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3rd Dec 16 10:11:29YMMV.Dead Rising
3rd Dec 16 09:43:16Video Game.Dead Rising
1st Dec 16 06:19:11YMMV.Seventh Dragon
1st Dec 16 05:50:48YMMV.Seventh Dragon
1st Dec 16 03:58:09Visual Novel.Grisaia No Kajitsu
30th Nov 16 05:39:20Early Game Hell
29th Nov 16 01:30:25YMMV.Persona 4
28th Nov 16 08:45:54Memes.Blaz Blue
27th Nov 16 08:54:53Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
26th Nov 16 07:42:23YMMV.Awkward Zombie
26th Nov 16 06:35:46Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
25th Nov 16 08:58:34YMMV.Hyrule Warriors
25th Nov 16 03:35:47YMMV.Hyrule Warriors
17th Nov 16 08:24:35YMMV.Demon Gaze
13th Nov 16 03:55:10Artificial Stupidity.Party Games
13th Nov 16 12:19:40Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
10th Nov 16 10:24:17YMMV.Metroid Prime Federation Force
9th Nov 16 08:03:59Clipped Wing Angel
9th Nov 16 07:37:52Video Game.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
9th Nov 16 04:00:55YMMV.Animal Crossing
8th Nov 16 08:27:12YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
8th Nov 16 08:10:45Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
6th Nov 16 06:16:32Memes.Blaz Blue
5th Nov 16 05:18:25Video Game.Demon Gaze
1st Nov 16 03:54:47YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
27th Oct 16 05:42:35Trivia.Corpse Party
27th Oct 16 05:38:56YMMV.Corpse Party
27th Oct 16 05:25:21Video Game.Corpse Party
27th Oct 16 02:32:08Master Of All
27th Oct 16 02:22:24Jack Of All Stats
24th Oct 16 07:06:36Troubled Production.Sports
24th Oct 16 04:38:23YMMV.Hyrule Warriors
20th Oct 16 04:16:14Video Game.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
19th Oct 16 07:53:41Video Game.Fire Emblem Fates
15th Oct 16 02:29:40YMMV.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
13th Oct 16 02:34:27Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
13th Oct 16 12:29:50YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
12th Oct 16 02:21:02YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
11th Oct 16 09:53:27YMMV.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
11th Oct 16 09:48:54YMMV.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
8th Oct 16 12:59:06Horrible.Video Game Generations
8th Oct 16 10:49:39YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
7th Oct 16 10:17:41YMMV.Gaia
5th Oct 16 05:08:41Characters.Hyrule Warriors Hyrulean Forces
3rd Oct 16 05:29:36Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
2nd Oct 16 10:25:03YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
1st Oct 16 09:45:52Video Game.Hyrule Warriors
27th Sep 16 12:08:34Blessed With Suck.Video Games
24th Sep 16 09:26:06YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
22nd Sep 16 07:56:06That One Achievement
22nd Sep 16 07:37:56YMMV.Dead Rising 3
22nd Sep 16 12:21:42YMMV.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
22nd Sep 16 12:16:35YMMV.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
21st Sep 16 10:53:24Headscratchers.Virtues Last Reward
20th Sep 16 09:30:17Headscratchers.Etrian Odyssey
20th Sep 16 04:12:56Video Game.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
20th Sep 16 03:57:45That One Achievement
20th Sep 16 03:43:14YMMV.Dead Rising 2
19th Sep 16 05:10:48Video Game.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
18th Sep 16 09:09:27Video Game.Mario Kart 7
17th Sep 16 03:52:59YMMV.Mario Kart 64
17th Sep 16 03:44:27Video Game.Mario Kart
16th Sep 16 05:36:44YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
16th Sep 16 03:55:11YMMV.Mario Kart
15th Sep 16 02:38:51Video Game.Lost Dimension
8th Sep 16 08:54:06YMMV.Blaz Blue Central Fiction
7th Sep 16 12:12:27Awesome Music.Vocaloid Kagamine Rin And Len
6th Sep 16 05:49:39Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
4th Sep 16 09:03:24Video Game.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
3rd Sep 16 03:50:20Video Game.Muramasa The Demon Blade
31st Aug 16 11:13:09YMMV.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
31st Aug 16 11:10:22Video Game.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
30th Aug 16 08:20:47Video Game.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
27th Aug 16 03:01:22YMMV.No Mans Sky
27th Aug 16 02:52:29Trivia.No Mans Sky
23rd Aug 16 02:15:27Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
23rd Aug 16 11:45:42Video Game.Sonic Runners
22nd Aug 16 03:25:53YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
21st Aug 16 06:54:33Headscratchers.Virtues Last Reward
21st Aug 16 03:37:25Headscratchers.Virtues Last Reward
21st Aug 16 03:18:25Visual Novel.Virtues Last Reward
19th Aug 16 03:19:29Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
19th Aug 16 03:06:01Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
18th Aug 16 09:25:01YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
18th Aug 16 04:25:25Porting Disaster
14th Aug 16 11:38:34YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
14th Aug 16 10:06:05YMMV.XCOM Enemy Unknown
14th Aug 16 09:59:39Porting Disaster
11th Aug 16 09:40:48YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
6th Aug 16 08:23:12YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
30th Jul 16 01:51:17Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
29th Jul 16 02:43:42YMMV.Overwatch
27th Jul 16 09:52:46YMMV.Pokemon Go
21st Jul 16 08:00:28YMMV.Spec Ops The Line
19th Jul 16 11:07:05Web Video.Five Second Films
16th Jul 16 02:43:59YMMV.Smogon
8th Jul 16 06:16:36Video Game.Deception
4th Jul 16 09:09:55Resist The Beast
4th Jul 16 09:01:28Tragic Monster
24th Jun 16 10:51:51Video Game.Earth Defense Force
24th Jun 16 10:49:05Creator.XSEED Games
18th Jun 16 01:27:48YMMV.Street Fighter V
4th Jun 16 06:44:17Video Game.Devil Survivor 2
22nd May 16 11:01:27Awesome Music.Blaz Blue
22nd May 16 10:47:02Awesome Music.Blaz Blue
12th May 16 10:13:56YMMV.Truancy
5th May 16 10:33:14YMMV.Corpse Party
1st May 16 06:48:34YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
24th Apr 16 08:52:23Webcomic.Sandra And Woo
1st Apr 16 11:20:28YMMV.Smogon
31st Mar 16 08:29:11YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
16th Mar 16 11:07:31Video Game.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
15th Mar 16 07:52:06Video Game.Pokemon Shuffle
15th Mar 16 07:50:15YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
14th Mar 16 10:51:28Irony
13th Mar 16 11:43:11Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
9th Mar 16 12:41:09YMMV.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
26th Feb 16 11:58:04Literature.Divergent
26th Feb 16 11:49:31YMMV.Divergent
26th Feb 16 09:08:22Trivia.Persona 3 FTW
23rd Feb 16 09:45:24YMMV.Truancy
23rd Feb 16 09:12:19Literature.Truancy
18th Feb 16 05:45:03Limited Special Collectors Ultimate Edition.Video Games
15th Feb 16 10:05:17Video Game.Corpse Party
15th Feb 16 09:58:17Sensory Abuse
13th Feb 16 05:16:03Effortless Achievement
13th Feb 16 04:34:43That One Achievement
12th Feb 16 03:47:35YMMV.Corpse Party
11th Feb 16 03:48:45Just Here For Godzilla
11th Feb 16 03:41:03Video Game.Sound Shapes
6th Feb 16 09:46:12YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
3rd Feb 16 06:14:07YMMV.Corpse Party
31st Jan 16 11:51:14YMMV.Freedom Wars
30th Jan 16 08:47:19YMMV.Criminal Girls
29th Jan 16 06:48:23Video Game.Criminal Girls
27th Jan 16 06:40:43Characters.Criminal Girls
26th Jan 16 10:52:55YMMV.Criminal Girls
25th Jan 16 09:20:23YMMV.Criminal Girls
23rd Jan 16 03:43:32Video Game.Criminal Girls
23rd Jan 16 03:37:43YMMV.Criminal Girls
19th Jan 16 10:32:26Video Game.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
19th Jan 16 08:54:09Video Game.Conception 2 Children Of The Seven Stars
16th Jan 16 11:26:40Lawful Stupid
16th Jan 16 10:25:59Ret Gone
10th Jan 16 06:10:52Developers Foresight.Undertale
8th Jan 16 02:29:21YMMV.Persona 5
1st Jan 16 06:38:04YMMV.Fallout 4
27th Dec 15 12:21:27Tier Induced Scrappy.Both
27th Dec 15 12:09:44YMMV.Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
24th Dec 15 10:56:25YMMV.Final Fantasy Record Keeper
22nd Dec 15 09:50:18YMMV.Fantasy Life
21st Dec 15 06:34:08Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
19th Dec 15 06:28:59Nominal Hero
17th Dec 15 06:56:01YMMV.Two Worlds
17th Dec 15 01:55:57YMMV.Minecraft
17th Dec 15 09:48:41YMMV.Nintendo Badge Arcade
17th Dec 15 09:39:04YMMV.Pokemon Shuffle
12th Dec 15 11:21:22YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
12th Dec 15 03:49:30Video Game.Super Princess Peach
7th Dec 15 09:53:23Creator.Atlus
7th Dec 15 09:47:32Video Game.Stella Glow
4th Dec 15 12:48:00YMMV.Fallout Shelter
1st Dec 15 10:57:52Not Himself
27th Nov 15 08:32:26Easier Than Easy
27th Nov 15 08:28:32Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
27th Nov 15 12:36:36Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
27th Nov 15 09:39:45YMMV.Sonic Runners
24th Nov 15 02:19:19YMMV.Smogon
16th Nov 15 02:47:43Hidden Depths.Video Games
13th Nov 15 11:20:02Christmas Rushed
13th Nov 15 11:02:41Scaled Up
13th Nov 15 08:33:07Video Game.Lord Of Magna Maiden Heaven
13th Nov 15 08:26:01YMMV.Lord Of Magna Maiden Heaven
13th Nov 15 08:11:31Characters.Lord Of Magna Maiden Heaven
13th Nov 15 08:02:13Funny.Lord Of Magna Maiden Heaven
13th Nov 15 08:00:56Video Game.Lord Of Magna Maiden Heaven
13th Nov 15 07:45:29Creator.XSEED Games
10th Nov 15 09:40:26Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
6th Nov 15 02:07:20Video Game.Retro Game Challenge
6th Nov 15 01:56:06Creator.XSEED Games
5th Nov 15 03:40:39YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
4th Nov 15 07:46:09Tier Induced Scrappy.Both
3rd Nov 15 01:42:27YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
3rd Nov 15 01:37:47YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
28th Oct 15 09:38:10YMMV.Runescape
27th Oct 15 05:28:01Video Game.Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
27th Oct 15 02:58:39Competitive Balance
27th Oct 15 12:44:42Motive Misidentification
26th Oct 15 06:22:22YMMV.Sonic Runners
22nd Oct 15 07:37:11Chaotic Neutral
22nd Oct 15 06:36:57Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
20th Oct 15 10:38:09YMMV.Dragonball GT
15th Oct 15 10:32:53Video Game.Skull Girls
15th Oct 15 05:06:36Golden Snitch
15th Oct 15 05:00:11Damage Sponge Boss
15th Oct 15 04:50:03Damage Sponge Boss
15th Oct 15 04:44:45Game Breaker.Etrian Odyssey
15th Oct 15 04:34:22YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
15th Oct 15 04:30:03Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
13th Oct 15 07:37:54YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
13th Oct 15 07:28:29Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
13th Oct 15 12:59:33Video Game.Devil Survivor 2
2nd Oct 15 02:20:25Eagleland
1st Oct 15 05:03:38Magazine.Game Informer
1st Oct 15 02:13:56Tier Induced Scrappy.Both
30th Sep 15 02:12:27YMMV.Death Battle
29th Sep 15 12:31:40YMMV.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
28th Sep 15 12:44:49YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
27th Sep 15 09:54:07Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
26th Sep 15 05:38:42Informed Loner
26th Sep 15 05:33:50Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
25th Sep 15 10:23:03Video Game.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
23rd Sep 15 11:36:07Grandfather Clause
23rd Sep 15 10:41:16Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
23rd Sep 15 10:08:47Tier Induced Scrappy.High Tiers
23rd Sep 15 03:16:43Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
23rd Sep 15 02:01:10YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
21st Sep 15 07:37:32Video Game.Sonic Runners
21st Sep 15 07:36:22Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
20th Sep 15 02:05:21Video Game.Sonic Runners
18th Sep 15 10:44:51Skyrim.Tropes 0 To G
17th Sep 15 12:01:37YMMV.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
16th Sep 15 08:54:00Powerup Letdown
16th Sep 15 08:06:34Skyrim.Tropes N To T
11th Sep 15 04:55:49Useless Useful Spell.Video Games
9th Sep 15 07:17:27Video Game.Sonic Runners
9th Sep 15 07:10:51YMMV.Sonic Runners
8th Sep 15 08:48:17Trivia.Skull Girls
8th Sep 15 02:36:36Dethroning Moment.VG Cats
8th Sep 15 02:34:34Dethroning Moment.VG Cats
5th Sep 15 09:25:27Video Game.The Dark Spire
5th Sep 15 06:21:27YMMV.Fantasy Life
4th Sep 15 10:27:40Visual Novel.Dangan Ronpa
3rd Sep 15 02:09:45Creator.XSEED Games
2nd Sep 15 07:24:16Going Through The Motions
1st Sep 15 05:57:07Video Game.Harvest Moon Back To Nature
1st Sep 15 04:21:25Video Game.Story Of Seasons
31st Aug 15 04:44:45Game Breaker.Etrian Odyssey
31st Aug 15 04:37:47Funny.Etrian Odyssey
31st Aug 15 11:57:19Overshadowedbyawesome.Smogon
29th Aug 15 05:16:19Characters.Etrian Odyssey
28th Aug 15 10:32:23Creator.Eden Riegel
28th Aug 15 10:24:48I Regret Nothing
28th Aug 15 10:00:35YMMV.Dangan Ronpa
26th Aug 15 11:16:09YMMV.Fantasy Life
21st Aug 15 08:18:30Unwinnable By Design
21st Aug 15 08:03:42Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
21st Aug 15 05:39:21Video Game.Duel Savior Destiny
21st Aug 15 05:26:48YMMV.Duel Savior Destiny
20th Aug 15 03:10:35Deathbringer The Adorable
20th Aug 15 02:58:04Characters.Fantasy Life
17th Aug 15 10:24:20Characters.Fantasy Life
12th Aug 15 03:14:36Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
12th Aug 15 07:48:36Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
9th Aug 15 09:34:30Creator.XSEED Games
8th Aug 15 09:53:05YMMV.Harvest Moon
5th Aug 15 11:41:26YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
5th Aug 15 10:46:36YMMV.Lost In Blue
4th Aug 15 12:26:02Characters.Etrian Odyssey
3rd Aug 15 07:08:33Solo Character Run
2nd Aug 15 09:50:52Video Game.Conception 2 Children Of The Seven Stars
1st Aug 15 08:59:16YMMV.Yggdra Union
30th Jul 15 08:53:09Game Favored Gender
28th Jul 15 04:10:40YMMV.Muramasa The Demon Blade
24th Jul 15 08:57:10YMMV.Hatsune Miku Project Diva
24th Jul 15 05:20:14Video Game.Sonic Runners
23rd Jul 15 11:42:03Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
23rd Jul 15 01:57:04Death By Despair
22nd Jul 15 11:47:41Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
21st Jul 15 06:24:58Videogame.Rogue Legacy
21st Jul 15 04:40:54That One Achievement
21st Jul 15 04:33:30YMMV.Rogue Legacy
21st Jul 15 04:32:53YMMV.Rogue Legacy
17th Jul 15 11:36:47Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
17th Jul 15 11:28:42YMMV.Atlus
8th Jul 15 11:37:31Horrible.Voice Acting
6th Jul 15 05:09:51Video Game.Roommates
6th Jul 15 05:07:57Video Game.Roommates
29th Jun 15 04:19:44Video Game.Sonic Runners
26th Jun 15 04:52:19YMMV.Sonic Runners
16th Jun 15 04:35:48What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Video Games
10th Jun 15 04:16:07Video Game.Bio Shock 1
6th Jun 15 05:38:08YMMV.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
6th Jun 15 04:17:49That One Boss.RPG
6th Jun 15 03:50:01YMMV.Freedom Wars
4th Jun 15 10:11:40YMMV.Freedom Wars
3rd Jun 15 12:03:55YMMV.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
23rd May 15 05:44:06Story Breadcrumbs
22nd May 15 01:21:54It Gets Better
22nd May 15 01:15:49YMMV.Freedom Wars
6th May 15 01:21:04Twenty Bear Asses
4th May 15 03:29:41Master Of All
4th May 15 03:27:34Jack Of All Stats
4th May 15 10:57:52YMMV.Mortal Kombat 1
3rd May 15 10:10:34Flawless Victory
2nd May 15 08:21:01Min Maxing
27th Apr 15 08:04:20Characters.Citizens Of Earth
27th Apr 15 09:09:28AI Breaker
27th Apr 15 09:01:38Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
27th Apr 15 07:23:38Game Breaker.Etrian Odyssey
26th Apr 15 07:27:34Video Game.Poker Night 2
23rd Apr 15 04:15:55YMMV.Pokemon Rumble
21st Apr 15 07:57:50Video Game.Mind Zero
21st Apr 15 07:54:23Character Select Forcing
21st Apr 15 07:47:11Video Game.Criminal Girls
21st Apr 15 06:50:02Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
21st Apr 15 01:30:56Video Game.Poker Night 2
19th Apr 15 04:20:25Series.American Ninja Warrior
19th Apr 15 04:17:52Series.American Ninja Warrior
18th Apr 15 04:19:08YMMV.Poker Night 2
17th Apr 15 04:49:57Only The Creator Does It Right
16th Apr 15 03:56:55Dethroning Moment.Video Games
15th Apr 15 09:38:11Game Breaker.Rhythm Games
15th Apr 15 08:40:13YMMV.Mind Zero
15th Apr 15 05:01:38YMMV.Harvest Moon A New Beginning
15th Apr 15 04:56:33YMMV.Story Of Seasons
14th Apr 15 03:15:18YMMV.Story Of Seasons
14th Apr 15 02:43:59YMMV.Harvest Moon
14th Apr 15 02:35:15Video Game.Story Of Seasons
14th Apr 15 02:30:59Franchise.Harvest Moon
11th Apr 15 11:02:43Video Game.Pokemon Rumble
11th Apr 15 10:42:00Video Game.Pokemon Rumble
10th Apr 15 05:01:20Video Game.Pokemon Rumble
9th Apr 15 10:03:21Idiot Plot.Video Games
9th Apr 15 09:55:06YMMV.Final Fantasy III
9th Apr 15 09:54:43Video Game.Final Fantasy III
9th Apr 15 09:53:01Video Game.Final Fantasy III
8th Apr 15 07:01:09Video Game.Citizens Of Earth
8th Apr 15 06:55:15YMMV.Criminal Girls
7th Apr 15 11:40:36Awesome.XSEED Games
7th Apr 15 11:33:30YMMV.Harvest Moon
5th Apr 15 04:23:32Video Game.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
4th Apr 15 10:10:56Trivia.Skull Girls
4th Apr 15 10:08:05YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
2nd Apr 15 05:38:23YMMV.Harvest Moon
31st Mar 15 11:10:20YMMV.Fire Emblem Awakening
30th Mar 15 09:57:50Heartwarming.Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
29th Mar 15 11:25:18Memes.Dragon Ball
29th Mar 15 10:50:52Video Game.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
29th Mar 15 10:37:04YMMV.Atlus
29th Mar 15 07:38:46YMMV.Dangan Ronpa
29th Mar 15 07:33:00YMMV.Final Fantasy IV
29th Mar 15 07:21:12Video Game.Final Fantasy IV
29th Mar 15 04:00:50Video Game.Muramasa The Demon Blade
27th Mar 15 06:42:15Video Game.Pandemic
26th Mar 15 09:18:49YMMV.Dragonball Xenoverse
26th Mar 15 08:05:00YMMV.Dragonball Xenoverse
21st Mar 15 09:11:29Video Game.Mortal Kombat 2
21st Mar 15 06:59:40Curb Stomp Battle.Death Battle
21st Mar 15 03:58:20Hidden Depths.Video Games
21st Mar 15 03:45:18Characters.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
15th Mar 15 09:56:22Creator.Liam O Brien
15th Mar 15 08:10:44Video Game.Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Al Revis
10th Mar 15 03:09:58YMMV.Citizens Of Earth
9th Mar 15 07:55:09YMMV.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
7th Mar 15 09:32:52Video Game.The Walking Dead
7th Mar 15 08:47:43YMMV.Skull Girls
5th Mar 15 05:15:20Wall Bangers.The Fairly Odd Parents
5th Mar 15 12:45:06Video Game.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
2nd Mar 15 04:41:16YMMV.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
26th Feb 15 11:17:14YMMV.Skull Girls
23rd Feb 15 12:48:04YMMV.Skull Girls
23rd Feb 15 12:37:15YMMV.Dead Rising 2
22nd Feb 15 09:16:28That One Achievement
22nd Feb 15 08:56:43Dance Party Ending
22nd Feb 15 08:53:55Video Game.Muramasa The Demon Blade
13th Feb 15 11:28:18YMMV.The Elder Scrolls Arena
9th Feb 15 07:23:07Game Breaking Bug
9th Feb 15 07:13:57YMMV.Citizens Of Earth
9th Feb 15 07:10:41Game Breaking Bug.Role Playing Game
9th Feb 15 07:04:28YMMV.Akibas Trip
9th Feb 15 07:01:45Video Game.Akibas Trip
8th Feb 15 06:27:41Video Game.Akibas Trip
6th Feb 15 02:37:05YMMV.Akibas Trip
5th Feb 15 03:10:47YMMV.Akibas Trip
5th Feb 15 03:03:54Video Game.Akibas Trip
3rd Feb 15 04:12:56YMMV.Citizens Of Earth
2nd Feb 15 04:17:45Video Game.Akibas Trip
2nd Feb 15 04:17:26Video Game.Akibas Trip
31st Jan 15 03:38:33YMMV.Akibas Trip
31st Jan 15 03:36:43Video Game.Akibas Trip
30th Jan 15 12:34:45Video Game.Akibas Trip
29th Jan 15 11:29:02Video Game.Akibas Trip
28th Jan 15 04:02:03Video Game.Akibas Trip
26th Jan 15 03:42:35YMMV.Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
25th Jan 15 08:00:29Trivia.Resident Evil 1
25th Jan 15 08:00:06Trivia.Resident Evil 1
25th Jan 15 06:11:14Video Game.Citizens Of Earth
25th Jan 15 06:07:08YMMV.Citizens Of Earth
22nd Jan 15 06:48:14Cast Of Snowflakes
22nd Jan 15 06:38:05Loads And Loads Of Characters.Video Games
22nd Jan 15 06:15:37Video Game.Citizens Of Earth
22nd Jan 15 05:59:13YMMV.Citizens Of Earth
21st Jan 15 03:51:38YMMV.Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
21st Jan 15 02:31:13YMMV.Final Fantasy XII
14th Jan 15 04:02:30Only The Creator Does It Right
14th Jan 15 03:29:23YMMV.Duke Nukem 3 D
14th Jan 15 03:24:28Video Game.Duke Nukem 3 D
14th Jan 15 03:18:49YMMV.Duke Nukem 3 D
13th Jan 15 07:36:29Video Game.Hometown Story