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5th Feb 13 11:51:25This Means War
5th Feb 13 11:50:25YMMV.Sonic X
5th Feb 13 11:49:45YMMV.Sega Superstars
5th Feb 13 11:49:01Video Game.Shadow The Hedgehog
5th Feb 13 11:47:39YMMV.Sonic The Hedgehog CD
5th Feb 13 11:46:33Gameplay Roulette
5th Feb 13 11:45:52Final Exam Boss
5th Feb 13 11:45:11The Scrappy.Video Games
5th Feb 13 11:43:24Tear Jerker.Sonic The Hedgehog
5th Feb 13 11:42:28Cute Ghost Girl
5th Feb 13 11:40:07Quotes.Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
5th Feb 13 06:44:10Video Game.Mischief Makers
5th Feb 13 02:02:39Tear Jerker.Billy Joel
5th Feb 13 01:09:38Revival By Commercialization
2nd Feb 13 12:24:31Analysis.Batman
2nd Feb 13 12:20:22Analysis.Batman
2nd Feb 13 12:20:02Analysis.Batman
21st Jan 13 12:35:18Characters.Mega Man X
13th Jan 13 11:02:42Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
15th Dec 12 12:12:49The Pin Is Mightier Than The Sword
12th Dec 12 11:21:21YMMV.Street Fighter X Mega Man
12th Dec 12 05:47:29Video Game.Eryis Action
10th Dec 12 10:08:52All Abusers Are Male
7th Dec 12 11:16:27Characters.Dan Vs
5th Dec 12 05:57:45Characters.Adventure Time Minor
1st Dec 12 01:45:14Draco In Leather Pants.Video Games
30th Nov 12 11:50:42Awesome Music.Armored Core
29th Nov 12 07:51:09Headscratchers.All Star Superman
29th Nov 12 07:45:04WMG.All Star Superman
28th Nov 12 12:22:39Characters.Adventure Time Minor
22nd Nov 12 11:35:01Characters.Adventure Time
3rd Nov 12 11:59:08Quotes.Then Let Me Be Evil
3rd Nov 12 11:58:55Quotes.Then Let Me Be Evil
3rd Nov 12 11:58:38Quotes.Then Let Me Be Evil
3rd Nov 12 11:58:20Quotes.Then Let Me Be Evil
21st Oct 12 01:28:54Surprisingly Good English
12th Oct 12 10:55:12Noob Cave
8th Oct 12 08:13:15Just Ignore It
4th Oct 12 08:21:37Lies Damned Lies And Statistics
30th Sep 12 10:34:45Quintessential British Gentleman
30th Sep 12 02:11:32Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
30th Sep 12 02:05:48Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
30th Sep 12 02:00:48Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
30th Sep 12 01:24:36Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
28th Sep 12 10:03:07Warp That Aesop.Video Games
26th Sep 12 03:38:59Critical Hit
19th Sep 12 05:29:53The Guards Must Be Crazy
12th Sep 12 09:08:20Characters.Tekken Tag Tournament 2
12th Sep 12 09:07:14Characters.Tekken Tag Tournament 2
11th Sep 12 08:37:32Funny.South Park
11th Sep 12 08:35:35Funny.South Park
11th Sep 12 10:38:29Bored With Insanity
5th Sep 12 07:47:54Refusing Paradise
5th Sep 12 07:47:33Refusing Paradise
4th Sep 12 11:43:25YMMV.Tom And Jerry
30th Aug 12 08:16:18Vanquish
30th Aug 12 08:15:24Take Cover
25th Aug 12 03:19:09Characters.Futurama
6th Aug 12 05:08:48Characters.Adventure Time
6th Aug 12 05:08:10Characters.Adventure Time
2nd Aug 12 09:26:45Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 21 Over A Barrel
25th Jul 12 10:55:57Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here
11th Jul 12 09:56:06Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 5 Sisterhooves Social
29th Jun 12 11:43:50The Legend Of Neil
18th Jun 12 07:34:12YMMV.Mortal Kombat 9
18th Jun 12 07:22:58Video Game.Mortal Kombat 9
18th Jun 12 07:20:00Perfect Play AI
9th Jun 12 05:43:14Video Game.Mega Man 8
3rd Jun 12 12:09:29Get Thee To A Nunnery
11th Apr 12 08:24:16Playing With.Faceless Goons
10th Apr 12 08:00:23Quotes.Dumbass Has A Point
10th Apr 12 08:00:05Quotes.Dumbass Has A Point
6th Apr 12 06:37:25Headscratchers.Paper Mario
29th Mar 12 12:26:42Headscratchers.Darkstalkers
24th Mar 12 12:58:53Western Animation.Beetlejuice
20th Mar 12 10:35:31Dr Tran
20th Mar 12 10:35:21Dr Tran
20th Mar 12 10:34:32Dr Tran
19th Mar 12 08:31:26Love Freak
19th Mar 12 08:24:29Love Freak
16th Mar 12 07:42:20Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
16th Mar 12 07:41:54Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
16th Mar 12 07:41:01Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
16th Mar 12 07:40:04Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
16th Mar 12 07:27:23Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
2nd Mar 12 01:19:07Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
28th Feb 12 09:10:50King Of The Monsters
18th Feb 12 06:31:59WMG.Regular Show
4th Feb 12 09:56:48Fridge.Persona 4
31st Jan 12 04:34:45Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
31st Jan 12 04:32:12Video Game.Monster Girl Quest
27th Jan 12 03:14:50Video Game.Persona 4
27th Jan 12 02:38:10Video Game.Persona 4
26th Jan 12 12:02:33Headscratchers.Punch Out
25th Jan 12 03:37:57Vodka Drunkenski
19th Jan 12 10:57:21Characters.God Hand
19th Jan 12 10:32:45Characters.God Hand
16th Jan 12 10:22:24Fairplay Whodunnit
15th Jan 12 01:37:27The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Games
15th Jan 12 01:37:14The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Games
8th Jan 12 08:17:32Cycle Of Hurting
13th Dec 11 01:19:39Waste Of Time Story
8th Dec 11 09:50:16Headscratchers.Conkers Bad Fur Day
4th Dec 11 01:50:23Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
4th Dec 11 01:36:53Headscratchers.Darkstalkers
3rd Dec 11 11:45:31Music.George Clinton
29th Nov 11 09:37:39Doug
29th Nov 11 05:58:34A Winner Is You
27th Nov 11 11:38:19Series.The Heart She Holler
22nd Nov 11 01:12:59You Have Researched Breathing
21st Nov 11 03:16:36Fridge.Darkstalkers
21st Nov 11 12:56:37WMG.Order Of The Stick
20th Nov 11 01:03:30Beaver And Steve
20th Nov 11 12:44:52WMG.Order Of The Stick
20th Nov 11 12:31:20WMG.Order Of The Stick Jossed
18th Nov 11 08:40:25Tomba
18th Nov 11 08:39:40Creator Killer
12th Nov 11 12:31:11Order Of The Stick Tropes A To L
7th Nov 11 05:17:41Smogon
4th Nov 11 01:56:43Characters.Street Fighter
4th Nov 11 01:48:08Characters.Street Fighter
4th Nov 11 01:47:28Characters.Street Fighter
2nd Nov 11 05:17:51Wheres The Fun In That
30th Oct 11 12:36:49Platonic Prostitution
27th Oct 11 10:30:21Aesop Ju Jitsu
25th Oct 11 12:38:27WMG.Batman Arkham City
25th Oct 11 12:30:06Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
19th Oct 11 06:00:09Fridge.Batman Arkham City
11th Oct 11 07:51:51Courier
30th Sep 11 08:11:28Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure
28th Sep 11 04:24:52Monster Tale
28th Sep 11 04:24:21Monster Tale
28th Sep 11 04:21:49Monster Tale
28th Sep 11 04:04:23YMMV.Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
28th Sep 11 04:03:45YMMV.Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
23rd Sep 11 09:57:25Fridge Horror.Video Games
23rd Sep 11 09:56:42Surprise Creepy
22nd Sep 11 02:09:02Orgasmic Combat