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16th Feb 18 03:06:09Film.Ready Player One 2018
23rd Sep 17 09:35:48Awesome Music.Yuki Kajiura
9th Sep 17 11:48:00Film.Shin Godzilla
11th Oct 16 05:47:41YMMV.Fuller House
27th Dec 15 08:00:14Anime.Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou
18th Dec 15 05:38:14Anime.Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou
11th Dec 15 06:22:59Characters.Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou
24th Nov 15 08:34:58Anime.Digimon Adventure Tri
2nd Nov 15 05:21:20YMMV.Halo 5 Guardians
24th Aug 15 04:42:46YMMV.Rokka No Yuusha
6th Aug 15 07:39:14Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
1st Aug 15 06:35:21Characters.Fate Grand Order
1st Aug 15 10:40:17Trivia.Fate Grand Order
1st Aug 15 10:37:44Characters.Video Games
31st Jul 15 11:08:37Characters.Fate Grand Order
31st Jul 15 07:01:13Characters.Fate Grand Order
31st Jul 15 06:56:24Characters.Fate Grand Order
25th Jul 15 11:54:22WMG.Shimoneta
25th Jul 15 11:46:17Light Novel.Shimoneta
21st May 15 08:46:38ARG.Hunt The Truth
10th Mar 15 04:16:56YMMV.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
8th Jan 15 10:50:07Franchise.Kamen Rider
14th Oct 14 09:52:44Anime.Captain Earth
13th Oct 14 11:06:48Anime.Captain Earth
7th Oct 14 12:26:26Second Law Of Gender Bending
2nd Sep 14 12:16:41Tokyo Is The Center Of The Universe
16th Aug 14 10:53:28Fanfic.Ultimate Power Rangers
16th Aug 14 10:34:33Fanfic.Ultimate Power Rangers
16th Aug 14 10:23:19Fanfic.Ultimate Power Rangers
11th Jul 14 01:58:18Tropers.LOMI
24th Jun 14 10:34:24Series.Agentsof SHIELD
9th Apr 14 12:42:43Series.Agents Of SHIELD
23rd Mar 14 12:06:52Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
23rd Mar 14 11:54:08Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
15th Mar 14 09:00:45Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
10th Feb 14 04:13:28Webcomic.Xkcd
10th Feb 14 04:10:11Webcomic.Xkcd
31st Jan 14 08:54:42Creator.Michael Giacchino
20th Jan 14 05:51:42Green
17th Jan 14 04:15:07Characters.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Mecha
16th Jan 14 07:56:15Tropers.LOMI
15th Jan 14 06:47:26Series.Agents Of SHIELD
14th Jan 14 04:35:59Series.Agents Of SHIELD
1st Jan 14 11:03:22Western Animation.Transformers Prime
7th Dec 13 08:22:57Film.The Amazing Spider Man 2
6th Dec 13 04:20:56Franchise.Star Wars
6th Dec 13 09:19:11YMMV.Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger
30th Nov 13 08:11:00Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
27th Nov 13 10:35:02Star Wars The Clone Wars.Tropes G To N
27th Nov 13 08:07:13Series.Agents Of SHIELD
23rd Nov 13 10:10:15Headscratchers.Naruto
20th Nov 13 10:13:41Film.Kamen Rider X Super Sentai X Space Sheriff Super Hero Taisen Z
18th Nov 13 06:18:07Series.Agents Of SHIELD
16th Nov 13 10:36:24Series.Agents Of SHIELD
12th Nov 13 03:19:16Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Recollection
12th Nov 13 12:02:52YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
7th Nov 13 09:06:49Hilarious In Hindsight.Live Action TV
7th Nov 13 07:57:09Stock Dinosaurs
29th Oct 13 04:33:09Narm.Naruto
28th Oct 13 01:49:37Creator.Pixar
25th Oct 13 06:09:04Western Animation.Avengers Assemble
24th Oct 13 04:50:10Headscratchers.Naruto
24th Oct 13 11:15:35Naruto.Tropes Ato K
24th Oct 13 05:54:56Headscratchers.Agents Of SHIELD
21st Oct 13 09:38:41Naruto.Anime And Others
15th Oct 13 11:01:51Nerf
8th Oct 13 03:18:45Headscratchers.The Heroes Of Olympus
5th Oct 13 07:59:51Headscratchers.Agents Of SHIELD
30th Sep 13 02:31:39Anime.Guilty Crown
28th Sep 13 08:14:58WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
27th Sep 13 08:32:57YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
21st Sep 13 10:45:06Franchise.Ultra Series
18th Sep 13 12:10:47Quote Mine
16th Sep 13 01:57:27Anime.Digimon Adventure 02
10th Sep 13 02:45:23Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
7th Sep 13 10:18:40Your Size May Vary
27th Aug 13 03:11:01Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
20th Aug 13 04:30:30Anime.Digimon Adventure
19th Aug 13 03:05:56YMMV.Halo 4
16th Aug 13 04:20:25Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
5th Aug 13 04:05:38YMMV.Ultimate Power Rangers
4th Aug 13 12:34:09Western Animation.Avengers Assemble
1st Aug 13 04:26:58More Than Mind Control
28th Jul 13 05:41:35Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
26th Jul 13 03:31:42Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
18th Jul 13 03:38:02YMMV.Pacific Rim
15th Jul 13 10:41:54YMMV.Pacific Rim
27th Jun 13 02:41:02Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
22nd May 13 11:58:32YMMV.Xbox ONE
17th May 13 08:04:49YMMV.Soul Eater
11th May 13 01:14:26Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
11th May 13 01:01:37Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
11th May 13 12:59:16Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
7th May 13 05:09:54YMMV.Iron Man 3
1st May 13 11:31:21Memetic Bystander
1st May 13 06:20:52Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
30th Apr 13 10:27:10Tropers.LOMI
30th Apr 13 10:25:52YMMV.Ultimate Power Rangers
30th Apr 13 10:24:15Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
23rd Apr 13 06:31:30Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
23rd Apr 13 06:31:28Tropers.LOMI
23rd Apr 13 06:30:48Tropers.LOMI
22nd Apr 13 08:30:28Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
22nd Apr 13 08:26:30Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
14th Apr 13 10:44:51Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
13th Apr 13 08:33:13YMMV.The Hobbit
5th Apr 13 08:36:20Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
2nd Apr 13 05:29:01Screwed By The Network.Western Animation
31st Mar 13 11:16:34Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 01:31:53Fan Fic.Live Action TV
28th Mar 13 01:17:03Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 01:15:59Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 12:58:40Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 12:51:14Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 12:46:06Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 12:21:12Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 12:00:41Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
28th Mar 13 07:17:39Tropers.LOMI
26th Mar 13 06:06:50Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
26th Mar 13 05:07:43Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 01:38:20Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 01:29:30Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 01:07:44Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 01:01:32Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 12:48:50Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 12:41:37Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 12:22:55Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 12:15:32Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 11:56:34Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 11:34:38Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 11:18:10Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 11:16:15Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 08:43:51Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 08:32:42Fan Fic.Ultimate Power Rangers
25th Mar 13 08:17:52Fanfic Recs.Power Rangers
23rd Mar 13 01:58:22Series.Revolution
23rd Mar 13 09:13:32Tropers.LOMI
19th Mar 13 01:33:45Tropers.LOMI
18th Mar 13 08:05:29Mythology Gag.Western Animation
24th Feb 13 11:45:51Man Of Steel Woman Of Kleenex
24th Feb 13 11:44:25Man Of Steel Woman Of Kleenex
14th Feb 13 07:53:21Young Justice.Tropes A To E
4th Feb 13 02:01:33Trivia.Young Justice
4th Feb 13 08:35:07Young Justice.Tropes Q To Z
4th Feb 13 08:27:11Young Justice.Tropes F To K
2nd Feb 13 06:36:25YMMV.New 52
22nd Jan 13 06:46:00Fridge.Young Justice
21st Jan 13 09:32:29WMG.Young Justice
19th Jan 13 02:54:47Tropers.LOMI
18th Jan 13 08:48:11Headscratchers.Young Justice
15th Jan 13 04:56:48Western Animation.Young Justice
9th Jan 13 12:40:25Film.The Hobbit
9th Jan 13 12:19:42Film.The Hobbit
6th Jan 13 05:56:50Western Animation.Young Justice
5th Jan 13 10:29:37Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
26th Dec 12 03:42:35Tropers.LOMI
26th Dec 12 03:36:32Super Prototype
26th Dec 12 03:24:55Tropers.LOMI
26th Dec 12 01:24:22Tropers.LOMI
24th Dec 12 07:08:22Tropers.LOMI
23rd Dec 12 01:01:55Tropers.LOMI
7th Dec 12 01:12:11Tropers.LOMI
7th Dec 12 01:08:10Tropers.LOMI
1st Dec 12 05:55:00Tropers.LOMI
1st Dec 12 01:07:15Phlebotinum Killed The Dinosaurs
1st Dec 12 12:56:29Tropers.LOMI
1st Dec 12 10:06:45YMMV.Soul Eater
29th Nov 12 06:51:45Tropers.LOMI
29th Nov 12 06:50:37Tropers.LOMI
28th Nov 12 11:02:23Tropers.LOMI
27th Nov 12 07:19:47Tropers.LOMI
27th Nov 12 07:19:14Tropers.LOMI
27th Nov 12 07:12:50Tropers.LOMI
27th Nov 12 05:35:33Tropers.LOMI
22nd Nov 12 04:20:46Stock Footage
22nd Nov 12 07:57:29Film.Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen
26th Oct 12 06:42:36Books Of History Chronicles
20th Oct 12 10:24:54Justice League.Tropes M-Z
18th Oct 12 08:49:14Western Animation.Transformers Prime
16th Oct 12 08:16:02Trivia.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
10th Oct 12 06:49:10Anime.Digimon Adventure
5th Oct 12 01:41:09Western Animation.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
1st Oct 12 11:27:06The Tetris Effect
29th Sep 12 10:20:46Megaton Announcement
19th Sep 12 11:08:56Really Seven Hundred Years Old
17th Sep 12 11:16:49Naruto.Tropes Ato K
3rd Sep 12 12:41:10Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
2nd Sep 12 12:17:41YMMV.Gamera
11th Aug 12 09:43:31Most Annoying Sound
16th Jun 12 11:03:39Pre Ass Kicking One Liner
9th May 12 02:24:26Improv
5th May 12 12:23:27Everybodys Dead Dave
28th Apr 12 01:25:58Fanfic Recs.Power Rangers