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10th Mar 18 05:50:07Fridge.The Handmaids Tale
1st May 16 05:13:55Sequelitis
15th Apr 16 09:19:05Film.Three Hundred Rise Of An Empire
30th Mar 16 05:19:20Funny.Deadpool 2016
30th Mar 16 05:16:58Funny.Deadpool 2016
30th Mar 16 05:15:13Funny.Deadpool 2016
12th Mar 16 09:40:01Fridge.Mad Max Fury Road
17th Feb 16 09:17:31Web Animation.RWBY
17th Feb 16 09:15:05Web Animation.RWBY
26th Dec 15 01:48:12WMG.Waking Life
29th Nov 15 08:25:55Nightmare Fuel.Ex Machina
4th Nov 15 01:36:25Underside Ride
4th Nov 15 01:31:21Film.Cape Fear
4th Nov 15 01:22:31Film.Cape Fear
4th Nov 15 01:22:02Film.Cape Fear
20th Oct 15 01:34:02Characters.Unfriended
20th Oct 15 01:34:01Characters.Unfriended
16th Oct 15 10:22:21Heartwarming.Kingsman The Secret Service
16th Oct 15 10:00:11Fridge.Kingsman The Secret Service
10th Sep 15 03:58:27Western Animation.Rick And Morty
10th Sep 15 05:24:13Western Animation.Rick And Morty
9th Sep 15 05:28:32Power Perversion Potential
8th Sep 15 07:18:54Funny.Rick And Morty
8th Sep 15 07:17:45Funny.Rick And Morty
8th Sep 15 06:32:43Tear Jerker.Rick And Morty
7th Aug 15 06:51:43Film.Oculus
7th Jul 15 03:50:59Heartwarming.The Giver
4th Jul 15 03:21:26Film.Fury 2014
4th Jul 15 01:49:48Film.Fury 2014
4th Jul 15 01:43:38Film.Fury 2014
2nd Jul 15 08:37:08Funny.X Men Days Of Future Past
5th Apr 15 02:01:02YMMV.How To Train Your Dragon 2
5th Apr 15 01:59:39Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon 2
5th Apr 15 01:58:22Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon 2
5th Apr 15 01:57:35Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon 2
15th Mar 15 01:35:21Film.Taken
15th Jan 15 06:49:44Headscratchers.Dirty Dancing
15th Jan 15 06:43:51Headscratchers.Dirty Dancing
23rd Dec 14 09:27:11Film.Reservoir Dogs
12th Dec 14 09:13:38Headscratchers.The Shining
7th Dec 14 07:50:40Literature.The Maze Runner
7th Dec 14 07:23:31Characters.The Maze Runner
7th Dec 14 07:22:52Literature.The Maze Runner
7th Dec 14 07:14:19Characters.The Maze Runner
7th Dec 14 07:02:59Characters.The Maze Runner
28th Oct 14 04:44:40Literature.Discworld
28th Oct 14 04:41:51Glamour Failure
25th Aug 14 02:54:11Funny.Pitch Black
27th Jul 14 07:44:34Characters.K Ill Bill
1st Jul 14 03:16:43Ho Yay.Discworld
24th Jun 14 07:35:30You Are Not Alone
10th Jun 14 11:12:00Nice Jewish Boy
9th Jun 14 08:46:53Charlie Is So Cool Like
9th Jun 14 08:46:52Charlie Is So Cool Like
4th Jun 14 06:15:09Funny.Game Grumps Arin And Danny
4th Jun 14 06:15:06Funny.Game Grumps Arin And Danny
1st Jun 14 08:28:48Headscratchers.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:47:28A Match Made In Stockholm
1st Jun 14 07:38:48Characters.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:34:35Characters.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:21:35Self Restraint
1st Jun 14 07:18:03Tear Jerker.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:16:45Heartwarming.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:14:21Heartwarming.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:13:18Heartwarming.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:12:31Heartwarming.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:12:11Heartwarming.Orangeisthenewblack
1st Jun 14 07:05:59Fridge.Orangeisthenewblack
25th May 14 09:30:48WMG.Bravest Warriors
25th May 14 09:29:12WMG.Bravest Warriors
25th May 14 09:21:02WMG.Bravest Warriors
25th May 14 09:20:12WMG.Bravest Warriors
25th May 14 09:18:56Hide Your Pregnancy
25th May 14 04:12:34Web Animation.Bravest Warriors
25th May 14 04:11:00Film.The A Team
30th Apr 14 01:16:26Creator.Jensen Ackles
30th Apr 14 01:05:54Mess Of Woe
30th Apr 14 01:05:34Mess Of Woe
15th Apr 14 02:39:54Heartwarming.Dogma
14th Apr 14 01:55:47Honorary Uncle
14th Apr 14 01:48:35Honorary Uncle
10th Apr 14 11:33:43Film.The Thirteenth Floor
9th Apr 14 07:54:57Hellhole Prison
8th Apr 14 02:03:03Fridge.Gravity Falls
8th Apr 14 02:03:03Fridge.Gravity Falls
8th Apr 14 02:02:16Fridge.Gravity Falls
1st Apr 14 08:36:32Start Of Darkness
27th Mar 14 02:38:16Nightmare Fuel.Phineas And Ferb
27th Mar 14 12:39:03Role Ending Misdemeanor
27th Mar 14 11:07:46Blind Without Em
22nd Mar 14 02:35:47Game Of Thrones.Tropes A To B
22nd Mar 14 02:33:48Game Of Thrones.Tropes A To B
22nd Mar 14 02:17:11Army Of Thieves And Whores
22nd Mar 14 01:58:56Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 01:51:13Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 01:49:53Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 01:40:53Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 01:18:19Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 01:02:50Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 12:57:14Funny.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 12:47:00Web Animation.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 12:44:57Web Animation.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 12:42:00Web Animation.Fifty Percent Off
22nd Mar 14 11:55:45Game Of Thrones.Tropes A To B
21st Mar 14 12:42:45Casual Danger Dialog
21st Mar 14 11:19:32Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
21st Mar 14 10:39:19Country Matters
21st Mar 14 10:27:52Country Matters
21st Mar 14 10:03:03Camp Follower
21st Mar 14 08:54:02A Song Of Ice And Fire.Tropes A To I
20th Mar 14 02:10:50Funny.The Musketeers
20th Mar 14 02:04:49Funny.The Musketeers
2nd Mar 14 09:00:51Funny.The Musketeers
2nd Mar 14 08:40:59Series.The Musketeers
2nd Mar 14 08:10:32Funny.The Musketeers
16th Feb 14 12:15:39Characters.Game Grumps
16th Feb 14 12:14:53Funny.Table Flip
16th Feb 14 12:12:10Web Video.Table Flip
16th Feb 14 12:11:49Web Video.Table Flip
16th Feb 14 12:09:31Funny.Steam Train
8th Feb 14 09:05:12Reality Ensues.Literature
8th Feb 14 08:32:24Reality Ensues.Literature
22nd Jan 14 09:31:39Film.The Boondock Saints
22nd Jan 14 09:27:11Couldnt Find A Lighter
22nd Jan 14 08:44:14Funny.Pushing Daisies
22nd Jan 14 08:37:40Nightmare Fuel.Pushing Daisies
22nd Jan 14 06:58:54Series.Pushing Daisies
3rd Dec 13 01:35:54Foe Yay.Live Action TV
24th Nov 13 10:17:01Funny.A Song Of Ice And Fire
24th Nov 13 10:15:10Funny.A Song Of Ice And Fire
23rd Nov 13 09:17:53Heartwarming.Elysium
23rd Nov 13 08:31:17Fridge.Elysium
22nd Nov 13 01:53:06Pretty Boy
22nd Nov 13 11:08:37Nightmare Fuel.Pacific Rim
8th Nov 13 09:53:13Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
26th Oct 13 03:12:35Funny.Rango
8th Sep 13 07:04:34Awesome.The Dark Knight Rises
8th Sep 13 03:59:11Headscratchers.The Fifth Element
6th Sep 13 06:21:27Fridge.Fight Club
6th Sep 13 06:20:50Fridge.Fight Club
30th Aug 13 04:32:11Funny.The Lone Ranger
30th Aug 13 03:52:34Awesome.The Lone Ranger
30th Aug 13 03:50:34Nightmare Fuel.The Lone Ranger
30th Aug 13 03:48:38Funny.The Lone Ranger
30th Aug 13 03:46:15Film.The Lone Ranger
30th Aug 13 03:24:45Film.The Lone Ranger
27th Jul 13 03:09:55Awesome.Equilibrium
23rd Jul 13 09:55:46Series.Firefly
22nd Jul 13 02:27:29Series.Firefly
22nd Jul 13 02:23:39Series.Firefly
19th Jul 13 04:38:10Fridge.The Fifth Element
5th Jul 13 02:57:40Fridge.Monsters University
5th Jul 13 02:54:53Fridge.Monsters University
5th Jul 13 01:49:15Western Animation.Monsters University
5th Jul 13 01:34:27Funny.Monsters University
30th Jun 13 11:28:49Heartwarming.Warm Bodies
28th Jun 13 07:12:26Film.Dark Shadows
3rd Jun 13 04:13:40You Make Me Sic
27th May 13 01:35:11Literature.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:56:09Literature.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:55:03Literature.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:52:34Awesome.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:49:40Awesome.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:36:57Literature.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:27:54Awesome.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:15:15Literature.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:12:46Funny.Stephanie Plum
27th May 13 12:08:16Film.One For The Money
25th May 13 09:24:24Film.Snow White And The Huntsman
25th May 13 08:53:55Film.Snow White And The Huntsman
25th May 13 08:50:40Film.Snow White And The Huntsman
25th May 13 08:18:46Heartwarming.Snow White And The Huntsman
12th May 13 03:11:39Funny.West Side Story
12th May 13 02:44:11Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 12 Nightmare In Silver
12th May 13 09:06:39Film.Prometheus
12th May 13 09:04:04Trivia.Prometheus
12th May 13 09:02:54WMG.Prometheus
12th May 13 09:01:23WMG.Prometheus
12th May 13 08:53:22WMG.Prometheus
11th May 13 11:02:01Film.Prometheus
11th May 13 10:28:43Film.Prometheus
11th May 13 09:34:35Film.Prometheus
24th Mar 13 06:28:33Fridge.Mean Girls
17th Mar 13 05:03:57Film.This Means War
10th Feb 13 01:44:56Nerds Are Virgins
10th Feb 13 01:39:35You Need To Get Laid
10th Feb 13 12:26:22Intergenerational Friendship
10th Feb 13 11:40:22Fandom Specific Plot
13th Jan 13 05:47:24Awesome.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:45:07Funny.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:44:37Funny.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:38:37Heartwarming.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:33:50Heartwarming.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:31:57Film.The Decoy Bride
13th Jan 13 05:24:03Film.The Decoy Bride
30th Nov 12 12:02:32Heartwarming.Brave
4th Nov 12 10:24:20Funny.Tumblr
4th Nov 12 04:44:57Funny.Tumblr
4th Nov 12 04:42:24Funny.Tumblr
7th Oct 12 12:15:36Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
14th Aug 12 02:33:49Funny.QI
14th Aug 12 01:39:23Funny.QI
13th Aug 12 12:34:33Funny.QI
13th Aug 12 12:18:09Funny.QI
13th Aug 12 12:12:06Funny.QI
13th Aug 12 06:21:39Funny.QI
13th Aug 12 06:17:16Funny.QI
12th Aug 12 09:18:13Funny.Bad Movie Beatdown
12th Aug 12 09:16:05Funny.Bad Movie Beatdown
11th Aug 12 01:53:28Funny.QI
11th Aug 12 01:52:33Funny.QI
11th Aug 12 01:48:05Funny.QI
11th Aug 12 01:47:25Funny.QI
11th Aug 12 01:34:52Funny.QI
9th Aug 12 01:10:48Funny.The Legend Of Korra
9th Aug 12 12:28:02Funny.The Legend Of Korra
5th Aug 12 01:55:22Film.Mr Poppers Penguins
5th Aug 12 01:53:52Film.Mr Poppers Penguins
2nd Aug 12 08:37:24WMG.Shaun Of The Dead
27th Jul 12 09:16:20Funny.Arthur
27th Jul 12 08:57:54Film.Arthur
14th Jul 12 03:31:09Funny.Misfits
11th Jul 12 06:53:09Funny.George Carlin
6th Jul 12 10:19:25Ho Yay.Supernatural
6th Jul 12 10:18:48Ho Yay.Supernatural
4th Jul 12 08:30:02Fridge.Tangled
2nd Jul 12 04:58:15Funny.Tangled
30th Jun 12 08:45:33Funny.Qi
30th Jun 12 05:50:47Heartwarming.Little Miss Sunshine
30th Jun 12 05:49:21Funny.Little Miss Sunshine
27th Jun 12 10:41:19Ho Yay.Supernatural
25th Jun 12 05:49:25Funny.True Blood
25th Jun 12 05:47:53Funny.True Blood
25th Jun 12 05:41:13Funny.True Blood
25th Jun 12 05:39:17Funny.True Blood
25th Jun 12 07:52:31Funny.True Blood
25th Jun 12 07:50:44Heartwarming.True Blood
24th Jun 12 03:39:53Ho Yay.Supernatural
24th Jun 12 06:43:25Funny.Supernatural
22nd Jun 12 12:53:29Funny.Supernatural
22nd Jun 12 10:46:06Funny.Supernatural
22nd Jun 12 10:33:50Funny.Supernatural
22nd Jun 12 08:20:35Funny.Supernatural
21st Jun 12 06:23:08Funny.Supernatural
20th Jun 12 10:39:24Funny.Supernatural
20th Jun 12 10:35:33Funny.Supernatural
20th Jun 12 06:12:14Funny.Supernatural
19th Jun 12 01:18:43Funny.Supernatural
19th Jun 12 12:39:11Funny.Supernatural
14th Jun 12 04:41:52Funny.Supernatural
14th Jun 12 04:00:47Funny.Supernatural
12th Jun 12 08:54:42Ho Yay.Supernatural
11th Jun 12 02:34:28Funny.Supernatural
11th Jun 12 07:25:49Funny.Supernatural
11th Jun 12 07:10:01Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 03:40:25Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 03:35:23Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 03:33:10Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 07:21:09Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 04:28:26Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 04:27:29Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 04:26:38Funny.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 04:01:45Ho Yay.Supernatural
10th Jun 12 03:20:12Funny.Supernatural
8th Jun 12 01:44:10Funny.Supernatural
8th Jun 12 01:29:19Funny.Supernatural
8th Jun 12 01:25:23Funny.Supernatural
7th Jun 12 06:43:59Drinking Game.Supernatural
7th Jun 12 06:43:21Drinking Game.Supernatural
6th Jun 12 04:44:37Funny.Supernatural
6th Jun 12 04:38:20Funny.Supernatural
6th Jun 12 01:05:07Funny.Supernatural
6th Jun 12 07:17:57Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 04:09:54Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 04:07:50Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 04:04:31Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 03:56:35Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 01:14:22Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 01:13:38Funny.Supernatural
5th Jun 12 12:55:01Funny.Supernatural
4th Jun 12 04:04:15Nightmare Fuel.Supernatural
4th Jun 12 03:33:20Funny.Supernatural
4th Jun 12 12:55:46Funny.Supernatural
3rd Jun 12 10:14:56Funny.Supernatural
3rd Jun 12 06:57:45Heartwarming.Supernatural
3rd Jun 12 06:45:29Drinking Game.Supernatural
3rd Jun 12 06:40:18Funny.Supernatural
2nd Jun 12 08:41:07Funny.Supernatural
30th May 12 02:30:12Genius Bruiser
25th May 12 08:39:29Funny.The Sorcerers Apprentice
25th May 12 08:30:42Funny.The Sorcerers Apprentice
18th May 12 01:19:22Funny.Teahouse
12th May 12 04:44:54Funny.Grimm
7th May 12 05:31:57Discworld.Maskerade
2nd May 12 12:48:37Discworld.Night Watch
14th Apr 12 01:36:21Fang Thpeak
14th Apr 12 01:34:30Fang Thpeak
11th Apr 12 02:20:16Funny.Grimm
9th Apr 12 11:49:52Funny.Grimm
8th Apr 12 03:46:07Funny.QI
8th Apr 12 09:00:19Funny.QI
7th Apr 12 04:37:25QI
7th Apr 12 02:09:34Funny.QI
7th Apr 12 01:13:31Funny.QI
7th Apr 12 01:11:49Funny.QI
6th Apr 12 03:02:52Funny.QI
1st Apr 12 02:12:32Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 02:00:19Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 01:50:59Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 01:50:06Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 01:49:13Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 01:48:19Funny.Tower Heist
1st Apr 12 01:34:00Funny.Tower Heist
22nd Mar 12 03:02:07Funny.Tea House
22nd Mar 12 09:52:17Crapsack World.Literature
22nd Mar 12 09:48:23Crapsack World.Literature
18th Mar 12 05:34:04Fridge.The Hunger Games
11th Mar 12 01:52:19WMG.Grimm
24th Feb 12 04:47:19Music.Will Smith
24th Feb 12 04:45:59Music.Will Smith
24th Feb 12 03:58:20Teahouse
22nd Feb 12 01:08:04Waterloo Road
20th Feb 12 02:11:01Discworld.Thud
20th Feb 12 01:56:15Fridge.Thud
20th Feb 12 08:18:56Disney.Pocahontas
18th Feb 12 10:47:31Funny.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
18th Feb 12 04:27:24Tropers.Flame Feathers
17th Feb 12 03:36:51Stupid Statement Dance Mix
16th Feb 12 11:38:43Unfortunate Names
31st Jan 12 11:45:00Creator Breakdown.Other
22nd Jan 12 12:28:11Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter Shipping
21st Jan 12 10:32:54Tropers.Flame Feathers
21st Jan 12 10:32:25Tropers.Flame Feathers
21st Jan 12 10:31:44Tropers.Flame Feathers
19th Jan 12 12:24:31Fridge.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
19th Jan 12 12:16:02Funny.The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
18th Jan 12 01:16:07Blessed With Suck.Literature
18th Jan 12 07:18:15Dexter
14th Jan 12 02:03:59Cereal Induced Superpowers
14th Jan 12 11:31:24Ho Yay.Real Life
14th Jan 12 09:21:08Funny.Jeff Dunham
13th Jan 12 11:38:24Jeff Dunham
12th Jan 12 10:11:32Tropers.Flame Feathers
12th Jan 12 10:02:48Tropers.Flame Feathers
12th Jan 12 09:55:33Tropers.Flame Feathers
11th Jan 12 01:07:05Ho Yay.X-Men
11th Jan 12 01:04:05Ho Yay.X-Men
10th Jan 12 01:45:18Ho Yay.X-Men
10th Jan 12 01:26:27Ho Yay.X-Men
10th Jan 12 01:20:32Ho Yay.X-Men
10th Jan 12 01:18:33Ho Yay.X-Men
10th Jan 12 10:30:44Western Animation.X-Men Evolution
10th Jan 12 10:13:52Western Animation.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 10:55:01Captain America The First Avenger
9th Jan 12 10:15:38Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 10:13:18Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 09:43:05Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 09:17:32Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 08:52:13Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 08:23:24Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 08:20:16Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 08:09:03Funny.X-Men Evolution
9th Jan 12 08:05:04Funny.X-Men Evolution
8th Jan 12 08:28:11Intercourse With You
8th Jan 12 07:32:19Funny.Romantically Apocalyptic
8th Jan 12 07:27:31Funny.Romantically Apocalyptic
7th Jan 12 05:07:12Funny.X-Men Evolution
7th Jan 12 12:06:17Funny.X-Men Evolution
7th Jan 12 11:13:10Ho Yay.X-Men
7th Jan 12 09:11:01Freaky Is Cool
7th Jan 12 09:04:53Funny.X-Men Evolution
7th Jan 12 08:50:32Funny.X-Men Evolution
7th Jan 12 06:40:58Funny.X-Men Evolution
6th Jan 12 06:41:08Funny.Transformers
6th Jan 12 06:43:50Webcomic.Grrl Power
5th Jan 12 05:34:31British English
5th Jan 12 05:25:12British English
5th Jan 12 05:19:46British English
5th Jan 12 05:19:28British English
5th Jan 12 05:07:04British English
5th Jan 12 05:05:09British English
5th Jan 12 04:59:22British English
31st Dec 11 12:08:13Western Animation.X-Men Evolution
31st Dec 11 11:42:29Ho Yay.X-Men
31st Dec 11 10:51:10Ho Yay.X-Men
31st Dec 11 09:19:40Funny.X-Men Evolution
30th Dec 11 07:49:27Gender Blender Name
30th Dec 11 07:47:36Gender Blender Name
21st Dec 11 08:10:58Funny.Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
21st Dec 11 08:07:11Funny.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
21st Dec 11 08:04:53Funny.Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
21st Dec 11 08:03:32Funny.Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
21st Dec 11 08:00:49Funny.Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
21st Dec 11 07:48:24Funny.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
21st Dec 11 07:47:54Funny.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
21st Dec 11 07:42:52Funny.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
21st Dec 11 07:42:31Funny.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
21st Dec 11 07:41:42Funny.Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
21st Dec 11 07:41:23Funny.Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
21st Dec 11 07:38:28Funny.Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone