Igordebraga's Recent Edits

1st Jun 15 10:02:04Ending Aversion
1st Jun 15 08:08:29Film.I Spit On Your Grave
1st Jun 15 07:46:32Funny.The Cinema Snob 2013 Episodes
1st Jun 15 07:38:32Funny.The Cinema Snob 2011 Episodes
1st Jun 15 07:31:20Funny.The Cinema Snob 2014 Episodes
1st Jun 15 07:12:00Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 9 The Rains Of Castamere
31st May 15 08:44:42Butt Monkey.Sports
31st May 15 08:38:46Every Year They Fizzle Out
31st May 15 08:15:04Every Year They Fizzle Out
29th May 15 07:20:44Eskimos Arent Real
29th May 15 07:13:15German Humour
29th May 15 07:10:37Funny.The Cinema Snob 2015 Episodes
27th May 15 04:11:25Defictionalization
27th May 15 03:59:58Adaptation Sequence
27th May 15 03:58:56Trivia.The Mighty Ducks
27th May 15 11:44:51Music.The Fratellis
27th May 15 11:43:12Metal Scream
27th May 15 11:31:21Ear Worm.Other
27th May 15 08:55:38Family Theme Naming
27th May 15 08:46:39Distaff Counterpart
27th May 15 08:40:01One Steve Limit.Real Life
26th May 15 09:58:56Funny.Game Of Thrones
26th May 15 09:54:51The Bet
26th May 15 09:42:04Useful Notes.National Hockey League
26th May 15 09:10:27Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
26th May 15 08:30:30Butt Monkey.Sports
26th May 15 07:02:19Trilogy Creep
24th May 15 07:42:27Trivia.Cleopatra
24th May 15 07:41:55Trivia.Cleopatra
24th May 15 07:41:34Trivia.Cleopatra
24th May 15 07:38:39Trivia.The Longest Day
24th May 15 07:38:17Prolonged Prologue
24th May 15 07:30:44Film.The Longest Day
24th May 15 07:30:21YMMV.The Longest Day
24th May 15 07:05:23Briefer Than They Think
24th May 15 07:01:03Film.Saving Private Ryan
24th May 15 07:00:03YMMV.Saving Private Ryan
24th May 15 06:58:35Trivia.Saving Private Ryan
23rd May 15 07:27:45Last Disrespects
23rd May 15 07:20:24Useful Notes.National Hockey League
22nd May 15 09:35:44Butt Monkey.Sports
22nd May 15 11:11:03Parody Assistance
22nd May 15 10:58:28Funny.Coldplay
22nd May 15 10:55:45Funny.Coldplay
22nd May 15 10:47:31Funny.Game Of Thrones
22nd May 15 10:44:33With Lyrics
22nd May 15 10:40:04Music.Coldplay
21st May 15 09:29:11Web Video.Honest Trailers
20th May 15 03:42:55Creator.Gilbert Gottfried
20th May 15 03:33:48Web Video.The Cinema Snob
20th May 15 03:04:17Film.Mad Max
20th May 15 03:04:01Early Installment Weirdness
20th May 15 02:37:57Early Installment Weirdness.Film
20th May 15 02:16:18Music.Pearl Jam
20th May 15 02:01:20Aerith And Bob
20th May 15 02:00:06Stage Names
20th May 15 01:50:52Music.Guns N Roses
20th May 15 01:43:29Epic Rocking
20th May 15 01:32:53Just For Fun.Tropes Of Legend
20th May 15 09:11:18Anyone Can Die.Live Action TV
20th May 15 09:07:05Quotes.Game Of Thrones
20th May 15 09:05:29Quotes.Game Of Thrones
20th May 15 09:00:14Funny.Game Of Thrones
19th May 15 10:29:17YMMV.Deadly Premonition
19th May 15 10:26:34Enjoy The Story Skip The Game
19th May 15 10:08:37Enjoy The Story Skip The Game
19th May 15 09:26:04YMMV.Fallout
19th May 15 09:17:11Video Game.Fallout
19th May 15 09:08:47Film.Mad Max
19th May 15 09:04:08Characters.Mad Max Fury Road
19th May 15 08:45:04Film.Mad Max
19th May 15 08:39:35Trivia.Mad Max
19th May 15 05:46:01Butt Monkey.Sports
18th May 15 08:54:48Long Runner Line Up
18th May 15 07:51:54Every Year They Fizzle Out
18th May 15 07:24:31Humiliation Conga.Real Life
18th May 15 07:10:30Butt Monkey.Sports
17th May 15 07:31:20Memes.Sports
16th May 15 01:29:18Brand Name Takeover
15th May 15 11:47:14Memes.Sports
13th May 15 07:31:21Series.Agents Of SHIELD
13th May 15 07:23:01Fun With Acronyms.Live Action TV
13th May 15 07:21:54Mainlining The Monster
13th May 15 02:15:52Evolving Trope
13th May 15 01:59:55Everyone Is Satan In Hell
13th May 15 01:59:02Everyone Is Satan In Hell
13th May 15 01:51:25Music.Twisted Sister
13th May 15 01:42:19In The Style Of
12th May 15 09:57:52Every Year They Fizzle Out
11th May 15 10:33:44Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids
11th May 15 10:29:15Title Track
11th May 15 10:25:50Title Track
8th May 15 06:20:26Quotes.Widget Series
6th May 15 09:24:38Creator.Stephen Hawking
6th May 15 09:19:14Creator.Stephen Hawking
6th May 15 09:06:20Web Video.The Cinema Snob
5th May 15 07:45:49YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
4th May 15 11:42:34The World Cup.Tropes I To P
4th May 15 11:28:32Negated Moment Of Awesome
4th May 15 10:43:13Stillborn Franchise.Film
4th May 15 10:38:56Vibroweapon
4th May 15 10:34:57Superhero Packing Heat
4th May 15 10:29:41Development Hell.Live Action Film
4th May 15 10:12:37Characters.X Men Film Series Brotherhood
4th May 15 10:04:32Film.X Men Days Of Future Past
4th May 15 10:03:50Franchise Killer.Film
4th May 15 09:57:35Broad Strokes
4th May 15 09:51:31Series.Blade
4th May 15 09:46:11Ashcan Copy
4th May 15 09:35:56California Doubling
4th May 15 09:27:49Trivia.Titanic
4th May 15 09:04:56Trivia.Full House
3rd May 15 03:48:13Mermaid Problem
3rd May 15 03:22:34Ship Sinking
3rd May 15 03:18:58YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
2nd May 15 04:19:15Cluster F Bomb.Film
2nd May 15 04:03:27All Blue.Broken Record
2nd May 15 03:06:58Trope Overdosed
2nd May 15 03:05:15Trope Overdosed
2nd May 15 02:32:14Just For Fun.Tropes Of Legend
2nd May 15 02:08:43Film.The Rock
2nd May 15 02:05:20Film.The Rock
2nd May 15 01:53:50Unbuilt Trope
2nd May 15 01:43:12Just For Fun.Tropes Of Legend
2nd May 15 01:39:24Nightmare Fuel.Avengers Age Of Ultron
2nd May 15 01:28:23Barrier Busting Blow
2nd May 15 01:20:02Film.Kingsman The Secret Service
2nd May 15 01:18:08Pre Mortem One Liner
2nd May 15 12:43:18Film.The Rock
2nd May 15 12:38:04Funny.The Rock
2nd May 15 12:36:28Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2015 Episodes
2nd May 15 09:31:42YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
30th Apr 15 09:18:21Large Ham.Film
30th Apr 15 09:14:13Chewing The Scenery
30th Apr 15 08:54:09World Of Ham
30th Apr 15 08:45:48Large Ham.Music
30th Apr 15 08:37:00Large Ham.Music
30th Apr 15 08:27:00Music.Tina Turner
30th Apr 15 08:15:42Film.Last Action Hero
30th Apr 15 08:14:50YMMV.Last Action Hero
30th Apr 15 08:10:16YMMV.Last Action Hero
30th Apr 15 10:29:51Stage Names
30th Apr 15 10:26:56Stage Names
30th Apr 15 10:23:54Stage Names
30th Apr 15 10:23:50Creator.Trey Parker And Matt Stone
30th Apr 15 10:17:19Creator.Aaron Johnson
30th Apr 15 10:14:27YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
30th Apr 15 09:27:54Funny.The Cinema Snob 2015 Episodes
29th Apr 15 09:42:38Useful Notes.National Hockey League
28th Apr 15 10:08:43Every Year They Fizzle Out
28th Apr 15 09:34:42Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Music
28th Apr 15 09:29:29Todd In The Shadows.Q To S
28th Apr 15 09:22:06Todd In The Shadows.N To P
28th Apr 15 09:21:42Todd In The Shadows.D To F
28th Apr 15 09:12:37YMMV.Bryan Adams
28th Apr 15 09:09:37Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Music
26th Apr 15 06:59:41Better Than It Sounds.Film A
26th Apr 15 12:31:53Consolation Award
26th Apr 15 12:28:51Award Category Fraud
25th Apr 15 02:30:46Trivia.Miss Congeniality
25th Apr 15 02:23:00Film.Miss Congeniality
25th Apr 15 02:22:50Trivia.Miss Congeniality
25th Apr 15 01:57:16Film.Miss Congeniality
24th Apr 15 06:21:18Super Weight.Film
24th Apr 15 06:03:38YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 12:20:14Trivia.X Men Film Series
24th Apr 15 11:59:04Characters.X Men Film Series Brotherhood
24th Apr 15 11:58:59Film.X Men
24th Apr 15 11:09:17Billed Above The Title
24th Apr 15 10:57:15Billing Displacement
24th Apr 15 10:53:54Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 10:45:44And Starring
24th Apr 15 10:11:30Trivia.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 10:11:21Video Credits
24th Apr 15 09:51:47Creative Closing Credits
24th Apr 15 09:41:52Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 09:37:29Nightmare Fuel.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 09:28:42Vibroweapon
24th Apr 15 09:09:48Butt Monkey.Sports
24th Apr 15 08:43:37Serial Escalation.Film
23rd Apr 15 08:35:02Crisis Crossover
23rd Apr 15 07:59:43Dork Age
23rd Apr 15 07:59:19YMMV.Onslaught
23rd Apr 15 07:45:30Characters.Avengers Age Of Ultron
23rd Apr 15 07:28:16Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
23rd Apr 15 07:26:06Funny.Avengers Age Of Ultron
23rd Apr 15 06:58:46World Of Cardboard Speech
22nd Apr 15 09:14:35Unnecessary Roughness
22nd Apr 15 08:56:50Your Head A Splode
22nd Apr 15 08:44:15Nightmare Fuel.Game Of Thrones
22nd Apr 15 08:25:49I Shall Taunt You
22nd Apr 15 08:11:01Lyrics Video Mismatch
22nd Apr 15 08:01:00Demonization
22nd Apr 15 07:57:27Harsher In Hindsight.Film
22nd Apr 15 07:46:16Axes At School
22nd Apr 15 07:42:20Axes At School
22nd Apr 15 07:38:12Music.Foster The People
22nd Apr 15 07:23:56YMMV.Not Another Teen Movie
22nd Apr 15 11:11:54YMMV.Sonic Boom
22nd Apr 15 10:56:03Selling The Show
22nd Apr 15 10:46:03Bad Export For You
22nd Apr 15 10:21:38YMMV.Major League
22nd Apr 15 10:16:44Quotes.The Problem With Licensed Games
22nd Apr 15 10:09:14Video Game Movies Suck
22nd Apr 15 10:06:28Video Game Movies Suck
22nd Apr 15 10:05:38Trial And Error Gameplay
22nd Apr 15 09:59:16Respawn Point
20th Apr 15 10:41:13Never Found The Body
20th Apr 15 08:18:34YMMV.Michael Jackson
20th Apr 15 07:41:44Music.Michael Jackson
20th Apr 15 07:00:29YMMV.Invincible
20th Apr 15 07:00:15Music.Michael Jackson
20th Apr 15 06:32:32Trivia.The Fast And The Furious
20th Apr 15 06:27:43Bohemian Parody
20th Apr 15 06:18:46Harsher In Hindsight.Film
20th Apr 15 06:09:03YMMV.What Dreams May Come
20th Apr 15 06:05:39Funny Aneurysm Moment.Film
20th Apr 15 05:18:19YMMV.What Dreams May Come
19th Apr 15 09:48:23Characters.James Bond
19th Apr 15 09:36:09Creator.Roger Moore
19th Apr 15 09:34:21Money Dear Boy
19th Apr 15 09:31:58Creator.Gene Hackman
19th Apr 15 09:20:19Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
19th Apr 15 09:19:12List Of Transgressions
19th Apr 15 09:02:30Film.Morning Glory
19th Apr 15 08:56:34I Am Not Leonard Nimoy
19th Apr 15 05:30:44Trivia.Gigli
19th Apr 15 05:24:35YMMV.Gigli
18th Apr 15 07:21:07Person As Verb
18th Apr 15 06:08:41Home Field Advantage
18th Apr 15 05:56:41Second Place Is For Winners
18th Apr 15 05:24:43Every Year They Fizzle Out
17th Apr 15 01:40:50Descended Creator
17th Apr 15 01:38:28Role Reprisal
17th Apr 15 01:18:48The Other Darrin.Music
17th Apr 15 01:12:50Long Song Short Scene
17th Apr 15 12:50:48Trivia.Foo Fighters
17th Apr 15 12:42:58Trivia.Foo Fighters
17th Apr 15 12:34:54Black Sheep Hit
15th Apr 15 03:11:32Characters.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
15th Apr 15 03:00:39Comic Book Time
15th Apr 15 12:59:10Parvum Opus
15th Apr 15 12:14:18Old Shame.Music
15th Apr 15 12:09:00I Am The Noun
15th Apr 15 12:05:38Music.Metal Machine Music
15th Apr 15 11:56:44YMMV.Metal Machine Music
15th Apr 15 11:56:13YMMV.Metal Machine Music
15th Apr 15 11:48:06Audience Alienating Premise
15th Apr 15 11:00:04Disaster Dominoes
15th Apr 15 10:22:54Conspiracy Kitchen Sink
15th Apr 15 10:01:33Franchise.Terminator
15th Apr 15 09:48:54Trivia.Terminator
15th Apr 15 09:48:50Villain Based Franchise
15th Apr 15 09:46:06Villain Based Franchise
15th Apr 15 09:36:26Creator Killer.Film Studios And Production Companies
15th Apr 15 09:31:47Iconic Item
15th Apr 15 09:28:30Music.KISS
15th Apr 15 09:24:00The Other Marty
15th Apr 15 09:20:05The Other Marty
15th Apr 15 09:08:36Film.Bowfinger
15th Apr 15 08:32:17Orphaned Series
15th Apr 15 08:11:03Stillborn Franchise
15th Apr 15 07:11:55Youre Insane
14th Apr 15 01:48:01The Nostalgia Critic.Tropes T To Z
14th Apr 15 01:41:58The Nostalgia Critic.Tropes T To Z
13th Apr 15 06:56:52Trivia.Eight Bit Theater
12th Apr 15 03:31:11Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome.Live Action Films
12th Apr 15 03:06:39Trivia.Eternal Darkness
12th Apr 15 02:54:41Conspiracy Theories.O To Z
12th Apr 15 02:34:45Logo Joke
12th Apr 15 02:11:35Logo Joke
12th Apr 15 01:04:26Trivia.The Avengers 1
12th Apr 15 12:50:42Quotes.World Of Snark
12th Apr 15 12:49:24Quotes.World Of Snark
12th Apr 15 12:39:43Quotes.What Did You Expect When You Named It
12th Apr 15 12:33:29YMMV.Game Of Thrones
9th Apr 15 05:13:42Webcomic.Eight Bit Theater
9th Apr 15 05:01:14Characters.Eight Bit Theater
9th Apr 15 04:12:52YMMV.Whiplash
9th Apr 15 04:10:06Award Category Fraud
9th Apr 15 04:07:54Award Category Fraud
9th Apr 15 03:54:55Control Freak
9th Apr 15 03:43:49Film.Whiplash
9th Apr 15 03:37:06Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
9th Apr 15 03:23:54Sampled Up
9th Apr 15 02:54:27Covered Up
9th Apr 15 02:49:15First And Foremost
9th Apr 15 02:40:40Covered Up
9th Apr 15 01:57:06Weird Al Effect
9th Apr 15 01:50:42Celebrity Paradox.Live Action TV
9th Apr 15 01:27:23Celebrity Paradox.Film
9th Apr 15 01:10:00Identical Grandson
9th Apr 15 11:26:06Sexy Shirt Switch
7th Apr 15 09:16:59Trivia.Terminator Genisys
7th Apr 15 09:14:22Distracted By The Sexy.Real Life
7th Apr 15 08:59:47Jail Bait
7th Apr 15 08:55:24Funny.The Cinema Snob 2015 Episodes
7th Apr 15 08:52:12Web Video.The Cinema Snob
7th Apr 15 08:51:34Film.The Exorcist
7th Apr 15 08:51:30YMMV.The Exorcist
7th Apr 15 08:42:23Film.The Exorcist
7th Apr 15 08:30:41Badass Mustache
7th Apr 15 08:15:46Supporting Protagonist
7th Apr 15 08:08:26Characters.Mad Men
7th Apr 15 07:56:18Eyepatch Of Power
6th Apr 15 09:25:20Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
6th Apr 15 08:34:46Useful Notes.National Hockey League
4th Apr 15 10:05:06Funny.The Cinema Snob 2015 Episodes
4th Apr 15 08:58:52The Cinema Snob.Tropes Q To Z
4th Apr 15 08:18:44Music.Led Zeppelin
4th Apr 15 08:13:21Operation Blank
4th Apr 15 08:07:25The Foreign Subtitle
4th Apr 15 08:06:09Market Based Title
4th Apr 15 07:48:47Trivia.The Fast And The Furious
4th Apr 15 07:44:47The Foreign Subtitle
4th Apr 15 07:30:02Wrestling.Chyna
4th Apr 15 07:22:24Pater Familicide
4th Apr 15 06:54:32Bilingual Dialogue
4th Apr 15 06:37:40Film.The Passion Of The Christ
4th Apr 15 06:27:14Trivia.The Passion Of The Christ
4th Apr 15 06:18:27Film.Tomorrow Never Dies
4th Apr 15 05:54:55Destroy The Product Placement
4th Apr 15 05:46:53Film.The World Is Not Enough
4th Apr 15 05:44:09Characters.Agents Of SHIELD The Centipede Group
4th Apr 15 05:37:49Characters.Agents Of Shield Team Coulson
4th Apr 15 04:45:40The Cinema Snob.Tropes A To H
3rd Apr 15 05:19:16YMMV.The Passion Of The Christ
3rd Apr 15 05:11:06Trivia.The Passion Of The Christ
3rd Apr 15 05:09:43Trivia.The Passion Of The Christ
1st Apr 15 09:52:13Funny.The Cinema Snob 2015 Episodes
1st Apr 15 09:38:32Troubled Production.Music
1st Apr 15 09:11:44Troubled Production.Film Serial Offenders
1st Apr 15 09:03:58Extremely Short Timespan
1st Apr 15 08:57:44Film.The Fifth Element
1st Apr 15 08:52:53YMMV.Live Free Or Die Hard
1st Apr 15 08:51:37YMMV.Die Hard With A Vengeance
1st Apr 15 08:44:27YMMV.The Terminator
1st Apr 15 08:35:13Trivia.The Messenger The Story Of Joan Of Arc
1st Apr 15 08:30:18Dungeonmasters Girlfriend
1st Apr 15 08:25:05Trivia.The Fifth Element
1st Apr 15 08:22:03Funny.The Fifth Element
1st Apr 15 08:12:03Film.The Fifth Element
1st Apr 15 07:57:14YMMV.The Fifth Element
1st Apr 15 07:47:58Its Raining Men
31st Mar 15 02:12:02Brand Name Takeover
30th Mar 15 12:11:53Web Video.The Blockbuster Buster
29th Mar 15 06:05:21Todd In The Shadows.Q To S
29th Mar 15 06:00:08Todd In The Shadows.Q To S
29th Mar 15 05:25:20Franchise.Hellraiser
29th Mar 15 05:25:10Film.Hellbound Hellraiser II
29th Mar 15 05:04:27Music.Appetite For Destruction
29th Mar 15 04:58:26Music.Guns N Roses
29th Mar 15 04:50:06Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness
29th Mar 15 04:26:49Guide Dang It.First Person Shooter
29th Mar 15 04:08:10Serious Business.Other
29th Mar 15 03:58:46Quotes.Serious Business
29th Mar 15 03:48:53Better Than It Sounds.Live Action TV
29th Mar 15 03:39:14Recap.Agents Of SHIELDS 1 E 8 The Well
29th Mar 15 03:30:35Ridiculously Difficult Route
29th Mar 15 03:17:57Walk Into Mordor
29th Mar 15 03:14:04Film.Where Eagles Dare
29th Mar 15 03:04:38Climbing The Cliffs Of Insanity
29th Mar 15 02:37:06Better Than It Sounds.Film T
29th Mar 15 02:26:04Better Than It Sounds.Film T
29th Mar 15 02:15:24Films Of The2010s
29th Mar 15 02:13:39Better Than It Sounds.Film B
29th Mar 15 02:03:33Better Than It Sounds.Film H
29th Mar 15 01:38:48Wham Line.Film
29th Mar 15 01:38:44Wham Episode.Film
29th Mar 15 01:28:16Wham Line.Film
29th Mar 15 01:23:51Drop The Hammer
29th Mar 15 01:23:17Drop The Hammer
29th Mar 15 12:54:13Celeb Crush
29th Mar 15 12:51:28Celeb Crush
28th Mar 15 07:21:33Funny.The LEGO Movie
28th Mar 15 07:12:08Characters.The LEGO Movie
28th Mar 15 06:15:04Characters.Agents Of SHIELD Other Characters
28th Mar 15 06:05:30Funny.Agents Of SHIELD
27th Mar 15 11:45:34Values Dissonance.Other
27th Mar 15 11:05:36Unnecessary Roughness
27th Mar 15 10:34:09Unnecessary Roughness
27th Mar 15 09:56:35Artistic License Sports
27th Mar 15 09:47:28Useful Notes.The World Cup
27th Mar 15 09:35:23Funny.The World Cup
26th Mar 15 10:00:35Film.Fury 2014
26th Mar 15 09:47:12What Are Records
26th Mar 15 09:45:32Technology Marches On
24th Mar 15 10:41:11Funny.Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
24th Mar 15 10:40:46Film.Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
24th Mar 15 10:34:13Funny.Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
24th Mar 15 10:28:37Film.Rat Race
24th Mar 15 10:23:11Funny.Rat Race
24th Mar 15 09:47:50Scary Musician Harmless Music
24th Mar 15 09:27:59Stage Names
24th Mar 15 09:02:13This Is My Name On Foreign
24th Mar 15 08:47:52Music.Twisted Sister
24th Mar 15 08:44:27Long Runner Line Up
24th Mar 15 08:15:45Rock Trio
24th Mar 15 07:55:28Music.Garbage
24th Mar 15 07:25:23Music.Paramore