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29th Nov 17 08:53:06Boss In Mook Clothing.RPG
29th Nov 17 07:58:59Boss In Mook Clothing.RPG
27th Nov 17 07:36:24YMMV.The Roboutian Heresy
27th Nov 17 03:10:52Film.Imperium
26th Nov 17 08:11:53Fan Fic.The Roboutian Heresy
13th Nov 17 06:46:59Damage Over Time
8th Nov 17 06:27:34Laconic.Green Antarctica
8th Nov 17 06:23:52Literature.Green Antarctica
11th Oct 17 09:05:01Total Party Kill
6th Oct 17 01:44:59Heroic Sacrifice.Tabletop Games
4th Oct 17 08:35:31Tabletop Game.Dark Sun
8th Sep 17 04:45:53Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
24th Aug 17 09:26:09Roleplay.Persona Shallow Colour
5th Aug 17 07:02:48Tabletop Game.Chronicles Of Darkness
29th Jul 17 08:41:30Roleplay.Persona Shallow Colour
29th Jul 17 08:28:28Roleplay.Persona Shallow Colour
22nd Jul 17 06:03:39Fanfic Recs.The Camp Half Blood Series
21st Jul 17 08:45:47Fanfic Recs.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
18th Jul 17 04:26:48Recap.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia S 04 E 02 The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis
17th Jul 17 05:12:04Useful Notes.Gnosticism
12th Jul 17 08:27:45Shout Out.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
12th Jul 17 08:10:55Characters.Persona Shallow Colour University
30th Jun 17 09:33:30Manga.Offbeat
30th Jun 17 01:01:22Quotes.Game Over
29th Jun 17 11:23:06YMMV.Off Beat
29th Jun 17 11:19:20YMMV.A Cruel God Reigns
29th Jun 17 10:10:20Manga.Offbeat
29th Jun 17 10:01:14Homoerotic Dream
29th Jun 17 10:00:15Homoerotic Dream
29th Jun 17 08:04:23Bi The Way
29th Jun 17 12:39:12Queer Romance
29th Jun 17 12:30:28Trivia.Offbeat
29th Jun 17 12:27:59Manga.Offbeat
29th Jun 17 11:49:49YMMV.Off Beat
29th Jun 17 11:23:09Trivia.Offbeat
29th Jun 17 11:21:22Manga.Offbeat
24th Jun 17 02:24:29YMMV.Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
17th Jun 17 09:10:12Properly Paranoid
25th Mar 17 09:29:17Web Video.Filthy Frank
22nd Jan 17 02:27:43Characters.Mage The Awakening
25th Dec 16 10:51:37Quotes.Appeal To Obscurity
24th Dec 16 01:10:20Tabletop Game.Genius The Transgression
24th Dec 16 12:56:11Funny.Genius The Transgression
24th Dec 16 12:50:56Tabletop Game.Genius The Transgression
23rd Dec 16 10:24:51Characters.Persona Shallow Colour High School
10th Dec 16 06:13:14Characters.Genius The Transgression
13th Nov 16 05:47:33Ate His Gun
12th Nov 16 06:42:13Ambiguous Disorder
6th Nov 16 05:48:52Ambiguous Disorder
23rd Oct 16 04:14:24Characters.Mage The Ascension
2nd Oct 16 03:39:19Puzzle Boss
30th Sep 16 09:05:52Characters.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Luna One
30th Sep 16 08:49:10Characters.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Luna One
24th Sep 16 01:44:15Roleplay.Persona Mindscapes
23rd Sep 16 11:58:24Roleplay.Persona Shallow Colour
23rd Sep 16 11:54:20Roleplay.Persona Shallow Colour
23rd Sep 16 09:34:54Characters.Persona Shallow Colour High School
19th Sep 16 06:40:12WMG.Carrie
3rd Sep 16 09:38:39YMMV.Persona Rebirth
3rd Sep 16 09:31:18Roleplay.Persona Mindscapes
3rd Sep 16 09:21:54Roleplay.Persona Rebirth
3rd Sep 16 07:53:35Film.Dr Strangelove
27th Aug 16 09:47:45Roleplay.Persona Rebirth
20th Aug 16 01:40:25Ho Yay.Hamatora
20th Aug 16 01:23:03White Mask Of Doom
14th Aug 16 04:25:54Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
13th Aug 16 09:09:48YMMV.Darkest Dungeon
7th Aug 16 05:09:09YMMV.Cataclysm
31st Jul 16 02:28:15Funny.Gravity Falls Non Canon
16th Jul 16 09:29:55Famous Last Words.Web Original
16th Jul 16 06:49:15Webcomic.Buttlord GT
3rd Jul 16 03:52:51Tabletop Game.Geist The Sin Eaters
3rd Jul 16 03:02:17Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
3rd Jul 16 01:58:17YMMV.Mage The Awakening
23rd Jun 16 07:33:36YMMV.National Wrestling Alliance
29th May 16 12:12:30Characters.Mage The Awakening
28th May 16 09:52:31YMMV.Video Game Championship Wrestling
24th May 16 07:40:23Quotes.Last Of His Kind
15th May 16 12:36:24YMMV.TNA
3rd May 16 03:32:32Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 2 Home
2nd May 16 11:37:38YMMV.Cataclysm
1st May 16 02:28:15Demonic Spiders.The Legend Of Zelda
1st May 16 02:25:02Demonic Spiders.The Legend Of Zelda
1st May 16 02:09:49Demonic Spiders.Castlevania
23rd Apr 16 07:34:02That One Boss.WWE
22nd Apr 16 01:30:10YMMV.Video Game Championship Wrestling
21st Apr 16 05:22:23Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling VCGW Mens Division
15th Apr 16 10:56:16Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling
15th Apr 16 08:05:42Trivia.Progress Wrestling
11th Apr 16 09:42:35Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling
11th Apr 16 09:31:06Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling VCGW Mens Division
8th Apr 16 06:01:52Funny.Video Game Championship Wrestling
8th Apr 16 01:57:15Trivia.Video Game Championship Wrestling
6th Apr 16 11:37:58Characters.VGCW Male Wrestlers
6th Apr 16 11:22:43YMMV.Video Game Championship Wrestling
6th Apr 16 11:17:34YMMV.Video Game Championship Wrestling
6th Apr 16 10:17:32Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling
4th Apr 16 05:01:35YMMV.Video Game Championship Wrestling
4th Apr 16 04:34:17Awesome.Video Game Championship Wrestling
2nd Apr 16 10:05:11Wrestling.Kanyon
25th Mar 16 12:55:47YMMV.SMF
22nd Mar 16 07:31:38Wrestling.Bullet Club
20th Mar 16 07:01:03Funny.Jake Roberts
20th Mar 16 04:26:22YMMV.Cataclysm
20th Mar 16 04:15:26Video Game.Cataclysm
20th Mar 16 03:19:26Quotes.Scott Steiner
16th Mar 16 01:56:40Manga.Offbeat
9th Feb 16 06:27:46Visual Novel.Re Prince Of Nigeria
9th Feb 16 06:27:14Visual Novel.Re Prince Of Nigeria
5th Feb 16 10:47:56Characters.Darkest Dungeon
5th Feb 16 10:42:38Characters.Darkest Dungeon
3rd Feb 16 05:06:38That One Level.Turn Based Strategy
30th Jan 16 08:43:11YMMV.XCOM 2
4th Jan 16 06:23:32Literature.A Giant Sucking Sound
4th Jan 16 06:00:57Literature.A Giant Sucking Sound
25th Dec 15 10:55:13Too Good For This Sinful Earth
15th Dec 15 10:36:15Video Game.Cataclysm
7th Dec 15 03:20:37Video Game.Cataclysm
7th Dec 15 02:07:55YMMV.Cataclysm
30th Nov 15 11:41:30YMMV.Cataclysm
30th Nov 15 06:26:25Video Game.Cataclysm
22nd Nov 15 10:03:06Video Game.Cataclysm
14th Nov 15 10:39:25YMMV.Cataclysm
14th Nov 15 01:19:29YMMV.Cataclysm
29th Oct 15 04:50:34After The End.Tabletop Games
23rd Oct 15 02:23:00Quotes.Machine Worship
17th Oct 15 04:57:55YMMV.Cataclysm
17th Oct 15 04:48:57Video Game.Cataclysm
17th Oct 15 04:44:52YMMV.Transcendence
17th Oct 15 04:43:21Video Game.Cataclysm
15th Oct 15 11:39:45YMMV.Cataclysm
15th Oct 15 10:42:58Video Game.Cataclysm
20th Feb 15 10:04:39Dethroning Moment.Tabletop Gaming
20th Feb 15 10:04:21Dethroning Moment.Tabletop Gaming
20th Feb 15 10:01:58Dethroning Moment.Tabletop Gaming
20th Feb 15 02:15:59Quotes.Zombie Apocalypse
20th Feb 15 02:14:56Quotes.Zombie Apocalypse
19th Feb 15 05:23:12Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Greyjoy
19th Feb 15 04:51:30Adaptational Villainy.Comic Books
19th Feb 15 04:30:08Characters.Magic The Gathering Other Characters
7th Feb 15 09:52:51Characters.Magic The Gathering Other Characters
7th Feb 15 04:29:34Only Sane Man.Literature
5th Feb 15 10:00:54Roleplay.Persona Rebirth
4th Feb 15 09:56:36Funny.Magic The Gathering
1st Feb 15 06:28:41Funny.Vinesauce
1st Feb 15 06:25:18Funny.Vinesauce
28th Jan 15 05:31:53The Butcher
28th Jan 15 03:26:56Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Essos The Free Cities Braavos
27th Jan 15 10:18:07Game Mod Index
19th Jan 15 11:43:11Game Breaker.Magic The Gathering
3rd Jan 15 04:41:39Narm.Tabletop Games
3rd Jan 15 04:32:05Memes.Tabletop Games
29th Dec 14 01:20:52Funny.Space Station 13
29th Dec 14 01:19:21Video Game.Space Station 13
22nd Dec 14 03:29:02Lovecraft Lite
29th Nov 14 01:25:41Awesome.Dolph Ziggler
23rd Nov 14 10:24:26YMMV.Dota 2
14th Nov 14 09:36:49Characters.Magic The Gathering Other Characters
23rd Oct 14 08:24:28Enslaved Elves
22nd Oct 14 09:05:07Slaying Mantis
22nd Oct 14 08:05:55Demonic Spiders.Roguelikes
22nd Oct 14 08:04:32Demonic Spiders.Roguelikes
21st Oct 14 07:18:37Wrestling.Brock Lesnar
17th Oct 14 07:09:39Funny.Rogue Trader
17th Oct 14 05:33:38Evil Versus Oblivion
16th Oct 14 04:58:17Even Evil Has Standards.Tabletop Games
16th Oct 14 04:46:34Even Evil Has Standards.Professional Wrestling
8th Oct 14 06:31:13Video Game.Crusader Kings II Game Of Thrones Mod
8th Oct 14 06:24:33YMMV.Crusader Kings II Game Of Thrones Mod
8th Oct 14 06:24:21Video Game.Crusader Kings II Game Of Thrones Mod
8th Oct 14 06:15:39Awesome.Crusader Kings II Game Of Thrones Mod
8th Oct 14 02:23:57Kick Them While They Are Down
7th Oct 14 05:21:56All Crimes Are Equal
5th Oct 14 07:58:27Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire The Windblown
5th Oct 14 06:02:12Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon
5th Oct 14 12:10:08Funny.Knud Knytling Prince Of Denmark
29th Sep 14 09:17:03Horrible.Professional Wrestling
13th Sep 14 11:39:49Funny.Botchamania
10th Sep 14 10:29:33YMMV.Amorphous
4th Sep 14 10:57:47Wrestling.El Generico
30th Aug 14 12:02:53That One Level.Simulation Game
27th Aug 14 09:31:30Line To God
25th Aug 14 01:17:52Roleplay.Persona Rebirth
14th Aug 14 05:58:55YMMV.Hulk Hogan
12th Aug 14 04:11:12Literature.Artemis Fowl
11th Aug 14 10:27:59Wrestling.Jushin Thunder Liger
29th Jul 14 03:11:35Draco In Leather Pants.Professional Wrestling
29th Jul 14 01:52:46Nay Theist
29th Jul 14 01:07:09Magic Versus Science
27th Jul 14 07:14:37Literature.The Falcon Cannot Hear
27th Jul 14 07:11:05Literature.The Falcon Cannot Hear
27th Jul 14 12:52:06Discontinuity.Tabletop Games
24th Jul 14 11:19:09YMMV.Fight Club
24th Jul 14 11:18:21YMMV.Fight Club
24th Jul 14 07:49:36YMMV.The Anglo American Nazi War
24th Jul 14 07:43:05YMMV.The Anglo American Nazi War
23rd Jul 14 10:04:11Wrestling.Ultra Mantis Black
16th Jul 14 10:06:08YMMV.Dwayne Johnson
16th Jul 14 09:56:34YMMV.John Cena
16th Jul 14 09:51:19YMMV.John Cena
15th Jul 14 10:51:25Wrestling.Chris Jericho
15th Jul 14 10:39:12Wrestling.Vince Russo
13th Jul 14 10:39:21Wrestling.WWE
13th Jul 14 09:16:56YMMV.Dead Island
12th Jul 14 05:43:21Demonic Spiders.Roguelikes
12th Jul 14 03:02:43YMMV.WWENXT
12th Jul 14 01:59:31Fan Nickname.Anime
10th Jul 14 09:54:11Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
10th Jul 14 09:28:35YMMV.Warhammer 40000
10th Jul 14 09:22:33YMMV.Warhammer 40000
10th Jul 14 05:06:20Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
10th Jul 14 04:54:36Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
8th Jul 14 07:42:00Ultimate Life Form
7th Jul 14 09:58:39Creepy Cute
4th Jul 14 04:26:14Ironic Nursery Tune
4th Jul 14 03:26:55Revenant Zombie
4th Jul 14 03:22:39Elite Zombie
4th Jul 14 03:12:01Videogame.Plague Inc
3rd Jul 14 11:28:32YMMV.Respawn Of The Dead
3rd Jul 14 10:58:22That One Boss.Strategy
3rd Jul 14 07:22:32The Men In Black
25th Jun 14 09:29:52Savage Wolves
20th Jun 14 02:19:44Culture Police
18th Jun 14 11:36:33Recap.Game Of Thrones S 4 E 10 The Children
29th Dec 13 02:41:45Community.Dwarf Fortress
25th Dec 13 11:27:38There Is Another
24th Dec 13 07:11:23Characters.Dune
23rd Dec 13 11:48:28Trivia.Fight Club
23rd Dec 13 11:45:28Funny.Fight Club
23rd Dec 13 11:43:28Film.Fight Club
23rd Dec 13 11:40:33YMMV.Fight Club
23rd Dec 13 02:55:23Funny.Space Jam
21st Dec 13 04:32:59Enemy Mine.Tabletop Games
20th Dec 13 10:08:30Dragons A Fantasy Made Real
19th Dec 13 09:08:12WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
17th Dec 13 03:01:59Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
11th Dec 13 12:44:17Green Antarctica
10th Dec 13 08:24:01Literature.The Tower Of The Elephant
10th Dec 13 08:21:13YMMV.Green Antarctica
10th Dec 13 08:13:26That One Boss.Pokemon
10th Dec 13 02:04:17Demonic Spiders.Final Fantasy
6th Dec 13 03:28:57Knight Templar.Tabletop Games
6th Dec 13 03:22:14Saintly Church
2nd Dec 13 11:10:23YMMV.Mage The Awakening
1st Dec 13 09:46:32Zombie Apocalypse
27th Nov 13 10:44:36WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
27th Nov 13 10:36:14WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
23rd Nov 13 08:50:15YMMV.Rollercoaster Tycoon
17th Nov 13 10:03:38WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
16th Nov 13 08:45:02Comic Strip.Pugad Baboy
16th Nov 13 08:15:34Characters.Pugad Baboy
16th Nov 13 07:12:19Comic Strip.Pugad Baboy
15th Nov 13 09:15:15My Way Entertainment
15th Nov 13 09:13:45Web Original.My Way Entertainment
15th Nov 13 09:13:45My Way Entertainment
15th Nov 13 05:01:06YMMV.Brainbent
13th Nov 13 06:09:07Quotes.Cuteness Proximity
12th Nov 13 12:19:20Rescued From The Scrappy Heap.Video Games
8th Nov 13 06:37:57Characters.The Binding Of Isaac
7th Nov 13 08:53:50YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
6th Nov 13 06:56:40WMG.Pokemon Future Generations
1st Nov 13 10:18:49Demonic Spiders.Roguelikes
1st Nov 13 08:06:22Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
29th Oct 13 06:20:18Robot Religion
27th Oct 13 09:31:05Characters.Persona Rebirth
26th Oct 13 10:13:53Podcast.Riff Trax
25th Oct 13 10:51:33Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
25th Oct 13 06:53:16Tabletop Game.Dark Heresy
25th Oct 13 06:05:56Cape Busters
25th Oct 13 05:19:55YMMV.Black Crusade
25th Oct 13 05:17:54Moral Event Horizon.Tabletop Games
24th Oct 13 11:41:49Yaoi Genre
21st Oct 13 03:56:02Awesome Music.Progressive
20th Oct 13 03:22:15Quotes.Power Born Of Madness
19th Oct 13 05:04:00Recap.The Walking Dead S 03 E 16 Welcome To The Tombs
19th Oct 13 12:55:25Warhammer40000.W40k Tropes A To H
19th Oct 13 12:55:13Warhammer40000.W40k Tropes Q To Z
11th Oct 13 07:53:08YMMV.Fight Club
11th Oct 13 07:51:00Film.Fight Club
11th Oct 13 07:49:42YMMV.Fight Club
11th Oct 13 04:09:47Our Dragons Are Different.Real Life
7th Oct 13 09:03:07Characters.Persona Rising Reverie University
7th Oct 13 08:45:38YMMV.Persona Rebirth
7th Oct 13 07:19:35Knight Templar.Comic Books
5th Oct 13 02:07:10Five Bad Band.Table Top Games
1st Oct 13 06:27:38Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
1st Oct 13 06:25:02Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
21st Sep 13 08:44:38Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
21st Sep 13 08:15:54Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
15th Sep 13 11:27:59Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
13th Sep 13 12:16:06Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
13th Sep 13 04:27:55Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
13th Sep 13 12:46:13Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
13th Sep 13 12:46:01Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
12th Sep 13 08:32:10Manga.No Matter How I Look At It Its You Guys Fault Im Not Popular
12th Sep 13 01:51:06Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
12th Sep 13 01:35:50Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
8th Sep 13 02:45:03Fan Fic.The Age Of Dusk
1st Sep 13 10:20:34Characters.Magic The Gathering Other Characters
26th Aug 13 12:58:29Tabletop Game.Rogue Trader
23rd Aug 13 09:35:09Characters.Persona Mindscapes
23rd Aug 13 09:23:54Characters.Persona Rising Reverie University
20th Aug 13 07:49:40Characters.Dune
20th Aug 13 03:48:03Funny.Cracked
17th Aug 13 06:18:11Funny.Team Fortress 2
14th Aug 13 09:00:59YMMV.Pacific Rim
14th Aug 13 08:26:36YMMV.Mega Man Legends
14th Aug 13 02:30:18Quotes.Martyrdom Culture
14th Aug 13 01:59:05Heartwarming.The Age Of Dusk
14th Aug 13 01:52:54YMMV.Warhammer 40000
27th Jul 13 12:31:29Characters.Changeling The Lost
27th Jul 13 12:18:10Quotes.Knight Templar
15th Jul 13 01:51:22Blog.Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
29th Jun 13 10:14:31WMG.Time Cube
29th Jun 13 07:33:39YMMV.The Lonely Island
27th Jun 13 10:04:30YMMV.Slam Dunk
26th Jun 13 04:54:15Straw Character
26th Jun 13 03:04:16Mix And Match Critters
22nd Jun 13 08:24:32Driven To Suicide
22nd Jun 13 07:55:17Bondage Is Bad
21st Jun 13 10:26:30Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 7
20th Jun 13 07:28:52Laconic.Warhammer 40000
5th Jun 13 03:34:01Quotes.Disproportionate Retribution
2nd Jun 13 10:44:50Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
2nd Jun 13 10:43:43Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
31st May 13 10:04:34So Bad Its Good.New Media
28th May 13 08:00:16Trivia.The Hobbit
26th May 13 09:52:22Moral Sociopathy
22nd May 13 07:49:42Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
15th May 13 06:10:07Funny.Good Omens
15th May 13 01:54:35Demonic Spiders.Tabletop Games
14th May 13 10:17:26Funny.The Dark Id
14th May 13 10:15:42Lets Play.The Dark Id
9th May 13 09:22:38Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
9th May 13 09:22:23Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
9th May 13 09:20:01Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
9th May 13 09:28:39Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
9th May 13 09:16:26Forum Roleplays
9th May 13 09:12:46Quotes.Watchmen
7th May 13 09:14:27Characters.Persona Rising Reverie High School
7th May 13 10:29:35Characters.Play By Post Games
7th May 13 10:27:55Characters.Persona Rising Reverie
7th May 13 10:19:52Roleplay.Persona Rising Reverie
4th May 13 06:02:18Heartwarming.Mage The Awakening
4th May 13 04:31:38Characters.Mage The Awakening
2nd May 13 03:45:45WMG.Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3
2nd May 13 03:38:31WMG.Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3
2nd May 13 03:24:41Tabletop Game.Changeling The Lost
2nd May 13 03:19:34Tabletop Game.Changeling The Lost
28th Apr 13 10:24:02Characters.Persona Mindscapes
28th Apr 13 09:38:30Characters.Persona Mindscapes
28th Apr 13 05:57:28Well Intentioned Extremist.Tabletop Games
26th Apr 13 10:11:12Heartwarming.Mage The Awakening
26th Apr 13 10:07:05Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
23rd Apr 13 09:23:44Literature.The Gods Of Pegana
23rd Apr 13 03:58:39Literature.The Gods Of Pegana
23rd Apr 13 01:11:06Tabletop Game.Hunter The Vigil
19th Apr 13 08:34:44Useful Notes.North Koreans With Nodongs
19th Apr 13 08:32:00Useful Notes.Fillipinos With Firearms
19th Apr 13 11:55:40Armies Are Evil
19th Apr 13 01:21:09Literature.Three Worlds Collide
19th Apr 13 12:01:58Video Game.Final Fantasy VI
19th Apr 13 12:00:54Magitek
18th Apr 13 10:53:42Memetic Sex God
18th Apr 13 06:48:41Website.Fundies Say The Darndest Things
17th Apr 13 09:31:35Video Game.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
17th Apr 13 07:56:53Characters.Persona Rebirth
17th Apr 13 07:09:49Silly Rabbit Cynicism Is For Losers
17th Apr 13 01:34:05Characters.Mage The Awakening
17th Apr 13 01:03:17Characters.Mage The Awakening
17th Apr 13 12:46:18Enemy Mine.Tabletop Games
17th Apr 13 12:08:42Enemy Mine.Live Action TV
17th Apr 13 12:07:05Series.Penn And Teller Bullshit
17th Apr 13 12:04:42Tropers.Kinkajou
16th Apr 13 11:44:10Roleplay.Persona Mindscapes
16th Apr 13 11:41:48Characters.Persona Mindscapes
16th Apr 13 11:40:41Roleplay.Persona Mindscapes
16th Apr 13 08:16:23No Place For Me There
16th Apr 13 05:18:10Knight Templar.Tabletop Games
16th Apr 13 05:03:19Good Is Not Nice
15th Apr 13 09:46:41Genius Bruiser
15th Apr 13 09:43:50Vladimir Putin
15th Apr 13 08:54:21An Axe To Grind
15th Apr 13 09:53:10Tome Of Eldritch Lore
15th Apr 13 08:12:57Good Is Not Nice
15th Apr 13 02:11:49Scale Of Scientific Sins
15th Apr 13 02:05:54Quotes.Mad Scientist
15th Apr 13 02:04:30Science Hero
15th Apr 13 01:38:22Quotes.Killer Game Master
15th Apr 13 01:30:41Offbeat
15th Apr 13 01:17:30Working For A Body Upgrade
14th Apr 13 11:50:53YMMV.Bio Shock
14th Apr 13 11:53:54Moral Event Horizon.Tabletop Games
14th Apr 13 11:47:19Moral Event Horizon.Tabletop Games
14th Apr 13 12:46:22Heartwarming.Mage The Awakening
14th Apr 13 12:33:27Heartwarming.Mage The Awakening
14th Apr 13 12:28:15Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
14th Apr 13 12:15:20Characters.Mage The Awakening
13th Apr 13 10:35:39Elaborate University High
12th Apr 13 09:15:19YMMV.Persona Heaven