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12th Oct 17 04:08:06Webcomic.Gunnerkrigg Court
5th Oct 17 10:31:11Music.They Might Be Giants
9th Jul 17 05:40:52Literature.Seventeen Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Six
16th Feb 17 03:24:22Video Game.Academagia
12th Apr 16 02:19:35Video Game.Neo Scavenger
12th Apr 16 02:18:04Video Game.Neo Scavenger
12th Apr 16 01:47:18Video Game.Neo Scavenger
9th Mar 16 11:44:24Nightmare Fuel.The Onion
8th Jan 16 09:35:31Funny.Hamilton
8th Jan 16 09:26:20Tear Jerker.Hamilton
6th Mar 15 08:35:56Adult Fear.Web Original
10th Feb 15 02:39:22Series.Empire
20th Dec 14 07:53:08Literature.Harrison Bergeron
2nd Jul 14 09:13:24Heartwarming.Thehungergames
29th Jun 14 04:49:02Series.Rooftop Prince
6th Dec 13 03:51:13Comic Book.Saga
23rd Jul 13 05:48:30Dont Look At Me
23rd Jul 13 05:47:27Dont Look At Me
20th Jul 13 11:15:41Trivia.The Avengers
19th Jul 13 02:31:27YMMV.Stripes
10th Jul 13 10:51:51Comic Book.Saga
10th Jul 13 10:50:58Comic Book.Saga
8th Jul 13 05:34:03Stupid Jetpack Hitler
3rd Jul 13 11:00:21Webcomic.Gunnerkrigg Court
3rd Jul 13 10:58:33Webcomic.Gunnerkrigg Court
3rd Jul 13 10:28:38Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
30th Jun 13 03:53:35Fridge.SCP Foundation
30th Jun 13 03:53:17Fridge.SCP Foundation
26th Jun 13 03:11:33Dueling Movies
26th Jun 13 03:10:18Dueling Movies
26th Jun 13 02:52:17Dueling Movies
4th May 13 10:46:15Alternative Character Interpretation.Doctor Who
4th May 13 08:58:31Comic Book Movies Dont Use Codenames
3rd May 13 11:59:23Series.Game Of Thrones
2nd May 13 03:41:13Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
1st May 13 12:27:43Missed Him By That Much
1st May 13 12:23:54Missed Him By That Much
1st May 13 08:29:41A Song Of Ice And Fire.Tropes A To I
7th Nov 12 08:30:57Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
7th Nov 12 08:30:04Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
5th Nov 12 05:40:17I Thought It Meant.U-W
4th Dec 11 03:54:52YMMV.Atlas Shrugged
4th Dec 11 03:51:33YMMV.Atlas Shrugged
4th Dec 11 03:43:47Posthumous Narration
4th Dec 11 03:42:34Posthumous Narration
4th Dec 11 03:34:46The Cover Changes The Gender
4th Dec 11 03:18:47Sense Freak
24th Oct 11 12:15:50Memes.Western Animation
24th Oct 11 12:09:54Memes.Comics