Man Called True's Recent Edits

5th Mar 15 09:40:34Forced Tutorial
5th Mar 15 09:36:21Tutorial Failure
5th Mar 15 09:31:46Video Game.Driver
5th Mar 15 09:30:21Sweet And Sour Grapes
5th Mar 15 09:22:42Easing Into The Adventure
5th Mar 15 08:48:34Even Beggars Wont Choose It
5th Mar 15 08:30:57Willing Suspension Of Disbelief
5th Mar 15 08:25:19Nothing Left To Do But Die
5th Mar 15 04:42:10Depraved Homosexual
5th Mar 15 04:35:54YMMV.Reaper Man
4th Mar 15 05:42:35YMMV.Hatred
4th Mar 15 03:24:30Film.Zardoz
4th Mar 15 03:23:38YMMV.Metal Machine Music
4th Mar 15 03:16:50Audience Alienating Premise
4th Mar 15 03:12:37Audience Alienating Premise
4th Mar 15 02:42:04Characters.Persona 4 Arena
4th Mar 15 09:57:12Thinking Tic
4th Mar 15 09:53:04New Eden
3rd Mar 15 08:26:05Funny.Insane Clown Posse
3rd Mar 15 08:23:55Music.Tom Waits
3rd Mar 15 07:55:33Nightmare Fuel.Tom Waits
3rd Mar 15 06:08:14Good Morning Crono
3rd Mar 15 03:57:45Beneath The Mask
3rd Mar 15 03:53:07Nightmare Fuel.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
3rd Mar 15 03:41:17Creator.Billy West
3rd Mar 15 02:29:12Characters.Berserk Guts Companions
3rd Mar 15 02:18:59High Fantasy
3rd Mar 15 02:16:43Heartwarming.Berserk
3rd Mar 15 02:11:58Underestimating Badassery
3rd Mar 15 02:08:55Characters.Black Butler Anime And Manga
3rd Mar 15 10:18:40Literature.The Saga Of Hervor And Heidrek
3rd Mar 15 10:13:26Best Her To Bed Her
3rd Mar 15 04:57:19YMMV.Harlan Ellison
3rd Mar 15 04:55:17Acronym Confusion
2nd Mar 15 05:20:41Funny.Rammstein
2nd Mar 15 04:43:00Thanatos Gambit
2nd Mar 15 12:49:26Webcomic.Contemplating Reiko
2nd Mar 15 12:36:23Just Take The Poster
2nd Mar 15 09:05:17With This Herring.Video Games
2nd Mar 15 07:03:14Paper People
2nd Mar 15 06:58:53Magic Hair
1st Mar 15 09:35:02Tabletop Game.Continuum
1st Mar 15 09:17:31Clock Roaches
1st Mar 15 08:15:05Funny.Thespoonyexperiment Reviews
1st Mar 15 07:12:53YMMV.The Millennium Trilogy
1st Mar 15 04:55:28Video Game.Carn Evil
1st Mar 15 04:33:49Previous Player Character Cameo
1st Mar 15 04:02:14Film.Puma Man
1st Mar 15 03:24:25Web Video.The Isle Of Rangoon
1st Mar 15 03:19:45Funny.The Isle Of Rangoon
1st Mar 15 12:31:40Video Game.Adventure Capitalist
28th Feb 15 07:13:06Not So Fake Prop Weapon
28th Feb 15 07:11:10Not So Fake Prop Weapon
28th Feb 15 04:32:36Battle Cry
28th Feb 15 04:20:46Elvis Impersonator
28th Feb 15 04:12:55Content Warnings
28th Feb 15 04:03:56I Do Not Own
28th Feb 15 12:21:48Characters.Persona 3
28th Feb 15 12:11:44Idiot Ball.Video Games
28th Feb 15 06:11:59Awesome.S Cryed
28th Feb 15 06:10:53Heartwarming.S Cryed
27th Feb 15 06:44:09Skele Bot 9000
27th Feb 15 06:09:30Superior Successor
27th Feb 15 04:24:52Cycle Of Hurting
27th Feb 15 03:35:31Awesome.Top Gear
27th Feb 15 12:12:55The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Metal Gear
27th Feb 15 09:10:35Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening
27th Feb 15 08:58:10Characters.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
26th Feb 15 04:19:58Funny.Persona 4 Arena
26th Feb 15 04:16:15Funny.Persona 4 Arena
26th Feb 15 04:14:08Funny.Persona 4 Arena
26th Feb 15 03:52:12Chest Monster
26th Feb 15 03:48:10Nightmare Fuel.Persona 4
26th Feb 15 03:39:38Sinister Scraping Sound
26th Feb 15 03:28:33No Social Skills
26th Feb 15 02:42:19Opinion Override
25th Feb 15 09:18:06Tropers.Man Called True
25th Feb 15 08:03:08Energy Economy
25th Feb 15 07:52:05Blue And Orange Morality.Video Games
25th Feb 15 07:36:24Recap.Star Trek S 1 E 25 The Devil In The Dark
25th Feb 15 07:17:35Nightmare Fuel.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
25th Feb 15 07:12:02Based On A Dream
24th Feb 15 08:06:26Growing Up Sucks
24th Feb 15 08:03:54Growing Up Sucks
24th Feb 15 01:45:11YMMV.Dean Koontz
24th Feb 15 06:33:21Funny.Franken Fran
24th Feb 15 06:27:53Blue And Orange Morality.Anime And Manga
24th Feb 15 06:25:27Manga.Pretty Face
23rd Feb 15 08:28:46Western Animation.The Problem Solverz
23rd Feb 15 08:04:52YMMV.Leonard Cohen
23rd Feb 15 05:56:08Uncanny Valley.Video Games
23rd Feb 15 05:50:07Locked Out Of The Loop
23rd Feb 15 05:22:15Nightmare Fuel.Persona 3
22nd Feb 15 07:51:24Heel Faith Turn
21st Feb 15 08:13:00Video Game.Wax Works
21st Feb 15 04:28:25Near Villain Victory
21st Feb 15 04:18:32Near Villain Victory
21st Feb 15 04:14:32No Campaign For The Wicked
21st Feb 15 04:08:12Nightmare Fuel.Hyrule Warriors
21st Feb 15 03:50:22Poison Mushroom
21st Feb 15 01:05:56Badass Creed.Anime And Manga
21st Feb 15 12:56:06Desert Punk
21st Feb 15 10:25:27Manga.Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
20th Feb 15 11:26:43Funny.Planescape Torment
19th Feb 15 09:19:21Anime.Ray The Animation
19th Feb 15 09:06:43Word Salad Horror
19th Feb 15 05:14:39Characters.Gravity Falls Mystery Shack
19th Feb 15 03:30:42Characters.Clock Tower
19th Feb 15 10:43:21Troubled Production.Music
18th Feb 15 09:49:13Plausible Deniability
18th Feb 15 07:17:11Funny.Heavy Metal
18th Feb 15 05:05:16Video Game.No One Has To Die
18th Feb 15 04:42:23Video Game.No One Has To Die
18th Feb 15 04:40:34Video Game.No One Has To Die
17th Feb 15 08:45:59YMMV.The Ink Spots
17th Feb 15 08:44:41Music.The Ink Spots
17th Feb 15 08:33:58Forgotten Trope
17th Feb 15 06:18:55Heartwarming.Planescape Torment
17th Feb 15 06:14:17Characters.Planescape Torment
17th Feb 15 03:43:40Funny.Roger Ebert
17th Feb 15 01:59:02Pieces Of God
17th Feb 15 01:56:53Characters.Persona 4 Antagonists
17th Feb 15 12:33:23Macho Masochism
17th Feb 15 08:27:48Killer Rabbit.Real Life
16th Feb 15 04:36:58Troubled Production.Film Serial Offenders
16th Feb 15 01:28:48Powder Keg Crowd
16th Feb 15 09:01:09Stage Names
16th Feb 15 02:54:31With My Dying Breath I Summon You
15th Feb 15 08:22:59Melancholy Moon
15th Feb 15 08:20:51Alien Sky
15th Feb 15 08:10:07Moon Landing Hoax
15th Feb 15 04:48:04YMMV.Breath Of Fire II
15th Feb 15 12:31:45Just Take The Poster
14th Feb 15 08:57:18The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effort
14th Feb 15 06:44:37Recap.The Twilight Zone S 2 E 42 The Eye Of The Beholder
14th Feb 15 10:02:17Cave Mouth
14th Feb 15 09:45:57Savage Setpiece
13th Feb 15 08:42:40Funny.Judge Dredd
13th Feb 15 05:03:06Dont Ask Just Run
12th Feb 15 02:07:46Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
12th Feb 15 01:40:17Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
12th Feb 15 12:34:08Hero Killer
12th Feb 15 12:18:55Harmful Healing
12th Feb 15 12:13:42Fluffy The Terrible
12th Feb 15 09:36:52Characters.Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Marvel Characters
12th Feb 15 09:13:41Heartwarming.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
11th Feb 15 09:06:51Boastful Rap
11th Feb 15 01:32:02That One Level.Action Adventure
11th Feb 15 12:43:54Pinball.Creature From The Black Lagoon
11th Feb 15 12:35:58Shoehorned First Letter
11th Feb 15 12:33:06YMMV.Dracula The Un-Dead
11th Feb 15 12:28:09Useful Notes.Jack The Ripper
10th Feb 15 09:07:18Goddamned Boss
10th Feb 15 05:51:23Everything Is Smashable Area
10th Feb 15 03:59:41Video Game.Shin Megami Tensei IV
10th Feb 15 03:44:45Pineal Weirdness
10th Feb 15 03:28:59Monster Closet
10th Feb 15 02:42:58YMMV.Little Monsters
10th Feb 15 11:06:26One Man Army.Video Games
10th Feb 15 11:03:36Unstoppable Rage
10th Feb 15 10:20:29Funny.AMV Hell
9th Feb 15 04:34:52Comicbook.Ghost Rider
9th Feb 15 02:20:27Torch The Franchise And Run
9th Feb 15 12:09:09Characters.Bones
8th Feb 15 07:34:26Characters.Persona 3
8th Feb 15 07:33:29Characters.Persona 3
8th Feb 15 07:25:41Honest Johns Dealership
8th Feb 15 05:05:54Literature.The Saga Of Hervor And Heidrek
8th Feb 15 02:10:24Canon Welding
8th Feb 15 10:41:57Your Days Are Numbered
8th Feb 15 10:34:12Autopsy Snack Time
8th Feb 15 10:21:18Video Game.Rebuild
7th Feb 15 07:17:49Spoken Word In Music
7th Feb 15 07:13:48Throw It In.Music
7th Feb 15 06:47:02Domestic Abuser
7th Feb 15 06:05:48YMMV.Santiago A Myth Of The Far Future
7th Feb 15 05:02:10Rock Me Asmodeus
7th Feb 15 04:57:29Bond Creatures
7th Feb 15 04:55:48Amateur Sleuth
7th Feb 15 02:25:48That One Boss.Fire Emblem
7th Feb 15 01:55:21Place Worse Than Death
7th Feb 15 11:26:37Discworld.The Truth
7th Feb 15 11:20:21Have I Mentioned I Am A Dwarf Today
7th Feb 15 10:35:13Webcomic.Contemplating Reiko
6th Feb 15 06:33:07Fire Keeps It Dead
6th Feb 15 03:27:16Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
5th Feb 15 09:12:53Curb Stomp Battle.Video Games
5th Feb 15 09:06:10Characters.Planescape Torment
5th Feb 15 06:47:05That One Boss.Fire Emblem
5th Feb 15 01:22:20Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
4th Feb 15 07:58:46Run For The Border
4th Feb 15 07:27:06YMMV.Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
4th Feb 15 02:40:41Riddle For The Ages
4th Feb 15 11:51:19Humor Dissonance
4th Feb 15 09:16:30YMMV.Trash Humpers
4th Feb 15 04:48:50Stay In The Kitchen
3rd Feb 15 09:15:45Lets Play.Markiplier
3rd Feb 15 05:08:47Useful Notes.Fighting Game
3rd Feb 15 04:12:19Handy Helper
3rd Feb 15 03:39:52Funny.Saints Row The Third
3rd Feb 15 08:54:10Funny.The Cine Masochist
2nd Feb 15 02:43:17Speech Impediment
2nd Feb 15 06:38:25Audience Alienating Premise
1st Feb 15 08:30:50YMMV.Desktop Dungeons
1st Feb 15 08:06:44Curse Cut Short
1st Feb 15 08:01:50Awesome.The Good The Bad And The Ugly
1st Feb 15 07:54:32Gold Fever
1st Feb 15 04:36:08Incessant Music Madness
1st Feb 15 04:27:43Begone Bribe
1st Feb 15 01:46:32Horrible.WWE
1st Feb 15 10:05:09Asspull
1st Feb 15 04:29:08Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys
31st Jan 15 08:25:21Audience Alienating Premise
31st Jan 15 07:52:14Audience Alienating Premise
31st Jan 15 06:45:31Funny.Thespoonyexperiment Reviews
31st Jan 15 09:39:00Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys 3
31st Jan 15 09:36:26Awesome.Five Nights At Freddys
29th Jan 15 04:20:20Heartwarming.Final Fantasy IV
29th Jan 15 04:03:49Nightmare Fuel.Final Fantasy X 2
29th Jan 15 01:59:52Second Place Is For Losers
29th Jan 15 01:43:31Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph Vanellope
29th Jan 15 04:19:02Father I Want To Marry My Brother
28th Jan 15 06:04:38Tear Jerker.Trauma Center
27th Jan 15 09:34:24Funny.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
27th Jan 15 06:36:14Extendo Boxing Glove
26th Jan 15 06:16:31YMMV.Freefall
26th Jan 15 05:15:50Nightmare Fuel.Trauma Center
26th Jan 15 04:43:00Comicbook.Judge Dredd
26th Jan 15 10:09:31Characters.Saints Row The Third Street Saints
26th Jan 15 10:05:53Characters.Saints Row Gangs
25th Jan 15 03:49:53Quotes.So Much For Stealth
24th Jan 15 06:41:50Film.The Devil Within Her
24th Jan 15 11:39:02Harder Than Hard
23rd Jan 15 01:10:25Quote Mine
23rd Jan 15 09:05:58Awesome.Judge Dredd
23rd Jan 15 08:57:36Ghost In The Machine
23rd Jan 15 08:51:32Western Animation.The Adventures Of The American Rabbit
21st Jan 15 12:52:44Music.Metal Machine Music
21st Jan 15 08:28:26Funny.Queen
20th Jan 15 06:24:52YMMV.Kingdom Of Loathing
20th Jan 15 05:42:23YMMV.Chobits
20th Jan 15 05:17:15Funny.Judge Dredd
20th Jan 15 12:04:21Dork Age.Webcomics
20th Jan 15 11:48:10Funny.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
20th Jan 15 11:45:31Funny.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
20th Jan 15 07:16:47Film.Smokey And The Bandit
19th Jan 15 08:11:33Trivia.Judge Dredd
19th Jan 15 01:02:47Celestial Bureaucracy
19th Jan 15 09:53:25YMMV.Hate Plus
19th Jan 15 07:37:54Funny.The Cinema Snob 2014 Episodes
18th Jan 15 05:39:07Hellhole Prison
18th Jan 15 05:30:35Ron The Death Eater.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
18th Jan 15 06:14:27YMMV.Ultima IX
18th Jan 15 05:32:17Dork Age.Webcomics
17th Jan 15 12:42:43YMMV.Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
17th Jan 15 12:29:19Prematurely Bald
17th Jan 15 10:51:02Characters.Avatar The Last Airbender The Fire Nation
17th Jan 15 10:46:53Dangerously Genre Savvy.Anime And Manga
16th Jan 15 07:25:47Funny.Pro Jared
16th Jan 15 04:11:14Sliding Scale Of Turn Realism
16th Jan 15 12:47:48Characters.Gun X Sword
16th Jan 15 12:42:35Rearing Horse
15th Jan 15 07:40:48Drunk Driver
15th Jan 15 07:36:39Expensive Glass Of Crap
15th Jan 15 02:51:11Earth That Was
15th Jan 15 02:42:32Video Game.Lunar The Silver Star
15th Jan 15 02:38:22Unbelievable Source Plot
15th Jan 15 12:03:51Funny.The Isle Of Rangoon
15th Jan 15 11:56:32Weather Report
14th Jan 15 08:16:34Theatre.The Mousetrap
14th Jan 15 08:10:28Stock Unsolved Mysteries
14th Jan 15 03:40:22Would Hurt A Child.Live Action Films
13th Jan 15 05:08:01Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
13th Jan 15 08:05:56Your Princess Is In Another Castle
11th Jan 15 05:33:24Web Video.Ricesnot
11th Jan 15 05:29:33Web Video.Ricesnot
11th Jan 15 04:29:21Awesome.Weird Al Yankovic
9th Jan 15 01:47:22That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
6th Jan 15 05:38:01I Choose To Stay
6th Jan 15 12:55:26Memes.Live Action TV
6th Jan 15 12:44:43Hellhole Prison
6th Jan 15 12:23:42Shallow Parody
6th Jan 15 05:22:41Characters.Super Mario Bros Allies
6th Jan 15 04:00:53Nose Nuggets
5th Jan 15 07:21:03Funny.Gravity Falls
5th Jan 15 08:56:46Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 12 Summerween
4th Jan 15 08:11:21It Can Think
4th Jan 15 08:07:38Nightmare Fuel.Return Of The Living Dead
4th Jan 15 07:59:01Not Using The Z Word
4th Jan 15 07:54:06Paranoia Fuel.Western Animation
4th Jan 15 02:39:15Funny.Paper Mario
4th Jan 15 06:31:57Stealth Insult
3rd Jan 15 03:47:30Good Is Impotent
3rd Jan 15 03:44:49Out Of Character Alert
3rd Jan 15 12:22:34Dug Too Deep
3rd Jan 15 10:48:46Third Eye
3rd Jan 15 10:47:25Characters.Vampire The Masquerade
3rd Jan 15 05:56:17Turned Against Their Masters
2nd Jan 15 05:26:32Memes.Pokemon
2nd Jan 15 02:02:18Gotta Kill Them All
1st Jan 15 08:02:39Characters.Soul Eater Other
1st Jan 15 03:50:54Trivia.The Twilight Zone S 2 E 61 The Silence
1st Jan 15 03:43:14Recap.The Twilight Zone S 5 E 137 Number 12 Looks Just Like You
1st Jan 15 03:40:38Recap.The Twilight Zone S 4 E 108 Death Ship
1st Jan 15 03:37:42Recap.The Twilight Zone S 1 E 15 I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
1st Jan 15 01:33:02Critical Annoyance
1st Jan 15 01:17:05Video Game.The Legend Of Dragoon
1st Jan 15 09:21:31Pet Heir
31st Dec 14 08:19:35Aerosol Flamethrower
31st Dec 14 12:47:45Joined Your Party
31st Dec 14 12:31:49Creator.Peter Sellers
31st Dec 14 07:47:13Funny.Mystery Men
30th Dec 14 02:46:29Career Ending Injury
30th Dec 14 02:45:34Career Ending Injury
30th Dec 14 02:02:50Story Driven Invulnerability
30th Dec 14 11:23:28YMMV.Vandal Hearts
30th Dec 14 09:34:02Funny.Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin
30th Dec 14 09:28:23Personal Effects Reveal
30th Dec 14 06:54:13Cartoon Creature
30th Dec 14 06:43:40Characters.The Powerpuff Girls-Residents Of Townsville
30th Dec 14 06:32:31Opposite Sex Clone
30th Dec 14 05:39:52But Not Too Bi
29th Dec 14 07:55:47Quotes.Parental Neglect
29th Dec 14 01:32:43YMMV.Inferno
29th Dec 14 09:43:45YMMV.Run Fat Boy Run
28th Dec 14 09:02:41Funny.Dogma
28th Dec 14 08:05:24Series.Cutthroat Kitchen
28th Dec 14 08:03:02Awesome.Cutthroat Kitchen
28th Dec 14 08:01:39Awesome.Cutthroat Kitchen
28th Dec 14 04:39:46Miraculous Malfunction
28th Dec 14 03:41:28YMMV.Rashomon
28th Dec 14 03:33:59Recap.Leverage S 03 E 11 The Rashomon Job
28th Dec 14 02:27:05YMMV.Clonus
28th Dec 14 01:39:45Revolvers Are Just Better
28th Dec 14 01:29:59Distracted By The Sexy.Video Games
28th Dec 14 01:27:58Distracted By The Sexy.Video Games
28th Dec 14 10:48:19Hollywood Spelling
27th Dec 14 08:35:20Red Scare
26th Dec 14 08:29:25Funny.My Little Pony Micro Series
26th Dec 14 01:28:31Anti Frustration Features
26th Dec 14 06:06:45Vote Early Vote Often
25th Dec 14 08:32:25Dork Age.Television Networks
25th Dec 14 04:05:13Funny.Jonathan Coulton
24th Dec 14 06:49:24Madwoman In The Attic
24th Dec 14 06:33:40Videogame.Clash At Demonhead
24th Dec 14 04:49:53Domino Revelation
24th Dec 14 03:41:56Toplessness From The Back
24th Dec 14 03:36:40Sliding Scale Of Undead Regeneration
24th Dec 14 03:26:49Beauty To Beast
24th Dec 14 12:55:01Eternal September
24th Dec 14 08:49:10Audience Participation Failure
24th Dec 14 08:48:17Audience Participation Failure
23rd Dec 14 11:22:19Sliding Scale Of Turn Realism
23rd Dec 14 11:08:50We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties
23rd Dec 14 04:11:18TV Head Robot
23rd Dec 14 03:13:12Humans By Any Other Name
23rd Dec 14 01:50:17Literal Minded
22nd Dec 14 08:23:03YMMV.Blast Corps
22nd Dec 14 07:34:25Hate Sink
22nd Dec 14 07:28:31YMMV.Fallout 2
22nd Dec 14 04:59:03Where The Hell Is Springfield
22nd Dec 14 04:46:45Limited Social Circle
22nd Dec 14 03:01:49Amazon Chaser
22nd Dec 14 02:26:57Useful Notes.Nuclear Weapons
22nd Dec 14 09:55:55Necessary Fail
21st Dec 14 04:33:50No Final Boss For You
21st Dec 14 03:00:54Supposedly Rebellious Series
21st Dec 14 01:50:54Comic Strip.Little Orphan Annie
21st Dec 14 12:03:00Funny.Killer 7
21st Dec 14 11:59:04Long Song Short Scene
21st Dec 14 04:18:01Anime.Paranoia Agent
20th Dec 14 07:53:23Being Good Sucks
20th Dec 14 06:15:48The Farmer And The Viper
20th Dec 14 05:30:37Funny.The Angry Video Game Nerd Season Seven
20th Dec 14 03:42:52There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Real Life
20th Dec 14 03:29:45Characters.Team Fortress 2 Support
20th Dec 14 01:40:23Barred From The Afterlife
20th Dec 14 01:38:36Barred From The Afterlife
20th Dec 14 10:25:44Awesome.Stephen Hawking
19th Dec 14 05:17:45Tear Jerker.Fallout New Vegas
19th Dec 14 03:59:18A Degree In Useless
19th Dec 14 02:14:24Cartoon Creature
19th Dec 14 01:15:01Clone Degeneration
19th Dec 14 01:05:54Never Say Die
19th Dec 14 09:20:08Comic Book.Beta Ray Bill
19th Dec 14 09:07:20Funny.Thor
19th Dec 14 08:46:41Funny.The Binding Of Isaac
18th Dec 14 07:38:20YMMV.Super Metroid
18th Dec 14 07:36:31YMMV.Super Metroid
18th Dec 14 03:03:41Lipstick And Load Montage
17th Dec 14 04:04:22Video Game.Takeshis Challenge
17th Dec 14 01:49:53Difficulty Spike
17th Dec 14 01:37:11Difficulty Spike
17th Dec 14 12:03:46Body To Jewel
17th Dec 14 10:11:39Characters.Discworld Wizards
17th Dec 14 10:03:13Robbing The Dead
17th Dec 14 10:00:19Funny.The Last Hero
17th Dec 14 09:48:49Characters.Discworld Others
16th Dec 14 09:26:59Quotes.Word Salad Lyrics
16th Dec 14 09:26:46Quotes.Word Salad Lyrics