19th Apr 14 11:20:17Nightmare Fuel.Batman The Animated Series
18th Apr 14 01:01:38Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth
18th Apr 14 05:52:12Solo Character Run
17th Apr 14 05:12:18YMMV.Samurai Champloo
17th Apr 14 05:11:02Awesome.Samurai Champloo
17th Apr 14 09:05:04Quotes.Joker Immunity
17th Apr 14 04:05:52Awesome.Atop The Fourth Wall
16th Apr 14 11:03:46Fatal Method Acting
16th Apr 14 10:18:23Heartwarming.Batman Arkham City
15th Apr 14 02:57:47Awesome.Project X Zone
15th Apr 14 10:38:52Smoldering Shoes
15th Apr 14 10:31:53Evil Is One Big Happy Family
14th Apr 14 10:59:16Characters.Bones
14th Apr 14 09:49:04Bizarre Taste In Food
14th Apr 14 09:41:11Bizarre Taste In Food
14th Apr 14 09:37:40Wrestling.Ultimate Warrior
14th Apr 14 08:11:33Literature.Night Of The Living Trekkies
13th Apr 14 01:19:23Trivia.Food Fight
12th Apr 14 07:34:18Characters.Nintendo Wars
12th Apr 14 07:25:37The All Seeing AI
12th Apr 14 11:22:04Too Hot For TV
12th Apr 14 10:38:20YMMV.Kitchen Nightmares
11th Apr 14 08:01:47Switched At Birth
11th Apr 14 06:56:32Nightmare Fuel.Supernatural
11th Apr 14 01:28:05Ditto Fighter
11th Apr 14 11:56:40Lady Land
11th Apr 14 10:59:51Funny.Dangan Ronpa
10th Apr 14 07:08:30Trivia.Annie 1982
10th Apr 14 04:20:06Horrible.Film
9th Apr 14 05:37:57Funny.The Cinema Snob 2014 Episodes
9th Apr 14 04:52:31That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
9th Apr 14 08:38:05Horror Hunger
9th Apr 14 08:22:22Video Game.Fallen London
8th Apr 14 04:53:06Characters.Black Butler Anime And Manga
8th Apr 14 04:50:53Spell.Anime
8th Apr 14 03:38:29Japanese Ranguage
7th Apr 14 07:53:10YMMV.Das Sporking
7th Apr 14 05:31:39Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
7th Apr 14 09:42:13Heartwarming.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
6th Apr 14 03:19:59Hand Of Glory
6th Apr 14 03:13:30Immortality Seeker
6th Apr 14 03:12:34Immortality Seeker
6th Apr 14 09:28:46The Dreaded.Tabletop Games
6th Apr 14 09:19:23Nightmare Fuel.Dungeons And Dragons
6th Apr 14 07:30:09Funny.Black Lagoon
6th Apr 14 07:26:36Characters.Black Lagoon
5th Apr 14 06:06:23Characters.Das Sporking
5th Apr 14 01:09:15Accidentally Accurate
4th Apr 14 07:07:43Wall Bangers.Harry Potter
4th Apr 14 05:08:56Destroy The Evidence
3rd Apr 14 04:17:41Chick Magnet
3rd Apr 14 10:37:16Wrestling.Andre The Giant
2nd Apr 14 08:22:08Dying Clue
1st Apr 14 08:27:52Evil Is Not Well Lit
1st Apr 14 08:05:37Web Video.Thunderf00t
1st Apr 14 06:37:15Funny.Skullgirls
1st Apr 14 06:36:42Improbably Female Cast
31st Mar 14 06:57:29Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
31st Mar 14 06:57:12Wrestling.The Wyatt Family
30th Mar 14 09:53:44Press X To Die
30th Mar 14 04:31:45Western Animation.Downtown
30th Mar 14 04:29:11Shout Out.Megas XLR
30th Mar 14 04:25:57Shout Out.Megas XLR
30th Mar 14 10:46:07Always Someone Better
30th Mar 14 09:36:07Trivia.Dirty Harry
29th Mar 14 08:10:15Even Evil Has Standards.Literature
29th Mar 14 06:34:59One Curse Limit
29th Mar 14 03:35:11Characters.Warhammer Dwarfs
29th Mar 14 01:10:44Funny.Weird Al Yankovic
29th Mar 14 12:54:27Hold Up Your Score
29th Mar 14 11:17:38Literature.American Psycho
29th Mar 14 08:20:36Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 21 Leap Of Faith
29th Mar 14 07:59:04Funny.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
29th Mar 14 07:48:07Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 21 Leap Of Faith
29th Mar 14 01:32:44Film.This Is The End
29th Mar 14 01:32:41Trivia.This Is The End
28th Mar 14 04:01:44Series.Tomorrows Pioneers
28th Mar 14 03:20:25Hope Sprouts Eternal
28th Mar 14 03:12:34The Poppy
28th Mar 14 12:02:25Coincidental Broadcast
27th Mar 14 06:39:54Web Video.Vinesauce
26th Mar 14 08:30:36Balance Between Good And Evil
26th Mar 14 08:27:41Fan Fic.Yu Gi Oh Dark Messiah
26th Mar 14 07:37:23Whale Egg
26th Mar 14 10:08:33Fanfic.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
26th Mar 14 03:46:42Characters.Das Sporking
25th Mar 14 09:44:21Sharpened To A Single Atom
25th Mar 14 04:25:30Unobtainium
25th Mar 14 04:19:28YMMV.Haunted 2005
25th Mar 14 04:16:29No Party Like A Donner Party
25th Mar 14 06:08:49Cordon Bleugh Chef
25th Mar 14 05:56:15Lethal Chef.Video Games
24th Mar 14 12:37:57Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
24th Mar 14 12:24:43Theme Music Withholding
23rd Mar 14 09:37:07Series.Bar Rescue
23rd Mar 14 06:07:51Out Of Continues
23rd Mar 14 06:01:36Monster From Beyond The Veil
22nd Mar 14 07:49:05Sex Is Evil
21st Mar 14 10:04:29Film.Night Of The Demons
21st Mar 14 01:59:45Schizophrenic Difficulty
21st Mar 14 09:54:31Big Brother Worship
21st Mar 14 07:01:38Funny.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
21st Mar 14 06:49:10Fanfic.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
20th Mar 14 10:00:36Fanfic.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
20th Mar 14 05:25:44Fanfic.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
20th Mar 14 05:10:04Funny.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
20th Mar 14 03:26:59The Player Is The Most Important Resource
20th Mar 14 12:30:38Content Warnings
20th Mar 14 11:34:53Nigh Invulnerability
19th Mar 14 06:37:45Content Warnings
19th Mar 14 01:13:45Trivia.Total Recall 1990
19th Mar 14 01:01:24YMMV.Batman Returns
19th Mar 14 11:44:28Trivia.Das Sporking
19th Mar 14 11:40:20Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
18th Mar 14 10:33:42Funny.Celebrity Deathmatch
18th Mar 14 10:31:54Crack Defeat
18th Mar 14 04:06:45Nightmare Fuel.Suspiria
18th Mar 14 04:03:55YMMV.Suspiria
18th Mar 14 04:02:45Trivia.Suspiria
18th Mar 14 03:56:18Missing White Woman Syndrome
18th Mar 14 08:32:57Barrier Change Boss
17th Mar 14 11:49:41Script Wank
16th Mar 14 06:00:33Fan Fic.Dumbledores Army And The Year Of Darkness
16th Mar 14 04:31:15Defiant Captive
15th Mar 14 11:12:30The Cinema Snob.Tropes I To P
15th Mar 14 10:35:13Wheres The Kaboom
15th Mar 14 09:25:50Outside Context Villain
15th Mar 14 03:06:48Characters.Warhammer Beasts Of Chaos
15th Mar 14 02:42:42No Womans Land
15th Mar 14 07:40:57Literature.Pinkie Pie And The Rockin Ponypalooza Party
15th Mar 14 07:20:24Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 17 Somepony To Watch Over Me
13th Mar 14 08:54:55Trivia.Dm C Devil May Cry
13th Mar 14 07:48:32Do Well But Not Perfect
13th Mar 14 07:38:31Impossible Item Drop
12th Mar 14 06:14:05Funny.Seinfeld
12th Mar 14 06:11:50Funny.Seinfeld
12th Mar 14 04:11:02Heartwarming.Ask Fluffle Puff
12th Mar 14 03:06:42Contractual Purity
12th Mar 14 11:11:11Funny.Project X Zone
11th Mar 14 07:26:47YMMV.Amateur Surgeon
11th Mar 14 07:25:28Video Game.Amateur Surgeon
11th Mar 14 09:56:03YMMV.The Nuptialverse
11th Mar 14 04:39:01Homogenous Multinational Ad Campaign
10th Mar 14 02:49:57Tear Jerker.Jonathan Coulton
10th Mar 14 02:04:32Psychic Powers
10th Mar 14 10:08:30Funny.Password
9th Mar 14 07:27:29YMMV.Amateur Surgeon
9th Mar 14 07:26:45YMMV.Amateur Surgeon
9th Mar 14 04:30:36Probability Pileup
9th Mar 14 11:39:15Video Game.Quest For Glory V
9th Mar 14 11:06:46Early Bird Boss
9th Mar 14 09:20:06YMMV.Superhero League Of Hoboken
8th Mar 14 08:22:22Playing A Tree
8th Mar 14 11:34:42Greek Chorus
8th Mar 14 09:16:12That One Boss.Atlus
7th Mar 14 07:45:02Manga.Golgo 13
7th Mar 14 07:36:54Last Minute Reprieve
7th Mar 14 10:51:09Video Game.Kingdom Of Loathing
7th Mar 14 10:47:36Video Game.Kingdom Of Loathing
6th Mar 14 09:43:27Perpetual Smiler
6th Mar 14 06:04:02It Is Beyond Saving
6th Mar 14 12:41:23I Do Not Drink Wine
6th Mar 14 12:27:08Characters.Dwarf Fortress
5th Mar 14 12:54:22Characters.League Of Legends Four
5th Mar 14 10:04:03Justified Extra Lives
4th Mar 14 09:36:04YMMV.The Wizard Of Speed And Time
4th Mar 14 09:27:48Heartwarming.All Star Superman
4th Mar 14 08:06:18Bigfoot Sasquatch And Yeti
4th Mar 14 11:25:01Harder Than Hard
4th Mar 14 06:38:59Awesome.Berserk
4th Mar 14 06:36:43Male Frontal Nudity
4th Mar 14 06:17:40Riddle For The Ages
4th Mar 14 04:50:42Artistic License Gun Safety
4th Mar 14 04:06:10Phlebotinum Muncher
3rd Mar 14 12:55:49Justified Extra Lives
3rd Mar 14 12:49:16Video Game.Gain Ground
3rd Mar 14 12:48:32Video Game.Gain Ground
3rd Mar 14 11:41:12Awesome.Preacher
3rd Mar 14 11:26:57Exact Words.Real Life
3rd Mar 14 11:23:10Golden Raspberry Award
3rd Mar 14 04:54:26Nightmare Fuel.Kingdom Of Loathing
2nd Mar 14 04:24:35Fridge.League Of Legends
2nd Mar 14 04:11:37Ontological Mystery
2nd Mar 14 03:58:40Characters.Death Note Shinigami
2nd Mar 14 03:54:18Light Novel.Another Note
2nd Mar 14 03:50:54Rule Number One
2nd Mar 14 02:16:36Awesome.Leverage
1st Mar 14 04:52:21Video Game.Gain Ground
28th Feb 14 12:34:11Characters.Tiberium Wars
28th Feb 14 12:18:23Amusing Injuries
28th Feb 14 09:50:58Awesome.Command And Conquer
28th Feb 14 09:49:45Evilutionary Biologist
28th Feb 14 05:24:01Video Game.Project X Zone
27th Feb 14 03:52:03The Exile
27th Feb 14 12:38:41Trivia.Elvira Mistress Of The Dark
27th Feb 14 06:33:28Mutually Fictional
24th Feb 14 09:19:38Characters.Ka Blam
24th Feb 14 07:23:01Funny.TV Trash
24th Feb 14 04:42:39Literature.Save The Pearls
24th Feb 14 04:41:31Blackface
24th Feb 14 09:42:09YMMV.The Fault In Our Stars
24th Feb 14 08:41:09YMMV.Chobits
24th Feb 14 07:15:32Ron The Death Eater.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Feb 14 06:29:13Sweet Tooth
24th Feb 14 06:26:11And Thats Terrible
24th Feb 14 06:21:17Film.Chocolate
24th Feb 14 05:40:30Veganopia
23rd Feb 14 04:34:03Ron The Death Eater.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
22nd Feb 14 08:25:59Heartwarming.Promethean The Created
22nd Feb 14 04:43:49YMMV.Vampire Hunter D
21st Feb 14 05:27:39YMMV.Tim Minchin
20th Feb 14 07:55:34The Alcoholic
20th Feb 14 03:51:46Film.Predator 2
20th Feb 14 10:47:31YMMV.Kingdom Of Loathing
20th Feb 14 10:45:09Video Game.Billy Vs SNAKEMAN
20th Feb 14 10:20:59Press X To Die
20th Feb 14 10:00:17Clown Car
20th Feb 14 09:49:06Light Em Up
19th Feb 14 12:50:25Virgin Sacrifice
19th Feb 14 12:38:25These Are Things Man Was Not Meant To Know
19th Feb 14 09:51:01Historical In Joke
18th Feb 14 11:49:41YMMV.JFK
18th Feb 14 11:08:49Deal With The Devil.Web Original
18th Feb 14 03:31:43Funny.TV Trash
17th Feb 14 07:57:42No Talking Or Phones Warning
17th Feb 14 11:29:36YMMV.Battle Moon Wars
17th Feb 14 10:32:44Literature.Changing Planes
16th Feb 14 05:52:23Eek A Mouse
16th Feb 14 09:22:06The Magic Goes Away
16th Feb 14 09:16:07Literature.The Anubis Gates
16th Feb 14 07:48:31Characters.Dive Kick
16th Feb 14 07:41:34Characters.Dive Kick
15th Feb 14 09:26:22Homosexual Reproduction
15th Feb 14 07:13:26Even Evil Has Standards.Web Original
15th Feb 14 06:47:28Tear Jerker.SCP Foundation
14th Feb 14 08:17:42Funny.Yumina The Ethereal
14th Feb 14 04:41:36Drinking Game.Dark Syde Phil
14th Feb 14 04:22:48Blog.Ask Fluffle Puff
14th Feb 14 02:26:24Funny.Requiem Chevalier Vampire
13th Feb 14 08:49:39Wrestling.Andre The Giant
13th Feb 14 07:18:59YMMV.Kirbys Adventure
13th Feb 14 07:10:29The Alcoholic
13th Feb 14 06:41:55Video Game.Limbo Of The Lost
13th Feb 14 05:42:06Characters.Avatar The Last Airbender The Fire Nation
13th Feb 14 12:41:21YMMV.Mighty No 9
13th Feb 14 07:13:18YMMV.The Laundry Series
12th Feb 14 07:15:14The Mentally Disturbed
12th Feb 14 07:11:19Comic Book.Deathstroke
11th Feb 14 05:21:32Creator.Patrick Swayze
11th Feb 14 11:31:17YMMV.Harlan Ellison
11th Feb 14 11:29:32Creator.Harlan Ellison
10th Feb 14 04:59:59YMMV.John Bradshaw Layfield
10th Feb 14 10:48:56YMMV.Mega Man 2
10th Feb 14 06:36:55Unwinnable By Design
9th Feb 14 02:23:29Troubled Production.Film
9th Feb 14 01:55:24Contractual Purity
8th Feb 14 07:15:08YMMV.Namco High
8th Feb 14 07:10:14Funny.Twin Peaks
8th Feb 14 03:18:35Video Game.Kingdom Of Loathing
7th Feb 14 09:42:58Awesome.That70s Show
7th Feb 14 10:10:24Wall Bangers.Literature
7th Feb 14 09:45:18Armor Piercing Question
5th Feb 14 10:35:04Visual Novel.Katawa Shoujo
5th Feb 14 09:45:51Drinking Game.Dark Syde Phil
3rd Feb 14 07:44:04Kill It Through Its Stomach
3rd Feb 14 06:40:36Comic Book.Blacksad
3rd Feb 14 12:35:33Blog.Das Sporking
3rd Feb 14 12:33:48Characters.Das Sporking
3rd Feb 14 12:29:39Characters.Das Sporking
3rd Feb 14 10:59:04Cycle Of Hurting
3rd Feb 14 02:30:53Machine Monotone
2nd Feb 14 09:10:38Characters.Big Bang Beat
2nd Feb 14 09:06:08Characters.Big Bang Beat
2nd Feb 14 12:16:17Vigilante Execution
31st Jan 14 08:49:10Characters.Black Butler Anime And Manga
31st Jan 14 07:22:23Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
30th Jan 14 08:25:29Characters.Big Bang Beat
29th Jan 14 11:32:44Wham Line.Video Games
29th Jan 14 11:15:53YMMV.Bitterness
29th Jan 14 10:03:58YMMV.The Lost Vikings
29th Jan 14 07:51:05Image Links.Fish Eyes
29th Jan 14 07:49:47YMMV.Rover Dangerfield
29th Jan 14 05:53:38Only Electric Sheep Are Cheap
28th Jan 14 03:41:14Comic Book.Blacksad
28th Jan 14 01:06:22Trivia.Batman Arkham Asylum
28th Jan 14 08:15:53Awesome.Wayside School
28th Jan 14 08:11:16Heartwarming.Wayside School
28th Jan 14 07:36:49Characters.The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
27th Jan 14 07:00:10Embarrassing Old Photo
26th Jan 14 03:32:53Lobotomy
26th Jan 14 03:27:08Lobotomy
26th Jan 14 04:45:08Expendable Clone
25th Jan 14 08:26:50Drinking Game.Dark Syde Phil
25th Jan 14 08:18:16Just For Fun.Drinking Game
25th Jan 14 06:50:43Review Ironic Echo
25th Jan 14 06:46:49Literature.Bill The Galactic Hero
25th Jan 14 06:45:46Literature.Bill The Galactic Hero
25th Jan 14 11:34:33Bullet Catch
25th Jan 14 09:26:05Our Founder
25th Jan 14 09:19:54Rotoscoping
24th Jan 14 11:45:04Series.Bones
24th Jan 14 11:38:56Famous Last Words.Live Action TV
24th Jan 14 11:37:28Famous Last Words.Live Action TV
22nd Jan 14 10:34:39Super Dickery
22nd Jan 14 09:23:15YMMV.Das Sporking
22nd Jan 14 09:06:59Wall Bangers.Twilight
22nd Jan 14 08:43:17Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
21st Jan 14 06:01:08Bears Are Bad News
21st Jan 14 03:35:26Batman Grabs A Gun
21st Jan 14 02:20:59Quotes.Human Shield
21st Jan 14 02:12:46Fembot
20th Jan 14 07:09:37Im Going To Hell For This
20th Jan 14 03:17:50Characters.Ciaphas Cain
20th Jan 14 11:14:30Trivia.Red Sonja
20th Jan 14 05:23:09Wine Is Classy
20th Jan 14 05:19:23Video Game.Facade
20th Jan 14 04:41:14Awesome.Transmetropolitan
19th Jan 14 10:34:29Haiku.Batman Arkham Asylum
19th Jan 14 03:46:36Rubber Face
18th Jan 14 03:43:04Heartwarming.Super Dangan Ronpa 2
17th Jan 14 08:05:43Nightmare Fuel.Batman Arkham City
17th Jan 14 07:11:21Blog.Ask Princess Molestia
17th Jan 14 02:32:54Wrestling.The Usos
17th Jan 14 02:26:50Wrestling.Von Erich Family
17th Jan 14 06:25:27Doomed By Canon
16th Jan 14 07:58:03Horrible.Live Action TV
15th Jan 14 04:08:07That One Sidequest
15th Jan 14 02:16:18That One Level.Final Fantasy
15th Jan 14 06:59:28Characters.Mass Effect Race Tropes Citadel Council
15th Jan 14 05:28:24Token Human
14th Jan 14 03:59:57YMMV.Feed The Kitty
14th Jan 14 03:25:43Healer Signs On Early
14th Jan 14 08:29:25Fee Fi Faux Pas
13th Jan 14 03:56:28Plot Hole
13th Jan 14 01:56:06The Stinger
13th Jan 14 09:29:56Voodoo Doll
13th Jan 14 03:41:26Hanging Judge
12th Jan 14 08:37:42Funny.Hitman
12th Jan 14 04:09:30Esoteric Happy Ending
11th Jan 14 06:17:18Film.Anonymous
11th Jan 14 02:39:02Characters.The Cinema Snob
10th Jan 14 06:23:23Funny.Brows Held High
10th Jan 14 12:46:59Video Game.Dark Seed
10th Jan 14 09:47:35YMMV.Battle Moon Wars
10th Jan 14 09:45:36YMMV.Battle Moon Wars
10th Jan 14 08:28:47Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2014 Episodes
9th Jan 14 07:59:28Continuity Overlap
9th Jan 14 04:13:44Fully Embraced Fiend
8th Jan 14 07:02:05Back Alley Doctor
8th Jan 14 03:56:46Common Tongue
8th Jan 14 02:52:19Quotes.Prison Rape
8th Jan 14 01:28:21Trivia.Digital Pictures
8th Jan 14 12:58:38YMMV.The Visitor
8th Jan 14 09:55:52Web Animation.Snowdrop
7th Jan 14 04:49:48Music.Mindless Self Indulgence
7th Jan 14 03:18:52Nightmare Fuel.Dangan Ronpa
6th Jan 14 12:52:41Video Game.Lollipop Chainsaw
6th Jan 14 12:44:29Who Needs Their Whole Body
6th Jan 14 09:19:36Paranoia Fuel.Video Games
5th Jan 14 06:47:11YMMV.Left Behind
5th Jan 14 04:57:05Imposter Forgot One Detail
5th Jan 14 04:51:35A Good Old Fashioned Paint Watching
5th Jan 14 04:35:37Funny.Hitman
5th Jan 14 01:28:50Interspecies Romance.Video Games
5th Jan 14 01:23:33Funny.Final Fantasy X 2
4th Jan 14 06:08:20Nightmare Fuel.Shadowrun
4th Jan 14 06:02:08Nightmare Fuel.Vampire The Requiem
4th Jan 14 05:14:04YMMV.Diary Of The Dead
4th Jan 14 12:16:55Deceptively Simple Demonstration
4th Jan 14 11:51:11Characters.Attack On Titan Titans
4th Jan 14 08:16:06Denial Of Diagonal Attack
3rd Jan 14 11:27:48Wall Bang Her
3rd Jan 14 10:27:25Trivia.Mary Poppins
3rd Jan 14 10:25:04Snarky Inanimate Object
2nd Jan 14 09:57:47Nightmare Fuel.Batman Arkham City
2nd Jan 14 09:33:53Sturgeons Tropes
31st Dec 13 07:17:12Mercy Kill
31st Dec 13 07:16:34Mercy Kill
31st Dec 13 05:50:41Magic Mushroom
31st Dec 13 05:44:44Funny.Half Baked
31st Dec 13 10:09:17Funny.Kinnikuman Nisei
31st Dec 13 07:52:05Theatrics Of Pain
30th Dec 13 11:48:41Video Game.Tattoo Assassins
30th Dec 13 09:12:32Creator.Patrick Swayze
30th Dec 13 01:34:00Outside Context Villain
29th Dec 13 06:51:41Master Apprentice Chain
29th Dec 13 06:44:53Living On Borrowed Time
29th Dec 13 02:32:30Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
29th Dec 13 02:08:39Web Animation.Zero Punctuation
29th Dec 13 01:51:57Landmark Of Lore
29th Dec 13 04:58:29Funny.Excel Saga
27th Dec 13 04:49:54Too Many Babies
27th Dec 13 10:20:48Fanfic.Dumbledores Army And The Year Of Darkness
26th Dec 13 03:33:21YMMV.Hard Candy
26th Dec 13 05:51:09Living On Borrowed Time
26th Dec 13 05:40:16Nightmare Fuel.Attack On Titan
24th Dec 13 07:08:42Bears Are Bad News
24th Dec 13 06:59:18Web Video.The Cinema Snob
24th Dec 13 09:48:35Characters.Warhammer Warriors Of Chaos
24th Dec 13 04:10:49Growing With The Audience

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