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29th Nov 17 09:34:37Primary Color Champion
16th Sep 17 07:14:07Grin Of Audacity
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19th Aug 17 09:36:41Characters.Wax And Wayne
18th Aug 17 10:10:34Characters.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
27th Jun 17 08:35:32Shout Out.The Sexy Brutale
23rd Jun 17 11:58:05Combat Diplomacy Stealth
20th Jun 17 02:00:48Useful Notes.Suicide Prevention
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24th Apr 17 10:55:20Arcology
2nd Mar 17 07:52:50Funny.Giant Bomb
10th Feb 17 11:59:34Compelling Voice
31st Dec 16 11:35:31YMMV.Digimon Universe Applimonsters
16th Nov 16 10:38:54YMMV.Tyranny
11th Nov 16 11:33:07Characters.Tyranny
11th Oct 16 10:24:25Creator.Masami Obari
6th Aug 16 09:03:43Literature.Words Of Radiance
19th Jul 16 11:23:29Shout Out.VA 11 HALLA
6th Jul 16 11:20:39Video Game.Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE
3rd Jul 16 10:07:53Fridge.Zero Time Dilemma
2nd Jul 16 11:39:55Evil Twin
1st Jul 16 06:03:11Shout Out.Space Patrol Luluco
1st Jul 16 12:05:01Fridge.Zero Time Dilemma
1st Jul 16 12:04:35Fridge.Zero Time Dilemma
24th Jun 16 07:02:16Shout Out.Space Patrol Luluco
24th Apr 16 08:17:51Video Game.Transistor
5th Apr 16 10:20:19Characters.Fate Grand Order
27th Feb 16 11:08:02Anime.Bubuki Buranki
13th Feb 16 10:39:23Videogame.Firewatch
30th Jan 16 04:29:19Anime.Digimon Adventure
20th Nov 15 06:56:08Anime.Digimon Adventure Tri
14th Sep 15 11:52:05Quotes.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
31st Aug 15 11:26:32Funny.Giant Bomb
12th Jul 15 12:51:01Mundane Solution
12th Jul 15 11:16:24Podcast.Giant Bomb
19th Mar 15 04:34:01Magic Feather
15th Feb 15 08:31:43YMMV.Gundam Build Fighters Try
4th Jan 15 12:17:44Light Novel.Log Horizon
29th Dec 14 01:08:51Characters.Rage Of Bahamut Genesis
29th Dec 14 01:03:42Anime.Rage Of Bahamut Genesis
15th Dec 14 08:32:56Characters.Log Horizon
16th Nov 14 09:56:10Anime.Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
13th Nov 14 08:34:17Funny.Giant Bomb
29th Sep 14 09:05:24Manga.Magi Labyrinth Of Magic
1st Sep 14 02:53:01Funny.Space Dandy
5th Aug 14 09:06:52Anime.Space Battleship Yamato 2199
28th Jul 14 11:28:27Just For Fun.What Are The Contributors Real Names
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1st Jul 14 11:42:13Quotes.Los Angeles
17th Jun 14 12:33:57Sherlock Scan
11th Apr 14 10:58:23Animated Actors
10th Mar 14 01:27:55Literature.Words Of Radiance
7th Mar 14 01:20:44Literature.Words Of Radiance
7th Mar 14 01:19:27Literature.Words Of Radiance
7th Mar 14 01:03:50Literature.Words Of Radiance
7th Mar 14 12:40:52Literature.Words Of Radiance
6th Mar 14 05:23:11Literature.Words Of Radiance
18th Feb 14 06:53:57Intentional Engrish For Funny
9th Feb 14 12:53:36Frothy Mugs Of Water
8th Feb 14 01:48:12YMMV.Rune Factory 4
5th Feb 14 03:45:19Cross Over.Visual Novels
28th Jan 14 07:37:24Giant Enemy Crab
26th Jan 14 11:49:47Franchise.Mistborn
24th Jan 14 06:12:00Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
23rd Jan 14 12:03:49Western Animation.The Legend Of Korra
23rd Jan 14 12:01:02Hollywood Density
11th Jan 14 08:53:32Hurricane Of Euphemisms
24th Dec 13 06:22:39Retired Outlaw
24th Dec 13 06:22:15Retired Outlaw
10th Dec 13 11:04:50Video Game.Risk Of Rain
6th Dec 13 10:28:39Video Game.Risk Of Rain
7th Nov 13 01:59:06Mind Over Matter
7th Nov 13 01:54:35Artificial Riverbank
31st Oct 13 09:46:16Living Forever Is Awesome
29th Oct 13 06:33:19Literature.The Stormlight Archive
27th Oct 13 11:11:41Visual Novel.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
20th Oct 13 12:27:56Quotes.Write What You Know
20th Oct 13 12:26:17Quotes.Write What You Know
15th Oct 13 11:56:12Transformation Trinket
15th Oct 13 11:09:48Amulet Of Concentrated Awesome
27th Sep 13 11:21:35Paper Fan Of Doom
22nd Sep 13 11:50:49Characters.Rogue Galaxy
14th Sep 13 09:18:45Robot Dog
31st Aug 13 10:52:52Calling Me A Logarithm
31st Aug 13 10:22:10Single Line Of Descent
30th Aug 13 12:33:33Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
29th Aug 13 01:08:46Returning The Handkerchief
29th Aug 13 01:07:51Returning The Handkerchief
22nd Aug 13 01:57:19Funny.Fire Emblem Awakening
21st Aug 13 08:08:33Giving Them The Strip
20th Aug 13 05:21:30Gameplay And Story Segregation
18th Aug 13 12:49:48Quotes.Fluffy The Terrible
18th Aug 13 12:49:08Quotes.Fluffy The Terrible
18th Aug 13 12:47:29Quotes.Deathbringer The Adorable
18th Aug 13 12:45:18Quotes.Deathbringer The Adorable
14th Aug 13 02:49:08Animated Actors
8th Aug 13 12:35:57Trivia.Dragons Crown
5th Aug 13 11:30:33Quotes.Catherine
5th Aug 13 11:30:21Video Game.Catherine
9th Jun 13 10:21:04Hesitation Equals Dishonesty
8th Jun 13 01:01:09Landmarking The Hidden Base
26th May 13 10:42:45Iron Woobie
20th May 13 01:12:19Webcomic.Sodium Eyes
19th May 13 06:13:03Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
1st May 13 12:33:17Video Game.La Mulana
29th Apr 13 07:32:09The Master
29th Apr 13 07:31:48The Master
10th Apr 13 11:30:48Tropers.Irothtin
8th Apr 13 04:48:42Translation Correction
12th Mar 13 09:29:16Cognizant Limbs
9th Mar 13 08:27:32Manga.The Lucifer And Biscuit Hammer
5th Mar 13 11:23:12Open Sesame
1st Mar 13 09:23:44The Fettered
18th Feb 13 09:11:59The Caper
18th Feb 13 09:06:48Loveable Rogue
14th Feb 13 12:03:38Crisis Of Faith
14th Feb 13 12:02:44Crisis Of Faith
10th Feb 13 12:25:18Temporary Bulk Change
28th Jan 13 01:45:19Manga.Magi Labyrinth Of Magic
26th Jan 13 06:52:19Podcast.Writing Excuses
26th Jan 13 12:54:50Franchise.Mistborn
17th Jan 13 09:17:08Manga.The Lucifer And Biscuit Hammer
16th Jan 13 11:56:46Video Game.Pandoras Tower
16th Jan 13 11:56:37Video Game.Pandoras Tower
20th Nov 12 06:55:02Chiaroscuro
19th Nov 12 10:17:03Circumcision Angst
16th Nov 12 10:13:21Enlightenment Superpowers
28th Oct 12 10:20:45Monowheel Mayhem
24th Oct 12 10:57:16Goroawase Number
5th Oct 12 11:30:15Welcome Episode
30th Sep 12 09:57:26Video Game.Tokyo Jungle
30th Sep 12 09:47:04Video Game.Tokyo Jungle
20th Jul 12 12:32:13Film.The Avengers
16th Jun 12 12:37:27Plot Leveling
6th Jun 12 01:38:24The Other Darrin.Video Games
13th May 12 06:17:50Talk To The Fist
13th May 12 12:59:34Light Novel.Fate Zero
26th Apr 12 02:39:18Tropers.Irothtin
26th Apr 12 02:37:30Tropers.Irothtin
26th Apr 12 02:37:04Tropers.Irothtin
26th Apr 12 02:36:49Tropers.Irothtin
26th Apr 12 02:36:38Tropers.Irothtin
23rd Apr 12 09:48:43Pinch Me
29th Mar 12 12:05:29Funny.Giant Bomb
18th Mar 12 01:16:14Funny.Writing Excuses
15th Feb 12 05:00:58Traintop Battle
8th Feb 12 10:46:07Haiku Wiki
8th Feb 12 10:45:15Haiku.Writing Excuses
6th Jan 12 08:17:03Funny.Katawa Shoujo
23rd Dec 11 10:28:32Legend Fades To Myth
29th Nov 11 05:29:58WMG.The Alloy Of Law
29th Nov 11 12:06:56Headscratchers.Mistborn
10th Nov 11 08:42:44Manga.Shaman King