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8th Nov 14 07:10:36Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 12 Death In Heaven
6th Nov 14 08:27:49Film.Copacabana
7th Oct 14 07:35:59Funny.How Much For Just The Planet
7th Oct 14 07:01:36Literature.Rihannsu
30th Sep 14 05:03:29Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 4 Listen
30th Sep 14 05:00:33Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 4 Listen
29th Sep 14 09:03:05Recap.Doctor Who 2013 CS The Time Of The Doctor
27th Sep 14 06:29:35Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 6 The Caretaker
27th Sep 14 05:39:34Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 3 Robot Of Sherwood
30th Aug 14 10:03:24Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 2 Into The Dalek
23rd Aug 14 04:43:35Film.Click
23rd Aug 14 04:40:24Film.Click
21st Aug 14 04:46:09Series.Restaurant Impossible
21st Aug 14 04:45:14Series.Restaurant Impossible
21st Aug 14 04:44:26Series.Restaurant Impossible
21st Aug 14 04:39:53YMMV.Dinner Impossible
3rd Aug 14 07:14:26Music.GENES Is
3rd Aug 14 07:12:01Music.GENES Is
3rd Aug 14 07:09:53Music.GENES Is
18th Jul 14 02:36:44Tomato In The Mirror
6th Jul 14 08:10:19WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
6th Jul 14 08:03:42Series.Agents Of SHIELD
6th Jul 14 08:01:50Series.Agents Of SHIELD
6th Jul 14 08:00:22Series.Agents Of SHIELD
6th Jul 14 07:54:14YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
6th Jul 14 07:53:13YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
6th Jul 14 07:50:47YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
6th Jul 14 07:50:47YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
1st Jul 14 08:44:14A Fete Worse Than Death
29th Jun 14 06:33:56Trivia.Maleficent
27th Jun 14 09:31:52Film.Saving Mr Banks
19th Jun 14 08:10:20Literature.Shutter Island
19th Jun 14 08:04:16Paranoia Fuel.Film
19th Jun 14 07:57:34Music.Genesis
19th Jun 14 07:55:29Music.Genesis
13th Jun 14 10:22:06Video Game.Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
13th Jun 14 09:15:02Lyrical Dissonance.Rock
12th Jun 14 11:41:46Music.Barry Manilow
12th Jun 14 11:38:59Lyrical Dissonance.Pop
12th Jun 14 11:06:25Lyrical Dissonance.Rock
12th Jun 14 10:59:10Lyrical Dissonance.Pop
30th May 14 09:33:17Funny.GENES Is
16th May 14 08:42:43Series.GRIMM
16th May 14 02:41:46Paranoia Fuel.Other
16th May 14 02:40:07Paranoia Fuel.Other
15th May 14 07:36:28Film.Philomena
13th May 14 08:25:11Stuck On Band Aid Brand
13th May 14 08:24:02Stuck On Band Aid Brand
13th May 14 08:22:11Music.Barry Manilow
13th May 14 08:17:06Music.Barry Manilow
13th May 14 08:16:22Music.Barry Manilow
12th May 14 09:27:43Butch Lesbian
30th Apr 14 03:58:03Useful Notes.Cleveland
21st Apr 14 02:28:56Pardon My Klingon
16th Apr 14 07:39:11Series.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
16th Apr 14 06:38:51Camp Straight
16th Apr 14 06:35:21Camp Straight
16th Apr 14 09:43:42Awesome Mc Coolname.Music
10th Apr 14 08:15:21Film.The Number 23
10th Apr 14 08:08:29Film.The Number 23
10th Apr 14 08:03:15Literature.Shutter Island
8th Apr 14 06:44:53Tropers.Kittenmommy
1st Apr 14 06:53:33Series.Alien Nation
1st Apr 14 06:46:36Series.Alien Nation
23rd Jan 14 06:49:59Trivia.Return To Oz
23rd Jan 14 06:48:12Trivia.Return To Oz
19th Jan 14 06:08:28Hollywood Apocrypha
19th Jan 14 02:47:13Film.The Prophecy
19th Jan 14 02:46:44Film.The Prophecy
19th Jan 14 02:38:09Fridge.Shutter Island
19th Jan 14 02:29:41Literature.Shutter Island
19th Jan 14 02:21:20Literature.Shutter Island
19th Jan 14 01:18:47Literature.Fight Club
19th Jan 14 01:18:01Literature.Fight Club
19th Jan 14 01:15:47Literature.Fight Club
7th Jan 14 08:06:36The Roaring Twenties
7th Jan 14 06:38:25Series.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
7th Jan 14 09:43:54Useful Notes.Cleveland
7th Jan 14 09:40:06Useful Notes.Cleveland
2nd Jan 14 09:10:34Were Still Relevant Dammit
27th Dec 13 10:01:40Role Ending Misdemeanor
26th Dec 13 09:06:28Creator.Lily Collins
2nd Dec 13 05:55:17Creator.Amy Tan
24th Nov 13 09:46:33Recap.The Fiveish Doctors Reboot
24th Nov 13 08:50:28Recap.The Fiveish Doctors Reboot
23rd Nov 13 07:56:08Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
23rd Nov 13 07:55:46Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
9th Nov 13 09:05:16Mr Fanservice.Live Action TV
7th Nov 13 08:49:22Memetic Badass.Real Life
7th Nov 13 08:48:39Memetic Badass.Real Life
7th Nov 13 08:48:39Memetic Badass.Real Life
7th Nov 13 08:25:08Series.Chopped
7th Nov 13 08:21:14Series.Chopped
7th Nov 13 08:17:19Series.Chopped
7th Nov 13 08:12:21Mr Fanservice.Live Action TV
7th Oct 13 07:58:53Series.Broadchurch
4th Oct 13 04:43:50Ambiguous Time Period
4th Oct 13 04:42:15Ambiguous Time Period
3rd Oct 13 08:19:13Trivia.St Elsewhere
3rd Oct 13 08:16:29Recap.Star Trek S 2 E 10 Journey To Babel
3rd Oct 13 07:57:28Film.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
3rd Oct 13 07:53:54Trivia.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
3rd Oct 13 07:43:50Film.Cocoon
21st Sep 13 11:16:11Diane Duane
21st Sep 13 06:36:49Music.Barry Manilow
21st Sep 13 06:30:29Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Music
15th Sep 13 08:52:20Music.Phil Collins
15th Sep 13 08:50:03Music.Phil Collins
14th Sep 13 09:04:05Series.Broadchurch
14th Sep 13 09:00:21Series.Broadchurch
14th Sep 13 08:57:56Series.Broadchurch
14th Sep 13 08:57:05Series.Broadchurch
14th Sep 13 08:56:04Series.Broadchurch
14th Sep 13 08:55:47Series.Broadchurch
9th Sep 13 10:58:12Afterlife Express
8th Sep 13 09:33:49Creator.Food Network
8th Sep 13 09:33:26Creator.Food Network
2nd Sep 13 05:40:47Ghoulardi
19th Aug 13 11:49:25Tropers.Kittenmommy
19th Aug 13 11:48:46Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter General
19th Aug 13 11:38:23Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter General
19th Aug 13 11:36:39Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter General
19th Aug 13 11:31:50Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter General
19th Aug 13 11:30:43Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter General
13th Aug 13 09:50:26Headscratchers.War Games
13th Aug 13 09:26:49No Celebrities Were Harmed
8th Aug 13 07:35:05Bazaar Of The Bizarre
1st Aug 13 07:20:00Never Live It Down.Real Life
1st Aug 13 07:18:42Never Live It Down.Real Life
1st Aug 13 07:10:15Never Live It Down.Real Life
1st Aug 13 07:09:13Never Live It Down.Real Life
1st Aug 13 06:56:55Never Live It Down.Real Life
1st Aug 13 10:35:21Magical Library
1st Aug 13 08:53:41And Some Other Stuff
31st Jul 13 10:54:02Film.What Dreams May Come
31st Jul 13 10:53:14Have You Seen My God
30th Jul 13 11:53:32Literature.Samaria
30th Jul 13 11:52:57Literature.Samaria
30th Jul 13 03:37:25Headscratchers.Despicable Me
17th Jul 13 10:27:34Lamarck Was Right
17th Jul 13 09:20:39Series.Forever Knight
17th Jul 13 09:18:59Series.Forever Knight
17th Jul 13 09:18:05Series.Forever Knight
17th Jul 13 09:17:19Series.Forever Knight
13th Jul 13 10:39:20Adventures In The Bible
10th Jul 13 09:38:54Creator.Connie Willis
10th Jul 13 08:53:09Reincarnation
10th Jul 13 08:50:09Reincarnation
10th Jul 13 08:46:05Reincarnation
8th Jul 13 08:05:00Nightmare Fuel.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
8th Jul 13 08:03:15Nightmare Fuel.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
6th Jul 13 10:00:24Series.Two Point Four Children
6th Jul 13 07:34:11Music.Genesis
6th Jul 13 07:32:57Music.Genesis
5th Jul 13 04:31:14Music.The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
5th Jul 13 11:09:31Film.Cocoon
5th Jul 13 10:07:27YMMV.Para Norman
1st Jul 13 07:53:35YMMV.Are You There God Its Me Margaret
1st Jul 13 07:53:01YMMV.Are You There God Its Me Margaret
27th Jun 13 12:07:37Music.Genesis
5th Jun 13 08:01:45Character Derailment.Literature
5th Jun 13 07:57:33Character Derailment.Literature
5th Jun 13 07:57:25Character Derailment.Literature
22nd May 13 07:23:33Series.Restaurant Impossible
22nd May 13 07:18:11Fourth Wall Mail Slot
21st May 13 07:03:55Focus Group Ending
20th May 13 10:59:28Friend Or Idol Decision
20th May 13 10:58:58Friend Or Idol Decision
20th May 13 10:57:33Friend Or Idol Decision
20th May 13 10:20:19Be Careful What You Wish For
20th May 13 10:06:12Necromantic
20th May 13 07:12:30Misaimed Fandom.Film
19th May 13 11:06:04Old Shame.Film
3rd May 13 04:07:13Divide By Zero
3rd May 13 04:06:05Divide By Zero
3rd May 13 12:02:15Music.Pet Shop Boys
24th Apr 13 02:17:38Series.Modern Family
24th Apr 13 12:28:21Cereal Induced Superpowers
12th Apr 13 07:39:12More Popular Spinoff
12th Apr 13 07:30:43More Popular Spinoff
12th Apr 13 12:37:56Weird Al Effect
12th Apr 13 12:36:53Weird Al Effect
8th Apr 13 07:16:29Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 07 The Rings Of Akhaten
30th Mar 13 10:35:48Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 06 The Bells Of Saint John
30th Mar 13 10:35:06Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 06 The Bells Of Saint John
30th Mar 13 10:30:47Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 06 The Bells Of Saint John
30th Mar 13 10:29:53Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 06 The Bells Of Saint John
28th Mar 13 07:49:04Series.Fantasy Island
27th Mar 13 10:17:18Literature.Imajica
27th Mar 13 10:15:47Literature.Imajica
20th Mar 13 09:26:06Film.The Wizard Of Oz
28th Feb 13 11:59:00Refrain From Assuming
28th Feb 13 11:28:49Refrain From Assuming
22nd Feb 13 03:07:01Jackass Genie
8th Feb 13 11:24:35Private Practice
8th Feb 13 11:20:36Private Practice
8th Feb 13 11:20:05Private Practice
8th Feb 13 11:19:24Private Practice
28th Jan 13 07:53:35David Tennant
28th Jan 13 07:52:24David Tennant
25th Jan 13 12:02:55Franchise.Wonder Woman
24th Jan 13 11:29:34Film.Cocoon
24th Jan 13 11:25:18Film.Cocoon
18th Jan 13 08:18:01Chopped
18th Jan 13 06:44:44Chopped
18th Jan 13 03:44:03Trivia.Fawlty Towers
17th Jan 13 09:10:25Series.Fawlty Towers
14th Jan 13 08:56:07Ontological Inertia
7th Jan 13 09:52:56Trivia.Lincoln
6th Jan 13 08:44:54Film.Lincoln
26th Dec 12 10:47:10Recap.Doctor Who 2012 CS The Snowmen
26th Dec 12 10:38:16Recap.Doctor Who 2012 CS The Snowmen
25th Dec 12 10:38:40Unsettling Gender Reveal
25th Dec 12 09:45:41Viewer Gender Confusion
25th Dec 12 08:30:43Recap.Doctor Who 2012 CS The Snowmen
25th Dec 12 08:29:27Recap.Doctor Who 2012 CS The Snowmen
20th Dec 12 08:54:56Broken Masquerade
20th Dec 12 08:53:51Masquerade
17th Dec 12 03:49:52Flying Dutchman
17th Dec 12 03:49:05Flying Dutchman
17th Dec 12 03:46:59Flying Dutchman
17th Dec 12 03:12:14Useful Notes.Snails And So On
17th Dec 12 03:09:08Useful Notes.Snails And So On
16th Dec 12 09:01:53Useful Notes.Ramen As Dehydrated Noodles
16th Dec 12 08:38:36Useful Notes.Mc Donalds
16th Dec 12 08:38:10Useful Notes.Mc Donalds
16th Dec 12 08:33:24Useful Notes.Mc Donalds
15th Dec 12 07:33:19Film.Office Space
15th Dec 12 07:05:18Film.Office Space
14th Dec 12 08:53:39Series.Restaurant Impossible
8th Dec 12 10:04:27Characters.St Elsewhere
8th Dec 12 10:02:29Characters.St Elsewhere
8th Dec 12 10:00:31Characters.St Elsewhere
8th Dec 12 10:00:03Characters.St Elsewhere
8th Dec 12 09:52:59Characters.St Elsewhere
8th Dec 12 09:49:18Urgent Medical Alert
7th Dec 12 11:15:33Series.Welcome Back Kotter
7th Dec 12 11:14:57Series.Welcome Back Kotter
6th Dec 12 08:52:30Literature.The Casual Vacancy
27th Nov 12 08:22:33Vanilla Sky
27th Nov 12 02:13:57Downton Abbey
9th Nov 12 09:47:48Music.Genesis
9th Nov 12 09:46:17Music.Genesis
9th Nov 12 09:38:53Music.Genesis
13th Oct 12 09:55:28Adorkable.Music
6th Oct 12 09:22:03Series.Glee
6th Oct 12 08:43:22Series.Glee
29th Sep 12 08:05:22Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 05 The Angels Take Manhattan
29th Sep 12 08:00:20Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 05 The Angels Take Manhattan
22nd Sep 12 10:25:50Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 04 The Power Of Three
21st Sep 12 09:30:42Trivia.Thor
21st Sep 12 09:22:21Ho Yay.Marvel Cinematic Universe
21st Sep 12 09:12:31Film.Thor
16th Sep 12 06:29:26Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 03 A Town Called Mercy
3rd Sep 12 07:32:30Film.The Dictator
3rd Sep 12 06:56:51Film.The Dictator
20th Aug 12 07:46:07Film.Taken
20th Aug 12 07:44:46Film.Taken
20th Aug 12 06:52:49Trivia.And The Band Played On
25th Jul 12 01:04:34Film.The Avengers
25th Jul 12 01:01:06Film.The Avengers
26th Jun 12 09:59:05Series.Alien Nation
26th Jun 12 09:42:34Series.Alien Nation
26th Jun 12 09:33:38David Tennant
26th Jun 12 09:32:34David Tennant
26th Jun 12 09:30:41David Tennant
26th Jun 12 07:54:31Tagline
26th Jun 12 07:49:56Tagline
26th Jun 12 07:35:25Characters.St Elsewhere
25th Jun 12 02:41:05Series.Grimm
25th Jun 12 12:11:06No Mac Guffin No Winner
20th Jun 12 10:12:32Dirty Old Woman
20th Jun 12 10:02:28Music.Barry Manilow
20th Jun 12 10:00:42Music.Barry Manilow
19th Jun 12 10:16:31Fridge.Mission To Mars
19th Jun 12 03:19:49YMMV.The Kitchen Gods Wife
16th Jun 12 09:07:46Characters.The Dark Tower
16th Jun 12 09:04:00The Unfettered
4th Jun 12 11:14:05Magazine Decay
1st Jun 12 12:03:11Music.Barry Manilow
29th May 12 09:22:29Music.Genesis
9th May 12 08:42:47Series.Greys Anatomy
27th Apr 12 04:05:15Farts On Fire
26th Apr 12 01:03:19Mother Nature
26th Apr 12 01:02:44Mother Nature
26th Apr 12 11:28:37YMMV.Imajica
26th Apr 12 11:28:24Imajica
26th Apr 12 11:27:23Imajica
20th Apr 12 08:35:24Music.Barry Manilow
20th Apr 12 08:27:45YMMV.Barry Manilow
20th Apr 12 06:28:05YMMV.Ghoulardi
20th Apr 12 06:27:57Ghoulardi
20th Apr 12 11:51:52Misblamed
12th Apr 12 04:39:10Unintentionally Unsympathetic
12th Apr 12 04:38:19Unintentionally Unsympathetic
12th Apr 12 02:32:29Stranger Behind The Mask
12th Apr 12 02:30:13Profiler
11th Apr 12 01:33:10Music.Barry Manilow
11th Apr 12 01:31:50Stuck On Band Aid Brand
9th Apr 12 08:47:53Film.Copacabana
9th Apr 12 06:01:35The Living Daylights
9th Apr 12 01:20:51Animal House
9th Apr 12 01:20:09Animal House
5th Apr 12 03:33:37Music.Tony Banks
5th Apr 12 03:33:03Music.Tony Banks
5th Apr 12 03:32:47Music.Tony Banks
5th Apr 12 03:24:18Music.Genesis
1st Apr 12 07:46:49Film.Terror Train
1st Apr 12 07:46:24Film.Terror Train
23rd Mar 12 10:41:12Film.Hook
23rd Mar 12 10:37:39YMMV.Peter Gabriel
23rd Mar 12 10:37:05Music.Phil Collins
23rd Mar 12 10:34:49Music.Phil Collins
23rd Mar 12 10:33:52Films Of The1980s
23rd Mar 12 10:26:23YMMV.Peter Gabriel
15th Mar 12 08:36:47Film.Despicable Me
14th Mar 12 09:49:06The Lovely Bones
14th Mar 12 09:36:32Film.Copacabana
14th Mar 12 09:32:59Film.Copacabana
14th Mar 12 09:31:20Film.Copacabana
14th Mar 12 09:30:48Film.Copacabana
14th Mar 12 09:29:29Film.Copacabana
14th Mar 12 09:28:46Film.Copacabana
12th Mar 12 10:10:15The Dark Tower.The Wastelands
9th Mar 12 03:08:54Literature.Eleven Twenty Two Sixty Three
8th Mar 12 08:47:51Tropers.Kittenmommy
28th Feb 12 11:19:31Film.Copacabana
28th Feb 12 11:19:08Film.Copacabana
10th Feb 12 07:07:22Cloud Cuckoolander.Real Life
10th Feb 12 07:02:41Music.Barry Manilow
10th Feb 12 07:01:35Music.Barry Manilow
23rd Dec 11 03:50:09Music.Barry Manilow
28th Nov 11 08:12:00Film.Copacabana
27th Nov 11 03:18:01Film.Copacabana
17th Nov 11 08:27:23Film.Copacabana
17th Nov 11 08:25:35Film.Copacabana
17th Nov 11 12:32:17Film.Copacabana
17th Nov 11 09:39:35YMMV.Copacabana
17th Nov 11 09:39:26YMMV.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 09:45:06Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 09:40:44Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 08:09:21Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 08:07:58Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 08:06:43Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 06:59:46YMMV.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 06:59:05Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 06:57:52Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 06:42:42Trivia.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 06:40:03Film.Copacabana
16th Nov 11 05:27:17Copacabana
16th Nov 11 05:23:53Copacabana
16th Nov 11 04:50:54Copacabana
16th Nov 11 04:25:44Copacabana
16th Nov 11 02:07:44Copacabana
16th Nov 11 01:56:44Copacabana
16th Nov 11 04:34:47Music.Barry Manilow
16th Nov 11 04:18:40Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:10:41Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:09:55Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:09:17Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:08:05Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:06:56Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:05:57Copacabana
15th Nov 11 09:02:15Copacabana
15th Nov 11 08:55:31Copacabana
15th Nov 11 08:43:00Copacabana
15th Nov 11 08:29:42Music.Barry Manilow
15th Nov 11 08:28:16Music.Barry Manilow
15th Nov 11 08:25:10Music.Barry Manilow
15th Nov 11 08:20:27Copacabana
15th Nov 11 08:13:50Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:28:11Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:26:25Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:25:05Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:22:43Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:14:38Copacabana
15th Nov 11 07:12:31Copacabana
15th Nov 11 06:59:24Copacabana
15th Nov 11 06:59:10Copacabana
10th Nov 11 09:26:42Music.Barry Manilow
10th Nov 11 09:26:09Music.Barry Manilow
10th Nov 11 09:21:36Music.Barry Manilow
6th Nov 11 04:31:03Prime Suspect
2nd Nov 11 04:28:29Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 08:21:47Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 05:00:05Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 04:52:24Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 04:44:42Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 04:05:59Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 04:04:28Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 03:58:36Music.Barry Manilow
1st Nov 11 03:35:19Lonely Together
31st Oct 11 07:08:58Tropers.Kittenmommy
30th Oct 11 07:01:03Music.Barry Manilow
30th Oct 11 06:59:49Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Music
30th Oct 11 06:59:12Music.Barry Manilow
30th Oct 11 06:58:32Music.Barry Manilow
30th Oct 11 06:46:05Tropers.Kittenmommy
30th Oct 11 06:23:34Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Music
30th Oct 11 11:38:37Music.Barry Manilow

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