11th Jul 14 06:15:10YMMV.Dragon Age Inquisition
11th Jul 14 06:08:24YMMV.Dragon Age Inquisition
11th Jul 14 03:44:02Series.Power Rangers RPM
10th Jul 14 07:24:23YMMV.History Of Power Rangers
9th Jul 14 04:46:25Heartwarming.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
9th Jul 14 02:00:26YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
9th Jul 14 01:54:44Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
9th Jul 14 11:34:00Awesome.Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots
9th Jul 14 09:26:33Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
9th Jul 14 09:16:22YMMV.The Angry Joe Show
9th Jul 14 06:34:49Trivia.Bones
8th Jul 14 11:53:55Tear Jerker.Infamous Second Son
8th Jul 14 11:19:38Series.Supernatural
8th Jul 14 09:23:43YMMV.Lorde
8th Jul 14 04:30:36Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
7th Jul 14 08:19:33YMMV.The Strawhat NO
6th Jul 14 04:18:28Series.Sam And Cat
6th Jul 14 04:14:48Series.Sam And Cat
6th Jul 14 03:01:30Funny.Arrow
6th Jul 14 04:57:30YMMV.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
5th Jul 14 08:16:11Creator.Bob Chipman
5th Jul 14 07:55:39YMMV.Moviebob
4th Jul 14 03:07:26Series.Game Of Thrones
4th Jul 14 10:31:03YMMV.Neverwinter Nights 2
4th Jul 14 08:48:45YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
4th Jul 14 08:45:41YMMV.Troy Baker
4th Jul 14 08:28:09Heartwarming.The Wolf Among Us
4th Jul 14 08:28:08Heartwarming.The Wolf Among Us
4th Jul 14 08:24:46Videogame.The Wolf Among Us
4th Jul 14 07:41:17YMMV.The King Of Hate
4th Jul 14 06:03:15YMMV.Grand Theft Auto V
3rd Jul 14 05:32:41Series.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
3rd Jul 14 11:58:23Recap.Leverage S 03 E 03 The Inside Job
3rd Jul 14 09:38:32Series.Power Rangers Megaforce
2nd Jul 14 10:53:57Videogame.Grand Theft Auto V
2nd Jul 14 10:18:36Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
2nd Jul 14 09:24:15Creator.Platinum Games
2nd Jul 14 08:39:23YMMV.Star Wars The Clone Wars
2nd Jul 14 08:04:51Awesome.Iron Man
2nd Jul 14 07:50:12Nightmare Fuel.Samand Cat
2nd Jul 14 03:30:01YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
30th Jun 14 04:59:07Awesome.Atopthefourthwall
30th Jun 14 04:56:40YMMV.Atopthefourthwall
30th Jun 14 04:39:35Tear Jerker.Community
30th Jun 14 09:13:26Awesome.Atopthefourthwall
30th Jun 14 01:19:08Characters.Achievement Hunter
29th Jun 14 06:40:03Creator.Gavin Free
29th Jun 14 05:44:51Creator.Gavin Free
29th Jun 14 06:24:48Creator.Chris Avellone
29th Jun 14 06:22:22Web Video.Fallout Nuka Break
29th Jun 14 04:15:32Webvideo.Feminist Frequency
28th Jun 14 02:09:28Horrible.The King Of Hate
28th Jun 14 02:01:54Magic Missile Storm
28th Jun 14 11:00:30YMMV.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
28th Jun 14 03:06:28Awesome.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
27th Jun 14 06:19:32Quotes.EVE Online
27th Jun 14 05:07:30Video Game.EVE Online
27th Jun 14 04:36:28Memes.Grand Theft Auto
27th Jun 14 12:21:48Video Game.Assassins Creed Unity
26th Jun 14 12:43:33Trivia.Contrast
25th Jun 14 05:40:29YMMV.The King Of Hate
25th Jun 14 05:18:56YMMV.The King Of Hate
25th Jun 14 04:48:54Allegedly Free Game
25th Jun 14 03:53:11YMMV.Tobuscus
25th Jun 14 01:20:16YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
25th Jun 14 07:24:12Web Video.The Mysterious Mr Enter
25th Jun 14 05:22:03YMMV.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
24th Jun 14 03:03:02Video Game.Far Cry 3
24th Jun 14 01:39:37Creator.Channing Tatum
24th Jun 14 01:04:06YMMV.Twenty Two Jump Street
24th Jun 14 12:18:43Trivia.X Men Apocalypse
24th Jun 14 09:10:13YMMV.Far Cry 4
24th Jun 14 09:05:47Video Game.Far Cry 3
24th Jun 14 09:05:03Video Game.Far Cry 4
24th Jun 14 09:02:30Videogame.Far Cry 3
24th Jun 14 09:01:40E 3
24th Jun 14 08:57:35Video Game.Watch Dogs
24th Jun 14 08:38:35YMMV.Watch Dogs
24th Jun 14 05:58:55Awesome.RETSUPURAE
24th Jun 14 05:29:01Trivia.Superior Spider Man
24th Jun 14 05:19:39Trivia.The Amazing Spider Man 2
24th Jun 14 05:13:14YMMV.Scarlet Spider
24th Jun 14 03:15:09Awesome.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
24th Jun 14 03:14:37Awesome.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
24th Jun 14 03:10:36Awesome.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
24th Jun 14 03:06:27Lets Play.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
24th Jun 14 01:34:48Funny.Bad Movie Beatdown 2014 Episodes
23rd Jun 14 04:30:28YMMV.Watch Dogs
23rd Jun 14 08:53:29Lets Play.Spoiler Warning
23rd Jun 14 05:36:43YMMV.That Guy With The Glasses
23rd Jun 14 04:37:49Characters.Whatthe Fuckis Wrongwithyou
23rd Jun 14 03:39:53Trivia.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
22nd Jun 14 03:52:21YMMV.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
22nd Jun 14 03:40:17Video Game.Assassins Creed III
22nd Jun 14 03:38:51YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
22nd Jun 14 03:38:26YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
22nd Jun 14 03:29:10YMMV.Assassins Creedrevelations
21st Jun 14 01:39:44Trivia.REIGN
21st Jun 14 06:53:50Creator.Obsidian Entertainment
19th Jun 14 06:06:05Video Game.Dragon Age II
19th Jun 14 04:44:04Trivia.Assassins Creed Unity
19th Jun 14 04:14:22Trivia.Assassins Creed Unity
19th Jun 14 01:22:24Western Animation.Iron Man Armored Adventures
19th Jun 14 01:20:39YMMV.Iron Man Armored Adventures
18th Jun 14 11:42:28Dragon Age.Dragon Age Organizations
18th Jun 14 08:11:51Video Game.Dragon Age II
18th Jun 14 08:11:45Video Game.Dragon Age II
18th Jun 14 06:22:12YMMV.Dragon Age Origins Awakening
17th Jun 14 06:12:08YMMV.Grand Theft Auto V
17th Jun 14 04:25:04YMMV.Thecynicalbrit
17th Jun 14 04:00:17Videogame.Dead Rising 3
17th Jun 14 03:50:17Tabletop Game.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
17th Jun 14 12:46:55Literature.YOU
17th Jun 14 06:13:52Video Game.Dishonored
16th Jun 14 06:29:28Videogame.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
16th Jun 14 03:01:57Videogame.Charlie Murder
15th Jun 14 07:00:49Nightmare Fuel.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
14th Jun 14 10:11:35YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
14th Jun 14 10:11:33YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
14th Jun 14 06:59:44Music.Mark Hildreth
13th Jun 14 03:45:19Characters.Assassins Creed Unity
13th Jun 14 08:32:19Characters.The Mistborn Adventures
13th Jun 14 07:11:45Central Theme.Live Action TV
12th Jun 14 04:28:26YMMV.Zero Punctuation
12th Jun 14 04:27:04Awesome.Zero Punctuation
11th Jun 14 06:25:41Heartwarming.Database Rangers Power Reviews
11th Jun 14 06:24:11Web Video.Database Rangers Power Reviews
11th Jun 14 06:23:43Web Video.Database Rangers Power Reviews
11th Jun 14 06:16:28Funny.Database Rangers Power Reviews
11th Jun 14 04:38:53YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
11th Jun 14 04:33:31YMMV.Lorde
11th Jun 14 04:33:31YMMV.Lorde
11th Jun 14 04:27:30Music.Ariana Grande
11th Jun 14 03:29:27YMMV.HALO
11th Jun 14 03:11:52YMMV.Neverwinter Nights 2
11th Jun 14 02:23:39YMMV.Power Rangers
11th Jun 14 12:38:34Funny.Grand Theft Auto V
11th Jun 14 12:35:43Trivia.Grand Theft Auto V
11th Jun 14 10:09:13Central Theme.Live Action TV
11th Jun 14 09:55:30YMMV.Knights Of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords
11th Jun 14 09:53:03Shoot The Mage First
11th Jun 14 08:01:56YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
11th Jun 14 08:00:23Characters.Assassins Creed Unity
11th Jun 14 07:58:29YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
10th Jun 14 12:29:33Characters.Infamous Second Son
10th Jun 14 12:28:32Videogame.Infamous Second Son
10th Jun 14 09:41:55Trivia.Power Rangers Megaforce
10th Jun 14 09:36:13Trivia.Power Rangers Megaforce
10th Jun 14 09:36:12Trivia.Power Rangers Megaforce
10th Jun 14 09:18:48YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
10th Jun 14 06:53:32Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
10th Jun 14 06:52:28Video Game.Crackdown
9th Jun 14 05:35:10Video Game.Assassins Creed Unity
9th Jun 14 04:21:21YMMV.Watch Dogs
8th Jun 14 04:38:23YMMV.Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
8th Jun 14 09:46:34Video Game.Cyberpunk 2077
8th Jun 14 05:13:23YMMV.Hitman
8th Jun 14 03:38:48Awesome.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
8th Jun 14 03:33:21YMMV.Power Rangers Mystic Force
8th Jun 14 02:36:55Funny.Moon Knight
8th Jun 14 02:33:40Awesome.Moon Knight
7th Jun 14 06:45:03Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
7th Jun 14 06:44:23Comic Book.Doctor Strange
7th Jun 14 01:08:47Awesome.Watch Dogs
7th Jun 14 01:05:38Nightmare Fuel.Watch Dogs
7th Jun 14 09:37:52Series.Supernatural
6th Jun 14 05:36:58Awesome.Watch Dogs
6th Jun 14 05:30:43YMMV.Vlog Brothers
6th Jun 14 07:12:07YMMV.The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction
6th Jun 14 06:44:23Video Game.The Simpsons Hit And Run
6th Jun 14 06:32:21Video Game.The Simpsons Hit And Run
6th Jun 14 05:56:31Heartwarming.Prototype 2
6th Jun 14 05:55:20YMMV.Prototype 2
6th Jun 14 05:49:38Funny.Prototype 2
4th Jun 14 03:40:05Trivia.Watch Dogs
4th Jun 14 03:38:16YMMV.Watch Dogs
4th Jun 14 04:06:49Video Game.Saints Row IV
3rd Jun 14 04:11:01YMMV.The Angry Joe Show
3rd Jun 14 08:04:03YMMV.Power Rangers Megaforce
3rd Jun 14 07:59:43Characters.Power Rangers Megaforce
3rd Jun 14 07:49:03YMMV.Tru Calling
3rd Jun 14 04:16:42Trivia.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
2nd Jun 14 07:22:14YMMV.Watch Dogs
2nd Jun 14 07:21:31YMMV.Watch Dogs
2nd Jun 14 07:12:45Tear Jerker.Watch Dogs
2nd Jun 14 11:09:51Video Game.Homefront
1st Jun 14 07:29:04Zero Punctuation.Tropes E To H
1st Jun 14 03:47:28YMMV.Watch Dogs
31st May 14 07:23:04YMMV.Power Rangers Megaforce
31st May 14 02:49:42YMMV.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
31st May 14 01:56:28Literature.The Mistborn Adventures
31st May 14 01:18:24Dragon Age Origins.Tropes A To E
31st May 14 01:14:45Videogame.Dishonored
31st May 14 08:09:43Video Game.Fable I
31st May 14 08:04:04Awesome.Watch Dogs
31st May 14 08:03:34Video Game.Watch Dogs
31st May 14 05:01:39Characters.Dragon Age Origins Playable Characters The Warriors
31st May 14 02:36:36Heartwarming.Database Rangers Power Reviews
31st May 14 02:33:26Funny.Database Rangers Power Reviews
31st May 14 02:31:16Web Video.Database Rangers Power Reviews
30th May 14 01:55:02Awesome.Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series
30th May 14 01:24:31Video Game.State Of Decay
30th May 14 09:58:35YMMV.Dollhouse
30th May 14 07:34:37Creator.Channing Tatum
30th May 14 03:07:42Awesome.Infamous Second Son
30th May 14 02:27:47YMMV.Parks And Recreation
30th May 14 01:54:21Nightmare Fuel.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
30th May 14 01:48:27YMMV.Olympic Games
30th May 14 01:07:26Awesome.Infamous Second Son
29th May 14 01:53:24Video Game.Watch Dogs
29th May 14 01:50:04Video Game.Watch Dogs
29th May 14 07:47:28YMMV.Saints Row The Third
29th May 14 01:32:46Funny.Power Rangers RPM
28th May 14 03:01:31Series.Glee
28th May 14 01:20:54Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
28th May 14 05:32:09YMMV.The Wolf Among Us
28th May 14 05:29:16Awesome.The Wolf Among Us
28th May 14 05:27:23Videogame.The Wolf Among Us
28th May 14 04:59:14Comicbook.FABLES
27th May 14 08:34:06Video Game.Metro Last Light
27th May 14 07:58:07YMMV.Watch Dogs
27th May 14 01:54:27Awesome.Not Always Right
25th May 14 05:53:19Funny.Power Rangers Megaforce
25th May 14 08:52:57YMMV.Star Trek Into Darkness
25th May 14 07:10:56Video Game.Watch Dogs
25th May 14 05:00:11YMMV.Dust An Elysian Tail
25th May 14 04:47:35YMMV.Hannibal
23rd May 14 01:44:09YMMV.Power Rangers Dino Charge
22nd May 14 12:39:20Funny.Crysis
22nd May 14 12:36:44YMMV.Crysis
22nd May 14 02:36:26Heartwarming.Power Rangers Mystic Force
22nd May 14 02:19:52YMMV.Lindsey Stirling
21st May 14 11:18:35YMMV.Batman Arkham Knight
20th May 14 06:26:52YMMV.Masseffect
20th May 14 06:17:02YMMV.Masseffect
20th May 14 01:41:26YMMV.Zedd
20th May 14 01:38:01YMMV.The Rap Critic
20th May 14 01:36:16Awesome.The Nostalgia Chick
20th May 14 01:35:24Awesome.The Nostalgia Chick
20th May 14 01:30:05Film.Paranoia 2013
19th May 14 07:29:37YMMV.Star Wars Expanded Universe
19th May 14 06:38:21Awesome.Whatthe Fuckis Wrongwithyou
19th May 14 02:02:29Trivia.Marvel One Shots
19th May 14 01:59:22Funny.The Flash 2014
19th May 14 01:17:02YMMV.A Dose Of Buckley
18th May 14 09:42:43YMMV.Watch Dogs
18th May 14 02:10:23Series.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
18th May 14 01:53:54Trivia.Power Rangers SPD
17th May 14 07:06:04YMMV.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
17th May 14 04:44:08Music.Ariana Grande
17th May 14 11:03:16YMMV.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
17th May 14 11:02:46YMMV.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
17th May 14 11:01:50YMMV.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
17th May 14 10:55:38Film.CONSTANTINE
17th May 14 10:55:07Film.CONSTANTINE
16th May 14 06:41:12YMMV.Dragon Age Inquisition
16th May 14 02:02:17YMMV.Infamous Second Son
16th May 14 01:57:47Nightmare Fuel.Infamous Second Son
15th May 14 01:04:05YMMV.Star Wars Rebels
15th May 14 12:25:44Literature.The Emperors Soul
15th May 14 10:50:05YMMV.Tomorrow Never Dies
14th May 14 01:49:28Series.How I Met Your Mother
14th May 14 02:10:21YMMV.Thor The Dark World
14th May 14 12:40:31Video Game.THEWALKINGDEAD
9th May 14 03:11:28Awesome.Community
9th May 14 03:05:16Tear Jerker.Community
9th May 14 10:04:42Fridge.Prototype 2
9th May 14 01:53:12He Panned It Now He Sucks
8th May 14 11:36:30YMMV.Twenty One
8th May 14 11:32:29Video Game.Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
7th May 14 03:42:58Awesome.Mass Effect Human Revolution
7th May 14 02:12:20Drinking Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
7th May 14 01:22:23YMMV.The Spoony Experiment
6th May 14 01:42:05YMMV.Captain Americathe Winter Soldier
6th May 14 01:39:56YMMV.Captain Americathe Winter Soldier
5th May 14 10:49:21YMMV.Power Rangers RPM
5th May 14 04:00:55Music.The Heavy
5th May 14 03:19:46YMMV.Doctor Who 2013 CS The Time Of The Doctor
4th May 14 04:08:28Heartwarming.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
4th May 14 08:01:07Headscratchers.Greg Weisman
4th May 14 08:00:56Headscratchers.Greg Weisman
4th May 14 05:08:54Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
4th May 14 02:55:45Funny.Power Rangers Dino Charge
4th May 14 02:55:09Heartwarming.Power Rangers Dino Charge
3rd May 14 03:19:54YMMV.The Amazing Spiderman 2
3rd May 14 12:56:07N Ightmare Fuel.Tomb Raider 2013
3rd May 14 03:55:27Video Game.Infamous Second Son
1st May 14 01:45:59YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man 2
1st May 14 01:39:01Drinking Game.I Carly
1st May 14 01:04:39Series.Elementary
30th Apr 14 01:13:44YMMV.Glee
30th Apr 14 01:06:11YMMV.Cars
30th Apr 14 11:29:54YMMV.Moviebob
29th Apr 14 02:57:23YMMV.Ant Man
29th Apr 14 09:34:19YMMV.Finalfantasy X
28th Apr 14 02:49:22YMMV.Obscurus Lupa
28th Apr 14 02:47:01YMMV.The Spoony Experiment
28th Apr 14 01:30:09YMMV.Muse
28th Apr 14 10:29:16Awesome.Source Fed
28th Apr 14 07:50:30YMMV.Play Station 4
28th Apr 14 07:49:04Heartwarming.Play Station 4
28th Apr 14 07:47:26Heartwarming.The Angry Joe Show
28th Apr 14 01:25:29Nightmare Fuel.Dragon Age Inquisition
27th Apr 14 09:02:19Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Fire Red
27th Apr 14 07:52:11Music.Fall Out Boy
27th Apr 14 07:50:34Awesome.Fall Out Boy
27th Apr 14 06:05:10Awesome.Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
26th Apr 14 02:18:22YMMV.Zero Punctuation
26th Apr 14 06:44:43Awesome.Bio Shock Infinite
25th Apr 14 05:45:16YMMV.Power Rangers Megaforce
25th Apr 14 04:07:52YMMV.Prototype 2
25th Apr 14 03:35:04Awesome.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
25th Apr 14 03:32:48Series.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
25th Apr 14 03:30:59Trivia.Power Rangers SPD
25th Apr 14 03:29:52Trivia.Power Rangers SPD
22nd Apr 14 05:34:10YMMV.Power Rangers Megaforce
22nd Apr 14 04:27:08Visual Novel.Katawa Shoujo
21st Apr 14 06:42:21Heartwarming.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
21st Apr 14 03:35:07Video Game.Deus Ex The Fall
21st Apr 14 03:32:13Characters.Deus Ex Human Revolution
21st Apr 14 10:39:17YMMV.The Blockbuster Buster
21st Apr 14 09:55:03YMMV.Atop The Fourth Wall
20th Apr 14 06:15:25YMMV.Transformers Age Of Extinction
20th Apr 14 06:14:31Awesome.Transformers Age Of Extinction
20th Apr 14 06:13:48YMMV.Imagine Dragons
20th Apr 14 06:07:24Video Game.Deus Ex Invisible War
20th Apr 14 03:31:32Creator.Karen Traviss
20th Apr 14 11:44:24YMMV.Ultimate Sleepwalker
20th Apr 14 11:12:22Awesome.Marvel Ultimate Alliance
20th Apr 14 10:54:53Comic Book.Civil War
20th Apr 14 10:43:00Trivia.The Avengers Age Of Ultron
20th Apr 14 10:34:21YMMV.The Avengers Age Of Ultron
20th Apr 14 10:27:48YMMV.New Warriors
20th Apr 14 10:25:06YMMV.Scarlet Spider
20th Apr 14 10:15:22Comicbook.Venom
20th Apr 14 10:13:02Comic Book.Venom
20th Apr 14 10:10:04Film.The Amazing Spider Man Series
20th Apr 14 10:08:58Film.The Amazing Spider Man 2
20th Apr 14 10:05:33Awesome.The Amazing Spider Man 2
20th Apr 14 04:16:38YMMV.Spoiler Warning
19th Apr 14 05:28:01Trivia.Sam And Cat
19th Apr 14 05:26:58Trivia.Sam And Cat
19th Apr 14 05:26:18Trivia.Sam And Cat
19th Apr 14 05:24:41Music.Ariana Grande
19th Apr 14 04:55:34Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
19th Apr 14 02:45:57Video Game.Prototype 2
19th Apr 14 08:18:22Trivia.Deus Ex Human Revolution
19th Apr 14 07:19:17Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
19th Apr 14 05:22:39YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man 2
19th Apr 14 05:21:54Nightmare Fuel.The Amazing Spider Man 2
19th Apr 14 03:36:12Comic Book.I Zombie
19th Apr 14 03:28:01Awesome.Power Rangers Turbo
18th Apr 14 04:30:29Film.Five Hundred Days Of Summer
18th Apr 14 04:24:14Funny.The Amazing Spider Man 2
18th Apr 14 04:23:49Funny.The Amazing Spider Man 2
18th Apr 14 03:48:41YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man 2
18th Apr 14 10:41:43Characters.Dragon Age Origins Non Playable Characters
17th Apr 14 06:50:08YMMV.Dollhouse
17th Apr 14 06:46:31YMMV.Kamen Rider Wizard
17th Apr 14 04:57:03Series.Glee
17th Apr 14 02:07:52YMMV.Neverwinter Nights 2
16th Apr 14 10:41:43YMMV.Counter Monkey
14th Apr 14 02:18:04Literature.Hemlock Grove
14th Apr 14 01:26:29Franchise.Marvel 2099
14th Apr 14 01:24:34YMMV.Spider Verse
14th Apr 14 12:35:29Awesome.Being Human Remake
14th Apr 14 12:29:15YMMV.Being Human Remake
11th Apr 14 06:48:23YMMV.Dragon Age Origins Awakening
11th Apr 14 12:51:47YMMV.Moviebob
10th Apr 14 11:52:56YMMV.Power Rangers Megaforce
9th Apr 14 01:38:48YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
9th Apr 14 02:15:28Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Fire Red
8th Apr 14 02:13:50Trivia.Mass Effect Human Revolution
8th Apr 14 02:00:02YMMV.Power Rangers Mystic Force
7th Apr 14 12:26:41Awesome.Chorocojo
7th Apr 14 12:10:20Characters.Sam And Cat
7th Apr 14 11:48:05Heartwarming.Macklemore
7th Apr 14 09:23:24Funny.Database Rangers Power Reviews
7th Apr 14 09:23:09Funny.Database Rangers Power Reviews
5th Apr 14 10:17:23The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
5th Apr 14 01:45:18Trivia.Sam And Cat
5th Apr 14 01:41:54Series.Sam And Cat
4th Apr 14 11:38:55YMMV.Power Rangers Turbo
4th Apr 14 11:36:39YMMV.Power Rangers Samurai
4th Apr 14 11:29:59And The Fandom Rejoiced.Power Rangers
4th Apr 14 11:27:27Awesome.Power Rangers Dino Charge
4th Apr 14 10:05:55YMMV.Power Rangers Dino Charge
4th Apr 14 10:05:31YMMV.Power Rangers Dino Charge
3rd Apr 14 10:08:50Creator.Eliza Dushku
3rd Apr 14 04:37:05YMMV.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
3rd Apr 14 04:31:18YMMV.Words Of Radiance
3rd Apr 14 01:59:14Awesome.Star Wars The Clone Wars
3rd Apr 14 01:54:10Sam Witwer
2nd Apr 14 10:05:37YMMV.The Last Spartan
1st Apr 14 01:21:34YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
30th Mar 14 11:25:06Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
29th Mar 14 06:58:12YMMV.Bio Shock 1
26th Mar 14 02:52:07Awesome.Atop The Fourth Wall
26th Mar 14 01:40:30YMMV.Olympic Games
26th Mar 14 02:36:08Trivia.Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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