Igordebraga's Recent Edits

27th May 16 09:13:59Characters.X Men Film Series Free Mutants
27th May 16 08:58:02Characters.Age Of Apocalypse
27th May 16 08:33:28Overly Long Tongue
26th May 16 10:06:12YMMV.X Men Apocalypse
26th May 16 05:36:36Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 300 To 999
26th May 16 05:26:36Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 001 To 299
26th May 16 08:13:17Rage Quit
26th May 16 07:34:46Butt Monkey.Sports
26th May 16 07:05:15Every Year They Fizzle Out
24th May 16 10:00:00Video Game.Arcade America
24th May 16 09:47:43California Collapse
24th May 16 07:08:00Music.The Offspring
24th May 16 07:03:54Fading Into The Next Song
24th May 16 06:56:54Drives Like Crazy
24th May 16 06:39:56Real Life.Tropes T To Z
23rd May 16 05:40:17Characters.MCUSHIELD Team Coulson
23rd May 16 03:39:06Quotes.The Woobie
23rd May 16 02:06:57Web Video.The Angry Joe Show
23rd May 16 02:04:48Characters.X Men Film Series Other Mutants
23rd May 16 02:03:33Film.X Men Apocalypse
23rd May 16 01:56:42Comic Book.Psylocke
23rd May 16 01:38:14Sandbox.Thigh High Boots
23rd May 16 01:31:03Characters.X Men Film Series Other Mutants
23rd May 16 01:11:52Monumental Damage
23rd May 16 12:56:01Funny.X Men Apocalypse
23rd May 16 12:43:24Comic Book Movies Dont Use Codenames
23rd May 16 12:40:44Film.X Men Apocalypse
23rd May 16 11:58:47Trivia.Mad Max Fury Road
23rd May 16 08:13:56Defictionalization
23rd May 16 07:46:31Wolverine Publicity
23rd May 16 07:33:08Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
23rd May 16 07:28:35The Cinema Snob.Tropes Q To Z
23rd May 16 07:27:12The Cinema Snob.Tropes Q To Z
22nd May 16 01:43:08Standard Snippet
22nd May 16 01:34:24Bad To The Bone
22nd May 16 01:26:21Series.Jessica Jones 2015
22nd May 16 01:21:52Funny.Jessica Jones 2015
22nd May 16 09:46:12Self Demonstrating.Magneto
22nd May 16 09:41:20The Artifact.Comic Books
22nd May 16 09:25:41Long Runners
22nd May 16 08:45:06Long Runner Cast Turnover
22nd May 16 07:02:11Trivia.X Men Origins Wolverine
22nd May 16 07:01:39Creator Backlash.Live Action Film
22nd May 16 07:00:14Trivia.X Men Origins Wolverine
22nd May 16 06:45:42Troubled Production.Film M To Z
22nd May 16 06:31:03Trivia.Bad Movie Beatdown
21st May 16 10:25:08SCP Foundation.Tropes E To M
21st May 16 12:27:24Funny.Asterix
21st May 16 12:04:22Recap.Asterix And The Black Gold
21st May 16 11:50:43Accidentally Accurate
21st May 16 11:42:16YMMV.Asterix
21st May 16 11:21:20Join The Army They Said
20th May 16 07:59:17Trivia.X Men The Last Stand
20th May 16 07:55:39Movie Superheroes Wear Black
20th May 16 07:48:18Film.X Men Apocalypse
20th May 16 07:43:34Funny.X Men Apocalypse
20th May 16 07:36:50Evil Is Bigger
20th May 16 07:31:30Large And In Charge
20th May 16 07:25:54Large And In Charge
20th May 16 07:18:07Evil Is Bigger
20th May 16 07:07:34Scully Box
20th May 16 06:56:46Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
20th May 16 06:50:55British Stuffiness
20th May 16 06:43:24Music.Joss Stone
20th May 16 06:37:01Film.X Men Apocalypse
20th May 16 06:17:51Bald Of Awesome
19th May 16 08:03:58YMMV.X Men Apocalypse
19th May 16 07:58:24Film.X Men Apocalypse
19th May 16 07:56:45Funny.X Men Apocalypse
19th May 16 07:36:07Film.X Men Apocalypse
19th May 16 07:11:42Characters.X Men Film Series Other Mutants
19th May 16 07:10:27Evil Is Hammy
19th May 16 07:03:18Characters.Masters Of The Universe
19th May 16 06:56:14Trivia.X Men Apocalypse
19th May 16 06:39:37Characters.X Men Film Series X Men
19th May 16 06:11:08Fly In The Soup
19th May 16 09:45:43Trivia.Mark Wahlberg
19th May 16 09:45:38Creator.Mark Wahlberg
18th May 16 06:12:47Colon Cancer
18th May 16 05:36:18Stealth Insult
18th May 16 05:16:56Unusual Euphemism.Real Life
18th May 16 11:27:21Abbey Road Crossing
18th May 16 11:25:19Abbey Road Crossing
17th May 16 06:35:23The Loins Sleep Tonight
17th May 16 06:25:31Characters.Wreck It Ralph Main Characters
17th May 16 06:18:27Characters.Wreck It Ralph Other Characters
17th May 16 05:55:25Funny.Wreck It Ralph
17th May 16 05:45:08Shut Up Gunshot
17th May 16 12:11:41Word Puree Title
17th May 16 12:04:19Either Or Title
17th May 16 12:01:57Either Or Title
17th May 16 12:00:51The Something Song
16th May 16 09:28:33Produce Pelting
16th May 16 08:21:07Stock Shticks
16th May 16 08:21:02Stock Shticks
16th May 16 08:18:45Mic Drop
16th May 16 08:13:34Lame Pun Reaction
16th May 16 07:57:17Eldritch Abomination.SCP Foundation
15th May 16 05:16:07Stay In The Kitchen
15th May 16 03:34:06Every Year They Fizzle Out
15th May 16 03:23:57Butt Monkey.Sports
15th May 16 12:56:55YMMV.X Men Apocalypse
15th May 16 12:41:48Dawson Casting.Film
15th May 16 12:41:39Playing Gertrude
15th May 16 12:08:30Curb Stomp Battle.Sports
15th May 16 11:17:24Swamps Are Evil
15th May 16 11:06:49Whos On First
15th May 16 10:55:52Collective Groan
15th May 16 10:46:21Characters.Iron Maiden
15th May 16 10:38:31Music.Iron Maiden
15th May 16 10:28:07Surprisingly Gentle Song
15th May 16 10:25:20Trivia.Iron Maiden
15th May 16 10:21:12YMMV.Iron Maiden
15th May 16 10:05:49Epic Instrumental Opener
15th May 16 09:58:20Ending Fatigue
15th May 16 09:52:42Broken Record
15th May 16 09:51:06Music.Pitbull
15th May 16 09:38:09All Blue.Broken Record
14th May 16 10:08:13Funny.SCP Foundation
14th May 16 09:58:39Awesome Dear Boy
14th May 16 09:58:38Awesome Dear Boy
14th May 16 08:50:20Trivia.Captain America The Winter Soldier
14th May 16 08:45:53Trivia.Captain America Civil War
14th May 16 08:42:17Characters.Marvel Cinematic Universe
14th May 16 05:12:30Stupid Statement Dance Mix
13th May 16 09:50:14Film.Friday The13th The Final Chapter
13th May 16 09:40:37Image Source.Live Action Films A To L
13th May 16 09:40:02Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas
13th May 16 09:17:44Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
13th May 16 12:36:31Overly Narrow Superlative
13th May 16 12:13:07Butt Monkey.Sports
12th May 16 07:33:11Dented Iron
12th May 16 07:22:22Characters.DC Extended Universe
12th May 16 07:15:15Comicbook.Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat
12th May 16 07:14:42Wolverine Publicity
12th May 16 07:14:31Comicbook.Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat
12th May 16 06:53:11Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
12th May 16 06:21:44Characters.MCU Citizens New York City
12th May 16 05:56:37Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 2 AKA Crush Syndrome
12th May 16 09:37:45Every Year They Fizzle Out
12th May 16 09:37:43Every Year They Fizzle Out
12th May 16 06:15:22Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
10th May 16 09:19:01Every Year They Fizzle Out
10th May 16 09:20:41The Comically Serious
10th May 16 09:13:49Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
10th May 16 07:09:38Freudian Slip
9th May 16 11:32:44Troubled Production
9th May 16 11:12:04Film.Sucker Punch
9th May 16 09:40:08Music.Michael Jackson
9th May 16 09:21:45Music.Invincible
9th May 16 09:17:57Vocal Evolution
9th May 16 09:07:46Characters.MCU Avengers
9th May 16 08:56:15Music.Metallica
9th May 16 08:49:55Hello Sailor
9th May 16 08:37:36Characters.MCU New Avengers
9th May 16 08:22:01Funny.Captain America Civil War
9th May 16 07:58:06Butt Monkey.Sports
9th May 16 07:47:53Canada Eh
7th May 16 05:23:21Web Video.Honest Trailers
6th May 16 09:56:27Characters.Friends
6th May 16 09:48:48Series.Mad About You
6th May 16 09:36:31Dysfunctional Family
6th May 16 09:33:00Dysfunctional Family
6th May 16 09:15:12Volleying Insults
6th May 16 09:07:49A Good Name For A Rock Band
6th May 16 09:01:57Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 12 AKA Take A Bloody Number
6th May 16 08:45:08Characters.Jessica Jones 2015 People Of New York
6th May 16 07:28:35Characters.MCU Companies
5th May 16 07:30:22Website.AV Club
5th May 16 07:13:25Characters.Todd In The Shadows
5th May 16 06:00:17Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness
5th May 16 05:36:19Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 9 AKA Sin Bin
5th May 16 05:31:01Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 11 AKA Ive Got The Blues
5th May 16 05:20:49Red Herring
4th May 16 10:08:05Super Weight.Film
4th May 16 09:52:19Characters.MCU New Avengers
4th May 16 09:46:36Metalhead
4th May 16 09:43:06Characters.MCU Avengers Initiative
4th May 16 09:32:23Film.My Cousin Vinny
4th May 16 09:29:55Creator.Marisa Tomei
4th May 16 09:20:17Characters.MCU Citizens
2nd May 16 10:04:20Trivia.Space Jam
2nd May 16 10:02:14Funny.Space Jam
2nd May 16 09:59:11YMMV.Space Jam
2nd May 16 08:59:03Standard Snippet
2nd May 16 08:59:01Standard Snippet
2nd May 16 08:57:09Film.Space Jam
1st May 16 08:09:22Every Year They Fizzle Out
1st May 16 08:09:18Every Year They Fizzle Out
1st May 16 05:46:13Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
1st May 16 04:54:36Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
1st May 16 04:29:43Useful Notes.National Hockey League
1st May 16 04:14:00Butt Monkey.Sports
1st May 16 04:04:53Butt Monkey.Sports
1st May 16 04:04:50Butt Monkey.Sports
1st May 16 03:50:55Every Year They Fizzle Out
1st May 16 03:39:53The Scapegoat
1st May 16 03:25:57The Scapegoat
1st May 16 11:54:00Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 001 To 299
1st May 16 11:32:58Characters.Chrono Cross
1st May 16 10:59:41Better Than It Sounds.Web Original
1st May 16 10:40:13Better Than It Sounds.Other
1st May 16 10:26:15Silly Walk
1st May 16 09:54:41Better Than It Sounds.Film C
1st May 16 09:32:44Hero Insurance
1st May 16 09:26:29We ARE Struggling Together
1st May 16 09:05:39Thirteen Is Unlucky
1st May 16 08:30:26Pooled Funds
1st May 16 08:24:29Music.Garbage
28th Apr 16 07:56:17Funny.Captain America Civil War
28th Apr 16 06:34:08Characters.MCU Citizens
28th Apr 16 06:31:58Adaptational Attractiveness
28th Apr 16 06:25:20YMMV.Only You
28th Apr 16 06:16:08YMMV.Captain America Civil War
28th Apr 16 06:09:05Characters.MCU Citizens
28th Apr 16 06:08:18Characters.MCU Citizens
28th Apr 16 05:49:30Characters.MCU Defenders
28th Apr 16 05:46:15Funny.Captain America Civil War
28th Apr 16 05:34:03Characters.Marvel Cinematic Universe
28th Apr 16 09:28:26Cue The Flying Pigs
28th Apr 16 09:27:24Cue The Flying Pigs
27th Apr 16 11:20:03Every Year They Fizzle Out
27th Apr 16 09:51:29Letters 2 Numbers
27th Apr 16 09:41:46Chronological Album Title
27th Apr 16 09:30:36Music.Megadeth
27th Apr 16 09:29:59Title Track
26th Apr 16 07:25:46Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
25th Apr 16 11:07:34Music.Metallica
24th Apr 16 09:10:50SCP Foundation.Tropes N To R
24th Apr 16 08:59:36Butt Monkey.Sports
24th Apr 16 05:58:36Butt Monkey.Sports
24th Apr 16 12:13:15Fridge.Fire Emblem Elibe
24th Apr 16 11:49:52Characters.Fire Emblem Elibe Blazing Sword Characters Introduced In The Main Story
23rd Apr 16 11:24:41Web Video.Diamanda Hagan
23rd Apr 16 10:32:28Video Game.Dm C Devil May Cry
23rd Apr 16 10:04:57Music.Twisted Sister
23rd Apr 16 09:58:01Iconic Item
23rd Apr 16 09:29:52It Will Never Catch On.Real Life
23rd Apr 16 08:29:03It Will Never Catch On.Real Life
23rd Apr 16 08:28:59It Will Never Catch On.Real Life
23rd Apr 16 08:18:44Cassette Futurism
23rd Apr 16 08:03:12Blipvert
23rd Apr 16 07:49:27Trivia.Pixels
23rd Apr 16 07:47:03Trivia.Pixels
23rd Apr 16 07:13:59YMMV.Pixels
23rd Apr 16 06:59:50Every Year They Fizzle Out
23rd Apr 16 06:59:48Every Year They Fizzle Out
23rd Apr 16 06:59:45Every Year They Fizzle Out
23rd Apr 16 11:47:06Self Deprecation.Web Original
23rd Apr 16 11:00:19Poes Law
23rd Apr 16 10:55:50Scandalgate
23rd Apr 16 10:39:57Cold Ham
23rd Apr 16 08:41:26Accent Depundent
23rd Apr 16 08:32:49Spoonerism
21st Apr 16 09:46:22Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2016 Episodes
21st Apr 16 08:22:23Names The Same.Real Life
21st Apr 16 06:35:34Literature.Cloud Atlas
21st Apr 16 05:34:35Loads And Loads Of Roles
21st Apr 16 05:33:50Film.Cloud Atlas
21st Apr 16 04:24:49Trivia.Quantum Of Solace
21st Apr 16 10:01:58Every Year They Fizzle Out
21st Apr 16 09:51:11Butt Monkey.Sports
21st Apr 16 09:39:44Beauty Brainsand Brawn
21st Apr 16 09:25:52Film.Charlies Angels
21st Apr 16 09:21:18Moonwalk Dance
21st Apr 16 09:11:13Cassandra Truth.Live Action Films
21st Apr 16 09:09:58Cassandra Truth.Live Action Films
21st Apr 16 09:02:08Reading The Stage Directions Out Loud
21st Apr 16 08:53:35Soccer Hating Americans
21st Apr 16 08:53:34Soccer Hating Americans
21st Apr 16 08:51:25Soccer Hating Americans
21st Apr 16 08:18:17Meme Acknowledgment
21st Apr 16 08:12:20Ensemble Dark Horse.Other
21st Apr 16 08:11:44Ensemble Dark Horse.Other
19th Apr 16 06:45:50Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
18th Apr 16 09:38:05Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 4 AKA 99 Friends
18th Apr 16 09:28:19Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 11 AKA Ive Got The Blues
18th Apr 16 09:09:08Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 10 AKA 1000 Cuts
18th Apr 16 09:09:03Tap On The Head
18th Apr 16 08:05:02Contemptible Cover
18th Apr 16 08:02:04Music.Bloodhound Gang
18th Apr 16 07:42:15Putting The Band Back Together
18th Apr 16 07:42:08Saved From Development Hell
18th Apr 16 07:41:58Development Hell.Music
18th Apr 16 07:22:22Saved From Development Hell
18th Apr 16 07:21:27The Shelf Of Movie Languishment
18th Apr 16 07:10:53Saved From Development Hell
18th Apr 16 06:57:25Billing Displacement
18th Apr 16 06:47:45Trivia.Jessica Jones 2015
18th Apr 16 06:44:30Trivia.The Force Awakens
18th Apr 16 06:34:53Trivia.The Force Awakens
17th Apr 16 08:12:08Billing Displacement
17th Apr 16 07:57:42Digital Piracy Is Evil
17th Apr 16 07:45:08Large Ham.Real Life
17th Apr 16 07:32:03Shocking Defeat Legacy
17th Apr 16 06:57:18Posthumous Credit
17th Apr 16 06:40:55Trivia.The Jungle Book 2016
17th Apr 16 06:36:46Characters.The Jungle Book 2016
17th Apr 16 06:06:49Film.Spy
17th Apr 16 05:54:56Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 001 To 299
17th Apr 16 05:47:05SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
17th Apr 16 08:57:40Music.ACDC
16th Apr 16 09:58:43Billing Displacement
15th Apr 16 01:51:58Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
15th Apr 16 01:39:21Non Ironic Clown
15th Apr 16 08:55:30Music.Master Of Puppets
15th Apr 16 08:13:41People Puppets
15th Apr 16 07:55:29Big Badass Rig
15th Apr 16 07:47:14Messy Hair
15th Apr 16 07:39:13Looks Like Cesare
15th Apr 16 07:36:16YMMV.Tim Burton
15th Apr 16 07:29:19Creator.Tim Burton
15th Apr 16 07:29:15Trivia.Tim Burton
15th Apr 16 07:10:41Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
15th Apr 16 07:10:01Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
15th Apr 16 07:01:40Funny.SCP Foundation
15th Apr 16 06:58:58Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
15th Apr 16 06:56:38Rule Thirty Four
15th Apr 16 06:48:26SCP Foundation.Tropes E To M
15th Apr 16 06:45:28Canon
15th Apr 16 06:14:04SCP Foundation.Tropes S To Z
15th Apr 16 06:12:23Trope Name
15th Apr 16 05:56:12YMMV.SCP Foundation
15th Apr 16 05:51:23YMMV.Alias
15th Apr 16 05:48:41Iconic Character Forgotten Title
12th Apr 16 06:58:30This Image Is Not An Example
12th Apr 16 06:57:25This Image Is Not An Example
12th Apr 16 06:41:00Parallel Porn Titles
12th Apr 16 06:20:51Funny.Sideways
12th Apr 16 05:56:26Funny.Sideways
12th Apr 16 05:55:53Funny.Sideways
12th Apr 16 05:40:44Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
12th Apr 16 10:14:37Limited Wardrobe.Live Action TV
12th Apr 16 09:57:29Corpsing
12th Apr 16 09:46:02Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
12th Apr 16 09:10:08Music.Guns N Roses
12th Apr 16 09:06:13Cue The Flying Pigs
12th Apr 16 05:08:09Porn With Plot
10th Apr 16 07:05:01Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
10th Apr 16 06:17:31Film.Ghostbusters 2016
9th Apr 16 10:16:27The Cinema Snob.Tropes Q To Z
9th Apr 16 09:52:31The Cinema Snob.Tropes I To P
9th Apr 16 09:45:20The Cinema Snob.Tropes A To H
9th Apr 16 09:30:08Web Video.Brows Held High
9th Apr 16 09:28:05Self Deprecation.Web Original
9th Apr 16 09:05:38Horrible.Music
9th Apr 16 08:52:46Funny.The Tonight Show
9th Apr 16 08:12:48Dyeing For Your Art
9th Apr 16 08:08:04Funny.Jurassic World
9th Apr 16 08:07:16Funny.Jurassic World
9th Apr 16 07:27:39Film.Jurassic World
9th Apr 16 07:02:23YMMV.Jurassic World
9th Apr 16 06:56:17Non Indicative Name.Music
9th Apr 16 06:51:39Hard On Soft Science
9th Apr 16 06:41:36Pun Based Title.Music
9th Apr 16 06:25:32Lead Bassist
8th Apr 16 10:20:39Film.Trancers
8th Apr 16 12:40:47Funny.The Cinema Snob 2016 Episodes
8th Apr 16 12:36:58YMMV.The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
8th Apr 16 10:05:29Dark Horse Victory
8th Apr 16 09:49:28Praising Shows You Dont Watch
8th Apr 16 09:46:02Recycled In Space.Live Action TV
8th Apr 16 09:44:50Recycled In Space.Live Action TV
8th Apr 16 09:30:08Popcultural Osmosis Failure
8th Apr 16 09:11:30YMMV.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
7th Apr 16 09:55:14Funny.Todd In The Shadows Specials
7th Apr 16 07:47:29Trivia.Sorcerer
7th Apr 16 07:40:00Troubled Production.Film M To Z
7th Apr 16 07:16:22Trivia.Fantastic Four 2015
7th Apr 16 07:06:38Horrible.Live Action Films
7th Apr 16 06:44:58Horrible.Live Action Films
7th Apr 16 09:20:07Sampled Up
6th Apr 16 09:13:05Nutritional Nightmare
6th Apr 16 07:46:25Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
6th Apr 16 07:32:37Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
6th Apr 16 07:17:27Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
6th Apr 16 11:13:14Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 2000 To 2999
6th Apr 16 10:56:47Shout Out.SCP Foundation
6th Apr 16 10:47:18SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
6th Apr 16 10:27:30Funny.SCP Foundation
6th Apr 16 09:50:48Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 2000 To 2999
6th Apr 16 09:38:48Funny.SCP Foundation
6th Apr 16 09:38:47Funny.SCP Foundation
6th Apr 16 09:30:27The Ghost
6th Apr 16 09:24:27The Namesake
6th Apr 16 09:21:55Team Title
6th Apr 16 09:18:38Film.Spotlight
6th Apr 16 09:00:42YMMV.Jackass
6th Apr 16 08:52:14Web Video.Honest Trailers
6th Apr 16 08:42:48Self Demonstrating.Deadpool
6th Apr 16 08:35:06Quotes.Deadpool
6th Apr 16 08:34:34Quotes.Deadpool
5th Apr 16 08:09:00A Wild Rapper Appears
5th Apr 16 08:00:09Music.The Clash
5th Apr 16 07:50:48Black Sheep Hit
3rd Apr 16 07:24:00Characters.Jessica Jones 2015
3rd Apr 16 01:52:10Characters.DC Extended Universe
3rd Apr 16 01:23:34Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
3rd Apr 16 01:14:52Butt Monkey.Sports
3rd Apr 16 01:01:14Woobie.Other