3

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