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18th Dec 12 04:09:57Heads Up Display
14th Dec 12 07:16:58Web Video.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series
11th Dec 12 08:14:01Feudal Future
11th Nov 12 08:16:05Everyone Has Standards
11th Nov 12 08:14:25Thirty Sue Pileup
9th Nov 12 10:23:48Hollywood Tactics
9th Nov 12 09:40:12Everyone Has Standards
9th Nov 12 09:31:18Everybody Smokes
8th Nov 12 07:45:44Late To The Punchline
8th Nov 12 07:03:59Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy
8th Nov 12 04:47:36Think Of The Children
7th Nov 12 09:00:32N Word Privileges
26th Oct 12 08:35:29Films Of The1960s
26th Oct 12 03:24:42Clean Dub Name
13th Oct 12 06:29:08Disease Bleach
7th Oct 12 06:59:05Catch- 22
7th Oct 12 06:58:43Catch- 22
7th Oct 12 05:06:38Author Usurpation
7th Oct 12 03:35:05What A Senseless Waste Of Human Life
7th Oct 12 02:55:49Stockholm Syndrome
6th Oct 12 01:19:07Tough Act To Follow
5th Oct 12 08:56:31Quote Mine
5th Oct 12 08:45:35Never Live It Down.Real Life
5th Oct 12 08:39:44Never Live It Down.Real Life
5th Oct 12 08:31:02Never Live It Down.Real Life
5th Oct 12 05:21:48WMG.Lady Gaga
5th Oct 12 05:12:48Kinda Busy Here
4th Oct 12 08:31:42Streisand Effect
1st Oct 12 06:05:59Assimilation Academy
30th Sep 12 09:34:20Memes.Real Life
30th Sep 12 09:22:50Fiction As Cover Up
30th Sep 12 09:20:55Fiction As Cover Up
30th Sep 12 09:05:41The Shill
30th Sep 12 07:28:11Police Brutality Gambit
25th Sep 12 02:50:20YMMV.Time Bandits
25th Sep 12 02:32:00Film.Time Bandits
25th Sep 12 01:29:20Politically Correct History
25th Sep 12 12:57:44Uncle Sam Wants You
24th Sep 12 10:56:42Waistcoat Of Style
24th Sep 12 10:15:19Invisible Advertising
24th Sep 12 09:53:01Opium Den
23rd Sep 12 01:25:44Magical Database
23rd Sep 12 12:59:53Headscratchers.War Games
23rd Sep 12 12:55:52Headscratchers.War Games
23rd Sep 12 12:43:15Film.War Games
23rd Sep 12 12:31:47Film.War Games
21st Sep 12 05:39:49YMMV.The Day After
18th Sep 12 04:21:14Non Idle Rich
14th Sep 12 10:08:41Sticky Bomb
14th Sep 12 09:55:25Literature.Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
14th Sep 12 09:49:59Scotty Time
14th Sep 12 12:55:18Eunuchs Are Evil
13th Sep 12 08:35:08Disney Owns This Trope
13th Sep 12 06:00:54You Know What You Did
13th Sep 12 12:33:45Everybody Hates Hades
12th Sep 12 05:14:20Contrived Stupidity Tropes
12th Sep 12 05:13:59Stupidity Tropes
12th Sep 12 05:01:49Doomed Defeatist
7th Sep 12 11:46:44Cool Cat
1st Sep 12 10:16:04Literature.The Forever War
1st Sep 12 10:06:23Literature.The Forever War
30th Aug 12 03:46:47Captain Obvious
26th Aug 12 04:34:07Flintstone Theming
26th Aug 12 04:33:33Flintstone Theming
26th Aug 12 04:32:32Flintstone Theming
24th Aug 12 04:46:07Hoka
24th Aug 12 04:08:51Hoka
24th Aug 12 04:05:24Hoka
24th Aug 12 03:48:44Hoka
24th Aug 12 03:47:56Hoka
24th Aug 12 03:45:10YMMV.Hoka
21st Aug 12 09:25:38Putting On My Thinking Cap
20th Aug 12 03:13:22Kent Brockman News
20th Aug 12 03:10:47Is This Thing Still On
18th Aug 12 07:00:08Film.Last Action Hero
16th Aug 12 07:40:18British English
11th Aug 12 08:15:16Polluted Wasteland
11th Aug 12 07:53:07Eternal English
9th Aug 12 02:12:50Fashions Never Change
7th Aug 12 09:32:55Discworld.The Truth
7th Aug 12 09:31:23Discworld.The Truth
7th Aug 12 06:49:26Useless Security Camera
7th Aug 12 06:40:58Useless Protagonist
5th Aug 12 07:08:55Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Aug 12 07:06:48Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Aug 12 07:05:53Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Aug 12 07:00:12Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Aug 12 06:51:41Video Game.Ever Quest
5th Aug 12 06:40:38Video Game.Ever Quest
4th Aug 12 10:34:57Old School Dogfighting
3rd Aug 12 01:40:45Comic Strip.Doonesbury
3rd Aug 12 01:30:49No Fourth Wall
3rd Aug 12 01:29:14No Fourth Wall
2nd Aug 12 03:35:33Catch- 22
2nd Aug 12 03:25:02Soldiers At The Rear
2nd Aug 12 12:22:17Mildly Military
2nd Aug 12 11:57:11Mildly Military
1st Aug 12 09:11:32Literature.One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
30th Jul 12 01:00:49Wont Take Yes For An Answer
29th Jul 12 08:05:18Artistic License Gun Safety
29th Jul 12 03:27:20Traffic Wardens
29th Jul 12 01:50:06Good Victims Bad Victims
27th Jul 12 03:54:39Odd Job Gods
26th Jul 12 06:28:50Single Mom Stripper
26th Jul 12 05:54:43Tear Jerker.The Dark Knight Rises
26th Jul 12 05:51:23Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory
26th Jul 12 05:50:15Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory
25th Jul 12 04:00:08The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
22nd Jul 12 08:56:47Dutch Angle
20th Jul 12 03:52:54Plot Based Photograph Obfuscation
20th Jul 12 03:37:12Generic Name
20th Jul 12 03:24:57Rank Inflation
20th Jul 12 07:08:20The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything
19th Jul 12 09:35:25Brilliant But Lazy
19th Jul 12 08:56:55Railroad Employee Roundhouse
19th Jul 12 05:51:09Million To One Chance
19th Jul 12 05:37:49Computer Virus
13th Jul 12 11:28:28Arrested For Heroism
11th Jul 12 05:48:39YMMV.Have Space Suit Will Travel
11th Jul 12 05:48:11YMMV.Have Space Suit Will Travel
11th Jul 12 03:14:33Humans Are White
11th Jul 12 03:01:52Laugh Track
10th Jul 12 03:38:44Informed Attractiveness
9th Jul 12 07:34:37Songs In The Key Of Lock
9th Jul 12 06:57:25Seven Days In May
9th Jul 12 06:55:28Backed By The Pentagon
9th Jul 12 04:27:21Self Made Orphan
9th Jul 12 04:26:07Self Made Orphan
9th Jul 12 04:18:03Discworld.Hogfather
9th Jul 12 03:59:48Fractured Fairy Tale
9th Jul 12 03:58:45Fractured Fairy Tale
9th Jul 12 11:52:46There Are No Police
9th Jul 12 11:36:40Film.Die Hard
8th Jul 12 11:25:31Leave Behind A Pistol
8th Jul 12 09:01:56They Just Didnt Care
8th Jul 12 08:50:58Country Matters
8th Jul 12 07:56:26Everybody Has Lots Of Sex
8th Jul 12 07:53:36Everybody Has Lots Of Sex
8th Jul 12 07:48:41Everybody Has Lots Of Sex
7th Jul 12 09:51:11Why Are You Not My Son
7th Jul 12 09:42:36The Andromeda Strain
7th Jul 12 09:32:28Here Comes The Science
6th Jul 12 09:24:42The Fettered
3rd Jul 12 06:13:24Eagleland
3rd Jul 12 06:12:42Eagleland
3rd Jul 12 02:16:41Blinded By The Light
28th Jun 12 09:21:27Empire With A Dark Secret
26th Jun 12 01:30:38Properly Paranoid
25th Jun 12 04:59:01Film.The Maltese Falcon
25th Jun 12 04:57:35The Knights Templar
25th Jun 12 04:47:23The Knights Templar
25th Jun 12 11:22:54Through His Stomach
24th Jun 12 06:52:28I Can See My House From Here
12th Jun 12 08:55:06Super Powered Robot Meter Maids
12th Jun 12 07:57:41Speaks Fluent Animal
12th Jun 12 07:55:07Speaks Fluent Animal
12th Jun 12 05:18:50Prehensile Tail
12th Jun 12 03:38:06Gatling Good
12th Jun 12 03:25:12Implausible Synchrony
12th Jun 12 03:24:31Implausible Synchrony
11th Jun 12 11:53:01Actually I Am Him
10th Jun 12 01:49:40Self Induced Allergic Reaction
10th Jun 12 01:25:26Space Mines
9th Jun 12 09:12:08National Stereotyping Tropes
9th Jun 12 08:35:49Rascally Rabbit
9th Jun 12 05:16:05Fearful Symmetry
9th Jun 12 05:10:52Fearful Symmetry
9th Jun 12 04:54:04What Did You Expect When You Named It
9th Jun 12 04:45:15Weapon Of Peace
6th Jun 12 10:11:44Real Men Wear Pink
5th Jun 12 12:05:59Together We Are X
5th Jun 12 12:05:20Together We Are X
4th Jun 12 10:56:31Film.Star Trek First Contact
3rd Jun 12 09:24:37Film.The Fifth Element
3rd Jun 12 09:23:57Film.The Fifth Element
3rd Jun 12 09:22:41Film.The Fifth Element
3rd Jun 12 09:06:25Film.The Fifth Element
3rd Jun 12 05:41:58Walking In Rhythm
2nd Jun 12 10:41:50Have A Gay Old Time
1st Jun 12 04:36:03Hitlers Time Travel Exemption Act
31st May 12 08:48:02Computerized Judicial System
31st May 12 07:52:54Oddly Small Organization
31st May 12 05:07:54Double Meaning Title
31st May 12 04:59:00A Team Firing
31st May 12 04:58:32A Team Firing
30th May 12 09:35:42I Know Your True Name
29th May 12 03:48:35This Means War
29th May 12 02:58:52Your Princess Is In Another Castle
28th May 12 06:03:21Nazi Germany
28th May 12 05:58:20Nazi Germany
28th May 12 05:54:43Literature.The Demolished Man
28th May 12 05:52:36Literature.The Demolished Man
28th May 12 05:44:12Literature.The Demolished Man
28th May 12 05:36:41Literature.The Demolished Man
27th May 12 04:31:16Literature.The Stars My Destination
27th May 12 04:26:28Literature.The Stars My Destination
26th May 12 07:52:16I Just Shot Marvin In The Face
26th May 12 07:48:27There Is No Higher Court
26th May 12 07:29:56Uncanny Valley Makeup
24th May 12 10:36:55Continuity Lock Out
23rd May 12 10:55:03Trojan Gauntlet
23rd May 12 10:52:12Trojan Gauntlet
23rd May 12 01:02:33Suspiciously Specific Denial
23rd May 12 12:28:34Catch- 22
23rd May 12 12:03:00Film.All The Presidents Men
22nd May 12 11:39:27Informed Flaw
22nd May 12 11:10:24Lensman Arms Race
22nd May 12 11:09:48Lensman Arms Race
22nd May 12 10:17:08Comic Strip.The Lockhorns
21st May 12 09:25:14My Beloved Smother
21st May 12 09:24:01My Beloved Smother
20th May 12 07:49:40Conspicuous Consumption
18th May 12 08:10:14Reluctant Mad Scientist
18th May 12 07:50:34Theme Tune Roll Call
18th May 12 07:49:59Theme Tune Roll Call
18th May 12 07:39:34Cross Cultural Kerfluffle
18th May 12 01:41:16Ass In Ambassador
18th May 12 01:39:36Ass In Ambassador
18th May 12 12:33:31Mook Chivalry
17th May 12 12:07:02The Jeeves
16th May 12 10:27:32Pay Evil Unto Evil
16th May 12 09:55:08The Empath
15th May 12 07:25:24Film.Enchanted
12th May 12 10:01:30You Have Researched Breathing
11th May 12 04:03:40Broken Aesop
9th May 12 08:20:13The Freelance Shame Squad
9th May 12 12:19:25Bar Sinister
9th May 12 12:17:52Bar Sinister
9th May 12 12:00:17Film.X Men The Last Stand
8th May 12 09:15:26This Aint Rocket Surgery
8th May 12 09:14:33This Aint Rocket Surgery
8th May 12 09:11:44Not Even Bothering With The Accent
8th May 12 05:14:49Only A Model
8th May 12 05:08:49Only A Model
8th May 12 05:06:56Only A Model
6th May 12 10:18:13Shoe Shine Mister
6th May 12 10:04:12Conscription
6th May 12 09:27:36Right On Queue
6th May 12 09:07:06Attack Drone
6th May 12 08:46:05Literature.Brewsters Millions
6th May 12 06:02:52Badass In A Nice Suit
4th May 12 11:21:45Useful Notes.Columbine
4th May 12 07:32:15Blue And Orange Morality
3rd May 12 06:42:52Dare To Be Badass
3rd May 12 04:06:16Moving The Goalposts
3rd May 12 03:52:13Moving The Goalposts
3rd May 12 02:32:38Ruthless Foreign Gangsters
3rd May 12 01:27:21Never Heard That One Before
2nd May 12 08:51:47All Crimes Are Equal
2nd May 12 08:45:29All Crimes Are Equal
1st May 12 08:10:51This Means War
1st May 12 08:09:48This Means War
30th Apr 12 05:33:52Conscription
30th Apr 12 05:20:43No Antagonist
30th Apr 12 04:58:23Percussive Maintenance
29th Apr 12 08:16:13Not So Invincible After All
28th Apr 12 01:00:39No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
26th Apr 12 01:34:50Martyrdom Culture
25th Apr 12 06:34:24Descriptiveville
24th Apr 12 12:55:41The Metric System Is Here To Stay
24th Apr 12 12:20:44A Bridge Too Far
24th Apr 12 12:13:39Its Raining Men
23rd Apr 12 11:40:33Armor Is Useless
21st Apr 12 02:03:08Read The Fine Print
21st Apr 12 01:37:34Media Watchdog
21st Apr 12 01:21:18Comedy Tropes
20th Apr 12 10:52:39Ham To Ham Combat
20th Apr 12 10:41:16Seven Days In May
20th Apr 12 05:52:56Sword Cane
20th Apr 12 08:34:52He Who Fights Monsters
20th Apr 12 08:05:08Critical Research Failure
20th Apr 12 07:47:17Critical Research Failure
20th Apr 12 06:49:19Discworld.Night Watch
20th Apr 12 06:37:30Discworld.Night Watch
20th Apr 12 05:29:12Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
20th Apr 12 05:22:58Evil Is One Big Happy Family
20th Apr 12 04:55:52Catch- 22
20th Apr 12 04:53:11Catch- 22
20th Apr 12 04:49:03Catch- 22
20th Apr 12 03:16:19Master Computer
20th Apr 12 02:05:20Cast Full Of Writers
20th Apr 12 02:00:42Space Jews
20th Apr 12 01:47:26This Perfect Day
20th Apr 12 01:37:23Big Brother Is Watching
20th Apr 12 01:35:45Big Brother Is Watching
20th Apr 12 01:25:43Color Coded Patrician
20th Apr 12 01:15:47Interservice Rivalry
20th Apr 12 01:06:18Gender Flip
20th Apr 12 12:49:00Film.Air Force One
20th Apr 12 12:47:31Film.Air Force One
19th Apr 12 11:56:56Frontier Doctor
19th Apr 12 11:56:31Frontier Doctor
19th Apr 12 11:35:42Deliberate Values Dissonance
19th Apr 12 11:22:22A Wrinkle In Time
18th Apr 12 08:41:37Master Race
18th Apr 12 08:15:23Author Vocabulary Calendar
16th Apr 12 03:59:44Combat Tropes
15th Apr 12 07:28:13Literature.The Lathe Of Heaven
11th Apr 12 10:14:47Royal We
11th Apr 12 09:52:28Antiquated Linguistics
11th Apr 12 09:28:12Easy Logistics
11th Apr 12 09:20:45Easy Logistics
11th Apr 12 09:03:02Easy Logistics
11th Apr 12 08:20:23Tattooed Crook
11th Apr 12 07:54:10Soft Water
11th Apr 12 01:42:10Independence Day
9th Apr 12 08:13:36Water Source Tampering
9th Apr 12 05:23:50Zerg Rush.Real Life
8th Apr 12 11:00:05Extra Ore Dinary
8th Apr 12 10:49:40Sunglasses At Night
8th Apr 12 10:44:48Great Big Book Of Everything
8th Apr 12 10:10:57Rapid Aging
8th Apr 12 09:47:54Nose Art
6th Apr 12 08:58:30Spoony Bard
6th Apr 12 08:41:22Evil Only Has To Win Once
6th Apr 12 02:34:33Arbitrary Maximum Range
5th Apr 12 10:29:20The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
5th Apr 12 10:02:32Designated Hero
5th Apr 12 09:39:05Technology Marches On
5th Apr 12 09:19:06Look Behind You
5th Apr 12 09:14:21Film.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
5th Apr 12 08:45:20Orgy Of Evidence
5th Apr 12 08:15:11Video Phone
5th Apr 12 03:49:51Hollywood Tactics
4th Apr 12 10:19:14Ring Of Power
31st Mar 12 06:34:23The Andromeda Strain
27th Mar 12 10:44:13Combat Pragmatist
25th Mar 12 11:23:31Prejudice Tropes
25th Mar 12 11:20:50Dirt Forcefield
25th Mar 12 11:08:41Flying Car
25th Mar 12 10:50:10Taking Over The Town
25th Mar 12 10:43:39Ignored Expert
25th Mar 12 10:35:06Oddly Common Rarity
25th Mar 12 09:27:53Smug Super
18th Mar 12 05:51:16YMMV.Gorky Park
18th Mar 12 05:50:25Gorky Park
18th Mar 12 05:49:48Gorky Park
18th Mar 12 05:36:51Gorky Park
18th Mar 12 04:56:55Gorky Park
18th Mar 12 04:55:41Scaramanga Special
18th Mar 12 04:55:05Ikea Weaponry
18th Mar 12 04:39:46Soviet Superscience
11th Mar 12 08:26:25A Glitch In The Matrix
11th Mar 12 08:08:44Robot Roll Call
7th Mar 12 06:01:43Lyndon Johnson
7th Mar 12 02:27:54Talking Animal
6th Mar 12 09:20:33Interface Spoiler
6th Mar 12 09:13:21The House Of Tudor
6th Mar 12 08:58:07Awesome Mc Coolname
6th Mar 12 08:47:41Awesome Yet Practical
4th Mar 12 11:08:05Highly Conspicuous Uniform
4th Mar 12 10:37:56You Have To Have Jews
4th Mar 12 09:52:21Big Applesauce
29th Feb 12 09:00:02Title Confusion
29th Feb 12 08:58:35Title Confusion
29th Feb 12 08:40:26Fire Of Comfort
27th Feb 12 09:13:37Cyanide Pill
2nd Jan 12 03:02:02The Dead Have Names
1st Dec 11 11:03:16Iron Curtain
14th Nov 11 07:26:49Full Metal Jacket
7th Nov 11 11:07:27Headscratchers.The Cold Equations
7th Nov 11 11:02:56Headscratchers.The Cold Equations
5th Nov 11 11:30:27Stun Guns
5th Nov 11 11:11:26I Gave My Word
5th Nov 11 11:07:39I Gave My Word
5th Nov 11 09:36:37Kraken And Leviathan
5th Nov 11 02:58:39Royal We
4th Nov 11 11:19:40The Not Secret
4th Nov 11 11:13:35The Not Secret
4th Nov 11 01:34:31Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Webcomics
3rd Nov 11 10:06:34Super Fun Happy Thing Of Doom
26th Oct 11 03:32:48CIA
25th Oct 11 09:28:51Gorky Park
25th Oct 11 03:54:17Ridiculous Future Inflation
14th Oct 11 04:22:09Population Control
14th Oct 11 12:19:41Military Alphabet
13th Oct 11 11:48:01Gentleman Snarker
13th Oct 11 10:45:43All Men Are Perverts
9th Oct 11 07:32:01Bomb Whistle
9th Oct 11 03:23:41Right On Queue
9th Oct 11 03:07:49Even Evil Has Standards
28th Sep 11 06:55:31These Tropes Should Watch Their Language
28th Sep 11 02:55:01Dirty Harry
28th Sep 11 02:51:31Dirty Harry
28th Sep 11 02:35:53One Handed Is Cool
19th Sep 11 01:35:33Stiff Upper Lip