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20th Mar 18 01:57:12Headscratchers.Batman
15th Feb 18 10:26:04Headscratchers.Looper
22nd Dec 17 01:17:00Headscratchers.A Few Good Men
19th Dec 17 02:12:08Headscratchers.A Cure For Wellness
25th Oct 17 03:21:33Where The Hell Is Springfield
25th Oct 17 03:20:23Where The Hell Is Springfield
25th Sep 17 12:32:00Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Live Action TV
23rd Aug 17 01:14:16Headscratchers.The Rock
31st May 17 01:12:44Headscratchers.Fallout 4
22nd May 17 02:10:06Fridge.Dracula 1931
22nd May 17 02:07:47Fridge.Dracula 1931
10th May 17 11:44:14Headscratchers.Sin City
19th Apr 17 09:47:32YMMV.Beauty And The Beast 2017
19th Apr 17 09:41:02YMMV.Beauty And The Beast 2017
19th Apr 17 09:14:01Headscratchers.Beauty And The Beast 2017
14th Mar 17 11:59:44Trivia.UHF
26th Jan 17 01:04:50Goshdang It To Heck
17th Jan 17 03:16:31Orphaned Punchline
17th Jan 17 02:51:16Headscratchers.ET The Extraterrestrial
21st Dec 16 01:32:15Headscratchers.The Mask Of Zorro
21st Dec 16 01:31:28Headscratchers.The Mask Of Zorro
18th Nov 16 12:10:18I Know You Know I Know
23rd Sep 16 01:17:46Conspiracy Placement
15th Sep 16 12:43:44Fiction 500
9th Sep 16 01:50:37Headscratchers.Spectre
30th Aug 16 12:38:24Inept Talent Show Contestant
1st Aug 16 01:44:18Headscratchers.Minority Report
1st Jun 16 02:11:43Foreshadowing.Live Action Films
31st May 16 01:03:26Headscratchers.Film
31st May 16 01:00:37Headscratchers.KPAX
26th May 16 12:33:56Headscratchers.Spectre
7th Apr 16 09:52:47WMG.ET The Extra Terrestrial
5th Apr 16 02:54:30Headscratchers.Spectre
4th Apr 16 11:47:39Headscratchers.Casino Royale 2006
4th Apr 16 08:59:27Headscratchers.Goldfinger
29th Mar 16 03:14:52Meet My Good Friends Lefty And Righty
25th Mar 16 06:50:27WMG.James Bond
4th Mar 16 07:47:17This Aint Rocket Surgery
4th Feb 16 06:47:44Court Martialed
5th Jan 16 02:14:41TV Telephone Etiquette
4th Jan 16 11:43:02Wham Line.Film
10th Dec 15 08:36:24Headscratchers.Tomorrow Never Dies
10th Dec 15 02:43:59That Was The Last Entry
20th Nov 15 06:15:40Headscratchers.The Thing 1982
19th Nov 15 02:22:55Headscratchers.Spectre
19th Nov 15 01:59:50Headscratchers.Pans Labyrinth
12th Nov 15 02:15:45WMG.Spectre
1st Oct 15 09:18:00Headscratchers.Back To The Future
10th Sep 15 12:13:30Artistic License Religion
10th Sep 15 11:45:08Artistic License Religion
6th Sep 15 12:10:01Tabletop Game.Pandemic
22nd Aug 15 12:53:58Headscratchers.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
28th Jul 15 10:31:40What An Idiot.Star Trek
28th Jul 15 10:31:01What An Idiot.Star Trek
28th Jul 15 10:29:13What An Idiot.Star Trek
16th Jul 15 12:03:56Headscratchers.Twister
15th Jun 15 02:22:23Discriminate And Switch
10th Jun 15 01:50:28Artistic License History
9th Jun 15 03:27:15Wall Bangers.Film A To M
9th Jun 15 03:16:45Wall Bangers.Revenge Of The Sith
2nd Jun 15 02:21:56Forgettable Character
18th May 15 08:01:38Headscratchers.UHF
27th Apr 15 11:21:42Headscratchers.SE 7 EN
12th Mar 15 03:27:08Plot Hole
26th Feb 15 02:52:59Organ Theft
26th Feb 15 02:51:44Organ Theft
19th Feb 15 01:39:20Headscratchers.Back To The Future
19th Feb 15 01:17:01Headscratchers.Back To The Future
12th Feb 15 02:44:45WMG.Showgirls
21st Jan 15 03:19:19Headscratchers.A Song Of Ice And Fire
28th Dec 14 07:33:20Headscratchers.A New Hope
28th Dec 14 07:27:52Headscratchers.A New Hope
28th Dec 14 09:16:54Totally Radical.Live Action TV
12th Dec 14 11:14:11Funny.Se7en
12th Dec 14 10:57:10Film.Se7en
12th Dec 14 10:56:38Film.Se7en
11th Dec 14 05:15:32Headscratchers.The Blues Brothers
10th Dec 14 10:37:36Quotes.Yes Minister
25th Nov 14 01:58:14The Complainer Is Always Wrong
14th Oct 14 02:57:46Calvin Ball
8th Oct 14 12:59:50Headscratchers.Oz The Great And Powerful
7th Oct 14 07:04:52WMG.That Mitchelland Webb Look
3rd Oct 14 10:58:00Headscratchers.Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
25th Sep 14 11:41:44Even Evil Has Standards
24th Sep 14 11:48:10YMMV.The Thomas Crown Affair
24th Sep 14 11:46:20YMMV.The Thomas Crown Affair
24th Sep 14 11:27:59Plot Hole
8th Sep 14 01:57:40I Know You Know I Know
20th Aug 14 02:20:02Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 05 E 07 I Accuse My Parents
12th Aug 14 11:34:14Quotes.Drill Sergeant Nasty
24th Jul 14 10:22:29Last Stand
23rd Jul 14 01:03:11Headscratchers.Face Off
23rd Jul 14 12:53:29Film.Face Off
10th Jul 14 12:23:58Arkhams Razor
9th Jul 14 01:55:05Headscratchers.Total Recall 1990
9th Jul 14 01:29:09WMG.Ghostbusters
7th Jul 14 04:24:00Gullible Lemmings
7th Jul 14 04:23:17Gullible Lemmings
6th Jul 14 05:28:19I Am X Son Of Y
19th Jun 14 03:10:28Truman Show Plot
19th Jun 14 12:53:32Headscratchers.Angelsand Demons
12th Jun 14 03:42:02Headscratchers.Batman Forever
14th May 14 09:07:59What Happened To The Mouse.Film
14th May 14 08:43:58Headscratchers.Kill Bill
5th May 14 08:06:25Film.Dungeons And Dragons The Book Of Vile Darkness
5th May 14 01:55:40Favors For The Sexy
1st May 14 07:38:11YMMV.A Christmas Carol
23rd Apr 14 11:08:43Headscratchers.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
26th Mar 14 08:27:38Will Not Tell A Lie
21st Mar 14 10:56:02Mouthful Of Pi
21st Mar 14 10:53:31Planet Of Copyhats
20th Mar 14 02:19:57Headscratchers.How I Met Your Mother
20th Mar 14 08:29:44And That Little Girl Was Me
20th Mar 14 08:22:10And That Little Girl Was Me
27th Feb 14 01:38:35Government Agency Of Fiction
17th Feb 14 06:15:48Number Two
17th Feb 14 05:18:41Translation Convention
17th Feb 14 09:05:57Plot Hole
7th Feb 14 08:53:42Stealing From The Hotel
7th Feb 14 08:53:23Stealing From The Hotel
3rd Feb 14 02:15:03Improbable Hair Style
1st Feb 14 06:59:33WMG.Prometheus
31st Jan 14 08:31:54Strawman Has A Point
29th Jan 14 09:31:43Never Say That Again
29th Jan 14 09:30:14Never Say That Again
29th Jan 14 11:49:37Headscratchers.The Dark Knight
28th Jan 14 06:21:06Headscratchers.Waterworld
28th Jan 14 02:50:03Characters.Seventeen Seventy Six
25th Jan 14 03:22:24Cannon Fodder
25th Jan 14 02:38:25Driving Question
23rd Jan 14 09:21:46Fridge.Futurama
23rd Jan 14 09:21:02Fridge.Futurama
23rd Jan 14 02:06:31Wall Bangers.Film
15th Jan 14 12:10:10Human Sacrifice
13th Jan 14 10:54:17Fictional Political Party
10th Jan 14 01:51:19Plot Hole
8th Jan 14 08:01:17Silicon Based Life
6th Jan 14 09:24:24Benevolent Precursors
3rd Jan 14 08:48:05Resignations Not Accepted
31st Dec 13 11:32:30Good Smoking Evil Smoking
30th Dec 13 01:47:18Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
25th Dec 13 05:36:31Headscratchers.Minority Report
20th Dec 13 12:46:47Self Destruct Mechanism
18th Dec 13 03:17:37Headscratchers.Minority Report
18th Dec 13 03:05:22Headscratchers.Minority Report
2nd Dec 13 03:18:43Headscratchers.AI Artificial Intelligence
2nd Dec 13 01:35:30Headscratchers.Deep Impact
20th Nov 13 03:09:49Headscratchers.Scarface
11th Nov 13 08:30:09Headscratchers.Equilibrium
7th Nov 13 09:27:44Dirty Cop
6th Nov 13 12:04:11Headscratchers.Ghostbusters
3rd Nov 13 11:19:44Quotes.Jews Love To Argue
3rd Nov 13 11:18:59Quotes.Jews Love To Argue
3rd Nov 13 11:10:18Jews Love To Argue
1st Nov 13 09:01:29What The Fu Are You Doing
30th Oct 13 03:48:46Wall Bangers.One More Day
23rd Oct 13 12:43:10Headscratchers.Star Trek
6th Oct 13 10:42:06WMG.Minority Report
6th Oct 13 10:41:37WMG.Minority Report
6th Oct 13 10:36:51WMG.Film
5th Oct 13 07:28:41Literature.The Andromeda Strain
4th Oct 13 02:11:12Film.The Godfather
3rd Oct 13 11:51:30Headscratchers.The Avengers
2nd Oct 13 08:58:37Headscratchers.The Purge
30th Sep 13 11:25:37Headscratchers.Men In Black
30th Sep 13 11:23:41Headscratchers.Men In Black
23rd Sep 13 10:07:07Film.Dungeons And Dragons The Book Of Vile Darkness
18th Sep 13 02:12:48Headscratchers.The Matrix
18th Sep 13 12:58:14Headscratchers.Minority Report
16th Sep 13 07:36:56Headscratchers.Minority Report
16th Sep 13 07:34:06Headscratchers.Minority Report
13th Sep 13 08:54:01Author Avatar
12th Sep 13 10:43:50Headscratchers.Minority Report
12th Sep 13 02:12:50Please Put Some Clothes On
12th Sep 13 09:28:23You Keep Using That Word.Moderately Pedantic
12th Sep 13 09:27:34You Keep Using That Word.Moderately Pedantic
10th Sep 13 08:46:50Film.Star Trek Insurrection
21st Aug 13 03:05:14Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
21st Aug 13 08:54:05Headscratchers.Liar Liar
16th Aug 13 10:43:50False Dichotomy
13th Aug 13 02:34:33Headscratchers.Atlas Shrugged
30th Jul 13 08:32:55I Know You Know I Know
29th Jul 13 02:29:25Fridge.Futurama
24th Jul 13 11:36:30Limited Wardrobe
19th Jul 13 11:23:34Chewbacca Defense
19th Jul 13 08:35:27No Indoor Voice.Real Life
16th Jul 13 01:37:04WMG.Scrubs
10th Jul 13 09:07:17Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
8th Jul 13 02:15:15Quotes.Brutal Honesty
3rd Jul 13 06:19:13Godzilla Threshold
3rd Jul 13 11:51:06Fridge.The Big Bang Theory
3rd Jul 13 11:50:18Fridge.The Big Bang Theory
2nd Jul 13 12:52:46False Reassurance
1st Jul 13 12:38:10Pragmatic Villainy
1st Jul 13 12:15:35Virtue Vice Codification
26th Jun 13 09:32:26Headscratchers.The Usual Suspects
25th Jun 13 07:54:29What Year Is This
24th Jun 13 03:48:13Sci Fi Writers Have.No Sense Of Units
19th Jun 13 10:25:16Foreshadowing.Live Action TV
17th Jun 13 02:30:43Big No.Live Action TV
17th Jun 13 08:43:34Mattress Tag Gag
11th Jun 13 12:37:18Video Game.Tropico
5th Jun 13 10:37:09Music.The Police
29th May 13 09:25:21Headscratchers.The Usual Suspects
21st May 13 02:40:58Idiot Savant
14th May 13 09:05:39Hufflepuff House
28th Apr 13 10:10:55Film.Thunderball
26th Apr 13 08:09:42Dont Fear The Reaper
26th Apr 13 07:56:54Guardian Angel
24th Apr 13 03:39:34Funny.Futurama
24th Apr 13 03:39:01Funny.Futurama
17th Apr 13 11:34:59Headscratchers.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
17th Apr 13 11:30:26Headscratchers.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
15th Apr 13 12:30:13The Moscow Criterion
12th Apr 13 09:45:26Driven To Suicide.Western Animation
4th Apr 13 10:34:23Headscratchers.Olympus Has Fallen
28th Mar 13 08:39:03Embarrassing Password
26th Mar 13 10:08:11WMG.How I Met Your Mother
26th Mar 13 10:03:37WMG.How I Met Your Mother
18th Mar 13 05:50:15Combat By Champion
17th Mar 13 07:34:26Headscratchers.Oz The Great And Powerful
10th Mar 13 03:06:40Headscratchers.Kill Bill
28th Feb 13 12:47:55Wall Bangers.Film
28th Feb 13 11:49:10Wall Bangers.Film
24th Feb 13 11:57:36Headscratchers.Back To The Future
14th Feb 13 10:04:55Headscratchers.Deep Impact
13th Feb 13 09:05:27Headscratchers.Deep Impact
31st Jan 13 11:22:51Headscratchers.Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
25th Jan 13 11:00:12Artistic License Economics
23rd Jan 13 10:00:20WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
23rd Jan 13 09:21:41Fridge.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
18th Jan 13 02:01:45Sexy Whatever Outfit
17th Jan 13 12:51:57Headscratchers.Atlas Shrugged
12th Jan 13 02:11:57You Bastard
8th Jan 13 11:49:43Purposely Overpowered
7th Jan 13 11:28:10Urban Legends
7th Jan 13 11:27:05Urban Legends
3rd Jan 13 10:50:45Heroism Equals Job Qualification
3rd Jan 13 09:43:57Film.Casino
3rd Jan 13 09:40:37Film.Casino
3rd Jan 13 09:33:12Film.Casino
3rd Jan 13 09:05:37Its The Principle Of The Thing
19th Dec 12 03:13:08Evil Chancellor
17th Dec 12 09:18:24Idiot Plot
16th Dec 12 06:04:52Video Game.Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
13th Dec 12 01:47:20Video Game.Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
13th Dec 12 01:47:00Video Game.Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
10th Dec 12 10:05:48Broken Aesop
16th Nov 12 10:16:09The Fog Of Ages
16th Nov 12 08:08:30All The Good Men Are Gay
15th Nov 12 02:27:11Shrug Of God
14th Nov 12 01:48:00Headscratchers.Deep Impact
14th Nov 12 01:47:36Headscratchers.Deep Impact
12th Nov 12 12:28:39Fridge.The Running Man
31st Oct 12 01:36:09Gambit Roulette
25th Oct 12 12:42:39Secretly Wealthy
24th Oct 12 10:07:53Fantastic Slurs
23rd Oct 12 01:52:14A Date With Rosie Palms
22nd Oct 12 08:16:04Headscratchers.Land Of The Dead
7th Oct 12 05:57:53Inferred Holocaust
3rd Oct 12 08:58:59Conspiracy Placement
2nd Oct 12 01:33:01Screw This Im Outta Here
26th Sep 12 10:25:19Red Shirt
26th Sep 12 10:24:09Red Shirt
26th Sep 12 08:59:06Quotes.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
20th Sep 12 02:52:20Con Lang
20th Sep 12 09:33:04The Big Rotten Apple
20th Sep 12 09:30:14The Big Rotten Apple
20th Sep 12 09:19:22Big Fancy Castle
20th Sep 12 09:11:46Big Fancy House
20th Sep 12 08:56:23Big Fancy House
17th Sep 12 11:51:54Running Gag.Film
12th Sep 12 01:25:29Unit Confusion
10th Sep 12 11:30:23WMG.That70s Show
4th Sep 12 03:08:03Headscratchers.A Few Good Men
30th Aug 12 02:22:08WMG.Back To The Future
16th Aug 12 11:44:27Word Of Dante
2nd Aug 12 12:24:51Idiot Ball.Film
2nd Aug 12 12:22:54Idiot Ball.Film
26th Jul 12 09:52:29Fridge.The Big Bang Theory
26th Jul 12 09:49:24Fridge.The Big Bang Theory
26th Jul 12 08:47:32Headscratchers.The Big Bang Theory
26th Jul 12 07:32:27Bragging Rights Reward
25th Jul 12 11:15:09Types Of Naval Ships
25th Jul 12 10:53:06Artistic License Ships
25th Jul 12 09:04:09One Hour Work Week
25th Jul 12 08:23:15Plot Hole
22nd Jul 12 05:22:55Off On A Technicality
20th Jul 12 09:01:16Go Ye Heroes Go And Die
19th Jul 12 10:55:48Humor Dissonance
19th Jul 12 08:53:29Dont Call Me Sir
18th Jul 12 02:30:34It Is Beyond Saving
16th Jul 12 08:00:56This Aint Rocket Surgery
12th Jul 12 08:51:05Instant Win Condition
11th Jul 12 12:31:36Wicked Cultured
11th Jul 12 12:29:22Wicked Cultured
2nd Jul 12 08:00:29Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
28th Jun 12 10:04:00Loophole Abuse
28th Jun 12 09:57:26Loophole Abuse
28th Jun 12 09:34:51Off The Record
28th Jun 12 09:29:03Off On A Technicality
15th Jun 12 02:43:34From The Latin Intro Ducere
15th Jun 12 01:36:56Headscratchers.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
6th Jun 12 05:00:14Headscratchers.Bill And Ted
4th Jun 12 01:48:20Headscratchers.King Arthur
2nd Jun 12 07:42:03Cruel Intentions
17th May 12 12:55:35Funny.Supernatural
12th May 12 11:53:25Elective Monarchy
7th May 12 12:38:02WMG.How I Met Your Mother
24th Apr 12 03:00:35Headscratchers.Friends
13th Apr 12 12:22:21Artistic License Economics
11th Apr 12 08:07:51Angels And Demons
10th Apr 12 07:07:37Quotes.Off With His Head
10th Apr 12 05:52:04Kingmaker Scenario
10th Apr 12 12:03:15STD Immunity
10th Apr 12 11:36:24Giver Of Lame Names
10th Apr 12 09:01:54Long Bus Trip
10th Apr 12 08:51:02What Happened To The Mouse.Live Action TV
5th Apr 12 12:40:33What An Idiot.Film
4th Apr 12 12:07:33I Am One Of Those Too
3rd Apr 12 01:19:25Immediate Sequel
3rd Apr 12 01:16:43Immediate Sequel
28th Mar 12 02:45:35Quotes.Edutainment Show
27th Mar 12 02:14:56Dispense With The Pleasantries
26th Mar 12 08:32:11Arc Number
22nd Mar 12 11:51:51All Powerful Bystander
22nd Mar 12 11:50:43All Powerful Bystander
21st Mar 12 01:04:15WMG.The Elder Scrolls
21st Mar 12 01:03:01WMG.The Elder Scrolls
21st Mar 12 10:35:01Artistic License Economics
16th Mar 12 09:26:22Magicians Are Wizards
15th Mar 12 10:11:01Headscratchers.Kill Bill
15th Mar 12 10:10:29Headscratchers.Kill Bill
14th Mar 12 09:18:54Series.How I Met Your Mother
1st Mar 12 02:08:50Ambiguous Disorder
1st Mar 12 01:49:06The Aristocrats
1st Mar 12 11:20:51Its Not You Its Me
29th Feb 12 01:26:57Webcomic Time
28th Feb 12 02:26:07Selling The Show
24th Feb 12 11:05:52Dan Browned
16th Feb 12 01:01:18Tomes Of Prophecy And Fate
16th Feb 12 11:21:46Audience Participation
16th Feb 12 11:03:16Unexpectedly Obscure Answer
15th Feb 12 12:39:54The Nondescript
6th Feb 12 12:26:16Will Not Tell A Lie
31st Jan 12 02:41:07Headscratchers.A Few Good Men
31st Jan 12 12:46:28WMG.Aladdin
27th Jan 12 08:34:03What Measure Is A Non Human.Star Trek
25th Jan 12 03:12:47I Minored In Tropology
25th Jan 12 03:11:39I Minored In Tropology
25th Jan 12 02:44:42Headscratchers.Ambiguously Gay
25th Jan 12 02:28:21Everyone Is Bi
24th Jan 12 01:02:56Required Secondary Powers
23rd Jan 12 02:20:04Headscratchers.Ghostbusters
23rd Jan 12 01:58:44Headscratchers.Get Smart
23rd Jan 12 12:31:09It Amused Me
23rd Jan 12 11:33:06Be Careful What You Wish For
19th Jan 12 10:53:27Indiana Jones
18th Jan 12 02:52:27Writers Cannot Do Math
13th Jan 12 12:28:02A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
12th Jan 12 12:08:18Surprise Checkmate
12th Jan 12 09:22:14Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
9th Jan 12 01:07:00Air Vent Passageway
5th Jan 12 01:45:02Anvilicious
4th Jan 12 02:44:44My Eyes Are Up Here
4th Jan 12 01:36:54Broken Aesop
30th Dec 11 01:12:47Hanlons Razor
30th Dec 11 01:12:18Hanlons Razor
30th Dec 11 08:31:51Best Served Cold
30th Dec 11 08:31:28Best Served Cold
29th Dec 11 02:55:57Weird Trade Union
29th Dec 11 02:12:12Fierce Creatures
29th Dec 11 02:10:30Fierce Creatures
29th Dec 11 02:07:47Fierce Creatures
29th Dec 11 07:47:30Benevolent Precursors
28th Dec 11 12:50:08Organ Theft
28th Dec 11 10:09:00Cruel Mercy
28th Dec 11 09:40:49Christmas Elves
27th Dec 11 02:08:10Ooh Me Accents Slipping
22nd Dec 11 12:56:22WMG.Castle
22nd Dec 11 12:56:01WMG.Castle
22nd Dec 11 12:48:32WMG.Scrubs
22nd Dec 11 09:56:02Script Wank
21st Dec 11 12:04:52Denied Food As Punishment
21st Dec 11 11:41:36Succession Crisis
20th Dec 11 02:09:41YMMV.Ironclad
20th Dec 11 02:08:52YMMV.Ironclad
14th Dec 11 12:51:50Easier Than Easy
14th Dec 11 11:16:02Film.Excalibur
13th Dec 11 09:16:33Analysis.Friedrich Nietzsche
12th Dec 11 01:54:57There Are No Therapists
8th Dec 11 11:20:01Targeted Human Sacrifice
8th Dec 11 11:17:51Human Sacrifice
8th Dec 11 08:34:30Easter Egg
7th Dec 11 11:59:12Well Intentioned Extremist
5th Dec 11 09:09:00Rome
5th Dec 11 08:47:46WMG.The Walking Dead
5th Dec 11 08:40:20WMG.The Walking Dead
2nd Dec 11 09:15:14Wall Bangers.Film
1st Dec 11 08:07:33Payback