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5th Dec 13 11:49:52Franchise.Ever After High
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4th Dec 13 03:43:32Literature.Princess Academy
24th Nov 13 05:53:48Film.Jane Eyre
20th Nov 13 10:49:25Literature.Lord Peter Wimsey
20th Nov 13 10:38:31Literature.Lord Peter Wimsey
2nd Nov 13 09:00:08Creator.Orson Scott Card
30th Oct 13 01:09:44Series.Sense And Sensibility
23rd Sep 13 09:02:21Literature.October Daye
23rd Sep 13 09:01:08Literature.October Daye
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22nd Sep 13 11:10:18Characters.October Daye
22nd Sep 13 11:09:09Characters.October Daye
22nd Sep 13 11:02:17Characters.October Daye
22nd Sep 13 10:46:32Characters.October Daye
22nd Sep 13 10:25:51Characters.October Daye
22nd Sep 13 10:09:34Characters.October Daye
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14th Sep 13 06:44:27Shannon Hale
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6th Sep 13 10:28:24Mary Robinette Kowal
6th Sep 13 10:26:59Literature.Wearing The Cape
6th Sep 13 10:26:26Literature.Wearing The Cape
6th Sep 13 10:23:56Literature.Shades Of Milk And Honey
10th Jul 13 10:20:21Literature.Rapunzel
10th Jul 13 10:20:02Literature.Rapunzel
10th Jul 13 10:18:27Literature.Rapunzel
10th Jul 13 10:17:52Literature.Fairytale Novels
10th Jul 13 10:17:33Literature.Fairytale Novels
10th Jul 13 08:32:50Literature.Enders Game
10th Jul 13 08:29:48Creator.Orson Scott Card
30th Apr 13 06:27:42Literature.Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell
30th Apr 13 06:24:54Literature.Shades Of Milk And Honey
3rd Apr 13 04:38:01Creator.Orson Scott Card
30th Jan 13 02:42:10Military Science Fiction
23rd Jan 13 01:53:28Film.Emma
5th Jan 13 01:27:08Huntress
11th Dec 12 08:08:13Franchise.Wonder Woman
11th Dec 12 08:02:45Gail Simone
9th Dec 12 11:04:31Huntress
9th Dec 12 09:19:43Literature.Old Mans War
5th Dec 12 05:13:04Fanfic Recs.The Chronicles Of Narnia
5th Dec 12 08:01:25YMMV.The Queens Thief
23rd Oct 12 09:22:47Winona Ryder
9th Oct 12 12:04:59Series.Elementary
29th Sep 12 11:28:06Wearing The Cape
20th Sep 12 02:02:17Huntress
13th Sep 12 12:47:05Film.Emma
13th Sep 12 12:45:41Intertwined Fingers
13th Sep 12 12:41:37Empathic Environment
13th Sep 12 12:33:29Lost Love Montage
13th Sep 12 12:31:11Holding Hands
13th Sep 12 12:27:35Film.Emma
24th Jul 12 01:48:07Legacy Of The Force
20th Jul 12 03:05:38Literature.Enders Game
1st Jul 12 06:40:02Literature.Enders Game
29th May 12 02:36:50Huntress
20th May 12 10:47:55Mary Robinette Kowal
18th May 12 11:48:02Series.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 11:46:41Series.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 11:45:26Series.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 11:38:03Series.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 11:32:24Series.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 11:27:44Sherlock Holmes
18th May 12 10:33:50Dueling Movies
17th May 12 11:01:33The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
17th May 12 10:42:34Tropers.Millernumber 1
17th May 12 02:00:40Fanfic Recs.Jane Austen
17th May 12 01:55:39Fanfic Recs.Jane Austen
17th May 12 01:35:58Tropers.Millernumber 1
17th May 12 01:19:47Huntress
15th May 12 02:05:54Dueling Movies
15th May 12 02:05:31Film.Emma
15th May 12 02:04:29Dueling Movies
15th May 12 02:02:17Dueling Movies
15th May 12 01:28:34Film.Emma
15th May 12 12:29:57Film.Emma
14th May 12 08:14:29Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
13th May 12 08:57:00Film.Emma
29th Apr 12 05:11:06Huntress
29th Apr 12 05:08:14Huntress
5th Apr 12 02:31:41Sherlock Holmes
22nd Mar 12 05:32:22Awesome.Return Of The Jedi
10th Mar 12 02:29:45X Wing Series
6th Mar 12 10:44:00YMMV.Emma
6th Mar 12 10:51:59Film.Emma
6th Mar 12 10:28:39Jeremy Brett
5th Mar 12 09:00:21Film.Emma
2nd Mar 12 04:13:04Birds Of Prey
2nd Mar 12 01:59:53Birds Of Prey
22nd Feb 12 07:15:51The Tudors
21st Feb 12 11:14:01Harry Brown
20th Feb 12 06:28:20The Master Blackmailer
20th Feb 12 06:27:34The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes
20th Feb 12 06:26:42The Adventuresof Sherlock Holmes
18th Feb 12 12:20:31The Borrowers
28th Jan 12 02:20:25Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
28th Jan 12 02:18:28Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
28th Nov 11 09:34:25Proper Lady
28th Nov 11 09:32:37The Power Of Love
28th Nov 11 09:27:13Little Dorrit
28th Nov 11 09:27:10You ALL Share My Story
20th Nov 11 03:57:17Sherlock Holmes
17th Nov 11 03:21:44Film.Emma
17th Nov 11 03:20:13Casting Gag
17th Nov 11 03:20:04David Mamet
17th Nov 11 03:19:02Films Of The1990s
17th Nov 11 03:18:32Real Life Relative
17th Nov 11 03:16:49Film.The Winslow Boy
17th Nov 11 03:16:07Film.The Winslow Boy
17th Nov 11 03:15:54The Winslow Boy
17th Nov 11 03:12:31Films Of The1990s
16th Nov 11 05:31:33Films Of The1970s
16th Nov 11 05:29:45Film.They Might Be Giants
16th Nov 11 05:24:16The Winslow Boy
16th Nov 11 05:24:05The Winslow Boy
16th Nov 11 05:20:05Films Of The1970s
16th Nov 11 11:00:19Films Of The1990s
16th Nov 11 10:58:43The Winslow Boy
16th Nov 11 10:53:19Films Of The1990s
16th Nov 11 10:52:15David Mamet
14th Nov 11 08:02:18Wonder Woman
12th Nov 11 03:59:17Wonder Woman
8th Nov 11 04:38:31Emma
7th Nov 11 02:54:28Shades Of Milk And Honey
30th Oct 11 07:00:50Jane Austen
18th Oct 11 09:02:22Genki Girl
18th Oct 11 09:01:26Felicia Day
17th Oct 11 05:20:14Shades Of Milk And Honey
6th Oct 11 11:44:33Huntress
6th Oct 11 10:42:28Circle Of Magic
6th Oct 11 10:39:45They Look Just Like Everyone Else
5th Oct 11 11:48:09Huntress
5th Oct 11 11:46:12Huntress
4th Oct 11 11:35:31Film.The Avengers
4th Oct 11 03:39:04Risk
4th Oct 11 03:00:50Emma
4th Oct 11 03:00:10Sense And Sensibility
4th Oct 11 02:58:37Pride And Prejudice
4th Oct 11 02:58:23Pride And Prejudice
4th Oct 11 02:58:05Northanger Abbey
4th Oct 11 02:51:57Emma
1st Oct 11 04:18:20Tropers.Millernumber 1
1st Oct 11 04:14:34October Daye
1st Oct 11 12:15:13Emma
1st Oct 11 12:14:33Detective Literature
1st Oct 11 12:13:34Emma
1st Oct 11 12:09:38Emma
30th Sep 11 01:51:36Comic Book Adaptation
30th Sep 11 01:51:25Comic Book Adaptation
29th Sep 11 06:02:58Film.Jane Eyre
29th Sep 11 05:59:47Film.Jane Eyre
27th Sep 11 08:01:19The Good Guys
27th Sep 11 07:58:23The Good Guys
25th Sep 11 08:51:41YMMV.Mansfield Park
25th Sep 11 08:50:08Mansfield Park
21st Sep 11 11:14:24Film.Emma
20th Sep 11 08:51:50Emma
20th Sep 11 08:43:49Emma
20th Sep 11 08:47:11Dethroning Moment.Literature
20th Sep 11 08:35:58Orson Scott Card
17th Sep 11 10:14:15The Jane Austen Book Club
17th Sep 11 10:13:09The Jane Austen Book Club
17th Sep 11 10:07:17Jane Austen
17th Sep 11 10:06:15Jane Austen
17th Sep 11 10:03:33The Jane Austen Book Club
17th Sep 11 08:05:35Tangled
17th Sep 11 08:02:26Slap Slap Kiss
17th Sep 11 01:09:01Huntress
17th Sep 11 01:01:19Tropers.Millernumber 1
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16th Sep 11 10:30:38Speculative Fiction Creator Index
16th Sep 11 10:29:43Mary Robinette Kowal
16th Sep 11 10:28:32Authors
16th Sep 11 10:26:18Authors
16th Sep 11 10:23:12Mary Robinette Kowal
16th Sep 11 10:21:13Shades Of Milk And Honey
16th Sep 11 09:57:54Black Canary
16th Sep 11 12:06:51Huntress
16th Sep 11 11:18:00Awesome.Huntress
16th Sep 11 11:17:47Heartwarming.Huntress
16th Sep 11 11:17:12Awesome.Huntress
16th Sep 11 11:15:43Heartwarming.Huntress
16th Sep 11 11:10:55Huntress
15th Sep 11 07:51:50Secret Six
15th Sep 11 07:51:05Secret Six