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30th Nov 14 02:50:00Characters.Pokemon Other Non Playable Characters
30th Nov 14 02:43:44Characters.Pokemon Frontier Brains And Other Facility Heads
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2nd May 14 11:20:51Anime.Selector Infected Wixoss
2nd May 14 11:19:03Anime.Selector Infected Wixoss
19th Mar 14 12:55:09Adam Smith Hates Your Guts
19th Mar 14 12:41:50Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
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26th Feb 14 07:28:46Video Game.Kings Field
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13th Dec 13 10:40:41Marathon Level
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21st Oct 13 02:12:26Characters.Pokemon Other Non Playable Characters
19th Oct 13 10:16:14Characters.Pokemon Other Non Playable Characters
19th Oct 13 09:46:53Characters.Pokemon Elite Four
19th Oct 13 09:43:40Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
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3rd Sep 13 04:24:43The Scrappy.Video Games
3rd Sep 13 04:19:50The Scrappy.Video Games
3rd Sep 13 04:19:00The Scrappy.Video Games
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24th Aug 13 11:00:29Franchise.Madoka Magica
24th Aug 13 11:00:04Franchise.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
21st Aug 13 04:59:50The Unpronounceable
9th Aug 13 03:55:59Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
5th Aug 13 09:29:50Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
3rd Aug 13 07:46:17That One Boss.Pokemon
30th Jul 13 12:24:05The Not Love Interest
27th Jul 13 09:15:55YMMV.Final Fantasy
27th Jul 13 09:15:16Final Fantasy Legends Warriors Of Light And Darkness
27th Jul 13 09:14:34So Long And Thanks For All The Gear
27th Jul 13 09:14:15Mobile Phone Game
27th Jul 13 09:14:01Eastern RPG
27th Jul 13 09:13:31Franchise.Final Fantasy
27th Jul 13 09:12:26YMMV.Final Fantasy Dimensions
27th Jul 13 09:12:19YMMV.Final Fantasy Legends
27th Jul 13 09:11:22Video Game.Final Fantasy Dimensions
27th Jul 13 08:53:33Final Fantasy Legends
27th Jul 13 08:52:48Video Game.Final Fantasy Legends
26th Jul 13 12:57:46Video Game.Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings
19th Jul 13 09:49:47Fall 2013 Anime
11th Jul 13 11:07:38Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
4th Jul 13 01:05:08Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
4th Jul 13 11:54:46Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
4th Jul 13 11:54:17Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
4th Jul 13 11:51:02Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
4th Jul 13 11:50:36Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
1st Jul 13 03:47:14Awakening The Sleeping Giant
28th Jun 13 12:41:30White Hair Black Heart
25th Jun 13 11:00:49Fall 2013 Anime
25th Jun 13 10:58:38Fall 2013 Anime
25th Jun 13 10:57:41Fall 2013 Anime
25th Jun 13 03:22:37Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
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6th Jun 13 05:06:54Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
4th Jun 13 03:39:11Long Title
28th May 13 04:45:24Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
28th May 13 04:45:00Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
27th May 13 02:04:07Inherent In The System
20th May 13 03:06:41Audience Alienating Premise
17th May 13 02:45:41Anime.Clockwork Island Adventure
17th May 13 02:43:40Anime.Clockwork Island Adventure
13th May 13 06:24:17Characters.Fresh Pretty Cure
10th May 13 10:05:17Anime.Aikatsu
5th May 13 06:38:37Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
5th May 13 06:37:38Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
5th May 13 03:18:34The Catalog
5th May 13 03:18:16Television Tropes And Idioms
4th May 13 12:09:16Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
3rd May 13 03:30:05First Installment Wins
3rd May 13 01:25:34Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
2nd May 13 11:52:48Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
2nd May 13 05:40:10Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
30th Apr 13 04:57:25Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
27th Apr 13 12:33:31Summer 2013 Anime
27th Apr 13 12:32:49Summer 2013 Anime
25th Apr 13 07:10:51Spell.Anime
25th Apr 13 06:20:44Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
22nd Apr 13 04:14:20Lost In Translation
22nd Apr 13 03:59:31Lost In Translation
20th Apr 13 09:41:10Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
19th Apr 13 09:44:49WMG.Resistance
18th Apr 13 01:06:52Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
16th Apr 13 06:42:14Hybrid Power
16th Apr 13 11:42:43Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
15th Apr 13 08:19:11We ARE Struggling Together
13th Apr 13 11:48:45Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
9th Apr 13 09:40:10Cutscene Incompetence
8th Apr 13 03:40:27Light Novel.Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi
8th Apr 13 03:30:56Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
8th Apr 13 03:26:22Play Station 3
8th Apr 13 03:21:31Wii
8th Apr 13 03:20:08Nintendo DS
8th Apr 13 03:18:58Video Game.Trauma Center
8th Apr 13 03:16:54Playstation Vita
8th Apr 13 03:13:13Play Station 3
8th Apr 13 03:10:51Xbox
8th Apr 13 02:48:52Play Station 2
8th Apr 13 02:45:29Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
8th Apr 13 02:39:38Shoujo Demographic
8th Apr 13 02:29:14Manga
8th Apr 13 02:27:46Shonen Demographic
8th Apr 13 02:23:47Anime
8th Apr 13 02:23:19Fall 2013 Anime
3rd Apr 13 08:46:20The Qwaser Of Stigmata
3rd Apr 13 08:45:56Seikon No Quasar
21st Mar 13 05:38:21Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
21st Mar 13 05:32:38Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
21st Mar 13 05:23:33Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
21st Mar 13 05:19:52Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
21st Mar 13 05:18:17Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
21st Mar 13 05:17:14Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
20th Mar 13 01:16:32Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
19th Mar 13 08:14:51Video Game.Densha De Go
19th Mar 13 03:19:10Gotta Catch Them All
19th Mar 13 03:16:59Gotta Catch Them All
19th Mar 13 03:12:18Gotta Catch Them All
18th Mar 13 11:34:11Sandbox.Guidelines For Good Discussion And Debate
18th Mar 13 11:33:59Needs More Love.Video Games
18th Mar 13 11:33:25Rearrange The Song
18th Mar 13 11:29:52Fan Disliked Explanation
18th Mar 13 11:29:45Defictionalization
18th Mar 13 11:29:31Choose Your Own Adventure
17th Mar 13 11:15:02Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
17th Mar 13 11:13:58Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
14th Mar 13 08:35:22Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
14th Mar 13 08:32:30Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
11th Mar 13 09:22:31Birth Of A Nation
10th Mar 13 11:25:46Screwed By The Lawyers
5th Mar 13 09:03:55Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
2nd Mar 13 09:02:38Spring 2013 Anime
25th Feb 13 12:25:47Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
24th Feb 13 09:48:17Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
24th Feb 13 09:46:52Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
18th Feb 13 06:22:41Headscratchers.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 06:22:11Headscratchers.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 06:15:43Headscratchers.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 06:15:23Headscratchers.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 06:14:53Characters.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 06:03:23Characters.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 05:57:49Characters.Devil Survivor
18th Feb 13 05:27:16Characters.Devil Survivor
16th Feb 13 07:45:14Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
14th Feb 13 01:16:46Film.Piranha
13th Feb 13 10:10:49Video Game.Yu Gi Oh Reshef Of Destruction
12th Feb 13 05:06:08Lets Play.Slowbeef
10th Feb 13 07:12:52Video Game.The Legend Of Spyro
7th Feb 13 05:04:50Lost Forever
5th Feb 13 01:11:12Franchise.Code Geass
5th Feb 13 01:10:40Military And Warfare Anime And Manga
5th Feb 13 01:10:11Manga.Code Geass Oz The Reflection
5th Feb 13 01:10:08Code Geass Oz The Reflection
3rd Feb 13 08:43:26Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:50:32Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:49:58Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:46:19Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime Mirai Nikki
1st Feb 13 06:44:35Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:44:13Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:41:49Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
1st Feb 13 06:34:14Western RPG
1st Feb 13 06:33:34Video Game.Mordor The Depths Of Dejenol
1st Feb 13 06:33:29Mordor The Depths Of Dejenol
1st Feb 13 06:28:43Video Game.Dead State
1st Feb 13 06:28:23Western RPG
1st Feb 13 06:28:14Age Of Titles
1st Feb 13 06:27:33Age Of Decadence
1st Feb 13 06:27:22The Age Of Decadence
1st Feb 13 06:26:57Video Game.The Age Of Decadence
1st Feb 13 05:53:27Featureless Protagonist
1st Feb 13 05:49:39Beck Mongolian Chop Squad
1st Feb 13 05:49:26Beck Mongolian Chop Squad
29th Jan 13 10:48:10Manga
29th Jan 13 03:10:33Sandbox.Orphaned Pages
29th Jan 13 03:09:52Hanako And The Teller Of Allegory
29th Jan 13 03:09:29Manga
29th Jan 13 03:08:06Manga.Hanako And The Teller Of Allegory
29th Jan 13 02:27:02Manga.Pilot Candidate
29th Jan 13 02:26:56Mangaka
29th Jan 13 02:26:48Manga.DN Angel
29th Jan 13 02:26:38Attention Deficit Creator Disorder
29th Jan 13 02:26:20Arc Fatigue
29th Jan 13 02:25:45Yukiru Sugisaki
29th Jan 13 02:25:28Creator.Yukiru Sugisaki
29th Jan 13 02:24:40Xebec
29th Jan 13 02:24:22So You Want To.Write A Humongous Mecha Anime
29th Jan 13 02:24:02Manga.Pilot Candidate
29th Jan 13 02:23:53Characters.Ojamajo Doremi
29th Jan 13 02:23:46Miki Nagasawa
29th Jan 13 02:23:40Creator.Michelle Ruff
29th Jan 13 02:23:33I Thought It Meant.M-N
29th Jan 13 02:23:16Dubtitle
29th Jan 13 02:22:45Worse Than Its Ounds.Anime And Manga
29th Jan 13 02:22:37Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Anime And Manga
29th Jan 13 02:22:23X Meets Y.Anime
29th Jan 13 02:22:12So Bad Its Good.Anime
29th Jan 13 02:21:57Spell.Anime
29th Jan 13 02:21:48Aerith And Bob
29th Jan 13 02:21:29Stephen Apostolina
29th Jan 13 02:21:10Yukiru Sugisaki
29th Jan 13 02:20:06Tomoe Hanba
29th Jan 13 02:20:01Conspicuous CG
29th Jan 13 02:19:57Manga
29th Jan 13 02:19:48Anime Of The2000s
29th Jan 13 02:18:58Horrible.Anime
29th Jan 13 02:18:49Anime
29th Jan 13 02:18:39Creator.Adult Swim
29th Jan 13 02:17:44Manga.Pilot Candidate
29th Jan 13 02:16:45Pilot Candidate
29th Jan 13 02:16:31Candidate For Goddess
29th Jan 13 02:16:02Anime.Pilot Candidate
29th Jan 13 02:15:42Manga.Pilot Candidate
28th Jan 13 11:58:44YMMV.The Secret Of NIMH
28th Jan 13 11:58:43Western Animation.The Secret Of NIMH
25th Jan 13 11:18:17Spring 2013 Anime
25th Jan 13 11:13:31Winter 2013 Anime
24th Jan 13 08:32:08Spring 2013 Anime
24th Jan 13 08:31:51Spring 2013 Anime
24th Jan 13 08:30:18Spring 2013 Anime
24th Jan 13 02:49:31Spring 2013 Anime
22nd Jan 13 07:04:50WMG.Pokemon X And Y
22nd Jan 13 07:04:42WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
22nd Jan 13 07:04:30Headscratchers.Pokemon
22nd Jan 13 07:03:57Franchise.Pokemon
22nd Jan 13 07:03:11Video Game.Mech Assault
22nd Jan 13 07:02:52Manga.March Story
22nd Jan 13 07:02:13WMG.Halo 4
22nd Jan 13 07:01:58Broken Aesop
22nd Jan 13 07:00:57WMG.Pokemon Meta
22nd Jan 13 07:00:43WMG.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
22nd Jan 13 07:00:14Scrappy Mechanic.Pokemon
22nd Jan 13 06:59:49Disc One Nuke
22nd Jan 13 04:28:55Ms Pac Man
22nd Jan 13 03:27:52Characters.Pokemon Champions
21st Jan 13 07:02:08Wrong Genre Savvy
21st Jan 13 07:01:59Administrivia.Work Pages In Main
21st Jan 13 07:01:51Video Game.Wizardry
21st Jan 13 07:01:45Western RPG
21st Jan 13 07:01:39Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Video Games
21st Jan 13 07:01:26Portmanteau Series Nickname
21st Jan 13 07:01:20Our Dwarves Are All The Same
21st Jan 13 07:01:13Only Mostly Dead
21st Jan 13 07:00:52Fire Forged Friends
21st Jan 13 07:00:46Final Death
21st Jan 13 07:00:32Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
21st Jan 13 07:00:22Elves Versus Dwarves
21st Jan 13 07:00:17Shout Out.Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu
21st Jan 13 07:00:12Light Novel.Baka And Test Summon The Beasts
21st Jan 13 07:00:03Shout Out.Baka And Test Summon The Beasts
21st Jan 13 06:59:57Creator.Atlus
21st Jan 13 06:59:46Academy Of Adventure
21st Jan 13 06:59:16Class Of Heroes
21st Jan 13 06:58:58Video Game.Class Of Heroes
21st Jan 13 06:53:32Creator.Nippon Ichi
21st Jan 13 06:53:23Video Game.Disgaea Hour Of Darkness
21st Jan 13 06:53:14Franchise.Disgaea
21st Jan 13 06:52:36Disgaea Dimension 2
21st Jan 13 06:52:16Video Game.Disgaea Dimension 2
21st Jan 13 06:51:32Administrivia.Work Pages In Main
21st Jan 13 06:51:19YMMV.The Witch And The Hundred Knights
21st Jan 13 06:51:06Video Game.The God And Fate Revolution Paradox
21st Jan 13 06:50:55Creator.Nippon Ichi
21st Jan 13 06:50:37Disgaea Dimension 2
21st Jan 13 06:47:52Creator.Atlus
21st Jan 13 06:42:50Creator.Nippon Ichi
21st Jan 13 06:42:10The God And Fate Revolution Paradox
21st Jan 13 06:41:53Video Game.The God And Fate Revolution Paradox
21st Jan 13 06:40:21Creator.Nippon Ichi
21st Jan 13 06:38:40Creator.Nippon Ichi
21st Jan 13 06:34:06Creator.Idea Factory
21st Jan 13 06:32:21Creator.Compile Heart
21st Jan 13 06:27:03Creator.Compile Heart
21st Jan 13 06:18:29Creator.Idea Factory
21st Jan 13 06:13:54Creator.Atari
19th Jan 13 11:53:47Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
17th Jan 13 12:46:57Characters.Pokemon Champions
16th Jan 13 10:56:41Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
12th Jan 13 05:49:40Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
10th Jan 13 10:43:11Video Game.Dhuxs Scar
8th Jan 13 04:28:18Minami Ke
7th Jan 13 09:54:23Anime.Pretty Cure
7th Jan 13 08:50:16Anime
6th Jan 13 04:43:14Video Game.MS Saga A New Dawn
6th Jan 13 01:58:04Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
3rd Jan 13 11:04:54Updated Rerelease
3rd Jan 13 06:33:15Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
2nd Jan 13 05:24:38Video Game.Hotline Miami
2nd Jan 13 04:03:38Blind Idiot Translation.Anime
2nd Jan 13 04:03:09Eyeshield Twenty One
2nd Jan 13 02:39:55Crystal Defenders
1st Jan 13 11:37:42Characters.Golden Sun
30th Dec 12 03:55:26Manga.Code Breaker
29th Dec 12 06:41:45Elemental Rock Paper Scissors
28th Dec 12 11:07:28Anime.Yu Gi Oh The Movie Pyramid Of Light
27th Dec 12 06:30:01Tropers.Kuro Bara Hime
26th Dec 12 10:48:32Video Game.Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Al Revis
23rd Dec 12 04:36:36Karma Meter
22nd Dec 12 07:49:19Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
22nd Dec 12 04:40:45Spring 2013 Anime
22nd Dec 12 10:30:26Creators Pet.Anime
22nd Dec 12 10:25:35Creators Pet.Anime
22nd Dec 12 10:23:43Creators Pet.Anime
21st Dec 12 01:50:17YMMV.Digimon World 2
21st Dec 12 01:50:10Video Game.Digimon World 2
21st Dec 12 01:49:51Video Game.Digimon World 2
21st Dec 12 01:48:39Video Game.Digimon World 2
21st Dec 12 12:33:35Franchise.Digimon
20th Dec 12 09:36:44Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
20th Dec 12 09:35:29Sandbox.Kuro Bara Hime
20th Dec 12 05:25:14Descendants Of Darkness
20th Dec 12 05:25:01Yami No Matsuei
20th Dec 12 06:09:58Space Sailing
20th Dec 12 06:09:33Creator.Sony
20th Dec 12 06:09:27Seven Arcs
20th Dec 12 06:09:21Sei Young
20th Dec 12 06:09:15Section 23 Films
20th Dec 12 06:07:13Screwed By The Lawyers
20th Dec 12 06:07:03Sanko Production
20th Dec 12 06:06:53Anime.Saint Seiya Omega
20th Dec 12 06:06:47Saerom
20th Dec 12 06:06:14Anime.Robot Romance Trilogy
20th Dec 12 06:06:06Anime.Robot Romance Trilogy
20th Dec 12 06:05:12Production Reed
20th Dec 12 06:05:06Producers
20th Dec 12 06:04:59Anime.Pretty Cure
20th Dec 12 06:04:53Trivia.One Piece
20th Dec 12 06:04:48Off Model
20th Dec 12 06:04:42Creator.Nitroplus
20th Dec 12 06:04:36Nightmare Fetishist
20th Dec 12 06:04:31Names To Know In Anime
20th Dec 12 06:04:17Mook DLE
20th Dec 12 06:03:42Miraculous Ladybug
20th Dec 12 06:03:37Anime.Miracle Shojo Limit Chan
20th Dec 12 06:03:31Trivia.Mazinger Z
20th Dec 12 06:03:26Marth Debuted In Smash Bros
20th Dec 12 06:03:19Anime.Majokko Meg Chan
20th Dec 12 06:03:12Anime.Mahou Shojo Lalabel
20th Dec 12 06:03:01Anime.Magical Princess Minky Momo
20th Dec 12 06:02:39Magical Girl
20th Dec 12 06:02:29Limited Wardrobe
20th Dec 12 06:02:17Lawyer Friendly Cameo
20th Dec 12 06:01:55Kyoto Animation
20th Dec 12 06:01:19Koko Enterprises
20th Dec 12 06:01:04KKC And D Asia
20th Dec 12 06:00:56Key Visual Arts
20th Dec 12 06:00:50JM Animation
20th Dec 12 06:00:42Jack And The Witch
20th Dec 12 06:00:27Jack And The Witch
20th Dec 12 05:59:25It Will Never Catch On
20th Dec 12 05:59:14International Coproduction
20th Dec 12 05:58:59Western Animation.Inspector Gadget
20th Dec 12 05:58:47Inconsistent Dub
20th Dec 12 05:58:40Literature.Idoru