Mc Jeff's Recent Edits

28th Sep 16 10:15:08Wrestling.Christopher Daniels
27th Sep 16 05:41:49Characters.The Hobbit
27th Sep 16 02:44:48Music.Dog Fashion Disco
27th Sep 16 02:42:45Music.Dog Fashion Disco
27th Sep 16 02:41:51Trivia.Dog Fashion Disco
27th Sep 16 02:38:53Music.Dog Fashion Disco
27th Sep 16 02:37:00Music.Dog Fashion Disco
27th Sep 16 02:29:12Mad Doctor
27th Sep 16 02:25:43School Nurse
24th Sep 16 10:43:29Vaporware
21st Sep 16 08:43:54Characters.Darkwing Duck
14th Sep 16 09:35:27Wrestling.Cheerleader Melissa
3rd Sep 16 12:07:25Creator.Tom Brady
3rd Sep 16 12:07:06Creator.Tom Brady
31st Aug 16 11:52:59Wrestling.Molly Holly
31st Aug 16 11:43:47Wrestling.CHIKARA
30th Aug 16 10:59:01Wrestling.Masato Tanaka
30th Aug 16 05:04:23Early Installment Weirdness.Professional Wrestling
29th Aug 16 04:16:44YMMV.Jeff Hardy
29th Aug 16 12:30:45Western Animation.The Schnookums And Meat Funny Cartoon Show
29th Aug 16 12:13:17Literature.Hans Brinker Or The Silver Skates
29th Aug 16 12:09:38Beta Bitch
28th Aug 16 11:58:36The Bully
28th Aug 16 11:57:35The Bully
28th Aug 16 11:52:16YMMV.Big Boss Man
28th Aug 16 11:50:40X Pac Heat
27th Aug 16 01:41:39Music.Monster Magnet
27th Aug 16 01:38:46Music.Monster Magnet
27th Aug 16 01:32:41Music.Monster Magnet
27th Aug 16 01:10:18Music.Dog Fashion Disco
20th Aug 16 09:08:32Characters.Darkwing Duck
10th Aug 16 07:38:56Western Animation.Swing You Sinners
10th Aug 16 05:55:41Wrestling.Edge
9th Aug 16 10:40:12Video Game.Tecmo Bowl
9th Aug 16 02:25:39Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
2nd Aug 16 10:30:34Literature.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
26th Jul 16 12:12:34Video Game.Might And Magic
25th Jul 16 04:00:05Wrestling.Psicosis
25th Jul 16 03:58:25Wrestling.Psicosis
25th Jul 16 03:29:37YMMV.Matt Hardy
20th Jul 16 03:30:35Film.Racket Girls
19th Jul 16 09:21:13Wrestling.David Heath
19th Jul 16 12:08:34Video Game.Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden
18th Jul 16 09:43:52Video Game.Tecmo Bowl
17th Jul 16 09:27:42Website.YTMND
16th Jul 16 03:26:42Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Jul 16 12:44:50Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Jul 16 12:42:38Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Jul 16 12:26:57Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Jul 16 12:23:42Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
12th Jul 16 11:37:18Characters.Punch Out
12th Jul 16 11:08:45YMMV.Dungeon Of Doom
12th Jul 16 11:08:04YMMV.Dungeon Of Doom
9th Jul 16 10:28:14Never Work With Children Or Animals
9th Jul 16 02:13:34Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
9th Jul 16 02:07:31Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
9th Jul 16 01:56:40Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
9th Jul 16 01:35:11YMMV.The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas
5th Jul 16 05:12:43Heartwarming.Real Life Other
5th Jul 16 12:16:07Wrestling.Mick Foley
4th Jul 16 09:57:22Trivia.Bully
4th Jul 16 09:53:03Trivia.Bully
29th Jun 16 10:42:16Butt Monkey.Sports
29th Jun 16 10:39:02Butt Monkey.Sports
29th Jun 16 07:38:50Characters.Bully
27th Jun 16 09:25:54Characters.Bully
25th Jun 16 12:34:22Film.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
25th Jun 16 12:15:37Literature.The Incredible Journey
25th Jun 16 12:06:54Film.Beethoven
25th Jun 16 12:05:19YMMV.Beethoven
18th Jun 16 08:09:40YMMV.Guitar Hero
18th Jun 16 07:23:28YMMV.Guitar Hero
18th Jun 16 07:12:04Music.Alice Cooper
15th Jun 16 03:03:57Creator.Tucker Max
13th Jun 16 11:19:30Demonic Spiders.Role Playing Games
13th Jun 16 11:13:11Demonic Spiders.Role Playing Games
5th Jun 16 10:49:53Characters.CHIKARA
1st Jun 16 05:36:13YMMV.Realm Of The Elderlings
1st Jun 16 04:12:21Wrestling.Dragon Gate
1st Jun 16 04:01:58Tropers.Mc Jeff
30th May 16 10:04:01BFS
26th May 16 10:24:15Horrible.WCW
26th May 16 10:16:45Horrible.WWE
23rd May 16 05:15:11Characters.Legend Of Mana
23rd May 16 05:06:48Characters.Legend Of Mana
23rd May 16 04:35:39Gangplank Galleon
22nd May 16 01:47:03Characters.WCW Bischoff
22nd May 16 01:28:19Wrestling Family
20th May 16 02:12:58Wrestling.Dungeon Of Doom
20th May 16 02:08:48Wrestling.Dungeon Of Doom
20th May 16 01:51:06Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Professional Wrestling
16th May 16 09:36:12Wrestling.Kanako Urai
16th May 16 08:33:59YMMV.The Wyatt Family
15th May 16 02:11:00YMMV.Might And Magic
15th May 16 02:10:24YMMV.Might And Magic
15th May 16 02:01:40Metal Slime
15th May 16 01:51:41Invincible Minor Minion
14th May 16 10:49:17Characters.WWENXT
14th May 16 10:48:58Characters.WWENXT
10th May 16 11:50:57Characters.CHIKARA
10th May 16 06:11:11Small Name Big Ego.Professional Wrestling
10th May 16 06:01:04Small Name Big Ego.Professional Wrestling
10th May 16 05:49:33Characters.Dragon Gate
9th May 16 05:19:08Lensman Arms Race
9th May 16 05:12:01Wrestling.The Great Sasuke
5th May 16 07:41:09Characters.Donkey Kong
5th May 16 07:19:14Characters.Donkey Kong
4th May 16 01:11:59Wrestling.Kanako Urai
3rd May 16 09:38:12YMMV.Deagle Nation
3rd May 16 12:23:09Memes.WWE
3rd May 16 12:20:49Memes.WWE
28th Apr 16 06:59:34Power Stable
28th Apr 16 06:57:32Power Stable
28th Apr 16 06:35:35Ignore The Fanservice
27th Apr 16 07:00:11Video Game.WWF No Mercy
27th Apr 16 12:35:44Webcomic.The Noob
27th Apr 16 12:29:54Muscle Angst
27th Apr 16 12:27:18Creator.Ronda Rousey
27th Apr 16 12:14:51Webcomic.The Noob
27th Apr 16 12:14:05Webcomic.The Noob
27th Apr 16 12:11:03Webcomic.The Noob
27th Apr 16 10:26:33Qurac
27th Apr 16 10:15:26Webcomic.DM Of The Rings
25th Apr 16 06:59:31Playing With.Amazonian Beauty
25th Apr 16 05:27:25Characters.Final Fantasy VI
25th Apr 16 01:41:31The Artifact
20th Apr 16 10:51:01Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
20th Apr 16 10:45:08Eldritch Abomination.Tabletop Games
20th Apr 16 08:28:27Waif Fu
20th Apr 16 08:25:58Western Animation.The Legend Of Zelda
19th Apr 16 06:42:07Web Video.My Way Entertainment
14th Apr 16 06:16:30Wrestling.Bobo Brazil
14th Apr 16 05:05:14Wrestling.Balls Mahoney
12th Apr 16 01:25:20Wrestling.Kamala
10th Apr 16 06:31:14Wrestling.Rhyno
10th Apr 16 02:36:14Literature.The Rats In The Walls
4th Apr 16 10:00:59Website.The Best Page In The Universe
4th Apr 16 08:55:11YMMV.Chrono Trigger
4th Apr 16 08:46:44An Adventurer Is You
4th Apr 16 08:38:45An Adventurer Is You
4th Apr 16 08:19:19Videogame.Ever Quest II
2nd Apr 16 09:16:36The Ace
1st Apr 16 10:41:50Characters.CHIKARA
29th Mar 16 10:01:22Franchise.Metroid
29th Mar 16 09:50:05Characters.Castlevania
28th Mar 16 09:20:29Characters.Darkstalkers
28th Mar 16 06:04:35Funny.Kurt Angle
28th Mar 16 06:00:19What Could Have Been.WWE
28th Mar 16 05:56:50What Could Have Been.WWE
28th Mar 16 05:37:02Film.Dogma
28th Mar 16 04:59:18Characters.Dragon Gate
28th Mar 16 04:56:19Characters.Dragon Gate
28th Mar 16 12:09:11Murderous Thighs
28th Mar 16 12:04:29Creators Pet.Professional Wrestling
23rd Mar 16 08:16:15Music.Insane Clown Posse
23rd Mar 16 07:59:39Bowdlerise.Music
23rd Mar 16 01:29:27Wrestling.Dungeon Of Doom
23rd Mar 16 01:22:37Wrestling.Dungeon Of Doom
22nd Mar 16 04:23:25Breakup Breakout
17th Mar 16 09:17:57You Go Girl
17th Mar 16 09:07:59Wrestling.ECW
14th Mar 16 09:34:47Video Game.Super Mario RPG
14th Mar 16 09:12:00Video Game.Super Mario RPG
14th Mar 16 08:53:10Video Game.Super Mario RPG
14th Mar 16 08:50:15Kleptomaniac Hero Found Underwear
14th Mar 16 11:24:58Wrestling.Kurt Angle
12th Mar 16 08:25:55Murderous Thighs
12th Mar 16 12:56:41Videogame.Ever Quest II
12th Mar 16 11:14:29Hijacked By Ganon
10th Mar 16 05:34:20One Hit Wonder
9th Mar 16 07:46:21Characters.CHIKARA
7th Mar 16 07:48:35Wrestling.Rikishi
6th Mar 16 12:50:26Vindicated By History
5th Mar 16 09:51:47Creator.Ronda Rousey
5th Mar 16 09:51:11Creator.Ronda Rousey
3rd Mar 16 08:34:20Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
3rd Mar 16 08:01:29Stage Names
3rd Mar 16 07:58:32Creator.Ronda Rousey
3rd Mar 16 07:37:29Trivia.Ronda Rousey
3rd Mar 16 06:25:30Wrestling Family
29th Feb 16 05:59:47Videogame.Ever Quest II
29th Feb 16 05:53:07Sex Sells
27th Feb 16 03:16:48Wrestling.Lita
27th Feb 16 02:59:30Wrestling.Lita
25th Feb 16 05:56:34Trivia.The Best Page In The Universe
23rd Feb 16 06:28:28Wrestling.Chris Benoit
23rd Feb 16 06:17:40Characters.Lackadaisy
22nd Feb 16 08:45:25Characters.CHIKARA
22nd Feb 16 07:48:26Demon Lords And Archdevils
17th Feb 16 06:20:37Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
17th Feb 16 04:46:30Our Orcs Are Different
17th Feb 16 02:59:26Video Game.Mega Man 3
15th Feb 16 05:48:20What Could Have Been.Professional Wrestling
11th Feb 16 05:59:40Seasonal Rot.Western Animation
10th Feb 16 08:58:02Characters.Dragon Gate
9th Feb 16 09:23:44Wrestling.Brutus Beefcake
8th Feb 16 09:54:24Wrestler In All Of Us
6th Feb 16 07:19:44Useful Notes.National Football League
1st Feb 16 09:04:43Characters.Bully
1st Feb 16 08:03:53Video Game.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
26th Jan 16 05:32:29Fan Dumb
8th Jan 16 03:13:40Video Game.WWF No Mercy
8th Jan 16 12:06:53Wrestling.Rick Martel
8th Jan 16 12:06:32Wrestling.Rick Martel
8th Jan 16 12:02:37What Could Have Been.Professional Wrestling
7th Jan 16 11:52:42Characters.CHIKARA
7th Jan 16 02:33:44No Guy Wants An Amazon
7th Jan 16 01:37:28Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
7th Jan 16 01:33:53Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
7th Jan 16 01:04:45Characters.Lackadaisy
7th Jan 16 01:02:20Characters.Lackadaisy
3rd Jan 16 10:41:49Video Game.WWF No Mercy
3rd Jan 16 10:41:10Video Game.WWF No Mercy
3rd Jan 16 10:35:46Video Game.WWF No Mercy
3rd Jan 16 10:35:00Video Game.WWF No Mercy
3rd Jan 16 10:13:41Video Game.WWF No Mercy
3rd Jan 16 10:13:11Video Game.WWF No Mercy
1st Jan 16 07:14:25Epic Fail.Web Comics
30th Dec 15 04:14:02Video Game.WWF No Mercy
30th Dec 15 04:13:24Video Game.WWF No Mercy
30th Dec 15 04:13:04Video Game.WWF No Mercy
30th Dec 15 04:07:23Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Professional Wrestling
29th Dec 15 10:27:25Awesome Music.Professional Wrestling
17th Dec 15 10:15:18Gorgeous George
17th Dec 15 09:13:19Characters.There Will Be Brawl
17th Dec 15 09:12:59Characters.There Will Be Brawl
10th Dec 15 05:17:45Breakup Breakout
7th Dec 15 07:03:31Creator.Tucker Max
6th Dec 15 06:58:03Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Dec 15 10:23:18That One Boss.Final Fantasy
5th Dec 15 09:58:18Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
4th Dec 15 09:21:14Lesser Star
3rd Dec 15 09:01:09YMMV.Roman Reigns
3rd Dec 15 08:57:49YMMV.Roman Reigns
3rd Dec 15 08:46:58YMMV.Roman Reigns
28th Nov 15 06:59:27Wrestling.Bo Dallas
28th Nov 15 06:58:00YMMV.The Wyatt Family
28th Nov 15 06:54:13Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
28th Nov 15 04:57:04Wrestling.Damien Sandow
24th Nov 15 06:04:29Tear Jerker.Animorphs
24th Nov 15 05:53:21Breakup Breakout
21st Nov 15 10:05:24Wrestling.Heath Slater
21st Nov 15 10:01:38Wrestling.Bob Backlund
16th Nov 15 04:34:55Fanfic.Thirty Hs
16th Nov 15 04:27:31Fanfic.Thirty Hs
15th Nov 15 11:10:11Literature.Jane Eyre
12th Nov 15 03:45:15Wrestling.Naomi
12th Nov 15 03:32:01Webcomic.Antihero For Hire
11th Nov 15 06:46:47Videogame.Ever Quest II
8th Nov 15 03:17:05Hospital Hottie
8th Nov 15 02:45:36Video Game.Bully
5th Nov 15 09:57:01Useful Notes.National Football League
5th Nov 15 07:03:57Literature.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
5th Nov 15 06:56:24YMMV.The Wyatt Family
3rd Nov 15 08:50:44Wrestling.Dragon Gate
2nd Nov 15 11:15:33Wrestling.Dragon Gate
1st Nov 15 09:36:59Uberwald
1st Nov 15 09:26:15Breakup Breakout
25th Oct 15 05:15:30YMMV.Illusion Of Gaia
25th Oct 15 05:09:20Video Game.Illusion Of Gaia
23rd Oct 15 07:52:34Villain Forgot To Level Grind
22nd Oct 15 06:50:13Slasher Smile
21st Oct 15 06:28:09Anthropomorphic Shift
21st Oct 15 06:26:13Literature.Raptor Red
21st Oct 15 06:20:03Wrestling Family
20th Oct 15 05:06:42Dreamworks Face
19th Oct 15 11:26:43Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
19th Oct 15 09:24:16Curbstomp Cushion
18th Oct 15 07:11:17YMMV.Chrono Trigger
18th Oct 15 05:52:22Brawn Hilda
17th Oct 15 09:45:00Stock Yuck
15th Oct 15 04:46:54Music.Sonata Arctica
15th Oct 15 04:46:15Music.Sonata Arctica
14th Oct 15 04:56:53Tabletop Game.Hero Quest
11th Oct 15 01:06:25Breakup Breakout
11th Oct 15 01:04:24Characters.WCW Invasion
11th Oct 15 11:29:27Characters.South Park Other Recurring Characters
11th Oct 15 10:55:55Literature.Little House On The Prairie
6th Oct 15 06:44:59Characters.Dragon Gate
6th Oct 15 06:39:42Characters.Dragon Gate
6th Oct 15 06:25:33Americans Hate Tingle
4th Oct 15 11:59:38Sexophone
3rd Oct 15 01:24:01Literature.Of Mice And Men
3rd Oct 15 01:17:20Literature.Of Mice And Men
3rd Oct 15 12:58:50Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
27th Sep 15 09:34:14One Hit Wonder
25th Sep 15 01:25:52Video Game.Ever Quest
25th Sep 15 01:18:50Jerk Jock
24th Sep 15 11:33:47Music.Dog Fashion Disco
21st Sep 15 03:43:43Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
20th Sep 15 12:24:37Evil Counterpart.Professional Wrestling
18th Sep 15 11:38:38Characters.CHIKARA
9th Sep 15 07:19:41Wrestling.CHIKARA
8th Sep 15 09:42:58The Artifact.Professional Wrestling
4th Sep 15 05:29:16Dragon Lady
4th Sep 15 05:24:55Web Original.Deagle Nation
1st Sep 15 08:18:53Film.Patch Adams
31st Aug 15 08:24:09Characters.CHIKARA
31st Aug 15 07:03:58Useful Notes.National Football League
31st Aug 15 06:49:28Useful Notes.National Football League
28th Aug 15 07:56:46Stout Strength
25th Aug 15 11:56:36Wrestling.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:53:17Wrestling.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:50:08Characters.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:36:23Characters.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:34:35Characters.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:34:03Characters.Dragon Gate
25th Aug 15 11:10:57Video Game.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
25th Aug 15 08:27:54YMMV.Gaijin Smash
23rd Aug 15 10:15:19Website.Wrestle Crap
23rd Aug 15 10:11:26Website.Wrestle Crap
22nd Aug 15 09:20:50Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
22nd Aug 15 09:14:00Murderous Thighs
19th Aug 15 12:54:16Fan Dumb
17th Aug 15 10:31:07Bullying A Dragon.Real Life
17th Aug 15 09:59:28Literature.Chronicles Of Prydain
17th Aug 15 09:51:44Literature.The Horse And His Boy
17th Aug 15 09:49:24Literature.The Horse And His Boy
17th Aug 15 09:35:39Literature.The Silver Chair
16th Aug 15 01:51:55Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
14th Aug 15 07:40:23Characters.Bully
14th Aug 15 07:38:38Characters.Bully
14th Aug 15 07:10:29Characters.Bully
9th Aug 15 06:13:52Stupid Good
9th Aug 15 06:09:53Stupid Good
8th Aug 15 10:58:58YMMV.Ever Quest II
8th Aug 15 10:54:57Videogame.Ever Quest II
8th Aug 15 10:48:55Videogame.Ever Quest II
8th Aug 15 10:34:03Literature.The Magicians Nephew
7th Aug 15 07:29:35Video Game.Zelda Classic
7th Aug 15 07:26:08Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
7th Aug 15 07:24:21YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda I
7th Aug 15 07:14:58Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
7th Aug 15 01:11:38Wrestling.Sable
3rd Aug 15 05:50:09Literature.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
2nd Aug 15 07:03:55Nintendo Hard.Role Playing Games
2nd Aug 15 06:45:49Characters.Darkwing Duck
30th Jul 15 07:49:22Beige Prose
28th Jul 15 08:49:29Overshadowed By Awesome
28th Jul 15 08:40:51Overshadowed By Awesome
27th Jul 15 02:12:58Start My Own
27th Jul 15 08:20:32The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
26th Jul 15 05:47:43Videogame.Ever Quest II
26th Jul 15 05:41:34Video Game.Tecmo Bowl
20th Jul 15 04:37:15Characters.CHIKARA
20th Jul 15 12:24:05Video Game.WWF No Mercy
17th Jul 15 10:12:28Video Game.WWF No Mercy
17th Jul 15 10:01:06Characters.Dragon Gate
17th Jul 15 03:45:08Not Me This Time
15th Jul 15 05:10:07Comic Strip.Dilbert
11th Jul 15 07:48:05Characters.Deagle Nation
11th Jul 15 07:41:57Web Original.Deagle Nation
11th Jul 15 07:36:02Web Original.Deagle Nation
11th Jul 15 01:15:31Video Game.Criminal Case
11th Jul 15 10:13:57Western Animation.Stone Protectors
9th Jul 15 06:30:42Tabletop Game.Hero Quest
7th Jul 15 01:30:02Characters.Bully
6th Jul 15 08:22:16Wrestling.Psicosis
6th Jul 15 02:27:10Horrible.Webcomics
5th Jul 15 06:35:27Useful Notes.National Football League
4th Jul 15 12:28:10Series.The Adventures Of Sinbad
4th Jul 15 12:09:36Idiot Ball.Professional Wrestling
3rd Jul 15 11:51:45Web Video.There Will Be Brawl
2nd Jul 15 05:19:50Murderous Thighs
29th Jun 15 04:50:08Series.Kitchen Nightmares
27th Jun 15 10:49:54Power Stable
27th Jun 15 10:38:37NJPW
26th Jun 15 11:05:00Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
25th Jun 15 09:01:03Wrestling.Ivelisse Velez
25th Jun 15 09:00:51Wrestling.Ivelisse Velez
25th Jun 15 08:58:56Worthy Opponent
23rd Jun 15 07:38:07Characters.CHIKARA
20th Jun 15 12:14:12Wrestling.Lance Storm
19th Jun 15 06:55:18Horrible.WWE
18th Jun 15 07:51:05Characters.CHIKARA
17th Jun 15 10:18:28Video Game.Final Fantasy Tactics
17th Jun 15 10:14:37YMMV.Final Fantasy Tactics
17th Jun 15 10:06:30Trivia.Final Fantasy Tactics
17th Jun 15 10:01:25Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
16th Jun 15 12:02:58Characters.Final Fantasy Tactics
15th Jun 15 10:38:28Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
12th Jun 15 09:33:33Literature.Lord Of The Flies
12th Jun 15 05:51:00Characters.CHIKARA
12th Jun 15 05:50:18Characters.CHIKARA
11th Jun 15 09:33:57Breakup Breakout
6th Jun 15 11:13:26Webcomic.Ansem Retort
6th Jun 15 11:11:13Webcomic.Ansem Retort
31st May 15 03:56:52Web Original.Deagle Nation
31st May 15 03:41:28Web Original.Deagle Nation
31st May 15 03:37:46Web Original.Deagle Nation
29th May 15 07:23:40Video Game.Bully
29th May 15 07:14:32Video Game.Bully
26th May 15 10:15:40Professional Wrestling
26th May 15 09:52:08Gender Blender Name
26th May 15 09:41:18Murderous Thighs
24th May 15 07:38:09Western Animation.South Park
24th May 15 07:13:05Webcomic.Dinosaur Comics
24th May 15 05:44:09Video Game.Might And Magic
24th May 15 03:57:46Video Game.Adventures Of Dino Riki
23rd May 15 04:32:46Overshadowed By Awesome