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4th Sep 16 07:14:31Funny.The Wicker Man
15th May 16 01:40:29Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
23rd Apr 16 05:26:55Useful Notes.The Roman Empire
5th Mar 16 07:10:59YMMV.The Lion King
5th Mar 16 07:08:22YMMV.The Lion King
27th Feb 16 05:01:49Sacrificial Lion.Video Games
1st Jan 16 12:03:06Characters.Fallout 4 Factions
4th Dec 15 06:19:04Useful Notes.Florida
25th May 15 05:51:06Ho Yay.Film
24th May 15 06:59:52Characters.Pitch Perfect
22nd Aug 14 07:07:27Useful Notes.Iran
16th Apr 14 07:00:31Video Game.Planet Side
16th Apr 14 07:00:20Video Game.Planet Side
26th Feb 14 04:12:10Funny.Saints Row IV
26th Feb 14 04:05:50Shout Out.Saints Row IV
26th Feb 14 03:56:31Shout Out.Saints Row IV
9th Dec 13 07:05:07Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
9th Dec 13 06:58:35Shamu Fu
18th Nov 13 10:09:30Creator.Jennifer Lawrence
20th Sep 13 04:39:46Video Game.Total War Rome II
20th Sep 13 04:30:30Video Game.Total War Rome II
6th Jul 13 08:02:41Inventing The Wheel
6th Jul 13 07:55:33Inventing The Wheel
8th Apr 13 09:00:25Artistic License History
8th Apr 13 08:55:24Artistic License History
8th Apr 13 08:50:51Inventing The Wheel
4th Apr 13 04:44:16Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S-Z
10th Mar 13 02:47:15History Marches On
9th Mar 13 11:23:00Useful Notes.Local Stars
30th Dec 12 09:43:21Abusive Parents.Video Games
28th Dec 12 07:26:52Abusive Parents.Video Games
28th Dec 12 07:25:37Abusive Parents.Video Games
15th Nov 12 10:32:42Fridge.Xenogears
15th Nov 12 10:01:32WMG.Chrono Cross
15th Nov 12 09:43:53Video Game.Chrono Cross
11th Nov 12 11:29:39Video Game.Crusader Kings
4th Nov 12 08:37:52Trivia.Xenogears
28th Oct 12 09:16:05Film.The Thing
28th Oct 12 02:13:34Race Lift
28th Oct 12 02:03:12Brownface
28th Oct 12 01:26:01YMMV.Cloud Atlas
25th Oct 12 09:53:30Nightmare Fuel.The Thing
21st Sep 12 04:49:34Opposite Sex Clone
16th Sep 12 12:37:02Opposite Sex Clone
13th Sep 12 10:16:31Zoroastrianism
8th Sep 12 10:47:48Real Person Fic
2nd Sep 12 08:27:56YMMV.Signs
24th Aug 12 06:50:07Zoroastrianism
20th Aug 12 07:22:12The Roman Empire
10th Aug 12 08:41:54Byzantine Empire
23rd Jul 12 06:53:53Byzantine Empire
18th Jul 12 05:35:21Ancient Grome
12th Jul 12 10:02:24Trolling Creator
9th Jul 12 10:18:05Video Game.Crusader Kings
26th Jun 12 09:41:56Nightmare Fuel.Mass Effect
19th Jun 12 10:55:10Rags To Royalty
11th Jun 12 02:23:47Characters.Prometheus
8th Jun 12 02:33:18Unusual Dysphemism
8th Jun 12 02:31:04Unusual Dysphemism
2nd Jun 12 06:38:32Ho Yay.Bioware
21st May 12 06:24:12Big Badass Bird Of Prey
21st May 12 02:45:23Mesopotamian Mythology
9th May 12 04:10:37Lady Looks Like A Dude
8th May 12 09:28:50The Chosen One
8th May 12 09:08:10Earth All Along
8th May 12 06:18:50Ship Tease.Video Games
4th May 12 06:01:08Shout Out.Mass Effect
26th Apr 12 09:50:36Trivia.Galaxy Quest
20th Apr 12 04:43:24Characters.Mass Effect Commander Shepard
18th Apr 12 09:27:06Oh Crap.Video Games
18th Apr 12 07:58:08Awesome.Mass Effect
9th Apr 12 07:55:21Fridge.Mass Effect
9th Apr 12 07:54:50Fridge.Mass Effect
1st Apr 12 08:35:47Video Game.Mass Effect 3
1st Apr 12 08:24:17YMMV.Mass Effect
1st Apr 12 08:17:52Awesome Music.Mass Effect
28th Mar 12 07:00:12Characters.Mass Effect 3 Antagonists And Npcs
28th Mar 12 10:45:09Characters.Mass Effect 3 Antagonists And Npcs
13th Feb 12 09:51:59Artistic License History
13th Feb 12 12:09:24Dude Looks Like A Lady
11th Feb 12 08:45:19WMG.Mulan
9th Feb 12 10:39:37Artistic License History
9th Feb 12 10:21:47History Marches On
29th Jan 12 05:21:07Useful Notes.Afghanistan
22nd Jan 12 06:22:22Useful Notes.Iran
19th Jan 12 05:58:31Zoroastrianism
19th Jan 12 05:55:30Zoroastrianism
19th Jan 12 05:47:40Zoroastrianism
17th Jan 12 08:22:56Useful Notes.Iran
11th Jan 12 09:14:33The Blacksmith
6th Jan 12 05:05:35Ho Yay.Victorious
16th Dec 11 07:05:16Cyrus The Great
16th Dec 11 06:59:13Cyrus The Great
11th Dec 11 05:13:20Useful Notes.Persians With Pistols
5th Dec 11 04:56:03Western Animation.Adventure Time
4th Dec 11 05:56:51Victorious
14th Nov 11 07:05:31Awesome.In Time
14th Nov 11 06:59:30The Beautiful People
14th Nov 11 06:35:26Music.Backstreet Boys
14th Nov 11 06:31:42Music.Backstreet Boys
14th Nov 11 04:05:14A Child Shall Lead Them
12th Nov 11 04:37:37Scarlett Johansson
12th Nov 11 04:33:37Music.Justin Timberlake
12th Nov 11 04:28:15Music.Justin Timberlake
12th Nov 11 04:14:02Trivia.Real Steel
12th Nov 11 04:11:24Film.Real Steel
1st Nov 11 07:09:21The Roman Empire
28th Oct 11 11:23:25Seth Green
28th Oct 11 11:06:35Fairuza Balk
28th Oct 11 11:00:29Fairuza Balk
28th Oct 11 10:35:02Lucy Hale
28th Oct 11 08:07:14Creator Backlash
24th Oct 11 04:51:16YMMV.Justin Timberlake
4th Oct 11 07:45:57Useful Notes.Afghanistan
28th Sep 11 08:28:52Victoria An Empire Under The Sun
28th Sep 11 08:24:12The Man
16th Sep 11 01:24:54Opposite Sex Clone