Jimmy T Malice's Recent Edits

10th Jul 16 10:23:29The Legend Of Chekhov
10th Mar 16 06:22:28Canon Immigrant
11th Feb 16 10:55:51Luck Manipulation Mechanic
12th Jan 16 02:29:36Writers Cannot Do Math
15th Dec 15 03:09:57Breaking The Fourth Wall.Live Action TV
27th Oct 15 02:06:53Funny.Shadows Of Self
28th Jan 15 11:33:54Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
4th Dec 14 05:50:06Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
22nd Mar 14 10:35:29Video Game.Dark Souls II
23rd Sep 13 11:38:46Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
20th Sep 13 09:17:06Video Game.Dota 2
16th Aug 13 02:34:30Film.Kick-Ass
30th Jun 13 12:25:22WMG.Dark Souls II
6th Jun 13 02:07:42Funny.Dark Souls
1st Jun 13 02:31:09The Big Bang Theory.Tropes T To Z
23rd May 13 01:11:56Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
23rd May 13 01:11:29Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
23rd May 13 03:19:32Pure Is Not Good
18th May 13 10:06:51Equity
18th May 13 10:05:39Human Aliens
17th May 13 11:02:23Remixed Level
16th May 13 02:43:52The Voice
11th May 13 12:06:03Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 12 Nightmare In Silver
7th May 13 02:01:20Portal Picture
7th May 13 01:47:40Bewildering Punishment
6th May 13 02:06:14Uniqueness Decay
6th May 13 10:13:44Death Is Cheap
3rd May 13 02:47:52Hand Wave
3rd May 13 11:25:20Elite Mooks
27th Apr 13 11:38:06Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 10 Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis
23rd Apr 13 08:46:48Endgame Plus
22nd Apr 13 12:41:21Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
20th Apr 13 03:32:28Notice This
19th Apr 13 11:01:38Alternative Number System
11th Apr 13 06:10:53Respawn Point
11th Apr 13 06:03:33Pro Human Trans Human
11th Apr 13 04:45:17Very High Velocity Rounds
11th Apr 13 04:44:54Very High Velocity Rounds
10th Apr 13 08:42:40Literature.Alex Rider
10th Apr 13 01:43:37No Endor Holocaust
7th Apr 13 04:30:35Spit Shake
7th Apr 13 04:13:10Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
6th Apr 13 12:07:00Trouble Follows You Home
6th Apr 13 01:47:01Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
29th Mar 13 05:31:47People Puppets
28th Mar 13 04:49:42WMG.Bio Shock Infinite
28th Mar 13 04:38:08Videogame.Bio Shock Infinite
27th Mar 13 02:44:09Sue Donym
24th Mar 13 04:23:40Tropers.TAPETRVE
22nd Mar 13 12:50:19Tropers.Marioguy 128
22nd Mar 13 10:09:47Cool Mask
22nd Mar 13 10:05:54Gender Restricted Ability
22nd Mar 13 09:56:58Goggles Do Something Unusual
22nd Mar 13 09:29:14Stoic Woobie
26th Feb 13 03:52:06The Wheel Of Time.Tropes A To F
26th Feb 13 12:42:40It Was A Gift
26th Feb 13 12:40:05It Was A Gift
26th Feb 13 12:12:16Free Sample Plot Coupon
24th Feb 13 02:39:48Fridge.Doctor Who
23rd Feb 13 12:31:51Heroes Prefer Swords
23rd Feb 13 12:09:33Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
12th Feb 13 10:29:51Deadly Decadent Court
9th Feb 13 01:35:44Stalking Mission
8th Feb 13 01:15:56The Backwards R
8th Feb 13 09:06:18World Of Warcraft.Tropes I-P
31st Jan 13 03:06:49Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
30th Jan 13 02:23:20Tropers.Question Marc
30th Jan 13 01:26:10Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
30th Jan 13 01:24:55Tropers.Gumbal 1
30th Jan 13 01:23:56Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
30th Jan 13 01:23:07Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
30th Jan 13 01:22:27Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
30th Jan 13 01:22:03Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
18th Jan 13 03:41:45Fake Nationality
18th Jan 13 03:36:07Minecraft Troper Server
18th Jan 13 03:35:05Minecraft Troper Server
18th Jan 13 03:33:28Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
18th Jan 13 03:31:13Tropers.Phoenixor
12th Jan 13 05:41:17Sequential Boss
11th Jan 13 11:14:41Tropers.Vduus 89
1st Jan 13 01:20:05WMG.Dark Souls
1st Jan 13 01:03:10Video Game.Dark Souls
31st Dec 12 12:27:45Offscreen Start Bonus
30th Dec 12 02:24:22Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
29th Dec 12 01:39:11The Culture
17th Dec 12 11:48:34The Culture.Surface Detail
17th Dec 12 11:42:18The Culture.Surface Detail
16th Dec 12 01:41:36Cutscene Incompetence
15th Dec 12 11:16:44Tropers.Kev-O
14th Dec 12 03:56:32The Culture
10th Dec 12 01:25:39The Culture.Excession
10th Dec 12 01:23:50The Culture.Matter
10th Dec 12 01:07:03Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
6th Dec 12 03:30:06Tropers.Question Marc
6th Dec 12 03:29:13Tropers.Majoraoftime
6th Dec 12 03:00:19Level Map Display
6th Dec 12 02:55:57Removable Turret Gun
6th Dec 12 12:39:54Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
5th Dec 12 11:15:02Outside Context Villain
4th Dec 12 03:07:59Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
4th Dec 12 09:55:21The Culture.Surface Detail
4th Dec 12 09:54:55The Culture.Surface Detail
4th Dec 12 09:53:53The Culture.Surface Detail
4th Dec 12 09:49:24The Culture.Surface Detail
4th Dec 12 08:45:16Spelling Bee
3rd Dec 12 03:13:07Tropers.Eldritchseer
2nd Dec 12 02:16:27The Culture.Matter
2nd Dec 12 02:01:04Stuck On Band Aid Brand
30th Nov 12 02:34:42Tropers.Xiphos Orochi 666
27th Nov 12 11:11:49The Culture.Excession
24th Nov 12 02:33:07Tropers.Ace Napalm
23rd Nov 12 06:28:34Video Game.Dark Souls
22nd Nov 12 12:56:15Iain Banks
22nd Nov 12 12:53:56The Culture.Excession
22nd Nov 12 12:53:25The Culture.Excession
22nd Nov 12 12:52:56The Culture.Excession
22nd Nov 12 12:52:28The Culture.Excession
22nd Nov 12 12:51:30Outside Context Villain
22nd Nov 12 12:34:12The Culture.Excession
22nd Nov 12 12:25:09The Culture.Excession
21st Nov 12 12:15:41Plot Coupon That Does Something
21st Nov 12 12:04:14Wrongfully Attributed
21st Nov 12 11:42:42Its Hard So It Sucks
21st Nov 12 11:30:35Tropers.Mr Lthebetrayer
21st Nov 12 11:13:31The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 11:11:49The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 11:06:04The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 11:06:03The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 11:04:48The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 10:52:25The Culture.Matter
21st Nov 12 10:45:56The Culture.Excession
21st Nov 12 10:45:07The Culture.Excession
21st Nov 12 10:44:14The Culture.Excession
18th Nov 12 03:19:18Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
18th Nov 12 03:18:34Science Fiction Literature
18th Nov 12 03:17:59The Culture.Matter
18th Nov 12 03:17:48Science Fiction Literature
18th Nov 12 03:16:49The Culture.Matter
18th Nov 12 03:16:28The Culture.Matter
18th Nov 12 03:14:12The Culture.Matter
18th Nov 12 03:06:07The Culture
18th Nov 12 03:04:59The Culture.Matter
18th Nov 12 06:53:52Video Game.Dark Souls
18th Nov 12 06:44:25Wasted Song
18th Nov 12 06:00:51Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
17th Nov 12 03:22:17Backup Twin
17th Nov 12 09:20:14Opinion Myopia
17th Nov 12 01:36:00Useful Notes.Boston
17th Nov 12 01:18:26Lava Is Boiling Kool Aid
16th Nov 12 03:30:11The Culture.Surface Detail
12th Nov 12 01:02:56Tropers.Fiftiethcarp
12th Nov 12 01:02:42Tropers.Fiftiethcarp
7th Nov 12 01:31:30Tropers.Zersk
7th Nov 12 09:14:47Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
7th Nov 12 09:10:10Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
6th Nov 12 03:56:16Laconic.A Confusion Of Princes
6th Nov 12 03:53:21Laconic.A Confusion Of Princes
6th Nov 12 03:51:57Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
6th Nov 12 03:50:01Tropers.Ch00beh
6th Nov 12 03:47:08Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
5th Nov 12 03:50:14Glowing Eyelights Of Undeath
5th Nov 12 03:48:40Glowing Eyelights Of Undeath
5th Nov 12 02:44:46Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
5th Nov 12 02:43:50Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
4th Nov 12 11:10:55Medium Awareness
3rd Nov 12 09:42:09Tropers.Keybreak
3rd Nov 12 03:00:28Degraded Boss
3rd Nov 12 02:58:05Boss Only Level
2nd Nov 12 01:27:22Video Game.Dark Souls
2nd Nov 12 07:35:54Minecraft Troper Server
2nd Nov 12 07:34:58Minecraft Troper Server
2nd Nov 12 07:34:27Minecraft Troper Server
25th Oct 12 01:34:30Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
25th Oct 12 11:52:57Laconic.Jimmy T Malice
25th Oct 12 11:48:39Tropers.Xiphos Orochi 666
21st Oct 12 01:30:52Second Hour Superpower
20th Oct 12 10:16:52Rewatch Bonus
20th Oct 12 10:13:36Rewatch Bonus
20th Oct 12 10:08:29The Culture.The Player Of Games
17th Oct 12 01:56:02Stuffed Into The Fridge
11th Oct 12 03:10:18Damaged Soul
8th Oct 12 03:11:02Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
4th Oct 12 12:47:09Funny.The Culture
4th Oct 12 12:46:34Funny.The Culture
4th Oct 12 12:30:34Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
4th Oct 12 11:13:09Minecraft Tvtropes Server
12th Sep 12 03:07:21Sheathe Your Sword
10th Sep 12 01:23:16Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
10th Sep 12 01:18:54Cliffhanger Copout
7th Sep 12 01:26:06Mini Boss
5th Sep 12 12:09:56Big Brother Is Watching
29th Aug 12 01:36:38Villain Teleportation
29th Aug 12 01:11:45Futuristic Pyramid
27th Aug 12 01:11:20Visible Silence
25th Aug 12 11:48:04Tropers.Long Short Brown Haired Boy
25th Aug 12 06:46:30Healing Spring
25th Aug 12 12:52:15Our Dragons Are Different.Video Games
25th Aug 12 12:46:49Dracolich
22nd Aug 12 12:05:22Scenery Gorn
22nd Aug 12 11:38:47Scenery Porn.Video Games
22nd Aug 12 11:08:02Direct Continuous Levels
22nd Aug 12 06:10:39Barrier Change Boss
22nd Aug 12 06:09:17Camera Perspective Switch
22nd Aug 12 06:04:37Barrier Change Boss
21st Aug 12 02:07:40Nameless Narrative
20th Aug 12 02:48:14Tropers.Mukora
20th Aug 12 09:46:13Minecraft Troper Server
20th Aug 12 09:45:29Minecraft Troper Server
20th Aug 12 09:42:42Minecraft Troper Server
20th Aug 12 01:42:10Mook Debut Cutscene
19th Aug 12 12:15:34Foreboding Architecture
17th Aug 12 03:32:23Plot Hole
10th Aug 12 02:26:29Future Imperfect
8th Aug 12 01:21:51Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:21:01Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:19:51Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:18:30Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:17:13Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:16:52Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
8th Aug 12 01:14:26Tropers.The Proffesor
8th Aug 12 11:07:05Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
8th Aug 12 11:04:29Waterburned
8th Aug 12 11:03:54Waterburned
8th Aug 12 09:46:25Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
6th Aug 12 12:40:12The Cast Showoff
5th Aug 12 01:22:21Fridge.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
5th Aug 12 11:31:52Teleport Gun
4th Aug 12 12:44:31Hellgate
4th Aug 12 02:14:21Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
3rd Aug 12 03:27:55Puppeteer Parasite
3rd Aug 12 06:57:20Death Of The Hypotenuse
24th Jul 12 01:11:38Hollywood Density
24th Jul 12 01:01:47Frickin Laser Beams
22nd Jul 12 12:47:03Gameplay Ally Immortality
22nd Jul 12 10:30:01Genesis Effect
22nd Jul 12 05:28:25The Teaser
22nd Jul 12 05:14:24Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Live Action TV
21st Jul 12 02:28:51Sugar Wiki.Visual Effects Of Awesome
21st Jul 12 12:18:08No Cutscene Inventory Inertia
20th Jul 12 02:35:04Previously On
12th Jul 12 02:17:37Anti Grinding
12th Jul 12 12:24:28Leaning On The Fourth Wall
8th Jul 12 01:39:48Ridiculous Future Inflation
29th Jun 12 05:17:22Cap
29th Jun 12 05:13:45Expansion Pack
28th Jun 12 01:45:45Skyrim.Tropes0-G
28th Jun 12 01:04:00A Confusion Of Princes
27th Jun 12 12:54:41Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
27th Jun 12 12:52:52Tropers.Mukora
27th Jun 12 03:42:18Battle Trophy
27th Jun 12 02:59:47The Unexpected
27th Jun 12 02:56:29Plot Lock
27th Jun 12 02:56:08Plot Lock
27th Jun 12 02:55:14Plot Lock
27th Jun 12 02:32:24Blatant Lies
26th Jun 12 08:19:29A Confusion Of Princes
26th Jun 12 06:00:55With This Herring
26th Jun 12 06:00:17With This Herring
26th Jun 12 05:55:31Slice And Dice Swordsmanship
26th Jun 12 05:51:25Reed Richards Is Useless
26th Jun 12 04:57:39A Confusion Of Princes
26th Jun 12 04:56:48A Confusion Of Princes
25th Jun 12 02:09:01Identical Stranger
25th Jun 12 02:02:51A Confusion Of Princes
25th Jun 12 01:49:30A Confusion Of Princes
25th Jun 12 01:48:57A Confusion Of Princes
25th Jun 12 01:45:26A Confusion Of Princes
25th Jun 12 01:44:10Portal Network
24th Jun 12 02:05:33Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
24th Jun 12 02:05:03Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
24th Jun 12 02:04:05Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
24th Jun 12 02:03:21Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
24th Jun 12 02:01:41A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:59:26A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:56:49A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:42:36A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:29:44Xtreme Kool Letterz
24th Jun 12 01:27:32A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:22:04A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:19:25A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 01:17:48A Confusion Of Princes
24th Jun 12 12:59:56Young Adult Literature
24th Jun 12 12:58:33Australian Literature
24th Jun 12 12:58:18Science Fiction Literature
24th Jun 12 12:55:14Science Fiction Literature
23rd Jun 12 02:55:51A Confusion Of Princes
23rd Jun 12 02:55:08A Confusion Of Princes
23rd Jun 12 02:49:51Starter Equipment
22nd Jun 12 08:59:00Explosive Leash
22nd Jun 12 08:33:37Metal Slime
15th Jun 12 07:05:50Shotguns Are Just Better
15th Jun 12 04:40:56Playing With Fire
15th Jun 12 04:40:13Playing With Fire
14th Jun 12 03:26:53Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:26:34Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:26:24Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:25:44Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:24:06Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:23:23Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:22:58Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:22:40Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:21:26Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:20:02Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:19:02Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:18:10Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 03:16:02Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th Jun 12 02:12:09Other Me Annoys Me
14th Jun 12 02:09:20Videogame.Portal 2
14th Jun 12 01:41:53Gameplay Ally Immortality
13th Jun 12 04:50:10Funny.Fallout New Vegas
12th Jun 12 03:15:41Fridge.Portal
9th Jun 12 01:02:21Video Game.Assassins Creed III
29th May 12 01:09:04Funny.Fallout New Vegas
24th May 12 09:56:12Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
24th May 12 09:55:51Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
14th May 12 10:44:03Alien Non-Interference Clause
14th May 12 10:26:57All Of Them
13th May 12 01:21:35Video Game.Dark Souls
13th May 12 01:11:31Check Point Starvation
7th May 12 05:23:46Degraded Boss
7th May 12 05:22:08Degraded Boss
7th May 12 04:43:32Guide Dang It.Japanese Role Playing Games
7th May 12 04:43:26Guide Dang It.Japanese Role Playing Games
29th Apr 12 01:22:18Character Alignment
26th Apr 12 08:29:17Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
26th Apr 12 08:26:46Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
18th Apr 12 08:55:07The Chosen One
14th Apr 12 09:15:29Lost Forever
13th Apr 12 02:09:51Lost Forever
7th Apr 12 10:41:53And Your Reward Is Clothes
6th Apr 12 01:00:44Last Disc Magic
6th Apr 12 12:55:15Stop Poking Me
6th Apr 12 12:54:24Stop Poking Me
3rd Apr 12 05:00:41Trial And Error Gameplay
3rd Apr 12 04:14:17Dual Boss
3rd Apr 12 04:07:22Standard Status Effects
1st Apr 12 12:59:47Episodic Game
1st Apr 12 12:41:00Recursive Translation
31st Mar 12 03:20:38Dead To Begin With
11th Mar 12 11:07:30Hologram Projection Imperfection
11th Mar 12 11:06:44Hologram Projection Imperfection
18th Feb 12 02:39:21Old Save Bonus
7th Feb 12 10:37:55Memes.TV Tropes
7th Feb 12 10:15:25Memes.TV Tropes
7th Feb 12 09:35:07Mage Tower
23rd Jan 12 03:07:43Chekhovs Gag
25th Dec 11 01:19:08WMG.Doctor Who Series 5
14th Dec 11 04:53:42The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
14th Dec 11 03:39:39Most Annoying Sound
1st Dec 11 02:49:18Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
27th Nov 11 03:00:48You Are The Translated Foreign Word
12th Nov 11 12:22:15Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
12th Nov 11 12:21:28Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
10th Nov 11 12:51:18Awesome Yet Practical
7th Nov 11 11:18:06Tropers.Jimmy T Malice
5th Nov 11 08:20:56Charged Attack
30th Oct 11 12:51:03Shockwave Stomp
6th Oct 11 01:20:41Tropers.Jimmy T Malice