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21st Feb 18 05:35:51Author Appeal.Surname I To Q
21st Feb 18 01:12:37Characters.Darkwing Duck Minor Villains
21st Feb 18 01:03:16Characters.Darkwing Duck Major Villains
21st Feb 18 12:54:15Characters.CHIKARA
20th Feb 18 10:39:46Website.Flame Warriors
20th Feb 18 10:35:16Website.Flame Warriors
20th Feb 18 10:34:44Website.Flame Warriors
19th Feb 18 09:32:24Characters.Seiken Densetsu 3
17th Feb 18 07:31:44Wrestling.The Barbarian
17th Feb 18 06:33:35YMMV.Gaijin Smash
17th Feb 18 06:29:23YMMV.Gaijin Smash
14th Feb 18 11:05:11Trivia.Chikara
14th Feb 18 02:37:30Tastes Like Diabetes.Western Animation
14th Feb 18 12:48:48Video Game.Ever Quest
14th Feb 18 12:39:39Characters.CHIKARA
14th Feb 18 12:25:57Characters.Darkwing Duck Major Villains
4th Feb 18 09:11:49Earn Your Happy Ending.Professional Wrestling
3rd Feb 18 03:00:25Bowdlerise.Music
2nd Feb 18 05:30:03Critical Dissonance
2nd Feb 18 05:25:25X Pac Heat
26th Jan 18 01:26:30Literature.Little House On The Prairie
26th Jan 18 01:18:21Literature.Little House On The Prairie
26th Jan 18 01:08:43Literature.The Chronicles Of Prydain
26th Jan 18 01:04:49Literature.The Chronicles Of Prydain
26th Jan 18 12:59:46Literature.The Chronicles Of Prydain
26th Jan 18 12:07:41Characters.Dragon Gate
26th Jan 18 12:06:25Characters.Dragon Gate
19th Jan 18 09:09:10Wrestling.The Corporation
5th Jan 18 11:26:02Webcomic.Antihero For Hire
29th Dec 17 09:12:24Video Game.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
27th Dec 17 06:41:23Characters.CHIKARA
27th Dec 17 06:37:07Characters.CHIKARA
22nd Dec 17 01:50:23Literature.The Chronicles Of Prydain
21st Dec 17 05:24:44X Pac Heat
15th Dec 17 06:35:53Awesome.The Last Battle
15th Dec 17 06:35:01Awesome.The Last Battle
15th Dec 17 06:33:40Literature.The Last Battle
15th Dec 17 01:07:41Creator.Beatrix Potter
15th Dec 17 01:01:29Creator.Beatrix Potter
13th Dec 17 10:34:07Greater Scope Villain.Live Action Films
8th Dec 17 01:33:32Characters.There Will Be Brawl
7th Dec 17 10:14:59Video Game.Sunless Sea
5th Dec 17 11:50:35Wrestling.Raven
5th Dec 17 09:22:20Characters.Dragon Gate
1st Dec 17 10:39:30Website.Rotten Dot Com
1st Dec 17 02:12:36Creator.Flannery O Connor
1st Dec 17 02:05:56Creator.Flannery O Connor
29th Nov 17 09:32:34Author Appeal.Surname I To Q
26th Nov 17 12:36:25I Was Young And Needed The Money
22nd Nov 17 08:26:18Characters.Streets Of Rage
17th Nov 17 05:55:27Wrestling.Takuya Sugi
17th Nov 17 02:20:10Memes.WWE
17th Nov 17 02:08:41Murderous Thighs
17th Nov 17 02:07:42Murderous Thighs
17th Nov 17 02:05:28Murderous Thighs
17th Nov 17 11:07:25Memes.WWE
17th Nov 17 11:00:39Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Professional Wrestling
15th Nov 17 07:02:38Website.Flame Warriors
14th Nov 17 02:15:43Gorgeous George
13th Nov 17 01:37:42Literature.Ramona Quimby
12th Nov 17 02:17:20Fan Nickname.Professional Wrestling
12th Nov 17 02:10:49YMMV.Von Erich Family
11th Nov 17 11:35:15X Pac Heat
11th Nov 17 02:56:51Characters.CHIKARA
2nd Nov 17 07:17:45Characters.Dragon Gate
2nd Nov 17 12:25:51Wrestling.Vince Russo
2nd Nov 17 12:13:39Quotes.Vince Russo
31st Oct 17 12:08:56Characters.There Will Be Brawl
30th Oct 17 01:19:59Radar.Pro Wrestling
30th Oct 17 01:19:11Radar.Pro Wrestling
21st Oct 17 08:45:06Starter Villain
18th Oct 17 10:43:29Twinking
18th Oct 17 10:41:52Twinking
18th Oct 17 10:33:19Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
13th Oct 17 11:03:14Characters.Streets Of Rage
13th Oct 17 11:02:03Characters.Streets Of Rage
13th Oct 17 11:01:29Characters.Streets Of Rage
13th Oct 17 11:01:09Characters.Streets Of Rage
13th Oct 17 01:01:51Characters.Darkstalkers
10th Oct 17 08:36:45What Could Have Been
10th Oct 17 08:33:05What Could Have Been.Professional Wrestling
10th Oct 17 11:15:58Atrocious Alias
10th Oct 17 11:11:57Power Stable
10th Oct 17 11:08:54Power Stable
10th Oct 17 11:00:54Characters.Ansem Retort
10th Oct 17 10:31:53Wrestling.Daizee Haze
10th Oct 17 08:37:29Lampshade Hanging
7th Oct 17 12:02:02Characters.Dragon Gate
6th Oct 17 03:55:38YMMV.Bully
2nd Oct 17 07:44:10Characters.CHIKARA
29th Sep 17 05:40:14Stock Yuck
29th Sep 17 05:36:57Stock Yuck
29th Sep 17 04:58:44Characters.CHIKARA
23rd Sep 17 04:07:01Webcomic.Zap
21st Sep 17 07:59:07Characters.Dragon Gate
17th Sep 17 07:55:21Characters.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
17th Sep 17 07:48:38Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
17th Sep 17 07:35:13Series.The Adventures Of Sinbad
14th Sep 17 06:32:38YMMV.Little Nemo The Dream Master
14th Sep 17 12:36:57Characters.CHIKARA
13th Sep 17 06:12:46Characters.Dragon Gate
13th Sep 17 10:08:35Webcomic.The Noob
13th Sep 17 10:04:40Webcomic.The Noob
12th Sep 17 07:12:59Wrestling.Vince Russo
12th Sep 17 01:50:35Characters.CHIKARA
7th Sep 17 07:35:53Webcomic.Ansem Retort
7th Sep 17 03:44:14Website.Badass Of The Week
5th Sep 17 11:42:05Characters.CHIKARA
4th Sep 17 08:42:20Literature.Ring Of Hell
4th Sep 17 08:41:36Literature.Ring Of Hell
4th Sep 17 08:35:04Wham Episode.The Order Of The Stick
4th Sep 17 08:32:57Insult Backfire.Professional Wrestling
4th Sep 17 08:22:57Characters.Dragon Gate
4th Sep 17 08:17:21Characters.Dragon Gate
3rd Sep 17 08:36:45Trivia.Queen Of Wands
3rd Sep 17 04:17:17Video Game.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
3rd Sep 17 03:52:38Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
2nd Sep 17 08:32:32Marshmallow Hell
27th Aug 17 12:21:00Knight Of Cerebus
26th Aug 17 08:02:06Breakup Breakout.Professional Wrestling
26th Aug 17 08:01:51Breakup Breakout.Professional Wrestling
26th Aug 17 07:48:07Names The Same.Professional Wrestling
25th Aug 17 09:35:27Awesome.MOTHER
25th Aug 17 12:01:44Butter Face
24th Aug 17 09:10:34Murderous Thighs
24th Aug 17 09:07:16Murderous Thighs
24th Aug 17 03:01:20Trivia.Madusa
24th Aug 17 03:00:43Trivia.Madusa
24th Aug 17 03:00:27Trivia.Madusa
24th Aug 17 02:54:59Wrestling.Madusa
21st Aug 17 08:39:46Literature.To Kill A Mockingbird
21st Aug 17 08:27:49Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
21st Aug 17 08:23:51Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
21st Aug 17 08:23:01Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
21st Aug 17 08:18:22Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
18th Aug 17 09:40:43YMMV.Legend Of Mana
18th Aug 17 09:37:38Video Game.Legend Of Mana
18th Aug 17 08:52:55Music.Rob Zombie
18th Aug 17 08:42:09Music.Metallica
18th Aug 17 05:48:02Webcomic.Breakfast Of The Gods
18th Aug 17 05:28:52Webcomic.Breakfast Of The Gods
18th Aug 17 05:27:40Webcomic.Breakfast Of The Gods
18th Aug 17 05:22:25Characters.Deagle Nation
18th Aug 17 05:20:14Web Video.Deagle Nation
18th Aug 17 05:19:49Web Video.Deagle Nation
18th Aug 17 05:19:22Web Video.Deagle Nation
17th Aug 17 11:16:09YMMV.Sable
17th Aug 17 11:07:17Wrestling.CHIKARA
17th Aug 17 11:02:30Wrestling.CHIKARA
17th Aug 17 10:57:56Characters.CHIKARA
7th Aug 17 02:00:11Characters.Streets Of Rage
7th Aug 17 12:23:40Characters.Dragon Gate
7th Aug 17 12:07:14Characters.Dragon Gate
7th Aug 17 11:31:32Video Game.Bully
7th Aug 17 11:26:36Video Game.Bully
6th Aug 17 12:10:38Characters.Dragon Gate
5th Aug 17 09:09:56YMMV.Sonic Exe
5th Aug 17 04:12:18X Pac Heat
4th Aug 17 04:55:21Wrestling.Billy Kidman
4th Aug 17 04:46:28X Pac Heat
4th Aug 17 04:10:30Authors Saving Throw
3rd Aug 17 12:36:17Fanfic.Thirty Hs
3rd Aug 17 12:30:31Fanfic.Thirty Hs
3rd Aug 17 12:28:33Fanfic.Thirty Hs
2nd Aug 17 07:11:22Wrestling.Luke Harper
2nd Aug 17 07:07:21Vile Villain Saccharine Show
2nd Aug 17 06:59:31Manly Tears
1st Aug 17 09:36:40Horrible.Webcomics
30th Jul 17 07:59:52Trivia.Bully
28th Jul 17 03:46:34Author Appeal.Surname I To Q
23rd Jul 17 08:47:28Characters.Dragon Gate
23rd Jul 17 08:42:52Characters.Dragon Gate
18th Jul 17 06:54:48X Pac Heat
18th Jul 17 06:40:12Wrestling.Ultimo Dragon
18th Jul 17 06:12:57Horrible.WWE
18th Jul 17 06:09:53Horrible.WWE
17th Jul 17 04:07:40Webcomic.The Noob
16th Jul 17 09:02:54Money Dear Boy
16th Jul 17 08:13:16Dummied Out.Professional Wrestling Games
16th Jul 17 01:01:39Characters.CHIKARA
16th Jul 17 12:51:21Characters.CHIKARA
15th Jul 17 08:49:10Murderous Thighs
5th Jul 17 10:39:49Literature.The Lost World 1995
5th Jul 17 10:34:27Literature.The Lost World 1995
2nd Jul 17 09:51:00Noob Cave
2nd Jul 17 07:39:16Characters.CHIKARA
2nd Jul 17 02:02:32Characters.Chrono Cross
2nd Jul 17 01:45:50Tier Induced Scrappy.Both
2nd Jul 17 01:42:44Tier Induced Scrappy.Both
30th Jun 17 10:47:27Video Game.Streets Of Rage
30th Jun 17 10:41:19Video Game.Streets Of Rage
29th Jun 17 07:48:46Characters.Streets Of Rage
28th Jun 17 11:45:55Fanfic.Thirty Hs
27th Jun 17 09:26:55Characters.Streets Of Rage
25th Jun 17 09:41:40School Bullying Is Harmless
10th Jun 17 06:05:18Characters.Dragon Gate
8th Jun 17 11:30:47Wake Up Call Boss
8th Jun 17 10:08:05An Adventurer Is You
8th Jun 17 09:57:13An Adventurer Is You
8th Jun 17 09:37:43Characters.CHIKARA
5th Jun 17 11:13:20Greater Scope Villain.Video Games
3rd Jun 17 05:23:55Music.Dog Fashion Disco
28th May 17 08:32:19X Pac Heat
25th May 17 07:42:46Wrestling.The Kliq
20th May 17 06:54:29Funny.Deagle Nation
17th May 17 09:33:04X Pac Heat
14th May 17 11:59:41Comic Strip.Dilbert
14th May 17 11:50:44Comic Strip.Dilbert
14th May 17 11:44:39Quotes.Dilbert
14th May 17 11:37:48Comic Strip.Mallard Fillmore
12th May 17 09:36:53Characters.Dragon Gate
12th May 17 11:04:22Creator.Jeff Dunham
10th May 17 08:21:17Old Shame.Professional Wrestling
8th May 17 10:13:23YMMV.Final Fantasy VI
8th May 17 06:49:47Characters.Dragon Gate
8th May 17 11:15:50Bowdlerise.Professional Wrestling
1st May 17 05:56:49Trivia.Dragon Gate
1st May 17 09:38:35Characters.Dragon Gate
30th Apr 17 12:20:04Characters.Dragon Gate
29th Apr 17 09:35:09Video Game.Streets Of Rage
27th Apr 17 12:50:01Characters.Dragon Gate
26th Apr 17 07:18:55That One Level.The Legend Of Zelda
25th Apr 17 08:59:04Characters.Chrono Cross
25th Apr 17 08:44:01Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
25th Apr 17 11:19:21Literature.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
10th Apr 17 10:45:26Video Game.Double Dragon
31st Mar 17 10:33:04Video Game.Pit Fighter
31st Mar 17 05:00:07Wrestling.Dragon Gate
21st Mar 17 05:35:00The Worf Effect.Video Games
18th Mar 17 11:01:47Wrestling.CHIKARA
13th Mar 17 08:34:18Kavorka Man
13th Mar 17 08:30:14Wrestling.La Parka
11th Mar 17 05:04:44Videogame.Ever Quest II
11th Mar 17 05:00:46Lady Not Appearing In This Game
11th Mar 17 08:32:13Wrestling.Raven
11th Mar 17 07:23:46Author Appeal.Surname R To Z
8th Mar 17 03:42:45Characters.Dragon Gate
6th Mar 17 07:00:37Wrestling Family
5th Mar 17 07:16:30Characters.Bully
5th Mar 17 01:46:16Characters.CHIKARA
4th Mar 17 11:52:37Bowdlerise.Professional Wrestling
3rd Mar 17 10:11:15The Cast Showoff
26th Feb 17 08:42:35Breakup Breakout
23rd Feb 17 09:05:15YMMV.La Parka
23rd Feb 17 08:17:26Nubile Savage
23rd Feb 17 02:44:02Video Game.Bully
22nd Feb 17 07:19:24Videogame.Ever Quest II
22nd Feb 17 07:13:32Sorting Algorithm Of Threatening Geography
22nd Feb 17 07:12:53Sorting Algorithm Of Threatening Geography
22nd Feb 17 06:58:48Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
15th Feb 17 03:01:50Characters.CHIKARA
14th Feb 17 07:04:35X Pac Heat
14th Feb 17 06:51:27Wrestling.Emma
13th Feb 17 09:46:31Trolling Creator
12th Feb 17 07:58:37Webcomic.Sore Thumbs
11th Feb 17 11:39:21X Pac Heat
6th Feb 17 02:51:59Characters.CHIKARA
6th Feb 17 12:41:50Western Animation.The Secret Of NIMH
5th Feb 17 11:51:22Who Wears Short Shorts
5th Feb 17 11:09:41BLAM.Professional Wrestling
5th Feb 17 09:30:20X Pac Heat
4th Feb 17 01:08:42X Pac Heat
4th Feb 17 11:36:23X Pac Heat
3rd Feb 17 07:54:52X Pac Heat
2nd Feb 17 01:26:40Literature.The Dionaea House
1st Feb 17 08:45:13Breakup Breakout
29th Jan 17 05:13:42Murderous Thighs
28th Jan 17 08:27:06Characters.Dragon Gate
26th Jan 17 05:35:32Video Game.Bully
26th Jan 17 05:32:05Big Bad.Professional Wrestling
22nd Jan 17 06:46:59Wrestling.Kanyon
22nd Jan 17 09:21:01Literature.Ramona Quimby
21st Jan 17 02:42:21YMMV.Professional Wrestling
21st Jan 17 02:14:27Wrestling.CHIKARA
17th Jan 17 01:55:49Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
9th Jan 17 03:22:42Magic The Gathering.Color Tropes
8th Jan 17 10:53:52Webcomic.Adventurers
2nd Jan 17 12:56:09Worthy Opponent
1st Jan 17 10:25:22Characters.South Park Family Members
1st Jan 17 04:24:42Characters.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
1st Jan 17 02:53:13Wrestling.CHIKARA
1st Jan 17 02:14:07Funny.Ansem Retort
1st Jan 17 02:12:09Funny.Ansem Retort
1st Jan 17 08:58:44The Pete Best
1st Jan 17 08:58:15The Pete Best
31st Dec 16 08:45:48Demonic Spiders.Final Fantasy
31st Dec 16 12:59:18Beach Episode
31st Dec 16 12:48:26Western Animation.Dinosaucers
30th Dec 16 06:10:05Characters.Redwall Redwall
30th Dec 16 12:16:46Fan Service Pack
30th Dec 16 12:00:42Fan Service Pack
29th Dec 16 03:48:41Greater Scope Villain.Video Games
29th Dec 16 12:07:54X Pac Heat
29th Dec 16 09:11:38Western Animation.Dinosaucers
28th Dec 16 04:52:57Characters.South Park Elementary School Staff
28th Dec 16 04:39:24Video Game.Streets Of Rage
22nd Dec 16 08:37:30Off With His Head
22nd Dec 16 08:29:26Fair For Its Day
22nd Dec 16 06:59:32Wrestling.Chris Hero
20th Dec 16 01:38:49Video Game.Kingdom Of Loathing
19th Dec 16 05:46:47YMMV.Chrono Trigger
19th Dec 16 04:31:59Unperson
18th Dec 16 07:32:04Breakup Breakout
18th Dec 16 07:30:28Breakup Breakout
18th Dec 16 07:28:48Wrestling.Luna Vachon
18th Dec 16 07:26:10Wrestling.Luna Vachon
18th Dec 16 06:45:57Wrestling.Jim Cornette
18th Dec 16 04:15:19Demonic Spiders.Final Fantasy
17th Dec 16 09:04:12Literature.The Death Gate Cycle
16th Dec 16 07:27:28Video Game.Super Mario RPG
16th Dec 16 05:36:39Characters.Watership Down
16th Dec 16 05:29:15Characters.Watership Down
16th Dec 16 05:05:33Useful Notes.Cuisines In America
16th Dec 16 04:57:02Useful Notes.Cuisines In America
16th Dec 16 03:01:29Useful Notes.Baltimore
16th Dec 16 02:27:41Wrestling.Kanako Urai
15th Dec 16 10:58:14The Cast Showoff
15th Dec 16 10:38:56Memes.Professional Wrestling
15th Dec 16 03:58:06Literature.Raptor Red
15th Dec 16 03:51:21Literature.Raptor Red
12th Dec 16 05:26:52Wrestling.Jay Lethal
12th Dec 16 05:26:02Breakup Breakout
8th Dec 16 01:10:22Video Game.Final Fantasy XII
8th Dec 16 10:12:05Workout Fanservice
7th Dec 16 08:53:07Fish Out Of Temporal Water
7th Dec 16 06:51:18Wrestling.CHIKARA
7th Dec 16 06:46:42YMMV.Chikara
7th Dec 16 06:46:18YMMV.Chikara
7th Dec 16 06:40:07Characters.CHIKARA
7th Dec 16 05:56:20Literature.The Horse And His Boy
6th Dec 16 08:54:58Video Game.Primal Rage
4th Dec 16 08:30:26Characters.CHIKARA
4th Dec 16 12:50:50Kayfabe
2nd Dec 16 07:02:43Accidental Pervert
2nd Dec 16 07:00:28Video Game.Little Nemo The Dream Master
2nd Dec 16 06:59:20Video Game.Little Nemo The Dream Master
2nd Dec 16 06:40:03Dragon Their Feet
2nd Dec 16 02:17:17Wrestling.Minoru Suzuki
1st Dec 16 11:04:49Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
1st Dec 16 10:57:23Characters.Final Fantasy XII
30th Nov 16 11:41:05Wrestling.The Dudley Boys
30th Nov 16 11:36:08Wrestling.Raven
30th Nov 16 07:38:06Characters.CHIKARA
30th Nov 16 07:30:31Wrestling.CHIKARA
30th Nov 16 07:24:08Wrestling.CHIKARA
27th Nov 16 11:57:12That One Boss.Super Mario Bros
27th Nov 16 11:54:14That One Boss.Super Mario Bros
27th Nov 16 11:48:33Video Game.Super Mario RPG
27th Nov 16 11:37:24Video Game.Super Mario RPG
27th Nov 16 11:02:14Film.Beethoven
27th Nov 16 10:59:16Film.Beethoven
27th Nov 16 10:10:42Wham Episode.The Order Of The Stick
24th Nov 16 07:42:49Franchise.Jurassic Park
23rd Nov 16 09:06:15Literature.Realm Of The Elderlings
16th Nov 16 09:52:25Literature.Tales From Jabbas Palace
16th Nov 16 11:28:04Bullying A Dragon.Professional Wrestling
13th Nov 16 10:38:33Music.Clawfinger
13th Nov 16 10:27:02Jerk Jock
12th Nov 16 06:07:49Lesser Star
12th Nov 16 04:23:36Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object
11th Nov 16 12:47:40Big Bad.Professional Wrestling
11th Nov 16 12:47:17Big Bad.Professional Wrestling
10th Nov 16 02:50:25Wrestling.Madusa
10th Nov 16 12:51:04The Artifact.Professional Wrestling
10th Nov 16 12:45:50Chippendales Dancers
3rd Nov 16 10:42:03Useful Notes.National Football League
1st Nov 16 09:05:55Wrestling Family
1st Nov 16 08:56:09Wrestling.Matt Hardy
22nd Oct 16 10:10:41Documentary Of Lies
22nd Oct 16 10:10:18Documentary Of Lies
22nd Oct 16 08:32:55Documentary Of Lies
21st Oct 16 08:13:12Literature.The Dionaea House
21st Oct 16 07:53:27Wrestling.Dragon Gate
21st Oct 16 10:05:09YMMV.Matt Hardy
18th Oct 16 10:31:43Wrestling.Von Erich Family
18th Oct 16 10:23:47Website.Wrestle Crap
18th Oct 16 10:12:52Memes.WWE
16th Oct 16 07:56:07Greater Scope Paragon
16th Oct 16 07:37:22Totally Radical
16th Oct 16 12:25:40Wrestling.Billy Kidman
16th Oct 16 12:18:15Wrestling.Heath Slater
15th Oct 16 11:01:26Characters.Dragon Gate
15th Oct 16 10:56:38The Bad Guy Wins.Professional Wrestling
13th Oct 16 12:19:12Characters.Dragon Gate
13th Oct 16 12:06:21Wrestling.Cheerleader Melissa
13th Oct 16 12:05:32Stock Yuck.Anchovies
12th Oct 16 08:46:12Trivia.The Undertaker
12th Oct 16 08:39:37What Could Have Been.WWE
11th Oct 16 03:55:23Characters.Dragon Gate
10th Oct 16 09:25:13Characters.Darkwing Duck
6th Oct 16 09:11:05YMMV.Chrono Trigger
6th Oct 16 08:21:37Film.Mortal Kombat Annihilation
6th Oct 16 05:58:22Videogame.Ever Quest II
4th Oct 16 01:07:25Characters.CHIKARA
3rd Oct 16 05:22:54The Cast Showoff
2nd Oct 16 09:12:07Video Game.WWF No Mercy
2nd Oct 16 09:06:41The Giant
2nd Oct 16 08:57:47Wrestling.The Barbarian
29th Sep 16 10:23:02Nightmare Fuel.Scarred Lands
28th Sep 16 10:15:08Wrestling.Christopher Daniels