JBK 405's Recent Edits

13th Mar 18 02:44:14Hunting The Most Dangerous Game
9th Mar 18 08:28:30YMMV.Dune
8th Mar 18 06:53:55Series.Dune
8th Mar 18 07:05:31Series.Dune
7th Mar 18 07:06:45Recap.Star Wars Rebels S 4 E 14 Family Reunion And Farewell Part II
6th Mar 18 12:09:40Nice Mice
22nd Feb 18 01:08:32Joisey
22nd Feb 18 12:06:02Film.Mollys Game
22nd Feb 18 11:39:19Film.Mollys Game
22nd Feb 18 11:26:40Film.Mollys Game
22nd Feb 18 11:01:38Film.Mollys Game
18th Feb 18 07:03:51Trivia.The Codex
17th Feb 18 09:05:30Film.Three Days Of The Condor
9th Feb 18 12:19:49YMMV.Cloverfield
9th Feb 18 06:40:46Film.Ten Cloverfield Lane
7th Feb 18 02:01:12Recap.Black Lightning 2018 S 1 E 4 Black Jesus
5th Feb 18 11:58:33It May Help You On Your Quest
24th Jan 18 07:32:45Headscratchers.Coco
24th Jan 18 07:21:42Headscratchers.Coco
24th Jan 18 07:15:13Headscratchers.Coco
24th Jan 18 06:58:45Buy Them Off
24th Jan 18 06:57:40Buy Them Off
24th Jan 18 06:47:18Buy Them Off
10th Jan 18 12:27:38Series.Runaways 2017
10th Jan 18 12:10:22Series.Runaways 2017
10th Jan 18 12:09:30Series.Runaways 2017
8th Jan 18 10:35:25WMG.Runaways 2017
7th Jan 18 07:44:23Film.The Shape Of Water
6th Jan 18 01:54:08Headscratchers.Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
6th Jan 18 01:51:59Headscratchers.Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
5th Jan 18 02:12:57Characters.MCU Runaways
5th Jan 18 09:50:15Recap.Runaways 2017 S 01 E 02
5th Jan 18 09:42:53YMMV.Runaways 2017
1st Jan 18 10:18:29Film.The Shape Of Water
31st Dec 17 06:15:33Recap.Black Mirror Hang The DJ
31st Dec 17 08:00:23Film.The Shape Of Water
29th Dec 17 06:11:17Series.Godless
29th Dec 17 04:53:25Film.The Shape Of Water
28th Dec 17 02:01:40YMMV.Downsizing
27th Dec 17 08:53:43Film.Downsizing
27th Dec 17 08:52:05Headscratchers.Downsizing
27th Dec 17 08:33:10Film.The Shape Of Water
26th Dec 17 06:45:14Film.The Shape Of Water
26th Dec 17 04:23:43Film.The Shape Of Water
25th Dec 17 07:47:24Film.The Shape Of Water
22nd Dec 17 01:07:01Western Animation.Coco
19th Dec 17 08:50:01Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 08:47:00Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 08:27:48Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 03:01:37Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 02:43:40Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 12:12:57Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 10:34:04Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 08:43:16Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 08:30:44Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 07:45:36Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 06:51:33Series.Godless
19th Dec 17 06:11:51Series.Godless
15th Dec 17 07:38:48Series.Fresh Off The Boat
13th Dec 17 06:54:14Series.Frontier
12th Dec 17 11:19:30Headscratchers.Dodgeball A True Underdog Story
12th Dec 17 11:17:57Headscratchers.Dodgeball A True Underdog Story
12th Dec 17 07:11:17Film.Battlefield Earth
9th Dec 17 02:34:04Mistaken For Badass
8th Dec 17 08:28:27Series.Frontier
8th Dec 17 07:30:45Series.Frontier
8th Dec 17 07:16:20Series.Frontier
7th Dec 17 04:33:49Series.Frontier
7th Dec 17 11:46:29Series.Frontier
6th Dec 17 11:44:22Series.Frontier
6th Dec 17 10:29:17Series.Frontier
6th Dec 17 09:23:47Trivia.Frontier
6th Dec 17 09:18:46Series.Frontier
5th Dec 17 09:03:23Series.Frontier
4th Dec 17 12:56:02Series.Frontier
4th Dec 17 12:26:00Series.Frontier
3rd Dec 17 10:46:08Trivia.Get Out 2017
28th Nov 17 01:27:47Shoot Him He Has A Wallet
25th Nov 17 02:02:02Machinima.The Codex
24th Nov 17 12:04:02Machinima.The Codex
23rd Nov 17 07:08:48Machinima.The Codex
23rd Nov 17 06:58:53Trivia.The Codex
23rd Nov 17 08:37:23Machinima.The Codex
23rd Nov 17 07:46:02Machinima.The Codex
21st Nov 17 08:00:22Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
19th Nov 17 02:14:54Game Of Thrones.Tropes E To F
19th Nov 17 01:53:40Due To The Dead.Game Of Thrones
19th Nov 17 07:58:07Recap.Star Trek Discovery S 1 E 09 Into The Forest I Go
18th Nov 17 06:59:26Bluff The Impostor
18th Nov 17 06:44:17Game Of Thrones.Tropes B
17th Nov 17 10:24:16Recap.Game Of Thrones S 1 E 10 Fire And Blood
16th Nov 17 07:01:26Game Of Thrones.Tropes C To D
13th Nov 17 11:55:53Honor Harrington.Tropes A To F
8th Nov 17 08:43:08Comic Book.Echo
7th Nov 17 12:15:19Recast As A Regular
19th Oct 17 07:26:10Literature.The Iliad
16th Oct 17 07:40:17Trivia.Star Trek The Next Generation S 5 E 2 Darmok
11th Oct 17 01:58:50Miranda Rights
10th Oct 17 06:08:13Literature.The Iliad
9th Oct 17 11:51:13Series.Star Trek Discovery
9th Oct 17 11:00:36Recap.Star Trek The Next Generation S 3 E 18 Allegiance
9th Oct 17 11:00:03Recap.Star Trek The Next Generation S 3 E 18 Allegiance
8th Oct 17 12:15:58Recap.SF Debris
4th Oct 17 06:42:22Firing Day
3rd Oct 17 01:33:26Morality Chip
29th Sep 17 11:17:38Firing Day
24th Sep 17 05:55:25Firing Day
19th Sep 17 04:16:01Firing Day
19th Sep 17 12:18:00Firing Day
19th Sep 17 11:51:19I Need An Index By Monday
19th Sep 17 11:49:35Firing Day
19th Sep 17 11:13:46Firing Day
14th Sep 17 04:29:35Series.The Bold Type
13th Sep 17 12:55:17Series.The Bold Type
12th Sep 17 08:16:24Series.The Bold Type
12th Sep 17 08:12:17Series.The Bold Type
12th Sep 17 07:41:30Series.The Bold Type
12th Sep 17 07:26:24Series.The Bold Type
12th Sep 17 07:16:40Series.The Bold Type
11th Sep 17 06:30:17Series.The Bold Type
11th Sep 17 01:40:48Series.The Bold Type
11th Sep 17 10:19:56Series.The Bold Type
11th Sep 17 08:51:40Begone Bribe
11th Sep 17 08:25:33Series.The Bold Type
11th Sep 17 07:38:04Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 08:40:14Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 08:19:37Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 08:16:12Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 08:11:24Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:57:45Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:47:22Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:36:11Trivia.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:19:05Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:17:27Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 07:01:50Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 06:49:11Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 06:33:34Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 06:14:14Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 05:40:23Series.The Bold Type
10th Sep 17 05:33:15Series.The Bold Type
7th Sep 17 11:09:35Series.The Bold Type
7th Sep 17 09:23:09Series.The Bold Type
7th Sep 17 08:47:20Series.The Bold Type
6th Sep 17 08:53:54Series.The Bold Type
5th Sep 17 05:40:41Series.The Bold Type
30th Aug 17 08:22:51Series.The Bold Type
28th Aug 17 12:25:21Music.Michael Jackson
24th Aug 17 11:29:09Series.The Bold Type
23rd Aug 17 04:00:33Series.The Bold Type
23rd Aug 17 01:25:27Series.The Bold Type
23rd Aug 17 12:11:19Series.The Bold Type
23rd Aug 17 10:47:36Series.The Bold Type
23rd Aug 17 09:01:33Series.The Bold Type
17th Aug 17 01:26:31Recap.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia S 10 E 08 The Gang Goes On Family Fight
9th Aug 17 01:34:14Series.The Bold Type
9th Aug 17 10:55:09Series.The Bold Type
9th Aug 17 08:48:40Series.The Bold Type
9th Aug 17 08:37:14Headscratchers.The Bold Type
9th Aug 17 07:52:07Series.The Bold Type
8th Aug 17 01:39:10Film.Schindlers List
8th Aug 17 01:03:08Series.The Bold Type
8th Aug 17 08:59:23Series.The Bold Type
8th Aug 17 08:49:40Sleeping Their Way To The Top
8th Aug 17 08:09:22Series.The Bold Type
7th Aug 17 01:17:24Series.The Bold Type
4th Aug 17 11:55:09Series.The Bold Type
1st Aug 17 10:45:49Literature.The City And The City
31st Jul 17 11:47:19Literature.The City And The City
28th Jul 17 11:10:20Series.The Bold Type
28th Jul 17 08:34:06Series.The Bold Type
25th Jul 17 01:27:38Series.Dimension 404
25th Jul 17 12:58:36Series.Dimension 404
25th Jul 17 09:29:24Series.Dimension 404
10th Jul 17 01:53:48Film.Spider Man Homecoming
5th Jul 17 01:51:51Comic Book.Watchmen
1st Jul 17 05:24:54Series.Timeless
8th Jun 17 12:24:04YMMV.Next To Normal
5th Jun 17 02:18:00Tropers.JBK 405
4th Jun 17 02:07:37Wastebasket Ball
3rd Jun 17 09:56:50Film.Reservoir Dogs
3rd Jun 17 08:08:13Film.Paycheck
3rd Jun 17 07:24:29Bathroom Stall Graffiti
2nd Jun 17 08:41:41Apathetic Citizens
31st May 17 01:07:40Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic
13th May 17 01:48:02Trivia.The Get Down
7th May 17 11:13:47Headscratchers.Sense 8
6th May 17 05:19:00Headscratchers.Sense 8
27th Apr 17 10:44:36Mistaken For Special Guest
23rd Apr 17 07:33:57Recap.Stargate SG 1 S 4 E 3 Upgrades
21st Apr 17 08:31:42Film.Schindlers List
8th Apr 17 08:27:12Mohs.One Big Lie
29th Mar 17 10:47:11Stargate S G1.A To F
28th Mar 17 12:25:47Recap.Stargate SG 1 S 9 E 13 Ripple Effect
24th Mar 17 12:50:09Recap.Stargate SG 1 S 5 E 18 The Warrior
15th Mar 17 10:25:43Recap.Buffy The Vampire Slayer S 1 E 6 The Pack
8th Mar 17 01:35:29YMMV.The Shawshank Redemption
7th Mar 17 11:20:35Fingertip Drug Analysis
6th Mar 17 11:40:16Recap.Stargate Atlantis S 02 E 09 Aurora
6th Mar 17 11:36:08Recap.Stargate Atlantis S 02 E 06 Trinity
4th Mar 17 04:27:14Trivia.Logan
3rd Mar 17 12:51:11Recap.Stargate SG 1 S 4 E 14 The Serpents Venom
2nd Mar 17 10:33:53Useful Notes.The Maccabean Revolt
2nd Mar 17 10:32:46Useful Notes.The Maccabean Revolt
28th Feb 17 01:12:00Recap.Stargate SG 1 S 2 E 11 The Tokra Part 1
21st Feb 17 01:08:37Headscratchers.The Mask Of Zorro
21st Feb 17 01:08:22Headscratchers.The Mask Of Zorro
5th Feb 17 11:59:42Intimate Artistry
2nd Feb 17 02:02:43Intimate Artistry
26th Jan 17 09:12:28Film.The Handmaiden
24th Jan 17 12:15:17Literature.The Caves Of Steel
17th Jan 17 07:36:02Joisey
17th Jan 17 05:58:40Kicked Upstairs
15th Jan 17 08:12:33Series.The Good Place
15th Jan 17 08:08:54Series.The Good Place
12th Jan 17 04:41:36Literature.The City And The City
12th Jan 17 01:06:23Film.Back To The Future Part III
12th Jan 17 10:33:40Literature.The City And The City
10th Jan 17 09:18:21Literature.The City And The City
10th Jan 17 02:04:23Literature.The City And The City
5th Jan 17 01:58:21Truce Zone
2nd Jan 17 09:13:07Distracting Disambiguation
30th Dec 16 09:29:58Literature.Filth
22nd Dec 16 11:14:41Soul Sucking Retail Job
20th Dec 16 01:59:46Fake Aristocrat
13th Dec 16 07:43:55Conspicuous Consumption
13th Dec 16 11:44:10Finders Rulers
21st Nov 16 07:56:39Series.Westworld
20th Nov 16 05:34:12Wrestling.Dwayne Johnson
19th Nov 16 06:58:00Lemony Narrator
19th Nov 16 06:56:28Lemony Narrator
19th Nov 16 05:12:58Series.Pitch 2016
18th Nov 16 06:54:26Series.Pitch 2016
16th Nov 16 09:07:33Series.Pitch 2016
16th Nov 16 08:51:31You Know The One
14th Nov 16 11:28:38Mysterious Past
14th Nov 16 11:26:10Mysterious Past
14th Nov 16 08:20:18Anime.Izetta The Last Witch
10th Nov 16 12:51:05Literature.Stardust
10th Nov 16 09:24:19Skinny Dipping
10th Nov 16 08:11:59Love At First Sight
9th Nov 16 12:44:40YMMV.Firestarter
9th Nov 16 12:12:51No Control Group
9th Nov 16 10:30:17Driven To Suicide.Film
9th Nov 16 10:26:20Cyanide Pill
9th Nov 16 10:24:20Boomerang Bigot
9th Nov 16 09:12:37All Elections Are Serious Business
9th Nov 16 07:00:55Series.How I Met Your Mother
8th Nov 16 01:14:58Better To Die Than Be Killed
8th Nov 16 01:14:30Better To Die Than Be Killed
8th Nov 16 01:12:26Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
8th Nov 16 01:10:41Aroused By Their Voice
8th Nov 16 01:09:14Adaptational Heroism
7th Nov 16 05:13:01Film.The Handmaiden
7th Nov 16 01:17:04Series.Pitch 2016
7th Nov 16 12:53:22Film.The Handmaiden
7th Nov 16 09:34:03Film.The Handmaiden
7th Nov 16 09:33:43Intimate Artistry
7th Nov 16 08:26:54Film.The Handmaiden
6th Nov 16 07:08:40Series.Pitch 2016
6th Nov 16 12:39:16Intimate Artistry
6th Nov 16 12:36:29Film.The Handmaiden
6th Nov 16 11:29:08Film.The Handmaiden
6th Nov 16 08:07:07Film.The Handmaiden
6th Nov 16 07:56:48Film.The Handmaiden
5th Nov 16 09:41:44Film.The Handmaiden
5th Nov 16 09:39:58Literature.Fingersmith
5th Nov 16 09:38:45Creator.Park Chan Wook
5th Nov 16 09:34:23Historical Fiction
5th Nov 16 09:33:12Gay And Lesbian Fiction
5th Nov 16 09:32:38Queer Media
5th Nov 16 09:31:43Film.The Handmaiden
5th Nov 16 07:37:06Declining Promotion
4th Nov 16 09:19:29Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
3rd Nov 16 01:03:21Residual Self Image
3rd Nov 16 10:30:53Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
2nd Nov 16 09:16:21Justice League.Tropes A To L
1st Nov 16 04:57:25Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
1st Nov 16 08:03:21Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
31st Oct 16 03:38:54Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
31st Oct 16 12:42:14Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
31st Oct 16 12:05:10Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
26th Oct 16 01:15:22Intimate Artistry
26th Oct 16 10:26:00Happily Married.Live Action Films
25th Oct 16 01:50:12The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
25th Oct 16 01:16:55For Halloween I Am Going As Myself
25th Oct 16 10:34:53I Am Spartacus
25th Oct 16 08:17:23Reliably Unreliable Guns
25th Oct 16 08:02:13Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
24th Oct 16 09:24:06Insubstantial Ingredients
21st Oct 16 06:31:06Film.Jack Reacher
21st Oct 16 05:42:57Music.Childish Gambino
21st Oct 16 05:42:44Music.Childish Gambino
19th Oct 16 05:50:59Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
19th Oct 16 01:28:50Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
18th Oct 16 06:23:06Hidden Depths.Live Action TV
14th Oct 16 12:59:10Series.Atlanta
13th Oct 16 10:12:25Quiet Cry For Help
7th Oct 16 08:40:49Series.Better Call Saul
6th Oct 16 08:16:02Dry Crusader
6th Oct 16 08:15:47Dry Crusader
3rd Oct 16 07:34:19Trivia.Luke Cage 2016
30th Sep 16 09:27:21Television Is Trying To Kill Us
28th Sep 16 09:40:04Literature.The Cinder Spires
26th Sep 16 11:51:00Passed Over Promotion
14th Sep 16 07:21:39Unexpected Successor
8th Sep 16 08:13:09Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 6 Last One Out Of Beach City
1st Sep 16 11:16:56Literature.Worldwar
30th Aug 16 02:55:02Literature.Worldwar
27th Aug 16 07:05:19Retirony
27th Aug 16 07:01:50Retirony
14th Aug 16 11:24:16Intimate Artistry
12th Aug 16 12:09:04WMG.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
23rd Jul 16 06:08:45Recap.Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 05 E 21 Soldiers Of The Empire
20th Jul 16 10:05:05Nice To The Waiter
13th Jul 16 01:16:23A Fool And His New Money Are Soon Parted
13th Jul 16 11:57:42Sex For Solace
7th Jul 16 01:36:59Recap.Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 14 Return To Grace
6th Jul 16 12:28:12Trivia.Dark Matter
28th Jun 16 07:26:29Unfriendly Fire
23rd Jun 16 01:08:12Literature.The Guns Of The South
20th Jun 16 02:09:21Series.Orangeisthenewblack
20th Jun 16 01:33:44Series.Orangeisthenewblack
16th Jun 16 01:58:19Steven Universe.Tropes N To R
10th Jun 16 12:51:20Make The Bear Angry Again
10th Jun 16 08:56:11Literature.World War Z
7th Jun 16 05:19:39Literature.World War Z
7th Jun 16 02:10:39Literature.World War Z
2nd Jun 16 07:07:10Off The Table
11th May 16 01:46:44Literature.Codex Alera
11th May 16 12:45:14Literature.Codex Alera
10th May 16 01:16:35Literature.Codex Alera
28th Apr 16 08:09:31The Teetotaler
27th Apr 16 11:47:55Film.In The Heat Of The Night
26th Apr 16 12:59:52Recap.Better Call Saul S 2 E 10 Klick
22nd Apr 16 01:51:53Not A Date
22nd Apr 16 11:08:46Recap.Better Call Saul S 2 E 9 Nailed
19th Apr 16 11:09:50Recap.Community S 3 E 10 Regional Holiday Music
19th Apr 16 11:00:00Recap.Community S 3 E 10 Regional Holiday Music
13th Apr 16 01:33:10Recap.Better Call Saul S 2 E 9 Nailed
13th Apr 16 01:13:19Headscratchers.Better Call Saul
12th Apr 16 02:00:38Headscratchers.Better Call Saul
12th Apr 16 10:10:33Headscratchers.Better Call Saul
7th Apr 16 12:33:57Series.Brooklyn Nine Nine
5th Apr 16 06:02:57Intimate Artistry
5th Apr 16 08:09:04Intimate Artistry
31st Mar 16 11:44:55Series.The 100
29th Mar 16 01:46:07Western Animation.Daria
29th Mar 16 01:43:15Family Guy.Tropes D To I
29th Mar 16 01:41:17Series.Dark Angel
29th Mar 16 01:37:09Series.Star Trek The Next Generation
29th Mar 16 01:34:48Series.Community
29th Mar 16 01:33:20Series.House Of Cards US
29th Mar 16 01:32:02Series.Scrubs
29th Mar 16 01:29:02Series.How I Met Your Mother
29th Mar 16 01:28:43Series.How I Met Your Mother
29th Mar 16 01:26:52Farscape.Tropes H To N
29th Mar 16 01:25:05Angel.Tropes F To J
29th Mar 16 01:23:56Buffy.Tropes H To N
29th Mar 16 01:21:55Intimate Artistry
29th Mar 16 01:21:16Literature.Codex Alera
29th Mar 16 01:19:54Film.Pleasantville
29th Mar 16 01:18:45Film.American Beauty
29th Mar 16 01:17:43Film.Austin Powers
29th Mar 16 01:16:17Film.Zack And Miri Make A Porno
29th Mar 16 01:13:01Film.Not Another Teen Movie
29th Mar 16 01:11:34Film.Love Actually
29th Mar 16 01:09:06Film.Titanic 1997
29th Mar 16 01:07:43Western Animation.Brave
29th Mar 16 01:06:20Disney.Tarzan
29th Mar 16 01:05:01Comic Book.Sin City
26th Mar 16 05:36:31Phony Degree
26th Mar 16 05:28:04Phony Degree
23rd Mar 16 12:59:12Series.House Of Cards US
19th Mar 16 04:22:33Headscratchers.Ten Cloverfield Lane
18th Mar 16 11:03:49Series.The 100
13th Mar 16 08:02:58Series.The 100
13th Mar 16 07:59:36Series.The 100
6th Mar 16 06:29:05Comic Book.Strangers In Paradise
5th Mar 16 08:14:10Series.The 100
5th Mar 16 08:04:16Accidental Index
5th Mar 16 08:02:34Love Tropes
5th Mar 16 08:00:33Sex Tropes
5th Mar 16 07:58:23Art Tropes
5th Mar 16 07:57:16Intimate Artistry
5th Mar 16 04:05:00Series.The 100
5th Mar 16 02:35:02Playing Drunk
4th Mar 16 05:44:38Series.The 100
4th Mar 16 11:01:11Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 09:04:38Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 08:57:46Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 08:42:55Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 08:33:20Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 08:10:56Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 07:47:00Series.The 100
3rd Mar 16 10:25:26Significant Sketchbook
3rd Mar 16 09:31:23Series.The 100
1st Mar 16 12:42:51Headscratchers.Better Call Saul
29th Feb 16 12:59:43Forgets To Eat
29th Feb 16 12:24:31Telethon
29th Feb 16 12:03:56Trial By Combat