Kris Mahai's Recent Edits

16th Jun 17 07:22:42Characters.The Breakfast Club
6th Jun 16 04:56:16Video Game.Final Fantasy XII
5th Jun 16 12:51:11Throw It In.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:50:56Trailers Always Spoil.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:50:34Troubled Production.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:50:16Tsundere.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:50:00Uncanny Valley.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:49:36Vindicated By History.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:49:03What Could Have Been.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:48:39Worse Than It Sounds.Video Games
5th Jun 16 12:48:04Video Game Long Runners
5th Jun 16 12:47:43Video Game Flight
5th Jun 16 12:47:09Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
5th Jun 16 12:46:42Video Game.Vexx
5th Jun 16 12:46:13YMMV.Veggie Tales
5th Jun 16 12:45:55Video Game.Vectorman
5th Jun 16 12:45:29Vaporware
5th Jun 16 12:44:28Video Game.Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria
5th Jun 16 12:44:06Video Game.Urban Reign
5th Jun 16 12:43:45Urban Legend Of Zelda
5th Jun 16 12:43:12Updated Rerelease
5th Jun 16 12:42:31Unwinnable By Insanity
5th Jun 16 12:40:48Unsound Effect
5th Jun 16 12:40:05Video Game.Unreal Tournament 2004
5th Jun 16 12:39:35Video Game.Unreal Tournament
5th Jun 16 12:39:02Unnecessary Combat Roll
5th Jun 16 12:38:20Banned In China.United States
5th Jun 16 12:38:02Un Installment
5th Jun 16 12:37:19Unexpected Character
5th Jun 16 12:37:01Webcomic.UNA Frontiers
5th Jun 16 12:35:58Tyop On The Cover
5th Jun 16 12:35:03Funny.Two Best Friends Play Specials And Meta
5th Jun 16 12:34:24Video Game.Twisted Metal
5th Jun 16 12:34:07YMMV.Twenty Four
5th Jun 16 12:33:39Fist Of The North Star.Tropes I To P
5th Jun 16 12:33:25Harry Potter.Tropes A To I
5th Jun 16 12:33:12Beelzebub.Tropes A To C
5th Jun 16 12:32:56AVGN.Tropes 0 To G
5th Jun 16 12:32:37Superlative Dubbing.Tropers
5th Jun 16 12:32:11Triumphant Reprise
5th Jun 16 12:31:55Video Game.Tristia Of The Deep Blue Sea
5th Jun 16 12:31:23Video Game.Tribes
5th Jun 16 12:30:17Creator.Tri Ace
5th Jun 16 12:29:26Video Game.Trapt
5th Jun 16 12:28:57Fan Fic.Trapped In A Mansion
5th Jun 16 12:28:04Video Game.Transformers Prelude To Energon
5th Jun 16 12:27:29YMMV.Transformers Devastation
5th Jun 16 12:27:10Transformation Sequence
5th Jun 16 12:26:51Traintop Battle
5th Jun 16 12:26:32Video Game.Total War
5th Jun 16 12:25:05Video Game.Tony Hawks Pro Skater
4th Jun 16 09:49:55Video Game.Love Live School Idol Festival
26th Jun 15 05:08:39Manga.Noragami
10th Feb 15 07:46:59Myers Briggs.Examples Of Idealist Personalities In Stories
29th Jan 15 10:26:52Creator.Kana Hanazawa
31st Jan 14 10:25:53Trivia.The Batman
31st Jan 14 10:25:35Summon Backup Dancers
31st Jan 14 10:24:55Trivia.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
31st Jan 14 10:24:25Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
31st Jan 14 10:14:52Hot Witch
31st Jan 14 01:04:30Happy Ending Override
31st Jan 14 12:47:49Imagined Innuendo
29th Jan 14 06:19:07YMMV.Final Fantasy X
29th Jan 14 06:02:48Wall Bangers.Final Fantasy
29th Jan 14 04:45:37Fanfic.Crimson And Clover
29th Jan 14 04:32:57Attractive Bent Gender
7th Nov 13 11:59:48Tropers.Kris Mahai
7th Nov 13 11:55:36Anime.Free
12th Jun 13 09:35:12Video Game.Final Fantasy XII
1st Jan 13 10:23:26YMMV.Homestuck
25th Dec 12 04:49:43Fanfic Recs.Homestuck
28th Oct 12 08:02:22Wham Line.Anime And Manga
3rd Oct 12 08:02:12Video Game.Mirrors Edge
26th Sep 12 09:56:12I Never Told You My Name
26th Sep 12 11:56:55Fan Fic.The Violet Room
26th Sep 12 11:52:10Video Game.The World Ends With You
25th Sep 12 05:23:18Manga.Pandora Hearts
25th Sep 12 09:30:57Manga.Pandora Hearts
25th Sep 12 07:14:34Film.Fight Club
23rd Sep 12 01:32:30Video Game.Dead Space 2
23rd Sep 12 01:29:43Manga.Pandora Hearts
22nd Sep 12 08:18:11Video Game.Devil May Cry
21st Sep 12 02:01:58Anime.Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
21st Sep 12 02:01:41Funny Spoon
21st Sep 12 02:01:20Frying Pan Of Doom
21st Sep 12 02:01:10Frying Pan Of Doom
21st Sep 12 02:00:56Frying Pan Of Doom
21st Sep 12 02:00:14Fragile Speedster
21st Sep 12 01:59:36Awesome Music.Fourth Generation
21st Sep 12 01:59:24Video Game.Forevers End
21st Sep 12 01:59:10Forceful Kiss
21st Sep 12 01:58:50First Contact
21st Sep 12 01:48:52Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VII
21st Sep 12 01:47:35Headscratchers.Final Fantasy VI
21st Sep 12 01:45:30Characters.Final Fantasy V
21st Sep 12 01:43:30Nightmare Fuel.Final Fantasy V
21st Sep 12 01:41:59YMMV.Final Fantasy V
21st Sep 12 01:41:16Awesome.Final Fantasy IX
21st Sep 12 01:40:37YMMV.Final Fantasy IX
21st Sep 12 01:40:02Headscratchers.Final Fantasy IV The After Years
21st Sep 12 01:39:06Fridge.Final Fantasy IV The After Years
21st Sep 12 01:38:51Final Fantasy IV Interlude
21st Sep 12 01:38:40Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy IV
21st Sep 12 01:38:08Video Game.Final Fantasy Dimensions
21st Sep 12 01:36:23YMMV.Final Fantasy Dimensions
21st Sep 12 01:35:52Video Game.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring Of Fates
21st Sep 12 01:35:36Video Game.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes Of Time
21st Sep 12 01:34:56Fridge.Final Fantasy
21st Sep 12 01:33:49Fan Webcomics
21st Sep 12 01:32:27Fantasy Webcomics
21st Sep 12 01:31:16Quotes.Fallen Hero
21st Sep 12 01:27:22Fake Ultimate Mook
21st Sep 12 01:26:56Fair Play Villain
21st Sep 12 01:26:41Face Heel Turn
21st Sep 12 01:22:34Characters.Exalted Exalted
21st Sep 12 01:21:16Evil Costume Switch
21st Sep 12 01:20:54Evil Chancellor
21st Sep 12 01:20:13Everyone Join The Party
21st Sep 12 01:20:02Just For Fun.Everybody Knows That
21st Sep 12 01:17:34Enthusiasm Versus Stoicism
21st Sep 12 01:15:42Endgame Plus
21st Sep 12 01:14:43Encounter Bait
21st Sep 12 01:14:28Empty Levels
21st Sep 12 01:13:49Emergency Energy Tank
21st Sep 12 01:12:51Elemental Ignorance
21st Sep 12 01:12:30Roleplay.Edensphere
21st Sep 12 01:12:02Dwindling Party
21st Sep 12 01:11:45Dude Looks Like A Lady
21st Sep 12 01:09:55Drink Order
21st Sep 12 01:09:29Video Game.Dragon Quest VI
21st Sep 12 01:09:14Dont Think Feel
21st Sep 12 01:08:41Dont Say Such Stupid Things
21st Sep 12 01:08:24Fridge.Dissidia Final Fantasy
21st Sep 12 01:06:37Discard And Draw
21st Sep 12 01:05:34Trivia.Digimon Savers
21st Sep 12 01:05:22Didnt Need Those Anyway
21st Sep 12 01:04:53Dark Action Girl
20th Sep 12 08:20:36Devoted To You
20th Sep 12 08:20:25Developers Room
20th Sep 12 08:20:14Depth Perplexion
20th Sep 12 08:19:56Roleplay.Dept Heaven Apocrypha
20th Sep 12 08:19:41Demonic Dummy
20th Sep 12 08:19:30Delve Deeper
20th Sep 12 08:19:18Defend Command
20th Sep 12 08:18:52Death By Childbirth
20th Sep 12 08:18:10Dead Ex Machina
20th Sep 12 08:17:01Dangerous Forbidden Technique
20th Sep 12 08:16:28Damsel Scrappy
20th Sep 12 08:16:07Damage Increasing Debuff
20th Sep 12 06:11:20Cycle Of Hurting
20th Sep 12 06:10:34Cutscene Boss
20th Sep 12 06:10:16Crosshair Aware
20th Sep 12 06:10:01Creepy Circus Music
20th Sep 12 06:09:08Crack Oh My Back
20th Sep 12 06:08:45Cool Starship
20th Sep 12 06:08:16Convection Schmonvection
20th Sep 12 06:07:16Contrasting Sequel Main Character
20th Sep 12 06:06:22Contest Winner Cameo
20th Sep 12 06:04:29Console RPG Cliches 121 To 144
20th Sep 12 06:03:47Comm Links
20th Sep 12 06:03:24Cold Iron
20th Sep 12 06:02:41Clingy Costume
20th Sep 12 06:02:24Music.Brental Floss
20th Sep 12 06:01:37Boss Vulnerability
20th Sep 12 06:01:20Boogie Knights
20th Sep 12 06:00:42Belly Dancer
20th Sep 12 06:00:21Darth Wiki.Bad Luck Is Better Than No Luck
20th Sep 12 05:58:56Darth Wiki.Bad Luck Is Better Than No Luck
20th Sep 12 05:57:59Back For The Finale
20th Sep 12 05:57:43Awesome But Temporary
15th Aug 12 08:12:41Video Game.Dragon Age 2
10th Jul 12 06:52:44Charlie Mc Donnell
29th Jun 12 06:16:37Some Dexterity Required
7th Jun 12 02:08:08Wham Line.Anime And Manga
30th Apr 12 05:30:25Video Game.The World Ends With You
30th Apr 12 05:30:11Video Game.The World Ends With You
30th Apr 12 05:29:41Video Game.The World Ends With You
26th Mar 12 08:31:11Kingdom Hearts
24th Mar 12 11:55:18Film.The Hunger Games
23rd Mar 12 08:53:28Video Game.Dead Space
20th Mar 12 10:26:06YMMV.Katy Perry
18th Mar 12 08:34:26Stupid Sacrifice
16th Mar 12 09:30:46Kingdom Hearts
16th Mar 12 09:31:29Characters.Pandora Hearts
16th Mar 12 09:09:50Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
16th Mar 12 09:08:43Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
15th Mar 12 11:25:08Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
12th Mar 12 09:03:48Characters.Pandora Hearts
12th Mar 12 08:55:10Characters.Pandora Hearts
12th Mar 12 12:02:58Disney.The Emperors New Groove
12th Mar 12 10:27:48Characters.The World Ends With You
10th Mar 12 03:24:24Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist
10th Mar 12 03:23:39Characters.Black Butler
9th Mar 12 08:09:01Webcomic.Kagerou
9th Mar 12 07:40:01Characters.Black Butler
9th Mar 12 07:38:09Characters.Black Butler
9th Mar 12 07:34:46Music.Kesha
8th Mar 12 11:55:07Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII
6th Mar 12 09:35:55Characters.Black Butler
6th Mar 12 09:32:30Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
1st Mar 12 11:17:37Video Game.Final Fantasy X
28th Feb 12 06:54:19Dexter
27th Feb 12 05:38:09Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
26th Feb 12 11:33:39Video Game.Final Fantasy XII
26th Feb 12 11:28:58Characters.The World Ends With You
26th Feb 12 11:26:58Videogame.Prototype
24th Feb 12 09:33:59Video Game.Dead Space
24th Feb 12 09:32:46Manga.Shaman King
22nd Feb 12 09:15:37Anime.Code Geass
22nd Feb 12 09:14:28Video Game.Devil May Cry
21st Feb 12 09:32:54Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
21st Feb 12 09:31:48Locked Pages
21st Feb 12 09:29:22Video Game.Final Fantasy X 2
21st Feb 12 08:28:26Characters.The World Ends With You
21st Feb 12 08:26:54Film.How To Train Your Dragon
20th Feb 12 02:11:16Fanfiction Dot Net
20th Feb 12 02:11:05Fanfiction Dot Net
20th Feb 12 02:05:02Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
14th Feb 12 03:57:04Kingdom Hearts
13th Feb 12 03:09:27Video Game.The World Ends With You
13th Feb 12 10:40:41Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
12th Feb 12 08:27:08Video Game.Final Fantasy X 2
11th Feb 12 06:18:56Ansem Retort
11th Feb 12 03:25:37Film.Daybreakers
10th Feb 12 01:05:31Video Game.Final Fantasy XII
10th Feb 12 06:36:37Ansem Retort
9th Feb 12 08:48:59Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist
9th Feb 12 08:52:38Manga.Black Butler
8th Feb 12 09:11:30Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist
3rd Feb 12 12:34:38Video Game.Devil May Cry
3rd Feb 12 06:30:48YMMV.Kingdom Hearts 358 Days Over 2
2nd Feb 12 07:32:31Video Game.The World Ends With You
2nd Feb 12 08:01:53Kingdom Hearts
1st Feb 12 03:26:11Manga.Black Butler
31st Jan 12 07:33:07Anime.Neon Genesis Evangelion
31st Jan 12 07:32:03Kingdom Hearts
31st Jan 12 09:40:06Characters.The World Ends With You
30th Jan 12 01:46:26Tyrant Takes The Helm
30th Jan 12 01:43:47Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
28th Jan 12 08:49:46Characters.Pandora Hearts
28th Jan 12 08:43:49Video Game.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
27th Jan 12 09:14:04Anime.Neon Genesis Evangelion
27th Jan 12 09:12:53Music.Lady Gaga
26th Jan 12 08:22:41Video Game.Kingdom Hearts
24th Jan 12 11:54:35Anime.Code Geass
24th Jan 12 11:51:39Renamed Tropes
24th Jan 12 11:48:48YMMV.Kingdom Hearts 358 Days Over 2
23rd Jan 12 01:05:54Ansem Retort
23rd Jan 12 12:59:02Characters.Amatsuki
23rd Jan 12 12:58:39Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
23rd Jan 12 12:49:46Theatre.Hamlet
21st Jan 12 04:52:04YMMV.Black Butler
21st Jan 12 04:50:48Manga.Black Butler
21st Jan 12 04:48:27Anime.Code Geass
21st Jan 12 04:45:46That One Boss.Kingdom Hearts
21st Jan 12 04:41:50Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
21st Jan 12 04:39:24Manga.Shaman King
18th Jan 12 04:32:54Ansem Retort
18th Jan 12 10:36:57Manga.Black Butler
18th Jan 12 10:35:09Anime.Code Geass
17th Jan 12 05:37:38Music.Kesha
17th Jan 12 09:10:38Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII
17th Jan 12 09:08:01Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
16th Jan 12 08:00:30Dot Hack GU Games
16th Jan 12 09:59:20Video Game.Final Fantasy X
16th Jan 12 09:56:19Fahrenheit 451
16th Jan 12 09:55:51Fahrenheit 451
15th Jan 12 02:20:39Ear Cleaning
14th Jan 12 08:51:27Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
13th Jan 12 02:33:07Age Without Youth
13th Jan 12 12:06:43Deal With The Devil
12th Jan 12 06:58:48Characters.Black Butler
12th Jan 12 06:55:34Trivia.Fullmetal Alchemist
12th Jan 12 06:54:38Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist
12th Jan 12 09:24:10Video Game.Final Fantasy VII
10th Jan 12 11:57:15Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
10th Jan 12 11:56:59Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
10th Jan 12 08:34:39Video Game.The World Ends With You
10th Jan 12 03:23:30Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
10th Jan 12 03:18:53Dead Space
10th Jan 12 03:17:56Manga.Pandora Hearts
10th Jan 12 08:55:53Anime.Neon Genesis Evangelion
10th Jan 12 01:01:33Kingdom Hearts
10th Jan 12 01:00:06Dot Hack GU Games
9th Jan 12 02:53:58Manga.Black Butler
9th Jan 12 02:52:29Video Game.Final Fantasy X
8th Jan 12 10:25:05Video Game.The World Ends With You
7th Jan 12 07:03:49Manga.Deadman Wonderland
7th Jan 12 09:21:12Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
6th Jan 12 09:00:32Manga.Black Butler
6th Jan 12 10:45:36Video Game.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
5th Jan 12 10:40:57Manga.Black Butler
3rd Jan 12 11:15:24Manga.DN Angel
3rd Jan 12 11:04:09Manga.DN Angel
3rd Jan 12 06:09:51Manga.Deadman Wonderland
3rd Jan 12 05:50:34Manga.Deadman Wonderland
3rd Jan 12 12:14:02Fanfic Recs.Spirited Away
3rd Jan 12 12:13:25Fanfic Recs.Robotech
3rd Jan 12 12:12:41Fanfic Recs.Noir
3rd Jan 12 12:08:34Fanfic Recs.Kampfer
3rd Jan 12 12:06:14Fanfic Recs.DN Angel
3rd Jan 12 12:06:04Fanfic Recs.Dirty Pair
3rd Jan 12 12:05:28Fanfic Recs.Detective Conan
3rd Jan 12 12:04:36Fanfic Recs.Bubblegum Crisis
3rd Jan 12 12:03:39Fanfic Recs.Black Rock Shooter
3rd Jan 12 12:03:06Fanfic Recs.Black Lagoon
3rd Jan 12 12:02:41Fanfic Recs.Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu
3rd Jan 12 12:02:23Fanfic Recs.The Big O
3rd Jan 12 12:01:45Fanfic Recs.Bakugan
3rd Jan 12 11:59:27Fanfic Recs.Disney Animated Canon
2nd Jan 12 05:35:41Video Game.Kingdom Hearts
2nd Jan 12 10:31:45Anime.Code Geass
2nd Jan 12 10:06:37Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII
1st Jan 12 10:14:09Fanfic Recs.Death Note
1st Jan 12 09:31:50Red And Black Keep Back
31st Dec 11 05:54:34Tactical Rock Paper Scissors
31st Dec 11 05:54:15Sword Of Plot Advancement
31st Dec 11 05:53:32Sword Fight
31st Dec 11 05:52:13Sword Beam
31st Dec 11 05:51:42Sword Almighty
31st Dec 11 05:51:29Image Links.Sweet Dreams Fuel
31st Dec 11 05:51:13Suspicious Videogame Generosity
31st Dec 11 05:48:50Sandbox.Surprisingly Good English
31st Dec 11 05:44:48Surprisingly Good English
31st Dec 11 05:41:09Surprisingly Good English
31st Dec 11 05:40:08Supporting Protagonist
31st Dec 11 05:38:14Supporting Leader
31st Dec 11 05:37:10Super Persistent Predator
31st Dec 11 05:36:26Characters.Super Network Wars
31st Dec 11 05:35:22Supernatural Martial Arts
31st Dec 11 05:33:49Sugar Wiki.Superlative Dubbing
31st Dec 11 05:32:26Summon Magic
31st Dec 11 05:30:10Suicide Mission
31st Dec 11 05:29:14Sufficiently Analyzed Magic
31st Dec 11 05:28:45Subtitles Are Superfluous
31st Dec 11 12:00:50Film.Across The Universe
30th Dec 11 10:37:41Quotes.Hannibal Lecture
30th Dec 11 12:01:30Subbing Versus Dubbing
30th Dec 11 12:01:10Stripperiffic
30th Dec 11 12:00:32Street Urchin
30th Dec 11 12:00:03Hey Its That Voice.S To Z
29th Dec 11 11:59:15Triumphant Example.S To U
29th Dec 11 11:58:03Story To Gameplay Ratio
29th Dec 11 11:57:20Storming The Castle
29th Dec 11 11:56:55Stealth Hi Bye
29th Dec 11 11:56:29Stealth Based Mission
29th Dec 11 11:55:52Stay In The Kitchen
29th Dec 11 11:54:46Sandbox.Wick Namespace Migration
29th Dec 11 11:54:10Pigeonholed Voice Actor
29th Dec 11 11:53:02Roleplay.Ivalice Alliance Tabletop
29th Dec 11 11:52:33WMG.Final Fantasy V
29th Dec 11 11:51:56Statuesque Stunner
29th Dec 11 11:51:16Starter Villain
29th Dec 11 11:50:54Starter Equipment
29th Dec 11 11:50:29Trivia.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
29th Dec 11 11:50:06Star Making Role
29th Dec 11 11:49:22Standard Status Effects
29th Dec 11 11:44:50Standard Fantasy Setting
29th Dec 11 11:44:07Standard Evil Empire Hierarchy
29th Dec 11 11:43:18Stalked By The Bell
29th Dec 11 11:40:56Stab The Sky
29th Dec 11 11:40:17Spotlight Stealing Squad
29th Dec 11 11:39:38Spirited Competitor
29th Dec 11 11:39:02Sparkling Stream Of Tears
29th Dec 11 11:38:52Spanner In The Works
29th Dec 11 11:37:40Sandbox.Sorting Will And Grace Are Like Brother And Sister
29th Dec 11 11:37:08Sorting Algorithm Of Weapon Effectiveness
29th Dec 11 11:36:39Sorting Algorithm Of Evil
29th Dec 11 11:34:46Soft Reset
29th Dec 11 11:33:13Sliding Scale Of Linearity Vs Openness
29th Dec 11 11:31:36Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
29th Dec 11 11:29:44Slice And Dice Swordsmanship
29th Dec 11 11:29:16Sleeves Are For Wimps
29th Dec 11 11:27:38Sleep Mode Size
29th Dec 11 11:19:21Slap On The Wrist Nuke
29th Dec 11 11:18:17Sky Pirate
28th Dec 11 11:25:21Skippable Boss
28th Dec 11 11:24:40Video Game.Skies Of Arcadia
28th Dec 11 11:24:07Sixth Ranger Traitor
28th Dec 11 11:23:34Sixth Ranger
28th Dec 11 11:22:45Six Student Clique
28th Dec 11 11:22:23Simple Staff
28th Dec 11 11:21:32Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
28th Dec 11 11:20:24Sidequest
28th Dec 11 11:19:54Show The Forehead
28th Dec 11 11:18:57Shonen Hair
28th Dec 11 11:17:51Shock And Awe
28th Dec 11 11:16:51Ship Tease
28th Dec 11 11:15:46Shifting Sand Land
28th Dec 11 11:15:07Shell Shocked Veteran
28th Dec 11 11:14:41Sexy Walk
28th Dec 11 11:14:31Sexy Stewardess
28th Dec 11 11:14:21Sexy Man Instant Harem
28th Dec 11 11:13:42Set A Mook To Kill A Mook
28th Dec 11 11:12:32Sequel Difficulty Spike
28th Dec 11 11:12:12Secret Shop
28th Dec 11 11:10:00Secret Character
28th Dec 11 11:09:00Secret AI Moves
28th Dec 11 11:08:45Sean Connery Is About To Shoot You
28th Dec 11 11:08:26Sealed Evil In A Can