Girly Boy's Recent Edits

21st Apr 18 12:42:44Film.Mars Attacks
20th Apr 18 08:04:18Film.Beetlejuice
10th Apr 18 09:18:01Annoying Arrows
31st Mar 18 11:51:03Headscratchers.Unsong
30th Mar 18 10:33:05Archangel Uriel
24th Mar 18 11:19:34Mega Corp
24th Mar 18 11:04:14Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
24th Mar 18 10:44:42Escape Pod
7th Feb 18 11:05:20Literature.Prisoners Of Power
7th Feb 18 10:59:11Literature.Prisoners Of Power
7th Feb 18 10:18:31Literature.Prisoners Of Power
7th Feb 18 10:12:19Literature.Prisoners Of Power
7th Feb 18 10:10:58Literature.Prisoners Of Power
7th Feb 18 10:03:26Literature.Prisoners Of Power
6th Feb 18 05:53:33Useful Notes.Space X
6th Feb 18 05:53:06Useful Notes.Space X
6th Feb 18 05:51:35Free Wheel
28th Jan 18 06:20:48The Alternet
28th Jan 18 06:19:36The Alternet
28th Jan 18 12:36:19Webcomic.Space Pulp
28th Jan 18 12:31:11Trivia.Simoun
28th Jan 18 12:30:35Trivia.Simoun
22nd Jan 18 11:39:15Headscratchers.The Orville
22nd Jan 18 11:36:19Headscratchers.The Orville
22nd Jan 18 11:20:51Space Is Air
20th Jan 18 10:07:14Film.The Last Jedi
8th Jan 18 02:38:58Space Fighter
8th Jan 18 02:34:29Space Fighter
2nd Jan 18 11:06:15Literature.Mortal Engines
31st Dec 17 11:51:48Standard Sci Fi Fleet
30th Dec 17 02:34:02Headscratchers.The Orville
26th Dec 17 11:57:21Literature.Mortal Engines
15th Dec 17 09:54:42Swallowed Whole
14th Dec 17 03:04:54Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
14th Dec 17 02:52:39Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
14th Dec 17 02:46:35Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
14th Dec 17 02:36:32Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
14th Dec 17 02:33:18Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
14th Dec 17 02:22:33Headscratchers.The Orville
8th Dec 17 06:51:59Webcomic.Outsider
8th Dec 17 06:42:51Webcomic.Outsider
3rd Dec 17 04:27:33Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
2nd Dec 17 01:17:57Faster Than Light Travel
1st Dec 17 11:40:38Series.The Orville
1st Dec 17 11:14:36Recap.The Orville S 1 E 08 Into The Fold
1st Dec 17 08:14:28Headscratchers.The Orville
1st Dec 17 07:57:27Headscratchers.The Orville
30th Nov 17 10:28:54Buffet Buffoonery
30th Nov 17 10:26:17Western Animation.Dilbert
30th Nov 17 10:23:14Parent Never Came Back From The Store
29th Nov 17 12:57:37Space Is Air
28th Nov 17 10:17:15Space Plane
27th Nov 17 07:29:43Stargate S G1.M To R
27th Nov 17 07:29:11Stargate S G1.M To R
27th Nov 17 07:25:04Stargate S G1.S To Z
26th Nov 17 10:02:25Law Of Alien Names
26th Nov 17 09:58:38Law Of Alien Names
26th Nov 17 09:57:16Series.The Orville
26th Nov 17 09:49:38Law Of Alien Names
26th Nov 17 08:56:53Series.The Orville
26th Nov 17 08:47:36Recap.The Orville S 1 E 05 Pria
26th Nov 17 08:41:36Headscratchers.The Orville
25th Nov 17 11:36:04Headscratchers.The Orville
21st Nov 17 07:33:36Those Magnificent Flying Machines
21st Nov 17 07:08:01Those Magnificent Flying Machines
18th Nov 17 04:31:21Politically Correct Villain
18th Nov 17 04:30:55Politically Correct Villain
16th Nov 17 09:07:16Literature.Chanur Novels
16th Nov 17 09:06:47Literature.Chanur Novels
28th Oct 17 04:43:37Headscratchers.The Nightmare Before Christmas
28th Oct 17 03:56:12YMMV.The Nightmare Before Christmas
28th Oct 17 03:07:34Western Animation.The Nightmare Before Christmas
28th Oct 17 02:46:20Bad Santa
28th Oct 17 02:42:11Bad Santa
28th Oct 17 02:40:11Bad Santa
1st Oct 17 07:35:51Video Game.Allegiance
20th Sep 17 02:04:03Fridge.Over The Garden Wall
30th Jul 17 01:53:32Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
30th Jul 17 01:44:22Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
30th Jul 17 01:39:09Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
30th Jul 17 01:37:24Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
30th Jul 17 01:27:14Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
7th Jun 17 07:53:13Mohs Scale Of Science Fiction Hardness
31st May 17 07:29:50Feudal Future
31st May 17 07:04:50Feudal Future
19th Feb 17 06:05:07Literature.Slaughterhouse Five
20th Aug 16 10:04:51Team Fortress2.Tropes A To G
13th Jul 16 10:03:20Headscratchers.Stargate SG 1
19th May 16 12:59:53Headscratchers.Stargate SG 1
16th Feb 16 11:39:03Characters.Mash
16th Feb 16 11:38:25Characters.Mash
29th Dec 15 11:52:57Quotes.Poor Communication Kills
24th Sep 15 12:11:33Literature.The Host
24th Sep 15 12:06:34Literature.The Host
24th Sep 15 11:51:25Nightmare Fuel.The Host
24th Sep 15 11:48:56Nightmare Fuel.The Host
20th Jun 15 10:42:18Hunting The Most Dangerous Game
14th Jun 15 10:28:22Modern Stasis
14th Jun 15 10:26:14Modern Stasis
13th Apr 15 11:49:54Matriarchy
21st Jan 15 11:04:41Characters.Mash
24th Aug 14 12:28:41Ambiguous Syntax
8th Aug 14 10:41:15Humans Are Warriors
12th Jul 14 04:28:31The Alleged Boss
12th Jul 14 04:18:45The Alleged Boss
11th Jul 14 01:13:55Literature.Mortal Engines
11th Jul 14 01:10:30Literature.Mortal Engines
10th Jul 14 01:39:38Literature.Mortal Engines
4th Jul 14 12:09:54Space Age Stasis
3rd Jul 14 10:35:15Space Age Stasis
3rd Jul 14 10:34:12Space Age Stasis
3rd Jul 14 10:28:05Space Age Stasis
3rd Jul 14 10:26:33Space Age Stasis
3rd Jul 14 09:51:38Literature.The Long Earth
28th Jun 14 09:58:34Franchise.HALO
16th Jun 14 01:27:57Peggy Sue
13th Apr 14 10:32:03Gameplay Automation
12th Apr 14 11:42:04Single Biome Planet
3rd Apr 14 02:05:27Quotes.The Space Race
18th Jan 14 08:09:11Standard Starship Scuffle
17th Jan 14 11:23:31Literature.Doomsday Book
2nd Jan 14 11:23:33Creator Thumbprint
2nd Jan 14 11:21:46Creator Thumbprint
27th Dec 13 08:36:08Standard Starship Scuffle
26th Dec 13 10:11:52Those Magnificent Flying Machines
23rd Dec 13 11:23:33Standard Sci Fi Fleet
21st Dec 13 12:29:39WMG.Mortal Engines
21st Dec 13 12:27:07WMG.Mortal Engines
21st Dec 13 12:26:07WMG.Mortal Engines
21st Dec 13 12:25:52WMG.Mortal Engines
19th Dec 13 10:12:49Literature.Mortal Engines
21st Nov 13 10:35:25Gameplay Automation
15th Nov 13 12:59:38Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
15th Nov 13 12:58:17Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
14th Nov 13 12:04:57Standard Starship Scuffle
9th Nov 13 02:16:37Literature.Mortal Engines
9th Nov 13 10:59:30Literature.Mortal Engines
7th Nov 13 02:02:46Literature.Mortal Engines
7th Nov 13 01:58:37Literature.Mortal Engines
7th Nov 13 01:48:17Literature.Mortal Engines
5th Nov 13 11:05:33Urban Segregation
5th Nov 13 11:04:32Urban Segregation
5th Nov 13 10:59:39Layered Metropolis
5th Nov 13 10:59:11Layered Metropolis
5th Nov 13 10:55:36Literature.Mortal Engines
5th Nov 13 08:53:28Heartwarming.Mortal Engines
5th Nov 13 08:53:13Heartwarming.Mortal Engines
5th Nov 13 08:50:59Literature.Mortal Engines
5th Nov 13 08:34:06Literature.Mortal Engines
4th Nov 13 09:08:24Literature.Mortal Engines
4th Nov 13 09:07:09Literature.Mortal Engines
4th Nov 13 08:55:20Those Magnificent Flying Machines
4th Nov 13 08:42:52The Smurfette Principle.Live Action TV
30th Oct 13 11:54:55Literature.Mortal Engines
30th Oct 13 11:53:02Literature.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 11:37:17Literature.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 11:22:34Literature.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 11:05:26Literature.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 10:44:44YMMV.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 10:43:36YMMV.Mortal Engines
29th Oct 13 10:42:07YMMV.Mortal Engines
20th Oct 13 11:46:17Literature.Mortal Engines
20th Oct 13 10:59:12Literature.Mortal Engines
19th Oct 13 10:18:36Masculine Girl Feminine Boy
19th Oct 13 10:16:37Masculine Girl Feminine Boy
19th Oct 13 10:04:51Humans Are Average
18th Oct 13 11:58:28Literature.Mortal Engines
15th Oct 13 11:06:02Literature.Mortal Engines
5th Oct 13 12:45:02Awesome Music.Star Control
5th Oct 13 12:44:31Awesome Music.Video Games
5th Oct 13 12:43:32Awesome Music.Star Control
5th Oct 13 12:42:45Awesome Music.Star Control
27th Aug 13 08:38:20YMMV.Atlas Shrugged
26th Aug 13 01:22:37Literature.Atlas Shrugged
26th Aug 13 01:17:37Literature.Atlas Shrugged
24th Aug 13 03:05:23Western Animation.Dastardly And Muttley In Their Flying Machines
24th Aug 13 12:31:50Headscratchers.Atlas Shrugged
23rd Aug 13 02:24:26Literature.Atlas Shrugged
22nd Aug 13 12:34:08Just Like Robin Hood
19th Aug 13 11:18:56Literature.Atlas Shrugged
19th Aug 13 10:43:05Webcomic.Dresden Codak
14th Aug 13 01:13:29Space Sailing
27th Jul 13 11:58:57Literature.Zones Of Thought
27th Jul 13 11:58:24Literature.Zones Of Thought
27th Jul 13 10:51:39Literature.Children Of The Sky
26th Jul 13 12:42:45The Nineties
23rd Jul 13 12:17:47Faster Than Light Travel
22nd Jul 13 02:11:13Standard Human Spaceship
19th Jul 13 04:14:57Literature.Honor Harrington
17th Jul 13 10:37:54Brown Note
7th Jul 13 01:56:35Literature.Honor Harrington
6th Jul 13 02:45:58Western Animation.Inspector Gadget
4th Jul 13 01:39:27Standard Sci Fi Fleet
4th Jul 13 12:09:49Worthless Yellow Rocks
4th Jul 13 12:09:28Worthless Yellow Rocks
4th Jul 13 12:08:13Worthless Yellow Rocks
30th Jun 13 09:44:14Headscratchers.Retronym
29th Jun 13 09:39:31Video Game.Ace Of Spades
29th Jun 13 01:11:02Space Is Air
29th Jun 13 01:09:49Space Is Air
29th Jun 13 01:09:29Space Is Air
25th Jun 13 10:51:38Asteroid Thicket
24th Jun 13 11:39:46Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
24th Jun 13 11:38:51Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
24th Jun 13 10:13:11The Place
24th Jun 13 10:11:18Vehicle Title
24th Jun 13 10:09:45Vehicle Title
24th Jun 13 10:06:17Anime.Cowboy Bebop
23rd Jun 13 08:50:00Creator.Iain Banks
23rd Jun 13 08:39:40Space Elevator
23rd Jun 13 08:34:36Asteroid Miner
23rd Jun 13 08:34:13Analysis.Space Fighter
17th Jun 13 09:47:59Sci Fi Ghetto
16th Jun 13 10:11:25The Cretaceous Is Always Doomed
16th Jun 13 07:45:39Genocide Dilemma
16th Jun 13 04:33:59Video Game.Metal Fatigue
16th Jun 13 04:30:05Video Game.Metal Fatigue
16th Jun 13 02:40:36Space Fighter
16th Jun 13 02:37:23Space Fighter
15th Jun 13 11:05:28Humans Are Average
15th Jun 13 01:31:04Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 01:26:59Standard Sci Fi Fleet
15th Jun 13 01:12:40Analysis.Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 01:12:34Analysis.Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 01:12:19Analysis.Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 01:11:46Analysis.Analysis
15th Jun 13 01:11:19Analysis.Analysis
15th Jun 13 01:08:45Analysis.Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 01:08:11Analysis.Standard Starship Scuffle
15th Jun 13 12:43:25Mile Long Ship
7th Jun 13 12:03:12Analysis.Those Magnificent Flying Machines
3rd Jun 13 11:18:36A God I Am Not
3rd Jun 13 11:10:16Mohs.World Of Phlebotinum
3rd Jun 13 11:07:48Webcomic.Space Pulp
3rd Jun 13 11:07:13Webcomic.Space Pulp
3rd Jun 13 11:05:36Webcomic.Space Pulp
27th May 13 10:54:41Standard Starship Scuffle
15th May 13 11:39:57Webcomic.Nimona
15th May 13 11:37:26Space Is Air
12th May 13 09:42:56Video Game.Allegiance
12th May 13 09:42:06Video Game.Allegiance
12th May 13 09:21:42Videogame.Guns Of Icarus
12th May 13 09:19:52Those Magnificent Flying Machines
12th May 13 09:17:07Videogame.Guns Of Icarus
12th May 13 07:47:51Video Game.Ace Of Spades
12th May 13 07:44:36Video Game.Ace Of Spades
12th May 13 07:19:44Video Game.Ace Of Spades
9th May 13 12:18:10Future Imperfect
4th May 13 03:04:54The Smurfette Principle
29th Apr 13 10:36:41Ace Of Spades
29th Apr 13 10:36:06Ace Of Spades
29th Apr 13 10:25:31Conquest Frontier Wars
27th Apr 13 03:29:36Video Game.Ace Of Spades
27th Apr 13 12:04:19Ace Of Spades
27th Apr 13 12:03:17Video Game.Ace Of Spades
27th Apr 13 12:01:38Video Game.Ace Of Spades
17th Apr 13 12:46:52Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
17th Apr 13 12:45:31Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
9th Apr 13 12:38:10Plug N Play Technology
8th Apr 13 08:39:08Webcomic.Space Pulp
8th Apr 13 08:38:39Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 05:58:09Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
7th Apr 13 05:57:55Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
7th Apr 13 01:13:27Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 01:08:57Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
7th Apr 13 01:08:40Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
7th Apr 13 01:08:02Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
7th Apr 13 01:06:11Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 01:04:07Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:43:37Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:40:22Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:27:20Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:23:01Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:21:02Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:10:04Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:09:25Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:08:00Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:07:49Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:06:43Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:06:31Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:06:23Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:06:13Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:06:01Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 12:05:42Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:59:04Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:57:59Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:55:40Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:47:22Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:38:56Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:33:43Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:32:47Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:32:20Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:29:15Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:28:00YMMV.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:27:51YMMV.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:27:10Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:26:50Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:22:36Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:22:10Comic Fury
7th Apr 13 11:20:04Sci Fi Webcomics
7th Apr 13 11:19:36Sci Fi Webcomics
7th Apr 13 11:12:03Webcomic.Space Pulp
7th Apr 13 11:09:58Webcomic.Space Pulp
25th Mar 13 07:06:27Annoying Arrows
16th Mar 13 02:22:30Useful Notes.Airships
15th Mar 13 08:07:04Mega City
13th Mar 13 09:55:48Mega Corp
13th Mar 13 09:54:37Mega Corp
10th Mar 13 07:30:42Those Magnificent Flying Machines
10th Mar 13 02:57:25The Modifyers
10th Mar 13 02:57:01The Modifyers
9th Mar 13 09:00:01No Damage Run
7th Mar 13 10:43:36Sci Fi Webcomics
5th Mar 13 11:10:05Faster Than Light Travel
5th Mar 13 11:09:03Faster Than Light Travel
3rd Mar 13 11:15:59Futurama.Tropes T To Z
3rd Mar 13 11:05:30What Measure Is A Non Human.Western Animation
1st Mar 13 10:32:38Asimovs Three Kinds Of Science Fiction
28th Feb 13 03:17:22Recap.Mash S 1 E 16 The Ringbanger
19th Feb 13 04:51:27Webcomic.Nimona
18th Feb 13 10:43:11Fantasy Webcomics
18th Feb 13 10:42:23Fantasy Webcomics
18th Feb 13 10:40:56Nimona
18th Feb 13 10:39:59Webcomic.Nimona
18th Feb 13 10:38:05Annoying Arrows
18th Feb 13 10:29:19Nimona
27th Jan 13 07:21:42Single Biome Planet
27th Jan 13 07:19:31Single Biome Planet
27th Jan 13 02:55:13Those Magnificent Flying Machines
27th Jan 13 02:36:19The Space Race
18th Jan 13 01:07:11Single Target Sexuality
17th Jan 13 09:01:43May Contain Evil
6th Jan 13 10:03:09Hot Sub On Sub Action
25th Dec 12 09:13:24WMG.FTL Faster Than Light
25th Dec 12 09:10:12WMG.FTL Faster Than Light
25th Dec 12 08:47:08Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
25th Dec 12 08:31:48Faster Than Light Travel
14th Dec 12 07:20:31The Smurfette Principle
7th Dec 12 10:37:53Portal Cut
5th Dec 12 12:45:16Webcomic.Never Mind The Gap
26th Nov 12 11:08:24Quotes.Starfish Aliens
26th Nov 12 11:07:52Quotes.Starfish Aliens
23rd Nov 12 10:01:40Quotes.Our Wormholes Are Different
23rd Nov 12 10:01:10Quotes.Our Wormholes Are Different
23rd Nov 12 10:00:47Quotes.Our Wormholes Are Different
23rd Nov 12 09:55:05Quotes.Our Wormholes Are Different
23rd Nov 12 09:54:33Quotes.Our Wormholes Are Different
17th Nov 12 05:17:33Magitek
17th Nov 12 05:08:16Defictionalization
17th Nov 12 05:05:00Defictionalization
4th Nov 12 11:50:26Quotes.Durable Deathtrap
4th Nov 12 11:50:08Quotes.Durable Deathtrap
4th Nov 12 11:46:28Already Undone For You
3rd Nov 12 01:23:03One Riot One Ranger
27th Oct 12 11:31:41Standard Starship Scuffle
18th Oct 12 11:21:06Pardus
18th Oct 12 11:11:04Force Field Door
28th Sep 12 05:41:18Matriarchy
28th Sep 12 05:40:29Matriarchy
28th Sep 12 05:39:27Matriarchy
28th Sep 12 05:38:35Matriarchy
26th Sep 12 08:04:21Analysis.Space Clouds
26th Sep 12 08:03:44Analysis.Space Clouds
23rd Sep 12 05:04:24Planet Of Hats
23rd Sep 12 04:42:12Literature.The Mote In Gods Eye
23rd Sep 12 04:42:01Literature.The Mote In Gods Eye
23rd Sep 12 04:37:01Literature.The Mote In Gods Eye
23rd Sep 12 04:35:32Literature.The Mote In Gods Eye
23rd Sep 12 04:04:23Future Imperfect
23rd Sep 12 03:54:00Future Imperfect
23rd Sep 12 03:53:05Future Imperfect
7th Sep 12 10:59:07Forgotten Theme Tune Lyrics
28th Aug 12 11:19:11The Space Race
28th Aug 12 11:11:46The Space Race
28th Aug 12 10:40:36The Space Race
28th Aug 12 10:37:53The Space Race
28th Aug 12 10:30:12Quotes.The Space Race
28th Aug 12 10:30:09The Space Race
27th Aug 12 09:14:43Casual Interstellar Travel
27th Aug 12 09:13:43Casual Interstellar Travel
27th Aug 12 08:59:49Characters.Mash
25th Aug 12 02:16:35Dissimile
25th Aug 12 01:44:13Sliding Scale Of Robot Intelligence
25th Aug 12 01:28:58Quotes.Egopolis
22nd Aug 12 10:53:54Analysis.Space Fighter
22nd Aug 12 10:49:54Space Fighter
22nd Aug 12 10:44:59Analysis.Space Fighter
22nd Aug 12 10:44:20Analysis.Space Fighter
22nd Aug 12 10:43:27Analysis.Space Fighter
22nd Aug 12 10:39:08Space Fighter
21st Aug 12 08:54:36Characters.Mash
21st Aug 12 08:42:13Characters.Mash
21st Aug 12 08:41:10Characters.Mash
21st Aug 12 08:40:38Characters.Mash
21st Aug 12 08:25:28Characters.Mash
6th Aug 12 07:03:35Thief Bag
4th Aug 12 08:20:52Video Game.Spelunky
3rd Aug 12 09:23:59Misapplied Phlebotinum
3rd Aug 12 08:41:26Future Primitive
2nd Aug 12 10:02:38Space Fighter