Gary King 95's Recent Edits

22nd Oct 16 09:59:13Series.Black Mirror Series Three
18th Oct 16 04:37:11Music.The Beach Boys
17th Oct 16 09:41:28Characters.Dead Set
13th Oct 16 05:48:17YMMV.South Park
10th Oct 16 10:16:50Funny.Shameless US
10th Oct 16 06:31:47Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Blood Gulch Chronicles
8th Oct 16 01:06:54Music.Feeder
7th Oct 16 02:37:25Characters.Shameless US
7th Oct 16 02:36:20Characters.Shameless US
6th Oct 16 07:48:56Characters.Red Vs Blue Others
5th Oct 16 05:23:41Machinima.Red Vs Blue
5th Oct 16 03:21:03Characters.Game Of Thrones House Bolton
30th Sep 16 04:15:44Characters.South Park Other Students
27th Sep 16 03:59:12Characters.Trainspotting
27th Sep 16 03:02:47Heartwarming.Shameless US
23rd Sep 16 08:08:08Characters.Shameless US
23rd Sep 16 08:01:50Characters.Shameless US
21st Sep 16 09:57:25Characters.Arby N The Chief
16th Sep 16 11:57:06Characters.Trainspotting
14th Sep 16 05:47:07Characters.Top Cat
11th Sep 16 01:47:31Characters.Red Vs Blue Blue Team
9th Sep 16 02:29:14Characters.Arby N The Chief
8th Sep 16 04:36:22Characters.Arby N The Chief
8th Sep 16 04:31:59Characters.Arby N The Chief
20th Aug 16 05:09:45The Sociopath
20th Aug 16 05:07:57The Sociopath
17th Aug 16 08:59:56YMMV.The Worlds End
17th Aug 16 07:20:49Characters.Starship Troopers
13th Aug 16 10:49:16Characters.Starship Troopers
12th Aug 16 03:38:38Series.Friday Night Dinner
2nd Aug 16 04:51:54The Sociopath.Live Action TV
29th Jul 16 04:27:48Creator.Irvine Welsh
29th Jul 16 04:27:21Creator.Irvine Welsh
25th Jul 16 03:50:35Characters.The Thing 1982
12th Jul 16 04:02:26Music.Suede
11th Jul 16 05:55:54Characters.Arby N The Chief
7th Jul 16 09:29:53Characters.The Green Mile
7th Jul 16 09:26:19Characters.The Green Mile
7th Jul 16 09:25:14Characters.The Green Mile
7th Jul 16 05:26:21Characters.Frasier
7th Jul 16 04:25:17Characters.Frasier
6th Jul 16 06:27:14Characters.Frasier
6th Jul 16 06:26:43Characters.Frasier
1st Jul 16 09:42:48Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
26th Jun 16 11:34:47Series.Frasier
24th Jun 16 05:47:24Characters.Trainspotting
14th Jun 16 04:14:36Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
9th Jun 16 02:41:36Characters.The Thick Of It
9th Jun 16 12:51:17The Sociopath
8th Jun 16 07:20:27Music.Blur
30th May 16 12:48:00Game Of Thrones.Tropes P To S
26th May 16 02:39:34Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
26th May 16 02:31:34Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
22nd May 16 11:21:16Characters.Game Of Thrones Other Northern Houses
5th May 16 07:25:32Characters.Trainspotting
2nd May 16 01:33:05Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Bolton
30th Apr 16 04:40:08Film.Open Water
26th Apr 16 11:48:06YMMV.Manic Street Preachers
25th Apr 16 06:36:13Four Philosophy Ensemble.Literature
25th Apr 16 04:49:09Literature.Trainspotting
24th Apr 16 06:29:53Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Apr 16 05:18:55Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Apr 16 05:16:55Characters.Trainspotting
23rd Apr 16 05:16:31Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Apr 16 05:04:41Characters.Trainspotting
18th Apr 16 06:37:27Characters.Red Vs Blue Blue Team
12th Apr 16 07:00:33Characters.Trainspotting
12th Apr 16 06:59:20Characters.Trainspotting
9th Apr 16 09:00:26Characters.Trainspotting
9th Apr 16 08:16:05Literature.Trainspotting
9th Apr 16 08:15:20Literature.Trainspotting
9th Apr 16 08:12:56Characters.Trainspotting
9th Apr 16 07:55:57Creator.Irvine Welsh
8th Apr 16 09:57:03Characters.Trainspotting
5th Apr 16 10:52:03Characters.Titanic 1997
25th Mar 16 02:47:49Music.Primal Scream
23rd Mar 16 09:20:22Series.Fresh Meat
18th Mar 16 09:55:32Characters.Trainspotting
8th Mar 16 04:31:16Series.Better Call Saul
18th Feb 16 06:22:14Characters.Trainspotting
18th Feb 16 06:21:46Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Jan 16 07:03:40Literature.Trainspotting
19th Jan 16 12:56:19Magnum Opus.Music
19th Jan 16 12:55:45Magnum Opus.Music
16th Jan 16 08:24:55Britpop
16th Jan 16 08:22:55Britpop
16th Jan 16 07:50:20Magnum Opus.Music
16th Jan 16 07:49:37Magnum Opus.Music
12th Jan 16 06:38:11Magnum Opus.Acting
11th Jan 16 02:27:49Heartwarming.The Hateful Eight
10th Jan 16 03:28:00Magnum Opus.Acting
5th Jan 16 08:12:58YMMV.The Hateful Eight
2nd Jan 16 04:51:13Film.The Hateful Eight
1st Jan 16 05:36:43YMMV.Goodfellas
1st Jan 16 02:39:57Film.The Hateful Eight
26th Dec 15 07:25:43Characters.The Thick Of It
26th Dec 15 07:24:54Characters.The Thick Of It
23rd Dec 15 09:18:23Characters.Arby N The Chief
23rd Dec 15 05:56:24Magnum Opus.Music
23rd Dec 15 05:55:07YMMV.Feeder
21st Dec 15 07:28:42Characters.Peep Show
21st Dec 15 05:49:56Characters.Arby N The Chief
18th Dec 15 04:52:48Series.Peep Show
16th Dec 15 07:56:57Characters.Arby N The Chief
16th Dec 15 06:54:23YMMV.Arby N The Chief
16th Dec 15 06:45:59YMMV.Arby N The Chief
16th Dec 15 06:45:23YMMV.Arby N The Chief
15th Dec 15 12:11:07Machinima.Arby N The Chief
13th Dec 15 05:44:40Characters.Arby N The Chief
12th Dec 15 01:31:23Characters.Frasier
12th Dec 15 09:42:26Tragic Villain
12th Dec 15 09:39:02Characters.Arby N The Chief
12th Dec 15 09:34:29Machinima.Arby N The Chief
3rd Dec 15 03:24:39Characters.Trainspotting
3rd Dec 15 02:50:07Series.Peep Show
3rd Dec 15 02:43:49Series.Peep Show
24th Nov 15 05:09:55Heartwarming.South Park
24th Nov 15 06:45:47Characters.Peep Show
22nd Nov 15 12:08:56Britpop
22nd Nov 15 07:08:30Magnum Opus.Acting
22nd Nov 15 07:04:25Magnum Opus.Acting
22nd Nov 15 05:31:21Film.Se7en
22nd Nov 15 05:30:35Film.Se7en
20th Nov 15 03:45:27Characters.South Park Elementary School Staff
19th Nov 15 09:01:07Characters.Peep Show
16th Nov 15 12:52:41Characters.Peanuts
10th Nov 15 04:58:22Tear Jerker.Manic Street Preachers
7th Nov 15 06:37:04Western Animation.The Peanuts Movie
5th Nov 15 04:53:42YMMV.Glue
5th Nov 15 04:51:45Creator.Irvine Welsh
31st Oct 15 05:13:52The Sociopath.Literature
25th Oct 15 06:22:09Film.Dawn Of The Dead 1978
25th Oct 15 04:57:27Creator.Irvine Welsh
22nd Oct 15 03:39:23Funny.Shameless US
22nd Oct 15 03:34:31Awesome.Shameless US
11th Oct 15 06:38:52Literature.Trainspotting
10th Oct 15 08:23:56Characters.Trainspotting
10th Oct 15 08:23:21Characters.Trainspotting
10th Oct 15 08:16:06Characters.Trainspotting
10th Oct 15 08:15:44Characters.Trainspotting
8th Oct 15 07:13:20YMMV.This Is England
8th Oct 15 07:13:09YMMV.This Is England
5th Oct 15 06:41:19Literature.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 06:40:27Literature.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 06:33:54Characters.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 06:33:28Characters.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 06:31:36Literature.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 06:16:25Magnum Opus.Acting
5th Oct 15 05:31:20Characters.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 05:29:23Characters.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 05:25:19Characters.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 05:21:42Literature.Trainspotting
5th Oct 15 04:11:40Film.This Is England
5th Oct 15 04:08:27Film.This Is England
5th Oct 15 03:30:40Film.This Is England
4th Oct 15 03:51:05Film.This Is England
4th Oct 15 07:32:08YMMV.Twenty Eight Days Later
4th Oct 15 07:31:49YMMV.Twenty Eight Days Later
30th Sep 15 08:38:49Magnum Opus.Acting
30th Sep 15 08:36:45Magnum Opus.Acting
30th Sep 15 08:32:09Magnum Opus.Acting
30th Sep 15 04:51:45Characters.Trainspotting
28th Sep 15 03:20:37Film.This Is England
28th Sep 15 03:37:48YMMV.This Is England
27th Sep 15 04:43:16YMMV.This Is England
23rd Sep 15 04:24:09YMMV.This Is England
23rd Sep 15 04:14:16Signature Song
22nd Sep 15 02:32:50Magnum Opus.Acting
22nd Sep 15 02:32:07Magnum Opus.Acting
22nd Sep 15 04:34:39Magnum Opus.Music
22nd Sep 15 04:32:38Magnum Opus.Music
22nd Sep 15 04:29:40YMMV.Manic Street Preachers
22nd Sep 15 04:27:55YMMV.Manic Street Preachers
21st Sep 15 11:32:44Series.Benidorm
20th Sep 15 02:05:54Film.This Is England
16th Sep 15 05:30:26Literature.Filth
14th Sep 15 03:00:11Characters.Benidorm
14th Sep 15 02:53:01Series.Benidorm
13th Sep 15 09:01:25Magnum Opus.Acting
13th Sep 15 02:44:34Literature.Trainspotting
12th Sep 15 03:47:54Characters.Red Vs Blue Charon Industries
12th Sep 15 02:15:26Characters.Trainspotting
3rd Sep 15 08:09:08YMMV.Benidorm
3rd Sep 15 08:05:04Heartwarming.Benidorm
3rd Sep 15 08:04:38Series.Benidorm
1st Sep 15 10:16:11Magnum Opus.Music
1st Sep 15 09:55:35Awesome.Red Vs Blue
1st Sep 15 07:34:35Characters.Red Vs Blue Charon Industries
1st Sep 15 05:55:42Heartwarming.Red Vs Blue
31st Aug 15 04:13:14Characters.Red Vs Blue Others
31st Aug 15 09:00:41Characters.Trainspotting
30th Aug 15 09:54:12Characters.Red Vs Blue Red Team
30th Aug 15 09:53:20Characters.Red Vs Blue Red Team
30th Aug 15 07:38:40Characters.Trainspotting
30th Aug 15 04:42:50Characters.The Breakfast Club
24th Aug 15 05:53:39Heartwarming.Red Vs Blue
21st Aug 15 06:07:55Characters.Trainspotting
18th Aug 15 09:56:17Characters.Trainspotting
17th Aug 15 11:51:30Series.Friday Night Dinner
16th Aug 15 09:06:53Textual Celebrity Resemblance
16th Aug 15 09:04:41Characters.Trainspotting
16th Aug 15 07:29:15Adapted Out
16th Aug 15 07:27:48Adapted Out
15th Aug 15 07:36:47Characters.Trainspotting
15th Aug 15 07:35:02Characters.Skins Series
15th Aug 15 07:32:26Characters.Skins Series
12th Aug 15 05:18:43YMMV.Trainspotting
12th Aug 15 05:18:08YMMV.Trainspotting
12th Aug 15 03:22:10Characters.Trainspotting
12th Aug 15 03:21:20Characters.Trainspotting
12th Aug 15 01:22:43Characters.Peanuts
11th Aug 15 08:13:33Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
8th Aug 15 11:24:12Literature.Trainspotting
8th Aug 15 11:22:46Literature.Trainspotting
8th Aug 15 10:45:15Signature Song
5th Aug 15 06:33:10Heartwarming.Trainspotting
5th Aug 15 06:32:56Heartwarming.Trainspotting
4th Aug 15 12:39:37Heartwarming.Red Vs Blue
3rd Aug 15 04:01:25Characters.Red Vs Blue Charon Industries
3rd Aug 15 04:21:59Tearjerker.Only Fools And Horses
3rd Aug 15 03:40:50Characters.Trainspotting
2nd Aug 15 11:30:27Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 09:37:30The Alcoholic
1st Aug 15 09:36:49The Alcoholic
1st Aug 15 09:29:05Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
1st Aug 15 06:47:21Headscratchers.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:46:31Headscratchers.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:43:21Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:42:05Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:34:22Literature.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:33:59Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:29:58Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:24:25Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:20:33Funny.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:20:19Funny.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:16:33Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:15:30Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 06:01:29Funny.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 05:59:40Funny.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 05:59:07Funny.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 05:37:29Characters.Trainspotting
1st Aug 15 05:34:18Literature.Porno
1st Aug 15 05:26:07Characters.Trainspotting
30th Jul 15 05:44:48Characters.Peep Show
30th Jul 15 05:44:05Characters.Peep Show
30th Jul 15 05:43:34Characters.Peep Show
29th Jul 15 10:31:12Characters.Trainspotting
29th Jul 15 08:30:38Characters.Trainspotting
29th Jul 15 08:27:12Characters.Trainspotting
29th Jul 15 08:23:57Characters.Trainspotting
29th Jul 15 08:14:20Characters.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 02:56:29Characters.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 09:37:17Series.Misfits
27th Jul 15 09:12:25Literature.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 09:10:39Literature.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 09:02:59Characters.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 09:00:50Characters.Trainspotting
27th Jul 15 08:55:25Literature.Trainspotting
26th Jul 15 04:02:15Funny.Peep Show
23rd Jul 15 05:21:48Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Jul 15 05:18:08Literature.Trainspotting
23rd Jul 15 05:01:42Literature.Trainspotting
20th Jul 15 03:22:43Characters.Red Vs Blue Charon Industries
20th Jul 15 12:46:52Funny.The Inbetweeners
20th Jul 15 12:14:06Funny.The Inbetweeners
20th Jul 15 12:13:19Funny.The Inbetweeners
20th Jul 15 12:01:02Characters.The Inbetweeners
20th Jul 15 10:05:02Britpop
20th Jul 15 09:18:08Characters.The Inbetweeners
18th Jul 15 08:29:37Characters.The Inbetweeners
16th Jul 15 01:38:30Characters.Red Vs Blue Chorus
16th Jul 15 01:38:09Characters.Red Vs Blue Chorus
16th Jul 15 12:16:46Recap.Ed Edd N Eddy S 3 E 22 The Day The Ed Stood Still
16th Jul 15 11:41:58Series.The Inbetweeners
16th Jul 15 09:49:29Characters.Frasier
15th Jul 15 05:44:38YMMV.Game Of Thrones
14th Jul 15 09:49:40Characters.The Inbetweeners
14th Jul 15 03:44:00Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
13th Jul 15 04:03:10Machinima.Red Vs Blue
13th Jul 15 03:25:56YMMV.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
13th Jul 15 10:36:18Film.The Inbetweeners 2
13th Jul 15 10:29:52YMMV.The Pyramid
10th Jul 15 08:44:42Ho Yay.Red Vs Blue
10th Jul 15 08:29:37YMMV.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
10th Jul 15 08:24:29Characters.Trainspotting
7th Jul 15 03:17:40Characters.Skins Series
6th Jul 15 11:05:37Characters.Trainspotting
26th Jun 15 01:54:12Characters.Frasier
24th Jun 15 11:01:52Film.My Cousin Vinny
22nd Jun 15 05:39:21Heartwarming.Misfits
20th Jun 15 05:47:15Britpop
20th Jun 15 05:46:22Britpop
18th Jun 15 03:41:20Characters.Red Vs Blue Red Team
18th Jun 15 11:50:47Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
18th Jun 15 11:44:49Funny.Frasier
17th Jun 15 10:00:29Literature.Trainspotting
17th Jun 15 09:58:47Literature.Trainspotting
17th Jun 15 09:55:28Literature.Trainspotting
17th Jun 15 09:54:03Characters.Trainspotting
17th Jun 15 05:31:07Awesome.Frasier
17th Jun 15 05:28:32Awesome.Frasier
16th Jun 15 07:00:09YMMV.Ash
15th Jun 15 05:12:16Funny.Game Of Thrones
8th Jun 15 07:36:56Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
7th Jun 15 02:59:35Tearjerker.Only Fools And Horses
7th Jun 15 08:48:12Awesome.The Thick Of It
5th Jun 15 05:53:02Characters.Red Vs Blue Charon Industries
5th Jun 15 05:50:40Tear Jerker.Red Vs Blue
4th Jun 15 09:21:28Britpop
4th Jun 15 09:19:45Britpop
1st Jun 15 04:02:24Awesome.Game Of Thrones
31st May 15 01:02:39YMMV.Game Of Thrones
29th May 15 05:53:33Characters.Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
28th May 15 01:48:49Trivia.The Simpsons S 1 E 2 Bart The Genius
26th May 15 07:23:12Grunge
26th May 15 07:20:48Music.Ash
26th May 15 07:19:30Grunge
25th May 15 01:45:02Britpop
20th May 15 09:43:16Film.Mad Max Fury Road
20th May 15 09:00:12Britpop
19th May 15 12:37:18YMMV.Mad Max
19th May 15 05:05:11Britpop
19th May 15 05:03:27Britpop
18th May 15 02:17:54Characters.Mad Max Fury Road
18th May 15 06:47:59YMMV.The Commitments
18th May 15 05:06:06Tear Jerker.Game Of Thrones
15th May 15 07:21:49Machinima.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
13th May 15 04:33:36Characters.Iron Man Films
13th May 15 04:55:51Characters.The Big Bang Theory
13th May 15 04:52:50Tear Jerker.The Big Bang Theory
13th May 15 04:51:01The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
13th May 15 03:26:42Awesome.Children Of Men
12th May 15 03:10:08Funny.Red Vs Blue
12th May 15 03:57:45YMMV.Trainspotting
12th May 15 03:54:10Characters.Trainspotting
11th May 15 03:47:33Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
8th May 15 09:28:00Characters.Con Air
8th May 15 08:22:34YMMV.The Commitments
8th May 15 08:22:17YMMV.The Commitments
8th May 15 08:17:30Characters.Trainspotting
8th May 15 08:16:49Characters.Trainspotting
8th May 15 07:51:26Creator.Stanley Kubrick
7th May 15 05:34:35Britpop
6th May 15 05:57:26Nightmare Fuel.Inside No 9
6th May 15 09:16:26Characters.Full Metal Jacket
6th May 15 06:17:39Characters.Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix Members
4th May 15 02:23:33Characters.Game Of Thrones House Targaryen
1st May 15 02:08:40Characters.The Simpsons Springfield People
1st May 15 01:45:15Characters.Avengers Age Of Ultron
30th Apr 15 01:30:18Characters.Peep Show
30th Apr 15 01:30:01Characters.Peep Show
29th Apr 15 12:01:50Music Of The1990s
29th Apr 15 11:56:16Music Of The1990s
29th Apr 15 11:45:52Music Of The1990s
29th Apr 15 11:44:03Music Of The1990s
29th Apr 15 11:41:37Music Of The1990s
29th Apr 15 11:40:15Music Of The1990s
28th Apr 15 04:18:25Characters.Game Of Thrones Nights Watch
28th Apr 15 09:06:16Music.Blur
28th Apr 15 09:06:01Music.Blur
28th Apr 15 09:05:26Music.Blur
28th Apr 15 09:02:28Music.Blur
28th Apr 15 06:24:23Heart Warming.American Pie
28th Apr 15 06:23:00Characters.American Pie
28th Apr 15 06:22:23Characters.American Pie
27th Apr 15 07:30:24Characters.Avengers Age Of Ultron
27th Apr 15 07:26:57Heartwarming.Avengers Age Of Ultron
27th Apr 15 07:24:54Funny.Avengers Age Of Ultron
27th Apr 15 07:21:43Tearjerker.Avengers Age Of Ultron
25th Apr 15 04:47:11YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
25th Apr 15 04:41:50Characters.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Apr 15 10:52:27Characters.Se7en
22nd Apr 15 12:10:41Characters.Full Metal Jacket
22nd Apr 15 11:47:55Characters.Full Metal Jacket
22nd Apr 15 08:02:15YMMV.Kill Bill
22nd Apr 15 07:21:34YMMV.Red Vs Blue The Chorus Trilogy
22nd Apr 15 04:13:28YMMV.Avengers Age Of Ultron
22nd Apr 15 04:06:47Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
21st Apr 15 07:56:25Literature.Trainspotting
21st Apr 15 07:54:33Characters.Trainspotting
20th Apr 15 09:11:33Literature.Glue
20th Apr 15 09:10:35Literature.Glue
19th Apr 15 03:20:30Film.Unfriended
19th Apr 15 07:02:53Britpop
18th Apr 15 03:45:46Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:44:59Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:41:32Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:40:13Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:37:29Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:37:04Literature.Glue
18th Apr 15 03:33:15Creator.Irvine Welsh
16th Apr 15 11:29:36Characters.The League Of Gentlemen
14th Apr 15 05:43:18Film.Severance
13th Apr 15 04:07:27Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
6th Apr 15 03:37:42Characters.Red Vs Blue Chorus
5th Apr 15 04:54:10Characters.Red Vs Blue Others
3rd Apr 15 05:59:54Fridge.Better Call Saul
3rd Apr 15 06:30:56Film.Day Of The Dead
2nd Apr 15 06:39:18Characters.Shameless
2nd Apr 15 06:56:17Nightmare Fuel.Red Vs Blue