12th Jul 14 07:45:05Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
8th Jul 14 03:39:06Light Novel.High School DXD
7th Jul 14 05:38:28Shoo Out The Clowns
5th Jul 14 07:54:12Money Fetish
5th Jul 14 07:50:47Tsundere.Video Games
5th Jul 14 05:02:24Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
5th Jul 14 05:01:31Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
5th Jul 14 05:00:49Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
4th Jul 14 07:50:10Useless Protagonist
27th Jun 14 09:18:53Thanks For The Mammary
27th Jun 14 09:13:15Marshmallow Hell
27th Jun 14 08:36:00Cry Into Chest
26th Jun 14 03:08:28Chivalrous Pervert
26th Jun 14 03:07:54Chivalrous Pervert
25th Jun 14 07:35:57Leotard Of Power
23rd Jun 14 08:59:20Nightmare Fuel.Pikmin
23rd Jun 14 06:23:43Characters.High School Dx D-Occult Research Club
23rd Jun 14 06:22:45Characters.High School Dx D-Occult Research Club
21st Jun 14 07:17:34Funny.High School DXD
20th Jun 14 09:03:35Characters.High School Dx D-Occult Research Club
19th Jun 14 12:03:55Multiform Balance
18th Jun 14 01:18:38It Gets Better
16th Jun 14 07:16:46Crouching Moron Hidden Badass.Anime And Manga
15th Jun 14 08:58:56Story Breaker Power
15th Jun 14 08:40:31Hidden Depths
14th Jun 14 08:53:55Could Say It But
14th Jun 14 08:41:22Chess Motifs
14th Jun 14 08:34:47Unlimited Wardrobe
14th Jun 14 08:34:46Unlimited Wardrobe
14th Jun 14 12:49:30Magikarp Power
12th Jun 14 11:36:57Characters.The Guided Fate Paradox
12th Jun 14 11:27:25Characters.The Guided Fate Paradox
12th Jun 14 11:22:28Big Breast Pride
9th Jun 14 09:45:52Appeal To Pity
9th Jun 14 06:29:21Hard Work Fallacy
8th Jun 14 06:52:40Artistic License Military
8th Jun 14 02:54:16Earn Your Bad Ending
7th Jun 14 08:22:00Thirty Second Blackout
7th Jun 14 10:57:25Film.Men In Black
7th Jun 14 09:38:18Artistic License Ships
7th Jun 14 08:08:40Yuri Genre
5th Jun 14 09:57:18Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
5th Jun 14 09:51:13Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
3rd Jun 14 10:44:36Video Game.Wipeout
3rd Jun 14 09:57:34Funny.Watch Dogs
3rd Jun 14 02:17:35Only I Can Make It Go
3rd Jun 14 01:40:39Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
2nd Jun 14 09:15:19Artistic License Economics
1st Jun 14 07:59:29Video Game.Watch Dogs
31st May 14 04:41:45Video Game.Watch Dogs
29th May 14 01:51:52Arbitrary Gun Power
22nd May 14 09:51:24Videogame.Deception
21st May 14 09:58:43Chokepoint Geography
21st May 14 09:23:12No Plans No Prototype No Backup
20th May 14 11:51:55Video Game.Super Mario Kart
20th May 14 04:51:08Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
18th May 14 07:10:26Quotes.Versus
15th May 14 09:57:08Animate Inanimate Object
13th May 14 10:18:23Rashomon Style
11th May 14 07:50:50Spice Rack Panacea
11th May 14 03:30:02Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
10th May 14 06:52:45Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
10th May 14 06:20:26YMMV.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
8th May 14 10:51:08Lets Play.Versus
7th May 14 10:05:15No Hero Discount
7th May 14 09:55:16Video Game.Demon Gaze
27th Apr 14 07:32:23Video Game.The Last Federation
27th Apr 14 07:25:44Video Game.The Last Federation
27th Apr 14 04:07:25Video Game.The Last Federation
27th Apr 14 04:00:14Video Game.The Last Federation
26th Apr 14 09:18:00Video Game.The Last Federation
26th Apr 14 09:32:35Video Game.Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back
23rd Apr 14 07:29:15Video Game.The Last Federation
21st Apr 14 10:02:44Characters.Sengoku Basara Azai Clan
19th Apr 14 08:52:12YMMV.Papers Please
16th Apr 14 08:24:24Plot Relevant Age Up
11th Apr 14 07:26:53Characters.Dynasty Warriors Wu Kingdom
11th Apr 14 06:20:33Characters.Dynasty Warriors Shu Kingdom
11th Apr 14 01:15:57Characters.Dynasty Warriors Shu Kingdom
9th Apr 14 05:09:12Does Not Know His Own Strength
8th Apr 14 08:37:34Video Game.Space Engineers
7th Apr 14 09:02:57Web Video.Caddicarus
6th Apr 14 06:01:01Video Game.Space Engineers
6th Apr 14 05:59:55Video Game.Space Engineers
5th Apr 14 05:50:15Dragon Hoard
4th Apr 14 09:27:00YMMV.Dynasty Warriors
3rd Apr 14 08:40:55Characters.Dynasty Warriors Jin Kingdom
2nd Apr 14 05:26:40Characters.Dynasty Warriors Jin Kingdom
2nd Apr 14 05:00:15Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
1st Apr 14 06:19:06Man Child.Video Games
1st Apr 14 06:18:01Man Child.Video Games
1st Apr 14 06:10:23Pint Sized Powerhouse.Video Games
31st Mar 14 06:02:17Obvious Rule Patch
28th Mar 14 05:16:38Video Game.Wipeout
27th Mar 14 08:43:55Video Game.Wipeout
25th Mar 14 08:09:19Advancing Wall Of Doom
25th Mar 14 06:36:50I Am Not Left Handed
25th Mar 14 03:17:27YMMV.Wipeout
24th Mar 14 06:04:08Characters.Dragons Crown
23rd Mar 14 09:07:54Video Game.Wipeout
23rd Mar 14 08:50:03Video Game.Wipeout
21st Mar 14 06:00:53Commonplace Rare
19th Mar 14 03:53:01Video Game.Final Fantasy X 2
17th Mar 14 03:45:14Literature.The Immortals
17th Mar 14 03:00:33No Periods Period
16th Mar 14 09:16:05Wake Up Call Boss
16th Mar 14 03:13:29Cant Drop The Hero
14th Mar 14 08:50:09Angst What Angst
9th Mar 14 06:20:22I Call It Vera
8th Mar 14 05:53:03Winged Humanoid
8th Mar 14 07:50:43Characters.Breath Of Fire II
8th Mar 14 04:19:33Bag Of Sharing
8th Mar 14 04:17:22Bag Of Sharing
7th Mar 14 02:25:15Characters.League Of Legends Two
5th Mar 14 02:20:53Anti Frustration Features
24th Feb 14 06:17:07Overdrawn At The Blood Bank
10th Feb 14 07:53:40No Gear Level
9th Feb 14 06:52:51No Gear Level
3rd Feb 14 03:58:13Kangaroo Court
2nd Feb 14 06:14:11Funny.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
3rd Jan 14 02:10:04Dodge The Bullet
27th Dec 13 07:09:12Unusable Enemy Equipment
25th Dec 13 04:48:57Statuesque Stunner
25th Dec 13 04:47:45Statuesque Stunner
25th Dec 13 04:36:31Characters.Super Smash Bros U 3 DS
19th Dec 13 02:01:53Physical God
19th Dec 13 01:50:31The Ditz
18th Dec 13 05:27:57Cutscene Power To The Max
17th Dec 13 02:30:57Characters.Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2
14th Dec 13 06:37:20Dumb Muscle.Video Games
14th Dec 13 06:28:03No Fourth Wall
14th Dec 13 05:58:47Numbered Sequels
13th Dec 13 01:22:05Funny.Proton Jon
11th Dec 13 03:41:10Jerkass Has A Point
10th Dec 13 08:12:03WMG.Starbound
9th Dec 13 06:52:36Fridge.Starbound
9th Dec 13 06:48:19Video Game.Starbound
9th Dec 13 06:37:01Alien Non Interference Clause
7th Dec 13 07:07:46Hyperactive Metabolism
7th Dec 13 06:55:56Does Not Know His Own Strength
6th Dec 13 03:29:30Relax O Vision
2nd Dec 13 06:17:18Too Many Belts
29th Nov 13 09:13:24Video Game.Terminal Velocity
17th Nov 13 03:33:24Relationship Values
16th Nov 13 03:49:11Glacier Waif
14th Nov 13 05:22:22Not Me This Time.Video Games
12th Nov 13 06:33:07Action Dress Rip
8th Nov 13 06:51:15Funny.Pokemon X And Y
5th Nov 13 06:13:42AI Breaker
3rd Nov 13 02:58:33Exposed To The Elements
1st Nov 13 04:07:59Bathos
30th Oct 13 07:51:41Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
29th Oct 13 08:21:03Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
29th Oct 13 08:18:10Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
28th Oct 13 08:23:57Artistic License Gun Safety
25th Oct 13 07:44:14Commonplace Rare
25th Oct 13 07:16:45Perpetual Poverty
24th Oct 13 08:22:45Impractically Fancy Outfit
24th Oct 13 05:42:09Death World
22nd Oct 13 08:28:39Video Game.Golden Eye 1997
22nd Oct 13 08:15:18Video Game.Golden Eye 1997
21st Oct 13 07:53:09Characters.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
19th Oct 13 06:56:53Radar.Pokemon
19th Oct 13 05:31:33Fridge.Pokemon X And Y
19th Oct 13 04:04:08Graceful Ladies Like Purple
19th Oct 13 03:57:21Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
18th Oct 13 08:48:26Fridge.Pokemon
18th Oct 13 04:12:15Artistic License Economics
16th Oct 13 11:41:51Tear Jerker.Pokemon
16th Oct 13 07:46:07Video Game.Pokemon X And Y
12th Oct 13 04:48:51Web Video.Caddicarus
9th Oct 13 06:29:43Violation Of Common Sense
8th Oct 13 03:40:55Identical Twin ID Tag
5th Oct 13 01:24:49Video Game.Just Cause
3rd Oct 13 06:55:40Video Game.Soul Hackers
3rd Oct 13 01:06:39The Slacker
3rd Oct 13 12:59:17Fridge.Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation
2nd Oct 13 08:39:34Anti Magic
1st Oct 13 09:45:50Big First Choice
1st Oct 13 09:34:32Characters.Soul Hackers
30th Sep 13 08:03:45Real Women Dont Wear Dresses
29th Sep 13 09:12:59Clothing Damage
29th Sep 13 09:10:16Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
28th Sep 13 09:15:12Radar.Video Games
27th Sep 13 10:46:43Video Game.Project X Zone
27th Sep 13 10:26:38Video Game.Project X Zone
27th Sep 13 04:54:42Read The Freaking Manual
26th Sep 13 07:00:03Hero Unit
26th Sep 13 06:49:13Pregnant Badass
25th Sep 13 08:29:29Canon Welding
25th Sep 13 08:24:34Canon Welding
25th Sep 13 06:30:46Characters.Grand Theft Auto V Friends Family And Associates
24th Sep 13 05:28:58Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
24th Sep 13 05:23:27Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
24th Sep 13 04:49:50Earn Your Bad Ending
24th Sep 13 04:25:07Characters.Grand Theft Auto V Protagonists
24th Sep 13 04:22:14Tear Jerker.Grand Theft Auto V
24th Sep 13 04:19:56Awesome.Grand Theft Auto V
23rd Sep 13 09:29:49Death World
23rd Sep 13 05:39:07Tsundere.Video Games
20th Sep 13 05:34:20Lets Play.Chuggaaconroy
19th Sep 13 08:54:22Awesome.Grand Theft Auto V
18th Sep 13 04:45:53Affirmative Action Girl
18th Sep 13 03:11:31Characters.Project X Zone
18th Sep 13 12:59:57Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
17th Sep 13 06:48:01Fan Service Pack
16th Sep 13 08:44:43Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
15th Sep 13 08:42:45Fan Service Pack
15th Sep 13 07:44:34Scrappy Mechanic
12th Sep 13 08:39:15Characters.Project X Zone
10th Sep 13 08:34:33Video Game.Ghost Trick
3rd Sep 13 04:36:59Godzilla Threshold
3rd Sep 13 12:28:47And Then John Was A Zombie
3rd Sep 13 12:21:12Kill The Ones You Love
2nd Sep 13 03:36:33Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
31st Aug 13 07:01:56YMMV.Luminous Arc
31st Aug 13 05:59:00Newbie Boom
29th Aug 13 06:34:24Characters.Dynasty Warriors Jin Kingdom
29th Aug 13 05:05:46Funny.Dynasty Warriors
28th Aug 13 08:39:04Strawman Has A Point
28th Aug 13 04:07:16The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
24th Aug 13 08:14:03Time Management Game
22nd Aug 13 07:41:20Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
22nd Aug 13 07:33:23Heartwarming.Dynasty Warriors
22nd Aug 13 07:27:55YMMV.Dynasty Warriors
22nd Aug 13 07:09:32Path Of Most Resistance
19th Aug 13 07:57:35Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
19th Aug 13 07:56:42Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
18th Aug 13 07:20:37For Want Of A Nail.Video Games
18th Aug 13 07:04:22For Want Of A Nail.Video Games
17th Aug 13 06:59:47Characters.Dynasty Warriors Shu Kingdom
15th Aug 13 04:09:10Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
15th Aug 13 04:03:40Crew Of One
15th Aug 13 03:58:59We Cannot Go On Without You
11th Aug 13 11:08:22You Have Researched Breathing
11th Aug 13 11:07:04You Have Researched Breathing
10th Aug 13 07:12:50Gender Blender Name
10th Aug 13 06:48:12Swallowed A Fly
8th Aug 13 03:42:21Combat Compliment
8th Aug 13 12:07:39Taught By Television
7th Aug 13 08:25:03Under The Sea
7th Aug 13 08:10:33Fetish Retardant
7th Aug 13 05:37:02Damn You Muscle Memory
6th Aug 13 06:39:04Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Video Games
6th Aug 13 08:57:29Interrupted Intimacy
6th Aug 13 07:17:30No Cutscene Inventory Inertia
2nd Aug 13 09:54:27Leaning On The Fourth Wall
1st Aug 13 06:51:16Some Dexterity Required
1st Aug 13 06:47:40Some Dexterity Required
31st Jul 13 11:38:55Overheating
31st Jul 13 05:35:45Characters.League Of Legends Five
31st Jul 13 04:40:32Blind Without Em
29th Jul 13 10:00:32Luck Based Mission
29th Jul 13 05:48:48Timed Mission
29th Jul 13 05:29:27Video Game.The Firemen
28th Jul 13 06:18:55Web Video.Pro Jared
27th Jul 13 07:41:06Characters.Project X Zone
27th Jul 13 07:20:07Nonstandard Game Over
27th Jul 13 07:10:53Girls Night Out Episode
27th Jul 13 08:40:28Escort Mission
27th Jul 13 08:32:56Escort Mission
26th Jul 13 08:05:52Leeroy Jenkins
26th Jul 13 03:16:56Digital Piracy Is Evil
26th Jul 13 03:11:11Widget Series
26th Jul 13 02:45:25Metal Scream
24th Jul 13 12:38:14WMG.Radiant Historia
22nd Jul 13 04:56:20Easy Logistics
21st Jul 13 04:00:28Awesome.Project X Zone
21st Jul 13 03:42:09Perpetual Poverty
20th Jul 13 03:49:27Time Skip
19th Jul 13 09:43:15Perpetual Poverty
18th Jul 13 09:30:30Medium Awareness
18th Jul 13 08:00:31Real Women Dont Wear Dresses
18th Jul 13 06:23:40Artificial Stupidity.Simulation Games
17th Jul 13 09:13:56Artificial Stupidity.Strategy Games
17th Jul 13 09:09:47Artificial Stupidity.RPG
16th Jul 13 08:37:39Shout Out.Project X Zone
16th Jul 13 02:23:51Randomly Generated Levels
16th Jul 13 12:50:55Video Game.Project X Zone
15th Jul 13 09:58:15Web Video.Pro Jared
15th Jul 13 10:14:53Dual Wielding
15th Jul 13 05:49:21Video Game.Project X Zone
14th Jul 13 07:28:06Funny.Ocarina Of Time Versus
14th Jul 13 07:25:22Lets Play.Versus
13th Jul 13 04:29:25Story Breadcrumbs
13th Jul 13 04:25:56Video Game.Project X Zone
13th Jul 13 04:17:36Nonstandard Character Design
11th Jul 13 09:25:42Darthwiki.Idiot Programming
11th Jul 13 09:09:41Funny.Project X Zone
11th Jul 13 04:20:09The Watcher
10th Jul 13 09:52:32Behind The Black
9th Jul 13 07:30:04Characters.Project X Zone
8th Jul 13 08:16:15Video Game.Project X Zone
7th Jul 13 10:21:33Funny.Project X Zone
7th Jul 13 10:02:09Video Game.Project X Zone
7th Jul 13 09:45:22Video Game.Project X Zone
5th Jul 13 05:22:19Lets Play.Versus
4th Jul 13 07:25:33The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effort
4th Jul 13 05:34:44Already Met Everyone
3rd Jul 13 08:19:01Funny.Project X Zone
2nd Jul 13 08:39:09Sleeper Hit
2nd Jul 13 05:38:42Amazing Technicolor Battlefield
2nd Jul 13 10:32:40Just Train Wrong
2nd Jul 13 09:03:44Just Plane Wrong
2nd Jul 13 06:29:15Took A Shortcut
2nd Jul 13 05:29:26That One Disadvantage
2nd Jul 13 05:21:10YMMV.Rogue Legacy
2nd Jul 13 05:20:38Video Game.Rogue Legacy
28th Jun 13 09:55:16Hidden Buxom
28th Jun 13 09:53:13Hidden Buxom
27th Jun 13 09:16:48Villain Song.Video Games
27th Jun 13 08:59:12Video Game.Rogue Legacy
27th Jun 13 08:46:55Painful Rhyme
27th Jun 13 04:56:16Xanatos Gambit
22nd Jun 13 08:02:02Darthwiki.Idiot Programming
21st Jun 13 06:23:51Hot Skitty On Wailord Action
20th Jun 13 10:27:34Sore Loser
20th Jun 13 08:46:25The Real Heroes
20th Jun 13 08:41:28Empathic Weapon
19th Jun 13 09:21:31Uncanny Valley.Video Games
18th Jun 13 08:15:43Videogame.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
17th Jun 13 07:30:03Rank Inflation
15th Jun 13 08:23:32Characters.League Of Legends Three
15th Jun 13 05:27:00Awesome.Bad Movie Beatdown
12th Jun 13 07:22:14I Need A Freaking Drink
10th Jun 13 10:39:07Yaoi Fangirl
10th Jun 13 10:18:40Video Game.End War
10th Jun 13 10:05:41Instant Death Bullet
10th Jun 13 07:55:15Sore Loser
10th Jun 13 04:35:38Limit Break
5th Jun 13 06:14:56Series.Master Chef
5th Jun 13 04:44:54Awesome.Spec Ops The Line
3rd Jun 13 09:50:40Ear Cleaning
28th May 13 11:25:45Aluminum Christmas Trees
28th May 13 11:13:29Mundane Made Awesome.Video Games
27th May 13 04:38:13Power Limiter
26th May 13 08:09:44Square Cube Law
24th May 13 12:12:22Buxom Is Better
24th May 13 12:10:25YMMV.Radiant Historia
21st May 13 08:29:05Time Skip
21st May 13 09:47:38Reporting Names
20th May 13 08:50:08That One Boss.RPG
20th May 13 04:51:26Visual Pun
19th May 13 09:16:33Didnt See That Coming
19th May 13 09:10:29Buxom Is Better
18th May 13 04:02:09Hidden Buxom
17th May 13 07:11:44Video Game.Starbound
17th May 13 07:08:12No Budget
14th May 13 07:54:27Video Game.Bladestorm The Hundred Years War
14th May 13 07:52:04Easy Communication
12th May 13 06:28:46Fix Fic
12th May 13 04:00:20Reality Subtext
12th May 13 03:50:01Epic Fail.The Runaway Guys
11th May 13 08:21:35YMMV.Super Mario 64
10th May 13 10:13:50YMMV.Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
10th May 13 08:18:22Disc One Nuke
9th May 13 08:31:51Second Hour Superpower
9th May 13 08:11:54Early Game Hell
9th May 13 05:15:07Growing Up Sucks
9th May 13 05:05:29Fan Service Pack
9th May 13 04:30:44Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
9th May 13 04:29:32Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
8th May 13 06:51:04Safety In Muggles
4th May 13 04:51:39Bag Of Sharing
2nd May 13 06:28:20Bag Of Sharing
2nd May 13 05:34:42Abandoned Laboratory
29th Apr 13 09:09:45Older Than They Look.Video Games
28th Apr 13 06:21:50Video Game.Starbound
28th Apr 13 06:11:08Video Game.Atelier Ayesha The Alchemist Of Dusk
28th Apr 13 06:08:18Characters.Atelier Ayesha The Alchemistof Dusk
25th Apr 13 06:58:54WMG.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
24th Apr 13 07:55:40Video Game.Terraria
23rd Apr 13 11:12:21Video Game.Starbound
23rd Apr 13 04:50:18Video Game.Starbound
23rd Apr 13 04:37:34Fridge.Fire Emblem Awakening
22nd Apr 13 04:55:37Dangerously Genre Savvy
22nd Apr 13 04:52:27Dangerously Genre Savvy
22nd Apr 13 03:59:41OOC Is Serious Business
20th Apr 13 06:52:10Beware The Nice Ones.Video Games
14th Apr 13 08:45:25Bathtub Bonding
10th Apr 13 06:22:30Complete Immortality
10th Apr 13 08:46:52Noodle Incident.Video Games
10th Apr 13 08:27:56Anything That Moves
10th Apr 13 08:26:40Anything That Moves
10th Apr 13 08:21:35Funny.Neptunia
10th Apr 13 05:28:58Funny.The Cinema Snob
9th Apr 13 06:13:23The Dreaded
8th Apr 13 08:19:47One Drink Will Kill The Baby
7th Apr 13 06:20:40Jekyll And Hyde
6th Apr 13 07:44:21Power Limiter
6th Apr 13 07:14:21Badass Gay
4th Apr 13 08:22:46Temporal Paradox
2nd Apr 13 04:24:02Cute Clumsy Girl
29th Mar 13 06:32:07Video Game.Neptunia
27th Mar 13 07:57:43Badass Boast.Video Games
27th Mar 13 04:58:49Actual Pacifist
27th Mar 13 03:13:29Character Tiers
26th Mar 13 08:55:13Throw It In.Animated Film
25th Mar 13 11:01:45Heartwarming.Valkyria Chronicles
25th Mar 13 10:13:40The Medic

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