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30th Apr 16 05:53:43Creepy Child.Live Action TV
21st Feb 16 05:19:10Tear Jerker.Brooklyn Nine Nine
20th Feb 16 06:40:08Funny.Brooklyn Nine Nine
4th Feb 16 04:24:38Heartwarming.Brooklyn Nine Nine
20th Sep 15 01:21:09Why Did It Have To Be Snakes.Live Action TV
15th Sep 15 09:08:15Nightmare Fuel.Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
12th Sep 15 04:52:16WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Secondary Characters
20th Aug 15 03:36:07Screw The Rules I Have Money
1st Aug 15 06:12:50WMG.Steven Universe
16th Jul 15 02:54:41Awesome.Steven Universe Non Canon
7th Jul 15 07:04:47Headscratchers.Steven Universe
20th Jun 15 05:33:56Tear Jerker.Person Of Interest
20th Jun 15 05:30:40Heartwarming.Person Of Interest
9th Jun 15 03:50:13Awesome.Person Of Interest
31st May 15 02:46:02And Your Little Dog Too
29th May 15 02:39:19Morality Chain
28th May 15 02:13:45Bullet Proof Vest
26th May 15 09:38:08Faking The Dead
26th May 15 08:54:37Tear Jerker.Person Of Interest
26th May 15 08:50:18Tear Jerker.Person Of Interest
25th May 15 04:11:29Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
24th May 15 08:10:15Funny.Person Of Interest
24th May 15 02:51:31Funny.Person Of Interest
24th May 15 02:48:25Funny.Person Of Interest
24th May 15 02:41:22Recap.Person Of Interest S 02 E 19
22nd May 15 12:43:37Not So Different.Live Action TV
21st May 15 04:50:19Funny.Person Of Interest
21st May 15 04:48:54Funny.Person Of Interest
21st May 15 04:37:57Awesome.Person Of Interest
21st May 15 04:26:04Nightmare Fuel.Person Of Interest
21st May 15 04:23:37Nightmare Fuel.Person Of Interest
21st May 15 04:18:29Nightmare Fuel.Person Of Interest
20th May 15 08:11:57Funny.Person Of Interest
15th May 15 06:28:20Awesome.Person Of Interest
12th May 15 01:54:12Funny.Person Of Interest
7th May 15 07:22:35Awesome.Person Of Interest
7th May 15 07:13:07Worthy Opponent
4th May 15 03:09:19Headscratchers.Steven Universe
3rd May 15 12:19:24WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Secondary Characters
2nd May 15 05:03:24Manga.Soul Eater
2nd May 15 04:33:00Cain And Abel
2nd May 15 02:31:49Almighty Janitor
21st Apr 15 05:17:43WMG.Steven Universe
19th Apr 15 05:20:38WMG.Steven Universe
7th Apr 15 05:34:54Characters.Bravely Default
4th Apr 15 04:26:06WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Villains
4th Apr 15 04:25:27WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Villains
30th Mar 15 05:10:53Headscratchers.Bravely Default
28th Mar 15 02:31:47Heartwarming.Bravely Default
28th Mar 15 02:15:21Headscratchers.Bravely Default
28th Mar 15 02:10:35Headscratchers.Bravely Default
27th Mar 15 10:16:15Headscratchers.Bravely Default
27th Mar 15 09:45:20Headscratchers.Bravely Default
9th Mar 15 11:37:30Tear Jerker.Bravely Default
9th Mar 15 11:21:34Fridge.Bravely Default
9th Mar 15 11:18:32Heartwarming.Bravely Default
9th Mar 15 11:13:47Heartwarming.Bravely Default
8th Mar 15 09:49:28Fridge.Bravely Default
7th Mar 15 06:01:17Past Life Memories
6th Mar 15 08:47:46The Multiverse
2nd Mar 15 08:33:44Ripple Effect Proof Memory
1st Mar 15 08:21:34Funny.Bravely Default
1st Mar 15 07:39:57Fridge.Bravely Default
1st Mar 15 04:53:55Video Game.Bravely Default
1st Mar 15 04:21:27Heartwarming.Bravely Default
28th Feb 15 07:45:56Heartwarming.Bravely Default
28th Feb 15 07:31:21Heartwarming.Bravely Default
27th Feb 15 07:27:00Trauma Induced Amnesia
26th Feb 15 09:35:06Headscratchers.Bravely Default
26th Feb 15 09:29:32Headscratchers.Bravely Default
26th Feb 15 06:30:24Tear Jerker.Bravely Default
26th Feb 15 06:25:32Tear Jerker.Bravely Default
24th Feb 15 09:01:03Headscratchers.Bravely Default
24th Feb 15 08:31:40Nightmare Fuel.Bravely Default
21st Nov 14 02:43:59Creepy Monotone
5th Nov 14 08:33:18You Killed My Father
5th Nov 14 08:32:50You Killed My Father
5th Nov 14 03:01:05Captured Super Entity
30th Oct 14 06:07:17Creepy Monotone
30th Oct 14 06:05:55Creepy Monotone
30th Oct 14 02:19:56Abandoned Warehouse
27th Oct 14 08:42:18Rage Against The Heavens
25th Oct 14 09:25:46Terse Talker
23rd Oct 14 07:34:52Mind Probe
10th Oct 14 03:38:41Heartwarming.The Legend Of Korra
10th Oct 14 03:27:09WMG.Korra Plot General
8th Oct 14 06:38:32The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
3rd Oct 14 06:00:21Scrappy Weapon
30th Sep 14 07:42:07Summoning Ritual
30th Sep 14 07:41:25Summoning Ritual
26th Sep 14 03:45:02Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds.Anime And Manga
23rd Sep 14 05:20:25Funny.Justice League
23rd Sep 14 02:19:47Series.Jonathan Creek
23rd Sep 14 02:18:50Series.Jonathan Creek
22nd Sep 14 07:13:43YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
21st Sep 14 06:46:34Tear Jerker.Justice League
3rd Sep 14 06:11:30WMG.Dresden Files Skin Game Predictions
2nd Sep 14 04:48:23Literature.Skin Game
1st Sep 14 03:13:16WMG.The Dresden Fillies
26th Aug 14 05:23:50Skin Walker
26th Aug 14 05:22:31Skin Walker
26th Aug 14 03:54:17Awesome.Justice League
23rd Aug 14 04:43:49Awesome.Justice League
23rd Aug 14 04:42:48Awesome.Justice League
23rd Aug 14 03:06:30WMG.Korra Plot General
21st Aug 14 02:45:46Consummate Professional
21st Aug 14 02:45:23The Mind Is A Plaything Of The Body
21st Aug 14 02:41:25Consummate Professional
20th Aug 14 03:48:12Railroad Tracks Of Doom
20th Aug 14 02:43:44Breaking The Bonds
20th Aug 14 02:14:00No Holds Barred Beatdown.Western Animation
15th Aug 14 05:48:22Improvised Weapon.Western Animation
15th Aug 14 04:55:52Room Full Of Crazy
15th Aug 14 03:15:12Fridge.The Legendof Korra
15th Aug 14 02:25:22Heartwarming.The Legendof Korra
15th Aug 14 02:19:47Tear Jerker.The Legendof Korra
15th Aug 14 02:11:15Nightmare Fuel.The Legendof Korra
13th Aug 14 06:15:38Cold Blooded Torture
11th Aug 14 03:43:33Evil Twin
8th Aug 14 02:04:21Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
8th Aug 14 01:30:52Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
8th Aug 14 01:29:57Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
8th Aug 14 01:29:32Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
7th Aug 14 06:03:01Improvised Weapon.Western Animation
3rd Aug 14 12:48:15Self Fulfilling Prophecy
3rd Aug 14 05:37:25Characters.DCAU-Justice League
3rd Aug 14 04:42:29Justice League.Tropes M-Z
3rd Aug 14 04:31:46Justice League.Tropes M-Z
3rd Aug 14 04:07:06Morality Chain
30th Jul 14 02:54:03Awesome.Justiceleague
30th Jul 14 12:00:43Awesome.Batmanthe Braveandthe Bold
27th Jul 14 02:10:57WMG.Korra The Equalists And Other Villains
23rd Jul 14 05:05:21Justice League.Tropes M-Z
22nd Jul 14 01:01:21Awesome.Justiceleague
19th Jul 14 04:01:53WMG.Korra Plot General
19th Jul 14 03:39:31WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
19th Jul 14 03:30:24WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
15th Jul 14 04:43:20Radar.Justiceleague
13th Jul 14 04:05:01WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
13th Jul 14 03:44:34Die Or Fly
12th Jul 14 05:03:44WMG.Korra The Gaangs Descendants
12th Jul 14 04:40:34Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra Bending
8th Jul 14 02:52:47Funny.Skin Game
8th Jul 14 02:21:42Literature.Skin Game
8th Jul 14 01:49:46Awesome.Dead Beat
30th Jun 14 03:29:02Dual Wielding
29th Jun 14 12:26:26WMG.Korra Plot General
29th Jun 14 12:23:46WMG.Korra Plot General
28th Jun 14 04:42:40Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
21st Jun 14 04:55:53Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
21st Jun 14 02:57:36WMG.Soul Eater
21st Jun 14 02:51:22WMG.Soul Eater
19th Jun 14 06:10:03Deer In The Headlights
18th Jun 14 08:58:50Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
18th Jun 14 08:45:29Ambiguously Human
18th Jun 14 07:44:38Strapped To An Operating Table
5th Jun 14 02:03:49You Gotta Have Blue Hair.Anime
2nd Jun 14 02:22:26Locked Out Of The Loop
2nd Jun 14 01:53:49Super Mode
2nd Jun 14 01:38:36White Mask Of Doom
28th May 14 02:12:52Characters.Soul Eater Death Scythes
22nd May 14 01:27:51Evil Is Not A Toy
21st May 14 01:47:04Freudian Excuse.Anime And Manga
21st May 14 01:44:57Freudian Excuse.Anime And Manga
21st May 14 12:51:43Establishing Character Moment.Anime And Manga
16th May 14 04:37:00You Are What You Hate
16th May 14 04:02:25Badass Bookworm.Anime And Manga
16th May 14 04:00:43Clark Kent Outfit
16th May 14 04:00:26Clark Kent Outfit
15th May 14 09:16:59Apocalypse How.Class Z
15th May 14 08:49:17A God I Am Not
15th May 14 08:09:49Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
11th May 14 07:25:45Tear Jerker.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
10th May 14 06:00:28Heartwarming.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
8th May 14 07:48:11Internal Affairs
7th May 14 09:43:45Gush.Nintendo
7th May 14 08:43:50Curb Stomp Battle.Anime And Manga
6th May 14 08:24:06Awesome.Soul Eater
6th May 14 08:02:45Cloudcuckoolanders Minder
6th May 14 07:18:49Only Sane Man.Anime And Manga
6th May 14 07:07:10Weapon Twirling
5th May 14 08:39:01Mugging The Monster.Anime And Manga
30th Apr 14 08:01:06Dark Is Not Evil.Anime And Manga
30th Apr 14 07:27:19Child Soldiers
30th Apr 14 06:50:56Awesome Mc Coolname.Anime And Manga
29th Apr 14 07:59:09Ships That Pass In The Night
29th Apr 14 07:41:41YMMV.Soul Eater
28th Apr 14 08:20:41Funny.Soul Eater
27th Apr 14 01:27:48Steven Ulysses Perhero
27th Apr 14 12:43:27You Gotta Have Blue Hair.Anime
27th Apr 14 12:01:53Well Done Dad Guy
27th Apr 14 05:20:54Strong Family Resemblance
26th Apr 14 06:38:42Equippable Ally
25th Apr 14 12:45:00Ship Tease.Anime And Manga
25th Apr 14 12:08:50Headscratchers.Soul Eater
24th Apr 14 08:26:14Complete Immortality
24th Apr 14 04:58:18By The Hair
24th Apr 14 04:33:19Awesome.Soul Eater
24th Apr 14 03:55:58Evilutionary Biologist
24th Apr 14 03:43:36Truly Single Parent
23rd Apr 14 10:30:04Unwitting Instigator Of Doom
23rd Apr 14 10:04:21Fridge.Soul Eater
21st Apr 14 07:01:49Manga.Soul Eater
21st Apr 14 06:48:23Heartwarming.Soul Eater
21st Apr 14 05:42:09Humanoid Abomination
21st Apr 14 04:08:17Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
21st Apr 14 02:33:25Blade On A Stick
20th Apr 14 03:37:56Manga.Soul Eater
20th Apr 14 02:01:41Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
19th Apr 14 01:42:59Tiny Guy Huge Girl
17th Apr 14 05:13:56Through The Eyes Of Madness
16th Apr 14 03:15:31Defence Mechanism Superpower
16th Apr 14 02:57:31Mac Guffin.Anime And Manga
14th Apr 14 06:14:25Half Human Hybrid
11th Apr 14 12:11:30Everyone Went To School Together
8th Apr 14 07:17:02Strong Family Resemblance
6th Apr 14 04:56:55Funny.The Incredibles
5th Apr 14 03:14:23WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
5th Apr 14 02:07:08Fridge Brilliance.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 4
2nd Apr 14 05:16:41Healing Factor
2nd Apr 14 05:15:42Healing Factor
1st Apr 14 03:50:28Gush.Western Animation
27th Mar 14 04:17:42Really Seven Hundred Years Old
22nd Mar 14 08:53:44Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
16th Mar 14 06:54:20WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Revealed Episodes
19th Feb 14 08:19:40Funny.Kung Fu Panda Legends Of Awesomeness
19th Feb 14 05:50:25Funny.Soul Eater
12th Feb 14 08:42:33Even Evil Has Standards.Anime And Manga
11th Feb 14 05:23:04Hilarious In Hindsight.My Little Pony
6th Feb 14 08:29:58Badass Adorable.Video Games
5th Feb 14 08:26:45Gay Option
2nd Feb 14 07:18:35Tyke Bomb
30th Jan 14 07:29:25Tear Jerker.Fire Emblem Awakening
18th Jan 14 07:46:47WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Mane Characters
18th Jan 14 07:36:55WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Mane Characters
4th Jan 14 01:32:04WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Revealed Episodes
28th Dec 13 10:02:45WMG.Korra Plot General
14th Dec 13 05:16:32WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Secondary Characters
1st Dec 13 05:28:35Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 3 Castle Mane-ia
30th Nov 13 04:39:55Fridge Brilliance.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 4
23rd Nov 13 03:45:58WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Villains
20th Nov 13 02:56:52Fanfic Recs.The Legend Of Korra
20th Nov 13 02:56:10Fanfic Recs.The Legend Of Korra
19th Nov 13 11:59:27Contractual Immortality
17th Nov 13 12:28:18WMG.Korra Tenzin And Family
17th Nov 13 12:26:11WMG.Korra Tenzin And Family
17th Nov 13 12:25:00WMG.Korra Tenzin And Family
16th Nov 13 02:46:12WMG.Korra Avatar Metaphysics And Reincarnation
11th Nov 13 04:43:18Characters.Soul Eater DWMA
8th Nov 13 03:34:44WMG.Korra Plot General
8th Nov 13 03:32:03WMG.Korra Plot General
6th Nov 13 02:26:47The Lancer.Anime And Manga
6th Nov 13 01:48:37Funny.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
27th Oct 13 01:30:05With My Hands Tied
24th Oct 13 06:32:42The Hedonist
22nd Oct 13 04:51:55Order Versus Chaos
22nd Oct 13 04:37:33Killed Off For Real.Anime And Manga
20th Oct 13 04:33:44WMG.Korra Tenzin And Family
20th Oct 13 03:59:53Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
19th Oct 13 04:51:38WMG.Korra Plot General
16th Oct 13 05:00:05Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra Government And Law
16th Oct 13 04:38:53WMG.Korra Plot General
13th Oct 13 08:45:34Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
13th Oct 13 08:44:47Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
13th Oct 13 07:58:39Defusing The Tyke Bomb
9th Oct 13 08:30:10Abusive Parents.Anime And Manga
8th Oct 13 03:07:34Funny.The Almighty Johnsons
8th Oct 13 01:38:54Smug Super
8th Oct 13 01:03:51The Power Of Friendship
6th Oct 13 10:32:16Good Wings Evil Wings
6th Oct 13 10:27:42A Form You Are Comfortable With
6th Oct 13 06:15:33WMG.Korra Plot General
5th Oct 13 10:49:02WMG.Korra Plot General
5th Oct 13 10:36:41Heartwarming.The Legend Of Korra
5th Oct 13 10:33:09Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Korra
4th Oct 13 03:37:24Uncanny Family Resemblance
3rd Oct 13 04:16:26Locked Out Of The Loop
29th Sep 13 12:28:14Even Evil Has Standards.Anime And Manga
29th Sep 13 12:24:34Well Intentioned Extremist.Western Animation
28th Sep 13 11:56:23WMG.Korra Plot General
28th Sep 13 11:53:54WMG.Korra Plot General
26th Sep 13 02:25:51Fridge.Soul Eater
25th Sep 13 03:06:49Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
25th Sep 13 02:29:43Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
20th Sep 13 05:23:48Secret Test
20th Sep 13 07:39:29Headscratchers.Soul Eater
17th Sep 13 05:53:33WMG.Korra Korra Herself
15th Sep 13 05:21:36WMG.Korra Plot General
15th Sep 13 04:45:30WMG.Korra Korra Herself
10th Sep 13 02:43:43WMG.Bleach
8th Sep 13 10:45:40I Am Not My Father
3rd Sep 13 02:13:28Fridge.Avatar The Last Airbender
3rd Sep 13 12:39:39Babies Ever After
2nd Sep 13 02:14:41Heartwarming.Soul Eater
2nd Sep 13 01:52:01Funny.Soul Eater
2nd Sep 13 01:46:00WMG.Soul Eater
2nd Sep 13 01:17:32OOC Is Serious Business
2nd Sep 13 01:08:48Characters.Soul Eater Death Scythes
2nd Sep 13 12:47:41Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
30th Aug 13 12:23:10Crouching Moron Hidden Badass.Anime And Manga
29th Aug 13 09:49:41YMMV.Soul Eater
24th Aug 13 04:17:26Heartwarming.Fire Emblem Awakening
23rd Aug 13 12:30:57Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
15th Aug 13 09:25:22Farm Boy
14th Aug 13 03:38:59Headscratchers.Soul Eater
11th Aug 13 05:13:55Battle Couple
11th Aug 13 05:07:52Action Dad.Anime And Manga
10th Aug 13 12:16:32Tear Jerker.Soul Eater
3rd Aug 13 09:10:45Fridge.Soul Eater
3rd Aug 13 09:00:16WMG.Soul Eater
29th Jul 13 04:38:35Wham Episode.Anime
29th Jul 13 01:49:48WMG.Soul Eater
29th Jul 13 02:59:14Headscratchers.Soul Eater
26th Jul 13 12:27:16Characters.Soul Eater Other Meisters
26th Jul 13 12:22:26Go Out With A Smile
25th Jul 13 05:25:35Awesome.Fire Emblem Awakening
24th Jul 13 03:05:17Truly Single Parent
24th Jul 13 01:20:10Awesome.Soul Eater
22nd Jul 13 01:43:47Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
22nd Jul 13 01:29:26Heroic Willpower
22nd Jul 13 12:10:43Go Out With A Smile
21st Jul 13 10:50:43WMG.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 06:55:06YMMV.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 06:41:54Manga.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 06:30:43Character Title
21st Jul 13 06:26:32Title Drop.Anime And Manga
21st Jul 13 06:10:58Heartwarming.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 05:21:58Woolseyism.Anime
21st Jul 13 04:41:26Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 04:35:35WMG.Soul Eater
21st Jul 13 04:30:41Tear Jerker.Soul Eater
14th Jul 13 03:28:20Glad Hes On Our Side
12th Jul 13 05:44:07Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
9th Jul 13 06:27:16Characters.Soul Eater DWMA
8th Jul 13 02:43:17Characters.Soul Eater Spartoi
6th Jul 13 01:11:27WMG.Soul Eater
6th Jul 13 12:56:15Adult Fear
1st Jul 13 04:34:27Sempai Kohai
1st Jul 13 12:55:30Heartwarming.Soul Eater
27th Jun 13 02:27:47Laser Guided Tykebomb
26th Jun 13 04:07:40Battle Couple
25th Jun 13 01:29:01Awesome.Soul Eater
25th Jun 13 01:24:43Awesome.Soul Eater
24th Jun 13 12:18:45Awesome.Soul Eater
22nd Jun 13 06:45:38Funny.Soul Eater
21st Jun 13 01:45:17Funny.Soul Eater
18th Jun 13 01:48:20Nightmare Fuel.Soul Eater
14th Jun 13 06:04:47Interspecies Adoption
12th Jun 13 03:30:16Eleventh Hour Superpower
2nd Jun 13 04:24:28Supernatural Gold Eyes
2nd Jun 13 03:50:15The Power Of Friendship
29th May 13 05:08:15WMG.Soul Eater
28th May 13 06:31:19Heroic Comedic Sociopath
28th May 13 06:30:25Heroic Comedic Sociopath
27th May 13 07:07:13Blade Below The Shoulder
27th May 13 12:57:13WMG.Soul Eater
27th May 13 12:52:30WMG.Soul Eater
24th May 13 05:36:00Transformation Is A Free Action
23rd May 13 07:47:03WMG.Soul Eater
23rd May 13 07:44:14WMG.Soul Eater
20th May 13 07:31:23Headscratchers.Justice League
19th May 13 01:02:21Creepy Child
19th May 13 12:32:08Disappeared Dad
19th May 13 12:26:20Missing Mom
19th May 13 11:10:46Heartwarming.Soul Eater
19th May 13 11:00:48Fridge.Soul Eater
18th May 13 08:10:20Thanatos Gambit
18th May 13 07:36:45Superpower Lottery
18th May 13 07:35:04Superpower Lottery
18th May 13 06:59:41Sadist Teacher
18th May 13 05:26:35WMG.Doctor Who Series 7
18th May 13 04:30:25Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
17th May 13 12:15:00WMG.Soul Eater
15th May 13 01:53:23I Am Your Opponent
14th May 13 05:33:24Funny.Justice League
12th May 13 08:33:31Badass Teacher
12th May 13 08:26:20Heartwarming.Soul Eater
12th May 13 08:22:22What Is This Thing You Call Love
12th May 13 08:00:46Mad Love
12th May 13 08:00:31Mad Love
10th May 13 05:27:07Big Damn Heroes.Anime And Manga
8th May 13 04:12:47Characters.Soul Eater Death Scythes
6th May 13 07:09:22WMG.Soul Eater
6th May 13 07:06:49Awesome.Soul Eater
2nd May 13 05:54:19Dark Is Not Evil.Anime And Manga
28th Apr 13 12:19:12Becoming The Mask
25th Apr 13 07:37:57Bumbling Dad
19th Apr 13 05:58:01Handsome Lech
17th Apr 13 01:55:02Parental Abandonment.Anime And Manga
14th Apr 13 01:06:47Headscratchers.Soul Eater
14th Apr 13 09:33:52Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Anime
14th Apr 13 09:23:30Tear Jerker.Soul Eater
14th Apr 13 09:21:06Heartwarming.Soul Eater
12th Apr 13 06:07:16Interplay Of Sex And Violence
11th Apr 13 08:40:21Sinister Scythe
11th Apr 13 08:15:46Ax Crazy.Anime And Manga
11th Apr 13 07:00:17Silk Hiding Steel
11th Apr 13 09:30:57WMG.Soul Eater
7th Apr 13 08:25:15WMG.Soul Eater
6th Apr 13 06:57:13WMG.Soul Eater